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Fortieth Year No 186 Price Five Cents
OGDEN CITY UTAH THURSDAY EVENING AUGUST 4 1910 Entered as Second Clacs Matter at the Postofficc Ogden Utah
Japanese Is Being Searched for as Murderer
of Three Members a Family = = = Bones of
the Dead Found in Ash Piles = = Sheriff
l Finds a Home Deserted
Santa Hosa Calf August 4 Bytho
apprehension ofa Japanese boy Hen
r ry Ynmugaclil of whom a vigorous
search Is beingmade Sonoma county
officials hope to obtain the key to a
gruesome triple murder enacted on a
lonely ranch near here the elements
of which parallel in certain respects
the gruesome tragedies ot the Gun
ness farm In Indiana Tho crime
was revealed yestorday when the
county authorities Investigating the
mysterious disappearance of a family
of three discovered the charred bones
of Enoch Kendall Mrs lira Kendall
his wife and Thomas A1 Kendall
their son in the yard of their canyon
homo on tho Starbuck ranch near U
summer resort known as Crospers
just north of Santa Rosa The fing
er of suspicion according to the au
thorities Is directed toward the miss
ing Japanese as the perpetrator of
the wholesale crime Yamaguchi oc
cupied a cabin on the ranch and is
Known to have had a violent quarrel
with Thomas Kendall manager of
1 lit place and who is said to have
beaten and shot at tho boy Nursing
his grievance against Kendall Yam
DCachl Is said to have acted like one
The ranch on which tho Kendall
family was slain is owned by Mrs
Margaret Starbuck wife of a promin
ent Oakland architect and who n
sides In that city On Monday July
25 Yamagachi called at the StarbucU
home and told Mrs Starbuck that he
land had n fight with the older Ken
dall and his son On the same day
a guest at the summer resort accom
panied by two boys visited a cabin
Ton the Starbuck ranch and enteric
by a window came upon Yamagachi
crawling out from under a couch
nitli an open knife In his hand
Tho Japanese Immediately left the
cabin but was seen again on the
Blanch the next day for fie last Hmo
A few days ago neighbors noting
that nothing had been seen of theI
Kcndalls for more than a week and
< believing that something was amiss
called the attention of the authori
ties to the matter Yesterday Sheriff
J 1C Smith accompanied by two
court officials visited the place At
the ranch house the Investigators
found everything in good order On
the dining room table dishes had I
been set for a meal but the food had I
not been touched In the barn the
I family horse was tied In his star
perishing of thirst and hunger PigH
were starving in a pen
I No light was shed on the mystery
Until the kitchen stove was opened
In the ashes of the grate fragments of
bones were found revealing the first
hint of foul play It was seen that
a light trail of cinders led from the
Move through the door to the yard
iollowlng this trail to a point some
Sislance from the house the search
tri came upon an ash pile which
f was found to contain a large mini
f her of human bones and several
blackened piece1 of iouolrv among
vhlcli was a plain gold wedding rill
that bore the initials T A K thoso
I of the young Kendall Later an
other ash pile was discovered that
concealed pieces of human skulls a
pair of gold spectacles and many
charred bones Lying on the grass
nearby was a breast pin that held a
miniature of Thomas Kendall and
which was identified by neighbors as
having been constantly worn by Mrs
A search for the instrument with
a4ilch the murders had been com
mitted brought to light a heavy stone
covered with blood and which lay In
an adjoining garden under a fence
It is the belief of tho authorities that
ibe crimes were actually committed
vith knives or gums and that the
tone was subsequently used to dls
latch the dying victims And be
cause of the magnitude of tho rag
< dy it Is the theory ot District At
Urney Clarence F Lea that two ay
ossibly three men were implicated
in the murders
Enoch Kendall was sixty years old
his wife fiftyfive and their son
Thomas about thirty one A year ago i
1VJt March they took possession oi
the Starbuck ranch
Frequent quarrels between the Ken
dalls and the owner of the land an e
Known to have occurred Mrs Stat
I buck frequently had gone into court
socking injunctions to prevent the
sale of her livestock and had assert
ed It is said her Intention to oust the
tenants from the place
Regarding the missing Mnpaneso
Mrs Starbiiok has made a lengthy
statement to District Attorney Lea
1 Horn her home in Oakland She say
I that Yamagacbl had secured permis
sion to go up on the ranch and cut
tanbark About two weeks ago
she narrates the boy came to my
homo In Oakland and told me thai
Kendall had attacked him Ills face
was all cut up and bruised and his
ooa were blackened He said he
bad been beaten and shot by Thomas
Kendall who had tried to drive him
off the place lIe said that Kendalls
bullet struck a metal mirror in his
locket and had been deilected He
did not tell me what he had done to
ICfiidall nor did he express a desire
to get oven He threatened to kill
himself hoer and acted so
strangely that I called up the chid
ot police of Oakland and asked him
to look after the boy When 1 re
turned to resume my talk with the
Japanese he had gone and 1 have
not seen him since
District Attorney lea is expected to
I visit Oakland today to have a long
talk with Mrs Starbuck and investi
gate other circumstances of the case
Col Stevens of Hoboken
Deeds Away All His
I New York August 4On the eve
I of his departure for Europe for a long
sojourn in search of health Colonel
Edwin A Stevens the Hohoken mil
lionaire whose family founded the
Stevens institute in that city has
transferred all his real and personal
property to four trustees who are to
have full say as to the disposition of
his property
I The trust deed providing for this
unique arrangement has just been fil
ed in the ollice of the Hudson county
registrar of deeds in Jersey City
The deed provides that the trus
tees shall pay all Colonel Stevens
debts pay all his life Insurance prem
iums and provide him with an in
come of not more than C000 a year
Provision is made for his family and
II each of his three sons are to receive
10000 in cash
Chicago Aug 4DlIlIng a special
trip from Duluth to Gary Ind with
five young women relatives of offi
cers of the United States Steel cor
I poration on board the crew of the
ore steamer Douglas Houghton mu
tinied early yesterday off the Chicago
harbor it was learned today and it
took Captain John Parke one hour
with a revolver to quell tho mutiny
It is said that the mutiny started be
cause a deckhand had been locked In
the ships hrh for peeping through a
League Baseball
Salt Lake
Ogden 1
t Sunday t August 7
lm I Game Will Be Called afi 300 p m Sharp
> tf i
i I
cabin window at the women pnsson
A two weeks trip was all but over
when the crew Jed by Peter Peterson
freed the prisoner and mutinied The
sailors said they rebelled because ex
tra pay had Leon withheld The sail
ors were nil discharged on reaching
The young women Cecilia Kirk
Cleo McClusky Louise Maxwell Edith
Anderson and Mrs Louise Maxwell
fled to their cabins and remained
there In tenor until Captain Parko
with a leveled weapon had forced the
less obstreperous sailors to lock up
the ringleaders and clear away tho
broken furniture Captain Parke says
he will prefer charges against the
I rlnb
Unprecedented Number
of Bales on Piers at
New York
New York August IWith 215
20S bales of cotton in Warehouses and
on piers all of which must ho moved
ed with the greatest possible dispatch
New York is today the largest cot
ton port In the world Brokers who
say that cotton Is nat being sold on
speculation and that they arc more
occupied these days In signing bills
of lading than In stock accounts de
clare that such a situation has never
existed here before and that no port
in the world ever had BO much col
ton on the move
In South Brooklyn the bales can
be seen piled mountain high At a
snglo terminal there are 110000
bales The supply now on hand is
made up largely of July and August
cotton though It is sad Unit May
stable is also in evidence l 6 some ex
The Prince Freidrlcli Wilhelm of
the North GermanLloyd line wjll
leave here tomorrow with 2127 boles
in her hold The Caroline of the
French line will take 5671 bales on
Saturday Other steamships have
been looked bv cotton menfbr cargo
space throughout this month On the
othor side those operators who are
short on the market are engaging
freight for 120000 bales and tbL
means that the light between those
who now hold the cotton and those
who have to deliver It Is not ended
Saratoga N Y Aug 41tlggy
weather was the promise for the open
Ing today of the Saratoga racing sen
sor which will continue until to
close of August The meet will clou
tile racing season In this state the
heal big race of the year the fut
urity being run here on probably
the last day of the meeting
There was not the crush of race
tolowers of other years but those
who came displayed the same zest
ful interest The 7500 Saratoga
handicap one mile and a quarter
brings together some of the smartest
horses of the year The great Fllz
Herbert owned by Sam C Hlldreth
and ridden by Shilling was the fa
vorite with the champion 3yearoid
Dalmatian for his sldc partner
The JaJmes R Keeno colors will
bo sported by Ballot and Masketle
vhile another contender ii R T Wll
son Jr Olambulu In all there arc
nine starters
The track was dry and fast and
the pretty race course with its mid
fields and lawns sparkled green and
Sheriff West bum has engaged a
corps of deputies to see that the bet
ling laws are not Infringed on and
only oral wagers within the meaning
of the statute will be permitted
The running here of the futurity
which has been transferred from
Sheepsbead Bay on Aug 29 or 30
nay mark the end of racing in New
York staLe for along time On Sep
tember 1st the Agnew Periclus laws
n into effect and unless tboy are
passed on favorably to tho race
hacks by the courts horsemen think
It possible there will be no racing
pit year
Racing people say if the sport Is
resumed next year tern meet will
I only he hold at Aqueduct Koltuont
Park Jamaica KpipircClty and Sara
toga Shcepslipad Rny Gravesend
and Brichton Beach may never open
again the land becoming so valuable
that It may be sold for real estate
St TOIIIS August LJ3il1 Joyce
the former major league star player
lost his saloon license yesterday all
because he became eo engrossed In
conversation with Manager McGraw
of tho New York Nationals that he
fortotlo close his Sixth street place
at the stroke of midnight Saturday
nliht July 23
Joyce at Iia hearing before Ex
cise Commissioner Caullfield admit
lCI1 that ht kept opm until 12JO
oclock Sunday morning hut denied
Iltilnt he sold a think after 12 i i
McCraw and Sam Crane a New
York sporting writer were in Joyces I
barroom when the town clock struck
12 Crane wanted another drink but I
Joyce testified that he did not get It I
and that all htli add the two guests I
did until 1 policeman came was to I
talk baseball He did not state
whether they arrived at any solution I
of the difficulties of the St Louis I
teams Caullfield in revoking his li
cense gave Joyce until August 22 to
settle his affairs
Joyce earned the sobriquet of
I Scrappy Bill during his career as a I
baseball star In the big leagues He
engaged in the saloon business with
Pat Tebeau also a former baseball
manager and the tvo dissolved part
nership after tossing a coin to see
which should buy the other out
Chicago Aug I Draping his home
in flags Attorney John V Gectlug of
Chicago celebrated today as the anni
versary of the real birth of the
Declaration of Independence of the
United States because John Paul Zen
ger editor of the New York Weekly
Journal was acquitted after a memor
able trial for criminal libel on August
4 Tai c
Mr Geeing u > sjilhat except for j
Zcngers acquittal after Alexander i
Hamilton then leader of the Amerl =
can bar had told the Jurors to follow j
the dictates of heir conscience In
spite of the instructions of the court
the historic document might never
have been written and signed on July
d 177C
Air Gcetinp addressed the Hawkcyo
Fellowship old at till Grand Pacific i
hotel yesterday and told the story oC
the Zengpr trial Zenger he said had j
I Incurred the enmity of the govern I
ment by his fearless criticism Grand I
juries bad failed to Indict him and
finally prosecution was begun on in I
formation The journalist was ac
quitted though the judge had in
structed the jury to return a verdict
of guilty
Great PerikrWhichFaee
People of This
New York Aug ITrusts and the
tariff are the chief perils of the Unit
ed States In the opinion of Benjiimn
Iwo Wheeler president of the Univer
sity of Calllotnia who Is in New York I
on his wav back to the Pacific coast
from Germany where ho filled the
Roosevelt lectureship in Berlin uni
versity this year
People abroad sayThat the chief
matter for concern about this country
is the way that trusts are increas
ing he declared to his Interviewers
on his arrival here They think
that we cannot control them that the I
opportunities we have given them I
especially through the tariff have en I
dowed them wth power we cannot
No doubt the tariff Is the thins
we have got to tackle earnestly and <
quickly It has bull up an artificial <
falsework which some day will have i
to fall and the trouble on that day
will be very serious The tariff has
encouraged the making of money by
individuals here and there In enorm j
ous sums but this money has not
been distributed among the people
Seattle Wash Aug I According
to a clerk In his ollice George II i
Parker fiscal agent of the United I
I Wireless Telegraph company In the
territory west of the Mississippi and
who was indicted by a federal grand
jury In New York yesterday on
charges of conspiracy to defraud will
return to Seattle next Saturday from
I a vacation In the country
It Is expected that Mr Parker who
is reputed to he worth more than 2 I
000000 will go to New York next
week to furnish bail A charge cf
conspiracy to defraud was filed I I
against him here last June but this
charge IT S District Attorney Elmer I
E Todd said today was made only to
hold him on bail until the Nw York i
I grand jury could act Todd says he
has no doubt that Parker will pro
ceed promptly to New York
Spittle Wash Aug 1 C D Ton
pny secretary of the American lega i
I Lion at Pekiri who arrived from the
Orient last night reports that China
I has ordered two erasers of IJOOOO
tons constructed in England for train
ing csscb and will revive the Foo
Chow and Tientsin < naval colleges
Prince Tsai Hsun who will sail for
the United States August 21 as at
I ready cabled commissioned to
gather informntiona tint will enable
I him to formulate a naval policy for
China Similarly the princes broth
I er Tsl Tao who has Just returned
from Europe has heon Investigating
with regard to inimary plans
Professor Tcnqcr who has been
many cars in Chln and was former
ly head of the Yi > Yans university
amid the new army organization was
nearly effected There was a stand
I ing force of GOOOO efficient well I
tinned troops a nucleus of a paper
I strength of InOOOO troops for which I
equipment was ready He stated that I
progress was now more rapid than
at any time in Chinas hI ton I
The government centralization of
power in Polcin is being strengthened
each month There were many depu
tations at Pekln when Professor Pen
ney loft on July S seeking the Imme
diate granting of u parliament but
these petitioners had been refused I
The government adheres to the pro
gram of granting the constitution I
eight years hence II
Not Inthe days since China en I
tered the progressive area have af
fairs of the United States its trade
and its people been regarded with the
favor that now prevails said Mr
Tenney American enterprises in the
empire are flourishing The number
of United States citizens is steadily
growing The opening of several large
manufacturing institutions recently
have added a large number of young
Great Gathering of
Clerical Forces Sun
day Prohibited
Rome A i IK lMonsignour Vico
the Papal nuncio to the Spanish
court was given instructions from
the Vatican to be ready to leave
Madrid at a moments notice in caw
I of an unfavorable issue to the nego
I This preparation for a complete
rupture diplomatic relations be
t > een Spain and the Vatican would
indicate that little is hoped from the
I answer which Cardinal Merry Del
Val fears that Senor Canalejas the
I Spanish premier will be forced in
older to satisfy his extremist sup
porters to sUB further accentuate
his antiCatholic policy and the card
inal Is preparing for the worst
The note which will he submitted
to the papal congregation of extra
culinary pffairs will not be given to
the press here bofor its delivery to
tilt Spanish premier at Madrid to
comply with the usual court anti dip °
Inniatlc course
I Barcelona Aug LA collision In
rthich weapons were used took place
on the streets today between the Carl
ist adherents of Don Jaime pretender
to tho Spanish throne and republi
cans Oho of the republican faction
was + wounded with a knife The po
I lice charged the fighting crowds and
dispersed them
Madrid Aug IA renewed aid
I formal prohibition of the proposed
I manifestation of the clerical forcon
at San Sebastian the summer capi
j tai next Sunday was Issued today
bv the minister of the interior The
orfiunireis of the demonstration nev
ertheless persist in their plans and
as the republican leaders arc niTing
ing an anticlerical demonstration at
San Sebastian on the same day great
apprehension prevails
The clerical press published today
further artloles of extreme violence
against the goornment The organ
Izors of the antigovernmental dem I
onstration have In circular letters to
I time clergy urged them to incite thch
I congregations to refuse obedience to
I the prohibition of the demonstration I
I The civil authorities are consider
ing prosecutions of tho organizers of
the proposed Catholic manifestation I
and troops are In readiness to enter
the summer capital at any moment
Now York August IThe coinage
of a two and a halfcent piece by the I
United States government Is urged I
in a statement given out here by Wll
ham II Short a New York banker
who declares that the use of such a I
coin would mean a saving of 39000 I
000 yearly to consumers
Thp absence of such coins e no
said has resulted In the universal I
customof the sellers taking the half
cent whenever a transaction < not
result in oven money 1 suppose It
would bo a safe pstlniiito to say that I
each family loses the halfcent on an
avcraco of ton times a week There
are about 15000000 families in tho I
United States exclusive of the mer j
chants and figuring on the basis men i
tioned they arc losers yearly from I
this cause In the approximate sum of
p0000a0r4 I
r4 I
O < v 0
o 01
o Washington Aug JPrlHI 0
o don Taft has commuted the 0
o sentence of Ami B Todd who Si
C hog servpd almost his entire 0
Z term of three months in tho 0
0 Fremont Nob ail for fraudu 0
Q lent houipsteaj entry His 0
o Sentence Included a 1000 0
o fine Todd is reported dying r0
6 from cancer of the stomach 0 I
O v 0
Senator Gore of Oklahoma Creates Sensation
in His Testimony Before a Special Corn
raittee of the House of Representatives
= = Men Involved in Attempted Bribery
Muskogee Okla Aug IVlce
President Sherman was named by
Senator Gore as the man higher up
in connection with the McMurray con
Vice Preslont Sherman was named
by Senator T P Gore in connection
with what are known as the Murray
Land contracts an Investigation of
which was begun here today by a
special committee of the house of
I leprcsonlallvcs
Senator Gore after declaring that
I ho had been approached by Jacob
Mammon with an offer of a bribe of
I 25000 to remove all congressional
opposition to the rontract asserted
I that a man higher up in the gov
I eminent was interested in the con
I facts
I Senator Gore at first said ho wms
iclucUint to name the man mentioned
I ns higher up but later on being
pressed by Congicjinan Burke
chairman of the committee declared
that Hammon had used the name of
VicePresident Sherman
i Senator Gore said Congressman C
I IJ Greaser Republican of the third
Oklahoma district also had been ap
Iroached in connection with the brib
ery offer
Mr Creaser told me so said Sen
I ator Gore He also told mo to go
head and make these charges and
1 he would stand by me giving his
I testimony
Muskogee Okla Aug IWben I
I scoffed at the offer of a bribe even
if it were raised to 50000 as Ham
I coon suggested it might be testified
Senator Gore my visitor Hammon
I in my office nt Washington wout oi
I to say that other iuombera > pt con
I gress were interested in the con
tracts Ho said Senator Curtly was
interested and Congressman McGuir3
ol Qkhihpma was Interested andrtheli
j ho jnentionbd the name of a man
i higher iin In the government 1 was
appalled when I heard that name
I Vlmt was the name of that tuna
higher up asked Chairman Burke
Well replied Senator Gore J
dont like to say Indeed I cqnld not
ivneat it without a great deal of re
I luctance
Now Senator Gore explained
Congressman Burke this committee
has come here to get all the facts
I anti we want you to tell all you
i know
I nowVeil as that Is true responded
j Senator Gore 1 will loll all 1 know
I Vlie man mentioned by Hammon IL
l being higher up and interested In the
I Murray contracts was Vice President
On crossexamination by C D
Ames counsel for Mr McMurray Sen
aior Gore testified as to the relation
existing between himself and Ham
man Ho said tne relation was nl
ways extremely friendly und he fre
quently had biisiners dealings with
Hammon which entailed loans of
Do you regard Hammon as a truth
ful man asked Attorndy Amos I
I In most cases I do but r think I
he would deviate a little on occa I
I sions
Senator Gore declared that when he
frowned upon the briber proffer
1 Hammon said the amount might he
raised to 50000 Hammon also told
1 me that Senator Charles Curtis of
I Kansas and Congressan McGuire of
Oklahoma weie incresed Fn the Mc
Murray contracts testified Senator
Goro And while I am about if I
might as well tell that he said an of
lids higher up in the government i
was also interested h the contracts I
When ho named the person higher
up I held my hands in astonishment
and said Is it possible that a per
son so high in the United States gov
ernment could Jay himself open to
such Imwitatlou I
J Well replied Hammon this is
lots of money you See I
The bribery offer Senator Gore ex I
plained followed his opposition to the
approval by congress of what are
known ns the McMuiray contracts
which affect the Choctaw and Chlcka +
saw tribes of Indians I
By these contracts be said L P j
McMurray an attorney and his rigor
elates were to receive ten ncr cent I
of the profits in tho sale of 150000
acres of 1 1a1d asnhalt lands be
Ionizing to time Indians I
As a Now York syndicate fitoqd
ready to pay oOOOnnO for the lands
the len per cent in HIP McMurrny in
lorpsts for attorncyii foes would
realize S3iOO000 said ho nenatpr
Senator oGre appeared before he
special Investigating committee which I
convened hero today as a direct re j
suit of charges made by him In the I
United States senate on Juno 24th I
When the coMimlttoe adjourned at
noon Senator Gore was still on tlu
stand I
New York Aug 47elLll to Gay
nor was tfio contemptuous cry of a
shorttempered policeman who got n
firsthand v < bearing whoa Mayor
Gaynor Hat on the bench in the night
court in company with one ofhfa new I
appointees Magistrate Daniel P Mur
phy a Harvard graduate
A case of alleged policy Clllbllnj
came up Mattle Navarra a boy of
17 charged with intoxication on cha
street exhibited a badly bruised rhppj
and accused the officer who arro tnd
i him of beating him with a night stick I
He was fined 1
The mayor asked for the police
mans number and wrote it flown
carefully 1 want that he said ad
he tucked It away III his pocket
New York Aug I The tone ui iho
opening of the stock market tday
was heavy with the principal trading
stock under pressure
Union Pacific was the cnly conspic
I uous exception although there were
j some minor stocks showing small
1 fractional gains Third Avenue de
cLncd 1 1J Reading and Amalgamat I
ed Copper 1 and Northern Pacific U I
chison and U S Steel substantial
After a brisk tally in which the
early losses were mostly made up the
j market became weak again but did
not generally fall as low us proxlous I
j ly Rock Island pfd and American
i Smelting were depressed a point
Great Northern Ore certificates rose
i 2 and Great Northern pfd 1 Tho
room traders in stocks talked politics
1 and sold stocks during the morning
i Published reports that stock I market
accounts of large capitalists have
t been taken over by bankers did not
i relieve the pressure iosell Amal
gamated Copper lost 2 Chesapeake
Ohio 1 I 4 and Union Pacific South
ern Pacif and issuing Pacific I
i Neon prices showed fractional recov t
eries Bonds irregular
New YorkMoncy
New York Aug L21ouay on call
Peas 1 l2aM per cent ruling rate
1 12 per cent closing bid T 11 per
cent offered at 1 12 per cent Time
J loan firm and dull for sixty days
313 15 per cent for ninety days t M
a4 per pent for Six months d 7xa3
per cent
Omaha Livestock t
1 Omaha Aug L Cnttlp UfrpjnK
2100 market Fiend to strong ° r NI
five steers SJJoTSo cows aid
heifers 350fi8 00 western steers
SitflG25 range cows and heifers
i 275 Ti 4 75 stockers anti feed r <
I 5M0l 303 cahcs SoOf70
i oRecelpts 9000 marei 1c t
to hOc lowar lila i7 vr 7
mixed S7oOf7SO right S7 Softs r
pins 7005800 bulk of sales 70
7M0 I
SmeenReceipts 75UO steady II
cnn YP3rlns if > Hv tiro wtlip i
I tiM JlO ewes 275nS3 lambs
I roo7io
I Close
Chicago > e I
Ckicu o Ajift 4Chose Wheat t
Sept 102 5S Dec 105 May
Corn lSOpt 02 5S Dec GO 3S May
C2 I
Oats Sept oC 7Sa7 Dec US Ii
May 10 7S
Pork Seat S3lni Jan SISDO
lard Sept 1102 12 Oct 1150
Nov 1120
Ribs Jan 10 emu Sept114T 12
Chicago Produce
Chicago Aiir I Battler steady
creameries 23 12s 2S dairies 22a2C
Fsgs steady at mark cases included
10aU Firsts Iff prime firsts 17 12
cheese firm daisies 15 1altwlnJ
1J J2aI yoinsj Americas 15 ola
JO longhorns 15 2 dais
Co + fec and Sugar I
New York Aug 1Su JrHaw
firm Muscovado SO test SLSO cen
trifugal lti test LtG > molasses sit
gar SO test 3G1 Refined steady
Coffee Spot steady No 7 Rio
S 1LrS 13lCc No d Santos 5Sc
Metal Market A
New York Aug Standard cop
per easy spot 1221 August and
Scpcmber and C obei l2orm20
Lead steady l10aJ30 Bar silver
52 S 1
Providence R I Aug IAn ave +
age Joss of 20000 on each of th
seven corporations which It controls
in shown by tlie report of the re
ceivers of the New England Invest
meal company the main office of
which is at Manchester N H Oil
receivers state that between January
1 1908 and April 1S 1910 the com
p llr paid out in dividends 0979
which the receivers dtfclaro did not
come from the earnings but from the
subscriptions for stocks l
The largest loss to the investment I i
company was from the LaRcvellc com 1
pany which publishes French dally 1
papers at Lowell Muss and Manches
ter N II and a weekly at Lawrence
Mass The net loss td JhO investment I
company from this connection was >

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