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r7 L
Strong < Man in Ogden Says He Can Defeat Colored Champion and
j Will Endeavor to Make a Match With JohnsonWeighs 200
Pounds and Lifts 750 Pounds With Either Hand
r I
Has tho unknown lauded as the
L white master of Champion Jack John
I ton been found and Identified Iu
F Gorge H Hayes a Sau Francisco
strong man now in Ogden
r I Hayes Is now walking across tho
i continent giving exhibitions In box
i ing wrestling and feats ot muscular
strength He ifi making the trip on
n wager of 5000 and left the coast
1 just llflytwo days ago During this
time In addition to his walk be has
I defeated a number of wrestlers done
r some boxing and as a diversion hud
r 1 lugs of war against eight men at a
tlmo and twisted horseshoes into odd
I shapes with his tooth lie welghn
I UOO pounds despite his vigorous ex
I orcise can jump 9 feet C inches with
out much effort and can strike a pile
I driver blow with his fist that would
t j fell mi oxHo
e I Ho Ic Powerful
t Hayes for thu present is traveling
r uudor the name of Young Sandow
but after somo reluctaucy gave hla
f I real name to a Standard reporter
I It was also with considerable modest
hesitation that he told of his designs
I I against tho anthracite champion That
Hayes Is stronger than Johnson over
dreamed of being is a certainty Thi
pedestrian lifts 7oO pounds with cither
1 I hand as easily as a thirsty man lifts I
a glass of beer Every muscle in hla
body is developed to a point where
it Is as tough as steel and ho has
the wind to run ten miles without a I
wheozc His chest expansion is nlni
and threefourth inches
The physical equipment of the man i
f is backed by ten yeara of experienco
in boxing wrestling and other physi I
cal culture pursuits That Hayes has
never let his light shine In the ring
I If due to the fact that he has always I
been engaged in gymnasium training I
t 1
Prince Sftbi N Buchakii comedian
Hindoo fakir from East India and
manager for the Oriental Stock com
any Is in the Ogden Jail awaiting
the pleasure oC tho Montello Nevada
Tho prince was arrested in Salt
hake yesterday and brought to the
Ogdon jail last evening there to bo
held until the Nevada officers come
lor him it is stated that the Hin
doe Is accused of stealing a camera
at Montello the charges against him
being preferred by Special Officer H
rl Cordon of the Southern Pacific
Prince Buchakii Is rather a princely
looking fellow but he will have noth
ing to say to anybody regarding his 1
trouble As a matter of fact It Is
with great difficulty that he makes J
himself understood to English speak 1
ing people Ho is quite businesslike I
carrying his letterhead which con I
tains a halftone cut of himself I
Toy Smith the negro hop head
who attempted to shoot Patrolman
Mohlman last April made a desperate
attempt to commit suicide In his cell
at the county jail last evening where
he is being hold on the charge of at
tempted murder
Night Deputy Hadloclc was attract
ed to Smiths cell about 9 oclock
and discovered the negro seated on
an upper bunk with an improvised
rope tied about his neck and at
tached to the steam pipes above the
cell Smith was about to launch him
self from the swinging hammock
when the officer reached quickly
through the bars and succeeded In
unfastening the rope before Smith
could accomplish his purpose
Smith is addicted to the opium hab I
it and since his Incarceration has been
using morphine whenever he could >
procure It from his jailors under the I
protenso of intense suffering from
cramps Tho supply ban been grad
ually diminished however until last
evening when Sheriff Wilson doter
mined to stop It entirely for one night
as an experiment and substitute some
thing of a harmless nature
While the sheriff was down town
obtaining something in the form of a
tablet which would resemble tho com
mon morphine pill Smith became des
perate and made his attempt at sui
Not long afterward Sheriff Wilson
returned with a box of medicine tab
lets used by physicians to adminis
ter drugs which arc injurious to the
teeth They are a harmless concoc
tion of sugar and paste but arc iden
tical in form to a morphine tablet
Smith was making a furious attack
on the sides of his cell which made
the corridors fairly tremble when I
Deputy Hadlock entered with two of
the medicine tablets which he cave
to Smith The latter immediately
became quiet but the officers had
hardly returned to the jail office when
a terrific outcry wait heard hi Smiths
Beamoh1t School
T3clm t California Tvcntyfi y mil
o oE SiD fraaciuo
amens 00 loriee rnvnl pbyial and hItUCCR11
mwnl b c
borrrht ever OtCb L aml rotl 11ha to
tart done
Ili londoa be e4 the
J dkerlont ant Ir
conyofownordry telkto and 1LefOeae710 III chant Ibe I
rrocnC the f
the tarroandilr more and a tpctirre c
= evnnrry l1em pet tul 3101 01 r tux
wmltory vin taregt burr btah tPaooh
f r1Jcaro yao b tar roof v bite
tikd II
jp v d J rs race I teat Leytdandemettritllrptnl
II r t c4 1o bhetP cDInn and Eam1pAlTtealt 4 k
u 1 r 1Wt trot t s 3W ut eat Nritc
e c in o mi
WM T RU1D A M < HacraJ HudNt
WT REIDJR > Jli Z a dMu
in an amateur way and has never
had ambitIon to star as a pugilist
Can Whip Johnson
Until the JohnsonJeffries fight I
ll Hayes without any attempt to
Lo boastful I had never aspired to
prize fight honors Since that bat
I tle between the two races I have
thought some of getting In thegnma
In order to win hack to the white
r co Its physical supremacy I have
io doubt thai I could whip Johnson
One blow of my fist would break his I
face Why J never have hit a man
ns hard as It Is possible for me to
ttrlkc With mj hare fist 1 con
break rocks and even though John i
sou were more skillful with lily hand
I think with my superior strength I
could break down his guards and
teat him into Insensibility despite all
his skill But remember that I nm
u boxer a teacher of boxing 1 know
nil the tricks of the ring and I am
rot slow In movement as somo strong
wen arc
Quick of Action
In the matter of agility and dex
terity I am not In the same class with
Sandow or others of professional
strong men I have not lost anything
In speed by my muscular develop
ment When I reach New York on
bin walk I will try to get a match
vlth Johnson and If I can get In the
ring with him I think he will lose
tno championship of the world
Hayes Is Just thirty years old and
has a wife and one lIttlo child who
by train are following him on his
walk He expects to make the con
tinental trip In 247 days giving ex
hibitions In every town along tho
louto that has a population of over
000 people Hayes will leave Ogden
l tomorrow morning going east over
the Union Pacific ties
i cell pandemonium having apparently
broken loose Out of the negros In
I coherent ravings could be gathered
the fact that he had ea en the pills
and having discovered that they were
not morphine ho was at once con
vinced that the authorities had at
tempted to murder him with poison
The sheriff In given the tablets to
Smith was under the Impression that
ho would employ a hypodermic needle
in taking the drug In which event the
phychologlcal effect miJit furnish the
satisfaction desired Smith however
has been in the habit of eating the
drug and consequently discovered the
ruse at once by the taste
Will Kay was arrested this morn
ing for alleged fast driving with an
automobile the ease being entered on
police court records ns Bill Jones
When the case was called It was
set for bearing next Monday Bail
had been deposited In the sum of 10
but it was not forfeited upon the fail
ure of the defendant to answer when
his name was called It was announc
ed by the city attorney that a lawyer
had been employed In the case and
had telephoned for tho setting at an
early date next week
Fred Hawkins arrested yesterday
for dninkenness failed to answer roll
call In the police court and his bail I
for 5 was forfeited Hawkins Is the
man who distributed money to mes
senger boys yesterday In b5 and 10
The 10 ball of Lolso Le Clair
charged with vagrancy was forfeited
because Lolso was not in court to an
Fred Inraan stated to the court that
he was guilty of stealing n kit of
carpenters tools the property of Goo
A Wood valued at lG5r He was
sentenced to pay a fine of 30 or re
main In tho city jail thirty days at
hard labor
Henry Voldton and Frank Williams
pleaded guilty to the charge of vag
rancy and they wore sentenced to
pay a fine of 10 each or spond ten
days on the chain gang They will be
members ot the gang this afternoon
G F Thomas was arraigned for
riding a bicycle on the sidewalk Ho
said ho was guilty Ho was fined 5
Mr and Mrs George C Nyu wore
pleasantly surprised by a fow of their
friends at their home on Monday even
ing previous to their departure from
This week they leave for a short
visit with relatives in Riverside and
Garland Utah from where they will
leave for Hlnkley Utah to make their
future home where Mr Nye has ac
cepted the position of Instructor of
Music in the Academy at Hinkle
I Those who were present to wish
Mr and Mrs Nyc success in their fu
ture home were Messrs and Mes
dames D W Arave George Balllnger
Mrs E F Eastman Mrs Thos Bart
lelt Messrs Ernest Oborn George
Debbomlencr David Moench Misses I
Marion Nye Leonore Eastman Zel
pha have Gwendoline A rave and
Cecil Kennard
I Henry S Schncll and wife of Mil
waukee WIs are visiting relatives
and friends in this city and are the
j guests of Mrs Sebnells parents Mr
I and Mr H E Baker
I Mrs Schuell was formerly Miss El
len Baker secretary of the superin
I tendent of city schools In which ca
j pacity she acted for a number of
i years She was born in this city aud
J has a host of friends i
I A quiet homo wedding occurred this
I morning at 10 oclock at the home of
I llcv John Edward Carver when la
the presence of the near rollltl s
Irs Nellie J Thompson of Ogden and
Lana M Paul of Salt Lake City were
After a brief honeymoon the young
couple willmake their home In Salt
Lake City
Miss Hose R McDonald of this city
visited Salt Lake Thursday where
she was the gucJUaf Mrs E J Stev
ens of Boston After visiting a few I
I points of Interest the party which
consisted of Mrs E J Stevens Misses
Stevens Jensen and McDonald and
Messrs Edgar Stevens and Professor
Johnson came to Ogden In the even
Ing where they remained until morn
In that they might view the beauti
ful canyon They will visit the Na
tional park and other points before go
Ing to their wintet home In Cali
The Bal clor Girls nt their camp
at Lewis resort will entertain a num
ber of guests at a tea pasty tonight
The hostesses are Misses Ivy Wil
liams Alllo Bowen Josle Reno Clara
Goddard Thnra Williams Churleno
Majors and Josle Browning
Mr and Mrs Theodore Wctmore of
Ely Nevada with their two children
arc the guests of Mrs Wotmoros
mother Mrs J R Forrest 2135
Adams avenue
Mr nnd Mrs John Erlckson anti
daughter Sarah of Idaho are tho
guests of Mr and Mrs E Larson o40
Eighteenth street having returned
from a tour of several months in
SwcdenEngland and on tho continent
A visit to tho kings palace In Stock
holm was a pleasant feature of the
sojourn In the capital city Various
points of interest In their native coun
try wore visited nnd the grand beauty
of the mountains and the weird spec
tacle of the sun shining at midnight
impressed them deeply London and
various historical points in England
were visited
MIR Edith Murray of Reno Neva
da is visiting her aunt Mrs J R
A party of voutig people chaperoned
by Mrs J W Abbott left today for a
two days trip to Dovlls Slide Among
the number are Misses Helen and
Elsie Forrest Edith Murray of Reno
Margaret Armstrong Daisy Kuhn
Helen Towno and Mary Abbott
The Congregational church ladles
will tender Mr and Mrs N S Elder
kin a reception at the home of Mr
and Mrs Andrew Thaauum 1C07 Rob
inson avenue on Wednesday August
17 Free conveyance will he provided
for all al the and of the Twentyfifth
street car line between the hours of
S and 930 p m
Mss M Thompson of Cimarron
Kansas surprise her aunt Mrs O D
Rasmusscn last evening While en
route to Stanford university Miss
Thompson stopped over long enough
to receive a hearty welcome from her
relatives in Ogden
E B Robinson of Oakland Calif
is in Ogden visiting friends and rel
atives and will leave for the Gate
City about tho middle of this month
Miss Elvira LaRIvlere of Evanston
Is visiting for several days with her
aunt Mrs Louis Allard at Hooper
Miss Disc Engleston and mother
will leave Tuesday or Wednesday af
ternoon for Seattle where they will
visit for a few weeks On their re
turn points of interest along the line
will also be visited Miss Eggleston
Is employed with the Southern Pacific
Railroad company whore all wish her
a pleasant vacation
Thomas Plver a well known resi
dent of Ogden died at the family resi
dence 2119 Lincoln avenue yesterday
at noon of a complication of diseases
and general debility at the advanced
age of S2 years Funeral services will
be held at 330 oclock Sunday after
noon in tho Third ward meeting
house Bishop Carl E Peterson presid
ing The casket will be open at tho
home between the hours of 10 a in
and 239 p m on day of funeral
The Smithsonian business college
has never found It necessary to take
in a partner in order to get advertis
ing capital neither has any business
men of Ogden or elsewhere found
it necessary to get in under us in
order to save his own brokerage in
As to our commercial course wo
arc very free to stnto that the Ogden
high school teachers have examined
and commended our commercial
courses several times and the hun
dreds of excellent bookkeepers from
the old 1 M B G speak louder for
us than we can speak for ourselves
Two heads arc better than oneIn
a cabbage patch
Vito logy Deal th and Success
The eminent
Master Adept
Life Reader sFn
Healer Land f d
now at the Og Y
den Institute of
Vitology in
R NO311
Pie new order of Moose known
ns Loyal Order of Moose No 311 was
placed upon a permanent basis last
evening at the Eagles hall on Twen
ty fiftim street between Washington
nnd Adams avenues the Installation
of officers being attended by R Kohl
enberg deputy supreme organizer as
sisted by L 1 Poote Installing offi
cer E M Qualtrough being present
to direct the ritual
It Is said that the new order Is
among the largest in the city there
being present at the Installation last
evening about I7C men who had
cither joined the order or had made
application to do so There were 105
now members Initiated The promi
nent olllcers Installed at the meeting
are as follows
Junior Past Dictator MH Thomas
Delator Joseph Cjie
Vice Dictator W D W Xeller
PIelatcp A Gyslm
SergeantatArms uMonzo Rogers
Secretary U A Irvine
Trcasuior Kohn
Trustees Benjamin V Livingston
three years II C Bogard two years
Leon Browning one year
Inner GuardHarry Egelsion
Outer Guard LeRoy Wardlelgh
The order meets every Friday night
al the Eagles hall the Moose not yet
having secured quarters of their own
0 0 JO SIll WEll
Will Direct the Commercial De
partment of the Ogden Busi
ness College
O J Stilwell who for several years
had charge of the Commercial Depart
fjent of the Ogden High school will
direct the work of the Commercial
course of the Ogden Business College
Mr Stllwells success as a teacher Is
uell known to tho people of Ogden
and vicinity Undor his system of
bookkeeping and office practice tho
Ogden High school led all other
schools of the West At the Worlds
Exposition at Portland first honors
were won by his exhibit This is not
however the best recommendation uf
hIt plan of work but Is secondary to
the complete success of his students
They have not failed when placed in
Mr Stilwell has had propositions
and a big salary offered to
Introduce his system In Salt Lake
City and in the city schools of Chi
cago He has probably turned down
1iore good offers than any other
school man in the slate
The manager of the Ogden Busi
ness College wants It to be the best
school of Its kind and there is no
doubt that with the Stilwell system
It will be the best Commercial school
in the West
City Attorney DeVine sas ho is de
termined to prosecute the boys who
created a disturbance on the Bamber
ger train from Lagoon last night To I I
that end he asked an order from the I
municipal court this morning grant
ing a bench warrant to bring them
Into court for a hearing
The names of the defendants are
L Hartley John McClnin John Eng
lish and L H Thompson The com
plaint alleges that after reaching Og
den over the Stilt Lake Ogden road
from Lagoon last night the boys cre
ated a disturbance by using offensive
language in the presence of ladles and
in quarreling and fighting
The were arrested and taken to
the police station whore they were
booked for disturbing the peace
Not desiring to remain In Jail during
the night they furnished ball In the
sum of 10 each This morning when
the case was called for trial tho boys
did not respond to their names and
the bail was forfeited but upon the
request of City Atorney DeVIno the
order forfeiting the ball was Immedi
ately rescinded and a bench warrant
Issued to bring the defendants into
The attorney stated 10 the court
that he considered the gravity of tho
offense such as to warrant bringing
the youngsters before the court for
trial and that their hall In the sum
of 10 each should not bo accepted In
lieu of their presence
Mr Deviue states that there IB alto
gether too much lioodlumism being
practiced on excursion trains and
that so far as he Is concerned he Is
going to put forth his best efforts to
check It Parties who were on the
train state that the actions of some
of the oung men were ridiculous
Vile language was used and rough ac
tions Indulged In Witnesses were on
hand at the police court this morning
to testify
Monroe Guy the young negro hobo
who has been giving the police con
siderable tioublo during the past
voek made a bold attempt to escape
from the chain pang yesterday hUl
as recaptured by Guard Royal and
placed In Irons
Guy was released last week on a 00
tly floator with the understanding
that he would leave town immedia
tely The next day he was arrested
by Detective Chambers and was put
to work with the city prisoners on
the Improvements of the canyon bou
The guards did not expect any at
tempt by the boy to get away and no
more than the usual precautions wore
talon to prevent his escape
While the guard was occupied for
T a moment however Guy made Ii
I break for liberty and ran ns If his life
depended on his success In eluding
tnt ofilcors T
I Guard Royal started In pursuit of
the fleeing youth and by shooting his
revolver In the air several times
frightened the fugitive Into 1altinjj
JJe was quickly secured and there be
ing no ball and chain available at
tho time a log chain I was fastened
about his body and ho was closely
fniardeil during the remainder of the
Guy Is tho youth who was placed
hi the dungeon several days ago for
refusing to work and when the hose
was turned on him as a means of
quieting his vicious outcries hr filled
a bucket with the water which was
flooding his quarters and threw It
back through the wicket thoroughly
drenching the guard who was playing
Inc hose He Is considered a tough
customer by the police and he Will
be closely guarded during the re
malnder of his 90day sentence
Some very Important Improvements
I In the way of equipment are being
made In the blacksmith department
of the Southern Pacific shops new
I machinery which will facilitate the
work to a great degree being already
on tho ground and ready to be 11Iac t
ill position
A huge steam hammer weighing
n300 pounds arrived yesterday ant
tle work of Installing It will start
Monday According to Fred PI
foreman of the department the hara
mor is the largest machine of the
Kind between Kansas city and the
The blacksmith shop al present haR
I wu small steam hammers but the
increasing work that has been com
ing to the shop made the smaller
mlichlnos entirely inadequate
A shears machine has been orderei
end Is expected to arrive In a few
days This machine is of monster
size and will cut one and threequar
terinch iron as easily as a seamstress
ruts a piece of calico These shear
will be put Into use within the next
three weeks
A cold saw which is to he placed
In tho amchlnc shop next week will
also be of service to the blacksmith
department is much of the work
which this saw will do has hereto
fore been done by blacksmiths Thi5
machine which arrived at the shops
a few days ago will be operated by a
ehorsepower motor and In many
ill qLllces will do In thirty minutes
work which at present Is using up a
half day of time Ln from twenty to
thirty minutes the saw will cut In
two a locomotive axle All kinds of
iron can he sawed in much the same
manner that wood Is sawed by a cl
cular saw The machine Is looked
upon by shop employes as the hand
lest Innovation at the shop In years
The saw Is of recent Invention but
is being installed in the largest ot
machine shops as fast as they can
be turned out of the factory
Old and new delegates to Ogd ° n
Trades and Labor Assembly and of
ficers of nil local labor organizations
MO cordially invited nnd earnestly
requested to attend meeting In Labor
Hall Mon Aug S at 8 p m Speak
hit music refreshments H White
Jr Sec
The remains of William Lloyd tho
traveling watchman of the Union Pa I
clc railroad who was murdered on
Thursday night at Evanston were
shipped yesterday afternoon to Daven
port Iowa Mrs Lloyd wife ot tho
murdered man accompanied the body
of Ijer husband cast Lloyd was for
merly a resident of Davenport and
his mother still resides in that city
The funeral will be held from the
mothers home
Joe Song the discharged employe
who shot Lloyd waived his prelimi
nary hearing yesterday afternoon and
was bound over to the district court
to answer to the charge of murder
Seng remains reticent concerned
his crime and has refused to make
any statement tending to Justify the
coldblooded murder of the traveling
watchman The fooling against Seng
in Evanston Is very bitter but It Is
thought that all danger of mob vio
lence is passed
The Betterment league has issued
the following
The open mooting of the better
ment league promises a thrill or two
for all who are fortunate enough to
got Inside the Weber academy Ihat
night Tho leagues canvassers gath
ered some startling statistics In their
rounds of the city last month The
public Is to he let In on the Inside of
Its own hopes There I sto be music
nnd speaking just enough to keep
the excitement down
Raiding gambling houses will l > o
tame sport compared with this prom
ised raid upon tin antiquated notions
of whats what In the liquor worlll
Warsaw Ind Aug GSt Louis
was declared to have the most thor
cniab bible student In the annual
worlds contest held yesterday In
connection with the wfnonn assemb
ir programme Tho first prize was
awarded to Miss Lois Torbert of that
tty Mrs Anna FItch of Troy 0
won second honors and Miss Eliza
Chase of Winona Lake third
= =
On Galco Ware
Turquoise Blue with White
Lining Beginning
Monday Morning
Why Buy Cheap Gray Granite i +
Ii You Can Buy 1
1 1
At the Same Price I
Geo A Lowe Coi
2326 2328 W2J5 hing < < on Avenue
J 1 O < r
Astronomer Discovers
General Cause of
Variable Stars
Vallejo Cal August Announce
ment Is made by Professor T J J
See United States navy the noted
astronomer in charge of the naval
observatory at Mare Island that he
has succeeded in establishing the
I general cause of variable stars For
the past two years Professor Sec has
been connected with extensive re
searches In ccsmical evolutionwhich
I have given an entirely new aspect to
the nebular hypothesis and have be
come celebrated under tho name of
the capture theory
The main cause given to explain
the round form of planetary orbits
and other heavenly motions is a re
sisting medium of nebulous material
which Is shown to be diffused every
where in space
Within the fifteen years many hun
dred variable stars have been dis
covered In star clusters especially at
the Harvard observatory by Pickering
and Hailey some of those having
been critically studied Jby Barnard
of the Yerkes observatory at Chicago
and the periods of It ht variation I
found to be as regular as the motion
of a perfect clock so that fluctuation
of light of these variables could be
used to measure time almost as ac I
curately as the rotation of the earth
about Itr axis
In certain clusters the variables
arc to bo counted by the hundred in
others very few can be found Here
tofore this fact has been very per
plexing to astronomers After careful
Investigations Professor See finds
that the cluster variables are suns
attended by planets which revolve III 1
close proximity In short periods and
that after passing through permellon 1
they plunge into a resisting medium
of nebulosity so that tho light sud
denly blazes up and afterwards dies
down gradually Some clusters aro
full of nebulosity while others arc I
quite free from It and according to
Professor See this accounts for the
abundance of variables In certain clus
ters and their almost total absence
In others I
Professor See says he has estab
lished also that the blazing forth of
new stars now and then In the heav
ens Is caused by the actual collisions
with planets revolving about them
The fixed stars generally are now
proved to be attended by systems of
planets similar to those which re
volve about the sun
Professor See assorts that any star
such as our sun will have in the
long run a collision of once In a hun
dred billion years The great length I
of period between the collisions shows
that In general such catastrophes do
not affect the safety of the universe
Milwaukee Aug G Huddled on a
heap of rags in the attic of a cot
tage whoro ho had been nailed In
hy his brother and forced to remain
lour days and nights without a mot
el of food George Glaser 19 years
Ola was found yesterday by Patrol
men who had been sent to serve a
vagrancy warrant on him and his
brother Henry 1C years old
The boys will not work It Is said
because they say they are descend
ants of a German prince
Denver lug 6103 Wendling al
leged murderer of Alma Kollner at
Louisville Ky will leave hero today
at 1210 p m for Louisville on the
Union Pacific railroad He will bo ac
companied by Chief of Police Liudsej
Colonel Wlialnu and Detective Car
ney all Louisville police officials
It had been the intention of tho
Louisville officers to remain In Den
ver until tomorrow or Monday to en
able Detective Carney to obtain a
good rest but it was at Carneys re
quest that the resumption of the jour
ney today was decided upon
Captain Carney Is a sick man
said Col John H Whalen just be
fore tho train started and lie in
sisted that we go because he is ufraij
h might be taken very 111 and b 11
cants to get home
No we will not attempt to recur
u confession on our way to Louisville I
If Wendling wants to admit his guilt I
well and good but If he desires in j
conlluue maintaining that he Is unt 1
lmji Kellners murderer we do not
need his confession to convict him
Weadllng was anything but satis
fied with the bill of fare at the Den I
I Ycr city jail and appeared as anxfc
ills as Chief of Detectives Carney to
continue the journey to Louisville
probably thinking he would get bet
ter faro on the dining cars
I wish that wo would get out of
this town he said to Jailer Laustcn
after the latter had given him a piety
of bread in response to the prisoners
request for something to eat
I dont like this at all he con
tinued Here Carney is out wlh
his friends and having a good time
He is having all the good thing i to
eat and I have to take this stuff
St Louis Aug GA definite plan
for a wage Increase for conductors
on railroads west of the Mississippi
j river may ho determined tonight for I
lowing a final conference today be
i tween W G Lee president of tn <
I Order of Railway Trainmen am
I members of the Western Assoclatlot
I uf Railway Tralamon who have bee
I n convention bore during the week
A B Garrctson president of tin
Order of Railway Conductors Is con
fined In his room at a local hotel
t suffering from a nervous reaction fol
lowing the settlement of the Grand
I Trunk strike in which he partlclpat
cd His condition Is not serious how
ler Mr Lee said last night thai
there was still much work to be done
The object of the conference la
the outlining of a plan whereby high
er wages and better working condi
1 lions will he realized to the condur
I tors and trainmen of all the western
lines in the United States and Can
Asia he said We feel that wo an
entitled to a higher compensation es
pecially on account of the Increase
cost of living I
The proposition of having the paY
I of passenger conductors cstabliahel i
on a mileage Instead of a month
basis is only one of the matters wo j
are considering
The questions probably will
go o t
tHe vote of the men In the next thir
ty or forty Jays and then nogotla
Cons with the officers of the general
I managers associations will bo
ernor Warner signed the charter to
day which provides a commission
form of government for Port Huron
the first Michigan City of importance
to adopt the system
By the Use of Cuticura Remedies
Prescribes Them and Says They
have Cured when Other Formulas
Failed They Always Bring Results
r i
My face was afflicted with eczema
in tho year 1807 I used the Cuticura
Remedial and was entirely cured 1 am I
n practicing physician and very often
prescribe Cuticura Resolvent and Cuti
cura Soap in cntcs of eczema and they
have cured where other formula have
1 am not in the habit of endorsing
patent medicimw but wbi > n I find rem I
dieS povcssing true merit such as the I r
Culicura Remedies do I am broad
minded enough to proclaim their virtual
to tho world I nave been praticinR
medicine for twenty yearn and mils
say 1 find your Remedies A No J I
still find the Cuticura Remedies as good
ns ever Tbev always bring results
G M Fisher IItD Big Pool Md Dec
a 1009
When I was ten or twelve yore old
I had a scalp disease something liko
Bcaldhcad though it wam1 that I
Buffired for several monthc and most of
my hair came out Finally < y had a
doctor to sw mo and hc recormnrndtHi I
the Cuticura Remedies They cured mo r
in a few weeks I have used the Cuticura
Remedies also for a breaking out on
rny hand and was bcnctlt n gre1 1
deal I havent had any more trouble
with the scalp disease Miss Jc3ie f I
Buchanan U F D 3 Hamilton Ga
Jan 7 1000
CVJilcun So3 > rSSc mtlcun Ointment I SOf I
CuUcor llflvenl < mirk I and Cuilcun lilt
IScI arc sold throuilioui tile xorld Toiler UWJ J r
ACIieiu Corp Solp Ynpa 135 OolumbuJ trr
Ilwion Maw fiMlr < l Jrre 3nce Cuticurr
Dank OQ Treatment uf dtln and SolD lluraora

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