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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
Salt Lake City last year paid 13 mills on a dollar taxes That was
considered a high rate but this year another raise in the tax levy has
l been made by the city council and the property owners have been
called on to pay a tax of 15 mills
I The assessor of Salt Lake county has increased the assessed val
uation of Salt Lake City 6211000 aver the valuation of a year ago
I That increase is nearly onehalf the property valuation of Ogden
and if applied to tho taxgathering powers of Ogden would have
added almost 50 per cent to the citys tax revenues But on top of
this increase in valuation the city administration of Salt Lake City
has placed a tax rate 50 per cent higher than the tax levy oil Ogden
I What do the property owners of Ogden think of that What
would they say if Ogden with improvements quite as extensive pro
f portionately are being made in Salt Lake City and with city prob
lems equally as large to solve were to place a tax of 15 mills on their
holdings after the assessor had boosted valuations several million
i dollars 7
I F Ogden has a 1 per cent tax while Salt Lake City has a tax rate
r BO per cent higher While there remains such t discrepancy in taxes
In favor of Ogden the property owners of our city have reason to
1 That onehalf per cent or five mills difference in taxes in
favor of Ogden should be a factor in directing the attention ofSalt
Lake investors to this city
The moving pictures have shown that which the microscope
discloses in the examination of the germs which produce sleeping
It sickness when allowed to invade the blood vessels of a human being
f The germs enter the corpuscles of the blood multiply and destroy
the corpuscles Until Koch made a study of the sleeping sickness
little was known as to the cause of the disease In the last issue of t
Scribners Theodore Roosevelt describes the ravages of the disease
We passed by many islands green with meadow and forest
beautiful in the bright sunshine but empty with the emptiness of
I death says the former president A decade previously these
islands were thronged with tribes of fisher folk their villages stud
i ded the shore and their long canoes planks held together with fiber
II furrowed the surface of the lake Then from out of the depths of
r the Congo forest came the dreadful scourge of the sleeping sickness
and smote the doomed people who dwelt beside the Victorian Nile
d and on the coasts of the Nyanza lakes and in the lands between
Its agent was a biting fly brother to the tsetse whose bite is fatal
to domestic animals This fly dwells in forest beside lakes and
rivers and wherever i t dwells after the sleeping sickness came it
was found that man could not live In this country between and
I along the shores of the great lakes 200000 people died in slow tor
I ment before the hardtaxed wisdom and skill of medical science and
l governmental administration could work any betterment whatever
in the situation Men still die by thousands and the disease is slow
ly spreading into fresh districts But it has proved possible to keep
it within limits in the regions already affected yet only by absolute
ly abandoning certain districts and by clearing all the forest and
brush in tracts which serve as barriers to the fly and which permit
r passage through the infected belts On the western shores of Vic
toria Nyanza and in the islands adjacent thereto the ravages of the
I pestilence were such the mortality it caused was so appalling that I
the government was finally forced to deport all the survivors in
land to forbid all residence beside or fishing in the lake and with
this end in view to destroy the villages and the fishing fleets of
the people The teeming lake fish were formerly a main source of
food supply to all who dwelt near by but this has now been cut
cut off and the myriads of fish are left to themselves to the host of
water birds and to the monstrous maneating crocodiles of the lake
on whose blood the fly also feeds and whence it is supposed by some
that it draws the germs so deadly toliuman kind
The Spreckels paper of San Francisco is opposed to a secret in
vestigation of Alaskan affairs and says
Attorney General Wickersham and Secretary Nagol are on their
way to Alaska entrusted by the president with the duty of investi
I gating the grave charges made by Daniel A Sutherland formerly
United States marshal at Juneau Under ordinary circumstances
I Secretary Ballinger would be the proper officer to examine these I
I charges but Mr Taft evidently believes that the public has lost con
fidence in Ballinger to such an extent that any finding he might make
would be discredited
Sutherland was removed from office in a summary way last
winter as the result of a political intrigue He went on to Wash
ington and made disclosures to the senate judiciary commitee which
have been kept secret It is believed that if these charges were made
public they would arouse the whole oountry At least it is a sig
nificant fact that the president has deemed it necessary to send two
cabinet officers all the way to Alaska to examine them
Whether the people of America will be satisfied with the re
sults of a secret investigation conducted by Wickersham and Nagel is
quite doubtful They know that Alaska holds the greatest prizes as
yet unappropriated in the national domain and they know that the
Guggenheims have been active in manipulating the politics and ap
pointments of the territory They know that the Guggenheims main
tain a permanent lobby in Washington to look out for Alaskan affairs
r and altogether they are suspicious of hole and corner investigations
of the sort that Wickersham conducted in the Ballinger matter
The Logan Journal comments on the statement of a gentleman
not directly connected with the newspaper profession yet having
much business with the newspapers of the State who complained at
the recent meeting of the State Press
association that the papers of
Utah devoted entirely too little space to the booming of their own
localities He was apparently almost overcome by the scenic beauties
I of Ogden canyon his acquaintance with which he said was due to
the happy accident that it had
been selected as the meeting place
Otherwise although his home was within forty miles it was quite
+ likely that he would never have heard of the grandeur and natural
beauties then his
meeting enchanted
The Journal says that in this
respect probably all the papers
are in the same degree blamable They have all at some time and
probably a number of beauties
times dwelt upon the beauties of their respec
tive localities describing the things already familiar to their readers
until they fear repetition may bring ridicule Yet there is much in
what the gentleman said in
an this
connection and while
j such matter
t may be of but little value to
tmhay home readers it may serve to attract
the attention of strangers seeking a home therefore serve a good
purpose The speaker said he had lived in Utah for three years and
had constant access to all the papers yet did not know there was I
i a
4 such place as Ogden canyon much less one of go mimy Natural
beauties Perhaps he does not know of Logan canyon hence we shall
heretake the pains to inform him there is such a canyon to
There is such a thing as making a thing of beauty too familiar
and of harping too constantly on nearby attractions Addison says
that beauty grown familiar fades in the eye and palls upon the
k J
We are sorry for the man who living within forty miles of Og
den has never heard of Ogden canyon The canyon has been
written up from every point of view and for aypar or more has
been constantly kept before the reading public of Utah By reason
an electric line building through the gorge Ogden and even Salt
Lake papers have mentioned the canyon and its charms in almost
every issue The gentleman who pleaded ignorance at the meeting of
the Utah Press association would qualify as a juror in any case Per
haps he is one of those erudite fellows with a faraway look and a
more distant mind who is too deeply engaged in reading ancient his
tory to be fully awake to current events and preseut day wonders
There are bright Americans with minds so engrossed in making
money or writing books on Sec America First as to express aston
ishment when informed there ire scenic attractions such as Yellow
stone Park Yosemite Valley the Canyon of the Colorado and Ogden
Canyon It is well that there are people living so completely within
themselves as to afford the natives pleasure and pardonable pride
in pointing out our scenic grandeurs Half the delight of possessing a
beautiful scene is in watching the expression of surprise on the be
holder who viewing it for the first time makes evident that he has
not been surfeited by extravagant descriptions
Minor Premises
A minister being sent to officiate
one Sunday at a country parish was
accommodated at night in the manse
in a very diminutive apartment In
stead of tho usual best bedroom ap
propriated to strangers
Is buts the bedroom he said
starting back In amazement
Deed aye sir this Is the proph
ets chamber
It must bo for the minor prophets
then said tho discomfited parson
Tho Casus Belli
One day a Scotch and an English
boy who wore fighting were separat
ed by their respective mothers with
difficulty the Scotch boy though the
smaller being far tho moro pugnac
ious What garret ye ficht a big lad
die like that for said tho mother as
she wiped the blood from his nose
And Ill light him again said tho
boy if be says Scotsmen wear kilts
because their foot arc too big to got
into trousers Argonaut
Jack London has au affection for
children and he once made the ac
quaintance of twin slstors of G
Good morning my dear he said
one morning meeting one of them on
the street and which of tho twins
are you 1
The llltie lassie looked up into his
face and said very gravely
Im the one whats out walklu
Success Magazine
TeacherWhat is a person called
who steals
No answer
TeacherNow Tommy suppose I
were to put my hand In your pocket
and take out a penny what wquld you
call me i
Tommy fully conscious of a scarc
ity of coinPIeaco sir you would be
a conjurer TIt Bits
Keeping Under Cover
Grandpa said little Rasltis as ho
tinned the pages of the dream book
why am It when witches fly around
on bioomsticks dry am always old
wlmmln Where be deh husbnnds
Land child laughed the old man
as he cut a fresh watermelon yo
wouldnt expect deli husbands around I
when dcy am armed with broomsticks
would yoChicngo Nows
A Good Reason
You say Colonel Dawson canl see
me demanded little Blinks indig
I clot returned the Colonels secre
And may 1 ask if ho gives any rea
son for this extraordinary behavior
said Blinks trembling with emotion
Yes replied the secretary coldly
He says lie doesnt want to strain his
eyes Harpers Weekly
What He Needed To Do
Rounder Funny what ideas como
Into a fellows head This morning
while dressing I was wondering how
in the future life I could got my shirt
on over my wIngs
Bounder Dont lei that worry you
What you want to think about Is how
to get your hat on over your horns
Boston Transcript
Proof at Hand
Magistrate Who Is the prisoner
Policeman Ho says hes a foreign
nobleman your honor
Magistrate Did you search him
Policeman Yes and all 1 found was
a pawn ticket and 3 cents
Magistrate Then he evidently told
the truh Chicago News
Wllll Knew
Wllllo said the teacher can yon
tell me what happens when a mans
temperature goes down as far as It
can go
Pleaso mum replied AVIllle ho
would havo cold feeLScrnp
Ready Assent
Dissatisfied Lodger And T know
something about apartments Mrs
Plncher You dont suppose Ive lived
in them twenty years for nothing do
Mrs Plncher HI shouldnt be at all
surprised The Taller
ANACONDIA Monl July 28 Miss
Minnie Thomas was Instantly killed
and Charles Walters sustained in
juries which may cause hid death In
a Deer budge hospital when Walter
automobile was struck by a Milwau
Uc train on the road between Butt
and Anaconda tonight
Both were resident of Anaconda
Walters had been
l1 dmployod for a
number of years In tho Anaconda
Standards stereotyping department
Now York July 29 Thousands of
dead fish floating iu from tho scent
of the practice grounds of the North
Ulantlc battleship fleet off Statcn
Island aro threatening to put a tem
porary stop to bathing at the beach
es along the shore One of the
beaches has been temporarily closed
and the others may have to follow
suite Big gun practice is blamed for
the death of ths fish
1 New York July 29Martin Sheri
I dan of the IrishAmerican Athletic
d club has started active training for
the annual allround championship of
the Amateur Athletic Union which is
scheduled to take place at Chicago the
latter part of next month
I The big champion was undecided for
soino time as to whether he should
onter the event this year but his
friends prevailed upon him to make
the effort and he has now made posi
tive announcement to the effect that
ho will compete
I Sheridan says that he is really in
no condition to enter the contest as
he has not trained for months so
I that he will have his work cut out
for him if ho desires to again carry
I off the honors
I If Joe Homer the Michigan star
gets back from Eupjpe in time to com
pete in the event Sheridan believes
that ho will he up against the best
I al1 round athlete he has ever met
Homer is not only a star shotpuller
and allround weight man but bo Is
j also one of the best hurdlers and
I splinters In tho country Ellis H
Clark the alhlolol1 from Boston will
I also be on deck and try to win the
event again Clark won tho event a
couple of times Iii tho 903 and tho
only man who consistently defeated
him was Sheridan
Complete Head of the Ulntah Thcr
ium Found In the Uintah
A long lime ago when this Ulntah
I basin and the surrounding moun
tains were raised above the sea and
I the mountains were lifted higher than
the basin a great fresh water lake
was formed says the Vernal Express
In those days there wero huge ani
mals In this neighborhood When
the Green river cut Its way through
the mountain harrier and the lake
was drained through Its channel there
lived along the banks and In the
stream land animals and water ani
mals similar to those hi lie African
river countries of today
Professor E S Riggs and his com
panions of the Field museum have
found a somplele skull of the Ulnlaii
thorium or the giant of the Uiutahs
Was Monoter Animal
Theaulmal had a bead three feet
long with three ols of horns one
pair on the John of the nose one
above the eyes and another poor
I back of tho ears The horns were
well developed and were used In
those prehistoric das to fight others
of his kind and defend himself ngaiuar
all comers He had a long curved
task in the upper Jaw with a keep for
It on the side of the lower jaw
It Is Interesting to learn that the
fossils of the oldest known ances
tors of the Uinlah thorium arc found
In Now Mexico and are about the
size of a Newfoundland dog They
I had no horns at that tlmo That wag
about 750000 years before the big
fellows browsed jn this basin Then
I they left their bones In the Big Horn
I basin og Wyoming At that stage
they were about as large as the tapir
and resembled the hlppotamus and
no horns had yet developed
Were Plentiful in Wyoming
In the Wind river basin of Wyom
ing they arc found with the horns
just beginning to bud and over In
the Drldger basin there are plenty
j of remnants lo show that they ware
I ilcntlful and the horns were fully
developed From the Brldger conn
I try to the Ulntah was not a long
Journey and it was supposed that
j they came to Uintah from that sec
r lion In the Ulntah field they
l reached their largest size They 10
Bimblod the rhinoceros and were a S
large as tlie biggest elephant From
I the Ululah field they have disap
peared entirely
Have Another Name
Titanolhcro Is the name of anothoi I
alnmal of which these hunters hay
found a good skull it was about tin e
size of the modern rhinoceros In
this stage It had just begun to de
velop horns U was another low land
animal and possibly wallowed in tho
The Dakota Bad Lands record two
stages of this animals development
Tho lower beds show the same as tho
Green river Uinlah basin stage then
It a later formation the same animal
has developed two great horns It IB
possible that the Tllanothcre has a
living relative In the rluoceros
El Paso July 29As the result of
the wrecking yesterday of the north
bound train on the Sonora railway
which ran Into a washout Brakeman
I Jesus Scalegin was fatally Injured
Kuglnoer Huber seriously hurt and the
frleman of the train badly scalded
The tax levy for Salt Lake City for
1110 will be 15 mills to he divided
y s follows
Contingent expenses 1 23 mills
recta and sidewalks 5 mills In
terest on bonds and sinking fund
2 11 mills water supply 2 11 mills
sewers and drains 12 mills library
13 mills By a vote of twolve ayes
to one nay the levy was made by tho
I Salt Lake City council Thursday
night Tho only vote against the
raise was that cast by Councilman
When tho report of the committee
on estimates and appropriations was
called for by Acting President A J
Davis Recorder Rives read the res
olution which had been prepared by
the committee A motion was made
that tho report bo adopted Mr Hall
wanted to know why It was that the
committee had seen fit lo raise the
tax levy from 13 to 15 mills Coun
cilman J B Morelon proceeded lo
cnllghlen him as well as olher mem
bers of the council who are not mem
bers of the committee The mem
ber from tile First road n detailed
report which was closely followed by
every member of the count lI hi
+ brief the report furnished by Mr
Moreton showed tho following condi
tions of the finances of tho city
Financs of the City
Budget January 1 1910
expenses 132370347
Loss paid from bond fund
etc 270999S
Dopla asked increase de
nied 5613000
Allowed 3131000 2182000
General expense
increased 1011781
Improvement increased 3486741
Water mains ordered 11427001
Preliminary estimates In
creased 231085
Revenue es
timate 70019822 150999507
Less taxes un
collectible 3626038
Less water rates
uncollccllble 1520135
8116073 61903349
Revenue to bo raised 89096208
I Tax levy of 15 mills raise 87671731
To be raised 1121171
Mr Ferlstrom who is a member of
I the committee on estimates and ap
portionments announced that he
would vote for the increase in the
I levy but he was of the opinion that
Homo of the departments or the city
government should cut down theh ex
penses He was of tho opinion that
the city should levy a tax of 16 mills
Instead of 15 mills hut believed that
the expenses should ho kept down to
tho budget
In Connection With the Hooper Brass
Band at Lagoon August 1st
Free tickets to contractors and em
ployes of all the above canneries Spe
cial excursion rates for every one
Dancing and amusements for both old
and young Como and bring your
friends Everyone cordially Invited
August 1st 1910 Excursion via
Bamberger Line W J Parker Man
Holton Kas July 9Rep P P
Campbell of the Third Kansas dis
trict a standpatter In a speech
here Inst night proclaimed the Insur
gents to bo Iconoclasts who have tak
en tho course that has required Ihe
least intellectual offorl denuncia
When tho weather Is hot he said
and mental effort Irksome If pos
sible the true patriot and only friend
of the people with a show of rare
courage rises to the occasion and de
clares that the Republican majority
of the house and senate were for a
certain measure therofoio In the In
I crest of tho great common people
It must be opposed
Whether the measure Is good or
bad does not depend on the measure
itself according to those mere critics
and fault finders but upon the per
sonnel of Its supporters
Is the measure good 1 The Repub
lican majority In the house and sen
I ate are for II and It Is approved bv
the president Tho measure Is there
fore had and these men opposed to it
I Is the measure bad The Repub
lican majority in the houso and sen
ate and the president oppose it II
Is therefore good and these men sup
port It
If tho Republican majority in the
house and senate and the president
would avoid tho locks these men
were spill up on them If the Re
publican majority In the house and the
senate and the president would steer
into harbor these men would rains it
The president and tho majority of
the Republicans of the house anti sen
ate agreed upon a tariff law These
men opposed It Democrats and in
surgents said they wanted tho tariff
reduced The Payne bill carried in
consumptive value in chemicals In
cluding a 11 per cent reduction iu
white lead of 433199S4C In
earthenware and glassware of 12SV
423732 In wood Including lumber of
566870950 in metals Including steel
and iron of 1221955620 in sugar
molasses and manufactures of 300
n659iS pulp white paper and books
6762SOo5 sundry articles 1719428
869 The bill contained fioJ reduc
lions In articles of necessity and com
mon use The average adopted val
orem rate ou dutiable Imports under
the Dingle Law was 25 IS per cent
under the Payno law 2095 per cent
a reduction of ah lost five per cenl
on all dullablo imports
Louisville J1I July 29 Henry
Krlnlz having lived to the rlpo old
ago of 75 years yesterday upset all
traditions of tho comic papers h
wedding his ntoher In law GO years
nd while the thermometer stood 100
degrees in the shade His bride bo
fore the wedding watt Mrs Elizabeth
Fochs whose j ugrtcr divorced
Krlntz several years ago Both lived
In Oskaloosa 111 Krlnlz la a farm
t r
Krlonda of Uioi two arc trying lo
figure Out jiiflt1 wlfar kin Krlnlz Is
to his wife Tho former Mrs Krlntx
now becomes his step rlnughtor So
fa It Is easy but Iho other possible
relationships among the three are
puzllng the good folk of Oskaloosa
Annual Outing of the Veteran Fire
men of Ogden and Volunteers of Five
Points Thursday Aug Jth at the
Hermitage Everybody Invited
Washington July 29Thc Atlas
Portland Comcnt company has a con
tract with the government to furulsi
1500000 barrels of cement for usa
in construction work along the Pan
ama canal The contract covers a
period of three years the first do
livery under It having been made
about n year ago Deliveries are now
made at the rate of about 5800 bar
rels a day
At the time of the acceptance of the
contract a protest was lodged with
tho secretary of war by Congressman
Bennett of Now York on behalf of a
lower conditional bidder Tho bid of
tho Allan Portland Cotnenl company
at about 119 a barrel the exact
cost depending pn whether the ce
ment was delivered in barrels or in
Lags finally was accepted
No attempt has been made It was
said today at the office of the Isth
mian canal commission on the part of
the cement company to abrogate its
New York July Announcement
was made today that the directors of
the Atlas Portland Cement company
which has a capitalization of 12500
000 have decided to suspend the divi
dend on its common stock for the
present The company which has
been paying S per cent on its com
mon stock obtained a contract from
tho government aggregating many
millions of dollars
Manila July 21Lienl Col Robert
F Ames who was court martialcd
following an investigation of the sui
cide of Lieut Clarence M Januey at
his home was released from arrest
today and resumed command of the
Twelfth Infantry U S A
The findings of the court martial
have not hc > published hero hut It I
is understood that the officer was re
duced twelve numbers
Mrs Januey who was a witness at
tho court martial sailed for Hong
Kong enrouto for her home in San
Jnnney shot himself after a quar
rel with Ills wife while the two were
dinner guests of Ames The quarrel
was said to have started over tho
discovery by Janncy that his wife had
given a champagne cooler that had
belonged to her husband to Ames
Denver July WAfter being ar
rested here three times within an
hour S and R Hosier brothers from
Murdock Kan wore not well pleased
with their first visit to Denver yester
day and resolved to eliminate this
place from any further Itlnorarles
Soon after leaving the union depot
they were accosted by a policeman
who looked with suspicion upon tho
hand grips each was carrying After
a search the officer decided they were
not safeblowers as he suspected and
let them go
A few blocks further on tho act
was repeated by a plain clothes man
A third limo another policeman
stopped the boys and searched their
grips By this time their experiences
were becoming serious and tho broth
ers resolved to leavo town at once
never to return
Washington July 29John La
monto Hurst of Denver has presented
to the American University of Wash
Ington a sofa which was used In tho
White House by Abraham Lincoln
Tho sofa which is upholstered in
green leather Is just as It was when
in the possession of tho martyred
president Mr Hurst who is a son
ot the late Bishop John Fletcher
Hurst has had the article in his pos
session for many years
South Harpswell Maine July 29
Summer guests from many parts of
the country made hurried exits with
what little personal property they could
snatch up when the Merrill hotel here
was burned early today The flames
reached Into the residence section of
the town burning one cottage to tho
ground and seriously damaging throe
Tho loss will reach nearly 100000
Boston July 20A prize of 10000
for the aviator who flies from Sol
diers field at Harvard to Boston Light
and return without alighting during
the coining Harvard aeronautical ex
hibition was announced hero today as
the gift of General Charles II lay
lor proprietor of the Boston Globo
Garden City N Y July 21 The
ambition oC Mrs Russell Sage to wit
ness an aeroplane flight was realized
last evening when she watched the
machines of Clifford B Harmon Cap
tain Thomas Baldwin and Goorgo
Russell hover over the aviation Hold
at Hempstead Plains
Houslon Tex July 29By a viva
voce vott the lower houlo of the
state legislature yesterday passed to
engrossment a bill prohibiting the
exhibition of moving pictures of tho
JohnsonJoffrles fight In this state
An amendment prohibiting nlc irui Of
train robberies and similar thing n
was also adopted
With the appearance of Sergeant
Gardner of II company on the Fort r
Douglas range yesterday new life
was added to the Utah rifle team
which Is practicing for the national
militia title competitions to be hold
at Camp Perry 0 during the hat
t er of
August Gardner
was one
of tho star shots of the toam last
lear and it was feared that he would r
not bo able to go to Camp Perry this
year on account of his work Hn
was given tho necessary Umo off bv
his employer however and will he
one of lie members of the team The
only other mail who made the team
and will not ho ablo to go Is SOl
grant C W NMlfion of the Signal
corps tho toam thus losing a strong
man on the range
Sergeant Anderson Captain KneaaB
Sergeant Major Nollson Captain
Coolidge and Sergeant Gardner are
still at the head of tho list in the
firing Sergeant LeRoy Warthman
of tho Signal corps who was struck
In tho eye with a piece of rock was I
back on the firing line yesterday The
morning shoot was cut short be
cause of tho ammunition supply run
ning short but the men again blazed
away at the targets in the afternoon
The shooting in the morning waa
In learning the correct sighting on
tho skirmish ranges with the battle
sights for which no scores wore kept
The scores at 200 yards wore much
better than the day before showing
Private Amundsen as the high gun
with Sergeant Major Nellson second
Dud Sergeant Anderson third Tho
scores were as follows
200 200
Blow rapid
Captain Kneass 41 12
Captain Webb tl 32
Captain Coolldgo 41 12
Lieutenant Winch 38 15
StrgL Major Nclleon 12 15
Sergt Frank Smith37 13
SergL Floyd Smith40 12
sergeant Way 30 33
Corporal Glasmann 30 3D
Sergeant Anderson 42 43
Sergeant Gardner 41 41
Sergeant Warthman 30 45
Private Merrill 37 13
Private Anderson 30 41 l
Private Amundsen 4G 12
Private vMortcnaon 38 a
Tom the shooting thus far It is
believed that It will be cither Ser
geant Way Private Morlonaon or Pri 1
vate Merrill who will be dropped
from the team after todays shoot
when the team will be complete as
it will go to Camp Perry
A S Watkins national lecturer on
prohibition and a speaker of unusual
force and eloquence will address a
meeting to be held in alto Tabernacle
under the auspices the Ogden Bet i
torment league at 2 p in next Sun
day t
Mr Watkins Is making a campaign
of tho Western country and Is meet
ing with good success It Is fortunate
that Ogden has a chanco to hear so
well posted a man and no one even
those who do not believe in prohibit
ion should fail to attend this meet
ing All are Invited
Two Companies Want State to Retain
Protests against the disposal of the
Pluto reservoir project will bo heard
by the state hoard of land commis
sioners next Thursday morning at 10
oclock These protests will come
from the Otter Creek Reservoir com
pany represented by It D Young
president and tho Water Users asso
ciation of Sexier county represented
by H M Hayes
The Otter Creek Reservoir company f
complains over any proposal to dis r
pose of tho Pinto project by the slate Ii
land board on the ground that before
the state could take up the project It
was necessary to get a number of con
cessions from lie Otter Creek com
pan before the state could do any
thing on the project Now the Otter
Creek company asserts that these con
cessions would not have been made
under any condition if it was thought
that the slate Intended at that time
to fur nthe project over to private in
divlduals The Water Users associa
tion has a protest to enter along the
sumo lines q
The land board yesterday author
ized the president and secretary to
sign the revised contract with tho
Beaver Laud Watcr company In
behalf of the hoard ij
The Oasis project was again dis
cussed by the land board yesterday
and on appeal of William H King
the board deferred any actlou until J
next week when it Is expected that
the irrigation company will have i
made arrangements for financing the
extensive repairs necessary to fulllll
Its contract with the land ownore
The land board could legally Inter
ono at the present time but such ac
tlon in tho opinion of the members
of the board would SlmpTy mean put
ting the Irrigation company out of
business and result In no comprehen
sive relief froh the land owners Bv
purfliiliig Its present course however
the laud boar doxpects to be able to
protect tbtt Interests of tho settlers as
well as those of the Irrigation com
Made by the
O cl > n Utah

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