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ii I
Ii rr <
i I Now They Are v
Harvesting the
H Ii1 Grains We Use 4
ti Right now the farmers of this county
are harvesting the grain which will be
used in the making of Beckers Beer
Qjj t during the latter part of this and the first
part of next year
x All of Utah produces good grain Thrils why
the eastern brewers like to cull their makes
Ltah Brcwbut there are parts of Utah that i
U i product PERFECT GRAINand since we are
here to see to it i wo snap up that best grain
1 r t
I before it is harvested And thats just one of f
the ways in Avhich we make better boor than
rdtul xw they make in the East or the West
f L
Theres no two ways about it If better grain
makes better beer and if we are Iwntr ling tho
L grain produce here the conclusion must be that S
I we make the best hour
+ j f I
t P IS s a + F a f Theres only one good way to be convinced y
have n east sent to the house try it when the
7 1 bottle is Kc cold
I1I1LS n
Ci f y Y v
I 1
Additional details on the death of
i George A Croft tho telephone liue
I nian who was accidentally electrocut
ed Saturday afternoon on Twenty
fourth street between Adams aud
I Jefferson avenue are to the effect
that Ute heavy food wire of the Utah
Light and Power company with which
lu came In contact carried a voltage
of at least 23000 volts
Croft wns working with a young
I wan by tho name of Folkman at thu
tune an the latter states that Croft I
was working at the top of a pole and i
t was engaged In connecting some I
Irs when the one ho wan holding
came In contact with the heavy food I
v Ire
I IroWith I
With a smothered cry of Oh my
I Gad Croft foil forward lifeless on I
1 tt tau wires before him He was
I I > r bdbl > killed Instantly by the heavy I I
r voltage which was carried Into his
hOlly by date smaller wire i
Folkman descended to the ground i
Immediately and telephoned for Url
I O good The latter arrived I a few j
t moments later and with the aid of I
Folkman William Dick and others
the body was taken from Its position
on the wires and lowered to th 1
I ground Dr Osgood made a careful
I examination of the body and stated
i that death had probably been instan
t taneous
After the removal of the body to
the undertaking rooms of Larkin
j Sens County Attorney Jensen and
II Clerk pulton of the Municipal Court
I viewed the body and a coronors jury r
consisting of W L BushwcJl Hyrum
Shupo and Alma Rogers was Impan
+ llod After some deliberation the
fiqucst was continued until Tuesday I
There was but one visible mark on
Crofts body caused by the deadly I
I i urrent that being on the right I
i Mr Croft had been working for Ihe
t mucky Mountain Hell Telephone com
pany for a number of years and was
I one of the oldest and most reliable
1 men employed by the company Ho I
I was A9 years of age and was very
I vvldel > known h Ogden having resid
ed her for about twenty years lie
was a member of the Electrical Work
er Union and was a brotherinlaw
of Patrolman Russell of the local
pullco department
Mr Croft leaves a wife and five
children four boys and one girl an I
IF survived by a mother and several i
brothers and sisters Mrs Crofts I
brother Dr Samuel J Russell of
Chicago was telegraphed immediately
after the accident Saturday and an
nwered that he would be unable to
attend the funeral
The funeral will be held at 2
oclock Tuesday afternoon at the I
First Ward meeting house Bishop I
W 0 Ridges will conduct the services
and the electrical workers and tele I
phone linemen of Ogden will attend I
111 a body
The body may be viewed at the fu
neral chapel of Larkin C Sons this I
evening after which It will be re
moved to the lamlly residence 739 j
Thirtieth street where It may be i
viewed Tuesday from 10 oclock un
til 1
u I
I Bids will be received to be opened I
August 20th 1910 at 2 oclock p m
I at the office of the undersigned
Poard of Trade building Salt Lake I
City Utah for the furnishing of SOO I
000 pounds first quality oats and SOD I
I tons straight timothy hay delivery to
be made at regular Intervals during
period of one year from award of con
tract In submitting bids on above
material state price f u b Salt Lake
City giving full particulars as to
quality of materials to be furnished
The undersigned reserves the right to
reject any or all bids
Box uSS Salt Lake City Utah
Manager Joseph Bailey of the Og
den Rapid Transit company slated last
evening that the first of the big in
I torurban cars purchased for the Brig
I ham City extension has arrived and is
i being tuned up for use
j The cur Is 4G feet in length and will
accommodate IS people with seats
The latter are finished in rattan and
I the Interior of the car is of white
i ash The exterior Is painted a deep
I lmllmal1 green and everything is hand
a S
I sal r
0 I
dtt + AL +
never gets tired of putting his surplus cash in the r
bank rt gularly r
1 e That is why he is so successful in accumulat
ing money
You are rordially inyi led lo open nn account
with us
4 Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings Accounts
r Capital Stock iou 000 00 I
Surplus and Profits 10000000 t I
V t I
I < < > 1 I
I t Machines i
l See Our W o 1mdow D spftay
I r I GeoA Lowe Co i
i 23262328 WasMnqtom Ave II
I j r = L > r Y = >
lr i I r I
somcly decorated noel arranged The
I roof Is of the steam coach style
Tho principal feature of the now car
I Is the finelyappointed smoking apart
ment at one end There Is also a re
I tiring saloon located midway in the
j carThe car Is valued at 7000 includ
I Ins electric equipment The car Is
equipped with four 50horsepower mo
tors of the latest pattern Three more
cars identical with the one already
received are now being built at the
Sl Louis car works and will be re
ceived at an early date
Having taken the contract for re
moving all the buildings on Hudson
avenue 1 will sell all the brick old
lumber glass glass doors plumbing
material or anything in connection
with the condemned buildings Will
sell all or any part of n building
Phone 3700D and or 1552 Bell or
call on the nndQrslgnpd at the works
A dispatch last oveimlg from Dr
Carl Snodgrass who Is making an au
tomobile trip from uncle hid to
Ogden In company with his wife
stated that the physician and
his wife reached Omaha Satur
day morning where they were
joined by Mrs W H Moblcy of Og
den wife of the assistant manager of
the Pioneer Fruit company Mrs
Moblcy will continue the trip with
them from Omaha to Ogden
Dr Snodgrass stated that they
were averaging 220 miles a day and
had been entirely freo from accidents
or breakdowns of any description
They had experienced no tiro trou
bles and In fact had not had a wrench
m the machine since beginning the
tour Mrs Mobley and Mrs Snod
grass were reported to he having a
fine time thp doctor Inferring that he
was doing most of the work
Tho funeral of Wilhelmina Christen
sen was held yesterday afternoon at
330 at tho Hun ts11 Ie meeting
house Bishop John Hall conducted
the services which were largely at
The speakers were A J Anderson
Jons Neilson and Patriarch David
McKay each of whom eulogized the
deceased and dwelt on the love and
esteem in which she was held by
her many friends
Special musjc
was furnished
bv the
Huntsvllle ward choir Interment
was In the
Huntsvllle cemetery
Washington inly 25Onions and
other vegetable arc perishable
while macaroni Is not according to a
decision ° f the treasury departmenL
The decision
was made to aid Col
lector of Customs Loob at New York
who was wrestling wltn tho question
of allowance for damages to decayeo
vegetables and decayed macaroni I
some of thq latter having been dam
aged by the sea water at New York
and condemned by tho board of I
A force of 35 men loft hero today In
automobile to fight a forost fire
which Is raging on Stovo prairie at
thp head of Buckhorn and Bedstone
Creeks 20 miles west of hero t
Fire on the Mountain A sagebrush
mountain fire In he vicinity of the
Sanitarium attracted the attention of
a multitude last evening The fire
crept close to
the repair house on
the plpi line but did little damage
before it had burnod Itself out There
was a similar fire in tho lame neigh
borhood Saturday night which also
attracted a number of canyon visitors
who gathered on tho road below and
watched the sight for several hours
J t r1
PR fiR NI t
Reverend Noble Strong Elderkln
delivered his valedictory v at the Con
gregational church last evening be
fall a very large congregation Pre
ceding the reading of the farewell edi
torial the following musical nembcrs
were rendered Solos by Mrs
Thnanum Miea Holberg Miss Gun
nell and A R white and a trio by
Misses Hondorxhot Gunnoll and IIol
The editorial Pas as follows
You may fancy that I march up
to this point In my career with con
siderable eagerness The past weight
ed with the memory of rather rough
traveling over partially unblazed
trails Is receding ami n futuro radi
antly bright looms Into view The
church to which I go is rich In his
torte heritage and richer still In the
burning desire to stamp the coming
day with the Impress of Its superb
Christian ideals
And yet I do not go eagerly For
here In Ogden my three babies wore
born Here was my first church
Here I touched the hands of hun
dreds of cloanllvod clearvlsloned
young men and women for whoso
earnestness and enthusiasm the
world Is patiently waiting Their
high standards have boon to me a
source of constant encouragement
The new age has nothing to fear If
all Its leaders are to bo fashioned in
their mould I hope the years will
not rob me of their names or of the
happy memory of our association to
Here too In the midst of ceaseless
struggle for what 1 thought was right
and best I caught the light that shone
In the eyes of mon and women who
had seen tho vision find had breathed
the air of the newer worldnow
truly Gods and more justly mans
those who dreamed of bringing moral
order out of disconsolate chaos
Hero from week to week I have
had the rarest of fellowship with my
brother ministers We have differed
In many ways But we were all
struggling to make men understand
the royal privilege of service That
has bound us together And In this
church I have found life that was
life Indeed life that would be
strength and hope to even worthy
Tonight I am standing in this pul
pit for the last time The years have
slipped away all too swiftly Perhaps
1 have made my message sufficiently
plain Yet there are some things I
want to say In this closing editorial
My chief work in these five years
has not been that of an agitator or
a reformer In xpUu of my reputation
My chief contention has been that re
ligion is something real something
that vitalizes life something which
inspirits something which makes
men hate evil as well as love good
something which rives mankind a
vision of the better world
The better world In the vision Is
free from all thuUmars and weakens
human life Thi ipresent world then
in order to become the better world
must be rid of Die institutions which
mar and weakcnuhuman life So It
is one comes ton program Involving
hitler antagonism to all weakening In
stitutions There aro some things
honest men cannot hand down lo suc
ceeding generations
I have no quarrel with other denom
nations save agl they exalt the lesser
to the greater place To teach the In
dhidual that his own souls welfare
or his own bodys welfare Is of para
mount importance is to mo thin
rent cirme of modern paganize
Christianity All the philosophies
that have had their day and ceased
to he lingered on that unholy ground
We have no right to sacrifice Chris
tianity to that ideal
I have not sought to justify the sins
of society but to reprove them I
have tried to say that upheaval can
not come with platitude that conven
tional Christianity was only pretty to
look at that the liberalism which Is
mostly a matter of wordy boasting
Is as bad as the orthodoxy which
does the same thing that the temper
ature of onos enlhuslasm need not
be taken every ten minutes
I have Insisted that in the last
analysis manhood alone counts that
life was more than a drinking bout I
that no man has a right to fritter It
away I
I have pleaded for a new frontage
toward man and toward the universe I I
and toward God I have stressed the I
supreme things of lifeGod Christ
hope love service righteousness jus
tice I have emphasised the oppor
tunities of the privileged and have
tried to make those who had the abil
ity and the slrcngth want to serve
with their ability and strength I
nave tried to point out the path which
shall lead more and more unto the
lerlect day
1 have endeavored to tell men they
must be forever searching their souls
that it is no great thing to say we
have come to minister unless we
have something to minister
I have earnestly pleaded with men
not to offer their Integrity or their
honesty or their morality in the open
market not to sacrifice courage and
independence for gain of money
I have protested that we were to
irould the times and not the times us
There is a warrior spirit In the
Kingdom of God There Is an heroic
aspect to the Christian life It has
been purpose to exalt them
We cannot thank God for what I
makes life easy and comfortable but
we do thank Him for what makes It I
difficult and great
The world slands most In need of I
high hope and a deeper longing after
the things of God
A church man has no right to he an
Idler or a mere moneysetter Ho
Mted ltJljd
Get the
Original ana Genuine
Al E 4IgL t
fftfou JJnfationd
11 G aU G 3
TheFoodDriiikfor All Ages
Not In any BSiSk Trust
Take a pnckugo home
to be a guide a liberator a friend
not of tho oppretnor but of the OH
prosHod rite banner of the modern
Christian must bear the strange de
vico I am among you as one that
I have preached In season and out
tlat selfishness in UB meant nothing
ftut tho perpetuation of selfishness
bat much longer In tho human race
r that far more loathesoiuo than the
trhror of money and the miser of In
tellect IK tho miser of ability lo do
I have tried to have you see that
the end of good cltf ndhlp Is good
I government and that the end of sod
govftrmnwit is civilization In lu full
est sense
Time nnd again I have reminded
you of the last word lit Carlylos os
ay on John Kuox We need never
fear the earth will become too God I
like I
likeMy message IK all here Nothing
hort of the best ought to sollsly
man And so I have tried to put the j
bands of men on the hoart of God
If I had the five cars to live over
again I should preach truths with re
Kitorcod emphasis and plead just nor <
earnestly for the same fearless love
of the good
I have not changed one detail In
the program
The highwaymen whoso activities
Saturday evening started a small
sized panic among many who had I
yet to tcturn to their outlying homes
have been captured and have con
SUBsoil to their crimes
Ono of the men Is a Cherokee In
I dian by the name of Bill Rio and his
companion id Frank Bell a negro
The arrests wore made by Patrolmau
Bell was the first man arrested and I
ho was then under tho influence 01
Iquor having hastened to the near
est saloon as soon ns a division of
the loot Irom their first victim had
been mode
The Cherokee evidently startd out
on a lone hunt lor moro plunder aft
er separating from Bell and within a
I few minutes encountered a young man
i ear Twentyfourth street who pluck
lly snatched away his revolver ana
H gan snapping It at his retroatlnt
form It was not bag bofore the In
I dian was gathered in and within an
hour ho had made a confession He
was also anxious to make arrange
ments for returning the money to his
ictlms with a view of being released
I as soon as restitution had boon
I The gun which the young man se
cured from the highwayman was ex
I hibited at the poiice station and
jTovod to bo about the poorest ox
1 cuse for a deadly weapon that has
I turned up In Ogden lor man a day
lit Is a small HZcallbur single action
and so rusted that It could not only
be loaded but would baffle the most
expert gun man to discharge It Why
the fellow ran away from the harm
less weapon can only be explained on
tho supposition that his wouldbp vic
tim might throw It at him
Bell and Rio claimed to be broth
ers Immediately after their arrest but
after the police had gotten them thor I
ouxhly angered at each other the truth
was soon forthcoming The Cherokee
uas told that his partner Bell had I
said that he was a common blanket
Indian from the reservation and could
hardly speak English This so en
raged thc follow that he immediate I
ly denied that they were brothers and I
admitted a number ol things whlcn
the police were anxious to learn II
Bell was then told that the Chero
kee had informed them that he was
nothing but a no count nigger and I
that he had tried to cop the entire
amount of money taken from the vic
tims him colored highwaymen Im
mediately became Incensed at his
former pal and declared that he had
riven the Indian 7out of the 0 I
which they had secured from Lough
gren the Insurance man whom thev
robbed at the Utah National bank I
Tho men will bo kept apart until
their arraignment on the charge of
highway robbery
Much credit Is due Patrolman Her
rick for his lucky capture of both I
men They were apprehended In
Electric alley about an hour apart
each evidently having made for a sa
loon as soon as they Had obtained a
few dollars for drink The police
state that they saw both men In a
Twentyfifth street saloon about an
hour before the first holdup and that
one of them was slightly intoxicated
at the time Thdy advised the fellow
to go home and requested his pal to I
see that he followed the advice They
left tho saloon and were not peen
again until the first holdup i I
Wonderful Traveling Home of
Barnum and Bailey Circus
When the Uarnmn and Bailey Great
est Show on Earth Is packed away
for the night and speeding aver the I
rails to its next point of exhibition
it lives In a rolling home over a mile
in longth This wonderful train Is di
vided in five sections It Is a con
gress of nations on wheels a Noahs
Ark of animals and a worlds fair of a
thousand charms
When the show lies spread out for
a days business it covers fourteen
acres of ground Over it waves a sea
of canvas spotted with ten thousand
flt s and banners No other show
can compare with It In size wealth or
variety The spirit of P T Barnum
the greatest showman who ever lived
still animates its faultless policy Tile
wonderful system of James A Bailey j
that has made tho handling of the
gigantic proposition possible Is still
In evidence urging it on from year to i
year to better and grander achieve I
Yes there will bo a parade tho I
best parade America hag ever seen
This circus has spent many of Its t
fiftyfive years In touring Asia and I r
Europe Thais has kept It In constant
touch with tho lands from whence
come all wonders Material for this I
years street spectacle were gather
ed In this way Agents have search I
ed savage lands artists and designers
have worked for months have
sacked the art galleries of France aid
amy and the looms
of China and Ja
pan have been busy snce early last I I
fall making tho silks I
satins tu
ck > iha the people of the pageant It I
aas taken Iwo yearn to turn out the
equipment and tho jnnnagomcnt tits
Bpynt 1000000 on it
iYJI strange tYJIHao the human fani
IIynro foundin thp thcofrmllp pro
cession tOKdthw with their character
istic costumes weapons war vehicles
their music and their Idols Rich and
fantastic carriages of state gorgeous
tableau floats fairy chariots bearing
the myths of ehlldloro richly draped
bowdahit engines of warfare pagan
images Italian statuary horse fairs
fairy carnivals brass bands barbAr
Ian orchestras tomtom player weird
piper silver chimes cathedral or
gans siren pipes chanters dervish
es castanet ballets klrmiss scones
fete day pictures mardignis pageantry
and a thousand other spectacular
sIghts unfold themselves before tho
oyos of spectators for an hour or moro
The show carries Its own dynamo
plant where power Is generated for
the various shops and for 5000 In
candescent lamps flaring arcs and n
battery of apotllthls There IB also
a circus postofflce whore mall Is re
colved dally from every ecuntry in
the world The circus ground arc a
city in themselves with doctors law
yers barber detectives and artists
and artisans of every description In I
the canvas hotel 1000 meals arc cook I
ed amid eaten every day In the week
A corps of seventy chef cooks wait
tore and kitchen holpors Is carried
and 1000 people can alt nt the tables
at one time
Tho foremost features under tho
main tent are Desperado who leaps
from the dome of the arena and lands
upon his bare chest on the ground
Jupiter a white horse that rides in n
balloon and shoots off fireworks
Charlie the First a chimpanzee who
Is the best bicycle rider and acrobat
In the world tho Konyot family of I
I riders the SloprlstSllbon family of
aerialists tho Dollar acrobats the
Floronze troupe of acrobat the Ber
zac horse circus tho La Faille quar
tette of the worlds strongest men
The circus cmies to Ogden Wednes
day August lu
SALT LAKE July 21 Although
the people of Salt Lnko and Utah
quietly nestled among the mountains
and valleys of tho inland state per
haps do not realize or probably may
never have given the subject a mo
ments thought this city and suite IA
n the direct line for an attack of tho
dreadful deathdealing bubonic
plague This statement has been glv
dn out by the late board of health
utter a thorough investigation of the
flea and rat peals in this state i
A little over a year ago the people I
of Salt Lake discovered that the Nor
way rat had been brought Into the
city These rodents were for a short
time confined to the southern and
western parts of the cay In the direct
neighborhood of the railroad yards
Before Ions however they had spread
to other sections of tho city and at
P AW41
I t4 ill t i
I l
> r r
J f dale
I r UX
Life is a game
Play it like a thor
Dress the part
That is a big part
toward winning
Here is a 525 suit
that is a success build
er and you can buy it r
now for S1875
Modern Clothes i
this time there IB scarcely a section
of the city where rats cannot be
found Tho rat itself Is of little con
sequence It cats everything It can
find and plays a mischievous role In
frightening women A rat plus floa
however IK ono of the most daneroun
things In the world Recent Imestiqa
tlons in the southern part of Utah
have brought to light the presence of
fleas All that It would require now
to start bubonic plague Is tho presence
of ono rat Infected with It The rats
and fleas are here and the very first
diseased rat that arrives Is likely to
start a terrible epidemic
I MANILA July 2IFlipR Salvador
n bandit who has been operating for
several years and who is wanted for
a variety of crimes has ben cap
tu red
lJ > > LJI UiY
To the Ladies
J of Ogden 5
i > 1
To you who have installed gas fob cooking we desire to an
nounce that we hay a practical lady demonstrator who is at
your service free of charge Miss Bcringor will instruct you
I in the economical use of gas for cooking and show you how to j
use a gas stove to get the best results Sometimes little mat
ters such ns pressure1 mixtureposition of lighter in the oven I
and how to use the oven to have it bake nicely are all important
portant when using a gas stove Phone 102 for Miss Beringcr
and she will call on YOIr and help you make the gas cooking
a pleasure I
Remember also we are selling the new model hot point
1 iron guaranteed for two yt ors Sold on trial for thirty days
The iron only uses 550 watts of current per hour If you dont
forget and let the iron stand for hours with the current on it
will only cost you about 50 cents per month to do all the iron
ing for an ordinary sized family
The demand for gas ranges has more than met our an
I ticipations Nearly two hundred consumers have been install
ed this year One hundred feet of pipe free from your curb
to your jneler Embrace this otter while it lasts
URalrr LighfiRaiiwayCOa
D DECKER Local Manager
E < J7 7 < r r
r r > r lW d r > I
ro I
K az
low farls East
Have your railroad and sleeping c < ir tickets between Salt Lake
and Chicago read via the I NEON PACIFIC and
Mllwakee T St Pai1lH
A llwy
OVERLAND LIMITED Electrc lighted train standard sleeping I
Po cars dining car and observation car
Leave Salt Lake 1 oclock p m
Arrive Chicago 1 oclock p m second day ii f I
Another good train Salt Lake tp Chicago via tills route teases Salt
Luke 710 a m dally
To CHICAGO and return 7000
To MILWAUKEE and return 7340
To ATLANTIC CITY and return jy535 I
To NEW YORK and return 9550 I r
Tickets berth retorvafTojic and complete information at d
C3 WILLIAMS Commercial Agent Salt Lake City Utah l
< a e

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