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I Terry Keller tho Ogden youth who
Is to box Joo Thomas the exworld
uilir weight champion at tho fair
Kroumln next Thursday night has ono
t i of tho cleanest records of lIlY boxer
1 now before the public and Is entitled
to chance for a championship bout
with Stanley Ketchel
i Keller began lighting when but a
boy of JI Ho toolt part In an ama
I tflur show In Salt Lake City promot
I ed by Willard Bean und boxed eight
I i rounds with one of Beans proteges
I Artie Gardner by name The Ogden
boy was but 11 years old at tho time
and because oC his showing In this
1 I + battle was dubbed Young Fltzslm
I0118 Soon after this ho became
f I iho sparring partner of Cyclone
Thompson when this lighter fought
I I Ilyland In Ogden Ho boxed a num
I ber of exhibition bouts In this city
i with Cub Cloever and Kid llorrlck
Cyclone Thompson decided that Kel
s ler had tho inaklnp of a great pugil
ist In him and tooV the Ogden youth
with him to his home In Illinois
I At tho tlmo the light game was
Willing In the Sucker Stale and the
two Hcruppors soon returned west go
lug to the coast Maurice Thompson
i n clever boxer nt the limo was
t matched to light the coming Pacific
coast lightweight champion Dale
j Gardner but by nn unfortunate turn
j of fate had sprained hiM ankle while
la training and could not go on Ills
promoter appealed to Cyclone Thomp
son but Cyclone wan not a believer
In lighting on short notice Youn
Terry then but sixteen years old
agreed to enter tho ring with Gard
ner It was Up to the promoter to
I accept the boys services or call off
I tho fight Terry entered the ring
and hold Gardner to a draw The
I fight went sixteen rounds and was
I ono of the hardest lightweight bat
tles over pulled off on the coast
I After a short layoff due to a dam
aged oar ho knocked out Joe Elliott
j in eight rounds Terry was still
growing and about this tlmo left the
lightweight class for welterweight
I company Ho went to Maysvlllo
Cal and won a battle from the Mays
vine thunderbolt Jlminlo Horn on a
foul In the second round Horn
claimed the foul was accidental and
Terry sao him another match put
ting him to sleep In less than one
minute Terry then went back to San
Francisco and beat Jim Conkey an
eastern welterweight who had made
good In his homo country and hail
crmc west to clean up a fortune on
tho coast He made but a poor show
ing against Terry and went home
much poorer and carrying with him
scars that added to his wisdom
Terry Keller was looming up as
tho foremost welterweight of the
I coast A match was arranged for him
and Pete OShanghanessy and the
fighter with the unearthly name
threw up the sponge In the fifth
Terry then boxed tne toughest man
on the coast Joe McGurn This wild
Irishman with a great string of
scalps at his belt fell before the
Cgden boy In the sixth round With
but a short lapse of limo Interven
ing he was called upon to battle with
Kid Krantz who had beaten Mike
Twin Sullivan and other men of that
class Krantz was the undisputed
champion of Seattle Wash and was
loqklfig upon by many followers of
of the ring as Invincible Again Kel
ler beat his man in tho sixth round
He boxed the Northern Champion
Freddie Brooks who had wou tho wel
terjplght middleweight and heavy
Aeight champions of the north and
was flaunting them upon the coast
In one night this gladiator had de
feated three champions and he wore
his laurels like a Spartan It was
really a case of Greek meet Greek
when Brooks and Terry came to
gether as the bout was called a draw
Terry was said to have had a little
the best of It and this assertion of
the fans who witnessed the fight was
subsequently borne out by Terry de
feating Brooks In a return match
aftoj ton rounds of terrific pounding
KcIIor continued to light either In
v r0 pnvelgitt or the middle class
but It became hard for him to secure
i uc witty man of his strip on
the coast seemed to be Mike Twin
Sullivan and this fighter refused to
The cnuso of M skin diseases can be traced
TT to some humor in tho blood
Healthy outlets aro only
Y poSSiblo where tho circulation
loco is pure and tlicro
I or this vital cure of any slein trouble can only como from a thorough cleansing
fluid Salvos washes lotions etc
cannot euro True such
trentmont roliovC5 some of the
finmmation 2notholtchbS and discomfort helps to reduce in
and aids in keeping tho affected
parts clean but it docs
reach M
t1o blood
° where the
t real
> ° fa
cause located
S and at best
can only bo
palliating and
ng soothing S
euros skin diseases
kind because it of overt charaeter and
purifies the blood
the humors goes the circulation and romOVC5
that are causing tho trouble builds up weak acrid blood and
I Completely euros Eczema Acne Totter Salt Rheum Polpon Oak and
other of overy
variety skin
When S S S has driven the humors Even
I theo blood and purifiedho ncldhentod circulation
away the cuticle 11 again nOlui5hod every symptom passe s
with rich
healthful blood and comCort
is given to diseasetortured skins
I I ttdvicoftoe Book on Skin Diseases and any medical
to nil who write TIlE
give battle to the Utah wonder Ter
ry decided that he would go alter the
middleweight championship and
fought Johnny OKeefo who had de
feated a score of top noteherL In
Ibis fight Keller had tho misfortune
to Injure his hued In tho second
round yet ho guuioly Ktayed the lim
It md tho fight wa called a draw
OKcofe outweighed Terry by fifteen
The Injury Kellers hand entieed
him to take a rest of seven months
and prevented him from winning the
n championship
Of course Keller expects to win his
match with Thomas In this city and
ho In hoping to got Stanley KctchclB
goat before the year Is out
Terry has been growing heavier
I and le now n fullfledged middle
weight Ho 16 but 20 years old and
I ttlll put up the hardest fight of his
life with Thomas as he Is believed
to be In better condition than ever
Club Won Lost Pct
Philadelphia 5f 26 653
New York 00 33 C02
Boston 51 34 600
Detroit 46 H 820
Cleveland 35 43 149
Washington 3fi 40 Ui
Chicago M 50 198
St Louis 25 55 313
Club Won Lost Pct
Chicago 51 29 651
New York 47 35 573
Pittsburg 13 34 57U
Cincinnati Vl4 4l ris
Philadelphia 39 12 481
SI Louis 1 38 47 44
Brooklyn 34 50 105
Boston 32 T5 368
Chicago Defeats Boston Twice
CHICAGO July 24 Chicago de
feated Boston twice today winning
the first game 5 to 3 with Overall on
the slab and the second 5 to 0 In
the second Colo fanned nine Boston
players and gavo four scattered hits
Heck Kling and Stolnfoldt starred
with long hits Scores
First game RHfc
Chicago 5 10 1
Boston 3 9 2
Batteries Overall and Kling Cur
HSR Goode and Graham
Second game R ILE
Chicago 5 7 1
Boston 0 4 1
BatteriesCole and Archer Fer
guson and Rardln Smith
New York 4 St Louis 1
ST LOUIS July 24SL Louis lost
to Now York today 4 to 1 Ames
pitched for the visitors Sallee re
mained In the box until the end of
the eighth Inning when Corridon dis
placed him Brldvcll starred at the
bat getting two triples and a single
St Louis 1 1 2
New York > 4 S 2
Batteries Sallce Corridon and
Brcsnahan Ames and Schlol
Cincinnati 6 Philadelphia 4
CINCINNATI July 24 Cincinnati
defeated Philadelphia hero today 6
to 4 Score
Cincinnati G 6 1
Philadelphia 4 9 6
BatteriesEwing Moore and Doo
In Burns Rowan and McLean
At Toledo First gameToledo 0 i
Kansas City Second game Toledo
11 Kansas City 2
At IndianapolisIndianapolis 1
St Paul C
At Minneapolis First game Min
neapolis 9 Louisville 4 Second
game Minneapolis 6 Louisville 4
At ColumbusFirst game Colum
bus 0 Milwaukee 1 Second game
Columbus 6 Milwaukee 7
At Omaha Omaha 4 Des Moines 2
At Topeka First game Topeka 7
St Toseph 12 second game Topoka
S St Joseph 1
At Lincoln Lincoln 7 Sioux City
3 10 Innings
At Wichita First game Wichita 5
Denver 7 12 Innings second game
Wichita S Denver 1
Morning gameVernon 4 Sacra
mento 3 afternoon game Vernon 2
Sacramento 3
SEATTLE July 24 Tacoma 2
Seattle 0
ing game Los Angeles 0 Oakland
2 Afternoon gameLos Angeles 5
Oakland 0
PORTLAND Ore July 21 San
Francisco 3 Portland 2
Utah State League
Won Lost PC
Murray 12 4 750
Occidentals 0 7 563
Ogden 8 S 500
Salt Lake 3 13 188
Salt Lake July 25 The average
baseball fan who attends a game not
to closely follow its scientific side
but merely for the sport of seeing
some good fast playing and plenty of
htting got his moneys worth at tin
game Sunday afternoon at Walker
field between Murray and Salt Lake
which resulted in a victory for tho
former team by a score of 9 to 5
Kitting was the big feature of the
ame Murray making fourteen hit
while Salt Lake made ten Both
sides slugged the hall for all It wa
worth although the playing wns a
hUla ragged The fielding however
as sharp and snappy
Mosor the Salt Lake pitcher w av
hit hard and In tho seventh InnnU
r as removed and Hummel substi
tuted After this Murray only made
one run and that was not Huuimols
fault Tho big crowd of fans enjoy
e i tho gnmo to the limit
In the seventh Inning KIght Field
er Stewart attempted to catch a hlgn
fly and losing his balance turned
i somersault and fell on his head
This put him down and out and he
was retired from tho game Ills IQ
juries were not serious
i The lIneup
Murray Salt Lake
Castro Donovan
r pr1
lebscher wb Novln
Jegunn Ifr Dock
Jinn iCfj i Good
Kilter ifi M Donovan
AGunn 3b Costello
largetts rl Stewart
Scott cf JBowjnnn and Tolle
L lJtJc j1 itloggc aptl Hummol
1Ho scorehy Innlygt t
ltlrtay otd 3i0J 0 4 0 10
Suit Lake 3OQ01 0 1 1 0v
New York July 4Thc Fourth of
July Is tho turning point In the Na
tional league schedule of games tho
season being about half over ovory
year on that day
As a general thing about this
time some correct I IIno can be had
cash year as to what club will win
the championship but the present
season has afforded so many surprises
and so startling changes of form by
tho various teams that to pick the
winner of this years gonfalon is a
very difficult proposition to tasklo
The Cubs after a very poor start
have como bac kcloser to their old
limo winning form than any other
team with the possible exception of
the Giants and the latter although
hey art holding down second place
md are clinging to the skirts of tho
Cubs with a drm clutch still Mc
Graws men arc playing very erratic
ball They have lost many games
that they looked lo have cinched with
a lead pipe certainty and a blowup
by them is constantly feared by Goth
am fane Still they have as good a
chance to win the pennant as any
other club Many of tho older play
ers who have been more or loss tied
up by tho beastly weather of the
spring months have thawed out nice
ly and most promisingly under the in
fluence or the hot spell and they can
jo depended on to keep their stride
until the end of tho season
Tho Cubs without doubt have the
best baseball machine In the league
In fact they are a far classier aggro
gatlon than the Giants but that docs
not guarantee them the rag Their
pitchers appear to be going back just
it present with the exception of
Three Fingered Brown and that Is
a bad sign for pitchers should be
coming now Instead of retrograd
Brown lost about ten games before
lie gained his first brackets but bo
Is pitching aplendld ball again But
he cannot hold tip the entire pitching
department of the Cubs any moro than
Mathewson can for the Giants
I am of the opinion that the Giants
are better off for pitchers than the
Cubs and that asset Is bound to count
good and strong In the long and pun
ishing race that IB ahead
The Plttsbtirg Pirates tall from
their high estate Is owing partly to
their pitchers falling to make good
but more to the surprising tumble
from form that Wagnqr has sbown
this year The big Dutchman has
been pretty near tho Pirates whole
team for ten or a dozen years and
his failure to come back this season
has thrown tho worlds champions
Into a rut thntI cant figure how
they can get out 6f
The championship lays between the
Cubs and Giants and It looks to me
lo bo about an even proposition
San Francisco July 25John L
Sullivan who had about as good u
line on the big mussup at Reno as
any man in the country may not b d
the latest opponent of the crouch but
he gives the best reasons for his op
How can a follow fight who
crouches asks John L Say you
know hes got to come up out of that
position before ho can deliver a
blow and while he is coming up he is
easy for his opponent If tho latter
knows anything at all about box
Sullivan was talking to a group of
fight fans In the St Francis hotel
and he Illustrated his point by pos
ing John assumed tho pose of the
crouch fighter Then he showed
how that crouching figure must come
up to his regular position If he Is to
strike an opponenL
Why ear continued Sullivan if
a boxer used that crouch stuff In the
old days the fighters of ray time
would knock his block off That pose
ls > a bloomer It Is the most awk
ward position any man over as
sumed One cannot hit from the po
sition and he Is easy prey for a
good twohanded fighter who can cut
him to pieces
That sort of position would never
have made a hit In my day There
is no sense to it A man has to stand
straight to get any power back of his
blows and oven these crouch fight
ers cannot hit until they como out
of it
Sullivan thnlks that tho opposition
to the fight game which has re
cently srystallzed will Injure tho
sport but ho Is hopeful for tho fu
Tho game will bo all right again
said John L This opposition will
blow over
Of course it will take some time
to put the game hack on the old foot
ing said Sullivan but things will
come around all right
Sullivan has a very good opinion of
Johnsons fighting ability They un
derrated Johnson declared Sullivan
> v they know that he is really a
great fighter and they are beginning
to wake up and give him some credit
He has a very good punch and is a
wonderful defensive fighter Johnson
will rule for a while but he will go
like the rest of them
Jeffries looked to bo In excel
lent shape for his fight but I felt all
along that It was the fat on Jeffs
insides that would trouble him
There are two kinds of fat One
sort grows on tho outside and shows
iTho other gets to a fellows gizzard
and does not show on tho surface
f The fat that shows o nthe out
side is not hard to remove but the
only thing that will remove tho In
side fat Is hard work hard work and
then moro hard work
Jeffries did not box enough Ho
knows that now and If heevor fights
again tho chances are that bo will
do a lot more training
Sullivan was recently jnarrled and
i the former champion and his wife are
occupying a suite at the St Francis I
The Autobiography of i i l
Everything has two sidesfrom a coin to 1
Porfirio Diaz the Prest
a controversy or irio Ii
dentDictator of Mexico for years has been
criticised condemned vilified burned in
effigy by those who hate himand he has a
kept a dignified silence
And there are two sides to the question
of which Diaz is the central figure His
long active life has been crowded with 1
dramatic action the narrative of which
is as thrilling as the most fascinating ad
1 venture and intrigue story ever written
Now Diaz has broken silence regarding Y
these attacks upon him and his motives
He has written his autobiography for the
Cosmopolitan magazinewritten it as only
a man who feels every word tells a story j
IfMexico want to to know the true story of
Mexico which has developed from a wild
erness of half savages to an intelligentI
industrious republic you want to read the >
other side of this Diaz controversy f 3
written by the principal aotor in the drama
of Mexico by Diaz himself
I Cosmopolitan M aga3ine
All News 1ta1Jl s 15 Cents
a 11
Things lLool Bright For
The resent sale of stock in the Lucky Jinn Mine has produced
sufficient means to send the work forward Those who arc just from
the district in which this mine is located afro filled with enthusiasm I
over the prospects Some miners wl n have been on the property
lately are very desirous of going to work on the Lucky Man Mine and
are willing to take stock for their wagesnot only are these men
willing but eager to do this knowing the property as they do
There is hardly a shadow of doubt that the mine will be among
the big shippers by the first of December some of the experts who
have seen the property recently and who know what the proposed
work consists of say that very profitable shipments will begin before
that time
Farrell the manager will be in Ogden for a few more days and t
will then go to supervise the work of sinking tho main shaft into the
ore bodyowners of stock may be justified in looking for rapid in
crease in value just as soon as the proposed work is completed
Lucky Man Mining i
Company i
FMFarrcIl Manager
Address2265 Lincoln Avenue
The big fellow will give his show in
Oakland next week Ho Is booked
up for a long period
Prosperity has fallen to tho lot of
tho great old warrior recently and ho
Is well fixed Sullivan Is still an
Idol with the sporting public with
whom he has always been fair nnd
his drawing power as a theatrical at
traction Is greal
More power to your elbow John
Burley Idaho July 23An ordin
ance was passed this weok by the vii
lago trustees creating an Improve
ment district In Burley for the pur
pose of laying cement sidewalks I
along the principal streets and ave
nues The proposed walks will be
twelve feet wide and will be built to
a uniform grade
Two newly married young couples
have returned to Burley after brief
honeymoons In Utah and Iowa they
being Mr and Mrs A C Dunning
and Mr and Mrs W C Dickey Jr
Mr Dickey and Miss Ida PIppen were
married at Council Bluffs Iowa on
June 13 and A C Dunning and Miss
hstolly Forgoon wore married at Po
catello July 11 Both Messrs Dickey
and Dunning are prominont business
men of Burley while their wives
wore popular among the younger sot
in their respective home cities Mrs
Dunning is a either of Mrs E CJrov
er Rich whoso husband is cashier of
tho Burley State bank and up to
within a few weeks before the wed
ding she was a popular clerk at the
Gudmunsen Stranger store In Bur
A consignment of 50000 trout ar
rived in Burley recently from one of
the state fish hatcheries for distribu
ton among the mountain streams of
Cassia county Some of the fish
were placed In Lake Cleveland which
Ir located near the summit of Mt
Harrison and Is about 3000 feet above
the level of tho Mlnldoka project
This Is the first fish to bo put In
this curiously formed lake and thu
result will bo watched with much
interest The Jake basin Is supposed
by mun to be I
many the crater or an ex
tinct volcano
Salt Lake July 25L t Gortdard
of the Goddard Investment company
leHldlng at 551 Thirtieth avenue was
accidentally shot In tho fleshy part
of the right thigh while walking la
the hills back of his desldcnce Sun
day afternoon After the accident Mr
Goddard walked to St Marks hospit
al where ho was attended by Dr C
G Plummer The wound Is severe
though not of a serious nature
Hearing that a bear had been shot J
11 tho hllla beyond his house Mr i
Goddard purchased a 41callbro re
volver Saturday afternoon and went
lor a stroyy in tho hills Sunday after
rcon He had the revolver In tb
large back pocket of the overalls t <
was wearing at tho time Seeing
peculiar deproBslou In tho earth Uj °
kneeled to examine it and in rids
the revolver slipped out of the
ket and was discharged The fi
entered tho fleshy part of tho rt r
thigh l
Mr Goddard Immediately sl0rt iti
for SL Marks hospital from wtf fJ
place Dr Plummer was summon
Dr Plummer stated that In all prp 1
ability Mr Goddard would have to J
main in tho hospital for a week r V tj
Said that although tho wound i
painful It was not of a Borlout

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