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I Fortieth YearNo 180 Price Five Cents
Entered ns Second Coo Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah j
Prominent Man Says the
Country Was Never in
Better Condition
New York July 2SA Barton Hep
burn former comptroller of the cur
rency who is just back in New York
from an extended western trip ex
pressed the belief on his arrival hero
that the reports which have been cir
culated in Wall street of crop damage
and business stagnation In the west
nro grossly exaggerated He found
the general business situation good
assorting that the only thing which
marred his optimism was the evidence
everywhere presented of wild extrav
agance In domestic economy Mr
Hepburn summed up the situation as
he sees It in this wlse
However serious the crop losses
may be In certain isolated localities
the general statement remains true
that the crops of the country as a
whole promise at the present time to
exceed in value any previous crops
produced There is no occasion for
That the business of the country
as a whole is in good condition and
profitable is evidenced by tho very
large volume of business I am very
optimistic as to general business con
ditions The one thing that Is radi
cally wrong is the wild extravagance
in domestic economy which unques
tionably exists throughout the country
This perhaps is most conspicuously
evidenced by the craze for automo
biles which are expensive to buy and
still more expensive to maintain As
a nation we have been spending for
the last two years more than we earn
ed But there Is not a suggestion of
crisis In the situation and there Is no
reason why legitimate commercial
business should be in the least dis
People Dying by Thou
sands in the Cities
of Russia
St Petersburg July 27The extent
of the cholera epidemic Is revealed
In figures made public today by tho
government sanitary commission
The stricken region now Includes 42
provinces and territories of European
Russia and since the outbreak of
the disease last May there have boon
a total of 371052 cases with 10651
Recently there has been a startling
increase in the number of victims
During the week ending July 23 no
less than 13374 cases wore report
ed and of these 5979 terminated fat
Some time ago the scourge made
its appearance in this pity and for the
last fortnight there has been a daily
average of forty cases and twelve
deaths tn the captal Yesterday there
were r > 4 cases and 14 deaths report
ed here
o 0
O Vow York July 8A wo 0
CA man employe In the treasury 0
0 department at Washington O
0 has asked the New York police 0
O to help her recover an auto O
t graph photograph of ex 0
O President Roosevelt which she O
S values highly She lost HIP 0
O photograph which was in a 0
C parcel with other articles In 0
O a railroad station here while O
O she was en route from a vaca 0
C lion trip to Maine 0
O 0
Trinidad Colo July 2SAs a first
aid to tardy justice tho telephone was
not a success In the opinion of Sam
uel Chullo Chullo who lives near
Elmoro engaged In a fight with his
neighbor Ignacio Manlscolco Tues
day night Immediately after tho on
counter Chullo called up District At
lorncy Clark by telephone and Insist
ed on pleading guilty to a charge of
assault and battery and requested
that the amount of his fine he mado
known so that ho could mall In a
Tho district attorney told him no
case was pending and went back to
bed Yesterday morning Chullo was on
I hand early and again hogged leave to
plnad guilty When again told there
was no caso against him Chullo was
about to return home disgusted when
Man Iscoleo appeared and filed a com
plaint Immediately Chullo
was ar
rested and the case wns set for hear
ing next Saturday Thoroughly dis
gruntled Chullo then gave bond and
returned home
j fliLssI
s ACl I V
Steamer 1ay Have Crip
pen and His Typist
Montreal July 2STho White Star
liner Laurentic passed Belle Island at
3 oclock this morning She had on
board Inspector Dow of Scotland Yard
In the Crlppen case I
The night off the coast of eastern
Canada was full of wireless communi
cation flashed seaward but no reply
came to reveal the whereabouts of
Dr Ilawloy Crippen who Is wanted In
London in connection with tho disap
pearance of his actress wife Bello El
more and the doctors former typist
Ethel Clara Leneve
Nor did any Incoming word reveal
the Identity of the two passengers j
who went nboard the Canadian steam
er Montrose at Antwerp as John Rob
inson and John Robinson Jr and arc
reported under suspicion as possibly
being Crippen and his typist In
spector Dew of Scotland Yard aboard
the rapidly Incoming Laureutic of the
White Star line also had sent no
Throughout the night the Montrose
was supposed to be rapidly nearing a
zone of wireless communication with
the station at Belle Isle With the
steamers typo of apparatus this
would bo within 150 miles of the
coast At a dozen other stations the
wireless never ceased their calls
The Dominion officers look for mes
sages tolling what If anything Dow
learned from the Montrose by wire
less when the two steamers accord
Ing to calculations wore In close prox
Imty to each other yesterday at noon
Chief Constable Guavreaus Instruc
tions from Commissioner Sherwood at
Ottawa are to board the Montrose
when she pauses at Father Point for
I a pilot and to arrest Dr Crippon and
I his typist if they aro found I
The attorney generals department
at Quebec Is also represented It sent I
out Chief McCarthy and another ofll
cer with authority to arrest
On Board Steamship Laurentic via
Marconi wireless to Belle Isle N F
July 28 Replying to Inquiries as to
plans of Inspector Dew of Scotland
Yard in tracing those suspected of
I being Dr Crippen and companion no
I one by the name of Dew is shown on
the passenger list
The above message Is the first word
received from the steamer Laurcnlic
since It came In touch with the Amer
i ican side London reports have
I stated definitely that Inspector Dew
I was aboard It is probable he Is con
cealing his identity under an assumed
I name
Chicago July Twentyfive mil
lion dollars of gold silver and green
j backs as well at 93000000 In se
cuiltlcb will be moved Saturday from
I the Continental National bank to the
i Commercial National
1 die transfer will necessitate the
I use of scores of police and private
guards Two wagons will be used
to haul the money
The two bunks have been merged
and on August 1 the new Continent
al and Commercial National bark
will begin business
Newport Ore July 2STwo sis
ters of Sophia Nois Mrs Edward E
Allowny and Mrs John Gunsalus
viewed the remains of the woman
found In 3 sack In Yaquina hay Tues
day and were unable to identify them I
as their sister The coroners Jury
returned a verdict that the corpse was
that of a white woman and that she
was murdered
9gdenr < I I
r I
k I
VS tr t
SUlRday 9 Jy 31 I
Game Will Be CaBEefl at 300 p na Sharp
r tIt
American Hunting in
Africa Meets With II
Sacramento Cal July 2SFrallk
N Tilden a soldier of fortune son of
the late Judge M C Tilden of Sacra
mento and Carson City Nov was
killed by an elephant he had wounded
near Fort Jamloson Rhodesia South
Africa May 28 last according to a
letter received Tuesday by Captain
E L Hawk from A W Howell of
San Francisco who accompanied Til
den to South Africa two years ago
In his letter Rowell slates that
slnco the accident he has boon Ill and
learned none of tho particulars re
garding Tlldens death and will not
until the natives who were witnesses
can be brought together at an Inquest
It is presumed that Tildens body was
burled at Fort Jamieson
Tilden made a fortune In African
and Alaskan gold fields He owned n
large rubber plantation at the tlnic of
his death
To Get Mixed Up in the
Taming of Uncle
Berlin July 28 Germany has de
clined to entertain tho request of
President Madrlz that this govern
nont use its friendly offices to put
a stop to what Is termed the inter
ferences of the United States in the
affairs of Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan circular note to the
powers In which a protest against
the attitude of Washington toward
the rebellion was coupled with a plea
for foreign Intervention was received
by the foreign office on June 1C by
cable direct from Managua
As Nicaragua has no diplomatic rep
resentation at Berlin the reply was
lade through the German minister at
Which Promises a New
Transcontinental of
Great Strength
New York July 28 Although Kubn
Loeb Co made no official announce
ment today regarding the action
whereby the holdings of a syndicate
in Rock Island Lehigh Valley and
Missouri Pacific stocks were taken
over to prevent further serious liqui
dation the company In connection
with English Interests headed by Sir
Ernest Cassel has obtained the larg
est single holding of Rock Island both
common and preferred The syndicate
Is said to have been made up of Ca
nadian and English operators with
English connections headed by Dr E
S Pearson and had for Its aim a new
transcontinental group Tho decline
In the market upset the plan and ne
cessitated a turning over of tho
stocks purchased
The bloclfr of Rock Island carries
control of the property and is accom
panied by the Pearson holdings In Lc
high valley baWash and Missouri Pa
cific Whether the transcontinental plan
will he carried out by the new Rock
Island controllers or whether tho
new Interests will assert their power
In altering tho present management
still depends on unsettled factors I
Certain banking interests here have j
looked on the original Pearson plan I
with favor and It Is not unlikely that I
steps will bo taken for carrying it out I
It is pointed out that while the Pear
son syndicate could not have Inaugur
ated a transcontinental system except
by getting an actual preponderance of
the stocks Involved the new holders
through associations should be able to
effect ho practical union of the var
ious properties with little further I
outlay of capital
Sir Ernest Cassoll the chief foreign I
member of the syndicate roprcpsnts
ono of the largest if not the largest
tlnglo financial Interest in England
and It Is stated on good authority that
the now Rock Island Interest took
over the stock In question of per I
manent Invflslrnenl
Chicago July 2STho connection
just completed at Lockport between r
the draiuao canal and the old HU1
eels and Michigan canal Is all right I
for the motorboat enthusiasts but
from a commercial standpoint It has
practically no slEnlficcnce
This statement was made yesterday
by James A Pugh president of the
Pugh Terminal Waiehoueo company
I and a close studont of the possibilities l
of freight transportation water be
= L
tween Chicago and the Mississippi
river via the pocalle7l drainage canal
route Mr Push planned some time
ago to establish a freight carrying
system between Chicago and St
Louis but was prevented from doing
so he says because of a number of
stationary bridges across the drain
age channel
Tho 60calJccJ Lockport link Is
good enough for the motorboats but
It worjt help any concern that at
tempts to carry on a transportation
business along the drainage canal
down to the Mississippi river or
points this side of It said MrPugh
Tho lock at Lockport IK not big en
I ough to accommodate the kind of
boats that would ho needed in order
to carry a profitable freightcarrying
Uses a I Gun to Force a
aunt Tian to Help
Him Escape
Seattle Wash July 28The police
arc on the lookout for W 0 Bowers
an ordinary seaman on the gunboat
Princeton who IS accused of stealing
a navy pay check for 190 and who
made a sensational dash for liberty
in a motorbont yesterday After
cashing tho check Bowers engaged
a launch and at the point of a gun
forced A L Cro ton the launchman
to take him from the navy yard
across the sound to Alkl Point In
Vest Seattle A navy launch was In
close pursuit but Bowers stood over
Croxlon and compelled him to put in
to shore at Restoration Point while
his unsuspecting pursuers dashed past
Waiting a safe Interval they put
on full power for Alkl Point Here
Bowers took Croa ton Into an eating
house and bought dinner for two
Tho escaping sailor kopt close watch
on Croxton to prevent him from giv
ing the alarm after tho meal Bow
ers took Croxtqn to the launch and
ordered him to ifet aboard and head
straight for Bremerton
ti 1Zlr
New York July 2S Prices of
I stocks bounded upward again today
with the opening of tho market the
gains running from 1 to 2 points over
last night for practically all of the
active issues The rise in Denver
Rio Grande preferred reached 2 12
and Canadian pacific 214 Very
heavy blocks changed hands In United
States Steel Union Pacific and Amal
gamated Copper and the quotations
for these stocks showed a spread of
a substantial fraction
The extent of the opening advance
coming after the sharp rise of yestxjr
day Invited heavy realizing sales
The reaction was slight and enor
mous buying orders flowed Into the
market at rising prices St Louis
Southwestern preferred Jumped 4 12
Rock Island preferred 3 12 Sloss
Sheffield Steel 331 Southern Pacific
Consolidated Gas and Westlnghouse
Electric 3 Amalgamated Copper 2 34
United Stales Steel 2 5S Union Pa
cific Readln Cincinnati Ohio
Groat Northern preferred Norfolk
Western Louisville Nashville
American Car and National Lead to
After pauses the market gathered
force for further fresh advances Re
ports that embarrassed holdings had
been taken over by syndicates
alarmed the shorts The demand wa
large both for homo and forclg nac
count Amalgamated Copper had
risen 1 11 before noon Southern Pa
cific Union Pacific Louisville Nash
Aille Reading and American Locomo
tive 312 and Great Northern pre
ferred St Paul Atchison Missouri
Pacific and United States Steels or
Bonds were firm
Chicago Livestock
Chicago July 28 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 5000 market slow
beeves l70aS25 Texas steers 350
a530 western steers 470aG 60
stockers and feeders 100aC25cows
and heifers 2GOuG10 calves 660
Hogs Receipts estimated at 18000
Market slow light S50aJ mix
ed S2oaSSO heavy OOaS70
rough 790aS20 gcod to choice
heavy 820a8SO pigs S55a900
bulk of sales S50aSp
Sheep Receipts estimated at IS
000 market steady native S270al
50 western 2COal 50 ycarings 1
50a575 lambs native 150a595
western 150aG70
Chicafjo Close
Chicago July 28Wheatlllly 108 i
7S Sept 103 5Sa3l Dec 105 11 to i
38 May 108 78 to 105
CornJuly t > 3 18 Sept 03 12 to
58 Dec fil 12to 5S May 63 M to
88 i
Oats July 38 78 Sept 3S 58 Dec I
Gl 12 to 5S May 63 11 io 38
Oats July 38 7S Sept 3S 5S I
Doc 38 l2a5S May 10 7Sa4l
Pork July 2585 Sept 2187 12
Jan 1825 I
Lard July 1167 12 Spt 1172
2 Oct 1160aJ162 12 Nov 1135
Ribs July 200 Sept 1153 12
Oct 1105
Sugar and Coffee
New YorkV July 2SSugar Raw
firm Muscovado Sfl test 3SO cen
trifugal HG lest 130 su
gar S Most 301 Refined quIeL
Coffee Spot steady No 7 Rio
S 5 Sc No 4 Santos 01295 Sc
Fetal Market
New York July 2SCoppcrFIrm
standard spot 11001210
LeadQUlet I35U5
i i Bar silver 531ic
Wendling Slayer of Little
Alma Kellner in San
Son Francisco July 28 According i
to Cnpuln J p Carney chief of theI
detective department of the Louisville
police force Joseph Wcudllng the
janitor of St Johns parochial school I
who is accused of the murder of Alma
Kellnor thq eight yenr old niece of a
wealthy browor of the Kentucky city
I is surrounded in this city and his
capture is only a question ofn few
hours Carney has been in San Fran
cisco for the past three weeks having
traced Wo ml Hug here from Vallejo
whore he had been living under an I
assumed name
San Francisco July 2SWhilo he
would not state that such was the
case Capt Wall of the detective de
partment virtually admitted today
that several of his men had spent
tho night guarding a house where tho
suspect was expected to come Tho
I suspect did not appear and the de
tectives now believe that he will bo
hard to capture If ho Is the man
wanted atf the story published this
I Corning will put him on his guard I
Detective Carney of Louisville
trnccd Wcndllng to Vallojo whore the
latter had lived for some time under
an assumed name The suspect dls
appeared however and the trail lel
to San Francisco Chief Stamford I
of ValleJo who had become acquaint i
I I ed with the man accompanied the local
cal officer to aid the San Francisco
i department In making the capture I
I Alma Kolnor left home on the
morning of December S last to at
I tend mass at St Johns Parochial
1 school Her parents supposed she had j
1 been kidnaped by relatives who wiSh
od hot brought up In another faith
On May 30 lost the little girls body I
fearfully mutilated was found in the
j basemont of the school A reward
I of G000 was offered for the appre I
hension of the murderer by the childs I
relatives Wendling had fled and
Captain Carney was Induced to tako
up the chase which led him through II
several southern states Mexico Cen
tral America and finally to San I
Francisco Front this city Carney
I traced Wendling to tt ranch near Rio I
Vista where he had been working as
I a common laborer From thoranch I
the trail led to Vallejo and thence
hack to this city where the local po
lice declare they have tho alleged
1 murderer surrounded
Fear Expressed That It
Might Develop into
Helena Monl July 2SA forest
fire broke out on Mount Helena to i
day and he city fire department re
sponded to the call of the forestry
I department fa assist In controlling it
Forester Bushnell says it may devel
I op Into a serious conflagration A
I path Is being cut to the windward of
I the flames
I A forest fire is also burning in the
i I vclnlty of Marysvllle this country I
Washington July 28The state de
partment announced today that Mr
Moffat American consul at Blue
fields reports that the Estrada fac
I tion is now in control of all points
I on tho east const of Nicaragua with
I the exception of San Juan Del Norte
Bluefields Bluff and Cape Graclns
j Washington July 28 Exports in
I wireless telephone are being sought
by the United States civil service
commission In Its efforts to keep pace
with the worlds achievements I
I An examination will bo hold
throughout tho country on August 21
for those who are versed In tho
science of wireless telephony I
Omaha Livestock
i Omaha July 28 Cattle Receipts
2500 market active lower Rang
i ers higher native steers 475a775
iowa and heifers 325a575 western
I steers 350aG00 range cows and heif I
ers 2 75a4P 5 canners 250a32r
l stockers and feeders JOOaSoO calves J
I 400a700 bulls stags etc 300a52
I Hog Receipts 8000 market J0t i
lop low sv Heavy 7SoaS33 mixed I
8lOa30 light S35aS70 pigs 750a
lOO bulk QI sales SOnaS
l19epIt0COlltl LOOO market f
rteadv Yearlings IHOaCIO wethers j
nCQal25 pwos 300a375 lambs CGOa I
7it0 I II
J ti Chicago Produce I
Chicago July 2SButtcrSteadr I
crdatncrioH 23 < 3 > 27c dairies 232Cc
j g8 Steady receipts fiSSS at I
mark cases Included 10 < g He firsts j
15c I
Choose Stcaily dairies 16 111 > J
1012c twins 11 34Ql5c young
Americas 15141 512c long horns I
loll p I
Washington Jply 2SThe water I
owcr pos8lb1Ilties of Colorado have
> t 1
scarcely been touched according to
n bulletin on Irrigation In that state
issued by the department of agricul
ture During the present year more
than 370000 acres of new land will
he brought under irrigation In the
state Under tho state laws canals
are common carriers so that farmers
owning water In a reservoir not con
trolled by tho ditch company can got
water by paying the carrying charges I
usually about 2 per million cubic
feet I
WhercaB ten years ago there were
only a fow small plants run by water
power today there are ten water
power plants with capacity of 1000
horsepower each fortytwo smaller
plants each with a capacity of from
75 to 100 horsepower and three large t
ones under construction with a total
power of nearly 30000 horsepower
One More Exposure of
the Rottenness of
State Politics
Chicago July 2STho Chicago
Tribune today prints a statement
that an attempt was made previous
to the election of William Lorimer
as United States senator to pur
chase seventeen Democratic votes at
2000 a vote to assure the return of
the then senator Albert J Hopkins
The story follows close on a lunch
eon whore Roger Sullivan Demo
cratic national committeeman for Il
linois and representatives of the Leg
islative Voters League tired pointed
remarks at each other
It Is alleged that Mr Sullivan and
Speaker Shurtleff spoiled the plan
The speaker is said to have told the
culprits that he would expose the plot
from the chair the moment a Demo
cratic ballot was cast for Hopkins
Then Sullivan arrived at Spring
field at midnight and gathering the
seventeen about him threatened to
break every political bone In their
bodies If they voted for Hopkins I
That ended It
ito Tribune expresses the belief
that the plot was formed without the
knowledge of Senator Jiopklns
New York July 28 Once again I
New Yorks Chinatown Is on the verge I
of war After a fortnights continuous I
I effort to bring about a permanent I
peace between the rival tongs the I
specal committee of the Chinese pub I
lic chamber has reported that Its ef
forts have come to naught A ma
jority of the Four Brothers have re
fused to accept the terms t native
ly approved by the leaders and the
On Leongs arc unwilling to make fur
ther concessions
Chug Chung Tan commercial at
tache to the Chinese legation at
Washington has declined to act as ar
bitrator In the difficulties and the Chi
nese minister will be appealed to I
A committee of Chinese merchants
has recommended that the police be
urged to stop gambling of all forms In
Chinatown to arrest all persons car
rying arms and having no lawful
moans of support to Jail the lesser
criminals and to deport the greater I
ones to China This they believe Is
the only effective wayof keeping
down the disturbers
I A IT AC Y t 1
Two Men Are Shot and I
Many Wounded in a I
Labor Riot I
New York July STwo men wore
shot and killed four dangerously
wounded one policeman and a score
or more combatants less seriously
hurt during a riot of strike sympa
thlders today at the plant of th
American Sugar Refining company at
Wllliamsburg where asLrlko has
been in progress for a month
Crowds of sympathizers throw
bricks at the strikebreakers from I
house tops and when the nonunion
mOil started out with their trucks to
deliver sugar a rush was made for I
the wagons TIle police on the
trucks returned the fire It 1
The employes of tho plant struck a I
month ago for an advanco of wages
The men killed were Lithuanians I
Several policemen woro struck and
painfully hurt by tho bricks thrown I
The entire neighborhood became In
volved In the disturbance and the re
serves from nine precincts had all I
they could do to cope with the trou
ble It appeared from accounts of by
standers that the officers did not wish
to fire into the crowd but were forced
to do so by the ferocity of tho attacks
upon them
The mob was composed for tho
most part of foreigners chiefly Poles
and Lithuanians They had been
making trouble for sonic time but as
sumed a decidedly menacing attitude
last night when a boatload of strike
breakers was brought to the plant anti
set to work Thw demeanor of tho
mob which gathered outside the plant
became so threatening tills morning
that police protection was asked for
Police Reserves in Mili
tary Formation Neces
sary to Quell Riot
New York Jul 1
July 3Threo men
were dangerously wounded and twenty
others more or less severely hurt r
curly today In the moat serious sins
fight which hag occurred In New
York City In many years Police re
serves In military lormatlon jurn
Honed by tho helpless patrolmen on
the West Side beat where the trouble i
broke out charged on the rioters and II
put an end to the disturbance only
after nearly a hundred shots liad
been fired by members of the miar
rE ling clans According to the po z
hco reports four gangs or roughs
participated and for fully half an
hour fought handtohand with revol
vers sticks stones and Any other
weapons which wore available
The fight was precipitated when
the members of tho Bear Athletic
club after a dinner in a Tenth avenue
boor garden began to leave Ute re
sort shortly after midnight While
the banquet was In progress the
rcughs from rival organizations had
began to gather at a neighborhood
street corner According to the po
lice the Gophers tno Jungle
gang and the Hounds of Hell all
oiganlzatlous with which the officers
of the law have had experience wero
represented li the mob at the cut I
With the appearance of the Bear
club diners the fight commenced
With yells curses and shouts tho
waiting gangsters throw themselves
upon their rlvalj Then some ono j
fired a revolver and In nn Instant
gunplay was the order of tho hour
The firing continued at Irregular peri
ods until the appearance of the police 1
Whenever a gangster fell he waa 1
unmercifully beaten and kicked Th <
entire neighborhood was thrown Into y j
a panic Many of the wounded weru
carried off by their companions bo I
fore the arrival of the police Fully I
125 men were still engaged In tho
battle when tho reserves reached tnt 11
scene A haucoven arrests were Is
made t
NflSTRftT 4 i
Columbus Ohio Is to
Become a Military ±
Columbls July 2SNot a street
I car has been running in Columbia
I since midnight and thousands au
c < mpelled to either walk or ride n
any sort of vehicle to get to then
places of business today The cars
vlll not be started until the two
thousand troops of the national guard i
arrive today to enfore order during
the strike of the street car men The a
famous mounted trcop A of Cleve
land Is among the soldiers called out
Battery C of Columbia Capt Har
old M Bush commanding is guarding I
the state arenal and II will be on
duty there as long as the trouble con
tlmies The battery C boys arc arm
rd with repeating guns which shqoc i
buckshot l
Adjutant General WIerbrlght today J
ordered some 3ii or 10 Ohio Nations
Guard sharpshooters who have I been t
PactlcliiG at Camp Perry for tho
coming competition shoot to come I o
Columbus at once They will he de
I tailed to watch buildings and see that
I no one shoots on the troops
Governor Harmon wired to Secre
I tary Long today from his summer
home at Charlovoix Mich that ho
could arrive In Columbus tomorrow i
I General McMacken in command said
Ir he would not place soldiers in street
r cans He said
As Mayor Marshall has issued tIll
call for troops they are subservient
to the civil authorities and then 11
fere I am subject to his orders and
will bo guided by them II
Petitions arc being circulated ad t
dicssed to tho mayor asking that a I
receiver be named for the street car
company Ii
Garden City N Y July 28firs
Russell Sage has developed Into an l
aeroplane enthusiast She has no In
tenllon of making a flight herself but
she Is anxious to do all in her power
to help the development of aviation
and she wants particularly to see that
woman has a part In the work
Mrs Sage was a visitor at the Aero
clubs aviation field yesterday as tho I
guest of Mrs B L Todd whoso work
design f
on an aeroplane of her own
has earned for her tho distinction ot
being Americas only woman aviator
I hope to see many women en
gaged in tho problem of Iruman
flight said Mrs Sage I am earnest
ly Interested In all efforts made by
women along such lines and shall
glad I v give them any aid In my power t
Of course I receive hundreds of let t
tors from Inventors who seek my as I
sistance but I cannot give aid Indis
criminately but shall help any wom
an who bas a practical plan
Mrs Sago bos come to Gordon City
twice In hopes of seeing a flight but
on both occasions the weather has
been unfavorable
z yr

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