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IL j
Wi iPb
For cth YearNo 185 Price Five Cents
J cots OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING AUGUST 3 J910 EntorCCJSOfld Clacs Matter at the Postofflcc Ogden Utah
1 I 1
His Address Before the Iowa Republican
Convention is in Condemnation of Many
of the legislative Acts of the last
Congress = = = No Harmony Iowa
Des Moines la Aug 3 With
standpatters and Progressives appar
ently hopelessly at variance in essen
tial matters of the tariff plank the
Republican state convention was call
ed to order in the Coliseum today lor
the purpose of writing a platfoim se
lecting a state central committee and
making nominations for stato super
intendent of public instruction and
for two supremo court judgeships
The discord Is expected to be mor
In evidence in the campaign than
effective at the convention which has
a safe Progressive majority Tho
standpat faction adopted their planks
wltn the full knowledge tlru thej
could not be forced through the con
vonticn Tho platform which is to be
adopted Will be unmistakably insur
gent with condemnation of the tariff
law and ecomiuuis for the states
Insurgent congressional delegation
Yesterday and the greater part of
the night saw the two factions stead
ily growing further apart At first
tho conservatives gave some evidence
that a semblance of harmony was pos
sible Talk was for an endorsement
of President Taft and the protective
policy By night however the plat
form makers of this faction were in
n stampede off the harmony reservji
Ion They prepared planks endors
ing the President and Gov Carroll
calling them respectively the leadois
of tho party in nation and state They
endorsed Tuft for signing the Payne i
Aldrich tariff bill and to the law
gave their unqualified approval
Nothing could be bettor calculated
to arouse the ire of the Insurgent
delegates who are In the majority by
I 200The StandPattors went to bed leav
ing their challenge well understood by
TheTrogTesBlvesT TH6former lot It
be known that they would go down
ithltelr colors nailed to the mast
Former Congressman Lncey sound
ed he keynote In a speech in which
lie declared that it was Imporlnnt that
Iowa should go Republican next elec
tion but asserted amid applause that
II was more Important that the Re
publican party should go Republican
At the conference last night the
sixth and ninth districts were unable
to select definitely their members of
the resolutions committee They
I went into caucus this morning with
John F Lacoy and H AV Waterman
under consideration In the sixth and
State Senator C G Saunders and
State Senator A C Savage the candi
dates In tho ninth All are Stand
The second district conference de
eloped considerable feeling and the
end was not In sight when the dele
pates from this district began their
caucus this morning The Progres
sives of Clinton Mnscatlno and Jack
ton counties secured the pledges of
57 out of lU votes to put Geo M
Curtis on the resolutions committee
J R Lane one of tile most inlneiulnl
Republicans in the district aid gen
erally known as a areat hurmomzcr
refused to accept Curtis The stand
pat delegation refused to stand for
either Lane or Curtis
E II Adlers position as state cen
tral committeeman from the second
was jeopardized by the light for the
Progressives planned to support Ct B
Hllsinger for the place The Scott
oounty delegates refused to HatCtinn
the placing of Curtis on the rcsolu
tons committee When the confer
ence broke up at an early honr > sev
en Scott county delegates had pledg
ed themselves to Curtis giving him
a bare t
Will they stick was the nuisjMou
most generally asked as the cailcuscs
beganWhether i
Whether the state central commit I
tee shall be standpat or progressive
S depends on tho selection made by the
recond district It is said Should lh1
glandpat clement secure the pivotal
jioRltion on the committee them was
f lunch talk that tho Progressives
V3iild take advantage of the primary
aw which declares that the conven
tion shall select the state central com
mittee To do so would be a radical
Vnorturo from the unwritten law by
which the convention accents the se
lect ons of the various districts AVitn
the big progressive majority of dole
> gnies the convention could at its dis
cretion make the committee wholly
l0lTe8slre Such an act hoxvcvcr
Unimli1 KWeep away the last vestige of
iiarniommy I
r i Cummins Addr t
r t8oualor Cummins In his speech as
tynrporjiry chairman of the conveii
tiomi said 1
G mlenicn of the convention Unr
mony is like the poet it IB horn not I
made If it IB amongst us we will
I leedlly hear its sweet sounds hnt
n It is not here the effort to create
H with deceitful protosialions find
faIlle phrases will end in mlcemahm
allure There Is more discord in
10 supprosHlou of homiest conviction
than In the open candid expression
of imposing views
c This I < not an ace of plain living
bill It is an ac of plain speaking and
Ulrofore Wllh malice tovnni
It tioio
rlti for all i I spcac to you
recording to my duty as I understand
1 1
This convention ulthoimb compo
ri1 wholly of rnpubllcans is the out
I Ifl of a political struggle earrleJ I
r j q with exceeding oaruostness In e
fry county of the state There may
> lima > be a fow delegates who mile here
t 1j accident but substantially all of
you are here by design A conscious
1urpofctJ is behind you and a clear ob
ligation is before you
I Every man who believes in fret i
government must believe In the rule
of the majority but that implies no
more than a peaceful submission to
1 the will of the majority and docs not
Imply the surrender of the high priv
ilege of recording a sincere belief
j till was a vain and idle thing to
rtss through the fight of the primary
j and the county conventions unless a
grave and important issu was in
volved 7 and it would bo tho climax of
folly for this body of meu after lime
republican voters had determined tho
j issue to fail in recording the verdict
and in publishing to the world III 1
fitting term the decision which UK
republican electorate has rendered
k Is not my purposo to define nt
this point just wnnt the issue bo I
tween republicans has baeu and Is 1
not only in Iowa hut throughout tin1 I
length and breadth of the country I
is sufficient for the present to say
1 Kat it relates wholly to those quej I
tom which concern the control regu
lation and lestricilon of the powers
and practices of combined
or concen i
trated wealth urto phrase it again I
to the undut and disproportionate
share which coiporule capital is abe
to wiing irom t4je profits of induK
try and the Injustice It is able to In
Hid upon hulpjess individuals and j
Uofcnsolcsi communities I
In dealing wl rim these problems
i he members of our party have iaiiR
ct thuiubelves along the whole
Mrotcli of economic thought and gov
nmontal action1 from the hopetess
did retreating reactionary to tho ox
treme and Msiouary radical The
rear division of this long line with
all its varying shades of political
doctrine has come to be known ns
the atamlplitlers vhle theoCFni
with some diversity of opinldii upon
specific questions marches forward
inicler the ntimo of the jrogressives >
It is probably true that some of
the progressives want to go too fast
and do too much Jt Is certainly true
that there are mfiny of the stand
patters who want either to go back
i or to do nothing at all Assuming
hat the divisions of the party are
equally honest it Is obvious that time
contest between them Is not trivial
Ililiongh it Is to be hoped that it
id but temporary
i tor recur In tins unparalleled skua
l lion to tne calm and optimistic phil
1 osophy of Abraham Lincoln who in
the epochal debate of 1858 after
I quoting the maxim A house divided
I against itself cannot Uand said
I I believe this government cannot
endure permanently half slave alj
half free I do not expect tile union
to be dissolved 1 do not expect the
he use to fall but 1 do expect it will
cease to be divided It will become
all one thing or all the other
It is even so with the republican
party It cannot endure permanently
half progressive and half staudpat 1
do not expect to see it either deleat I
eu or dissolved but h must speedily
become all progressive or all stand
Will Be Progressive J
1 liD not pretend to be able to look
far through the mists and uncertain
lies of the future and mark with pre
cision the path in which the party
TII fcalk but reniomborlng that it
came Into existence as a protest
against the inaction of the whigs anti
tho mediaeval tendencies of the demo
era la and remembering too that for
more than a half century It has been
the progressive party of tiit union I
cannot permit myself to doubt tha
the party of Lincoln of Grant of
Ulalnc ol Garfield of McKlnlcy and
of Roosevelt will rise triumphantly
alove the clouds of its civil war and j
h tr in the future as It has been in <
time past the best houe of mankind
the progressive parly not only of
the nation but of the world
1 understand perfectly that there
are some ahortvLioncd men amongst
us who will continue either to bewail
or denounce Individual independence
and who will deplore free criticism
of party leaders and party acts be
lieving that to be independent of an
assumed leadership and to give ex i
rcHdlon to honest censure of a party
1ieasuro is to destroy party unity
and to Invite democratic victory Such
men disparage both the Intelligence
mid the patriotism of the people The
voters of the country know that there
IP infinitely more hope of making
the republican party sffflctually pro
crosslve than there is of efficient and
comprehensive ksiHlatlou from the
Thoio art many democrats who
all distinguished for their wise and
broad views upon public affairs but
the large majority of the leaders ol
thedemocratic party are Incapable of
biniunK or administering laws for a
country like ours for they Invariably
find In the constitution an lusupirabk
oliBtucle In tho way of doing the
tMngs which are Imperatively de
manded and which If done at aP
must bo done by the general govern
I have boon accused oftentimes oy I
some of iny blind and passionate op
iwnonts of having democratic lean
lnc ajid I liave ninny warm person
al Jriands In that organIzation but I
there pever was n time in my whole I
life wjion I would have been willing
to cmfimll the Destiny of the country
to tho democratic party and there
1 is less reason now lor doing so than
e l before
I So long as I look upon the constitution
tution asa command to look after the
l welfare of the people rather than a
mere injunction against Invading the
rights of the states there will be an
impassabo gulf between the Demo
crntic party and mysellV
The character of the problems
which how hold the first place In the
American mind makes the Republican
view of the constitution vital to the
common good I admit that the differ
ences between Republicans are many
and that they are Important hut any
republican who by reason of these
differences votes for a Democratic
candidate will find thai he has
jumped from time frying pan Into the
Vote for Party Candidates
I reiterate what I have always said
In every campaign during the storm
decade in which I have been in public
office We will fight with all the
strength that is in us before the nomi
nations are made but when they are
mnde in the appointed way wo will
stand shoulder to shoulder for the Re
publican citndidatop aud In this spirit
I appeal to every Republican In the
tat to give his voice and his vote
to every candidate on the ticket
whether national or stale
With these preliminary observa
tions I proceed to the consideration
of the delnito principles which touch
our party faith and which make up
our party history The pollcv of tax
ing imports not only for revenue but
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New York Aug 11hrl was a
good deal of irregularity today in the
opening dealings of stocks The up
ward tendency of yesterday was con
tinued at some points but realising
sales caused sharp relictions at oth
ers Rock Island United Slates Steel
and Amalgamated Coppm fell 1 and
Union Paclilc Southern Pacific Read
ing AtchIson and New York Central
substantial fractions Louisville
Nashville Inierborough Metropolitan
preferred and Colorado nYol Iron
advanced 31 The market became
heavy in sympathy with the large de
clines in some pf the leading stocks
Afterwards there was a brisk demand
for a number of minor stocks and the
whole list turned strong Rallies from
from the low point ran from 1 to 1 t
in Union Pacific Reading Now York
Central Atchison United Stales
Steel Amalgamated Copper and
American Smelting There was a
sudden decline ofi points in Third
1 Avenue on the dlehpploval of the re
organization plan by the public scr
j vice commission
j At 11 oclock the market was ruling
I fractionally below Its best prices and
I was quleu The market was affected
I by the disposition to realize on the
sharp rise In prices yesterday The
strength in special stocks was a sus
wining influence Rains in the corn
belt and the Improving money situa
Hon were helpful factors
Noon prices were about the lowest
up to that time with Amalgamated
Coppor down 2 Southern Pacific I 34
Northern Pacific 1 12 and Union Pa
cific St Paul and Reading 1
I Bonds were firm
Cattle receipts estimated at 10000 i
ivarkot 10loc up beeves I80S20
Texas steers 350500 Western
steen lGfiS stockers and feeder I
4625 cows and heifers 260635
calves GaOS0 logs receipts es i
timated at 14000 market strong loo i
up light 83500 mixed 790880
hfflvy TfiOS40 rQtigh 7JO8i good i
to choice heavy 785870 Pigs SSc
t 5lIulle of sales 80510 Shqep re
ceipts estimated 111 21000 market
steady native 260160 western 276
IGO yearlings 150570 lambs native
507IO western 170710
Chicago Aug 3Cloe Wheat
Sept 101 31 Doc UM 18 to 1i May
ins 12 Corn Sept G2 1t Dec
01 fSiay Cl5S Oats Sept JO 38
ir W Dec 58 May 40 68 Pork
Sept 2152 12 Oct 2075 Jan lOGO 1
Lar Sept 1170 Oct 1157 12 Nov
1130 Ribs Sept 1100 Oct 1110
Jan iUO
Omaha Livestock I
Omaha Aug 3 Cattle Receipts I
5300 market lOc higher Native i
steer S 73775 cows and heifers
3flOy 3S5 western steers 535
SfiOO rungo cows and heifers Zi >
ff JGfo cunners 0fi325 stockers
aid feeders 3300r > calves iOn
< 0 70U bull qtuges etc inODTto2r
Hogs Rcccillts 7nn market 2 lIe
higher Heavy 57107So inlyed
T607J0 Ight 7J0S20 Jligu
7011 7750 bulkof snlcs RTSoBSOO
Sheep Ilecelyts 11500 market
stendv vearHngs 7n i7ofin owes
2753S5 lambs 000p725
Chicago Produce I
Chicago Aug IFlnn
Crcaiuorlea 2oJ2 < g2Sc dalriun 2Jj
2Cc I
Eggs FIrni receipts 11741 eapos i
at mark CHBCR included lOffllc
firsts Ific prime firsta 17 l2c
Choose Firm darjc 15 4Gi i
15 l2c wins 11 121i 3Ic young
Americas 13 > H < ilJc IonS horns
15 41Cc
Now York AUSURI 3coachmall
defeated the millionaireowner of a
big Long Island ealatc in a spirited
I contest for a place on the school board
nt Manhasset N Yj last night by a
I margin of a dozen otes
I The victor William A Warren
mude his campaign on the Issue that
he was thf father of a family while
Stephen H Alrtaon his opponent
though married rould boast of no chil
dren and as a consequence was not
I likely Warrmi alleged to take equal
II Interest in the affairs of the school
Mason made his campaign on bin
I record for the term which he Is just
completing Ho refused to solicit
I votes and announced that if tho peo
ple wanted him for another term they
would hnve to turn oul and vote for
him of their own accord
Blind Mendicant Made
an Average of 10
a Day
c Chicago Aug fPhping a hand
organ at a street corner in Chicapi
is good lor fin a day according to
George Turner a blind mendicant ar
rested last night
When soaieliod aty the Harrison
i Ktryet station S710 wns found ou him
Of this amount JfI > vis In dimes
I Treating his iadImienuis ID au
i tomnbile rides 1 cafe luncheons
ond going to theater lllHI nnuiKcmcnl
pirkK cost Inrmmcr47 it day on an
CIent e fC
I Turner who Is sixtysix years old
will he charged with a serious of
fouse A girl 13 yojr old who had
been passing as his riuughler was
I arrested with him Jut a rooming
house 1V
i A woman who govj the name of
Jennie Patterson alsi wag taken in
to custody She cifiue to Chicago
I ficm St Louis with ImnPI and the
girl about four rnpnths ago
i He told me to sav that he was
my father and that my name was
Alary Turner time girl told Sergeant
Bver since I can lemcmber I lived
with him In St Louis at 312 North
Third street near Olive While there
I went to the Cathedral and the Lac
Icde schools
The police got after Mr Turner
and drove him out ofSt Louis He
told me that I had two sisters Their
names he said wore JieJia and Zan
Gelad I
If1I rtJ p lb I
LD CtflN
j U U U iJ I
Eastern People Refuse
to Accept the Yellow
Chicago Aug 3 Indfralini that
Chicagoans at least near the Union
Stock yards know less of gold coin
and more 01 paper money than west
erners a perfectly good IO gold
llece bitten and badly battered now
reposes In the Chicago su treasury
after an adventurous three days
career The new coin reached Chi
rag Saturday from the mint at San
Francisco It was paid out at noon
to a stock yards saloon keeper who
exchanged It for a packing company
check presented by Rodnick ISpp
sieln a cleaner boy employed by
bvlft Co He tried to pass It on j
f ur saloon keepers and his landlord I
but they pronounced it had money
Then tho boy had an Idea He weiu i
to Moiria Grossmant > pawnshop
back of the yards and made a small
purchase When he tendered the
coin Grossman threw it ou the lloor
K did not ring Then Jie set hi
t xlh on It The ironjawed pawn
blokes incisors bit through It as
though It were a hotcake lie hand
ed It back with jt superior smile
As a last resort Eppsteln yester
day took tho two pieces to the secret
borvlce department in time federal
building He was ovcijoycd when th i
experts pronounced It good money and
gave him a bill in exchange
IN CftlHSlftN
111 Va < UliL < 2iJitm
Seattle Wash August 5 The steel
steamer Chippcwa rammed the old
wooden steamer > Albion off West
Point north of the entrance to Seat
lie harbor early this moroinv
The Chippcwa wns returning to S
at tie from Bverctt afler carrying ri
excursion party 10 Vancouver 13 C
and back and had no passpugoir i
Ten iiabsen ors hound for Everett i
were aboard tnoAlbion but as far as
known none c f them weie Injured l
The hull of the wooden vessel was j
pierced by the hov of the heavier I
steamer mid the two were wedged
tlshtly togeihor Thn pastongors ou
the Albion which wll likely hCa I
total loss worortransferred mu i the i
Chlppcnu < I
Althomi ihci < colllslon occurred
shortly after midnight news of it wa >
not received unflli throe hours IUUMV
when a passingVCSbel brought word i
to the owners Tiles were ordered to I
the as3iEtnnc i6f the vessels
It is wclicvcil Shat If the Athlon Js I
not pulled nwa fiom the Chlppewa I
and beached sMnJt will be necessary
for the larger stoanior to run ashore
UK It It5 doubtfublffc10 can stand the j
biraJi r holdingtbe Albion a great
lo igth of lima
Sleeps Well and Isin
I Good Spirits Miss I
1 Leneve Kept Quiet I
Quebec Aug LDr Crippcn slept
well last night and appeared III mod
erately good spirits when he arose at
f oclock Lie had breakfast in hour
Inter The prisoner spends his time
reading and walking in the jail corri
dor S
Miss Loncve jointly lhi bed with
Crippen with murder remained today
In the prison infirmary She Is being
kept there not because her condition
any longer demands it but that she
may not conic in contact with other
women prisoners who might the
police fear annoy her and so aggra
vate her extreme nervousness
The pretty typist Is hotter supplied
with funds than Is her male com
panion While 18 was found on
Crlppon the girl carried 60 in cur
rency A largo part of this sum was
used today by the prison matron to
purchase clothing s liable for her
charge The authorities continue
their considerate treatment of the
girl but continued reports that she
had made admissions damaging to
Crippon or in the way of establishing
her own innocence are denied
Crippen is quiet and gives a posi
tive refutation that be hud been ad
dicted to the use of drugs Crippen
iLl not jump at the offer of legal ser
I ices that canto from a London so
licitor last night The provincial au
I thorities said this morning that the
prisoner had not replied to the cable
I gram which came from Arthur New
ton setting forth that the latter had
been asked to undertake the defense
I by friends of Crippen who would de
I fray tilt expenses involved
It appears that Crippen will not
want for counsel Yesterday a loc
attorney visited the jail and througii
the Jailer sent a message offering his i
services free of expense He said
that he had been retained by parties I
in London the names of whom ho dC i
i chimed to make known Crippen I
1 promptly refused the proffered aid
and at the same time told the prison
I governor Joseph Morin that he hnd
a lawyer in London and did not need
J This statement was made before he I
I had received the message from New
ton and It is believed by somo that
Ciippen had anticipated a move by
certain of his London friends
Inspector Dew and Chief McCarthv
visited Crippen last night and re
inained with him for some time What
tirausplrod was not made public be
yond the fact that the prisoner heI
requested Dew to purchase for him
several books
Denver Aug Following the ad
I journment last nIgh of the annual
convention of the WestOn Federation
of Miners the new executive board
of theorganization met today in con
hrcnce with the old members of the
board Work for the ensuing year
n the various districts wns discussed
then the question was taken up ot
increasing the membership of time
federation at large At present Us 1
membership Is a little short of 70
000 with more than 200000 miners
outside the field I was agreed hI
make strenuous efforts to recruit the
enduing year especially in Minnesota
Michigan and the Cripple Creek dls
uicts To this end union missionaries j
will be sent to various parts of the I
country and the cause of the feder
ation will be advocated by means of
circulars printed in different
Southern Pacific Robbed I
of 4000 in a I
Oakland Cal August LFmank
I Rowland former Southern Pacific
conductor whowas arrested at his
homo here yestdrday has admitted
the police HaY thai he wao at tho
I head of it swindling conspracy ampng
I employ In the companys ingcar
Service which according to the railroad
I road olllcials hn n led about 1000
inlhe hUt four or live weeKs
I Slips iwiued by the company to din
i fug car conductors and which after
i juitronit write their orders thereon
i lire used In checking up accounts
were eountorfoifed It IH charyed by
Rowland amid distributed among his
alleged fellow conspirators to be sub
Biituted for the companys logistered
nllpp Llthcgrapblng plates with I
which tho alleged countorfeting was
done liavo boon found In a local es I
tablishment j
So fat lionland has refused to dIs r
close the uplilOS of others said to bo I
L Involved In the conspiracy <
Chicago Aug A novelty in the j
way pf labor troubles took place yes
terday The electrical workers call
ed i strikettRanst tho Chicago Fed
eration of Musician As a result
four finus or the bulldluc that Is repairing
pairing as the new headquarters of
tlie Musicians union were flooded by
water and 1000 damage was done to
he electrical machinery of the now
elevator for the building
The trouble arose as the result
of employment of elevator construc
tors on the work of Installing a new
elevalor and equipment
The elevator constructors are ris
als of the electrical workers and the
machinists In elevator ant The
electrical workers struck both In the
labor union sense of the work and in
that of physics They struck and
hrokn water pipes wires and switch
Tho elevator constructors were
thel discharged and the strike of un I
ion against union was over
I r9ckPocIffT
I Police Making > Arrests
i in Order to Cleanse
the City
Chicago August 3miQro than two
hundred alleged other
hln nle ld pickpockets and otl
I er undesirables have been arrest
ed in Chicago since Monday midnight
to clear the streets of danger for the
II 700000 Knights of o Templar and
their lends who are expected next
eHc for the triennial conclave of
I that order
I The arrests were made at the spec
ial order of Chief of Polico Steward
It Is the mention to drive every un
employed and homeless man from
Chicago during the next three days
In connection with the roundup of
undesirables Inspector John Wheel
er vouchsafed somo advice to car
riers of money
Dont carry your purse in the In I
side pocket of your coat Thats an
easy spot for the dip to get you I
Do you know where I carry my I
money In the inside pockot of my
vest and I have It pinned with a safe I
ty pin
My advice to outoftown visitors
Is t let the old lady carry the purse
in her stocking There is no safer
spot I Is burglarprcof
Woman Is Masquerading
as a M nandIs
Joliet H August Mr and Mrs
I Walter S Jarhoe of Kansas
Walr City are
I occupying fcells al time Joliet police
I station because time wuman masquer
i aded with her husbund in mal at
I tire They have been hoboing since
helm marriage a month ago Mrs
I Jarhoe was formerly Jeanette Rich
The bridal pair show truces of re
finement They declare their whole
purpose of tramping nnd boarding
blind sleepers was to experience a
I novel honeymoon
Accoiding to their story they hast
ened to the outskirts of Kansas City
as soon as the preacher tied the knot
and the bride donned a mans sulL
They went to Denver on a freght 1
train Both procured places as bell
heps in the same botql ant when
the novelty of that experience wore I
off they beat then way to Chicnga
They visIted places of amusement j
and spent all their money Monday i
afternoon they boardeu a freight for
Joliet TTiey were planning for an
other freight ride when a railroad
detective discovered the effeminate
rnanoeuvers of one of the hoboes
Mrs Jarhoe cried just 1 little when
she amlAhubby were marched to
the police station As the Iron door
clanked behind them in different I
cells she broke down The pair will
probably bo released
She Is Requested by
Christian Societies
to Stop i
Fairhury Neb AuugAt a union
I meeting of the four Christina Young
Peoples societies of tills town it was
unanimously voted yesterday to write
1 nn open Jotter to Mrs Nicholas Lug
i worth daughter of former President
Roosevelt asking her to forego clgai
cttes because of the evil influence It
i Is bound to have on girls nail boys In
I the country according to their no
The four societies triKing this ac
tion arc tho Epwortb league the Unr
lisl Young reoples union mid tile
Christian Endeavor societies of tlie
churches Christian and thl 0 Prqsbyteriati j
New York Aug StuiJard i cop t I
ier dull spol 1205ft 1320 eplenm
bor r2lrtil22u lead ets It
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I Six of the Eight Rep
I ublicans for Congress
r Are Progressives
Topeka Rams Aug Insurgents
won almost
a complete victory at the
Kansas primaries
yesterday Six out
cf eight Insurgent congressmen have
linen nominated In spite of every
I thing the congressional organization
in Washington and the regulars In
Kansas could do to save their men
Their majorities run from 1UOO to
Of the six standpat congressmen
who were seeking renonllnatfon only
two are sure of having their names
ou the ticket this fall In the third
cMbtrlct P P Campbell defeated Ar
tour Critmoii insurgent
Crustoll Jnsmgenl In thi
first district Uepicscutnllve D R An
thony a strong Cannon adherent won
over T A McNoal Insurgent An
thonys majority will TJO close TO COO
Representative William A Calder
Iuad In the fifth loader of the Stand
Patters was defeated by about 2000
Victor Murdock nail K II Madison
ant 11 Iailson
Insurgent leaders had no opposition
and will be returned to congress
W IL Stubbs for governor has lrcum
rouominatcd with a majorllv over
Thomas WagRlaff ofabout 20000 or
2000 more than lie had over C1 V
Land two years ago Stubbs ifi an
Insurgent and Wagstatf is a Regular
Prom the present indications the
Republican candidates for congress
in Kansas will be conS
First district 0 R Anthony Stan
Fatter Leaven sorthi
utcr 1efcn1orth majority over
MoNcal about IWO
Second district A C Mitchell In
fcurgent I awrcnce majority over
Scott 1000
Third district Philip p Campbell
Standpatter FMttaburjr nominate
by reduced figures
I Fourth district Fred s lackson In
fcurgenl Eureka majority over Miller
35QOFifth district I It Rees Insurgent
Minneaf lls majority over Caldber
Lead 200 Caldr
Sixth district t D Young insur
gvnt Beloit majority over Reedtr
Seventh district Edward I Madi
sou Insurgent incumbent Dodgo
Eighth district Victor Murdoch In
surgent incumbent Wichita
Slubbs who was reaominat
Js considered a probable opponent of
I S Sonator Charles Curtis in 1DI2
Ho lined upwith the insurgents while
Senator Curtis took
Curts part in the re
cent campaign In behalf of the regu
The Democrats had no candidate
for congress In tht first and eighth
districts Ja the first J H Calgcr
name was wri tOI on the ballot Ho
was nominated In the other districts
I the nomination of the following Dem
ocrat is indicated
Second district Grant Harrington
hnlsa City
Third district J L Bolkin Win
Fourth district Henderson MnVtiu
2lulionHh district G T Helvering
I Sixth district II O Caster Obor
lln Seventh district G A Neely Hutch
Murdock is Pleased
Wichita Kan Aug 3Timc sig I
nificance of the overwhelming Insur
I gent victory In Kansas Is two fold
said Congressman I Victor Murdock to
day First It Is a complete repudia
ton of Cannon and the system bv
which he has lobbed the people of I
free government In the house Scott
Miller and Reedcr were chairmen of
Important house committees while
Calderhead was on the wajs and
means committee All were beaten
because they subscribed to the Can
non system
Second the Kansas insurgent MC
tiny is an effort by the Repiljlicniij of
Kansas is say with emphasis to the
nation that the Republican party of
Kansas by uudomlng > Governor
Stubbs and the Kansas
KansaS insurgents 1
stands for immediate and effective 1
legislation framed to drivo special
and selfish interest out of control In
American politics H
New York Aug Jack Johnson
will have to fhhl lord or get out
of Ibis country Is the latest state
ment from JOsepTi Woodman Lang
fords manager Woodman wha is In
Low York declares thal a forfeit and
side bet of 20000 will bo posted In
side of the next five days In behalf
of Langford and adds that unless
Johnson covers the mone binding
the match inside of twenty days
Ian fold H lay claim to his title
Joseph Hughes a wealthy member
of the Fairmont Athletic club Is
ingfords backer Tie asserts his
confidence that Laugford can whip
the champion In twenty rounds or
O Tloswell N I Aug a 0
C Following Incendiary Ires last 0
Jl night in the Clem House and 0
O an adjoining building Howard 0
0 Howell 15 years old was ar 0
0 rested today and according to 0
C the police confessed to having 0 I
o set tiro to the buildings There 0
O havo taon other Incendiary 0
C fires recently Young Howell 0
O O SP the son of welltodo parouts 0 0

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