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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
Union Pacific railroad stock for the first time in a year is sell
ing below 160 a share This stock carries with it a ten per cent divi
dend and the right to participate in a surplus of many million dol
lars held in the treasury of the company and yetit is selling at loss
than local bank stocks that pay but little larger dividends
We are informed that the Union Pacific is doing 20 per cent more
business on its main line west from Omaha to Green River than dur
ing the busiest period of last year and on this end of the Utah division
the traffic is almost as heavy
Evidently Union Pacific is not dropping because of any inherent
weakness but is falling in sympathy with the other stocks on Wall
Street which have felt the unsettling influence of new congressional
legislation adverse rulings of the Interstate Commerce commission
the uncertainty as to the supreme court decisions on government
prosecutions of trust organizations and the tightening of the money
marketWere these uncertainties to be swept away tomorrow the coun
try would once more go forward with the revival of business equal to
the wave of prosperity which spread over the land in 1906 and Union
Pacific would rebound to 200 a share or more
The one bright feature is that notwithstanding the depression
in stocks business in the west as made evident by Union Pacific
traffic continues good and in volume is greater than a year ago
California cities are calling for a reduction in tho price of electric
power and a Los Angeles authority says that last week the lighting
company that supplies Vallejo offered by way of compromise to re
duce rates from 11 cents to 8 cents per kilowatt hour In Los Ang
eles tho city council fixed the rate at 7 cents per kilowatt hour and
tine people on a referendum vote have confirmed the ordinance In
Pasadena and Riverside much lower rates than these prevail Some
interesting facts concerning electric light and power companies are
supplied by E F Soattergood the engineer in charge of the Los
Angeles aqueduct electrical power development in a statement re
cently issued by him Mr Scattergood wrote
In accordance with the sworn statement of the Edison company
to the Los Angeles city council its average cost of generation allow
ing 6 per cent interest on the value of its property as given in said
sworn statement is 1446 cents per kilowatt hour its average selling
price to railways is 0722 cent per kilowatt hour j the amount of
energy sold by it within the city limits during the yeear 1909 for light
and commercial power exclusive of railways was 16 964265 and
the amount of energy sold to railroads during the same year was 26
128012 kilowatt hours In other words approximately 60 per cent
of the electrical energy sold by the Edison company in the city dur
ing 1909 was sold to railway companies at approximately onehalf
the average cost of generation in accordance with their own sworn
statement Selling 60 per cent of their generated energy at 0722
while the average generated cost is 1445 makes it necessary to charge
a generating cost of 2630 cents per kilowatt hour against the remain
ing 40 per cent in other words a price about three and a half times
that charged to the railway companies in order to make a proper
showing on the generating side of thqir business
It is true that the generated cost of electrical energy for the
lighting business is about 113 to 112 times the generating cost for
the railway business because of the difference in the character of the
load but this is very different from 3 12 times pointed out above as
the condition existing with the Edison company
Modern progress is sometimes a heartless master Here is a
story from San Francisco of an inventive genius who has supplied the
government with a machine for counting money which in the mint
in that city has displaced thirtyfive women all civil service em
ployes who had worked for years but are now thrown out to seek
other work 1
Uncle Sam has been trying for years to increase the capacity of
his mints and at the same time reduce the operating expenses Re
cently an inventor named Lambert assistant superintendent of the
machinery at the Philadelphia mint produced a machine which will
count 40000 pieces a day or 800000 in gold coin Lambert has been
installing three of these machines
Many of the women displaced arc of mature years some being
more than fifty and for nearly half of their lives they have been sit
ting at tables in the mint weighing coins They have become experts
in the work and capable of weighing 7000 coins in a day but the
most capable woman is unable to compete with a machine that weighs
The machines are six feet long and four feet high They are
equipped with ten feeders each in which the coins are placed The
feeders are kept full by the operator a man With incredible rapidity
the coins are dropped into a basket weighed and thrown out If they
are ever so slightly overweight they are thrown into one receptacle
If ever so light into another and if standard are ready for stamping I
and weighing It has been found necessary to have the machines I
operated by men because of their mechanical delicacy and the neces
sity for removing heavy boxes of coins
The new machines however do not adjust the weight and a few
of the women will be kept for that work until the machinist perfects
an adjusting machine the invention of an employe This it is believed
avill be in working order within a month
The story of the displacing of these women is but a repetition of
the displacements which have been going on for years as inventive
ability has asserted itself In the long run all mankind is benefited
by the changes but thousands are made to suffer for the good of the
1 whole body of society
A writer of authority on diplomatic affairs commenting on the
treaty between Japan and Russia made public yesterday says the
United States has made a mistake in interfering in Chinese affairs He
Much interest is shown in Germany in regard to the new Russo
Japanese treaty covering the Manchurian situation It seems to some
German authorities to be directly aimed at the United States and to
be the answer of Russia and Japan to former Secreetary Hays in
sistence on a pledge to maintain the open door in Manchuria and
the proposal of Secretary Knox to neutralize the Manchurian rail
It would be considered an intrusion should any power other than
Russia and Japan each within its respective sphere of influence
back up its citizens or subjects in an effort to obtain concessions for
constructing a railroad operating mines or engaging in any other en
terprise requiring special authority from the Ohinese government
It is stated that Americans are interested in a proposed railroad in
Manchuria and there is some German opinion to the effect that Russia
and Japan will insist that the American proposals shall be dropped
Probably tho Germans ore also wondering what the United
States will do about it should such be the case
The international situation is peculiar Manchuria is Chinese
territory By tho treaty of Portsmouth both Russia and Japan ex
prossly agree to recognize tho sovereignty of China within that ter
ritory And yet Russia and Japan deliberately make a treaty if
this rumor is correctprohibiting China from exercising in favor
of any other nation one of the most common functions of a sov
ereign power
f 1 v r y r nr T h =
Rio Grande train No 3 ran Into
the roar ofd second 05 Tuoaday morn
Ing at 745 cl6ck nt Sprlugvllle The
crow ofthe freight was trying to get
i into tho clear forNo 3hnt encroach
ed upon tho time of tho passenger
and sent out a flagman to protect I
But the flagman took to the inside of
the curve which was on the firemans I
side of the oncoming paasengor and
as the flroman was shoveling coal
and tho engineer could not see the
signal from whore ho sat he could
not stop tho train In tim < j to prevent
tho collision However ho did put on
tho air when he realized the danger
and tho force threw some of tho pas
sengers froni tho soataTho crash
came a moment later but was soften
ed by the fact that speed had been
somewhat Blackened and the air was
on full force
Engineer Rugs and Conductor Fitz +
gerald wero In charge of No3 which
was late owing to a delay near Canon
City Conductor Marshall and Engi
neer English were In charge of tho
freight train All investigation Trill
bo started Wednesday morning by
Superintendent Durkhcad to ascertain
the cause and the blame tor the
Bruised and Shaken
Fortunately no passenger was Bor
lously injured although many had
their clothing ruined by spilled food In
the dining car and other crnieee and
many were more or leas bruised and
shaken up Among those who receiv
ed slight injuries was Mrs E V
Smith of No 4 Progress apartments
this city who suffered from a sprain
ed neck but waS resting easy Tues
day oening
Others reportod with alight injur
ies were Mrs F W Cord ray of Port
Costa firs Oeorgfi W Berry of Napa
Miss F B Smith of Santa Ana Cal
H R Rhone of Grand Junction Fred
Ij Kohn of Now York H PatoakI of
Cleveland Mrs F E Sullivan of Fort
Collins and Conductor Fitzgerald
None of the Injuries were serious and
all continued their Journeys
Tho engine lifted the caboose of
tho freight train off tho track and
shattered its roar The engine was
stripped of its front gear hut was not
damaged to an extent that prevented
it from hauling tho train Into this city
after a delay of an hour and a half
Taken In its entirety It was a mir
aculous escape for all concerned and
If the engineer of the passenger had
not put on his air a fearful wreck
would have resulted
Citizens of Ogden
Boost for your city by using 00
DEN MADE FLOUR it coats you no
moro and every sack you one la a
boost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling 8 Ele
vator Co
Washington July 12Tho text of
the long heralded Manchurian con
vention between Japan and Russia
signed July 1 at SL Petersburg was
made public last night It IB one of
t c shortest Important treaties fit
modern times being Just 237 words in
length It follows
Tho imperial government of Japan
and thelmperlal government of Russia
sincerely attach to tho principles es
tn tablished the convention conclud
ed between them on tho 30th of July
1907 and desirous to develop tho ef
fects of that convention with a view
to the consolidation opace in the
extreme east have agreed to complete
the said arrangement by the following
Article IWith the object of facil
itating communication an dde eloping
the commerce of nations the two high
contracting parties mutually engage
to lend each other their friendly co
operation with a view to the ameli
oration of their respective railway
lines In Manchuria and the Improve
ment of tho connecting service of the
said railways and to abstain from all
competition prejudicial to the realiza
tion of this object
Article 2Enoh of tho high con
tracting parties engage to maintain
find respect the status quo in Man
churia resulting from the treaties
conventions and other arrangements
concluded up to this day ° between
Japan and Russia or between either
of these two powors and China Cop
ies of the aforesaid arrangements
have been exchanged between Japan
and Russia
Article 31n case that any event
arises of a nature to menace the
status quo above montloned tho two
high contracting parties shall in each
case enter into communication with
each other nl order to arrive at an
understanding as to the measures they I
may Judge it necessary to take for tho
maintenance of said status puo
Presented by Both Sides
Tho convention had been presented
to the state department by both the
Risslan and Japanese ambassadors
Tho notes of transmission were al
most as Interesting as the agreement
Baron Hosen the Russian ambassa
dor fainted in his note that he was
Instructed In making the communi
cation to express to the secretary of
state tho hope that he would find In
the convention which was described
as reaffirming Russias peaceful re
lation with Japan and as being di
rected neither against the Interests
of China or those of any other pow
er a new pledge of stability and gen
eral peace In the far east
Ambassador TJchlda of Japan In his
communication to the secretary of
state bald he was Instructed to make
similar representations
Just hefore the state department
closed today a dispatch was receiv
ed from the American embassy at
Toklo setting forth more fully the
attitude of Japan In drafting tho now
treaty and seemingly disposing of tho
rumor that a secret treaty had been
signed by the two countries it was
staled that the ncgqtlatlonu lhat roe
suited In the signing of the St Peters
burg convention began lost Novem
Heralded us n direct and powerful
blow at tho United States it Is un
derstood that officials of this govern
ment regard the convention itself us
little more than a harmless appon
dago to the convention between Rus
sia and Japan In 1907
That treaty contained an QXDrOIt
i 7 S
r 6 V O r + fl
A Daintyr
t a
1 1 > Delicious Delight j r fJ
11 fl 1
yK w b
< for the Summer days when the appetite craves i
light and wholesome foods
with strawberries raspberries sliced bananas or r
I other fruits
Heat the Biscuit in the oven to restore crispness
I then cover with berries In their own juices and serve I
with milk or cream adding sugar to suit the taste
More healthful and more easily digested than or
o dinary shortcake Always pure always clean
always the same price
Shredded Wheat Biscuit is made of the whole
wheat steamcooked shredded and baked in
the cleanest finest food factory in the world It
is readycooked readytoserve Two Shredded
i Ft Wheat Biscuits heated in oven to restore
° ti crispness r and eaten with a little hot milk and
salted or sweetened to suit the taste will supply
j all the energy needed for a half days work If
f it you like it for breakfast you will like it for any
tr tr meal in combination with vegetable berries
sliced bananas stewed prunes or other fruits
r j s 1 e a f
t r illl < < Ul n P i V 11 i l 1 I f J
rho101 n H f l
Bankrupt Millinery Stock Must Be Sold
Untrimmed Hats You can get a good trimmed Unreserved assortment of tho
including values uji Hat for Ladies Misses or 00 better grade of trimmed hats 1
now to 200 2 5 C for Children 1 than at a reduction of less 2
Formerly 3d Floor Wrights Store
I x 1
recognition of principle of equal
opportunity in the far east and a
promise by the two governments not
to interfere therewith It also rec
ognized the independence and terri
torial integrity of Crlna
Reiteration of loyalty to these prin
ciples taken in connection with tho
general principle that two powors
cannot bargain away rights of a third
nation such as the United States
claimed European powers were about
to do in regard to tho Chinese rail
road loan makes the new treaty un
objecUonablo it is understood here
to either the United States Grout
Britain or Germany
It Is known that tho British govern
ment agrees with the government of
tho United States that the open door
policy is subsequently Included in
tho new treaty and that the policy
much be safeguarded In present and
in future arrangements No doubt is I
felt here that the German govern
ment which recently ban cooperated
with tho United States iu the far east
takes the same vlow
From tho attractions provided In
the program of tho opening day of the
track recently built by the Kaysvlllc
Trotting association there is sure to
be a largo attendance This new
track Is situated just south of Kays
Tho card prepared below offers In
ducements to horsemen
First race Freeforall trot or pace
pure 40000
Second race Halfmllo dash purse I
50 00
Third race 225 trot or pace purso I
Fourth race Onefourth mllo dash
purse 2000
Fifth raceHalfmile matineogreon
horses three prizes value 3500
Sixth raceSlow race halfmile
dash purse 500
Seventh raceFoot raco 100 yards
purse 750
Eighth race Foot race onefourth
mile purse 1000
Entries in harness races to close
at 10 p m July 23 1910 All othor
entries close at 1 p m July 25 1910 I
The first race will begin at 2 p m
sharp For particulars address or see I
Dr J E Morton president F L Lay
ton secretary or RIley Kent manag
NOTICE is hereby given by the
Council of Ogdon City Utah of the
Intention of such Council to make the
following described improvements
To create both sides of Adams
avenue between 20th and 21st streets
59 a curb and gutter district and to
build therein concrete curbs 6 inches
thick and 16 Inches deep and concrete
gutters 3 feet wide and C Inches thick
togother with the necessary round
corners and grading for all and to
defray tho whole of tho coat thereof
estimated at Fifteen Hundred and
Eightyfour U58400 Dollars or One
nnd 20100 120 Dollars per front
foot by u local assessment upon the
lots or pieces of ground within tho
following described district being the
district to he affected or benotltted
by said Improvements namely Lots
1 and 2 of Block 51 Plat A Lot
2 3 4 5 and 6 of Block 55 Plat A
all of Ogdon City Survey
I The boundaries of the district to
be bencflttcd or affected by said Im
provements linos drawn 50 feet
outward from and parallel to the out
er boundary linos of said avenue
All protests and objections to the
corrylng out of such Intention must
bo presentod in writing to tho City
Recorder on or before the first day
of August 1910 being the time set
by said Council whon it will hear and
consider such objections as may be
made thereto
By order of the City Council of Og
don City
City Engineer
First publication July 13th 1910
Last publication August 1st 1910
There aro certain mineral medicines which will tomporarily remove tho
external symptoms of Contagious Blood Poison and shut tbo disease up I
in the system for awhile but when tho treatment is loft off tho trouble al i
ways returns in worse form But that is not nil tho delicate membranes I
an tissues of the stomach and bowels are usullay injured by those strong i
minerals and frequently stomach trouble chronic dyspepsia and mercu
J rial rhquinatism aro added to tho destructive blood poison S S S is tho
0 only romody that can be used with perfect safety in tho treatment of Oon I
1 taglous Blood Poison and with the assurance that a lasting euro will
result This medicine made entirely of noninjurious roots herbs and
barks of rocognLsod curative and tonic value removes ovory particle of tho I
virus from the circulation and by enriching and Strengthoning tho blood
removes every symptom permanently S S S does not hide or cover up
tho dlaoaso in any way but cures it by removing it from tho system I
Homo Treatment Book and any medical advice free to all who write
L l
l A J
r B < m PI l
Practical 1E t1 a
of the Hot Point Elecric Iron in the window of the Utah
Light Railway Company beginning July 13th and then on
Saturday July 16th and thereafter on Weduottday and Satur
day afternoons until further notice The lady will show the
public how easy it is with this new iron
This is what the Hot Point Electric Iron docs Turn on
the current and its ready to iron No reaching across the
board to placo it on tho stand just tip it back right whore you
arc using it No holder is needed the handle is always cool
no waiting no hot kitchen PQ scorched clothes no tired back
no grease or soot or smoke
We sell them on trialrand if they are not satisfactory you
can return them They use 550 watts per hour which costs a
fraction less than 512 cents per hour to iron with this perfect
ironing device
Dont forget tho Electric Washing Machine and Gas Stove
for your wife They are successful and make home work
Uf h LightRailway CO
D DECKER Local Manager
The Toggerys Temporary
Quar ers
We Are Located Temporarily in the i
O p m lBuildi l1g J
First Door South of Entrance All Office Work t
Attended to at
I 358 25th Street S H BROWNE CO
L j I

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