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Fortieth YcarNo 4Price Five Cent
ac Second Clans Matter at the Postofflce Ogden Utah a
Has Been Seen and Is
Being Traced Para
mour Kills Herself
Bourges France July 21A young
woman who committed suicide at a
hotel here on July 13 is now believed
r to have been Ethel Clair Lcnovo the
companion of Dr Crlppcn There aro
striking points of resemblance Tho
woman was a foreigner and gave the
name of Jean Maze The police of
Paris and London have been notified
Paris July ITl1e prefect at Vcr
net les Bains sent a telegram to the
suretlo goncrah1 of Paris confirming
the Identity of the man who arrived
there under the name of Tarbot on
Sunday as Dr Ilaivley H Crlppcn
The procurer believes the American
I dentist crossed tho French frontier
Into Spain
Vernot Ics Bains Franco duly 21
Tho police have received photographs
of Dr Hawley II Crippen wanted In
London in connection with the disap
pearance of his wife Belle ISlmoro
and today submitted the same to sev
eral persons who saw the stranger
who stopped at a hotel here over Sun
day night and tinder the name of
Henri Tarbot
In every Instance those who saw
the photographs declare there was ab
solutely no doubt In their minds that
Crippen and Tarbot were Identical
Madrid July nfho police of Barcelona
I celona have discovered no trace of
Dr Hawle Crippen but the search
continues He Is roported to hav
r entered the country from Mount
il Louis Franco a few days ago en
route to Pulgcerda A general police
alarm directing the apprehension of
the doctor who is said to be travel
ing as Henri Tarbot has been sent
throughout Spain
Vernet Lcs Brfinf > France July 21
The French police are here on the
I trail of the man thought to he Dr
Hawley II Crlppen He Is believed
to ho still In Fiance His announce
ment 01 a proposed trip to Spain is I
declared to have been a sybtcrfugo
and was successful In throwing the
jtpolice off the track for a short time
Today a warrant was Issued for Henri
Drauhaut otherwise known as Henri
Tarhot Persons who saw the man
during Ws stop In this city Sunday
7iSay ho is Identical with Dr Crlppeu
photographs of whom wets showu
them by tho police
The suspect left here Monday morn
Ing pjjclmslng a ticket for Mont
Louis Before leaving he telegraphed
to Mont Louis engaging a carriage to
meet him there and convey hIm to
Pulgcenda Spain ton miles distant II
The detectives learned of this end no
tified tho police on the other side of
the Spanish boundary to be on tho
lookout for the man and to apjjrehcnd
hm If he turned up
The traveler however did not
reach Mont Louis and later It devel I
oped that ho left the train at a sta
tion between thai place aud Vernet
Les Bains
When the authorities learned that
the man In all probability was still In
France they swore out a warrant for
his arrest and the police along the
line of the railroad over which he
traveled were Instructed to make a
thorough searcb
Kew York July 21A Chinaman I
llsguised as a negro his face neck
tad hands blackened with burnt
ork but wearing a suit oC Chinese
clothing underneath a longshoremans
puLslt was arrested In New York
Chinatown early today He js held i
3n the charge of being a suspicious I
poison The police credit him withbc 1
ng a long agent whose disguise they I
ihink may have been connected with 1
some of his organizations mysterious J
The disguise for an Orientals Is ope
t of the most remarkable the police
have ever run across and the action
ns well as the appearance pf the
t prisoner puzzled the Central office
men who made the arrest
The prisoner made no response
when addressed In English To an
Interpreter he said he had recently I
arrived In this city from Mexico by
aleauier and asserted that hip color I
was due to coal dust It had gathered
I on his skin he said when ho shoveled
In tho stokehole of tho steamer
His story was not credited bv the
police who were satisfied that the
mans color was due to burnt cork
They also noted that his hair was cut
Aiiiorlcan fashion hardly like that of
a recent arrival from Mexico and
I that he picked up newspaper In the
1 station find appeared to bo able to
read English A number of tho
Chinatown leaders ol both tongs
were questioned by the police re
garding the mysterious stranger but
nil professed ignorance as to his
1 s PlA S
He and His Wife Were
to Take a Trip to
Chicago July 21The last letter
written by Ira G Rawn tho late
president of the Motion railroad was
one asking W A Gardner vicepresi
dent of the Chicago tC Northwestern
road to handle his private car be
tween Chicago and Chico Kike next
Saturday The letter follows
My Dear Mr Gardner I should
like to take my family to Chico Lake
on the line of your road and would
like to ask therefore if it will be
convenient and consistent for you to
handle Monon private car No 90 oc
cupied by myself and family from
Chicago to Chico Lake on your train
leaving Chicago Saturday evening
next I think at 630 p m I shall
want to return Sunday afternoon or
Monday evening following
Shall very much appreciate your
Very truly yours Signed
Ma Ravens frleds say that this let
ter is proof that he had no idea of
taking his own life
Monday afternoon a friend of Mr
Rawjt related a long conversation
with the late president of the road
which bore upon the theory that Mr
Rawn was in splendid spirits
The talk was largely personal
said this friend and Mr Rawn dis
closed that he and Mrs Rawn wore
aVranglhg lioneymoou trip to Eu
rope late this fall and were keeping
It a secret He told me that when
he was married he was too poor to
take a wedding trip and that vcr
since his marriage he bad been too
busy to take one Although Mrs
ltawaanti1have had great oppor
tunity for making trips he said to
me It dawned upon us suddenly that
wo had In reality never made a trip
all alone It seemed that on every
occasion wo had a guest or two and
that we never had an oldfashioned
trip together We agreed that it
was about time that wo had our
honeymoon trip and decided to take
It after all these years So wo have
planned to steal away ate In the
fall after I have got the road In good
shape lake a steamer at New York
and go to Europe to wander around
for a while with no one to molest
Redding Cal July HNos has
reached this city that Marion Back
with who was formerly well known
In Shasta county as a mining man is
now in Jail In Mexico Ucckwith was
Kent to Mexico by the United States
Smelting Refining company to take
charge of a large copper mine in that
All his employes were Mexicans A
short time ago he warned them to
drink leas and work with more Intelli
gence He showed a disposition to en
force his order in regard to the drink
log and soon became unpopular at the
It is said that he is the victim of a
consjriracy of the men in his employ
and was Wrested in an effort to got
rid of him
J ondon July 2lAthelston Corn
forth who committed suicide at New
York yesterday is said to be Identi
fied with a London stock broker of
that name whose creditors ignorant
ofJ his fate met today In the bank
ruptcy court
Ogden vs Salt Lake City
On today July 2Srd f
Ogden vs > Occidentals
J On Sunclayj Jwly 2t
t = AT THE
tlll MDD
I Weather Bureau Offers
Information For
Long r i it s
Now York July 2LAn exhaustive
study of typical wind and weather
conditions for the benefit of aviators
I planning flights between New York
and SL Louis acid Chicago has been
I made by II James Scarr of the New
i York weather bureau
J Tho flights will have to be start
I ed from tho western end ho says
because of the tendency of prevail
ing winds It will also require some
skillful figuring for the aviator to
complete his trp within the specified
time and at the same time avoid un
favorable winds Tho tendency of the
winds is to travel from west to east
in barometric waves These waves
have deep troughs which indicate
storm conditions and high crests
which indicate high barometric per
iods The aviator must start on his
flying journey us soon aa possible af
I ter the passage of lower barometric
pressure so as to get the full benefit
of the crest of tho wind wave
These waves pass at the rate of
1 from five hundred to fifteen hundred
i miles every twentyfour hours As
1 can obviously be seen It will require
a very fast aeroplane to keep pace
j with the movement of the crest or
o calm wave But more likely than not
before he travels five hundred miles
he will have to come to ground until
another period of calm weather ap
preaches As to the routes my ob
i servatlons appear to favor the south
ern course byway of Parkorsburg
and Baltimore If possible the avia
tor should avoid coming by way of
Grand Trunk Is E locked
by theHSfrike of
I Montreal July 1The 5000 strik
ing conductors and trainmen on the
Grand Trunk railway continued today
to be conspicuous by their absence
r out only from their posts which they
left Monday night but from public
view any where Their leaders
speaking for thorn reaffirmed that
all were Quietly awaiting an unex
I pected time when the railroad would
make such wage overtures to the
1 strikers as would induce them to re
At company headquarteshowever
itwas stated that the strikers had
been eliminated wholly from tho situ
A birds eye view of the Grand
1 Trunks four thousand mile system
from Portland Maine to Detroit and
New England showe da distinct im
I provement in conditions it was said
It was predicted that many Import
I ant essentials toward resumption of
shipping would be worked out during
the day I
In many cities and towns affected
the freight situation Is increasingly
scrious Ice companies are unable to
get Ice The Canadian Pacific Is
avoiding possible trouble by refusing
to run Ice cars on Grand Trunk sid
I ings and much perishable freight
seems doomed to destruction
At Stratford Ontario 200 men have
been thrown out of work by the clos
ing down of packing ad nmilllg com
panies deprived of supplies Owing
to a shortage of coal the electric light
company there has put oub street
Tho Wabash railroad which uses
the Grand Trunk tracks from Niag
ra Falls Ontario to Vindsor Ontar
io Is giving nearly complete paosen
ger service but there is no freight
Reports have been received at the
company hpariquartera here which in
dicate restlessness on the part of
strike sympathizers Statements that
attempts wore made during he night
j to intimidate GrapVl Trunk crews at
the Bona oVnture yards led the corn
j pany to send out special policy
i squads early today and strong de
tachments have boon scut to Rich
mond an dSherbrooke Reports cur
rent last night that the epglncers
would strike In sympathy which for
a time caused apprehension were evi
dently based on telegrams from Chief
Stone of tho Brotherhqod of Loco
motive Engineers urging his men to
remain neutral and giving specific In
structions that no engineer act as
pilot for green conductors
Chicago July Orhc grand Trunk
railroad strike UBBiiiucd a serious
proportion today vhon it became
known that 200 loadod ears are In
I the roads yards hero und could not
i be moved because of lapk of men
An attempt hi flpid tp havo boon
I made by the railroad to got 200 strike
breakers fjQIIIj thIs city Only forty
five men answered the call
Toronto Jul nGmnII Trunk of
ifcials today began the investigation
of an accident originally reported to
I have boon tho result of an attempt
to wreck limo companys iluskoga
TJuffalo nilht express
New York Jelly 1 =
Yorlct 2ir The appear
1 atice of a strange light In the sky
r 1 0 qsr
above New York an hour or two be I
fore midnight Inst night gave many I
thousands ot persons in tho upper
prrt of the rltg the Impression that j
a skilful aviator was paying tho town
a visit
The light niQVtyi slowly over the
roofs of tall apartment houses and
business blocks i
Alter Jin hori ortwo It drifted
slowly to earth and watchers wore
able to see that It was a light hang
Ing from a big boxkite The aviator
by proxy who controlled the kite was
a Columbia student making atmos
pheric observations from the roof of
one ol the university buildings I
I r 0 Rfl i LiL t I
I mlb
lhllijll i
Chicago Police Decide
I That Rawn Was a j
I Chicago July 211110 police have
I dropped the Investigation Into the I I
I death of Ira G RaWn president of
I the Chicago Indianapolis Louisville
j railroad Monon route and Herman
I Schuottler acting chief of police to
i day said he was satisfied that Mr
I Rawn had committed suicide Mr I
Schuettler announced his decision af
ter a long conference with the detec
tives who have Investigated the Win
notka tragedy They declared all the
details pointed to suicide
Despite the withdrawal of the Chi
I cago police the private detectives em
I ployed by thoRawn family continued
their Investigation and steadfastly de I
I clared that Mr Rawn was killed by
a burglar I
I The suicide theory IR believed to
have been strengthened by tho results 1
of an Investigation Coroner Hoff
man Tho bullet hole In Mr Ravens
night garment hind been carefully ex
amined and Its appearance leads to I
tho suicide belief The hole Is sur I
rounded by bloodstains In which
there are what arC believed to he pow
der marks
While the detentlves announced
I announced yesterday that they ex
pected to make Important arrest
today no one has been taken Into cus
I tody
Now York July lPrlces of
stocks moved sluggishly and uucer
tainIu the opening dealings today
Utah Copper advanced 1 11 and Nor
thern Pacific 5S The execution of
orders on hand was completed within
a few minutes an dthe ticker camo
practically to a standstill I
There were offerings for sale that I
had to be absorbed and this was i
done at price concessions Interna i
tlonal Harvester ran off1 38 Read
Ing 1 14 and Toledo SL Louis and
Western pfd 1 18
Orders for foreign account figured
in the selling Tho tone became
steadier again
The failure of a brokerage house
In Vienna was held responsible for
some depressing Influence Talk of
copper curtailments had an offset I
ting effect The whole market was
a trivial affair >
Kansas City Southern pfd rose
1 11 The lone was easy at noou r
Bonds were steady
Chicago Livestock
Chicago July CnttleHcceipls
7000 market steady Beeves 500
a SAO Texas steers 36fla570 I
western steers SOOaG90 stockers
amid feeders Sl10aG40 cows and
heifers 265a60 calves G75a
I 900 I
Hogs Receipts estimated at 1V
000 market steady Light SSfiOa
lOO mixed 825aS80 heavy 7 floti
S Go rough 705aS15 good lo choice i
heavy 16a8CS pigs SG5a905 I
bulk of sales S25aSSO i
Sheep Receipts estimated at IS I
000 market strong and steady Na I
live 2GOa4 25 western 250a42o i
yearlings 4OOaoOO lambs native
I 450a725 western 4 25a725
Omaha Livestock 1
I Omahu July 21 Cattle Receipts
2800 market active and stronger
j Native steers 47a775 cows and
heifers 325aJ75 western steers
350a625 canners 250a325 stock i
ers and feeders 5325a575 calves I
100a700 bulls stags etc 32na
525Hogs 9600 market 5a
lOc higher Heavy S lOaS45 mixed
S20aS 10 light S15aS pigs SVSU
a900 bulk of sales SluaS50
Sheep Receipts 9MO market lOa
loc higher Yearlings l00a31ft
wethers 325alOO ewes 5250a3C5 I
lumbs G25a71G
I Sugar and Coffee j
New York July 21Sutm raw
Firm muscovado S9 test 3 SG j ccn t
triflgunl 96test13G molasses su 1
gar 89 test 3jGl Refined steady
crushed 585 granulated 510 pow
dered 525 i
I COFFEE Spot steady No 7 Rio
8 58 No 4 Santos 9 12
chicano Produce
I 1
j r Chlcagoj July 21 Butter receipts
524000 marketvsteady Dairies 2R
2U Eggs steady at marl cases In
eluded lOuH firsts 15 prime firsts I
Ii Cheese steady Daisies lo Bla
1G twins 15 12 young Americas
15 l2alG lonff horns lCal1
Metal Market I
I New York July 21Lend steady
spot lifi JCo er firm standard 0
I spot llS7 12al22 Sept 1105all
30 Slivor ol 5S
f ts USB1UN G TO
i B Ol FftLUD
Great Army of Men
Will Meet With
Seattle Wash July 2LA fair
estimate of the seasons output of
the Idltarod I bollove will not run
over 5200000 certainly not enough
to support the more than 2000 men
now thercw said Brigadier General
Marlon P Maus commander of the
department of Columbia upon his re
turn yesterday from a tour of Inspec
tion of Alaskan military posts includ
ing a special trip to the new gold
Some method of supervising tho
rush to this gold field should be de
vised said General Maus for there
Is hound to be much Buffering As
w 0 cam down from the camp wo met
many men going In and only a few
of them have any monoare
expecting to work and there Is no
work for them They are b6imd to
become public charges
I So far there aro only a few finds
on Flat Otter and Willow Creek and
they are small suitable for sluicing by
hand The IdHarod Is a good small
camp but there must be now nearly
3000 men scattered around that vi
I inspected the camp thoroughly
and had accurate maps made Tho
Iditarod river Is one of the most
crooked In tho world Alaska has
now reached the point where It Is a
case of big development projects Tho
i day for the small miner IK over be
I cause there are no more places where
a man can set rich by a little scratch
Forest Fires Continue
to Burn Along the
Boundary Line
Spokane July 21TI1e town of
Marble on the Columbia river about
tonl lies south of the Canadian boun
dary Ia reported burning A land
company hag been making improve
ments valued at hundreds of thou
sands or dollar sthere The town is
surrounded b > fire and its destruction
fs expected
i Fire In the Flat creek country near
I Bossburg Wash is steadily spread
ing and threatens to wpo out the ma
jority of the homes in this section In
the China Crook basin the citizens
have been fighting flames almost con
tlnxiously since Sunday afternoon
Indians bring news to Bossburg
that all the buildings at the Napoleon
mine five miles west of tho town
have been turned
Dispatches from Nelson R C state
that 800 government fire fighters are
working frantically to save the town
of Sandon from destruction The
flames have already crept within one
mllp of tie place and should the wind
co the up the town will be doomed
Thousands of dollars worth of val
uable timber In the Sloan and Arrow
lake districts have been destroyed as
have several ranch buildings and
Fire fighting Is being done on a sci
entific basis and it is now believed
that further damage In Hall and Ar
row park districts has been averted
Fires around Nelson have not yet
been extinguished and the city is en
shrouded In dense smoke Some fear
Is entertained regarding the Kalso
creek district Tho government has
sent detachment of 150 men to this
point to check tho lames
Winnipeg Man July 21Latest re
ports from Sandon in tho Kootenai
district state that the town is in Im
minent danger Women and children
left this morning on a rescue train
Three Forks reported burned Is I
still in o d tense Trit surrounded by
The total destruction of White
Water and MoGulgan is confirmed
Fir is no wraglng in the Rosslan Cen I
ter mines j
At Kenora Ont 100 miles east of I
bore brush Ores are within a mile of I
the town Farm houses on the out
skirts > ve been destroyed and the
town Is filled1 with smoke A fire bri I
gade has hate out continuously for
tbirtvsix hourj Residents are pack
In gtheis valuables preparatory to a
hasty departure J
Washingtmi July 21 A proceeding
was stituicc before the District of j
Columbia Supreme court today to I
compel time Ir terstate Commerce com j
dlsajon to assume jurisdiction over i
the AIn ki Railways and transporta
tion compartfcs and to compel th9
compel the companies to file tariffs j
with tho commission
Washington July 21In the de
velopment of the professions march
ing on with the progress of Invon
tlpn the aeroplane lawyer is about
to appear
I Men seeking mastery of the air are
Invading the United States patent
oJllcaaudUUtho present rate of pro
ducllvlty In ncronautiq Ideas It Is
predicted that the volume of litigation
which will soon follow will ho incal i
There arc now more than 230 ap
plications for patents relating to the
single point of automatic balance for
ah craft In addition there aro hun
dreds of applications for patents for
motors planes propellers skids and
other essentials In air navigation
From the present outlook a pat
ent lawyer said here today we will
soon have in this country a new crop
of aeroplane lawyers men who havo
specialized In tho law of the air and
who keep track of the hundreds of I
aeroplane patents that probably will I
he granted
Battery Explodes at For
tress Monroe During
ing Pradice I
Fort Monroe Va Juy 21Nine ar i
k tillery men are dead and A number I
i others Including two officers seritVis j
I ly Injured as the result of the blowing I
I cut of a breech block in a 12inch
I shore gun at the Do Russy battery J
during the coast artlllerv practice j
I hero today I
The accident occurred while stu
dent officers wore endeavoring to sink
a fleet of tower targets representing
an Imaginary hostile fleet proceadlng
toward Washington The battery was I
under the immediate command of Ser
f geant Harry Haas of the Sixtyninth
company United States coast artil
The known dead are Sergeant
Harry Haas gun commander Cor
poral Bradford gun pointer Privates
A J Sullivan Duffy Adkins Adej
King Chadwlck and Smith
One private was blown Into Chesa
peake bay with the breech block
Lieutenant Van Duscn suffered a
broken leg and Lieutenant Hawos was
injured about the face
Many prominent officers of the army
and navy who went to Hampton
Roads to witness what was expected
to bo the greatest target practice of
this character that had been attempt
ed anywhere saw the accident
Jt was the more terrible in that
wives and children of several of those
killed witnessed the tON
Chicago July 21Mrs Lillian Leh
was manled a week ago but she has
no husband In a letter to Mayor
Busse yesterday she asked the chief
executive to make her a wadding
present I iy bringing about the libera
tion of her husband who was I
snatched away from her by the police
on the way from the church to the I
newly furnished flat
After the wedding the party Board I
ed a Fourteenth street car bride
groom and hest man each chewing
the end of an unlighted cigar y
The conductor ofthecar ordered
the men to throw away their cigars
They met the command with con
tembuouB silence and retained tho
The motorman strolled Into the car
waving his controller handle and
struck the bridegrom with It The
best man retired as the controller vic
tim arose to avenge the attack The
ensuing rough and tumble fight wail
interrupted by a policeman who ar
rested Leh and the best man
The trial came up the next day and
was continued to July 21
Mrs Leh said that she had no mon
ey to pay a possible fine and fears
that her husband might bo sent q
the Bridewell Mayor Busge said he
would pardon Leh If he was fined
Chicago July 21 Although so des I
perately ill that her life Is despaired
of Mrs Amle Young mho victim of t
Charles W Rigdons pistol yesterday
directed her attorney to initiate pro
ceedings that would protect her In
terests said to be considerable in 1
the estate of the man who after try
ing to kill her took hip own life
A development of the day was the j
discovery that a short time before
the shooting Rlgdon either in the
expectation of death or of a financial
crisis put all of his property under
the control of a concern known as
the Jay k Rigdon comply
This company was organized for the
express purpose of conserving Rig
dons Jnterests and of getting affairs
in such shape that if anything hap
pened to Charles W Rlgdou his son
J A Rlgdon would have everything
at his fingers ends
A considerable part of the property j
turned over to tho company Is claim
ed by firs Young j
j I
Los Angeles Cal July 21 ± Mrs
Mary Jack Robbing whose husband
the United States failed to have ex
tradited from Mexico recently on a
bigamy charge way yesterday ad I
Judged insane and wl committed I
to the asylum at Patton i
The womans mental collapse Is be
lieved to bo the result of grief over
her domestic affalrs The husband
deserted her and went to Mexico wIth
a typist As It was prosumgd tlioy
were married he was arrested In Mex
ico City lJ1t tjchl I1JIsPIqr for sejejal
weoks fie gained Ills liberty a fow 1
days ago
biins fOR I ij
Millers of Puget Sound f
Surprised by Oriental
Seattle Wash July 2lOrders fofl
thousands of barrels of flour are pout
Ing Into Puget Sound millers frouf
the Orient marking a revival of bust t
ness that has been at a standstill fog I
several years
The orders have been coming is +
two weeks and already enough bURl
ness has been booked In the Sound
for the delivery aboard steamers sail
Ing during July and August to keep i
the mills constantly busy at a tlmo
when they are ordinarily Idle under
going summer overhauling Loca3
millers estimate that the July and Au I
gust flow of shipments to China will
aggregate a quarter of a million bar
A feature of the business that nan 1
developed such proportions in such a 3
short time Is the insistence of buyers
that delivery be made at once July
preferred So much flour has boon
purchased however that millers will
be unable to ill orders until August
tI I
II Bombarding the Moun
tain Strongholds of
the Formosans I
Victoria B C July 21 Further
I advices of the little war Japan is wag
ing against Formosan aborigines were
I I brought by the Awa itaru yesterday
fIe Japanese forces are now building I
I entrenched lines with block houses
flanking the Formosans the total
length of the lines to date being 307
miles Following the recent fight I
lag heavy mountain guns liavo been
taken in as well as machine guns and I
the moral effect of these has Induced
surrenders of large bodies of natives j
The fighting mostly in thick forests
and mountain side 3000 to 4000 foot
above sea level and there are dif
ficulties in the wny of using artillery
The Japanese are mounting guns on
high hills from which the native
strongholds can be bombarded
The Japanese forces In five de
tachments resumed fighting July 3
and drove the natives from their
mountain strongholds with heavy losSf
The Japanese went Into action at W
yards distance the natives throwing
themselves on the bayonets
According lo Japanese officers the
head natives wore unaware what bay
onets wero prisoners stating that
they wore surprised that they could
be placed on rifles Japanese losses
arc scant in attack compared with
those during tho night encampmen
when the natives creeD up Most of
the natives are armed with inferior
weapons using bullets of wood tip
ped with lead
General Sakma governor of Ton
Mesa has boon conferring with Tokla
officials icgardlng the colony and has
had a difference with the financial
bureau which sought to revive tho su
gar tax Premier Katsura interfered
and the governor who has resigned
because of his difference with the
minister of finance resumes his post
Victoria B C July 21 General
fire reports from all parts of British
Columbia confirmed by dispatches to
Premier McBride Land Mlnioter El
lison and other officials at the capital I
place the aggregate loss of the present
week bv forest fires at not less than
1500000 while fully half a million
more will bo lost In the enforced sus i
pension of affected industrial enter
prises Premier McBride hnsscnl
word to government Agent Chipman
at Kaslo to extend aid loall requir
ing it and has also empowered tho
fire wardens to Impress every man
available for tho work of fighting tho
A complaint has been received by
the premier from the management ol i
Rambler Cariboo mines asking that
an investigation bo held concerning
the llros which have dono 250000
damage at that point and claiming
that two weeks ago time fires might
readily have been extinguished L
Montclalr N J July 21It cost
Just 2500 to awakpn a sleepy rooster
chicken of Charles G
in the coop
Child of this city last night
Child hired map passed through I
tho coop carrying lighted lamp and
accidentally Jarred board on wnlcn
the rooster was sleeping The roost
er flew at him and knocked the lamp
from his hand The lamp smashed on
tho floor the oil biased up and tho
coop caught li olhe fire spread to
the barn and bluer buildings and It
was two hours tiefoiv tho b azeWas
under control The firemen place th I
loss at 2500

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