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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glns anD
George Creel finds in the writings of Dr Stanley Hall a tre
mendous poignant appeal which promises to relegate many fixed
ideas of religion and supplant them with a closer communing with
the yearnings of the soul
Dr Hall says Mr Creel after questioning 14000 Sunday I
school children has found that tho favorite juvenile characters are 1
found in the Old Testament and that Jesus is regarded as somewhat
spooky and almost entirely robbed of the appeal that His love
and gentleness should naturally make to little ones What crime
this is 1 His likeness conceived by ascetics years after the crucifix
ion has contributed to this sense of detachment and ministers in
order to accentuate faith have aided in the work of establishing
Christ as weak pallid and entirely spiritual Yet we know that He
was a carpenter until thirty years of age and that thd trade in that
day called for strength and size How much better then as Dr
Hall observes to follow this plain indication and believe Jeris a
I splendid commanding figure beautiful and attractive in the posses
sion of every vigor and all virility 1
Instead of keeping eyes fixed on the next world as the ec
I clesiasts persist Christ was esentially human and let no day go by
J without strildng boldly against some injustice or inequality He at
tacked predatory business driving the money changers out of the
1 temple declared against the corruptions and oppressions of church
and state and in every utterance breathed belief in the true democ
racy that knows no privileged class In ignorance and poverty He
saw the source of sin and hold to freedom in this world as prepara
tion for the next Lot the preachers come closer to Christ and the
people will come closer to religion
This is a growing irreligious ago and some change must come
over the churches or the people if tho millions outside all religions
I are to be reclaimed Perhaps Rev Hall has correctly diagnosed the
t trouble Those not of any religion must be appealed to by reason
and the presenting of great exemplars who having the same trials
j and tribulations to be met with in lifes struggle today have been
equal to their tasks and have triumphed not by an inborn superior
I ity but through courage selfdenial or the wonderful power of faith
j George J Kelly in his travels through northwest Canada was
j impressed with the railroad development and he brought back with
t him several maps which at a glance might be mistaken for maps of
t I the railroads of tho United
i States so numerous are the markings of
1 railroad development
I I Mr Kelly went north from Ogden to Great Falls Montana and
I I crossed the boundary to Lethbridge continuing north to Calgary
1 and on to Edmonton from which point he drove by team 76 miles
J still further north into tho country drained by the Saskatchewan
a navigable stream
I i That far northern country is one of great possibilities for the
man of constitution who is to be
willing a pioneer and endure the
hardships incident to the making of a new empire The lands are
fertile and range cattle grow sleek
In winter the mercury slides down to 30
I and 40 below zero but
the I
altitude is not more than
2000 feet which
accounts for the I
l absence of blizzards
such as the
sweep country nearer the boundary
f of the United States
Mr Kelly found the Canadians
a most progressive people and
l in some things further advanced
f than the Americans Of this he
f was in a minor way impressed when
he asked the time of day and
t J was informed it was 13 oclock The day is measured by the 24
furs beginning at midnight
and instead of writing oclock the
Canadian with brevity simply writes 7T
the letter
f clock standing for
They play baseball in the Northwest but the
games do not start
t until JL 30 P m > owing to the long ev enings At 22 ° clock or 10 p m
f a newspaper can be road in the bright twilight
i Sections of townships
are numbered beginning at the south
cost corner instead of in the northeast
corner and at the northeast
corner an iron post is placed with all
survey markings so that
l the least
can find vLoutThf
piece of
any land without the aid of a
I surveyor A highway is sot aside along all section lines so that a
er obtains
I a full
acreage and is not forced to cut
u his
up s tract
wIth roads and the
i public domain
I n cannot be fenced off by cattle
buying n StriP of land
as haS been
TnStriP dona so often in the
I k The
I towns own their public Utilities PT
I plants power
There are more railroads
building and projected across the
provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta from east to west than there
1 are now transcontinental lines in the United
I States and ono of these
roads is the Canadian Northern
is 100 miles north of the
j Grand Trunk the road that every one a few years ago imagined
j i was building through icebergs and glaciers but which traverses one i
o w1 of the most inviting prairie regions of the world
v Many of us in our selfcomplacency have been overlooking the
advancement of other lands Of this we are reminded by the stories
of Canadian Northwest development which returning Ogdonites
r I s bring back
Made a Big Difference
i Senator Aldrich of Rhode Island
rarely tells a story but tho position
of tho Insurgent Republican sonators
In finally voting for somo of tho ad
ministration bills and their attitude 1
toward the regulars when so doing
reminded hIm of a thin hatchet I
faced woman ho saw once in a street I
car In Provldonco
i Sho stood In tho rear doorway of
the car and refused to move up al I
though several times asked to do
I eo by the conductor
Movo up madam movo up the
conductor shouted pushing her ahead
i I shan do It sho said I shant
I l movo a peg
I Moo up instated the conductor
I Plenty of room In live middle of the
f car
I shant do It said tho woman
I I clinging to her strap
i I II Just then a man ran across tho
I + track miNot of tho car and tho
motorman put on his brakes hard
t1 r Tho car stopped very suddenly The
1 I woman was pulled from her strap and
sent skittering up to the front end
t I where sho banged against the door
From that position sho glared back at
I tho conductor and shouted
i Well Im hero but you didnt
I I make mo cornel Philadelphia Sat
urday Evening Pont
Empty Titles
I William Jennings Bryan once Joked
t about our American fondness for tl
1 tloa
tloa1ou all know of tho Colonol ho
said who got his title by Inherit
once having married Colonel Browns
r r
r widow But I once met a General
who got his title neither by Inherit
ance nor by service nor by any
thing you could mention
General I said to him how do
you come by this Mlle of yours any
Why sir said he I passed m
outh in the flour trade and for
twentyseven years was a general
miller 3
I know another titled man Judge
G reone
Aro you air I once asked him
a United States Judge or a circuit
court Judge
I aint neither ho replied Im
a Judgo of boss racla Washing
ton Star
What She Adored
In Ijer trim little bathing suit she
sat on tho white sand
I adore Intelligence she cried
So do I said ho All the same
though boauty and Intellect never go
And do yo ulhink mo intellect
ual she faltered
No he confessed frankly
With a faint flush sbo murmured
Flatterer Exchange
John did you take tho note to
Mr Jones 7
Yes but I dont think ho can road
Why so John
Because ho Is blind sir While
I wur In tho room ho asked mo twlct
jvh ro ITU hatwur and It wur on my
head all tho time Housekeeper
Sport and Coin
Why didnt you got up boforo tho
referee counted ten asked the die
appointed backer
I was a little confused confess
ed tbo vanquished pugilist I
thought ho was counting up the gate
receipts and I was listening for big
ger figures Washington Star
The Sympathetic Chanticleer
Little Eleanor who was very fond
of chickens stood crying over a
dead rooster Thinking that some
thing good ought ti be sntdshe re
marked belwccn her sobs
He was always so glad when one
of the hens laid an eggTho De
vided with lllllo more than an opin
ion as to the head of the ticket and
facing a reasonable certainty of a
fight over the platform all but two
of tho party leaders and a good half
of the delegates are already gathered
hero for tho Ohio Republican conven
tion which opens Tuesday afternoon
James R Garfield head of the pr >
groMivea and Walter Brown lead
er of tho Toledo delegation are still
Senators Burton and Dick however
with George B Cox of Cincinnati
Wade Ellis chairman of tho atato
executive committee Carl Thompson
secretary of slnlo and one of the can
dldalcs for governor and other lead
ers woro In conference with their
followers all day As to tho gov
ernorship Senator Burton voiced the
general opinion today when he gala
that tho contest was anybodys flght
He added that It was probable that
he would take no part In the flght
Warren 0 Harding who arrived to
night gave out a statement in which
he doclared that ho was tho candi
date of no eminent Individual and of
no faction
I recognize he addod that sev
eral socalled leaders aro for any
body else
Wade H Ellla chairman of the
stale execuUvo commlltco told to
night what ho believed should be In
corporated In the platform He says
that It should contain nn unqualified
endorsement of President Taft and
Us administration and that It should
approve the Payno bill not because It
Is perfect but because It removes ex
cessive duties under the Dingier
The active candidates for governor
are Judge Brown Warren G Hard
Ing of Marlon former lieutenant gov
ernor and Carl Thompson secretary
of stale In addition to these It is
believed that James R Garfield will
bo placed In nomination providing the
platform adopted Is sufficiently prog
The name of Nicholas Longworth
Is prominently mentioned as a com
promise candidate He will deliver
tho keynote speech Tuesday after I
i noon and It Is pointed out that a suc
cessful effort would bo to bring him
I to the fore In case of deadlock Tho I
Cuyahoga county Cleveland delega
tion the largest In the oonvenUon
has tentatively discussed the namo of
Granville W Mooney speaker of the
lower house In tho legislature as a
PresIdent Taft Is once more on the
water He left Ellsworth this after
noon after his visit to Senator Hale
and wont by special train to Mount
Desert today where he boarded the
Mayflower which headed for Bar Har
bor and tho sea The course from
hero lies southward and a slow run
will take the president to Islesboro
where he is duo to land at 30 oclock
tomorrow morning Mr Tafts strain
ed ankle after a night In compresses
was Improved today and his limp
seemed less painful than on yester
day All danger of serious conse
quences from the Injury appear to
have passed and while the president
may have to give up golf for a few
days the plans for the remainder of
the cruise which ends next Thurs
day afternoon at Beverly will not
otherwise bo Interfered with At
Ellsworth the president and tho en
tire party attended services at tho
Congregational church
Just before leaving Ellsworth tho
president was driven to Mrs Holes
camp at Branch Pond for a plato of
oldfashioned New England clam
The sail from Bar Harbor to Rock
land and Isleboro covers ono of the
prettiest stretches on the Maine coast
lands dot the water nearly all the
wayChief of Police Drummey of Ella
worth was busy late last night and
today recording complaints from the
townspeople of losses of pocketbooks
watches and other articles of Jewelry
It seems that a band of pickpockets
four men and a woman arrived at
Ellsworth Just before the president
got there and plied their trade with I
unusual success The crowds which
thronged to Hear the president speak
and which pushed eagerly forward to
shako his hand when the reception
began was tho special object of at
When the hall was cleared out
throe leather wallets stripped of man
e and papers were found on the
floor It Is estimated thieves got
away with several hundred dollars In
tho aggregate although the Individ
ual losses did not go above UfiO
Among tho victims wore a number
of farmers who had driven many
miles Into the city to sec and hear
tho president
Leaving Ellsworth tho president
seemed In the best of spirits and de
clared his anklo was getting bettor
all the Umo
PITTSBURG July JtSonn peo
pie mot death by drowning In differ
ent parts of Western Pennsylvania to
day Two deaths were charged also
to be due partly to tho heat and ono
suicide Tho weather bureau prom
ises no early relief from tho almost
lUbearablo weather
passenger trains to and from South
Bend were canceled tonight the burn
Ing of freight cars and the stalling
of another freight train In the west
yards causing the Grand Trunk to
close oil operations In this vicinity
JThe dark cloud of Occidentals had
no silver lining for Dad Glmlln yes
terday afternoon at the Fair Ground
and Ogdons chancxr to lash Itself to
second place nn the league ladder
went glimmering The dusty horde
from Snit Lake City swooped clown
upon the local players and carried off
Ogdens scalp by a scoro of G to 4
They are now resting jubilantly on
tho second rung of tho Udder while
the Lobsters have backed down to
third position
The game broke away with a dash
the dark ones making a trio of cir i
cles on their score sheet without In
terjections Taylor the first Ogden
man up was given his base on wild
flings Wessler bit lightly yet safe
and hold down first A safe wallop
by Ramshaw brought In Taylor and
left Wcssler perched on third Glm
lin then camo into possession of the
stick and drove a long ono to rlghL
Ilamshaw and Wossler scored and
Dad reached third This finished Og
dens scoring In this frame as tho
savages closed In their lInes and the
next three batten woro slaughtered
without a chance at life
The Occidentals opened tho second
Inning with a threebase hit to left
by Langley who came homo when
the man following him hit a fumbler
to third Tho third man up went to
first on a passed third strike but
vas put out when he attempted to
steal second Robinson dropped one
In a desolate corner of right field
bringing in a score from third Cans
the heavyweight coal comploxlonol
right fielder wafted the air but
Mooney of more lanky proportions
drove one along the ground to right
and Robinson who had reached third
by a steal chalked up another tally
tlelng the score The side was re
tired without any moro business at
the home plato
Dad Glmlln and Murphy each made
phenomenal catches In the sixth Rob
iieon tho Occidental second base
man pulled down a lofty drive with
one hand In tho fourth which moved
tho shaded grandstand to applause
Throughout the game there were a
number of boneheaded plays on tho
part of Ogden players that were ex
tremely costly and which many fans
say were paid for with tho game Tho
homo team attempted a rally In tho
eighth when Ramshaw hit an elong
ated drive to center for two sacks
Gimlin followed In his footsteps and
pushed the sphoro to right allow
ing Ramshaw to score Dad reached
third and could have made his headquarters
quarters at that sack but tho coacher
urged him homeward and ho was
napped at the rubber Tho next two
batters went out and the game fin
ished tamely as neither team showed
any Inclination to scoro In the ninth
Following Is the score by Innings
Ogden 3000000 1
Occidentals 03100010 05
Saturdays Game
Saturday afternoon on the diamond
at the Fair grounds tho Ogden team
put another ono over on the Salt
Lake players In grand stylo There
was no time In the game that the
Saints had a show with the locals
and Jt looked probable up to the sev
enth Inning that It would be another
shutout against tho Salt Lake team
Lumley though for the homo team
did a lltlc rough work In the seventh
and from then until the finish of the
game the score stood 3 to J
An Immense crowd of Ogden
ball fans Including a big percentage of
feminine admirers of tho game was
in attendance and the good playswere
vigorously applauded The boys from
the Industrial School were guests of
the local management and the little
fellows enjoyed the courtesy to the
utmost following the game with ex
pert attention and giving vent to their
excitement In no uncertain terms
Excellent Work by Both Teams
It was really a good gamo and both
teams did excellent work at times
There were a number of sensational
plays not tho least of which occurred
in the latter half of the ninth inning
Salt Lake had mon on bases and a hot
drive was let loose toward second
base It looked like a safe hit and
money that Salt Lake would not tlo
the score went begging for a moment
The crowd had not reckoned with
flake however and to the surprise
of all the crack Ogden short atop gath
ered It in ranking a double play by
throwing to second and tho baseman
then getting It over to first In tlmo
to put Iho batter out
This play retired tho side and ended
the game
Wesslers Play
Another spectacular play was Wess
leru catch of a hot liner oft st > a
base A better stop has not been
made hero this season and the base
man Improved tho opportunity still
more by making a double play
Taylor was the star of the day
through his repeated success at steal
ing bases He stole three in a sen
sational manner sliding to safely
each time as If he were on the pro
verbial greased rollers Salt Lakes
good plays were In the minority a fine
twobagger by Good in the last half
of the sixth being tho most spectacu
lar of tho afternoon
With yesterdays game Ogden ties
with the Occidentals for second place
In the league Murray remaining at
first place with Salt Lake near tho
bottom of the page
The Jury in tho case of the State
against Michael Ryan charged with
robbery Saturday afternoon filed into
court and rendered a verdict of not
guilty The circumstances connect
ed with the alleged crime were hard
against the defendant but Mr Paine
the one who was the victim of tho at
tempted holdup could not positively
Identify Ryan ns the man who com
mitted the crime
On the night of the Jib of October
1909 Joseph J PaIne was about to en
ter tho gate of his residence at 120
Twentyalxth street when a man sud
denly sprang from behind a tree
flashed a revolver In his face and
commanded him to throw up his
hands Instead of complying with tho
1 demand Pain grappled with the
highwayman The latter broko away
I and ran Paine firing a shot at him as
h fled In the tussle tho highway
man lost his hat and this was picked
up by Paine and turned over to the
Use Hat as a Clue
With tho hat as a clue tho city olll
ecru began thoJr search for the assail
ant In a saloon In the downtown
district tho police found Ryan Ryan
vas hatless and his general appear
ance showed signs of a recent scuttle
as his face was bruised and his
clothes disheveled When tho hat
was shown tho suapoctud man he at
onco claimed It as his own although
he stated that he had lost It Just out
side of the saloon In a fight with an
other saloon frequenter
Ryan was placed under arcest Tho
next morning when charged with tho
attempted holdup ho denied all
knowledge of It When confronted
with the evidence of the lost hat
Ryan denied that tho head gear wn
really his own Ho stated that being
hatless at tbo Umo the officer showed
him the hat he merely claimed It for
the sake of expedience
Jury Shakes Ryans Hand
For eleven months Ryan has stuck
unswervingly to this story Tho
police and tho municipal court re
fused to give It credence believing
such a coincidence as would bo neces
sary to make his story true happens
only In books of fiction The Jurors
In tho district court woro of a differ
ent turn of mind and after deliberat
ing for about three hours thoy re
turned a verdict of not guilty After
the Jurors wore dismissed they fur
ther averred their belief In the pris
oners Innocence by going down Into
the Jail corridor and shaking Ryans
hand With tears streaming down his
cheeks the exonerated man returned
their greeting and expressed his grati
Strikers attempted to derail east
bound passenger train No S this aft
ernoon at Olivers the first station
at which Grand Trunk eastbound
trains slop In passing through South
Bend The engineer of the train no
ticed the turned switch signal In time
to atop his train and thereby prob
ably prevented Injury If not loss of
I Ufe to the passengers
Rioting In the local yards began
last night and has been spasmodic to
day One man J Freol of this city
was wounded seriously by John Peck
of Battle Creek Mich an employe
of a private detective agency assist
ing tho railroad
Four others were arrested
Late In tho afternoon a mob burned
two cabooses and attempted to de
stroy several freight cars but the
arrival of the police and tho fire de
l partment resulted In dispersal of the
MONTREAL Quo July 24The
attempts of Mackenzie King to effect
n settlement of the Grand Trunk
strike have fallen through at least for
tho present the Grand Trunk manage
ment taking the view that the time
for arbitration has passed and all
the company requires to secure the
full operation of tho road IB tho pro
leclion for Ha new men to which It Is
legally entitled The message con
veying this Information to Mr King
was sent today and rend
Your message of the 23rd received
While ns you know of the many con
ferences urging your action before
the strike took place and from our
offer repeatedly urged upon the com
mittee we wore desirous of arbitration
and so avoiding the existing trouble
time for such action has now passed
and It Is only necessary that we
should have the protection to which
we are entitled to enable us to re
sume the full operation of the road
Coupled with this announcement of
the company that the time ban passed
for arbitration comes the statement
that on Monday the shops of the en
tiro system will be rcopenod that
Instruction will he Issued to agents
once more to take freight and that
way freights will be put on and the
manifest freight service Increased In
addition to this H Is announced by
officials that some of the summer
employes who went out on Monday
I last are reporting for work
The answer of Vice President to
i this Is
We are perfectly satisfied with the
way things ore going and If Ills to be
a fight to a finish I do not know what
I could suggest as Improvements under
existing conditions from our point of
view As matters stand the traveling
public If bolus fairly well taken of
while freight Is tied up The report
of A Kennedy of the endncers
brotherhood to us is that only ten per
cent of the Grand Trunk engineers
are on their regular runs the remain
ing 90 per cent being Idle
Despite Mr Murdocks assurance
misgivings are beginning to develop
among the men who see the positions
they once held threatened the pro
press the railroad Is making This was
shown at tho meeting of the mon to
day and the suggestion was plainly
mado to the leaders that action was
necessary to hold the strikers to
TOKIO July HThc Totsure Ma
ru plying between Kobe and Dalren
sunk last night off Chindo Korea
The steamer had 246 passengers
aboard of whom forty were saved The
others aro missing Warships have
been sent to the rescue
Direct reports from Chlndo state
that two of the Totsurols life boot
landed forty passengers who tell of
harrowing scenos when tine befogged
vessel struck Six life boats were
launched and filled with passengers
There wasno panic and everything
was carried off in the most orderly
The captain and a majority of tho
crew were unable to leave the stoam
er Six firstclass passengers wero
saved including W Cunningham the
British consul at Osaka as well as
thirteen second class passengers
Ono hundred and five thirdclass
passengers and 59 soldier were taken
off In boats and thero Is reason to
believe that these boats either > y reached
land or wer picked up by the war
ships >
BOISE Idaho July tArtor a
course of severe quasUonlng Chlof of
Detective J J Jones of tho Oregon
Short Une railway today decided to
leave Bud Rogers self confessed
train robber who claims to belong to
tho Inn that hold up an Oregon Short
Line passenger train several miles
north of Ogden Juno 27 In tho county
Jail hero pending further Investiga
tion of tbo mans story
Jonas left for Ogden tonight for the
purpose of running down a number
of clews In connection with Rogers
story Rogers told tho detective that
after the robbery ho and Captain
Mac loader of tho gang rodo south
along the railroad on bicycles with
rail attachments and that just outside
of the city they left the track and wont
eastward to an Ice houso where they
hid their bicycle and thof attach
ments Rogers further Implicated him
self In various crimes Including tho
robbory of a bank safe in Post Falls
Idaho tho robbery of a dopot in Se
attle at tho Umo of the exposition
and tho roldup of a passenger train
at Rathdrum Idaho in 190S
Detective Jones picked parts of his
confession to piece but Rogers told
the authorities certain details that
Impel them to believe ho has Borne
knowledge of the crimes Jono says
that Rogers may bo Insane
Via Oregon Short Lino August 4th
final return limit Sopt 16th For
berth reservations and full Informa
tion call at City Ticket office 2514
Washington Ave
An Insurance man who occupies
rooms In the Utah National Bank
building was tho first victim Coming
down from his office about nine
oclock he bent over his wheel to
unlock the chain and on straighten
ing up he found himself looking In
to the muzzle of a revolver Tho high
wayman warned him to be quiet and
a second man then went through his
pockets securing 9 In currency Tho
victim followed tho two mon to Wall
avenue In the hope of finding a police
man and upon leaving the trail to so
euro one lost sight of the men
The Second Crime
The second incident occurred about
1130 when a colored man by tho
name of Will Clark was held up in
the interior of a block on Twenty
fourth street between Lincoln and
Wall avenues After relieving him of
his valuables the men wrom Clark
recognized as Cherokee Indians warn
ed him to make tracks Clark hap
pened to be directly In front of his
house and rushing In he procured a
revolver and fired after Ute retreat
ing highwaymen >
The Third Case
Shortly after the Clark Incident
n young man rushed up to Patrolman
Herrick and stated that ho had been
held up by a man near Twentythird
street and Grant avenue He had
snatched the gun from tho mans
hand and as the latter turned to run
he had pulled the trigger and found
that the weapon was unloaded
The Fourth One
The fourth incident was tho case I
of a man who refused to give his I
name but stated that he had been
grabbed by two colored women while
passing down Grant avenue between
Twentyfourth and Twentyfifth streets
and while one of them enfolded him
fondly to her ample bosom the other
went through his pockets taking
a small amount of cash
County Commissioner John Bybee
narrowly escaped serious Injury Sat
urday night while driving bin buggy
along Washington avenue near Twon
tyseventh street His rig was run
Into by a reckless driver and Mr By
bee was thrown violently to tho
ground When picked up tho commis
sioner was unconscious and It was
thought by those who hurried to the
scone that he had been killed
Both rigs were considerably dam
aged and Mr Tlybco was found to bo
suffering with a severe cut on the
head Dr Morrell was called to at
tend him The man who caused the
mixup was arrested and locked up on
tho charge of drunkenness He gave
the name of J E Shipley
Democrats of Nebraska will hold their
platform convention In this city Tues
day and It promises to bo of greater
Interest than any gathering of tho
kind held In this state for many years
That there will me a contest to se
cure a county option plank in tho plat
form Is admitted by ovary loader In
the Democratic state organization An
that the contest will be carried on be
tween leaders who heretofore have
agreed In every way on whnt Demo
cratic platform should contain Will
lam J Bryan for the first time since
he took up tho leadership of tho Dem
ocratic party will be opposed by for
mer associates within his own state
Tho fight for and against county op
don has become an opon ono Mr
Bryan and his friends are actively
engaged In an attempt to secure a
county option plank while Congress
man Hitchcock of Omaha and Mayor
James C Dahlraan also of hat city
supported by Governor Shallonborgor
are equally active In an effort to so
Cure a declaration against such a plan
Tho situation Is considered an un
usnal ono because the mon who at
present are most active opposing Mr
Bryan wero formerly his strongest
supporters This condition considered
with tho fact that tho campaign for
tho selection of a state ticket and the I
recommending of a candidate for
United Stales senator Imfi taken on I
ran different angles has given Im
petus to tho political struggle In Ne I
braska seldom If ever before witness
ed Congressman Hitchcock has been
for several months an avowed candi
date for United States senator and has j
been organizing his forces throughout
tho state with a view to securing tho Ii
support of tho rank and file of his
party Ho has slaled his position a
being opposed to county option until
tho people 9f the Mate under an Intl
atlro and referendum law hall do
I nN specifically for It
< Them Is little doubt that the and
oounty option man will present such
a plank and that It will bo heartily
and his friends
opposed by MrBryan rondl
Mr Bryan has always been glvou a
place on the resolutions committee
and his policies have always prevailed
when he attended state conventions
in tho writing of platforms That no
will be accorded tho name courtesy
wi 0 nccored
of appointment nt Tuesdays conven
lion Is generally admitted h
It IR believed there will bo an over
whelming majority opposed to him on
th question of county option 1 Is
BOW apparent that ho will carry tho
fight to tho floor of the convention
and there make a plea for a straight
county option plank Six hundred of
the eight hundred delegates t the
convention are either InBfniriod 01
aro known to bo opposed to such n
plank and extreme Interest centers on
what effect Mr Bryan speech on tho
convention floor will have on tho ma
Richard K Metcalfo associated with
Mr Bryan In tho publication of the
hatters paper announced hn candi
dacy for United Slates senator al tho
last moment In opposition to Con
gressman Hitchcock He has received
tho unqualified endorsement of Mr
Brynn who expresses the belief that
Motcalfo can poll moro votes than
other Democrats himself not excepted
Bryan and Motcalfo wore formerly
splayed by Mr HItchcock All three
have ben closely associated In the
political world until now and by many
Democrat leaders It Is believed tbo
coming state convention will mark
the parting of the ways
There atlll remains In Nebraska n
considerable number of Democrats
who called themselves the gold
the 11 and l
wing of party years ago
who have never become reconciled to
Mr Bryans leadership
These men have become strong par
tisans with the leaders who aro op
posing Mr Bryan at tills Umo and
have made the cause of Congressman
Hitchcock and his political associates
their own They openly declare that
tho time has como when Mr Bryan
should step down and out an leader
of his party and arc directing thou
efforts to that end
Three candidates aro making t
fight for the gubernatorial nomina I
tion Thoy aro Governor Shallenbor
got Mayor Dablman of Omaha and I
W R Patrick of South Omaha a
irombcr of the last legislature Pat
rick Is tho Bryan candidate Gov I
ernor Shallonborgor Is making hit
campaign on his two years record h
office and Mayor Dahl man whc I
stands squarely for personal liberty
Is making a particularly strong fish
against county option The primaries I
occur August 2 a voek after tho con
ventlon Another Important state Issue
venton Anoter
sue Is Ito question of capital removal I
There Is n somewhat general feellni j
that the stale capital should bo lo j
sated at a point near tho center o 1
tho state and Mr Dahlman has do I
Glared himself openly as favorlm I
such action a will take the oxecu <
the offices away from Lincoln Thli i
proposition of course Is strongly op j
posed by Iho people of Lincoln ant i
by many county option advocates wh j
assert that It Is an attempt to pun
ish Lincoln and Lancaster county be
cause Lincoln has been dry for
years A bill was Introduced In lh
last legislature providing for capita <
removal but It was pigeonholed I
rho city of Grand Island Is an ac
tive candidate for tho location of tht
capital Kearney and Hastings have j
also been named as possibilities for
capital sites
An entire now state committee will
bo named which will have charge ol
tho active campaign t be waged for r
four months following tho primary
Two negroes claiming to bo man
and wife were arrested on police
man Martin Inst evening on Twenty
fifth street on Information furnished I
by the young man who was attacked
and robbed I
by two colored women
Saturday night
According to the young mans story
the woman IK tho ono who assisted
her companion In going through his
jiockcts He claims also that she Is
Iho one whom he seized after they
had released their hole upon him
and that tho man who was arrested
i with her IB the one who forced LQ
to let go his hold
Both prisoners deny being implicat
ed In the matter and the police are
doubtful that they are the ones want
ed for the crime
A suspicious character giving tho
name of Tony Westfall was arrested
jestorday In the railroad yards and
taken to the city Jail for Investiga
tion Tho man IB a Cherokee Indian
When searched at the station a
huge 45calIbcr revolver was found on
his porson together with a pocket full
of cartridges When asked his rea J
son for carrying so deadly a weapon
Westfall Hald that ho had purchased
It a few days ago for 450 and oaf
intending to do some target practice
with It In fact ho was starting OB
such an expedition when taken into
0 0
o 0
O SAVANNAH Ga July 24A 0
O message via the United State Q
O wireless to this port from the 0
Momun reads 0
O steamship today
O Flro extinguished at 3215 0
O oclock this afternoon Full 0
O speed for New Orleans

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