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I t = owesarv
B EING an Unvarnished Account of the Wizard of Connect <
CUt the Master of Wondrous Tales the Owner of the
Tunnelling Trout the Inventor of the Cheese Boring Wood < <
pecker and the Only Human Being Who Saw the Great Frog
C pjricht 1010 by the New York herald Co All rights reserved 1
f r ° ETEn
Clear and slron the caressing cadences
of the Wizard of Winsted fell into the
depths of a welL
Quick was the response to the summons A dark
ind graceful form shot with arrowlikc swiftness
from the sandy bottom and Peter the Tunnelling
Trout emerged half out of the water with a look of
polite interest on his high bred and intelligent face
He did not speak but It was as if he said
Master 1 am come to your bidding bowed
The Wizard smiled and waved hLs hand Peter
J iceing that it contained no worm disappeared as
suddenly as ho had come To whom else would a
dumb creature respond like this but to Louis Timothy
Stone the man who made Winsled famous
Winsted Yes jWinstccl Lltchflcld county Connec
ticut near the foothills of the Berkshires WInstcd
the home of the bait retrieving hen oi the grateful
woodpecker who saved as a callow fledgling by a
dairyman remained forever in his service boring holes
In Switzer cheese Winsted which not all the anathe
mas against nature faking ever stirred from Its proud
preeminence as a mart for wondrous tales Winsted
where Puss of the Woods became a household pet
Winsted home of the biggest frog in the world Win
stcd the centre from which went the tidings of Pro
fessor Tupins parentless pigs and the duck which
put something aside for a rainy day hatching rattle
snake eggs for bounty
lilt was thoughtless of me observed the Wizard
of Winsted with a sigh not to have tad a worm for
Pete but unfortunately ours became extinct There
usedto be plenty of good bait along the edge of the lit
tle brook over there and some fine trout too The
hens went there scratching around for breakfast and
J they were very successful at first but they soon real
ized that the fish were eating the very choicest and
fattest worms Those trout were the most greedy that
I ever saw They jumped out of water to the bank
sized their prey and flopped back again The hens
saw that two or three times and one day they held a
consultation It happened to be a pretty bad year for
potato bugs and my friend was giving them a paris
green diet One day the hens helped themselves to
r all the poison they could load on their beaks and
I went down and washed off their mouths in the brool
The paris green of course got into the water and
killed oft all the fish as those chicken Rorgias in
tended There have been none since and the hens
having no ideas about conservation ate up all the
worm reserves and now there Is hardly any bait on
Mils place at all
BuUyou saved Pete 1 suggested
Peters Simple Story
r Yes r replied the Wizard calmly und deliberately
t Pete is a good sort 1 am much attached to him
You remember my story of the tunnelling trout
Pete is a subway maker Ho got away from the
upper brook following a hidden watercourse of
some kind may have used a mole for a tunnelling
arrived with a
Pete llrt
shield but I doubt it Anyway
muddy nose in the lower spring where J found him
He has lived here ever since 1 hadnt the heart to
drive him away
IMuup A Hash of a glossy side and a lln waved
above the water and although Inter did nQlexactly
could doubt Unit he meant
bay It suruly none
> Thank von r
Winsted Is grateful to Louis Timothy Stone fur
cnrccl fauual
before he begot his picturesque career as
naturalist for the New York newspapers the town
Pikecounty had a monopoly
Irtia not tl the map PHw
fiid drove n hard bargain wllli the downtrodden Sun
day editors making its i st9rice longer every year and
hJdlstiHg on special rales even for such items as bears
Crlg1Jtcn the birds
putting up scarecrows to frighten away
from blackberries It was twenty years ago that
modestly at llrat and then uy slow degrees Louis Tim
othy Stout came as thefoc of the snakc yarn trust
lull brought Into life ills dependable accounts of the
t happenings of the Ness England countrywide
j Winded rests In a chalice of hills mid neat it ar
j the Jewels of three hikes whici on dear days no
like great expanses of turquoise For miles round
k about are nourishing farts each connected wit h
the outside world by long distance telephone and also
with the sympathetic car of the Seer Lllchfleld
county is a whispering gallery to him with the IJcrk
shires as a sounding board No story of the doings
of beast or bird comes out of the thicket or the wood I
but what Stone of Winsled Knows Huing a
Wizard of fairness of mind he spreads what he learns
to ascertain if such aDd such a locallly has a better
offering And strange to relate before the wires are
heated even more remarkable occurrences have been
found for nothing Is too good for the metropolitan
journals which the Seer zealously serve He is the
city editor of a daily paper in Winsted which means
that he gets most of the now edits the foreign and
telegraph despatches attends to the market reports
keeps his eyes and hfs ears open for those wonder
tales garnered with such conscientious care ami
writes advertisements
His Lake Retreat
Great Inspirations come to the man who made
Winsted famous amid the seclusion of his summer
home on the shores of Highland Lake Here It Is
that he harvests 20 a year from his chestnut trees
and also writes many of his most profitable contri
butions WIntergrcen Is the name of this Arden of ten
acres which slopes down to the edge of tho water
and within its boundaries are brooks for fish trees
for birds of strange plumage caverns In the living
rock where weird animals come lo hibernate untIl the
spring critter yarn season has come amicavities
where ancient toads may come forth to tell foobly of
the paleozoic age bless Louis Timothy Stone nnd dlo
Beauteous and romantic Wiiitergreen home of
eheckcrberrlcs nod stories of checkered nnimnl lives
holding within its limits the cottage where the Wizard
of WInstcd goes to commune v ilh the secrets of
earth and sky His bedroom in nn octagonal chamber
perched on the second story from the seven broad
windows of which he can view the lake and shoro
and wood and dale with the rising of the sue
Practical and direct is Louis Timothy Stone Ilia
square jaw his clear blue eyes his brond forehead
are not those of the dre u but woul characterize
the hard working man of affairs When he speaks
it Is with an air of conviction I c Ioons the audlur
squaiely In the face amid tels his story without the
quiver of a muscle Ills Voice f s on inllccliun
only when he talks of his friends of furred and feath
ered tribes He was lu AVlusted III 13r and
after completing his high school course plunged Into
the vortex of Journalism twenty years ao and with
in a year after his entrance into the lists he bad
landed his first story It was something about Ii
chipmunk and a poker game
His humble beginnings enabled him to acquire
this domain on the shores of the lake and to add to
it year by year Such is the gratitude of nature that
time birds of the air and the creatures of the wood
and field pay for their shelter and add lo the preserve
by furnishing stories for inelropollian markctb Like
ginseng some of these narratives arc disposed of in
condensed form and have much of the zest dried out
of them yet for nil that every liltle helps Winto
preen grows larger as the years add iutrc to thc
fame of Winsled and lib sage
Hatched by Hand
I do not suppose said the teller of talcs that
anything more happens In Winsted and its neigh
borhood than in any other large rural community
but 1 take as much care as I can to get all of Interest
which docs occur and to present It In compact form
I 11 ml some of them here Xow there was the crow
which was hatched by hand i
The which I asked
Claude Berne began Mr Stone In alow and
even voice and with that intensive earnestness which
shows a minute attention to details is a neighbor
of mimic and hero is the tree where we found the nesc
of a crow perhaps deserted by the unl > ind F
or perhaps the parents were hlain by some wanton
hand There were four eggs in the nst and Claufy
took two and 1 had the others Ha wauled to card
his home and put under a sitting white duck Just
to see what the effect would be and 1 had sonic
scheme to hatch mine by electricity Claude started
down the road with his two eggs walking under Ihp
broiling sun when suddenly a beak came out of one
of the shells and a little black crow Ijoppcd out oi
i his hand lie took it home und tried to raise it under
I a white hen but as only one kind of n crow Is wel
come In a poultry yard the poor little chap died of a
I broken heart
We had wandered unconsciously time well and
looking down we beheld the smiling yet perhaps it
was all imagination the mocking < countenaucc of the
intelligent Peter
I t The Sage tossed a bit of soda cracker to the run
riWHng Trout and out of the depths sbowd the eyes of
I the creature which now bcemcd all confidence aud
I trust
One of the charming places on the estate of Louis
Timothy Stone wberc the prophet rets while the
ravens bring him fdodI completely shut In by the
giant glue trees where for years the dried needles
have been accumulating In a carpet in whicfi
ones feet sink ankle < deep Ills favorite scat
however Is by n spring lu the centre of his
demesne between thauper and lower vcif
table gardens and froiiyits cool waters a simple lift
ing of a rope bringsto Iljrht a basket tilled with bot
tles of cooling and sparkling drink The glasses arc
brought frigid from tliosuine delectable source and
here where the water fills from natures fountain
and the birds blithely sing and the chipmunks lean
from bough to bough the Wizard of WInstcd Is at
hb best His mind + dwell1 almost tenderly upon all
the children of Ids brain
Out there somewhere aid lie indicating the
lake with the biberou In his hand Is the Sheriffs
giant frog He came ashore one day and we man
aged lo Eel a photograph of him find then he Jumped
off i he pier when he realized what had happened
Kvorybody remembers the Giant Prop of WInstcd
pictured not so long ago tall as the persons who stood
near him and as wide ns a barn The lake is said to
luive risen half an Inch after his plunge back Into
Its bosom
Professor Michael Pupln the eminent authority
on electricity who Is connected with Columbia Uni
versity lives not far from the retreat of the fame
maker of Winsted His farm bore tragedy for an
automobile ran over Getrulda the mother of ns fine
a porcine litter as ever graced Connecticut The
curly tailed orphaus were In despair They pined
bur food and mother and refused ordinary fare
The professor mounted a storage battery of nursing
bottles In n trough pig high and In the form of a
plate drying rack or a saw buck The necks of the
betties with their rubber feeding appliances were
placed through the holes bored in the side of the
rack and the bottles being thus placed with their
bottoms up and well secured afforded rapid feeding
h y gravitation The young porkers took to this sub
stitute In avid and joyous fashion as was evidenced
by the swift moving of their tails They nil flour
ished In the chill spring they were accustomed to
lie down by the kichcii stove until the season ad
vanced sufficiently to permit them to wander In the
open and to achieve a sty
Wild Men and Wraiths
Vlmt memories cluster about old Winsled flow
the news came over the wire llftecu years ago
Wild man loose terrorizing couutryl Posse How
The Curly Tailed
Orphans and Their
t c Storage Battery of
i e Nursing Bottles
ilow the reporters went by shoals to he received
at the gallon by the Sage himself then slender and
with tie bloom of youth In his cheeks How he
conducted them through swamp and Ueld and briar
patch Shall that memorable Suuduy ever be for
gotten when distracted farmers reported that they
had seen a monster with eyes of flame with his great
shock of blood red hair and his purple eyes How
the hcco of Buena Vista had fired at him and the
creature had boundpd away leaving In his wake a
thin crimson train Ah halcyon days were those
Wizard of Winded it has been many a day since
you hare brought such a tale as that
Do you know commented he as ho sipped In
reminiscent mood I have often wondered who that
I WSC that old J wqn
wild iiihn was Do you suppose
Blank ould have started all that lo keep tliii cdiG r r
drin from getting Into Mis blackberries
Who can et er forget the spouk of Wonksunlamuuk
r r n j
who rose a flaming wraith out of the Moor of the 1
club house there and
with primitive ludgeon
sued the merrymakers nearly to the Litcbficl line
It was a good ghost story and
the descriptions or
the spirit gathered by the able correspondent himself I
were duly reproduced in pictures arid neer to this
day has that ghost or the silent frozen lake bcco
Versatility and Vim in Him
Meteorological informatl of rll kind rirnCK from
WInstcd It Is not recorded that late one October
Mr Ellen M Wright vas picking raspberries by thu
quart and that dahlias were still lu bloom A stout
armed matron had been brought from Canada to
wash all little children In Wins ted and put then to
bed amid squalls Where but hvlbr Connecticut
town and who but Louis Timothy Stone could have
discovered that the decision would have been reached
by Mr and Mr Josiah Wbliscomb to change I
pations lie to stay at home and wash dishes she to J
work In the factory
How the news simmers out of WInstcd when the
indefatigable Wizard invokes the muse In ono de
spatch he announced that Minister Eockhlll is back
from China that n pig running wild fo two mouths
had been captured that five large rattlesnakes and
violets had been seen as harbingers of spring and
ft new order issued on the railroad was to make all
conductors look the younger
It Is nearly time for the floating islands on Goost
Pond in the Berkshires to begin circulating They
break adrift occasionally and then fishermen sitting
on the Sargossalike wastes cue holes In the sod
drop their lines through and haul
up gudgeons in
great and considerable quantities
Who cnn drlte from his mind that beautiful lyric
entitled Wets Wnnt Wicked Pumpkin Pie based
on the guile of certain restaurateurs
who placed more
spirits than vegetable In the pastry which they sold
in a temperance toW What of the squirrels which
threw limburger cheese at a man who had tormented
them How time Jliesl They have
long since re
+ pented of their unsavory deed and died in the odor of
sanctity When the discussion
concerning race sul
tide was at Its height did not the
es from Win sled
sing with the story of the barber blessed with
eleventh child and who was immediately called upon
by a delegation of democrats
who Inssted that
accept a nomination for the Legislature
Lay of Grateful Hen
Mr H C Spauldlng had the grateful hen which In
return for her board dug worms for him The bird
whenever she saw her master going fpr his fish In
pole nnd basket ran like one posse = d to the
den and brought In her heal worm after worm s
that he might go on his excursion well provided wits
It was a good story remarked the Wizard of
WInstcd and so true although another man got It
llrsl but I made New York tit it in Lime
How many boys have been say from reckless
ness by the simple warning which came from Win
sled in the story of the much youngster who dis
turbed his steadier in school by blowing into and
bursting paper bag nnd in so doing broke both bag
and band
All the nioinils which the Wizard commits to
the wings ofhe juornln c names attached and f
always suitable ones What wuil a man named
Otis ID Gillette do for instance Hewould be re
sourceful brilliant and inventive He v tormented
by the attacks of mosquitoes on the bare citadel of
his bralli and nt once had a picture of a spider
painted on time top of his bald head which frightened
away every pest within Jig ing dhnnce J
Phincas Aldrich captured twentynine skunks In
one day seling them for SS025 nnd It was n gentle
man of a similar name who had many of these In
teresting animals as household pets so great was j
their admiration for the bonhommle and cheerful j
ness which he had ever displayed 1
When the President fared on opossum in the South a
Wlnsled and Its environs were not to be outdone M
One old settler declared that jc knew wildcat soup
to be beyond compare a rccond recommended con j
somme do woodchuck a third was sure thrt bind V
lynx puree would fill the bill
Peanuts win the hearts of squirrels near jWinstod i j
an that appetency of theirs resulted Ina great say J <
Ing for Mr Thomas Hicks One appreciative rodent
on he payment of ten goobers was accustomed to
brush oil Mi4 Hicks shoes with his bushy tail taking
ing the end of it In his teethund swinging backward
and forward imparting that brisk action to ucces j
sary to a perfect polish >
It was only last fir at jested that a trout not t j
i clev bit a man and hung to him for a quarter of a j
mile as he ran finally relinquishing his hold wneu he I < j
came to an inviting stream 0
These are only a few of the traditions oh which
tho mind of the Wizard delights lo dwell as he sits
on Sunday afternoon listening to natures teaching J
iiud tahliu deep dniuprhts at the Pierian spring
reic1Mto him at Wintergieeiv whew time laurel 1
grnwy andVhu white blackbirds dug nd longllfe lu 1
Peter hltbe lmphJ pool and to all ravens hatched by j
hand 4

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