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Continued from Page FIvo
Cutprlocs B you can trust advertised
by a store you can trust FRED M
Real Eotnte Jnsfcrsrhomlls C
Chatlnnd of Ogden has transferred to
Soren Anderson of Salt Lake City for
the consideration of 1 property 33
feet cast from the northwest corner
of lot S block 15 plat B Ogden
city survey
If yqu cat eat at Livingstons
Cafeteria <
Motion Overruled Tho motion for
n new trial filed In the dletrlqt court
by the defendant In H Lauter Co vs
the Ogd n Fiirnlturo Carpot Co
has 1 > e overruled
Fresh laid egg 2Gc doz Smith
Grocery <
Winter In Summer Mrs Goo Por
ter and children have returned from
nn extended visit on the coast and
In Nevada Mrs Porter was In South
Fork near Elko Nevada on the
Fourth of July when a heavy hall
and snow storm gave a wintry scene
to the nations holiday
B a Butter In I quality clear
Going to Yellowotone special
car occupied by tho GillespieKins
sports party en routo to the Yellow
stone Park will pass through Ogden
this evening
Buy your anthracite coal during
July SlOfjO delivered Phones 119
RoM B Lewis
Rifle ShotsTho Hawaiian rifle
team of twenty members on route to
Camp Poery Ohio for the national
rifle tournament will pass through
Ogden on July 29 In a special tourist
Ills worth while to call IS and get
0 our rates on storage coal Shurlllff
Co phones 18
Lewis Spauldlng has filed suit
against Joseph T Gcorgo A Alphon
r zo B and Ell Simmons and Ell D
Spaulding for tho posoeaslon of real
estate which he claims is held un
justly by thom Tho suit will Include
many technicalities
Wo have on salo sevcntyflvo trim
med hats Your choice 300 this
week only La Mode Millinery 243S
Wash I
Former Ogdonlto M P McMIllin
formerly an engineer on tho South
i ern Pacific but lately in tho Insur
ance business In Pueblo Colorado la
t In Ogden assisting in tho organizing
U of the Moose lodge Mr McMillln is
f renewing oldtime acquaintances
COAL Call up Parker 8 Co for
rotes on lump nut and slack Parker
Coal Co
Vlcltlng Home Thoma3 Carnuhan
tho young mining engineer who IB
making an enviable record In Nevada
Jn his chosen calling has returned
r home from Nevada to remain here a
few weeks
HcatonKirkendall Undertaking Co
Lady attendant Both phones 160
After Young MltchollUt3quisiUon
papers are being made out today for
Earl Mitchell who Is being held at
Seattle for the crime of larceny and
burglary alleged to have been com
mitted In Ogdon about a month ago
It is expected that tho papers will
I be ready some tlmo tlurlng the day
and Detective Robert Chambers will
be dispatched to Seattle for the man
Kodak finishing Tripp 340 25th
Death of Mrs WangsgaardMrs
Keralllne Wangsgaard aged SO years
died at the family residence In Hunts
yllle at 4 oclock Wednesday morn
Ing She Is survived by the follow
ing children Peter C C James S
and Christian Wanggaard and Mrs
Knudsen and Mrs Joseph Harrop of
Five Points Mrs E Staples of Og
den rho funeral will be held In the
L D S church In Huntsville at 130
oclock tomorrow afternoon
H P Flour sack L30 Smith
Searching for a Woman Chief of
Police Browning has received a letter
from Lee Houston of Seattle dated
July 13 asking the department to
maker inquiries regarding the where
abouts of Mrs Lee Houston who the
letter states left Seattle July 12 for
Osdon to visit somebody by the name
of Mores or Morris Mr Hoijs
ton slates that Mrs Houston was 111
when she left Seattle and he fears
harm has befallen her
Dr Samuel L Brick has moved his
office to rooms 32 and 33 Lewis build
R V R Reynolds chief forester
in the boundary department of the
Ogden office has gone to the
Uintah national forest near Colton
Utah for the purpose or making In
venllgatlons regarding the annexa
tion of certain lands there or in i
other words extend the boundary
lie will bo
l > ne of the Uinta forest
gone a number of days
Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
Homer Fenn of tho grazing depart
ment of the forest service at Ogden
has gone to Cache valley to look aft
er range matters at Logan
Word has been received at fore t
ry headquarters that Taylor and Eck
bo who were taken 111 of typhoid a
few week ago while at work on the
survey of the Kaibab forest aro much
Improved and It is expected thpy
soon will be able to make the trip jo
Ogden where they will remain until
thoy arc completely recuperated
Detroit July HJTho two events
About which interest centered In tho
entertainment program of the nation
al reunion of Elks today wore tlje
big parade of marching organizations
from many lodges and the flights of
two acroplanPG
A further business session of tho
grand lodge a reunion of Michigan
Eksand a moonlight excursion and
a ball were also scheduled Tho wo
men of Cincinnati won the auto to be
arded for the best appearing and
largest representation of women In
tho ElkB parade
For the best appearance three
prizes First prize 300 Cleveland
second 150 Grand Rapids third
100 Los Angeleo
For the most pvel uniform First
300 Boston second 150 Santa Bar
bara CaL third 100 Pueblo Colo
T For tho best Illoursr rst300
I Cincinnati isecqntiV f L00 Rochester
pbird 100 Akron I s t
= Ir
London July ZThO engagement
was announced today of Miss Clalrp
FTC wen daughter Moicton Frowon
the economist and author and Brins
loy Sheridan sonof Algernon Thomas
Brlnslcy Sherdan
Miss Frewons motliur was born
in Now York the daughter of Leon
ard Jerome
New OrlemOjuly faAk1 quiet
Fourth of July found scjnarkcd con
traM here todayIn thc tle b ration hy
the French colon of the1 fall ia the
Bastlle i
Trlcolorcd Hags linfl Hiearners be
decked the principal streets handy
sounding the Marseillaise led a
long parado anda fete fn one of tho
local parks was scheduled to end tho
Threshing men now can have no ex
cuse for not furnishing the stato sta
tloinns office with threshing and grain
statistics State Statistician H T
Halnes has prepared a blank for
threshing men to make grain returns
to tho statisticians ofllce that Is com
plete In every detail besides being
simple and easy to fill out There are
approximately 300 threshing outtlts In
tho state and each one of these will I
receive two copies of the blank I
The blank calls for the number of
bushels of Irrigated and nonIrrigat
ed wheat oats barley rye and al
falfa seed threshed by each outfit in
tho state and the yield per acre and
the number of bushels of clover scud
and field peas hulled
Estimates by Districts I
In addition it calls for an estimate
of the number of bushels of corn ras
od In the precinct operated In by each
outfit and the average yiold per ucro I
and of the average yield per acre in I
bushels of Irrigated wheat barley i
clover seed nonIrrigated wheat rye
field poas oats and alfalfa seed In
the particular county operated in by
each threshing outfit
With the blanks Statistician Haines
is Rending out an appeal to tho
threshing mon of tho state to keep an
accurate record of the number of
bushels of grain threshed by them and
promptly at the end of the season to
return tho lllledout blanks to the sta
tisticians office Ono of the biggest
and most noteworthy purposes of get
ting accurate data on Utahs grain
yield Is to supply homescokors with
Invltltis data of the somlarld sections
of the western states the fairest of
which Is Utah eulogistically ends the
appeal I
San Francisco Cal July 1115 the
flow of the grout Lakevlew geyser of
central California controlled by the
tides of tho Pacific That Is a ques
tion that Is puzzling engineers and
scientists since It was noticed recent
ly that the volume of oil discharged
by this worldfamous spoutor varied
at different times of the day
Engineers believe they have found a
solution of tho phenomenon In tho
fact that the fluctuations In the flow
of tho great gusher are coincident
with the ebb and flow of the tides
of the Pacific oceanthat the Inky
fluid spouts in greater volume at high
tide and diminishes considerably
low tide
If this theory is correct It strength
ens the contention of many sclcntlots
that tho vast deposits of petroleum
underlying California were once great
inland seas and that there still is
connection between the Pacific ocean
and these subterranean seas of com
bustible fluid
The akeview pusher IB 1000 foot
below the mean level of the Santa
Barbara channel and GO miles distant
Despite this distance engineers have
discovered that the flow of tho gush
er is directly affected by the tides
The torrent of oil increases with high
tide and decreases with low tide but
just what the ratio of increase and
decrease is has not been determined
although the difference ia manifest
According to geologists the wash
of the sea has had much to do with
the deposit of petroleum in the so
called oil sands it being found in
zones as If cast up by tho tides As
proof of this contention shell fish
star fish mammoth oyster shells and
sharks teeth have been found in the
o l sands of many fields in this state
The Lake view gusher was tapped on
March 15 last since which time It has
flowed from 40000 to 60000 barrels
daily The well came In at a depth of
2200 feet but has long since devel
oped into an immense oil crater the
extent of which no man can tell
What will happen If tho Lakevlew
continues to emit its tremendous tor
rent of liquid fuel until the supply Is
exhausted is a question that has caus
ed alarm among timid folk residing in
the region of the spouter who fear
that tho waters of the Pacific ocean
may break forth and flood the whole
San JoaquIn valley oil fields
Victoria 13 C July 13 Advices re
ceived here yesterday are that tho
Japanese training cruisers Anarna and I
Kasagl bearing tho naval cadets on I
their annual cruise will leave Japan
on a transPacific cruise July 21
They will first call at Korean and
north Japan ports and then proceed
to San Pedro stopping at Honolulu
op routo Whether they will sail
nprth along the coast of tho United
States or go southward to Mexico has
not boon determined
Chicago Close
Chicago July 11wiiealJulY I
105 78 Sept 101 12 Doc 105 3ia
7S May 100
CornJuly 68 78 Sept 60 12 Dec
57 12 May 59 lla3S
Oats July 41 11 Sept 38 7Sa39
Dec 39 3la78 May 42
Pork July 2540 Sept 2187 12
LardJuly 1177 1 2 Dec J185 I
Oct 1170 Nov 1142 12
Ribs July 1225 Sept 11 76 OcL
1117 12
> YOUNij
Helen tho fouryearold daughter of
Mr and Mm C H Stevens residing
at 730 Twentyfourth street fell yyij
terday nfti > ruoon from a fence upon
I which she bad climbed and brpke her
amh 1
loft arm
Mrs ClIL Cole 210 Twentysixth
street who fell from a chair Satur
day breaking her right arm Is again
able to btj around The accident oc
curred when Mrs Cole was standing
upon a chair to fix a blind which had
become disarranged The tipping of
tho chair caused Mrs Cole to fall
heavily to the floor with tho result
that her arm was fractured The
shock the accident was such as to
cause Mrs Coles friends much alarm
but the sufferer is now happily out
of all danger
To have both wrists broken by a
fall out of an apple tree was the rath
er unusual accident that happened to
Elsworth Wilson the nineyearold
son of J W WIIcox the Washington
avonuo grocer last Monday
Tho lad Is now entirely out of dan
ger but It will be a long time be
fore he will bo able to again romp
about with his companions The boy
had climbed to the topmost part of
the tree when the breaking of a small
bough precipitated him to the ground
Ho struck on his outstretched hands
and with such force that the Impact
fractured bones In both wrists and
otherwise bruised him
Owing to the fact that the boys
father Is now in Detroit Mich at
tending the Elks national convention
and the family did not wish to mar
Mr Wllcoxs vacation from business
the story of the accident has not
been made public Tho father will
probably not bo notified of thQ sons
injury until his return
Washington July 14 America has
taught the people of tho Chinese em
pire to smoke cigarettes In a report
to this government on foreign trade
Consul General Charles Denby de
scribed the class of foreign markets
which may be cheated by American
enterprise and then supplied the
consul general says
Ono of the most conspicuous ex
amples of such a market is the de
mand for cigarettes In China Ten
years ago tho cigarette was an article
used In China by a small number of
people chiefly foreigners The field
attracted the attention of a group of
American manufacturers who exam
ined into it and decided to Introduce
the cigarette to the Chinese people
by American methods Tho result Is
that now the cigarette Is popular
throughout the empire
Seattle Wash July 14 William
See met aged 36 cut his throat while
attending a prayer service at the I
Apostolic mission Jackson street
near Second avenue last night and
Is not expected to survive Seemct
was sitting well towards the front
and while the congregation was en
gaged In prayer pulled a razor from
his pocket and slashed his throat
from ear to ear
A letter from his father at Cor
vallis Ore was found in his pocket
urging the son to hurry home as the
father feared ho could not live long
Youth Who Threw Cayenne Pepper
Pleads Guilty and Is Sentenced
Salt Lake July HHarr Wil
liams the youth who threw cayenne
pepper Into H Nolpaga eyes tho
evening of February 18 last In an at
tempt to rob Neipags Jewelry store
In the Moxum hotel building was pre
sented before District Judge Lewis
Wednesday morning and changed his
plea to a charge of assault with In
tent to commit robbery from not guil
ty to guilty Then tho court sen
tenced Williams to serve two years
at hard labor In the state prison
Williams the district attorney stat
ed entered the Jewelry store and ask
ed to see some rings and other Jew
elry as Ifho wanted to make c pur
chase Nelpag placed several trays
on tho showcase and Williams then
dashed a handful of pepper Into his
face and eyes Grahblnjg a handful
of Jewels Williams attempted to es
cape but Nelpag although blinded
and suffering intense pain grabbed
the fleeing man and held him until
assistance came
Williams from his arrest to Incar
ceration In the state prison pursued a
reticent policy refusing to say any
thing at any time
Chicago July J4Tho differences
of the executive committee of the Na
tlonan Conservation congress and
the committee of arrangements of St
Paul where tho next congress will
meet in September were adjusted nt
a meeting attended by GJfford Plnchot
here today according toa statement
made by Thomas R Shipp of Wash
ington D C secretary of the con
At tho close of the conference tho
following statement was issued
Governor Eberhart chairman of
the Et Paul conservation local ar
rangement committee and B N J3ak
er president of the National Conser
vation congress have agreed upon
the statement of the conference
Wo had a pleasant conference and
I It was agreed that B N Bakor apd
J B While chairman of the national
conservation congress are to confer
with the executive commit e of tho
congress as soon as possible and ad
vise members of the St Paul commit
tee of the result
Governor Eberhart and his fellow
committeemen demand raojo space
on the program than the executive
committee was willing to allow Al
ready five men from tho Pacific
coast have been placed on thetenta
tive program This did not satisfy
the Minnesota contlngtmL In the I
words of ono raumbor The pfMccra
oCtho executive committee of tho
NaiMal Conservation nssoulatlon
aro willing to add oth9r niemherK t
tile program to represent the north I
west hut tIle are not willing to put
on the program men who represent
antl conservation iHld thaC TvAs ap
parently what the Mfl5otaicfplo
d lreci f v
> lr PlncllfJt left tbjs altemoou for
K ansas City where hbrwUi deliver
u speech tomorrow 9 O
Trainmen on Pennsyl
vania Road Give Their
Philadelphia July 14 Positive
declaration that tho failure of tho
company to meet the demands of tho
men will bo met witn a strike was
made today by W G Lee president
of the Brotherhood of Railroad train
men Just before he Joined the confer
ence between W Heyward Myers
I general manager of tho Pennsylvania
road for lines cant of Plttsburg and
I the 120 committeemen of tho con
ductors and trainmens union
We are not seeking and will abso
lutely refuse to consider arbitration
said Mr Lee Tho question Is not
ono of money We want the esttb
llahod rules and regulations now In
force on tho Baltimore and Ohio and
the Now York Central lines put Into
effect on the Pennsylvania system
Now Orleans July 14Sheriff
Marrerro of Jefferson parish Louisi I
ana whore nearly all prize fights in
Louisiana have been fought has is
sued an order prohibiting the Nelson I
Wolgast fight which was being fig I
ured on by local promoters for Labor I
day They weio notified In positive I
terms that any attempt to pull Off a I
fight would result tn the arrest of all I
parties Implicated I
Sheriff Marreio issued the order I
because it was feared here that a re I
newal of prize lighting In Louisiana
would Injure the chances of New Or
leans for Its Panamit cxposlLoo Jef
ferson parish Is opposite New Or
Greenboro Pa July HJohn I
Snolllng 1 deputy sheriff was arrest
ed today when found hiding in the
woods near the Clarldgo mines where
It Is said he shot and killed John Cut
ler a striking miner late lost night I
The arrest was made by eight state I
troopers sent to uearch for tho miss
ing deputy following the discovery of
Cutlers horiy by the londsUe with
out bullet Hounds I was claimed
by the miners that Cutler had been
shot from ambush but Snelllug de
clares ho shot In selfdefenae
He says he met hal a dozen miners
on the road last night and that one
threw a stone at him Cutler who
was one of the miners advanced with
his hand on his pocJcctAns though to
pull a revolver says Snelling when
the deputy fired The other strikers
fled he says after a number of shots
none of which took effect
The question as t whether a news
paper Is liable to punishment for con i
tempt of court by reason of the pub I
lication of the history of a crime on
the eve of a criminal trial will be
adjudicated by the supreme court of
writ of certiorari issued from that
court today directs Judge T D Lewis
ot tho district court to transmit be
fore September 1 a record of the pro
ceedings In his court against the Her
aldRopublican and its editors and
to take no further action pending a
review of the case
A week ago Judge Lewis fined the
HeraldRepublican Its manager man
aging editor city editor and court
reporter an aggregate of 5600 and
sentenced Manager Halo to thirty
days in jail The newspaper had re
printed a confession made to the po
lice by Harry Thorne at tho time of
his arrest on I murder charge while
to try
a jury was boing Impanoled
him Tho publication was made after
the paper had been cited for the pub
lication of the same confession Just
before the trial of Thomas Riley
Thomes accomplice
Claiming that constitutional right
of the press had been Infringed by
the sentence counsel for the newspa
per appealed to the supreme court
Hampton Va July 11William
Durand who claims tho heavyweight
pugilistic championship or the Unit
llglstc Uqit
ed States navy was convicted here
today by a jury In the circuit court ot
prize fighting He was sentenced to
one year in th < j penitentiary
Durand wnsI knocked out aevoral
weeks ago by a nogro named Scar
borough In thofirst round at what was
to have boon a tcniound mill Dur
and foruierlytllvJed in Pennsyhyula
Hamburg July J4 Thirtyfive thou
sand ship yard workers united today
in a demand for an Increase of ten
per cent in wages and a 53hour Week
They threaten to strike If the conces
sions ore refused
The workmen are engaged In the
Te enJaged te
shipyards at Hamburg Bremen Vego
sack Bremerhaven Flcn < Jbnr Kiel
Lubeck Rostock and Stettin
Mrs Clark Fisher of New York
who with her company is on a re
turn auto trip around Ute world took
dinner In Ogden today and Journeyed
on toward the cast
The lady Is accompanied by her
son Harold Fisher Chauffeur Albert
E Catcholor her maid Maria Boggle
the bulldog Pelican tho monkey
hong Kong and a dog Japan the
company all being well and In high
spirits over the tip So far completed
Mrs Fisher stated in 0 few min
utes interview that she had success
fully toured the European countries
In her big car without making a sin
glo repair on the machine and that
there had been no sickness during tho
entire journey
They have visited England Scot
land Wales Germany Switzerland
Italy Egypt China India Japan and
nearly all the other countries of the
world amj aro now rounding out the I
travel In the United States
Tho sands of the Nevada deserts
and the heat from Old Sol she says
are fierce but withal she has enjoy
ed the trip from California here and
has made good time coming from
Tonopah in four days spending one
day at a wayside Inn where royal
treatment was accorded The party
carries d complete camping outfit and
make their home whercvftr night over
taken them Sometimes they camp
in the mountains then in the valleys
and on the plains again in the forests
and occasionally in the cities
London July 11 During the de
bate on naval expenditures In tho
house of commons this afternoon
Premier Asqulth reiterated that It
was tho desire of tho British govern
ment to come to i friendly under
standing with Germany looking to the I I
curtailment of armaments
I wish said the premier that an
I rangomcnt could b reached with
Germany for a reduction of the vast
naval expenditure This government
has approached the German govern I
ment on the subject but the latter
can do nothing owing to the naval law
on Its statute books This being so
wo must make our program accord
11 Asquith repudiated the sugges i
I tion that the British expenditure was I
inady sense hostile to Germany Ho
declared that the relations between
the two countries was most cordial
and pointed out that by Apill 1913
Groat Britain would have only 25
Dreadnoughts to GormanjR 21 which
could not be regarded as an inflated
jingo program
Torre Haute hid July 14 rWith
a perfect track the second days pro
gram of the Great Western circuit I
day race ineetlng was ushered in hero to
Horsemen arc still talking about
the sale of Dudle Archdale to Frank
G Jones a wealthy horseman or
Memphis Tonn for 20000 The mare
won the 213 trot yesterday and she
Is under the care of Ed Geers who
expects sensational performances bj
her this season I
Detroit July 13 Todays session
of the grand lodge of Elks In reun
Ion here promises to bo Important
rho further maintenance of the Nati
onal home at Bedford Va and chang
es in laws and rules of the order were
scheduled for discussion
The entertainment programme in
eluded a competitive drill of teams
from various lodges In Belle Island
parade followed by an exhibition drill
by the Cherry Pickers of Toledo
lodge a river cruise by motor boat
I and picnic luncheon at Pephe Island
and a naval demonstration consisting
of an attack on Belle Island by the
Michigan naval reserves
The night programme promises a
canoe parade along the Belle Isle
lagoons and a ball at the Masonic
temple tendered the grand lodge by
Moslem temple Nobles of the Mystic
Simon Friedherg of Cleveland a
member of the Buffalo loge of Elks
was last night erroneously reported
as having died of heart trouble super
induced by heal Although In a seri
ous condition his chances for recov
ery are today eald to be good
Chicago July 13When the venire
men from whom the grand Jury which
tomorrow begins Its investigation of
the packing Industry is to be select
ed appear before Judge Landis in the
United States district court one of
them Philip Fredericks of Chan
nahon Ills will see Chicago for the
first time although for 30 rear ho
has lived within fifty miles of the
CitVMr Fredericks told the deputy mar
shal who served him with the jury
summons that ho was glad to havo a
chance to visit the city
The Jury will be selected tomor
DulsbuVg Ubeiuish Prussia July 14
Herr Strack he aviator during a
flight with a monoplane today fell
from a height qf 100 foot The ma
chine was wrecked hut Strack escap
ed with slight Injuries
Seattle July HAbc Attell feath
er weight cbnippion and Pete Mc
Veigh of Seattle have been matched
q itfl In tills cIt on the night of
1ulr 26
vGrand Island Nob July HCol
larslug walls of the burned building
< Mercantile company
pi iho Nebraska Mercantie
last night killed two workmen and soy
ovul persons had narrow escapes
Parlu Jnlj NA crowd number
Ing mooo persons Including thous 1
and8qf American tourists witnesses
the annual military review at Long I
lmmpt toda > in celebration of the j
national fete day The occasion was l
made more notable by the presence
of King Albert and Queen Elizabeth
of Belgium Sixty thousand
Sbtrlhor8DId troopn
Participated >
Major T Bently Mott American
military attache rode with tho other
foreign attachedi othe
Following the review tho lOW mil
itary dirigible balloon
ltrr cllriblobnloon Llborte exe
cuted a series of evolutions over the
parade ground Later the street fairs I
dances and other features of the cel
ebration were In full swing
Valdez Alaska July 11 Twenty
six native children have died within
the last ten days a tho result of an
epidemic of measles that Is sweeping
the village of Tatlllok two miles from
Ellamar on Prince William sound
Government Teacher Law has done
everything in his power to stop tho
epidemic but has been unsuccessful
and has appealed to Fort Llacum for
Captain Bennett the commandln
officer at Fort Llscum has Bent D
Jones the post surgeon to Tatlllek to
give medical ali to tho stricken na
Los Angeles Cal July HlarUn
CaBoy a fireman on the Southern
Pacific railroad has shattered the be
lief entertained generally by railroad
mon that the blow of a whirling driv
ing rod means quick death Casey
was hit In the face by a broken driv
ing rod on an engine traveling thirty
miles an hour He was unconscious
for four days but surgeons at a local
hospital whore ho was taken aId last
night that he probably would recover
In addition to receiving tho crushing
blow from the broken driving rod Cas
eys body wus hurled with such ter
rific force against a sign post that
the timber was brokeu off But the
only results to Casey was a broken
Jaw and the loss of several tooth and
a portion of tho flesh from one leg
E J Raddltz president of the Tintlc
Standard Mining company has sub
mitted a report to stockholders In
which notification s given of a sec
ond assessment and the reasons why
such action was necessary nre set
forth also The report follows
Since our last statement and notice
of assessment NO1 In January 1910
conditions In the money and stock
market did not Improve sufficiently
to enable us to fully cover the ex
penses of our development work from
the sales of treasury stock hence tho
directors of this company are com
pelled to ask each stockholder to
contribute to Its working fund at this
time as per enclosed noticeof assess
ment No2
We owe the following bills now
Borrowed money 801633
Current expenses to July 1
1910 277625
Total 1109258
Our property consisting of ten
lode claims Is now fully jmld for
Seventy thousand shares of stock are
still In our treasury Developments
t < date cqnsist og 3005 feet of drifts
and 1367 feet of shafts and wlnzca
Our property Is equipped with all nec
essary buildings a steam hoisting
plant capable of working to a depth
of 1600 feet also air compressor pow
er fan and all other modern mining
Our main shaft is now 8S5 feet
deep an dour present plan of develop
ment consists of sinking this shaft
with two shifts of miners and power
drills to the 1000foot level from
which point crosscut will be run
to intersect and open up the known
orebearing fissures after which we
feel confident the property will be
on a producing and paying basis
New York July Prolongation
dr weather result In
of the hot dry weater may reult
raising the cost of milk Dealers who
are havIng trouble In supplying their
customers already havo under consid
eration nn advance In the price paid
to producers i
Three cents a quart the present
prIco paid to the farmers Is stated to
ho the highest Juno price for milk In
thirty jfaarg
The advance of onequarter of a
cent would be likely to cause an in
crease In price of bottled milk in this
locality from S to 9 cents a quart
with advances for milk sold from
Washington July 14 Another per
iod of watching Importations from
South American countries to prevent
the introduction of the foot and mouth
disease has been Inaugurated by the
departments of agriculture and the
Tho disease is now reported to be
prevalent among South American cat
tle Wool hair straw hay and oth
er stuffs have been known to carry
the germs of this disease and such
Importations are being watched par
Washington July HWltlr its Con
tract requirements calling only for a
speed of 28 knots an hour the tor
pedo boat destroyer Roe made 31
knots bat its stnndarlzatlon tests off
the Delaware breakwater course ac
cording to 1 report received today at
the navy department from tho board
of Inspection The Roo Is the first
destroyer of the exclusively oil burn
deslOjel test
Ing typo The otndardlzatipn tf
will bo followed by othors of differ
ont nature
OOOOOOOOQO oo o p o o o
o 4 0
o Q
5 Bournemouth England July 0
3 HA Rawlinson the English o
3 aviator fell with his blpjan O
C ibis evening while making a O
C flight at the aviation iheet O
3 One leg was broken and he O
> received other injuries i 0
o J 0
D coooooo0 oo f o p o vo o
Tho Qnitchtlowfamiy reunion was
I held
the First ward meeting house
wlre meetng hOlse
Friday July 8th In honor of the bIrth
lay iver80 of Wllllani Crltclilow
a pioneer of Utah The
Uth following
program was rendered
SloBtan Jer n accompanIed
I by LUclc Marcus and Will
I low WI Critcb
Praye was offered hr Bishop nob
Address of welcom ° W J Crltch
I t Critchlow Vdcil dle TllClraa an < 1 Lott
Family reminiscences C Crltch
I ov Crltch
Instrumental ductVi and Mar
cus Critchlow MU
Vocal solo Mother Vera Jensen
accompanied by Lucll Mtlrcua and
Wi Crtcblow
Origin of the Critchlow name
John Q Crichlow name
Reading B P Crltchlow
Recitation Mrs Sarah Ballantyno
Musical selection Luclle and Mar
cult Critchlow and Alice Stahr Mar
Piano solo Martha Chitchlow
Chlchl V
AddressPresident MIddlotou
Original quartette Our Pioneer
W J Critchlow C < n Crtchlow
Mrs Hattie C
Halie Jensen and Vera Jen
At 1230 cars conveyed the crowd
to Glenwood where refreshments
wore nerved and Impromptu apecchea
recitations games and other social
diversions were Indulged In There
were olghtyflve members of the fam
ily present
Mr and Mrs Colvin Mrs Anna L
Bunting and their guests Mrs Miles
of Rockport Mo
10 and Miss Gerrtne
Bunting of SL Joseph Mo were
visitors In Salt Lake and at Saltalr
on Tuesday
Mr and Mrs Chandler spent the
day In Salt Lake Tuesday
Mrs Annie Morshoad won a hand
some diosBer serf at the last meeting
of Die Degree of Honor
Mrs William Llnslg who has been
visiting for the past ten weeks with
her daughter Mrs E A Larkin has
returned to her homo In Philadelphia
Miss Minnie Klesrl returned Sun
day from an extended tour of Europe
Miss Kleecl is greeting old friends
and receiving pleasant congratula
tons after an absence of moro than
a year
Dr and Mrs W G Dalrymple Dr
and Mrs A D Barber D f C Os
good and Dr S W Wherry with a
number of the Salt Lake dental fra
ternity leave In a special car on
the Overland Limited on Saturday for
Denver where the men will attend
tho sessions of tho National Dantal
nssoclatkm next week They svlll be
gone about ten days
New Orleans July 14Jack Horn
er known In baseball circles died
here today at a hotel as a result of a
fall Entering the hotel baths with
friends shortly before I oclock this
morning Horner slipped on a marble
utep and fell to the floor fracturing
Ills skull Ho never recovered con
St Albans VL July HTho Ver
mont Democratic state convention met
here today and nominated by accla
mation a ticket headed by Charles D
Watson of St Aibans as candidate
for governor
o 0
o 0
O Mobile Ala July 14Cus 0
O toms officials here today refus 0
O ed clearance papers to the 0
O Norwegian steamer Utsteln 0
O that is ready to sail for Blue 0
O fields Nicaragua I Is ale 0
O ed she has cartridges on board 1
O 0 I
o 0
t O Washington July Hwn 0
I O Ham Pittman the American 0
I O captured by the Madrlz forces 0
O near BlueficJds was found yes 0
I O terdny In 2 starving condition 0
O In a filthy cellar near Man 0
O agua according to a dispatch 0
I O to the state department today 0
O from Consul Olivares Mr 0
O Olivares forced Mar tOIC 0
O cord PHtman better treatment 0
o 0
What an M D Learned
A prominent physician down In
1 Georgia wont through a food exper
ience which ho makes public
It was my own experience
first led me to advocate GrapeNuts
food and I also know from having pre
scribed it to convalescents a other
weak patients that the food la a won
derful rebullder and restorer of nerve
nnd brain tissue as well as muscle H
improves the digestion and sick pat
ients always gain just aa I did In
strength and weight very rapidly
I I was in such a low state that I
had to give up my work entirely and
go to the mountains of this state but
two months there did not Improve
nio in fact f was not Quite 4 well
us when r left homo My food did
not sustain mo and I became plain
susln change then I began to
that I must ohng thn beSQD
use GrapeNuts and in two weeks I
could walk a mile without the1eUi
fatigue and In five weeks returned to
my home and practice taking up bard
work again Since that time J nave
felt no well and strong as I pvqr
did In my life
As n pbyslcbn who seeks to help
all sufferers I consider It a duty to
al suferers facts public
akc tego whan
10 GrapeNutfi hfn
Trial days 03 GrapNub
the regular food does not seqin to
rogla body wH work miracle
I Theres n Reason
Read tho little book The Road to
Wellvllle in pkgs
I Ever read the above letter I new
one appears from time to time hey
appeas full of hiwnatl
ire gcni ne true and ful hUa

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