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ID4t itwmttg tau ar
Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
i The Pintsch gas plant at the north end of the railroad yards is
i I to be made modern and enlarged to a capacity four times that of the
ii present plant when it will rank fourth in size in the United States
When the improvements are completed the local works will
Ii I not only supply Pintsch gas for the Harriman roads centering in
I I Ogden but the Gould lines including the Western Pacific will draw
on Ogden for the illuminant
1 I Pintsch gas is made from the raw oil from the California oil
fields and undergoes a special purifying process Under fourteen
atmospheres the gas is placed in all the passenger cars moving
1 through the local yards and often gas cars arc charged and sent with
a supply the gas to distant points
I I The building up of this plant while not involving an expenditure
I much above 25000 is one more improvement which anchors the big
railroad terminals here and must in the course of time bring other
t and larger improvements
Whenever a prominent man is shot down as was Mayor Gaynor
t I I en Tuesday the first thought is that an anarchist has inflicted his
l i murderous ambitions but with only one exception each time the
r I i full particulars have disclosed the criminals to be cranks unidenti
fied with any propaganda
j Czolgosz is the one exception in this country and even that
i murderer was not inspired by purely anarchistic sentiments in his
j brutal assault on President McKinley
I Booth shot Lincoln to avenge the South
s < Guiteau killed Garfield because of a fancied grievance of a
i Ii political nature
Pender rest took the life of Carter Harrison because of a per
i sonal affront wholly imaginary
i j I Gallagher fired at Mayor Gaynor following the promptings of
1 I a disordered mind which had brooded over the mans dismissal from
I the public service
II Seemingly there is far more danger from the crank who har
f bors a grudge until his troubles are extremely magnified than from
I the anarchist
I I John Callan OLoughlin writing to the Spreckels paper in San
i Francisco and voicing the sentiments of President Taft on insur
i gency says
i Such men as Murdock Kincaid and Hayes of California have
its gratitude Their fight was upon the rules and organization of
I the house and with such action he has no quarrel It is betraying
1 no secret to say he heartily approves the liberalization of the rules
I I But the president decidedly resents the action of those insur
gents who have represented him as thc tool of the interests and
I ascribed to him motives of the basest character
I Such men can not expect any consideration from him
i With respect to Cannons continuance as speaker Taft has no
concern since it is the house of representatives which alone has the
power to choose its own officers
I But Oannon is no longer an issue By no possibility could he
t be reelected to the position he now occupies
tcTaft believes the party should be judged by its acts Upon
I the presentation he is able to make he asks how the party reasonably
I can be refused continuance in power especially when the party seek
ing to supplant it has demonstrated its inefficiency both in admin
istration and in legislation
It is not understood that the insurgents have at any time im
pugned Mr Tafts motives or acts says the San Francisco Call
I They have not held him responsible for the tactics of such men as
Aldrich and Cannon and they have given him loyal support in pro
I moting the enactment by congress of his legislative program It is
an admitted fact that the legislation for which Mr Taft very justly
f claims credit for himself and for the party was shaped and carried
by the insurgents in congress
Now with regard to the war that the Republican reactionaries
have been waging on the insurgents the Louisville CourierJournal
As long as Mr Cannon remains upon the raging stump the
Democrats will not concern themselves with other moves of the ad
ministration Let the sage of Danville paint the sky line a bright j
vermilion every day with his philippics against the progressive and
the Democrats will find ready made campaign literature in the
headlines of every newspaper from Kennebunkport to California up
on each succeeding dewy morn supplemented by more of the same
In the sunset editions of the
afternoon journals For which let us
give thanks in proportion to the prodigiousness of the favors of
Providence Let us pray that Mr Cannons days and orations may
be long in the land His explosions are priceless
Cannon has made material for Democratic orators and it is
about time that the party leaders made an effort to hold him in
check The insurgency of Dolliver Cummins Beveridge and other
strong Republicans cannot be suppressed by the aid of a club The
movement within the Republican party will continue until the voice
of the people is heeded and radical reforms are enacted into law
Browbeating will never cause the Insurgents to grow timid or cease
I in their demands for an improvement in party leadership
Nature Faking Again I
A commercial traveler driving I
from lowu to town through the pine
I woods of Florida saw a drove of em I
t 4 uiicialodl razorback hogs rushing
wildly from treo to tree Ho halted I
nt tho palings of a crackers homo I
and asked a woman In a suubonuot
s what was the matter with the swine
i Well you goer the woman ex
plained my old moan Is deaf and
lunil and when he wanted to call
luc bogs to their swill he learned
them to come when he tapped ou one
cf the trees Jt worked all right
when they first got learned but now
then woodpeckors In makln1 tho poor
things run their leta oefYEvor
nodyG Magazine
The Meanest Woman
We bavo often heard about the
meanest man but I think 1 know tho
I mcanejit woman
1 What haM she done
She Js trying to compel bur hUt
r band to lot his whiskers grow bo
cmtxQ his beard In so stiff that v vbeu
I lie shaves it reminds her of her moth
er winding tho clock when she used
I I to live In tho country and was dirt
1 fiatlsfifirt with her lolChicnGo Roc
I orjlHcrald
I I j Crowded Out
I My dear said the young husband
t n s bn tools thebottlp of milk from
r I
the dumb waiter and held it up to I
the light have you noticed there
is never any cream on this milk
I spoke to tho milkman about It I
she replied and ho explained that
the company always fills Its bottles
so full that theres no roo n for cream
on top Everybodys
Highway Robbers
Did you ever see auy highway
robbers Asked the summer girl
Nope replied Farmer Corntosscl
f aint exactly seen any But Ive
had experience with some fellers that
mdortook to handle the three dol
lar 1 once contributed fur good
roads Washington Star
Rather EX gerated
It was his first experience In tho
dental chair
Great JosopluiR1 gasped the vic
tim as ho leaped upward What
was that you put in my mouth
A rubber dam sir responded tho
dentist politely
Rubber dam JPm J thought
it was the Gatun dam from the way
It oltChlcago News
Different Tboughtfl
I She remlulnclng Dont you rn
member clear that lovely gorge up In
Urn While mountain
lTGAt tho Hawthorne Say thnt
WSB about the Bwollest food 1 ever
tucked Inn09lol1 Transcript
A Merger 1 iI
JteI IQr Cif tenter + T h ie r egad to
be two or three little bald spots on
tho crown of my head away back
Are they there yet
Barber No sir It aint so had an
all that Whew those spots used to
be sir theres only ono now Chica
go Tribune
His Pleasant Mood
Mrs Napg Who was it that said
I think God I am not as other men
MIV KagTJ Some bachelor Llppln
colts I
Generally Speaking
Him Generally speaking a wom
an is
Him Generally speaking Chicago
j News
J S Falrweathcr of Five Points
an elderly man who has been suffer
ing with a mental derangement for
several weeks mado a desperate ef
fort to commit suicide last evening
by throwing himself before an Ore
gon Short Lino train
He was rescued however by Wal
ter Richardson shortly before tho
train passed the latter pulling him
from the rails where ho had thrown
himself at full length to await a
horrible death under tho wheels
Patrolman Paine who was station
ed at Five Points lost evening called
the patrol wagon but before It ar
rived rolatKes of tho man had token
him in charge and stated that an
other relative o was expected to ar
rive from Salt Lake this morning
when It would probably ho decided
to send Fairweathor to some hospital
where he could receive proper treat
ment for his trouble
Two men John Stevens and Tom
Rourke twero arrested by Ofllrera
Chambers and Kejllher last evening
on suspicion of having been Implicat
ed In the pawning of a watch which
was stolen from R L Knight Satur
day evening
Tho officers recovered the watch in
a local pawn shop from tho descrip
tion furnished by the owner of the
property and tho men will be closely
questioned today relative to their
connection with the matter
Tho police state that there is < i
possibility of theso men being also
connected with the jobbery of Jack
Sergeant Saturday night at the Sen
ate saloon when he lost a watch
and several dollars In money The
Item was suppressed by the police I
Wellknown Seven Troughs Leasing
Company Tells of Present
A report of the Seven Troughs
Florence Mining and Leasing com
pan has been received This coin
1 any was organized some time ago to
operalo a lease on tho Seven Troughs
mining ground al Seven Troughs and
at first it was better known as tho
Harris lease This lease expires July
1 1912 so abundant time will be pro
Jed for the present owners of con
trol to extract tho mineral wealth
vithln the lines of tho black con
signed to their care
Tho company from June 1G 1909
to June 30 1910 milled 7C8 tons of
ere value 288J645 and close to 20
tons were shipped to thp smelters
netting 661521 Tho expenses were
1697656 giving net 185151 On
Juno 30 1910 the cash balance was
91201 In speaking of the condi
tion of tho lease the rqport states
On tho 250foot level where most
ol the ore is coming from sloping is
proceeding vigorously at a point north
of the old stope to tho 200 level
above on a now bunch of ore there
being a barren place between it and
the ore already sloped
From the 300foot level a winze has
been sunk 105 feet on the vein and
In a drift south CC feet a streak of
highgrade silver ore was disclosed
while in a drift to tho north 62 feet
high grade gold ore about six foot
in length and four inches wide was
uncovered Further development IB
necessary to prove up the extent of
this ore Two raises were also made
from this level to the 200 level and
another to join up with the wluzo
from the 200
The indications at the bottom of
Uie winze and at other parts In the
mine arc encouraging and for the
purpose bf further prospecting the
glound at depth an arrangement has
been made with the Seven Troughs I
Mining company for the use of their
1alrview shaft and equipment from
July 1 to December 30 1910 to en
able The Operator to run a drift
on the vein at the 000foot level sin
del the Florence workings The dis
tance to be covered Is about 100 feet
and the work will be pushed ahead
so that there will bo ample time to
piospect the ground and get any ore
that may bo encountered in running
the drift This method will save
for tho present the expense of sluic
ing the shaft and crosscutting to
the vein which Is dipping away from
tne shaft
The production of ore was delayed
on account of changes that had to be
made in the mill of the Darby No
ida Ore Reduction company whore
tIll ore Is milled Milling was start
ed In Apiii and up to June i0 76S1I
tons have boon milled and 1J473 tons
hipped to the Selby smelter at San
Francisco which together after paj
meat of all charged has netted tho
company 1851513 Tills amount
Is credited Oil the account of The I
Operator who under tho working
agreement has 10 advance all the
money needed for development etc
which amouut advanced during the
t < rm just ended June 30 is 29 r
S93PO In addition there is about
IOU tons of mill oro on the dump
and nt the mill and about 100 saute
of smelling ore that should n crag 0
ooll < r limn nOO per ton
The equipment remains the name
as at last report viz a 15H P gas
Nine hoist engine house blacksmith
Fhop cars buckets tools etc Tho
lease extends to July 1 1012
Three forest fires are raging In th j
Yellowstone National Park according
to reports received In Livingston
While the fires are not smnll It Is
hollcvrd to be no great dangcd of
of spreading and It Is believed that
the fire will bo under control before
a great amount of damage is lone
Production Will Be Reduced to Al
low More Extensive Mine
Owing to unsatisfactory mine con
ditions the directors of the Daly
West company will case up on ore
production for the time being j > Iac
Jng especial emphasis on developing
new territory These matters are set
forth lu his quarterly report to the
directors by Ernest Bainbcrger gen
eral manager the report being h
sued yesterday afternoon This re
Iort follows in full
To the Board of Directors of the Daly
West Mining company
Gentlemen Herewith Is submitted
a report of the operations of your
company for the months of April
May and June 1910 showing receipts
and disbursements for that period
Cash on hand March 31
1010 16363818
Ore sales
1887 tons con
centrates 16631069
2815 tons zinc
trates 3518705
434 tons
crude oro 1299785
Other receipts 901836
LillIe Bell Con
dividend No
3 n00000 22651395
Gen accounts 15997183
Dividend N o
51 5100000 21307183
Cash on hand
June 30 1910 16638060
During the quarter dividend No
A of 30 coots per share amounting
o 54000 was paid Dividend No
52 of 30 cents per share was declared
myable July 20 1910 The earnings
during the quarter exceeded dividend
lequirements by 1241212 the oro
ullled being considerably lower grad
than that of tho quarter preceding
The results of tho development
vork during this quarter were not HO
favorable tho value of the ore dc
loped being lower and the amount
clng less The 1700foot level has
been out of ore for a considerable dis
tance but it la expected that another
ore shoot will soon be reached The
face of the 1800foot level Is in ore
of good grade The crosscut on the
1900foot level should Intercept the
vein within a short time
It has been realized that a consid
erable reduction in operating ex
liensos could bo mado by the erec
tion of a mill at the mouth of the
Ontario drain tunnel No2 and by
improvements In power conditions
and plans to that end have been
under consideration While It Is can
t believed that a largo amount
of ore will bo developed on the low
er levels it was felt that the amount
of this ore has not been suffiently do
tcrmlned to warrant the expenditure
ricessary For this reason It Is
deemed advisable to suspend produc
tion In part at1 least and continue
the development of the mine to n
point where a decision can bo made
sis to these changes Furthermore
il is thought that an Increased profit
can be realized by tho further treat
ment of our zinc concentrates
Denver Colo Aug 10lhaL por
tion of the legislation demanded
Governor Shafroth to redeem Demo
cratic platform pledges for the en
actment of which tho special session
of the seventeenth general assembly
convened today will be passed in a
more or less emasculated form now
IB apparonL Democratic members of
the senate will hold a second caucus
Upon the actipn of the caucus de
ponds In large measure the accom
plishments of the extra session The
sonate has tho whipnand If tho
Democratic majority agree among
themselves on the legislation to be
enacted It Is safe to assume that
their plans will bo carried out with I
but little modification That the Dem
ocratic members of the senate will
fall to agree Is considered more than
a possibility
The action of the Republican mem
bers of the senate is as yet problem
atical although their proceedings at
the first session of the senate seemed
to hint at tactics of obstruction What
the house will do about it seems at
present to be a neglible factor tho
senate commanding tho entire atten
tion of the politicians
The opening session of the legisla
ture was of a purely perfunctory na
ture although proceedings In tho
house were somewhat enlivened by a
resolution offered by Representative
S S Belleflfleld of Pueblo declaring
the speakers chair vacant This was
defeated 62 to 12
Roll call the appointment of em
ployes and the reading of the gov
ernors proclamation calling the extra
session occupied both houses prior to
the joint session Governor Shafroth I
delivered his message urging the
adoption of the seven measures de
sired They are The referendum
initiative recall bank guarantee Aus
tralian ballot primary election and a
state railroad commission
New York Aug 10 Stanley Ketch
el whoso tenround match with Bill
I < ang baa been postponed a few days
on account of Kolehels trouble with I
a sore foot Is no much Improved that
ho has been able to resume light train I
Ing The wound on his fool which
wan caused by lacing his shoe too
tightly Is healing last and tho mid
dlowolghi champion hays ho will be
In perfect condition whon he tackles
the heavyweight
Home iG where the heart is
But some men are too bighearted
A man Is most cruel wbon he hales
n woman when Aha fears
I Jelly Glasses per do25 and 23
Onequart Mason Fruit Jars per do z70L
Onc quart Economy Fruit Jurst per dox 9115
Twoquart Economy Fruit Jars per doz 150
1 Good Cable Tumblers 3 for 10
Fine Needle Etched TumblersO5 < >
Brass Wash Boards 29
Royal Blue Wash Boards 39c
Was Started by the
Celluloid in a Wo
mans Collar
Portland Ore Aug 10rlJc little
device utilized by women to hold up
their lace collarsa piece of celluloid
I about two inches long nnd a quarter
of an Inch wide worth 5 cents the
half dozen cost the United States
Laundry company a fir loss today of
00000 and Imperiled two hundred
laundry workers
The collar stay had been left un
noticed in a womans waist which
with hundreds of similar garments
had been placed in a dry room In the
basement The waist was hung clone
to the superheated pipes that lined
the room Suddenly the celluloid ex
ploded and the room was Instantly
Two hundred panic stricken glrlj
refused to descend the smokefilled
stairways Firemen finally by sheer
strength drove them down the stair
ways to the street Five minutes af
ter the last one was rescued the build
ing was u cauldron of flames
Beverly Mass Augv JO Postmas
ter General Hitchcock made a prelim
inary report to President Taft today I
regarding the plans for the early In
stitution of postal savings banks in
different parts of the country
The experimental banks will be lo
cated in smaller cities In order to
Sleeve Board 19
Whisk Broom I 17 14 9
12c art Dairy Pail 23
12quart Galvanized Pail 23
Onepint Tin Cups 2U
Mouse Traps 212c
Good Machine Thread 0 4
perfect the system before nn attempt
is made to open up metropolitan
It is hoped that tho experimental
banks may be In operation by October
Mr Hitchcock and tho president it
is said also talked generally of the
political situation
Tho situation is Improving all
along tho line said Mr Hitchcock
after his Interview with the president
On my return from Europe I found
many letters awaiting mn and telling
of the improved conditions especially
In tho west The president is grow
ing stronger every day The magnifi
cent record of legislation ho made
during tho last congress Is gradually
dawning on the people and Is making
Itself felt everywhere
Appleton WIs Aug OF1aln
1 Aldrich and Cannon denouncing linage
Republicans who favored tho Payne
Aldrich tariff bill and advocating the
creation of a tariff commission with
sweeping powers that duties on spec
ific articles may bo changed as soon
as proof exists that they are wrong
Senator JOB L Brlstow of Kansas
delivered here last night tho second
speech of his whirlwind campaign
through Wisconsin In the interest of
LaFollotte and In the cause of in
surgency j
A largo portion of the senators ad
dress was devoted to the tariff anti
in this connection he referred to time
rubber and lend schedules in particu
Under the leadership of Aldrich
and Cannon ho said Instead of re
vising the tariff as was promised du
ties wore fixed not with a view to
1 rotectlng legitimate American in
dustries or of securing revenue for
the government but for tho purpose
of promoting tho financial Interests
of certain individuals or concerns
For instance the duty on manufac
tured rubber was increased from SO
to 35 per cent while crude rubber
was left on the free list The ad
vance was made after the bill came
to tho senate from tho senate com
mittee on finance of which Senator
Aldrich ia chairman The new tariff
itt bill became a law August 5 1003
Jn September It was discovered that
the organization of a robber trust was
being consummated with a Bon or
Aldrich as the executive head
Rubber goods immediately in
creased about 25 per cent In price to
tho consumer and In three monthi
nnd four days after the completion o
the organization of tho company divi
dends aggregating 18 2 per cent won
declared on preferred stock a large
portion of which Is held by Aldrich
I himself
The speaker stated tho slabllllj of
the government will bo tested at the
coming prlmaries tho most Important
in the history of the nation
The Republican party cannot ex
ist hn said If It becomes subser
vient to the people who seok to con
trol and thus far have succeeded In
controlling It and the fall of the SOT
eminent Is Imminent unless this bat
tle between tho masses and the in
crests tho majority nnd those
prompted by greed and avarice is
won by tho former
London Aug 10Robrt Loralno
qualified as a star aviator today by
making a splendid flight across the
Irish sea from Blackpool England to I
Llandudno on the coast of North 1
Loraine already had attracted some
attention by exploits In the air To
days feat was accomplished without
a hitch
Mllbimkn S D Aug 10John Van
asch who killed John Reom a farmer j
by Riving him a drink of whisky con I
taining strychnine July 1 hanged f
himself lu his Jail cell today He
used strips from a blanket on his bed I
His body was discovered by the sher
iff I
Plutonic love is a sacred shrine
built on the crest of a slumbering vol
cano I
h D
= = a
Freda J Kiesel Co H
The Pioneer Wholesale
1 I
p and Whiskey Merchants I
J t
j k General Agents for
f r
< and for the
Bottled at Soda Springs
I I Idaho
= P II V A w
r lfk

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