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J j
I Cheerfulness nnd a bright dinpoaitiou during tho months before baby comes
nro among tho greatest blessings a mother crn bestow upon tho little life about
I V to begin Her happiness and physical comfort Trill largely govern the proper I
development of tho noalth and nature of the child Mothers Friend contributes
V much to tho mothers happiness and health by tho relief and mental comfort it
I I Affords It is a liniment c m3oFcd of penetrating oils and medicines which
lubricate tho muscles and tendons of tho body sootho tho swollen rnamraarp
I i and aid in the relief
glands causo a gradual expansion of tbo skin and tissues
I of nausea Tho regular use of Mother Friend greatly lessens tho pain and
I danger when baby comes nnd assures a quick and natural recovery for tho
V mother Mothers Friend is sold at drug stores Write for our froo book con
taining valuablo information for expectant Mothers
i 1
V LONDON Aug 3Hls most excel
1 I i lent majesty George the Fifth by I
Ii the grace of God of the United King
V V dom of Great Britain and Ireland I
f I and ofthe British dominions beyond
the eas king defender of the faith
omperor of India will receive the I
j British crown from tho archbishop of
t i Canterbury In Westminster abbey one
V day next June This man of whom
t tho world knows nothing actually be
f came king that night last May when I
his father died For eighteen years
c England nnd the English knew that I
r 1 this young man some day would be
I I called itpbn to reign over the vast I
V I dominions of the British empire com
I prising onefifth of tho worlds terrl l
t f I tory and onefifth of the worlds In
r I i habitants But tho It British people
11 il i i never inquired what manner of man
i he might be they never asked him
I I for his opinions as to matters of gay
V 1 ernmontal policy they never quos
tioncd his fitness for the high office
I he was destined to fill they knew
I only that he was of the royal race
I and that he would be king I
i The king business is one of the old
V r I est trades In tho world Like other I
businesses It has Its ups and downs
I it has been popular and Its tradesmen
I have ruled or ruined at their august
pleasure it has been unpopular and
I its tradesmen have paid with their
lives tho penalty of their Kingship
I I Kings have been the Inspired and
I consecrated agents of the Deity in
ruling the mortals of this Inferior
world kings have been the pawns In
games played by great soldiers dip
lomatists and priests kings have
I been mere figureheads to represent In
mortal flesh the immortal and Intan
gible spirit of a national existence
Hut always kings have been kings
j and never has there boon a king who
I I I would of his own accord abate one
I jot or tittle of his royal power Never
has there beena king who did not be
I lieve in his soul that he was made oC
r better clay than other men I
i Something more than a century ago I
there was a great social convulsion I
in the western world which caused
I thrones to totter and which occa
I sioned a terrific slump in the stock I
I of the king business bv striking down I
I the notion that kings ruled by virtue
I I of divine right This great panic wan I
I followed by a long series of ups and I
V V V dpwns in which no kulg ever knew
t finite what his business was worth I
r About forty years ugo things quieted I
V Ilown and ever since then king tock
1 has been gradually rising Today the
1 king business is more nourishing than I
I at any time within the past hundred
years VV
Absurd as it may seem to those I
in whose veins runs the blood of men
V V who signed the Declaration of Inde I
pendence subjects kings are quite
as proud of their estate as are oiti
cns of republics An American will
not fall to wince when some careless
speaking Englishman refers to him
as au American subject And yet
I the EngMshman is as prideful of his
relation as a subject of King Georce
V I as any American be he Jefferson him
I self could be of his citizenship In the
i American republic Any person In
1 England who agitated the overthrow
1 J of the monarchy and the establish
V ment of a republic would be even
V more of a faltor than an American I
V 1 who would advocate making a certain
citizen into King Theodore 1 There
V are no Republicans In Britain just as
V V V there are no monarchists In America
Every man likes his own system
I True it may be objected hat there
aic Republicans in Spain but then
V I there are also monarchists in France
4 4 i i The trouble in those countries is that
V I the system has changed so many
times that the people are not settled
Ihi their preferences
rhe one thing about which every
BritOn is agreed is that it Is his firsl I
V I duty under any and all circumstances
p i whatsoever to be loyal and true to
IV I his King Loyalty to the crown is the
I only effective bond of British unity
r I
I Afflicted for Months Burned and
I ItchedUsed Cuticura and He
was Cured in Three Weeks
Not Even a Scar Left
L I As a grateful mother 1 fed Il my duty
I j 1o thnnk you for the curo of my lltile inn
I Ytlio was nrlltclcd for
ubout Qlghl months with
I tores all over lilt hrad
back of lib neck and
I nearly all lib faco Vo
7 tried nil kinds of remedies
without any relief TVo
I Ten employed a coed
nltrslclan and I nm sure
j no tried hh vt > rj bst to
cure my poor suffcrlnc
I V little Ivor J100nlrlrr slosh
4 Instead of cctilnc bsltT
1 ho went for tri 7orf
Ilic hcllj wu literally ror rrd Tth icalu
nnlJ uJlr rn and his cries Kent u nwake
I tlirniiKhout the lone nUlit I had lo kn hl
hands In nlow lo pr v tnt bl5 tcrtchlni lib
V I I h ii5 us he was douttitosi sullcnnc from a
I burnmK and Itcliinc tcnsatlon nnd was con
stantly irylnj to put lilj hands where It hurt
At Ian when ho wns about three years
I old we saw an advertisement of Culkura and
I 1 decided to try the virtue of the Cuticura
I Ilemcdbs I bought one cake of Cuticura
SoapaboxofCulicura Ointment Dod a bottle
Cullcura ncsolvrnt 1 wed them niTordlnc
to dlrecttani and I am happy to tell jou the
lillla sufferer VTM CUred In ei than three
we U lhU was over n year aro and now
his head Li cnrrred with a fmp Rrowtb of
luxuriant hair Strange to ray ill thwo
urulghtly Mfa ddl not even Icavo a war
Mr O O CourUlon PlauchcTUlc la Feb
ruary 26 tOIO
j The sufferlnc which Ciiticurr Soap and
Cutlcura Ointment have allclatnl limon
I skintortured ilkflRiirrd Infnnlf children and
adults have led to their adoption In cmintleM
V homes ajj the purest sTeetc suit rnon i < x >
V nomlral treiitmMii for rozeircs and other
Itching burnlnc humor of thcskln and f calp
I n1 ngrrJ
l Itln
I A zlnsln Mil Is often suflidi
Cutleiira nenmlle are So > M tbrou lout Hip tlvlt
I liMlnorM roller Dnu ACbctn CornK lsrropi
I IIOton ojJUil frr 13r > ic Cutlcurv Iluot
UoiT to Cato for nid Trol the b la aDd bul
Even the Irish as long as they re
I main in Ireland forget the sufferings
of 750 years of cruel oppression nnd
I send messages of devotion and loyalty
to the new sovereign The Hindu
I revolutionists too often maligned as
ns anarchIsts wncn King Edward I
died gathered in state to express in
ceremonial solemnity the sorrow of
the uOO000000 subjects of the Kaiser I
iIIInd There may be bitter politics
and even bloody vIolence in protest
against the constituted British gov I
ernment but there Is V nothing but
love and loyalty for tho English king
And the man who has come to oc
cupy this the greatest throne In all
the history of monarchy the man
who has come to rule over this the
greatest empire over acknowledged by
man the man who now receives the
homage of this worldwide and mag
nificent loyalty Is a man about whom
only three things nro certainly known
ho is one of the six best shots in
England he is one of the greatest
postage stamp collectors tu the world I
Iud he suffers with dyspepsia
There Is a general custom among
kings which decrees that tbe crown
prince opposes always the political
views of his father Queen Victoria
was popularly believed to be a Tory
Edward was a Lheral George by
tho same token Is presumed to be a
Tory Certain it Is that most of his
friends have beon staunch Tories fInd
George has never exhibited any of I
those democratic traits which made
his father popular outside of his own
realm na well as within its hOlders I
King George so far as anything Is
known of him at all Is an intense
Englishman having the average Eng
lishmans supreme contempt and
hearty dislike for all foreigners Ills
queen too is English Uie first Eng
lish princess to sit on the English I
throne for many years She too dis
likes and distrusts foreigners
In his career as Prince of Wales
George made one speech which was 1
something more than a more conven
tional utterance Jt was entitled
Wale Up England It was an ex
position of the doctrines of the im
perialistic party which Is to say the
Tory party It is Inevitable that
George having been a sailor from his
childhood until he death of his elder
brother should be a hearty supporter
of the imvv and a believer in the doc
trines of the blue water school
With respect to the navy and to Im
perialism It Is possible to guess that i
George Is an ardent Tory There Is
no one thing upon which one may
base a belief that the V new king In
any way sympathizes with the Lib
eral part As far as the domestic
politica crisis Is concerned King
Ctorpes attitude is not known It I
ma not be guessed at intelligently
GroPing in the dark one feels rather
than sees that the king will oppose
whether actively or passively the ef
forts of the British democracy to de
etroy the peculiar privileges of the
The divinity that doth hedge a king
Is as nothing compared to the ob
scurity which envelopes an heirap
parent Witness the prince imperial
of Japan the crown prince of Austria
or the vice president of the United
States Secure In that obscurity
George formed his political notions
He was an Interested auditor in the
galleries of the house of commons
during the long debates on the consti
tutional crisis last winter He beard
at first hand the best arguments on
both sides But on his face he wore
a royal mask which effectually con
cealed his emotions 1Che ever com
municated his comments on that de
bate to any living soul the English
people do not know It I
Here Is the ancient kingdom of I
England in the throes of a great con
stitutional crisis the Issue of which
probably will change forever the I
course of British affairs The oppos
ing sides are lined up in battle array
all ready for the fight waiting onfy
until thoii new Icing may get his I
crown before invoking the nihitra
ment of political war And yet both I
sides each believing that the future
of England depends upon the success
of Its doctrines will be willing to de
fer to the judgment or perhaps to the
prejudices of this unknown and un
knowable man
The leaders of both parties know
that the kings will may nut be op
I posed unless the king should violate I
his pledges to the people If he shall
let It be known without personally I
meddling in the political situation
that ho favors the continuation of UK
present relations between the lords
and the commons his will probably
will prevail And yet the British peo
ple would not permit him to take an
active part III parts politics for to do I
so would he to violate the best tradi
tions of English kings and would for
feit him the respect of his people
Perhaps if George Is the Tory that
many believe him to be he will save
the aristocracy HP privileges and
block the attack of a militant democ
racy by appealing to all tho people
not to do anything that will embar
rass him It is an apparent certain
that the Liberals cannot win in their
light against the house of lords unless
tbe king will give Mr Asquitb the
power to name a sufllclent number of
new peers to go into the house of
lards and to vote that ancient institu
tion to suicide It Is equally apparent
that the king will desire to escape the
embarrassment of receiving such a
demand For the first lime In more
than a century it is possible that th
Ing might refuse to take the advice
of his ministers and that that refusal
might receive the approval of the pea
V King George occuples a position of
tremendous rsppialb III ty and the
world will look upon the gradual re
yealment of his political faith with
V breathless Interest JUnon hIs beliefs
may depend thefutifre course of the
Billlsh government and therefore
the future peace of the world For It
1 must not bo forgotten that George
bus a causln albo in the kimr business
r and that between these two cousins
I lieff tho fate of the two greatest na
tions of Europe
Ephraiui Aug 3 A former Fair
view resident Joseph Fuller was
token Into custody by Sheriff Milton
Burns of Sanpote county and City
Marshal Peterson The officers have
been trying to locate him for some
time He was hiding at the placo
known as the Old Herd house which
is located In the vicinity of Mllburn
The officers at once vent to the place
where they found him and placed him
under arrest He Ls wanted by the
officers on the reservation for taking
cattle that did not belong to him
The sheriffs ofllce was notified dur
ing the week that he was wanted and
that he had started for Falrview he
was located there but during the
evenings he would change hiding
I places When he was found and
placed under nest he mode no re
sistance and it is understood ac
knowledged the crime with which he
was charged The officer of the reser
vation was soon on hand nnd Fuller
will be taken back Vhen the officer
arrived he reported that Earl Day a
young V man aleo from Falrvlow has
been Implicated with Fuller aud that
he miiEt answer to the snmo charge
The supposition is that he will give
himself up when he finds that Fuller
i has been cfuphL Both have lived in
Fnirview until recently
A Cure Without Cutting or Other
Objectionable Treatment
Here ic a priceless boon to anyone
who suffers with pllcc of any kind
A medicine in tablet form taken in
ternally that cures all forms of piles
Only 2 per cent of known failures
A medicine that Is sold under strict
guarantee Your money hack if you
are one of the 2 per cunt
A medIcine that avoids operations
and use of nasty salves or supposi
Badcons Pharmacy Ogden Utah
sell this remedy Dr Leonhardts 1
HemRold H for 24 days treatment I
Dr LoonlmardtStation B Buffa I
lo N Y Props Write for booklet
BEVERLY Mass Aug 3 Presi
dent Taft had a number of callen at
his cottage this afternoon He has I
not yet begun to use the executive
offices on Lathrop street but proba
bly will do so next week
1 Asher C Hinds of Maine for years I
the parliamentarian clerk of the
house and now tho Republican noml
nee for congress from the first Maine
district Senator Warner of Missouri
Victor Mason of Passaic N J who
had charge of the New York Republi
can headquarters dunng the national
campaign Representative Gillette of
Massachusetts General Crozier of
the ordnance department of the army
and John f Cobb president of tbe Na
tional Tariff commission association
were visitors I
Michael Grlgordie the Italian In
borer who srun down and seri
ously Injured by Robert Taft several
weeks gao left the Beverly hospital
today entirely recovered from the ac
cident All the hospital and medical
bills were paid by the president
No comment was obtained here to
day on the result of the Kansas pri
maries nor of the proceedings at the
Iowa Republacn convention
NEW YORK Aupr 3 Seven officers
of the United Wireless Telegiaph
company most of whom had previous
ly been arrQsted were indicted by a
federal grand jury today on two
counts one charging conspiracy to
defraud by the use of the United
States mails the other charging con
spiracy in devising a scheme to in
duce investors to buy worthless stool
Those indicted are President C C
Wilson Vice President Samuel Bogar
Secretary W W Tompklns Fiscal
Agent George H Parker General
Manager C C Galbraith Treasurer
W A Dibolt and Francis X Butter
counsel and director of the company
All except Parker were alaign
before Tudge Hough in the United
States district court and pleaded not
guilty Parker is undenHood lo be
on the way here from Seattle to sur
render hlmBolf
President Wilson was held in 25
000 ball TompkIns and Boar in 10
000 each and the others In 55000 each
On the first charge all were paroled
for one week and on the second
charge they were given two days in
which to find bail
The company has outstanding 20
000000 worth of common and pre
ferred stock The indictments give a
long list of statements about this
stock sent out by the management
which the indictment charged wuro
wholly false
DENISON TEX Aug 3In a fire
today which destroyed the Texas l
Pacific railroad pumping stallon ai
Sherman gasoline tank exploded
burning 20 people All probably will
I When Dandruff Goes and hair
Grows Abundantly
I Parisian Sage Americas greatest
hair restorer will keop you looking
young and attractive
I It is guaranteed by BADCONS
PHARMACY to uiaXo hair grow and
slop falling hair to cure dandruff in
I two weeks to stop Itching of the scalp
almost Instantly
Parisian Sage is the most Invigorat
ing satisfying and pleasant hair
dressing made 1ts not sticky or
greasy It makes the hair soft luxur
iant and handsome it Is especially
praised by women who love beautiful
V hair Parisian Sage Is for sale by
a large bottle The girl with the Au
burn hair ie on every bottle
I n
SALT LAKE tug hTlme heat of
I simmer weather evidently had lu
clfect on tho local market this morn
hog and trading was slow as usual
Transactions voro made in but 10
slocks and they were small Colorado
Kid up fairly well at 31 cents white
time only real feature of the market
was Columbus Consolidated which
roi ns high as iii cents Develop
ments at the mine have been rapid
iiu 1 substantial lately and conditions
toll jmle lo improve The company
Marled a third shift at the mill han
dling the second class ore Several
row developments there It Is said are
just on the verge ol being decided is
I lid management Is unablo to deter
ilne from present work Just whnt
they will amount to The stock had
a better tone this morning
Nevada Hills was again fairly ac
tive with a gradually raising marker
I It was back lo 225 at the close An
odd lot of Iron Blossom sold for 75
c nts Sioux Consolidated continued
to hold strong at 22 cents
The total number of shares dis
posed of during the morning session
was 18650 while the amount rcpre
seated was 86f EO
On the curb market considerable
trading In Opex was done at n mucn
lower price than on yesterday There
wore alpo several other sales Those
registered on the curb marlcl were
1700 shares of Opex at 14 cents 3
COO at 45 2800 at U 12 200 shares
of Seven Troughs Coalition atW
I cents 200 shares of Governor at 31
Salt Lake Aug Commencing
with the first train of the Western
Pacific on August 22 the Globe Ex
press company will operate over that
line to Sun Francisco This Is taken
I as the first Indication of the coalition
I of forcesi pie liaclflc and the Globe
both exprepq pctkiman1 ts being con
trolled by the5ttoild i The name of
the Globe will probahb be given to
thecombined companies it IB more
comprehensive The Pacific operates
on jtbe eastern Gould lines wbllo the
Globe only operates on tilt Denver t
Rio Grande lines in Colorado and New
Mexico But the lines in Utah have
the WellsFaigo franchise The Globe
and Pacific will thus work with a
break between Grand Junction and
Salt Lake until such time as the
Globe sicceeJs in effecting satisfac
tory arrangements with the Wells
Fargo In the meanwhile the Pacific
Is maintaining its ofllce in Salt Lake
although it has no franchise on any
railroad line entering here It is han
dling its business ona contract with
the other lines
V The Globe Is a company which was
originated by the late G W Kramer
and at this late day it Is seemingly
moving forward Several strides
Several photographs of the town of
Contact Nov have been received in
Ogden and they Illustrate how quick
ly a Nevada mining town can spring
up and how fast the usual mining
camp accompanymcnts follow activ
ity in the mines The new and little
Sagebrush clty for instance has two
stores one bank building a hotel is
under construction while there are
eight srloons now open and doing a I
very flemishing business
Contact is awaiting with commend
able patience for the extension of the
railroad line into the camp A line Is
being brought down from Twin Falls
and when work was stopped on this
lino last year the rails were within
thlrtytvo miles 01 the town It Is re
ported new that the builders have
I been ordered hack to work again and
the task of hewing a path through
the hills will be under way shortly
I at full niessurf
In the meantime the owners of
I claims are doing their utmost to coax
the road into the district by placing
a generous tounreof copper ore Into
sight Under the leadership of the
I United States Smelting Refinlntt
MHIig company ansi the ColeRyan
I interests n lae number of miners
I are omplovcd in gaining depth on
what has been generally termed Hie
greatest snfnce showing of copper
I in the west The greatest depth so
I far reached Is 500 feet and condi
tions orewise have not only maintain
I ed their intjprty kit have shown a
most encouraging imnrovcmcn There
are 400 peonle In the camp
What given promise of being the
most important development NO far
recorded In the Spring Valley oil
fields of Wyoming was reported on
Wednesday from the projwrty of the
International Consolidated company
This is an organization of local and
eastern capitalists who have earnest V
I ly endcaorod to give tbejr JIOFFCV
hlems the very best that export talent
I and j liberal expenditures of money
could provide n ihpeakinjr of thp
rnd nVtSils property yesterday A V I
Taylor Who Ions has been den titled 1
with this Wyoming IIcIt and who is I
a prominent official of the Pittsburg
Salt Lake Oil company said I
From the reports received this
International nnd promises to be
what Is known In the Oil world 16 a
crevice well being connected with the
pool and piovlus practically Inex
I haustible The well Is helm pumped
steadily and there is no dlmiiuitou
of the oil it Is the sort of well that
we all have been looking for and if I
it proves to be a crevice If will be
the first for the field ThoInterna
tional adjoins the PittshurfcSalt Lake
Slayer of George E Faoccll Asks to
> Go to Prison fOT Life V
Salt Lake An I Harry Thome
I tho slayer of George E Fosse the
I grocorymuii in this city nnd who was
sentenced to bo shot on September 9
by Judge Lewis July 15 baa filed
an application with tho board of par
dons to have lila sentence commuted
to life Imprisonment Tho inntfer wilt
come before tho board of pardon for
confederation August 20 at the regu
lar meeting of the board
Thorno says that associated with
him in the crime were Thoittas Ril
ey who was also convicted of the
murder but who has appealed his
case and a third man known by the
name of Curlcv V What argument
will be put up in favor of the com
mutation of Thomes sentence is not
Salt Lake Aug 4Trlhunp Frank
E Hanson the former postmaster of
Pjllmore Millard county he of arson
fame once more Is in trouble Again
the officers of the law are after Mr
The county attorney Tuesday Issued
a coinnlalnt against Hanson charging
him with obtaining money under false
pretenses and a peace officer armed
with a warrant of arrest is keeping a
I close watch for the erstwhile Incom
petent postmaster Hanson accord
ing to tho complaint Issued by tho
county attorney took a Deserot Na
tional bank cheek July 23 and with
a blue crayon pencil turned out a
check for 3 on the State Bank of Mil
lard county Then Hanson passed
the check on one of the Schramm
Johnson drug stores The check af
ter passing through the clearing
houses finally reached the Stale Bank
of Mlllard county In which account
closed was inscribed upon it and it
was returned to Salt Lake City
George Hanson of Ogden a brother
of the accused man learned of tho
check and thinking that sx months
hi time county jail miht do much tn
cure his brother of his habits visited
the county attorneR office and swore
to a complaint charging obtaining
money under false pretenses
Ephralm Aug 2Jl1e funeral ser
vices over the remains of Clifton Jen
sen of Spring City were held in the
tabernacle at that place yesterday af
The death of Albert Bruff of Spring
City which occurred at that place i
yesterday morning was a surprise to
the residents of that city Mr BruIT
was one of Ihe highly respected young
men of Spring City and leaves a wife I
and four children to mourn his loss
the youngest being only about 3 years
of age
Murray Aug JNow that Joseph
Ulmer has been engaged as city engi
neer of Murray It is said that the I
work of further platting the city and
Installing a sower system will be I
pushed rapidly Mr Ulmor will also
have charge of the work of installing
the now pipe line from Big Cotton I
wood canyon Contracts have already
I been awarded for the Installation of
sewer systems I
Midvale Aug 3The body of Bert
Owens the miner who was drowned
in the Jordan river here yesterday
morning was burled in the Sandy
City cemetery today The two com
panions who came here with Owens
knew practically nothing about him
and despite the fact that the authori
ties inquired at Ogden from which
place he was supposed to have come
nothing was learned
Salt Lnle Aug tCopies of Mr
Moods resolution adopted by the
city council Monday evening calling
for a grand jury investigation of the I
councilmen erc made out In the of
fice of City Recorder Benjamin S
Rives Wednesday and transmitted to
the four judges of the Third judicial i
Now for Jr
the Finish V
of Our f
Beginning Wednesday Morning all 150
125 and 100 Shirts cut to
95c V i I
VV V While they last
V a
y I
V V Modern Clothes
Come on 7 F ci Wash Ave t
In SHOP At 2365 jc
f t
CHAS F GROUT 352 24th Street
district A copy also was sent to
County Clerk Margaret Zanc Witch
er and it now is up to the district
judges to act
The provisions for calling a grand I
Jury arc contained In section 1h of
article 1 of the state constitution J
which ends with a proviso to the ef
fect that no grand Jury shall be call I
ed unless in the opinion of the dis
trict judce or judges public policy 1
and welfare warrant such action
The grand jury shall number seven
members and the votes of five arc
necessary to return an indictment
Thirtytwo Languages Spoken in Bar
num and Bailey Dressing Rooms
Xo less than fifteen interpreters an
required to keep the 400 performers
of the Barnum and Bailey Circus on
a basis of communication A trip
down the little street of the show
grounds which is lined on either sllo
ith the tents of the performers in I
like a visit to the Pike or the Mid
way I Plalsnnco of worlds fair days I
In that cosmopolitan street are the
representatives of tin ityhvo nations
One of those dressing tents I
Known to the show people as Llttr >
Italy Another is called The Street I
of Cairo A third is the Gorman j
Village to At the far end of the ave I
nue Is found a pollyglot blending of
no less than fourteen tongues under
one canvas top This tent is joking I
iy referred to as The Crazy House
The performer who has only English
at his command is loomed to silencE
on that street unless he occupies the I
smallest lent In the little city whore
the American and V British subjects
It is an allEmopean show which
the Barnum and Bailey management
will bring to Ogden on Wednesday
Aug 10 Over 300 of the performers j
are making their first trip through I
America From Germany come the J
Konyot family of acrobatic cques I
I 1
trians the SiegristSllbon family of
acriallsts the seven famous Patty f
ranks Paula Peters and her monkey
rnd dog circus and the Apollo trio I
of classic posturers France sends th t
In Faille quartette of the world I
strongest men the famous Bcrzac r
the Les lardys family of gynyiaBU
time five Leg Dckos the Fasslo troupe I
of equilibrist and Desperado who I
njps from the dome of the tent anJ
lands on the ground on his bare chest V I
In Italy were secured the GarconM I
tl family of clowns the Florenjp fam
ily of acrobats the Corelll family of I
gymnasts Alonzo Braceo lie cele I
brated equilibrist the La Mar troup f
of aerlallsts and the Bnrcotll broth I
NS The Abreu family of aerohaU
and Victoria Codona the greatest
highwire artists in the world are 1
from Spain The You turkey company 1
of equilibrists are from the court ol
the Mikado of Japan Tho Davenpoti
family of riders aro from Australia
Vlnston and his riding seals thl
Derrick and Bradna family of equo
trians and the Devern family o
neriallsts are from England In add
lion there are artists from Norway
Persia Russia Turkey Prussia and
Belgium to say nothing of a dozec
Fir Eastern countries
Charlie the First the greatest acro
bat and bicycle rider In the world
night he termed a British subject
though he is only a chimpanzee lib
master who is exhibiting him In
America for the first time Is Dr
Charles Buchanan of London Th
balloon horse K a French Impoita
ticn It was first seen In Park
though the girl who ries the animal
during its perilous trip is an Amen
The cosmopolitan rspect of ths
show spells novelty in large letters
In fact here Is a circus absolute
new In Ideas The forenoon paradi
is the most elaborate ever seen
Aiding Digestion
Waiter ask tile orchestra to play
something different
An > particular selection sir
Something slower I cant chew IUT
non uronerly In waltz tlmeCollr
Being an account of the 14000 miles journey from Ocean to Ocean together II
with the public speeches made by him during the journey including an account 1
of his visit to Utah I
h j i
to any personold or new subscriberwho will sign a contract to continue the iI
0 Standard for J2 months and pay 75 cents for the book which payment will I I
also pay for the last month of the 12 months subscription Which will be the I I
only guarantee from you that you will take the paper for 12 months and pay
S each month for the same If you should stop the paper at any time before the
expiration of 12 months the 75 cents paid when you receive the book will be 9
payment in full for the book V
We only have one shipment and first come first served
I 9
1 Cal at the Standard office get the book pay 75 cents and take a receipt that rA
I i will also pay for the last month of 12 months subscription
i A

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