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I I Iii
T ID4r 1Eupuiug tanbari
Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmftnn
Rev McCroery who has done much to strengthen the Metho
dist church in Ogden is to leave here on August 17 to serve his
church in Colorado
Mr McCreery has entered into the affairs of Ogden and has
mode his impress Though not a radical he has been a consistent
advocate of clean government and high morals Ho also has been
I a worker in a public way for the success of our patriotic societies
especially the Spanish War Veterans of which ho is a momber
As an organizer and worker Rev McCreery has done much for
His church in this city and the hope is expressed that some one
equally enthusiastic in the good work will be sent here by f1 v Meth
odist GonrTpnce
A woman scorned is said to possess a hatred most intense The
man who abuses his wife and yet displays some form of affection
canlook to the object of his abuse for protection from attack from
I I without but let a man bestow his attention on some other woman
I I then what a change I Hero is a local instance
A man had neglected his wife but she defended him Finally
tl a newspaper stated that the fellow had left town with a woman sup
I posed to be his wife Immediately there was bared to the officers the
i lifes history of the fugitive who is wanted for forgery and the wife
is now as eager to bring her husband within the reach of the law as
the most diligent detective
A woman enraged is a more persistent and dangerous antagon
ist than a man and a wife neglected disregarded for some other
woman is worse than the fabled Furies of old
The Ogden Portland Cement company with a BOObarrel plant
now in operation near Brigham City has ordered the machinery for
l a second unit to the cement factory and beginning with fall days
I the installing of the now reverberatories will keep a large force of
i men employed
I The Ogden Portland Cement company is a demonstrated suc
I cess and the company is now producing at a good margin of profit
600 barrels daily of a highgrade Portland cement from the marl
and clay deposits near Brigham City which for years were mistaken
i II I for alkali flats With the addition of equipment increasing the ca
I pacity of the plant to 1000 barrels a day the local company will be
I the second largest producer of cement in this region
11 This company has been a liberal advertiser of Ogden The ce
t ment sacks bear the inscription Ogden Portland rt rF 0 den
Utah and OGDEN is in the boldest letters
Of the eight congressional nominations made at the Republican
r state and district primaries held in Kansas yesterday six were
won by the Insurgents That means a Dejection of Cannonism and
a turning from the standpat policy of those within the party who
are known as nonprogressives
If Kansas sends those six Insurgents to Congress they with
I the other Insurgents who will be elected in other parts of the coun
I try will hold the balance of power and may even dominate the
party in Congress
t There arc a sufficient number of Insurgents nominated to as
t sure the defeat of Joe Cannon for speaker if a Republican Con
gress is returned
i The triumph of insurgencywithin Republican party is notice
I to those who dictate in national affairs that there mitst be a radical
change in the direction of dealing candidly with the American people
I There must be less hoodwinking than in the past and a greater
freedom from the pernicious influence of the large predatory in
j terests The progressive element of the Republican party which
means a majority of the party is for a leadership that more nearly
I represents the principles of Republicanism than Cannon or his
Tuesday there was deposited in the Utah National bank a deed
i in escrow calling for the transfer of the Gold Hi rroup of mines
I north of Ogden in the Wasatch range for 25 > On that day
Harry Beaumont one of the best known mining engineers of the
country whose father made a great name for himself as an expert
k for the Bonanza Kings of the Comstock and gave to the son a
thorough training in geology mineralogy and metallurgy departed
f for England to report to his company that the mines north of Ogden
x are not only worth the price but give promise of developing into
y the most extensive lead properties in the United States
r i The opening up of a large mining camp in the Wasatch range
directly tributary as these mines would be to Ogden would do much
ra 1 j to advance the prosperity of this city and surrounding country
t The Gold Hill group has been developed by H C Baker of this
T k city whose faith in the property has been constant Mr Baker is
looking forward to the time when a great army of miners will be
employed on the Gold Hill property and Ogden reap the benefit of
s + direct trolley connection over the intorurban electric line now build
ing into Brigham City with the mines which are only four miles from
the Peach City
Commenting on the comparatively
small salaries allowed by congress
for services rendered in the execu
i tive branch of tho government and
the more liberal pay of some of the
officials a man In public life said I
It reminds me of the way a gang
of laborers used to bo paid down my
way The money was thrown at a
ladder and what tuck to the rungs
r went to the workers while that which
toll through wont to the bosses
Everybodys Magazine
i A village parish clerk who em
i ployed a grammarian to teach hla
i daughter heard him with much sur
prise define the use of the artlcloj
a an and the
You cannot place a the singular
article before plural nouns No ono
can say A houses a horses a
Hold there said the parish clerk
I must contradict you in that Dont
I at church every Sunday say
Amen It
I have it girls exclaimed the
I lady with the sharp HOBO and the cold
wes rising in tho suffrage meeting
1 havo a plan that will show the
Si men we are In earnest In our fight
for the ballot
r nt iyf 70 Jt t r i wry It n1
I marry them unless they give us the I
vote trios a militant sister
No exclaims the sharp noserl one
I say let us declare that If they do
not give us tho ballot we will marry
them Chicago Post
What you ought to do said the
physician is to take the air in an
automobile or motor boat
Cant I stay at homo and open a
can of gasolineWashington Star
I do not think nald Edmund
Yates in his hook Recollections and
Experiences I ever met a man morn
hopelessly deaf than Charles Kenible
at 70 Some of us were sitting ono I
afternoon at the Garrick club when a I
tremendous thunderstorm broke over j
the house I
It raged with extraordinary fury
one clap exploding with terrific nolao
immediately abovo us like a volley of
Wo looked around at each othor
almost In horror when Charles Kom
bio who was calmly reading lifted
his eyes from his book and said In I
his trumpettone I think we are go
Ing to have some thunder I feel ic
in my knees
What sort of a social position has
Jones In town
He used to stand pretty well but I
hes a more nobody now He didnt I
r 7 I hnil 1e
didnt go to NoW York to meet Roose
velt none of his daughters were mar
ried and ho wasnt operated on for
appendicitis Buffalo Express
55 What are you fining mo for anted
ed thc unlilcky ballplayer I neyrr
said a wordI
Thats all right replied tho um
pire Im a teleijathlsL = Washing
ton Star
It was not leap year but she had
visions of becoming a summer bride
and she was not backward by any
George she whispered nestling
closer on tho mossgrown log this 1s
What of it asked George some
what mystified
Well erwhat does summer bring
that begins with an M
Now she was thinking of matri
mony but Georgo was not Tie sat
In puzzled silence for a long while
rnd then his face brightened
Oh I know what summer brings
that beglnn with an M
Ab at last Her heart throbbed
with expectancy
I know you would catch on deal
Now what Is It summer brings that
begins with an M 7
Why mosquitoes Ha ha
And the look sho gave him would
have frozen radium Chicago News
Little Muriel flew Into the house
flushed and breathless
Oh mother she cried dont
scold me for being late for left for
Ivo had such a disappointment A
horse foil down and they said they
were going to send for a horse doc
tcr so of course I had to stay An1
after Id waited and waited he came
nud oh mother what do you think
It wasnt a horse doctor at all It
was only a manTitmts
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for protection to domestic producers
established In the very beginning by
Alexander Hamilton adopted by tho
Whigs and Inherited by the Repub
lican party has beyrnd dispute heloed
to make thC United States the mighti
est nation In tho world
There Is not a Republican any
where who does not yield to the pro
tective system unreserved and un
wavering allegiance Aldrich Lodge
Hale Cannon Payne and Dalzell may
be Its sincere and earnest advocates
but In zeal for Its perpetuation and In
the eloquence of its defense they can
not surpass Nelson Clapp Beveridge
LaFollotte Dolliver and Brlstow
There has boon no controversy I
and thero can be none between Re I
publicans as to the soundness or valuo I
of this doctrine Tho divergence ap
pears when we come to apply it to
international trade and to a consid
eration of that divergence I now ask I
our fairminded and dispassionate at
So long as there was full and free
competition In our own country It
mattered little how excessive the du
ties were because the rivalry among
domestic producers could bo depended
upon to bring prices to a fair Ameri
can level We did not therefore serf
ously concern ourselves about a scien
tific adjustment of the tariff Our
manufacturers wore protected against
competition from abroad and our con
sumers were protected by tho natural
laws of business at home If the du
ties were higher than they should
havo been and undoubtedly they were
in many instances there was no com
plaint for no Injury resulted to the
great body of the people who bought
and used dutiable commodities
< rAs time passed on however there
appeared a new factor In the Indus
trial and commercial life of the
United States and the era of consoli
dation and monopoly began With a
rapidity that even now it Is hard to
comprehend business of all kinds
rushed Into close union and scattered
capital was drawn Into tho strong
embrace of trusts and consolidations
Safe from the competition of other
countries It became the chief object
of our manufacturers to destroy com
petition in their own country They
accomplished their purpose so effectu
ally that years ago In nearly every
Important field of production prices
ceased to be the result of the time
honored laws of trade and the power
of determining profits fell into the
hands either of a monopoly or an ac
knowledged master in protected In
Then came a demand for a re
vision of the tariff It originated In
the necessities of the people nnd was
founded upon the fundamental in
stinct for justice Deprived of tho
safeguards which competition at home
had furnished them the people knew
without reasoning upon It that they
had a right to an Intelligent readjust
ment of the tariff They felt the du
ties should he so modified that the
continued insistence upon unfair
prices would expose our manufactur
ers to the correction of foreign com
In this demand thero was no dis
loyalty to the doctrine of protection
although for a short period the bene
ficiaries of excessive duties succeeded
in confusing the Issues
Stand patism Means Monopoly
It was then that tho standpatter
adopted the name which he now
bears and his campaign cry was Lot
well enough alone The movement
however was Irresistible and tho Re
publican national convention of 190S
responding not only with unanimity
but with enthusiasm to the progres
sive sentiment of tho rank and file of
the party not only pledged the incom
ing congress to a revision of the tariff
but defined the doctrine of protection
with a rare and precision unknown to
any former platform It solemnly pre
scribed a rulo with which to measure
Import duties to the end that both
producer and consumer both capital
and labor might share in our pros
perity You remember it well but
nevertheless I quote It
The Republican party declares
unequivocally for u revision of the
tariff by a special cession of congress s
immediately following tho inaugura
tion of the next president and com
mends tho steps already taken to this
end in the work assigned to tho ap
propriate committees of congress
which are now investigating the op
eration and effect of existing sched
ules In all tariff legislation the true
principle of protection la best main
tained by the Imposition of such du
ties as will equal the difference be
tween the cost of production at homo
and abiond together with a reason
able profit to American industries We
I favor tho establishment of maximum
rates to be administered by the presl
slam under Jlnitntlon Qlxnrl l v thc
law the maximum to bo available to 1
meet discriminations by foreign coun
tries against American goods outer
Ing their markets and tho minimum
to represent the normal measure of
protection at homo the aim and pur
pose of tho Republican policy being
not only to preserve without exces
sive duties that security against for
eign competition which American
manufacturers farmers and producers
arc entitled but also to maintain the
high standard of living of ttte wage
earners of this country who are the
most direct beneficiaries of the pro
tective system Between the United
States and tho Philippines wo believe
In a free Interchange of products
with such limitations as to sugar and
tobacco as will afford adequate pro
tection to domestic Interests
Upon this pledge definition and
rule we appealed to tho country for
th election of a Republican president
and a Republican congress The
country believing profoundly in main
taining our own Industries and repos
ing Implicit faith in the promise that
export duties would In tho revision
to take place be measured by the dif
ference between the coat of produc
tion at home and abroad elected a
Republican president and ft Repub
lican congress
In redemption of the pledge so
made the president convened the new
congress In special session and it did
revise the tariff
I havo never been much d
ir the debate over the technical prop
osition that our promise was to revise
the tariff downward Beyond dispute
tho people generally expected that It
would 1 > P revised downward because
they knew that the duties were too
high and were greatly more than the
difference between the cost of produc
tion hero and elsewhere
But whatever may have been said
In tho campaign I agree that there
was no formal pledge In the platform
to revise the tariff downward
There was however a pledge that
It should be revised so that the duties
upon protected commodities should
be the difforoncp between the cost of
producing them here and in other
countries with a fair profit added
and the Intent as everybody will
concede was that our manufacturers
should be ablo to enter our markets
and sell their products at a fair price
as against their foreign competitors
and It was the further Intent that
grossly excessive profits growing out
of abnormal prices should be prevent
ed would admit importations when
ever our own manufacturers raised
their prices above the level of fair
ness and decency
Such was the platform and such
was the purpose that It became tho
duty of congress to carry into effect
I believe that nlnotyntno Republicans
In every hundred desired a revision
that would keep the faith and accom
plish the purpose I believe that the
president wanted to fulfill the prom
ises of the party ana to make good
his own declarations but the leaders
of both tho house and the senate re
fused to recognize tho party pledge
refused to be guided by the rule
which had been announced and forc
ed through congress a tariff bill
without oven tho pretense of attempt
ing to ascertain or of applying when
ascertained the standard which the
party had established
The bill made many reductions and
many Increasesbut the reductions
were of little or no avail for they left
the duties still far above the differ
I ence in cost of production and there
fore permits the I protected manufac
turers not only to charge existing
prices but to lift them still higher
and the Increase were In nearly ev
ery Instance not only without reason
in fact but without defense In de
Some Republicans having done all
they could to make tho bill what it
should have been finally voted for It
aud I have no word of censure for
them for they did what they believed
to be their duty Somo of us voted
against the bill and wo make no apol
ogy for our votes
Open Repudiation of Pledges
If there had been an honest at
tempt to fix duties according to the
cost of production I might have yield
ed my yic ci the question of fact
lint there wit n such attempt and I
for one refiictid to follow and would
refuse again to follow Aldrich Halo
Lodge Cannon Payne and Dalzoll
into a sneering contemptuous open
repudiation of my party platform
It is not a Republican measure al
though passed hy Republican votes
for the men who are chiefly respon
sible for It thought more of swelling
the overgrown fortunes of their inti
mate friends than they thought of the
party principles the party pledge or
the welfare of a long suffering peo
It Is said that the law has been
successful from a revenue standpoint
This is quite true bul it must bo re
membered that it Is very easy to en
large the receipts nt the custom
houses The democrats could havo
done that with their condemned and
obsolete theory of a tariff for reve
nue only
It is said that it has stimulated
business It may bo that it has for
the prize of enormous profits Is ex
ceedingly tempting
It is claimed thai the average tax
upon dutiable Imports is something
like one per centum less than undor
the Dlngley act Tills may or may not
be so for I have learned to doubt tho
accuracy of tariff statements but
granting the truth of the statement
what a superb showing It Is
Vo have revised the tariff In ro
sponso to an overpowering Republi
can sentiment and have succeeded In
taking off about onefortysecond of
the averase Imposition upon dutiable
In all that has been said by those
who have during tho last year de
fended tho measure thero has been
no claim that wo either fixed or tried
to fix the duties according to the
cost of production and yet that
Is the teat and the only test
by which the net should bo tried If we
have any regard for our plighted
I do not Intend to review Its sched
ules upon this occasion I have done
that In another and more apnropHsto
forum and expect to do It again when
tho time comes It Is no pleasure for
me to differ with some of my party
associates upon his subject but
thero In no exigency in public affairs
or part action that can induce me to
say that a thing is good when I be
lIEve It to be bad or to sav that It Is
true when I believe It to bo false
There are many gratifying reduc
tions In the PavueAlrtrfcli not but
upou the whole It Is not a fair exem
plification of the the protective polio
nor is it an honest performance of
our platform promise and no matter
what happens I will tell the truth as
I see tho truth about IL I
Lot me however again warn Re
publicans who aro of mi war of think
ing concerning the shortcomings of
this measure that tho failure of the
Republican loaders In congress to
t hili 11 bv our platform fnrnkhra no
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I 5
reason for delivering this country into I
the handa of tho Democrats
Tho one thing that can be said In I
favor of our recent revision Is that It I
IB vastly better than any tariff which
the Democrats could enact founded
upon the exploded theory of levying
duties for revenue only It would be
fatal to commit this country to any I
such doctrine and I know that Re
publicans have too much patriotism
and too much Intelligence to punish
a mistake In leadership by depriving
our party of power and turning over
tho government to a political organ
ization which holds n view of tho
constitution which would paralyze our
I efforts In dealing with the modern
problems of commerce Industry and
transportation and Which holds a
view of the tariff that if put Into ex
ecution would bring upon us univer
sal disaster
Wlpo Out the Blot
The logical sensible thing to do
Is to correct our mistakenone but
Republicans can correct Itand un
der tho Impulse of the sentiment
growing now by leaps and bounds
everywhere they will correct It and I
leave the Republican name and Re
publican pledge without a stain in Its
wonderful history I
Our course It seems to me Is set
plainly before us I do not favor an
Immediate general revision of the tar
iff Indeed I earnestly hope that we
may never be compelled to enter upon
another general readjustment of the
In our last attempt It was made I
clearer than ever before first that
some better way must bo found than
we now havo of securing Information i
as to cost hero and abroad and sec
ond that we must amend the sched j
tiles separately As to the first the
I way will be found In tho creation of I
an Independent nonpartisan tariff I
commission not to change tho law
for that Is and must remain the work
of congress but to collect and lay be
fore congress and beforo the people
tho facts
When this Is done there will be
neither high tariff man nor low tariff I
man who will venture to disregard his
duty Fortunately the demand for
such a commission has become almost I
unanimous among Republicans and
tho few who oppose It will soon disap
pear from public life
We have already made a good be
ginning for under the string and per
slstent recommendation of the presi
dent congress gave him an appropria
tion which ho will use in BO far as he
has tho power to do It to got the in
formation so necessary to a proper
understanding of tho subject Tho
provision Is Inadequate but It gives
us hope that before long wo will be
able to establish a commission with
full powers and complete equipment
As to tho second wo must Insist
upon a law or rule of congress that
will allow one schedule to bo amend
ed or revised without going over the
whole range of the tariff Wo must
exclude the opportunity for the trades
and combinations which now dishonor
tariff legislation We must make It
Impossible to coerce or bribe a mem
ber of congress Into voting for what
he knows to be wrong In order to get
what he believes to be right
Happily the movement for such a
rule of law Is steadily advancing and
It will not be long until It too will
embrace every Republican In the
land These evidences of progress
cheer the heart of every patriot We
may stand fast for a principle but we
cannot stand still In applying it to tho
affairs of mankind We are sweeping
along at a pace that IB not only ex
hilarating but Inspiring The op
timist Is winning in everv race and
in the near future wo will see a pro
gressive protective tariff that will
safeguard the Interest of the pro
ducer shield the rights of tho con
sumer Insure tho high privileges of
labor and content the reasonable de
mand of capital
Railroad Regulation
The most Important legislation of
I tho last session of congress was tho
I amendment of tho Interstate com
f merco law Tho regulation of com
mon carriers Is altogether the most
I difficult undertaking upon which the
government has entered and it will
I require all the Independence which a
popular selection of lawmakers can
supply all the Intelligence which gen
I oral education and specific study can
contribute and all the courage which
the highest typo of patriotism can i
create to carry tho government to a
safe and ust conclusion
It would be an Intricate and trying I
problem even If the railway corpora
tions would cooperate with congress
In the effort to enact the proper legis
lation but their cooperation IB not to
be oxpected They will In tho future
ao they have In the past resist every
proposal to increase tho efficiency of
the regulation and control already In
our statutes Their Influence exerted
In a thousand ways and flowing in a
thousand channels If oftentimes hard
to discover and always hard to over
come I realize that In tho acrimony
of tho struggle which occurs when j
over further regulation is suggostPd j
thero Is danger of reprisals It Is to 1
bo hoped however that we will go 1
calmly and deliberately forward to 3
the right point undeterred by tholrj
position and unmoved by prejudice or i
revenge I
Wo must do nothing that will with
hold from these mighty factors In our
industrial life revenues that will LQ
sufficient to bring them to and main
tain thorn at tho highest standard of
efficiency and that will reward the
capital Invested In them fairly and
reasonably but we must not forget
that It Is the business of tho govern
ment to seo that they exact unjust toll 1
from no man that they practice no
discrimination and that there Is
neither favor nor disfavor In tho ser
vice which they render to the several j
communities which make up our com 1
merclal union
Although tho law was greatly r <
strengthened in 1906 under the puts
cant and patriotic leadership of Theo
dore Roosevelt the experience of four
I years demonstrated that tho power of
tho Interstate Commerce commission
should be materially enlarged and wo J
I of the west at any rato felt that there
should be some restriction upon com
mon carrier corporations engaged In 1
interstate traffic with respect to the
Issuance of stocks and bonds t
Tho history of the previous decade
In this respect has been so lament
I able that our national platform In I
1908 made emphatic references to this 1
phase of the subject The president
assumed the initiative but unfortu
nately OB I view It ho delegated to
t the attorney general tho task of pre
paring a bill to bo laid before con
gress I have no reason to doubt tho
honesty of the attorney general but
he had just como from a long profes
sional training and association which
unfitted him to deal wisely with this
subject and thero came from his i
hands Into the house and senate a
bill which If It had passed as Ald
rich so emphatically declared It
should pass would have consigned
tho Republican party to eternal dis
I grace and defeat
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