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ROM all present Indications of the
weather man this f < s destined to be
g a long and cold winter nt least
this la what generally results when
snowstorms nnd zero weather start
In ns early In December and last
n as long spells as bas been the case
his year And a long cold winter por
ends plenty of sleighing and skating and
ill that goes to make the winter season a
Jmw of special fun
Skating costumes now occupy the atteu
ion of all ages therefore from the echool
irl to the young married woman Nor
iced the occasional wanner days mislead
ny to the point of thinking that a smart
haling dress can be dispensed with and
hose who work on this theory and leave
hw costume out of their winter outfit 1
rill miss many n day of fun or else If I
Jiiy attempt to clad themselves In Ion uJ I
ild gown will feel sadly uncomfortable
Utrn they join the smartly dressed
iuds on the fashionable club Inku or
mute pond
Lior thirt year with its most peculiar
iisltionx it Is almost impossible to make
lie ordinary walking suit nerve tot the
tinting rink or pond as the narrow skirts
urn even by schoolgirls will allow of
10 movement BO free as the long athletic
trldes of tho graceful skater The aka
Jag skirl of today Is quite a marvellous
example of dressmaking art for it com
bines with absolutely straight lines ob
tained by straight instead of bins side
panels sufficient fulness to make skating
as simple as it was in the days of the
side plaited model The interesting part
of the new skirt too is that it is really
easier and more comfortable for all kinds
of exercise than the old skirt which con
tained so much fulness that the extra
folds and plaits of material were continu
ally hampering the nearer
The necessary plaits about the feet In
the skating skirt of the present winter
arc hidden beneath wide double box plaits
which hang perfectly straight ordinarily
but open out full and just as wide as de
sired when active exercise is indulged in
Every kind of skirt fits Hat and snug
about the waist and hips and the skating
skirt is no exception to this rule But for
skating the skirt must not bo drawn back
so Out that it will strain in the long
strides or tear when the occasional un
avoidable tumbles strain every scam Most
new Kkirts for general wear do not have
the Empire belt line but ure finished at I
the waist with an inch and a half wide I
stitched belt of the material of the rest
of the suit
For outdoor skating the rougher the
material of the costume the smarter will it
be For all outdoor wear rough shaggy
materials are most in vogue but In skat
I ing dresses the weavers of all rough cloths
have surpassed themselves and the long
I linired shaggy beautifully woven and de
liciously warm textures that arc now to be
bought do credit to their makers Even
the very youngest girls wear their suits of
this heaviest of woollen goods while the
costumes of the older girls whose gowns
follow more closely the prevailing fash
ions of the moment consist of delightfully
smart skating costumes In adorable wnrm
shades of red deep pink all tones of blue
green and deep wood color In heaviest
Scotch tweed
Perhaps it is because of the present
fashion which makes all jacket short
tho really sensible length for a skating
coat that tho skating dresses this year
are all so extremely smart Tho coat
should bo sufficiently long to give warmth
below the waist but not BO long as to
retard action In the sport A Norfolk
jacket Is always a good model for n rough
country suit and Is especially good for n
and surely this idea can be carried out in
a thousand different ways through tho
year But it is the giving of ones self
which counts the giving of ones mind in id
personality lo ones friends whenever that
help is wanted
Often a girl is heard to wonder why it Is
that certain of her friends are so much
more popular than others Any number
of her other friends n girl will know to bo
just as fine of nature often much stronger
of character than those who naturally i
attract nt first meeting and make hosts of
new friendships every year Invariably
the girl who attracts Immediately and
then keeps these friends through thick
and thin Is one who gives herself spon
taneously to all who seek Wbcu sym i
pathy is wanted she has it in store to
give for she is Gonuinely interested in i
each person who comeS to her First and i
foremost however she Is not afraid of
being personal She trusts her friends
nnd instinctively they guard her secrets
and arc always loyal to her
It is those who never trust their friends
with the part of themselves which they
value who are not iu return trusted It
is necessary to give of oneVown experi
ences Ideas and ideals before one can
hope for u like trust from others Nor
will the little secret aims and hopes lose
by being shared with other On tin con
trary they will only broaden cud grow
liner by being allowed a glimpse at an
other point of view
For her own Jake then us well as for
I the sake of those with whom else coiius
Iin contact during the year let her adopt
a resolution to keep ou with the spirit of
Christmas throughout the whole twelve
months that at the end of that time it
wanly hi proved whether or not she who
has sincerely practised this doctrine his I
got more out of life Ims won mole
friends Is herself It happier girl because
of tIll resolve taken ou the urst day of
the uew year j
i J HE coat collar and revcrs may bo of
I velvet or silk but many ot the smart
ts models have only a cclf f sing on
the collar to which a fitted fur pifce may
be attached or not at will This cer
tainly is a year of fur and there is no
limit to the amount of fur that may
adorn a costume Tho more fur on
the Jacket the warmer of course and for
outdoor skating this is distinctly an ad I
vantage but a border of fur about the
end of the skirt is best avoided Unless
sewn on with thread of Iron there iy al
ways the risk of tho end of the skate
catching through tho fur and causing a
nasty tumble For this Mme reason any
trimming such as braid or folds or bands
of material Is not to be advised nb a
means of adorning tho end of a skating
Imitation seal or French seal as it is
more generally called Is becoming more
fashionable aa A trimming on coats and
skirts as the winter advances and as this
Is not on expensive fur It Is not inappro
priate for a schoolgirl A delightfully
smart model for n skating suit showed ix I
NCE again comes the time for splen
O did resolutions and the opportunity of
beginning all over again to make o
> nes self n quite perfect being It has
ilwuys seemed so fortunate that the tim
if making these fino resolves should come
list nt a season when every one is in ex
iclly the right mood to help ones efforts
AI the Christmas season there surely
annot be a single person who is not so
inhned with the spirit of the Christmas
ilea that he or she does not unconsciously
urn over a now leaf and determine to
ihow all who hare been so kind amid
lionghtful with their gifts and expressions
if good will that their advances arc ap
ircciatcd And then just a week after
hrislmnfl day comes the beginning of the
low year when one sees stretching ahead
i viblft of days to como that may be filled
vith happiness or discontent exactly in
iroportion as one rises to meet them
In making the new year resolves it
could be well to be governed ns completely
IH possible by a sense of the Christmas
ccliug To practise good will to all
igiit through nn entire year world of
jsclf make a lovable and loving diameter
Due wbo practises good will to all soon
unics to feel kindly disposed Nnml ready
AI pardon nnd excuse even those who for
+ sviy one had disliked most cordially
Iakc the old method of turning the aru I
niiil against ones Fnlf Without doubt
IIP one against whom the ill will is felt 1
eels n strong dislike in return and the
round for om is probably no more lU
vaHiining than fur lime outer A girl who
cetiuinoly wishes to feel good will tp every
me will make an especial effort lo woke
ill whom she personally doe not en re for i
1 JPCOUI fond of her and aim will be sur
iriwd sit how soon n feeling of real iflVf
ion will ensue ou her part In almost
veryy case I
If she can really practise good will It
will bo astonishing how little difficulty she
will experience with all her other old
faults that formerly caused her no end of
worry and bother A person imbued with
a spirit of good will cannot commit any
great unkindncsa cannot even be rude for
both unkindness and rudeness like every
other fault reflect upon some one else and
cause them iiulmppincsu or discomfort
The popular girl may owe some of her at
traction to her beauty some to her natural
charm some perhaps to n brilliant mind
but Ihrccnuartcra of It mast come from
her good will to her friends Unconscious
ly she makes her friends feel that she is
interested in them wants them to have the
best in life and If there Is anything she
can do to help at any time this girl is
always ready She radiates good will and
her friends give her the best they know
lhe girl who knows the meaning of good
will to all could not be small She is too
I anxious to make those about her happy to
be able to do the little things that hurt or
say the little things that wound She
never tries to give the impression of how
splendid time she is having or has hud
it n time when sho knows her listener l s
not had the same admiration She could
not be linmll about money matters cither
for she will always want to keep from tho
I frinnd who has not so largo an allowance
s IiCMDlf all renlizjiiion of the difference
Generosity is but one of the minor nttri
luitctj which come naturally tit the girl who I
his tikciv ns her New Year resolution the
i sulc dctonniuutiou to keep alive through
nut the year the beautiful message of
rile pirie of Christmas is to give to
I sire Hurally everything in onos power to
all whom one meets hut gifts bought with
gold arc u dinall part indeed of this divine I
spirit of giving rIle gift expresses the
I thought that the donor wished to please I
skating dress as with its fitted belt il
is warmer than tho loose coats yet still
looks quite up to date It is almost un
necessary to say that the simpler the
skating dress the better style it will be
I Ifnl 1
I L j i j
jacket with revere collar and cuffs of
i seaL while u deep skirt of the fur finished
the coat below the waist the Jacket being
cut In n semiblouse effect A deep bor
der of the fume fur ended off the skirl
but this was really unnecessary and nude
Itlie dress rather too old in fashion Molt
kin Is another fur which can be used in
the same form of trimming a > the French
II = Oil skating on a country pond the cos
II tume is somewhat more sporty in ef
I fect limn that worn either in n rink or
on a popular club lake A heavy knitted
sweater made like the now models for
men and boys which button down thin
front but fasten up snugly about Ibq
throat as well is a necessity to have at
hand even though it will not be worn nil
the time It is a fashion of the times to
wear quite thin bodices all the year round j
and for comfort out of doors lo put on if
feed be a long sweater of Angora wool I
underneath the jacket For skating such
a sweater is invaluable as it will take
up no appreciable room beneath the coat
and will add tremendously io the warmth
of the coat
With a skating costume there must al
ways be provided to wear to and from
the pond a loogiulster or fur wrap which
Is largo enough to slip ou easily over iin
entire suit if necessary The smartest
fur coats used for this purpose arc made
of the most strange nnd curious colored
skins Imaginable Coon leopard musk
rat shaggy bear the shaggier the better
and the rougher nnd less trim the
smarter such fs the
fashionable fur gllr
incut for country uporL
m J 7yllf WJ mll fft r
I Unless it is bitterly cold n muff is gen
erally dispensed with on time ice and time
linuds are kept warm by woollen mitten
lor heavy while knitted gloves worn over
the fur lined kid gloves A loose fur col
Jar is nisI very much in time nay so that
tJic fur neckpiece hhoiild really be nt
ncliwl to the collar of the coat Vlhc ears
niv kept delightfully warm this your by
tin now little fur toques which lit well
down over the fiend nnd can lie pulled en
tirely ovei the ears if desired The coon
skin caps made so that the brim lan be
pulled down Aver the entior else rolled
buck ngmnst he crown make the warmest
of all kinds of caps for skating The bnog
little knitted caps which can be drawn
right down to the eyes if it Is very cold in
deed arc also delightful for skating nx
they arc almost as warm as the fur and
stay on iu the strongest gate without the
need of hat pin or veil A silk hunting
veil or a knitted llcccc veil will prove the
greatest comfort in zero weather and some
such protection for the skin is a really
necessary precaution i
The smart bkatiug boot of the year is of
russet leather laced and much higher than
the ordinary walking boot The slate Is
of course screwed to the shoe The neces
sity of having the shoes suQieiontly large
cannot be too strongly emphasized ns one
day of skating iu too small a boot wilj
prove beyond further parley
p OR indoor or rink skating the cos
F tame is of a slightly different order
Corduroy velveteen and often do
oidcdly light colored cloth gowns Ire in
the majority iu a skating rink and those
gowns have smart hats and furs to corre
spond Of course there la not tho dan
ger of frequent tumbles in a rink where
n rather more sedate form of skating
must be observed than on an outdoor
pond The danger of catching cold is far
greater In a rink than out of doors and
I practically tlio most necessary part of a
costume is a smart wrap thnt is to be
donned tho moment the skater sits down
for a few moments rest Tho rink itself
generally proves if anything too warm
while one is actually skating and a dress
throughout in cloth or corduroy is more
comfortable to wear than a coot and skirt
costume A gown of rough tweed trimmed
with hands of fur and worn with a small
fur lint of the Fame skin is especially
pretty when there is provided to KO with
it a long wrap of the some fur The
gown however should be of the simplest
model conceivable even if tho material
is velvet for the Idea of the appropriate
must still be adhered to
ORDUROY is tho favorito material of
i the winter of that there is no question
and it is now mado up as never before
for nil kinds and conditions of dress for
young amid oliL For a skating costume
or dress thnt is likely to oncounter hard
usage it will not pay to purchase any but
the best qualities which really are rain
proof or rather are not injured by being I
wet and will not tear on the slightest
provocation A long ulster of golden
brown corduroy with collar nnd cuffs of
sonic inexpensive fur will look extremely
smart with a simple one piece frock of
the same color and texture a color which
in corduroy is becoming to every type
I Small hate are the accepted style this
year to go with skating dr sThe most
r attractive of the skating bate for younj jll
girls aro tho familiar crash velvotor beaver
cloth crown of some bright hue bordered j
I with a band of skunk or some other fur t
which is in keeping with the rest of the I
costume To make this bat more youthful
a flower may be fastened in against the i
fur on one side An all fur toqno is also
pretty with a smart little corduroy gown
for the skating rink on members day
A hat of this model a girl can easily males
for herself by simply covering a wire ox
canvas frame with a piece of velvet 01
cloth of pretty color nnd then sowing about
tho brim a strip of fur If there is nn old
muff or neckpiece that can be cut up fox
this purpose so much the bettor
Of all colors red looks most attractive
on the ice and the red snits in rough ma
terial arc especially smart thIs winter
But the red must bo a true color with
real warmth in its tones nnd tho brighter
the shade the more charming it ia Brown
is smart in the velvets but not in cloths
green is attractive when it is becoming
which Is seldom blue is in voguo be
cause it is a color which is never really
out of fashion dark gray is worn only by
older persons this year vhilo black re
lieved with red or brilliant blue Is worn
by quite young girls but Is a combination
thnt really is not appropriate The
brighter tho color the moro attractive for
a young girls skating dress She can I
wear tho sombre tones all the rest of her
life null it is the greatest pity for her not
to take advantage of her youthful charm
and dress it to its best advantage in the
brilliant hues which later on sbo will not
bo able to carry off half HO well Fortu
nately it is the warm bright colors which
aro most In fashions favor for young peo
ple this year while older persons keep to f
less striking shaded
Quaint Styles in Bedroom Slippers II
C ATIN and soft kid bedroom slippers
1 can be made doubly attractive by slm
ply adding a dainty frill of lace all
about tho top While these newest slip
pers are of course expensive the effect
CUM easily be obtained by dressing up any
pair of pretty satin mules or slippers In
this way The prettiest worsted and
knitted slippers are now also finished with
a shirring of lace ut the top to make them
I diflferont from the regular bed slipper the
Name the world over Tho mules bordered
ut tho top with a frill of lace are then
tinUbcd with a littlu laco rosette with
perhaps n tiny cluster of ribbon flowers
tucked iu the centre
Almost expensive as the slipper itself
are the rosettes that adorn it but any girl
can fashion hnr own rosettes for her satin
ovoulng slippers and save considerable in
the process birst of all she should supply
herself with A piece of buckram or can
vas as without u stiff foundation It is Im
possible to make mho rosette keep its shape
well The different parts of the bow arc
all sewed securely to this foundation be
fore it in turn is attached to the slipper
Silver lace with a cluster of ribbon flow
ers in tho centre the color of the gown
makes an attractive finish for a satin or
light kid slipper Gold on a yellow slippers
is extremely pretty and If desired for a
special gown metal laces can generally be
found in different colored thread The
lace should bo about an Inch In width and
s simply gathered about the flowers in the
centre or else made into a tint bowknot
with the ribbnn flowers for the centra part
lime rosette generally carries out sown
scheme of color or trimming Qn the gown
but often it introduces o noto of sharp ti
contrast For a blue frock for example
the bluo slippers arc frequently adorned
with a cluster of little pink roses with i j
leaves of silver lace All lace flowers j
tho edges held in shape by invisible wire j
are also attractive and especially pretty +
when carried out in gold or silver thread
Hound rosettes arc not co much used i
this year as those which are slightly IJ
oblong About two and a half inches
Is long enough however mid the bow j w
knotH rosette whichever is used should t
bo placed as far forward as possible on I I
the slipper to make it look small Ribbon 1i
lowers are used altogether this winter i 1
in the slipper trimmings instead of the I
cotton imitation flowers
qw many of us hare the tongue
HOW that seeming Inability to I j
silently accomplish anything without j
having the tip of ones tongue visible end
nearly as active as ones fingers Z
Watch your young friends for awhile
when they are busy about something and
sec how many of them show their tongues Y
Watch yourself nnd See if you do it You r
may find that you do not but it will as J
tonish you to nee how many there are
who do
It is not a pretty habit you will ob K C
serve for there is nothing attractive
about a tongue protruding 11 you do not
know whether you have this practice or
not summon H little thought sentinel from
your bruin nnd put him on guard ut youi
lips If he reports a visible tongue at and
time go nnd look nt yourself in the gloss
Ton will keep that little sentinel on duty j
untilVyou have cured yourself of the
tongue trick 4
m v
ill r

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