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Fortieth YearNo 1PriCc Five Cents
OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING AUGUST JO J9IO Entered as Second Class Matter at the Pay toihcc Ogden Utah
Wounded Mayor Con
tinues to Improve
I Wound Dangerous
d Now York Aug 10Mayor Gnynor
continued in about the same condition
this afternoon and while his physi
cians have not pronounced him out of
danger they hope tin operation to re
move the two fragments of hullots
may 3e unnecessary
The central office Is Investigating
the story of a man named Perlman
who informed Inspector Russoll that
an intoxicated patrolman told his sis
ter that Gayuor vas going to get his
Mayor Gaynor has been active in
political reform 1
James J Gallagher tile discharged
dock employe who shot the mayor
has been placed under constant guard
Fearing he may attemptsuicide his
U bell and suspenders have beeu taken
r from him and he is denied the use of
a knife and fork being fed with a
Vow York Aug lOA consultation
of physicians over Mayor 14 J Gay
f 101 who was shot by a discharged
citv employe yesterday was held this
morning after which the following
bulletin was Issued
1100 a The mayor continues
to do well It is the unanimous opin
ion of the surgeons that no operation
Is necessary at this time
The bulletin was signed
W J Arlltz Geo W Brewer Geo
D Stewart Charles N Dowd
Dr John D Wagner who visited
St Marys hospital this morning said
he had learned that Mayor Gaynors
temperature was 102 and that at the
present time it was a hundred and a
The conition of Mayor W J Gay
nor who was shot and seriously
svninded yesterday by a discharged
clay employe is regarded as cncoui
G aging this morning although it con
tinued to be a source ol great an x
> ty The first bulletins of the day
I + ore hopeful in tone indicating that
1 the patient was resting easy and tak
ing occasional nourishment and the
luilletiii Issued at 11 oclock was re
I girded as extremely f ora le
The wound itself is not causing
serious trouble bu1 the doctors arc
UviiiglheIr chief attention to over
coming the dangers of possible in
fection The mayor remains calm
and keeps cheerful
Shortly before 10 oclock Mayor
Gaynor was allowed a little more
nourishment in the form of chicken
broth and wan permitted a taste of
coffee The mayors appetite was by
no means satisfied however 1le
mid he was very hungry and laugh
ingly suggested to Secretary Adam
ion thai the latter smuggle In a
lltle more broth for him
The mayor was in no pain and con
tinned talking freely on various sub
Formal bulletin Issued at 730
oclock was preceded by an informal
and equally reassuring statement by
Dr William J Arlllz who left the
mayors bedside at G oclock bringing
word that the patient had passed a
good night and that no untoward I
symptoms had developed
Vbilo the mayors condition is ad
mittedly still very serious and the
physicians would not commit them
serves on any statement as to the
sutconio Secretary Adamson who
was one of those who remained with
the mayor all night said he consul
ted the outlook very hopeful
Mr Adamson however was careful
0 impress the possibilities of danger
irom infection of the wound which
will remain until the bullet is re
moved There is also the danger it
teas Indicated by those who had
watched the case closely that tho
hot from Gallaghers revolver hal
I < assid so close to an artery that hem
orrhages might be brought on from
nn attenuated artery wall The pal
sue of time lessens the probability of
this however
Mayor Gaynor has not been afflict
ry with an attack of hemorrhage
since yesterday shortly after he was
Hist brought to mho hospital
The mayors physicians showed fry
Ihrir course through the night lliat
lloy considered him In no danger
Those who spent the night near the
mayors bedside wore Mrs Gaynor
and their son Rufus Dr Ernest 1
Jodarlo > Dr W J Arm Dr Charles
X Dowd and Secretary Adamson
The mayors condition seemed to
the physicians so satisfactory hurt
Dr Dowd retired early In the oveninj
to a nearby room to got some sleep
vhilc Drs Arlltz and JLwderle after
sitting up with Secretary Adamson
until after midnight also took oc
casion then to get some rest leaving
the patient In the care of the nurses
The physicians remained nil I
through tho latter part of the night
within call but there was no emer
gency which demanded their minis
trations The mayor slopl intermit
frothy and whenever questioned uua
to his feelings said he was fine I
Mrs Gaynor Watchful
Mrs Gaynor slept scarcely a quar
ter of an hour all night At frequent
internals she stoIc quietly Into the
mayors chamber and on several occa
sions found him awake Ho con
versed cheerfully with her Mrs Gay
nor is being closely watched by trio
physicians through fear that the great
strain on her in her constant ministra
tions to her stricken husband may in m
duce a collapse
Chief of Police Hayes of Hoboken
gave ordors early today that no
vehicle should be allowed to pass
along Willow avenue In front of the
I hospital All night little groups of
people gathered in front of the hos t
pital to obtain the latest news of the
I mayors con lltion and oven smart
showers which occasionally fell did
not disperse them
1 Gallagher the wouldbe assassin
was carefully guarded in his cell In
tho Hudson county Jail all night to
prevent him from making any attempt
I at selfdestruction Gallagher shows
no remorse for his attempt on the
mayors life
Prosecutor Pierce Garvlji of Hudson
county N J today began the prepar
ation of his case against Gallagher
Mr Garvin said s
Tho grand jury fortunately has not
wound uj Its current session or I
would have to wait until the last of
September to ask for Gallaghers in
i dictment There will be no trouble indicting
I dicting Gallagher as we have plenty
of witnesses and the mans own con
I fession
Gallagher will be put on trial not
I later than the first of next week The
I trial will be short and the verdict will
I be reached bj the jury In record time
Gallagher probably will be tried on a
I charge of assault with intent to kill
The penalty for this Is a maximum of
I twenty years Under the commuta
tion rule this means practically a
sentence of twelve years Of course
the condition of Mayor Gayuor may f
delay action
In the event of Mayor Gaynors
death John Purroy Mitchell presi I
dent of the board of qldernien will I
succeed to the oflice of mayor but the I
question has arisen whether Mr
Mitchell would sene until January of II
next year or fill out the full three
years He Is jl years old and is quite
independent In politics
Mayors Brother
> Mayor Gaynors brother Thomas of
Springfield 0 arrived here this morn
ing and went with Airs Viugut the I
mayors daughter and Mr Vingut to
the hospital The mayor was asleep
and the physicians would not permit
him to he disturbed
Police Commissioner Baker was an
other visitor anxious to see the
mayor He had just arrived from I
Vermont when he hurriedly started to
see his stricken chief
Numerous churches in New York
held services today to offer prayer for
the recovery of the citys executive
At noon the other physicians left I
the mayor only Dr Parrlsh his fam
ily physician remaining within call
Predicted Mayors Death
The detectives of the central oflice
are investigating the story of a man
named Jerlmutter who claims to
have In his possession aitidavlts that
two girls one his sister had over I
heard an Intoxicated policeman say
on Monday night that Gaynor would
be killed either Tuesday as he de
parted for Europe or on his roturn
Perlmutter endeavored to sell the
affidavits but before the sale was ef
I fected he was turned over to a detec t
tive who hurried him away It Is re
ported that Perlmutter gave the de
tective the policemans number
I Street Cleaning Commissioner Ed
wards when he arrived at his office
I today found a letter which threatened
him with the same fate as Mayor Gay
I nor The letter was vulgar in tone I
and said the commissioner would he i
I dead in fortyeight hours
j Edwards said the slight wound in
his shoulder from one of the bullets
fired at the mayor did not give him I
any trouble He did not intend to pay
any attention to the letter
Mayor Gaynor was resting com
fortably at 1020 this morning and
I there was no appreciable change in
I his condition The doctors hope an
operation will not be necessary Dr
urns the family physician is con
stiiutly In attendance
i League Baseball
VS < J VS6
Occ dentals Murray
Came Wiii fie CalKed a 3110 p m 51larp
Missile Split in Two
When It Struck Gay
nors Jawbone
Now York Aug 10There Is no at
tempt on the part of the physicians
attending Mayor Gaynor to minimize
the seriousness of their patients
wound The six Xray negatives tak
en yesterday showed that the bullet
fired by Gallagher had been split In
two by Impact with the jawbone and
that therefore there will be in the
Immediate future two distinct danger
points that will have to bo watched
for blood poisoning The larger frng
mem lies beneath the liner of the
mouth on the loft side The other
lies near the entrance poinL of tho
bullet behind the right ear
The mayors sufferings thus far
have been slight lie has not been
unconscious at any time and Is allow
ed to tall all he cares to He is not
llkoly to overdo his privileges In this
respect however for according to the
attendants lie realizes that he may
have to pat up a good fight for recov
ery and Is content to husband his
In a talk with Dr William Arlltx
early today after a sound sleep of
about four hours the mayor spoke of
the many pleasant outings ho had had
hi the Maine and Quebec woods and
said that his 1ncqcted decision to
go to Europe rather than to his old
hunting grounds In tho north this year
had led to this trouble
I had anticipated much pleasure
from this vacation said the mayor
This wnolo thing is all wrong I I
have only tried to do my duty This
strife and responsibility were forced
upon me and thin Is what has come of
it I
Mr Adamson the mayors secre
tary came to the bedside and the
mayor asked If there were any news
paper men about When told hunt
there wore some forty man In attend
ance below and a great throng of Ho
bokon residents gathered outside he
expressed surprise that the matter had
attracted so much attention
I think you had better stick to the
office he told his secretary F There
will be a lot of work to do over there
Good Health in His Favor I
The fine condition of the mayor iSI
expected to bo of material aid to na
I Uirc and thc surgeons thclr light
for recovery The most optimistic
words which those attending him ot
ter arc that their hopes that the
vigorous constitution which the may
or has retained by reason of his out
door life and his fondness for walk
ing will enable him to make aspeedy
convalescence I
There must be a little time of wait
ing for developments said Professor
Simon Baruch of tho Gallego of Phy
sicians and Surgeons Unless com
pilations set in the mayors chances
of recovery are of course good A
rifle bullet in the same place might
have done groat damage Thi bullet
seems to have been a small one and
it did not touch any important veins
or arteries
The mayors vigorous constitution
his habit of walking to the city hall
from his home In Brooklyn his out
door life are great advantages The
bullet is lodged in muscular structures
from which It ought lo be possible to
extract it with little danger
Will Guard the Mayor I
Yesterdays attempt on tbo life of
Mayor Gaynor will probably result In I
the taking of greater precautions here I
after to guard the person of the citys
executive FrIend of Mayor Gaynor
who realized that he was making bit
ten enemies because of his method of
I running the affairs of the city have
frequently warned him of the dangers
of going about unaccompanied Par
ticularly they urged him to drop his
habits of walking to and from his
home across the Brooklyn bridge It
t + as often dark when he started his
walk over the bridge but be always
declared that lie had no fears of per
serial Injury from anyone with a
I grudge If any danger came he told
his friends it would be from an Irre
sponsible crank
The board of aldermen at its next
meeting will be asked either by a pe
tition of citizens or through a resolu
tion introduced by a member to au
thorize a permanent bodyguard for
the mayor A still more radical move
which will be recommended will be
the passage of an ordinance to com
pel all poisons carrying or owning
ilrcarniB to obtain a license and all
dealers manufacturers and buyers to
the same United States Judge Geo
Cliolt yesterday supported this plan
Ile declares that nlnetesntiventieths
of the crimes of violence are the re
I sult of the easy mr Mesa which the
criminal classes have to the use of
The repealing pistol he says Is
the greatest nuisance in modern life
I and it would be entirely justifiable
I for tho government to prohibit the
manufacture or sale of ant pistols In
I this country except In national armo
ries for the use of the military and
policeHad i
Had a Good Night I
Dr William Arlltz left Mayor Gay
nors bedside for the first time at G
Everything is fino he Sllld the
I patient had a good night and his tem
I perature pulse and respiration arc
I satisfactory HO I am going to run
I home for a bit ofa nap
I Dr Arlltz was accompanied by
Health Commissioner Lederle The
I latter said that Mayor Gaynor had
awakened much refreshed after a Ono
I sloop Mrs Gaynor he said had
remained at the hospital all night and
I the room adjoining her husbands hud
been assigned to her to occupy until
any dangerof crisis had passed t
I The Habqken chief of pdllce today J
assigned n squad of patrolmen to I
duty at the hospital Willow avenue Ion
which the bcspUnl IB
on located was
blocked off by tho policemen nod no
traffic will bo allowed ont All pass1
crsby must also undergo scrutiny and
onlj thoso having necessary bushiest
at the hospital arc granted lease to
pass through the police cordon
During the majorf Illness tie pub
lic affairs of New York will bo placed
hi the j hands Qf nor exceptionally
youthful executive > John Purroy
Mitchell acting mayor by virtue of
being president of tile board of alder
men 1
The New Mayor
Mr Mitchell Is SO years old but
looks four years younger During his
three years of public life he bus
achieved prominence by hia Investi
gations Into ninny city departments
lIe is an independent Democrat al
though ho Is a member of a family
that has long been prominent In Tam
many polltlcH His entrance Into pub I
lic life after graduation from Colum
bia was as assistant corporation coun 1
sel Then he became commissioner
of accounts and while holding this
office bo delved Into the conduct of
the offices of borough presidents
and on the evidence ho Authored ef
fected the removal of two of them On
ht > lng elected president of the board
of aldermen he started lo do things I
In a public address shortly after
ward he displeased the city fathers
by declaring that the board appeared
to be a useless and obstructive instllu I
llon f
i lllED1N
I t A
Priest Was Dnivne an
Auto When Struck
I by Street Car
Springfield Ill Aug 101iss
Ireno Dodge of Normal III was kllleu
and Herman Scantlan of Athens Ill
severely injured last night when an
i automobile driven by Rev Pather
T M Moore of Athens was struck by
a street car Fath Moore and Miss
Myra Hell the fburtnoccupanl of the
car escaped injury
The priest and tho three others
Wv tj on the way tu an umusomcn
paiJc when the accident occurred
The car came uiion them at a turn
striking the wheels of tho automobile
and throwing it against a tree with
out however disauiing it Miss
Dodge jumped and fell in ° front of tho
I car She was Instantly killed
Z 9 i <
I New York Aug 10 Opening pricos
of stocks today showed general ad
vances Over last nights closing with
the demand active and quite diversi
fied Delaware Hudson rose 1 12
International Harvester 1 and Union
Pacific and Canadian Pacific large
fractions There was a demonstration
of strength in some minor ral1r a s
lId specialties but the active stocks
suffered from realizing In spots The
prices dropped in the course of the
hour until many prominent stocks sold
a fraction below last night
The realizing sales invited by the
higher prices caused a recesson and
discouraged all operations for the ad
vance American Smelting lost 1 and
the general list a fraction
I Donds were irregular I
i Chicago Livestock J
Chicago Aug 10 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 22000 market steady
lOc off beeves J C5aS40 Texas
steers a60a5GO western steers 4
OOaG 75 stcckors and feeders JlOOa
C25 cows and heifgerd 2C5aG50 I
calves G50nS50
Hogs Receipts estimated at 17000
Market steady stronger light SS50
aO05 mixed 7S5a900 heavy 7
oOaSlii rough 9riOa975 good to
choice heavy 775aSlo pigs S10a
050 bulk of sales S7SOa82H i
SheepReceipts estimated at lS
000 market weak to lOc off native
22Ga4SO western 250a423iyear
lings l25a550 lambs native l2o
aGSO western 3l2f > njS5 I
Omaha Livestock
Omaha Aug IOCattleRcceipLM I
4800 market steady Native steors
175775 cows and heifers 22n < I
575 western steel 575 j 62
stockers and feeders > OOig > OD
calves 3iO < 025 I I
Hogs Receipts P 100 market
strong Heavy 70SUO mixed
77o795 light KOOifDSlO pigs
7005 SOO bulk 7GO < a800 II
Sheep Receipts 1JOO market
steady Yearlings 150510 weth i
ers a50rfjL15 ewes n25 < 05oS5
lambs GOO G80 I
Chicago Close I
Chicago Aug 1011bealSept I
101 1S to 1S < S > lDCC 104 38 May
Corn Sept Ol fiSjI Dec 50 lJ
May 02 3Sgl2
I Oats Sept 3G 5S 4 Dec 3S 38
May 11
P0rkScpt 2112 12515 Oct
2040 Jan ISlQ
Lur Sept 1155 Oct 1147 12 I
Nov 1120 Jan 11400M2 1L i
Ribs Sept 1142 12 OcL i09 i
Jan 917 12 r
I New York Money
New York Aug j 10Mouey on call I
easy I 122 per emit ruling rate
J 24 per cent closing bid 1 11 per t
cent offered at I 34 per cent
Time loans easier for sixty days
2 a4a per centfor days 3 12 <
I 34 per cent tom six months 4 3lflj
4 78 per cant d
I Smigar and Coffee
I New York > Atilt lORaw sugar
firm muscovarloS J test 38G centri
fugal 9G test 30G molasses sugar 1
189 test 3G1 Refined steady
There Were 150 Million
aires in the Chicago I
Demonstration I
Chicago Auj 10One hundred and
fifty millionaires marched live miles 1
In the Knights Templar parade yes
terday according to statistics com 1
piled last nighl Along with the 31
S50 other Knights they trarnpcd over
forlylhreo city blocks before the
eyes of half a million spectators and
also beneath a warm sunshine inter
spersed with a couple of brisk show
ers of rain I
Millionaire steel manufacturers from
Pittsburg bankers and planters from
Baltimore gold miners from Califor
nia Industrial men from New Eng
land in fact all kinds of millionaires
from all Harts of the country were
represented lu the columns that
trookcd over Chicago cobblestones for
four hours and more
The millionaire commandery of
Plttsburg the richest In the world
and the second largest numerically
begun distributing favors yesterday
afternoon to the visiting ladies of all
commaudories attending the con
clave Four thousand China dinner
plates on which are painted various
historic scenes representing Knights
Tomplar history will be distributed
by the Pittsburg Knights
Other statistics rolatln r to monev
valuation showed that the marching
Knights wore 00000 worth of white
plumes on their helmets The total
value of the gorgeous uniforms to
tailed 52225OUO
Question as to the
Efficiency of
Now York tug 10 General Gourde
I W YVIngatc Brooklyn who was for
Iwontyflvo years president of the Na
tional Tllflo aflFOciatlou of the United
States has been making a detailed
study of the chances which an aero
pianist would have In time of war
against a corps of skilled sharpshoot
ors He sums up his conclusions In
the following statement
In shooting at an aeroplano which
Is moving with a rapidity probably ex
ceeding that of a swallow on the wing
aiiil darting up and down and sudden
13 changing course much the same
as a swallow files to enable it to be
struck by a bullet the rifleman must
accurately determine Its distance dir
roctlon and speed
This is so different from ordinary
rifle shooting that only those riflemen
who arc familiar wltn the use of shot
guns know how a rifle should be
aimed In order to hit an object mov
ing in the air and the sighting of a
military rifle is so absolutely different
from that of a shotgun that very few
of those who actually know what they
ought to do are able to do it with any
certainty While I myself have often
fired with a ilfle at large birds flying
1 can recall but one hit
The army is introducing shooting
at moving objects whichwhen car
ried out will work a reformation In
this respect But een then and as
suming that the sights on the military I
rifles are simplified so as to permit It
to be done properly It must be a good
while until any considerable number
will become proficient The ordinary
soldier however skillful he may be In
shooting atil fixed mark with the
sights which he Is accustomed to uce
and in doing which he takes his time
Is helpless when It comes to the sort
of firing which Is Indisponsible lo hit
an aeroplane and those who are ac
customed to the former kind of shoot
ing will find the latter very difficult
Chicago August toIn several re
spects the Attempt to assassinate May
or Gaynor in Hoboken yesterday re
sembled the murder of Carter Harri
son SrChIcngps Worlds Fair mayor I
just at the close of the big exposition
Like Gulla > hor Harrison assail
ant Eugene Patrick Joseph Premier
grn3t harbored resentment because
of the continued refusal ofl employ
ment he sought In both cases the
homicidal mania developed rapidly
its progress being marked by threat
I ening communications Neither of the
men apparently contemplated an ef
fort to escape from the police Each r
contended that his crime was Justi
fied by the WIong he charged had been
done + 111m
r CiC t
kD euer Colo Aug 10 Carrying
iv blazing gasoline stove foil the
kltqhqn to the street Mrs Jennie Mc
Carljiy yesterday was badly burned
She aavcdhorpolf from death by roll
cpg Intbo mud of the roadway to ex
li8Ulfln the fire which hud spread
nor clothing
Mrs Nettie BCEOU an occupant ol
Uio same house became panic strlck
en at the lire which followed the ox
plosion of the stove and Jumped from
a second story window She wag sav f
od from serious injury by passersby
who broke her fall
Denver Colo Aug 10 According
to Martha G Contos assistant sec
rotary of the State Board of Chari I
ties and Corrections who has just re
turned from an Inspection oj the city
jail of Eldora Colo that town holds
tlo record for lawabiding communi
In throe years not a single arrest
has been made and the door of the
jail has stood wide open Eldora baa
a population of about 500 persons
i Norman Okla Aug lOC L
Hntchlnsons assistant director of the
Oklahoma Geological survey today
i filed a report of his investigation of
l the coal deposits of Oklahoma He
I estimated that the available supply is
nearly ton billion tons He found
i over six million acres of coal bearing
t landsAUFMAN
Winner of the Fight
I I Vvill Challenge the
Philadelphia Aug lOWhen Al
I Kaufman and Sam Langford meet
here tonight In their sixround node
cision bout Langford Is planning iu
rush Kaufman from the tap of the
bell in an offort to prove to the critics
that he is entitled to a match with
Jack Johnson
Langfonls backers have decided to
wait until after this vyu before put
ting up tho 20000 forieit to bind a
match with tho champion If Bill
Lang the Australian heavyweight
champion should earn a decision
over Middleweight Champion Stanley
Ketchel next Tuesday time Australian
I will be entitled to a match with the
winner of the KaufmanLangford gq
I and the victor in this battle will have
a conceded right to challenge John
I son Lan flfl Is confident andconsiders i I
the match as a stopping stone Kauf
I man who Is Ibpiie ell lp be tho hest
white heavyweight lighter now before I
the public stayed ton omuls witu
Johnson oil the coast last September
and holncd train the champion for his j
fight with Jeffries
Propose to Force Strikes
I t in a Time of i
i Conflict
I New Ycrk Aug 10Vlctol Berger I
the Socialist lender of Milwaukee who
will sail for Europe today to attend
the International Socialist congresut
I Copenhagen next month has a novel
plan to Insure the worlds peace He
thinks it may be possible for the So I
cialist party to control the peace of
I tho world by Instituting an interna i
tional strike In time of war
I The Socialist party is the greatest I
force in the world for International i
peace was the way Mr Berger put
It to his Interviewers before hia de
I parture for in case of war between
two countries the members of the
party in those countries could strike
and refuse to take part in any way
For example take Germany and
Franco In those countries the party
numbers 2500000 members This in
cluded hundreds of thousands of sol
diers but most Important It contains
tile workers on the railroads and all I
the allied trades In case of war
those people would strike How much
of a modern war could there be with
out tho railroads I j
Consumption Claims I
One of the Greatest
Men of the Ring i
Baltimore Aug lOJo Cans
former lightweight pugilist died this
Cans dIed of consumption which
manifested Itself about a year ago
Late last spring he went to Arizona
with the hope of restoring hlH Indus I
but the disease had been too deeply
seated and he declined rapidly ll < >
was brought here last week He was
34 years old
Joe Gans true nanie was Gant the
name of Gans having been fastened I
cn him early In his ring career by
a mistake of a referee He began hh
ring career In 1S94 but prior to that
time he had made a name for him j
self as a fighter about a fish markup I
in this city where he was employe
His first fight for money is sald to
me brought him 4 The largest
purse for which he ever fought wan
S33000 in his first bout with Nelson
Of this Gans received but llUju
he having agreed to give Nelson the
IVnalnder win lose or draw
Gans won the title of lightweight j
champion from Frank Erne at Fort
Erie in ono round In 1902 and lo t
it to Battling Nelson in IflOS III tnq
roventecuth round
Indian Bankers Are Try
ing to Cover the
White Metal
Calcutta Aug 10A native newspaper
paper is authority for the statement
that a group of Indian bankers from
Bombay and Calcutta which fojrjQme
time has been trying to corner the
I worlds stock of sllvernow hold ono
balf of the total
While this report has not boon comm
firmed as yet It is known that the
I financiers referred to have bought
enormously In the open market slnre
July 2Gth at which timo it was esti
mated that they held oneninth of the
worlds supply
The greatest obstacle in the war
of the success of the plan is the pies
ont condition of the money market In
the far east where silver is not great
ly in demand just now owing to a
number of recent heavy allures More
over much doubt Is expressed as U
the ability of the buyers to hold inch
purchases until the money market is
normal again
It Is staled that American interest
having a large supply of silver ou
hand are ready to 1 art with theIr
holdings at thC first faorablu oppor
Kansas City Aug 10 Two chagoj
of dynamite wore exploded under a
corner of the ninestcry buildlis that
Montgomery Ward Co has und r
construction here last night LI Is
damage was done to tho structure
Trouble between contractors is
thought by the police to be respon
sible for the attempt to destroy the
COO 0 0 0 COO 00 0000
C 0
o 0
v Portland Ore Aug 10 0
G President John t1 Stevens of 0
C the Oregon Trunk railway the
o Hill system announces Unit 0
t the road will be extended 0
o across the Cascade mountains 0
o to Medford connecting with 0
C the partially built Pacific 0
O Eastern to reach that city 0
O That road is also controlled by 0
O the Hill Interests 0
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