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lEt IJSJ iITi n
With his jaw broken at the end of
the twelfth round after having fought
Graced a
as game a battle as over Gr
ring Terry Keller the Ogden youth
S forced to rolinqush his chances
or victory with Joe Thomas the ex
middleweight champion last night ai
the fair grounds and his manager
Charles Cleover tossed up the spongo
The blow which put young Keller hors
de combat was a left hand hook de
llvored about four seconds before the
gong sounded at the end of the
t twelfth round
The battle according to fight fans
i who witnessed tho Rono match sar
I t that It was a much more interesting
I fistic contest than that notable farce
championship honors Ter
for world
rya work was a surprise to everybody II
hut the few who have witnessed some
i of his moro recent bouts on the coast I
i l It Is almost the general opinion ol
those who wore present that had Kel
legs Jaw not been broken he would
I hare stayed the limit and the more
san ulne of his frlonds assert that
he would have won the match before
the twenty rounds had been finished
f They base this erstwhile fautom hope
Pon the fact that Thomas showed signs
f of weariness in the eleventh and
fc twelfth rounds
The fight which was for the middle
weight championship the winner to
have an opportunity to meet Stanley
t Kotchel was held under the auspices
I i of the Ogden Athletic Club managed
i fliy Roy Shumway of Ogden The
m h was witnessed by a least twelve
hundred people about one hundred
Rand fifty of this number coming from
wSalt Lake City on the fight special
i ttrun by the Denver C Rio Grande rail
f road Tom Painter of Wyoming act
ed as referee
l The fight card started with two pre
i liminary bouts of six rounds each and
In the second of these an unknown
I Battling Holbrook was put to sleep in
tho second round by Kid Rosa of Salt
t Lake The first two fighters todon tho
r nUttfi were Eddie Weller of San Fran
claw and Eddie Mathewson of Ogden
In six rounds of fast fighting both men
appeared to have about an even break
although Mathewson in tho second
round received a blow on the nose
which started the blood The bdut
was refereed by Artie Downing the
I Salt Lake City bicycle rider and In I
deciding It be cave the fight to Weher I
The decisions did not meet with favor I
from the fans and they loudly hooted
tholr displeasure
There was no ouestion as to who
won the RobcHolbiook bout as the
t latter made no showing whatever In
the first round he was knocked down
and In the second after fifteen seconds
of fighting he again lost his fcot The
climax come a few seconds after thin
when Rose landed a short right band
jab to the lower angle of Holbrooks
f r Jaw and he went down for the count
He was carried to his corner and did
not recover consciousness for about
t thirty seconds
Before the bis bout started Shum
way climbed through the ropes anl
introduced Young Peter Jackson a
colored boxer who issued a challenge
I to fight any middleweight boxer In the
world He next read a telegram from
I Jim Flynn of Pueblo Colo challeng
ing the winner of the KellerThomas
bout The negro fighter announced
that he would challenge Flynn to box
i him for 4i thousand dollar side bet
Just before the fighters of the 20
round go entered the ring offers were
made by Salt Lake fans to bet ten to
eight on Thomas
a Keller entered the ring first He
was accompanied to his corner by his
manager Charlos Clcevor and his sec
onds Cub Culvert and Grant Evans
In Thomas corner were Andy McLoy
Rawhide Kelly and Otto Downing
I Both the principals before entering
the roped arena announced to friends
i that they were confident of winning
Watch the kid do It was the way in
which Manager Cleever expressed him
self juSt before Keller stretched apart
tho ropes to climb into the ring
Both of the boxers appeared cau
tious at the start and there were few
rushes and but little real fighting in
i the first round It was used merely
as an Introduction by the boxers and
I finished without either feeling any ef
fect of the others fists The second
round was but little warmer than the
first although at the close of it the
fighters seemed to be growing better
acquainted and were mixing matters
as the bell brought them to their cor
It was in the third that the first
real action was shown by the scrap
1 I i pers Both men rushed In this open
Ing and met In a clinch in the middle
of the ring Terry showed his prow
ess in thls round by blocking some
ugly swings and vicious jabs Both
f men landed some pretty stiff hooks
In this round which ended just as
Thomas made a futile swing at the
Ogdon boys jaw The round belonged
to neither man
The fourth started with a clinch
which tho referee broke Thomas
i I talked in this round but Keller oy
eter like only smiled his reply Both
men missed ome hard swings in this
round In a clinch Thomas reached
Keller nose starting the blood Tho
men were locked In close embrace
when the bell sounded This was
Thomas round
Jin the fifth Thomas reaches hollers
wind with a terrific swing buL the
blow did not
appear to affect the
younger fighter who swung back and
Both gave and received
blows and both were pushed against
the ropes In ho Infighting of this
round Keller SC ° med to get a frap
iof the better of It but tho round
R finished a tossup for honors
The aixth round was a round of
1 clinches Thomas asked the referee
I tld break tho clinches from the left
side Terry reached Thomas wind
with n loft in this round but tl 1erc
wag little damage done +
Iago t7
mother mall
I TI wan about an oven break as a
I The mon started tho
seventh pas
fly Terry reached Thomas wind again
in this round and Thomas retaliated
by touching his opponents nose with
his right and again
starting the crm
son flow The men
tb01 endedmen were clinchIng n8
the round ended
h Young Keller by his adeptness In
I aQIrUng rushes and his conaraj alert
r ness appeared to he making friends 1
IriionguW fans not already acquaint
oj tvltlthim and ho was loUdly chebr
id dmirtp the intfijnilsHion between
the seventh and fightU rounds
Both men landed ixfy bl8ws in Lhc
opening the cightlTorry reached
Thomas head with a right hand
purfch The local boy rushed his opj
poncnt against tho roped hut jnisacd
an opportunity to land a knockout
punch by stumbling This throughout
wns a very open round and Keller I
had the better of it
The ninth was nobodys round Joe
landed a hard right to the body and
Torry returned a heat y left to tho ear
Both mon were punching viciously at
the gong hut shook hands before go
Ing to their corners
Tine tenth and eleventh were fast
rounds la the tenth Kellers mana
ger aroused Thomas of using his ql
bows but It Is not taught that Thom
as msndr any attempt to foul Keller
Keller received somVi severe punish
ment ia these rounds but did not show
ivny fatigue or groggiaess at tho end of
t 1001 Ihey could lit be considered
i Thomas rounds as Kfcller also landed
SOl o henHy blows in both frames
The twelfth startedAwtth a rush and
i cllnch in which Ute fighters walked
about the ring ine4h others cm
winded in this ror nd and rested In
I the caJjly clinch Ho landed a hard
awing oVi Kellers head when tho
I round wus < about half spent and dur
j ing some infighting a few seconds
j beforoi thks close of tile round reached
Terrys Jaw with tho Jab that frac
tured the lower maxillary Terry went
to his corner as usual but as he sat
down he put his hand to his Jaw and
I said I cant go on my jaw Is broke
Examination proved that this was truo
and the light was btopjysd Terry arose
I when Thomas came to his cornor and
the two fighters shook hands
Kellers injuries while it caused him
to lose the fight will not force him
to give up the fight game
Tom Painter of Eranston Wyo the
veteran referee who presided over the
ThomasJKeller boxing contest last
evening Is one of the best I known
sporting men in the ilriermountaln re
gion us well asone of the most popu
lar His reputation as a square
sport Is of long standing > and the an
nouncement that he Is to to the third
man in the ring presages a fair deal
for all concerned
Tom has been climbing through the
ropes of the squared circle for about
twenty years now and it Is safe to say
that he has never yet heard the hiss
or Invective of spectators disgruntled
over one of his kleellons
Tom Painter was born Southamp
ton England in ISG2 and came to
America when about twelve years of
ago He canio direct to Evanston and
has made that city his home ever
since Hip principal business has been
cattle raising beginning at the bottom
as a con > mop cowpuncher and rising
rapidly In the ranks of that Industry
until he IB now credited with being
one of the most oxpert stockmen In
Western Wyoming
Tom always had a hankering the
I Who Was Referee at the KellerThomas Bout Last Night I
fistic arena and although circum
stances and dlsiMjBltlon kept him from
entering the game as a combatant he
was nevertheless a true devotee of
the sport from boyhood and today is a
recognized authority on matters pug
ilistic ill B tI c
It was dearly twentyfive years ago
when Tom refereed his first battle
but not until 1890 did ho gain promi
nence In that capacity In the year
mentioned ho was chosen referee for
the fight between George La Blanch
Tho Marino and Jim Williams the
fighting policeman of Salt Lake
Since that time hp has acted as refe
ree in practically all of tho principal
bouts in Ibis section besides many
minor ones He was third man in the
ring when Jack Stelsner former train
ing partner for Bob Filzslmmons
made Dummy Rowan quit In the
13th round the mute having stacked
up against a much harder proposition
than ho had anticipated
This was about tho time that Dum
my Rowan and his pugnacious broth
er Silent Rowan were boxing their
way to popularity and an Incident Is
recalled which never falls to bring a
smile to Toms features
Dummy Rowan was standing
against tho bar of a Main street sa
loon Salt Lake one wintry night sip
I ping aJohn Ln toddy preparatory to
retiring to his room The bar man
could converse fluently In tho sign lan
guage and the two wore discussing
current events when Silent Rowan
dropped in and spying his brother at
tho bar stepped up and energetically
asked him for a dollar
Dummy caught a whiff of his
relatives breath and decided that
there would bo nothing doing for Sil
ent that evening and quietly in
formed him of thrzfact
Silent at oncq became belligerent
and notwithstanding their difference
In weight and executive ability un
corked a haymaker in time direction
of Dunimyfsja w The latter tossed
up an Intervening elbow and tho blow
spent Itself in theair Silent crash
Ing into the bar llko a battering ram
He came baclqhoXvover with a left
hook which foundf Its way to what a
few rears later would have been
termed Dummypjolar1 plexus This
was more than even rt deaf and dumb
older brother eauld stand and Dum I
I my countered with a smash on Sil
ants Jaw that sent him to the floor
1 with it crash
Silent was up again in a flash I
I and went after itis relative as if he
would annihllato hlui only to receive j
r another right to tho same spot which
I laid him Hat onKs bock The blows I
heavy as they olJpearcd did not seem
to phase the plucky youngster and for
several moments thC was no othoi
sound in the big room but tho dull
crunch of Dummys brnwny finl
against the features of his relative
followed by his thud on the floor and
then Sllents slow scramble to hIs
feet Neither of course uttered a
soUnd and the monotony of the noise
lose battle was becoming oppressive
I when Silent bethought himself of a
rusty cannon ho had In his room anI
rushed away to secure it Dummy
Went home to bed and the Incident
wan closed
Won Lost PC
Chicago r 55 30 617
Plttsburg IS o5 578
New York 48 30 571
Cincinnati II 43 506
Philadelphia II 41 152
St Louis u 30 IS I4S
Brooklyn 35 51 407
Boston 33 56 371
Won Lost PC
Philadelphia 58 30 659
Boston 54 36 600
New York 52 36 591
Cleveland 3S 4f 458
Detroit 4D 41 544
Washington 3S 51 427
Chicago 35 52 402
SL Louis 25 58 301
New York Boston 4
BOSTON July 2SLonr hits by
Creo off Hall won for New York from
Boston today Boston had three on
bases with one out in tho ninth but
could score only one run Score
Now York 510 1
Boston 4 14 3
Batteries Quinn and Mitchell Hall
Collins and Carrigan
Cleveland 2 St Louie 1
CLEVELAND 0 July 28Clovo
land defeated St Louis today 2 to L
Fanwell tho Virginia league recruit
made his local debut and held St
Louis to four hits But for an error
by Lajole he would have scored a
shutout Score
Cleveland 2 5 1
St Louis 1 4 0
Batteries Fanwell and Bemis
Howell and Stephens
Washington 6 Philadelphia
ington defeated Philadelphia in a ton
Inning game today 6 to 5 Tho homo
team fielded poorly only five hits be
ing made off Rolling tour of which
were made in the second inning
Score R II E
Washington C 11 2
Philadelphia o 5 0
Batteries Relsling and Henry Mor
gan and Livingston
Chicago 0 Detroit 2
DETROIT July 2S Mulliu pitched
Invincible ball against Chicago today
and Detroit won 2 to 0 The visitors
repeatedly had good openings but
could not produce the hits needed to
score runs OLeary jj batting was the
= = = mrsewv aes
I r When you think of breakfast think of T i
f r
I + 1 All the meat of 1 x s
I J i 1 the golden whcatt
rY I M IT cooked shredded 1
IJ iii rI r of T ciously and baked nourishing Deb I
Your grocer sells it
and serve with hot milk or cream or with sliced bananas a
baked apples or other fruits
rJ 8 a dt
CHAS F GROUT 352 24th Street
feature of the game a triple and three
singles going to his credit Score
Chicago 0 5 5
Detroit 280
Batteries Young Olmstead and
Payne Mullln and Stanago
St Louie 0 Chicago 3
ST LOUIS July 28 Chicago won
from St Louis 3 to 0 today Overall
held the locals to five scattered hits I
and was in danger at no time Score
St Louis 0 5 1
Chicago 3 8 1
Batteries Willis and Bresnahan
Overall and Kllng
Boston 0 Brooklyn 1
BROOKLYN July 28 Brooklyn beat
Boston in aa 11lnning game today 1
lo 0 Curtis after pitching as effec
tively as Bargor for ten innings weak
ened in the eleventh when Dauberts
double a pass to Wheat Hummels
safe hunt and Sharpes muff let In the
only run Score RlLE
Boston 0 5 2
Brooklyn < I 7 2
Batteries Curtis and Graham Bar
ger Bergen and Erwin
Philadelphia 3 New York 1
NEW YORK July Philadelphia I
made only four hits off Mathewson to
day but throe of these came in the
first inning and with a fumble by Dc I
yore netted the visitors two runs and
victory Scoro 1
Philadelphia 3 4 il
New York T1 8 3
Batteries McQtilllcn and Deem
Mathewson and flyers
Plttsburfj 4J Cincinnati 2
CINCINNATI 0 July 2SA fine
run by Byrne from first to third on
Leachs single to the loft field was tho
deciding factor in todays 11lnnlng I
game Plttsburg won i to 2 Bycno
scored on a squeeze play and beach
on Wagners single Score
Pitlsburg 410 1
Cincinnati 2 10 0
Batteries Adams Loevcr and Gib 1
son Suggs and McLean
At Topeka Topeka C Des Moines 2
At St Joseph 3t Joseph 5 Sioux
City 8
At Wichita First game Wichita 7
Omaha 0 second game Wichita 10
Omaha 1
At Oakland San Francisco 1 Port
land O
At Sacramcnla Los Angeles 0 Sac
ramento 2
By E W Smith
Chicago July 2JIl Is a matter of
hours with Joe Cans now
This is tho sorrowful story brought
10 this city a few nights ago by Sam
Langford challenger of Jack John
sen t
Langford stopped off at Phoenix
Ariz on his way cast from the Pa
cific coast to see the onetime mighty
lightweight champion and try to
cheer him up if possible and lend
Bitch aid mental and financial 115
might bo in his power
But the wnite plague has such a
terrible grip on tho great Baltimore
athlete that no one need be sur
Continued on Pago Five
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