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Fortieth Year No 184 Price Five C ants OGDEN TUESDAY
as Second Claoa Matter
at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
H TEll All
t So Far Dr Crip pen Is
I Silent and Will
Not Talk
I Quebec Aug 2Dr Crippen and
e Miss Lenevc the two prisoners who
have fooused the eyes of the world
on this old French city on the Si
F 4 Lawrence slept last night the sleep
of complete exhaustion following the
t ordeal of the preceding hours
Crlppon and the girl now face two
L weeks or more of monotonous wait
c ing There will be no more legal pro
ceedings In the case until August 8th
r when they will have another purely
I formal appearance In court to give
them a last opportunity of demanding
a writ of habeas corpus or any other
legal relief to which they may feel
Unless they change their express
ed Intention neither will apply for
wrts or interfere In any way with
the methods adopted by the police to
get them back to England
So far as the Province of Quebec
Is concerned legal proceedings are
practically closed The olllclal docu
ments regarding the arrest of the
couple and their interrogation by
Judges LaD 1Ier and Angers of the
court of special sessions were for
warded last night to Ottawa for the
signature of the governorgeneral
The color Is beginning to return to
Miss Lenoves cheeks and this morn
ing the matron at the Jail hospital said
she looked a trifle less forlorn than
when she was taken there yesterday
afternoon from the house of Chief of
Detectives McCarthy Miss Lcncvc
who left the Montrose in garments
loaned to her by the ships stewardess
was today supplied with a neatwhite
dress which added to the improve
ment in her appearance
Crippen is Silent
Crippen taciturn and seeming to a
considerable extent to have cover
ed his composure has volunteered
nothing since his arraignment yes
terday which might help the police In
soiling the mystery surrounding the
disappearance of hs wife i
The detectives would like to gather
from the accused some unusual evi
dence but unless some present signs
fall they will receive no help in this
line from DrCrippen I
k Crlppon Is ho fool said Inspector
DQw and no one questions his opiu
1tllt Accordingly 0 It is generally believ
ed that the police are renting their
hopes on MiSS Lonevp If she dqcs
not possess the key to the mystery j
hey think she can at least aid them i
lalerlally Inn reconstruction the j
circumstances leading up to the dis
appearance of Bello Elmore t is I
known that Mrs CrIppen was joa i
ous of her husbands typist and the j
police have no doubt that Miss Le
neve was aware of this Jealousy
No Third Degree
They will not use any third de
gree methods in interviewing Miss
Leneve but more subtle Influence al
ready is at work The girl prisoner
Is being treated wtih the greatest
consideration She showed the ef
fect of this today appearing to he
much better In body and in mind I
than on yesterday when following
duo collapse after her arrest she was I
considered too ill to appear in court
Miss Leneve has never been placed I
In a cell here She has been kept I
In the room of one of the women em
ployes of the provlnceial jail and has I
been allowed occasional outdoor ex
ercise Inspector Dew has repeatedly I
said that he believed the girl was In
nocent of any knowledge of wrong
doing Sho has been visited by WOOl
en who have treated her most kind
r ly
At the same time Miss Leneve is
being bombarded with cablegrams
from members of her family In Lon
ilon urging her to tell all she knows j
The pressure of friendliness is being I
OKcrted on her while there Is no
prospect that she will come In contact
with Dr Crippen or even see him for I
a long time I
The purpose In all this Is obvious
when It is considered that so far as j
js generally known Scotland Yard has
l been unable to identify the dlsinem j
bored body found In the cellar of the
Crippen home in London The police t
ense Is believed not to be complete j
Even the unemotional Dew the j
typical English detective has been i
pffected by Miss Leneves plight I
I am sorry for her he said to
day I dont believe she knew any I
tblng about the crime
t While the Canadian and English
f laws strictly prohibit any attempt to j
obtain a confession especially the I
third degree It Is said tho girl has I
expressed a desire to make revela j
Hona The police say they will ac i
pther statement after she had
been warned that anything she said I
might be used against her at her I
Thus far In moments of her ox
I fcrno shock and weakness the po i
in a8sert Crippcur companion bar
cnialned loyal to him so far as her
llcncp Is loyalty I
Crippen today was permitted to re I
the the first message that hail
oachod him from the outside since I
ale arrest I
The police have denied nil requests i
to soe and speak with the prisoner
ird threw up their hands in amaze
mcnt at the Idea of a newspaper In i
tenlew Today however Judge An j
R ers authorized the prison governor I
Joseph Morcn to visit Crippen and 1
fiivp him a verbal message aakipg j
II he would make a public atato
fluent The magistrate Imposed the
Jm8 that anything Crippen might
n y must be put by him In writing I
J nd sent to tho court before It was j
l given out I
j Moren found the prisoner in the
name silent and morose state that le
I Jm preserved since his Imprison I
1 ntnt Wlion told that ho had 1
cuonco to send some word to thi > out
si 10 world Crlppcn displaced not
the slightest Interest
Is there anything you wish to
wiy persisted thejailor
The accused man answered No
Now York August 2 The village of
frvingtononlhcHudson Is Increasing
ly puzzled over the strange dlsap
pparance of Mrs John Burflt 62 years
old who though bedridden for years
walked out of her home a week ago
and was last seen dressed In a houuo
gown and slippers standing in the
I railroad station at Tarrytown
The woman had so long been crip
pled by rheumatism that she was of
ten unable to set a foot on the neo
and for years she had not loft hoi
Holy See at No Time
Conciliatory Says
Garcia Prieto
Madrid Aug 2Tho Liberal press
officially denies the insinuations of
tilt Vatican that It only demanded
he withdrawal of the bill prohibiting
j further religious orders until tho con
i cordat had been revised and also
roluts out that the bill in question
i did not violate the concordat which
recognizes only three orders
El Liberal says Pope Pint X Is
now sowing what will be reaped in
following the advice of two Spanish
I San Sebastian Spain Aug 2Gar
cia Prieto the minister for foreign
I p fairs In an Interview today in which
I he recited the history of tlie negotia
l tion between Spain and the Vatican
I denies that the Holy See had made
i a conciliatory attitude HP added
I The government asked only two
j things First the suppression of th
I convents and monasteries which en
tered Spain illegally and second
I that the pnpe should authorize the
i bishops to suppress or transform the
i establishments uniicccssy to the
1 aid of the priests iu their ministra
Tho government offered a year
for the transformation which was de
Flrdd bytho secular clergy whose ex
istence is gravely compromised by
I tho monks
Senor Prlelo declaredCardinul Mer
ry Del Val had adopted dilatory tac
tics from the first alleging that ibo
speech from the throno contained
lidlnhjagaitiSl the Catholic religion
Wo rc5tested our good faith and
Iesjrod to reach an agreement said
the minister when we eQfQrced tho I
decree of 1002 against which neither
lie curia nor the episcopate protest
or Cardinal Merry Del Val demand
pd that the decree remained a dead
letter although the Vatican since that
Hate granted numerous authorization
ulthour the sanction of the Spanish
Finally the demand of the all
an for the withdrawal of the bill I
permitting nonCatholic organizations
in display the insignia of public wor I
ship was deemed inadmissible The
Ucall of Marquis de Ojeda our am
bassador at the Vatican was in full
nccord with diplomatic usage when a
power with which another power is in
elation refuses to admit the justi
fied pretensions the latter
Washington Aug 2The revenue
Ciitter Perry one of the smallest but I
the oldest of the fleet of that ser I I
vice ran ashore on July 26lh at Ton I
kl point on the cast side of St Pau1 I
ll one of the Prlbioff group in
the Behrlng sea and Is a total loss I
Seattle Wash Aug 2A cable
gram from Alaska states that the rev
enue cutter Perry struck Tonkl Point
eel off St Paul Island In a dense
log Just Saturday and Is a total lost
rue officers and crew were taken off
by life revenue cutters Tahoma and
The Perrys engine room and hull
are flooded and the officers of till
Tahoma and Manning ordered aban
donment of the vessel An Inqulr
Inlo the wreck will be held at Val
dr > 2 September Sth
Representatives of Land Companies
Appear to Be Getting Together I
Salt Lake Aug 21or the purpose
of coming to an amiable settlement I
of tho division of the expenses to be
incurred by Improvements which have I
been ordered by the board of river
commissioners among the various par I
ties taking water from the Jordan
river a meeting of representatives of
tho various canal companies the city I
engineer and Commissioner J Few
son Smith was held in Judge Arm
strongs cpurtroom Monday
The meeting was called by Commis
sioner Smith Each of the companies
taking water from the river had rep I
resentatives at the meeting together I
with the city and Commissioner Smith
presented a plan which they will tako
back to their respective boards to he
considered Xc definite action was
taken at the meeting Monday as to the
dhielon of the expenses but it was
the opinion of Mr Smith that the
companies should share equally The
total cost of improvements contem
plated will bo about 10000
The improvements t y he made will
bn along tho lino of the construction
of new dams and it Is understood Ii
thattbe Intakes are In a poor condi
tion These too will need repairing II
it la aaio I
He Places Col George
I Harvey in the Famous
Ananias Club
Now York Aug 2Colonci RoOf
volt yesterday added another distin
guished member to the Ananias club
In the person of Colonel Gcorgp Har
vey editor of the North American Re
The Initiation took place In the of
fice of the Outlook of which Colonel
Roosevelt is contributing editor and
the new member while not actually
present was put through with much
vim and considerable bounce
While Colonel Roosevelt did not use
tho shorter and uglier word In con
nection with Colonel Harvey his lan
guage was distinctly blunt and plain
The reopening of the club which
was close just prior to Mr Roose
velts departure for Africa was
brought about through an article In
the August number of the North
American Review entitled Is Roose
velt an Asrot or a Liability and
which was signed The Editors In
a paragraph at the top of page 151
this sentence occurs But recently
i Roosevelt the man declared that If a
national election were to bo held next
November he undoubtedly would be
I the Republican candidate and would
I win
When Colonel Roosevelt saw this
I his eyes snapped and his teeth clicked
L ns he almost shouted
I That Is simply a falsehood 1
have never said anything like that
I It was pointed out to Colonel Roose
velt that Colonel Harvey evidently
I meant to cOnvey the Impression that
he could be forced into accepting the
i nomination By that time Colonel
Roosevelt appeared extremely angry
I and again repeating that he had
never made the statement attributed
to him made a rush for the waiting
I elevator
I New York Aug 2 It may be un
seemly for me to engage with Mr
Roosevelt In a controversy Involving
a question of veracity That which I
wrote of course Is true said Colonel
George Harxey at his home at Deal
Lake N L last night
San Francisco Aug 2Jn charge of
Captain of pDloctfves J P Carnpy
through whose efforts he was run to
earth Joseph Wohdllhg accused of
the murder oC Alma Kellner of Louis
vllle Ky left today for the scene
of the crime for which he will JQ
It is believed here by tho detect
ives who have assisted the chase
and arrest of Wcndling that Carne
will take extraordinary precautions
to guard his prisoner after he reaches
the boundary of Kentucky as It is re
ported that the feeling thoc runs
high against the accused man
Notwithstanding his cheerful air
Wendllng has been guarded closely
in his cell for fear that he might at
tempt suicide
Wendllng before his departure wag
measured by the local identification
bureau He reiterated his desire to
return quickly lo Louisville
Metuchen N J Aug 2How a
slelghtofhand trick unlocked the
Sates ot the county jail here and ac
complished tho escape of a prisoner
became known Today with the arrest
In New York of Erhardt Malck want
ed by the Metuchen authorities as a
fugitive from justice Malck had scrv I
cd about half of a long term for i
burglary when he took French leave
a few days ago Nobody was able to I
explain Just how he got away until
ho told tbo story of his escape to the 1
sheriff when recaptured In New York I
He said that he had been a favor
ite with the keepers because they
enjoyed his ready wt and he often I
entertained them with parlor magic I
and sleighiofhand tricks I
On the day of his escape he said
he got into conversation with one of
the keepers and offered to show the
man a new trick While tho keeper
wns watching the swift motion of
Malcks bonds the prisoner unhook
ed the bunch of keys from the war
dens bplt removed two of thorn and
returned the bunch to its place with
out being detectcd An hour or two
later an opportunity to use the keys I
offered Itself and the prisoner made
his way out and escaped to New
York I
He will finish his term In a solitary
cell and the keepers will not he al
lowed to consult him for Instructions
in parlor majlc t
Omnhn Llvostock
Omaha Aug 2 Cattle Receipts
7800 Marffit steady to stronger
Native steers 75a715 western j
Floors SSOap frO ago cows and belt I
ere 275a17j5 stockers nnd feeders
OOa5C5 calves 4OOr700 i
Hogs Receipts 9500 market I
steady to stronger Heavy 720a77i5 I
mixed 710a770 light 780a810 pigs
ij75a750 bulk of sales 735a780 j
Shcop Receipts 6700 market
steady eYarllngs i75ariGQ wethers
GOallO owes 275a3P Jambs G25a
725 I
Chicago Ays 2AlIoJcrJ activities
of the beef trust in Colorado will bo 1
Investigated by a special grand jury
today FlvcvpackorB and cattlemen
w t 1
from Dcnvpr arrived yesterday to tell
the inquisitorial body how the Na
tional packing company obtained con
trol of three pucTqnp companies in the
western city flflJ thereby It is said
put an end to open competition
The Denver firms which were
bought up by the Rational Packing
company are the Colorado Packing
Proviuion company the Western
Packing compauV and the Denver
Stock Yards company I
The witnesses summoned to Chi
cago to testify art George W Ballan I
tine vice president and general man
ager of the Denver Stock Yards com 1
pany E P Ernest cattle raiser
George W Linger general manager of I
the Engle Cattlp company EHJahBos
serman commission man and Henry
1 Gnhhnrdt former president of the
Colorado Packing Provision com
aimy41Bi f A43 I
I Was Made to Think He
I Could Becom a
Colton King
New York Aug 2 According to J
I friends of Erwln G Wider who Is
charged with having taken 080000
from the RussoChlnese bank here i
tho former cashjer many years ago
conceived a schenie for becoming a
cotton Icing by shfewd market i
moves It was in an attempt to car 1
ry out this plan a few months ago
they say that he was overwhelmed
Wider was short of cotton they de
clare all the time that Patten and
his associates Were advancing tho i
price I
The men advising Wider Induced
him to keep on turning over securi
ties by telling him that with Just a
little more riioney iip they would bo
le to break Pattens pool and he
would he the greatest man in tho
street l
The report that Wider secreted
stolen securities or the money jie
realized on ihqitf wag emphatically
denied by his counsel
I U11O ever had J 00000 said his
lawyer he would nop havp kept it
long As a mattpr of fact he re j
cell practically no benefit from tho I
securities hp took Wall street with I
Its voracious uiVw allowed then
I nil
New York Aug 21hc stock mar
ket Ignored the hgher level of pric
es in the early Ipndon market and
started trading day at declines
from last nights losing level Kan
sas Texas fell ll Southern Pa
cific U S Steel me American Sue
nr and Union Pmlflc and American
Smelting large fractions
The marketbcjamo weaker with
considerable pressure ngalnst some
of the Gold and j Hawley stocks
Chesapeake Ohm yielded to Go Its
lowest price of tie year Full rec
overy was made I r the active stocks
after which the tnding became dull
Reports of rain In portions of the
corn belt where it is badly need
ii caused a flrn tone for stncke
Trading became stagnant as the hour
approached for tth bulletin of the
government report on cotton condi
tion Bonds were easy
Chicago iivestock
I Chicago Aug 2 Cattlo Reoeipts
estimated at 9000 market slow hut
steady Beeves f4G5 < i > S10 Texas
steers 3 60 < frfi50j Western steers
100 050 stockrs and feeders
400 < 7j > G15 cows od heifers 250 I
I G25 calves 650 875
HogsReceipts etlmated at 13
000 market 5c hljhor Light 710
9I790 mixed jSOSAO heavy
A5t > 820 rough 7 45fi > 790 good
to choice heavy 7703820 pigs
810S75 bulk ofsales 505815
Sheep Receipts stimatPd at IS
000 market steudi Native 2I0it
4 GO western S7L50 yearlings i
15051575 lainbi native I70tP
700 lambs wcRten 4OFl0
= t II
Chjc lg Close
Chicago Aug 2Close WheatI
September 100 Sla5S Dec 103 I
18 to JI May 1f 14 to 38 I
Corn SeplemborG2 1I to n8 De
comber GOalS Ma1 Gl 12
Oats Sept 36 6a3l Dec 37 18 I
May 10 12
PorkSept 21t 12 Oct 20Go I
LardSept 110 Oct 1115 12 I
Nov 1117 12 Ju 1017 12
Ribs Sept 116 Oct 1100 I
New Yor Money I
New York Aug LMOncy on call
easy 1 12a2 per lent ruling rate
1 12 per cent closfp bid 1 per cent
offered all 12 percent Time loans
easy for sixty das Sal4 per cent
for ninety days 4a l4 per cent for
six months 1 7SaEper Cent
Sugar nndCoffcc
New York Aug 2SugarRaw
steady muscovadop test 386 ecu
trlfugal 06 test 43J molasses sugar
SJ test 3G1 Refled steady
CoffeeSpot quit No 7 Rio S j
31 No 4 Santos fljL2a58 I
Metal Mrket I
New York Aug I Lead Stead 1
spat 44712 t 1
Copper Steady sta nrln rd spftt i
107 l21220 Sotombcr 12IO < 5 >
1220 1
Silver F 3 1S J
Chi ago foduce
Chicago Aug 2jButter steady
cCafof les 23 l2a2D2 dairies 23u
2ti Eggs Stpadyj r8l8 1G prime
firsts J7 Cheese eadj rUling Am
erica 15 l4al2 He horns 1534
j Millions in Stocks Are
Not Assessed in
L Illinois 1
Chicago August 2 Chlcagj mil
lionaires wore taken by surprise yes
Urday when Frank W Jones presi
dent of the Illinois Tax Reform
Uague filed with the board of review
a statement that 200000000 of stocks
In foreign corporations owned by cit
l7Pns of Cook county have been con
cealed by the assessors and review
ers and have not been aS8essed It
Is said by lawyers for stockholders
that stock in foreign corporations is
not subject to taxes In Illinois but
the leaguo says It Is
I The communication gives the
names of tho owners the name of the
qompaples In which they are alleged
to hold stock and the par value of
the Kecurltlea Altogether there are
seventy men In the leagues list which
U headed by the names of J Ogden
Armour and Edward Morris
According to Mr Jones some of
these men have not been assessed on
anything like the amount of assess
able personal property owned by thom
for the period beginning in 1905 and
j lib claims that 15000000 could bo
n d d to the revenue of the county
If the legal penalty should be added
The association gave notice to the
board of review of Its Intention to
Jle with tho circuit court of Cook i
county mandamus proceedings to com
pel that body to assess the stock of
foreign corporations held by resi
dents of this county
In behalf of the board of review
Fred W Upham said that tho hoard
fixed tho taxes as the evidence it
had in its possession would war
The list submitted by the tax re
form league gives tho following hold
lags ort the richest men named
Edward Morris 39919700 J Og
den Armour 32119700 Joy Mor
ton G600000 Arthur Meeker 5
370000 JohumP1 Mitchell 1020
000 Louis P Swift 5129000 E P
Swift 5030000
Chicago Aug Consumers who
arp ookiug for a drop In the prices of
fcouig of the necessities of liCe will
j pot get any drop In butter accprdlng
1 to John Newman president of the El
I gin hoard of trade After the board
had Increased the price a cent a
pqund yesterday Mr Newman said it
was his opinion that even higher
prices were coming before winter
j Butter will be at prices to exceed
I anything In the last few years before I
winter Is well started said Mr New
man The present dry weather is
I the cause of this prospect The talk
I of COcont butter is ridiculous how
I The price was advanced from 27 to
28 cents Ijy tho Elgin board Many
lof the members reported that pas
I tures in their regions were dry and
worthless and that farmers had al
If ready begun to give their cows feed I
that should be saved for winter
i I
Chicago Aug 21he number of I
i saloons in Chicago according to the
latest census report received from
Washington yesterday Is gradually
t decreasing although the prospect is
that It will be a good many years
I btforo the ratio of one saloon to every
COO citizens laid down In a city ord
iitance is achieved To attain that
distribution the city must either lose I
200 existing saloons or gain 1500
000 in population
The census figures on the saloons I
i of the country show the following for
Chicago No Pop License I
Saloons Ratio Revenue
1fl0m7J52 303 7252687
1JOS 7i211 202 7306802
liOG 7334 271 3931010
The tremendous increase in revenue
between 1908 and 1906 was due to the
increasing of the license fee from
500 to 1000
San Francisco Aug 2Senator I
Stono of Missouri a member of tho
senate committee appointed to Inves I
tlgate federal criminal court practices
arrived here yesterday and other
lo nihors of committee are expect
ed to join Senator Stone within a few
The object of th6 com III I ttCS isit
to San FnmcJKco has not been stat
ed but ltls reported that the pro ced
ire in the case of Dr E IX Perdu I
who wotf indicted on charges of de
frauding tho government out of valu
able lands will claim the com
rnittqcjs attention
kcw fork Aug 2The trip rII
the Atlantic Transport Line steam
hhip Mnnowaska from London just >
r endud ut this port was enlivened by j
a thcrflo show the first of its kind j
the The vcsapl
ever held upon sea
wns carrying a consignment of very >
fine horsee including some which will I
be exhibited at the International
Horse Show Chicago
There wero 22G horses on the MIn
inewaskn Theowners of nearly all
theanlmajs wore passengers and the
Idea 6f hotOlnso horse show came
about when those men got together
to talk horse The Idea took hold at
once and the affair was held between
decks on Friday A ring was made
with a short run to exhibit the gait
of the entries The Judge was Edwin
Hobson an Illinois horseman
The horse owners on board includ
ed Samuel Bell and William Bell of
Wooster 0 Worth Dunham of
Wayne 111 J Hamilton and Mr
Hawthorne Canada E Hobson Clif
ton III W V Lewis Wayne 111
W E Pritchard Ottawa Canada and
J G Truman of Bushnell III
Most noted of the horses aboard I
the Mlnnowaska was Shelford Pride
I a winner of many prizes owned by
J G Truman Truman brought over
forty Shires among them the noted
I Shire gelding Victor which also Is tQ
he exhibited at the Chicago horse
I at Winnipeg Fires II
I perty of a Can
adian Road I
Winnipeg Man Aug Following I
a clash with the Canadian Northern I
railroads pollen at the shops here to
day where five hundred car men are
I on strike a mob of strikers stoned
the enclosure of the shops where
strikebreakers boarded No one was
reported hurt I
In another part of time yards thirty
freight and passenger cars were j
burned I
One hundred special police were on
duty today to guard the shops Soy
oral arrests have been made
Pittsburg Aug 2Dr Geo Mur
ray Stuart a physician of the fash i
ionablc East End district was found
dead in bed with a bullet hole In his
head last night and by his side US
Ed nn Wallace a weilknown char
acter of Pittsburgh underworld who
It is believed shot the physician and
then killed herself Dr Stuart AV q I
to have been married the tenth of
the present month The invitations
tp tile marrJa icrcJec i d here to
Dr Stuarts parents live at Win
chester JHIs bridle was to havp bppiv
I Miss Alice Paulino Simpson df Laws
Va s
VaIn the1 aparlnionts of Dr Stuart the
police today found his wedding gar
ments carefully packed Ho was to
have left for the home of his Intend
ed bride tonight
The Wallace womans sister who I
lives In Pittsburg has refused to al j
low the body to be brought lo her
Peking Aug 2 Peking was sur
prised this morning by the arrival un
heralded of Prince Teal Tao uncle
of the young emperor whose long
and extensive recent tour through the
United States and Europe caused con
siderable criticism of the dynasty
Prince Tsai Tao wished to extend
his stay in Europe but was ordered
to return quietly to Peking the meas
ure evidently being intended to pre
vent aims antidynastic Incidents
against which the government has of
late taken unusual precaution
In spite however of the criticisms
of the extravagant perc unatlcns
Prince Tsal Hun a brother of the
regent and several less exalted mem
bers of the imperial family will sail
for the United States Aug 12tb nom
Jnally to study naval methods in Am
erica all hough any increase In the
Chinese fleet Is not expected for many
Sixty students who are being edu
cated at the expense of the indem
nity fund returned to China by the
United States will also sail for tho
United States this month as will d l
egates to the prison reform congress I
an I the conference of army surgeons I
J New York August 2lite commis
sioner of police of this city wants
farmer boys on the force According
1 what Is known as the mental test
of policemen will be made lods se
It was explained in making the an
iounccment that this does not mean
that farmers are any less Intelligent
than any one else but merely that
the catch questions on city streets
heretofore asked will be eliminated
i n the case of candidates from out 1
of town The commissioner admitted I
ulth a smile that some of his new
policemen may got lost on pout but
hit suggested that they might tako
maps with them
COO C 00 0 00 cio 0000
Q 01
O 0
0 Davenport la August 2 0
0 After carefully arrangingtho 0
O burial robes for all three Mrs 0 I
O Nick Nehlsen wife of a farm 0
O er yesterday administered fa 0 I
O tal doses of strychnine to her O
O self and her two daughters 0
O aged two and four years The 0 I
O elopement of a daughter with 0
O a man many years her senior 0
O great preyed upon the mind of 0
O the mother It is said 0
0 0
I fAll STtlE
Men Will Cease tc
Have the Padded
I Chicago Aug Welltailored rrrip
of the comlll fall
coming will bo narrow od
shoulders and broad of chest and the
present typo of wideshouldered but
i aenemic clothing store athlete will
have vanished from the realm of the
Exhibits at the fashion show which
opened formally today at the Coli
seum presaged the passing of the ar
tificial wide shoulder and boro ovl
donee that superfluous cloth In future
will be lavished on the chest
The overcoat of the man wh
Knows will be loose and baggy Tho
latest thing In keepwarm clothing la
called a great coat Any size will
fit any ono fairly well but Is guaran
teed not to 1H any Individual perfect
ly The coat will hear the ulster eel
Iar of jest winter only moro so
The straight front closeflUlng
collar his been placed on the black
list and Its most favored successor
is one that looks somewhat like the
Ellznbothian ruff
Flowing ties have come Into their
own Their only rival for popilnr fa
vor Is a particolored tip which dis
plays an amazing set of contrasts
when knotted fourlnhand
The narrowshouldered businpsa
suit in addition to its burly I > t
will be remarkable for the exceeding
closeness of Its fit around the hips
Pegtop trousers gripping the shoe
tops tightly will be worn as the ac
companying nether garments
San Francisco Aug 2A quarrel
last night was responsible for a double i
ble killing In a downtown saloon
shortly after 2 oclock this morning
Returning to the saloon where tIme
mow had occurred Alfonzo Emily I i
stood in the door and opened fin
with a revolver 0 on the other din
putants Luclen Shah and A Gatto
Shah was shot through the head and
I Gattos ahtlpnfen was perforated
I Both died on Uio way tQ anemor
grfffcyirRospftaltJ ETnil = was arrested
All throe men it is said had been
drinking hwnlly
I Fairbanks Alaska August 2The I
severe drouth experienced In tho Ta
nana alley this summer has had a
serious effect in curtailing tho gold I
output for that district the water I
shortage greatly reducing sluicing op l
orations i
The output for the Fairbanks dis
tricts was less than 1000000 In July
and bankers estimate that the total I
output for tho season of 1910 will ba
only SG000010 Last year the out
put was between 7000000 and SS
000000 The labor shortage result
ing from the rush to Iditarrd In June
has also served to reduce mining operations
orations in this district
Washington Aug 2lhe long us
tabllshed passbook system used In or
dinary savings Institutions will tbo
adopted for the government postal I
savings banks The committee that
has been perfecting tho plans tom thin
rostal banks had been considering
what Is known as the coupon system
for postal bank deposits but has now
decided that while having some ad
vantages that system might produco
some complications
According to the coupon system de
positors would receive with each de
posit a slip representing their de
posit together with a poupon for the
mount of Interest that would be paid
on their money The committee
decided there were man objections I
to flooding the country with millions I
of deposit slips with coupons attach I
ed many of which would represent
values of only a few cents
Now York Augc2B F Yoaktira
president of thq SI Louis San
Francisco Railroad company gave it
as his belief last night on his return
from a short western trip that the
prop yields thl year will be abov H
thoKy of last year dgsplte damage in
Fame quarters
Anxiety over crop reports from
the Southwestern states has greatly
subsided ho bald on account of
good rains This j ears Kansas wheat
crop Js estimated at G7000OdO bush
el against 87000000 last year but
largo crops of hay andoats will prob i
ably bring the total crop yield of
last ears figures i
that state up to lastyears
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o Wnshlng1on Aug 2Tho 0
o 801luro of another Japanese 0
0 schooner poaching on the Ber 0
o log sea was reported to the 0
o treaSury department today by 0
o Captain Foley of the revenue 0
o cuttor Tahot which Is guard Q
o InE scaling OeMs In limit sec O I
o ton 0 I
o 01
o 0 Q0O0000OiO000 It

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