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OAKLAND Call Doc 24 Entries
for Monday
First race six furlongs selling
Home Run 112 Swagerlator Jossup
py burn Coinbury Biskra Emma G
MM Burning Bush HoHsnlcUor Ada
E l Meade Platoon 109 J H Barr HI
67 mini IOC
B > > Second race futurity course handi
cap PawhuBka 111 Pay Streak 108
Pluvlus 104 Winning Widow 9D
Third raco six furlongs handicap V
Enfield 112 Jack Paine gpacllffc
t 107 Araaeo 105 Raleigh P D 103
Lord of tho Forest 100
Fourth race ono mile and a quarter
handicap Bubbling Water 126 Ches
ter Krum Spell Bound 110 Arasee
lOfi Fulletta 103 Soacllff Bellevlewv
102 Bndymlon II 100 Belfast 88
Fifth race one mile Belling Keep
Moving 109 Bonnie Bard lOfi Boggs
Sir Angus Elgin Royal River Cabin
103 Dahlgren 101 Novgorod 100
Young Belle Quality Street Miss Pic
nic 98
Sixth raco thlrteenslxtcoulhs of a
milo selling Darolngton 112 Pros
per Madeline Muagravc 100 Anne
McGee lOG Minocular 105 Grelchem
G Odena Hiacko ion Dada Picka V
ninny 83 Clskn SO Tripping 78
r JUAREZ Mexico Dec 2ITlw de
V lightful weather and a fairly good card
I drew a big crowd to Terrczas park to
r day Four favorites won Results
First race 4yearolds and up five
r and a half furlongs Thp Pippin 4 to
5 won Annual Interest 0 to 5 sec
1 ond Dolcruzador 10 to 1 third Time
r 107 15
Seconil race 2yearolds six fur
f longs Helen Scott 8 to 5 won Fritz
Emmett 10 to 1 second Sigurd 5
r to 2 third Time 112
Third race 3yearolds and up six
I furlongsIll Meter 1to 1 won Per
X winkle 13 to 5 second Sicus 1 to 1
f third Time 113 25 x
r Fourth race Morelcss selling stake
r seven furlongs Spohn C to 5 won
The Wolf 3 to 1 second Dangerous
March 30 to 1 third Time 125 35
t Fifth race 3yearolds six furlongs
I Joe Elirlch S to 5 won Tube Rose
> 9 to 1 second Chcswardlne lo to 1 I
tblrd rIme 114
I Sixth race six furlongs Pirt Hart
i 8 to 1 won Roberta S to 1 second
Cathryn Scott 4 to 1 third Time
V 113 45
f OAKLAND Calif Dec IIte
r suits
First race six furlongsJessup 13
I to 5 won Braxton 1 to 1 second
f Passenger 25 to 1 third Time
112 5 Deacon Swagcr ator Reno
i W Swede Sam Gold Ball Busy Man
i Meadn Lady Adelaide and Tramalor
I also ran
J Second race six furlongs Belle of
c Iroquois 8 to 1 won Hannah Louise
3 to 1 second Emma G 5 to 1
f third Time 112 i5 Waner Mill
f tury Man Bainbro Billy Myer Title II
Black Sheep and Joe Moser also ran
Third race five and a half furlongs
1 Arlonotte 5 to 2 won John H
i Sheehan 2 to 1 second Pride of Lis
I tI more 10 to 1 third Time 1OG Ve
neta Strome Terns Trick Lord of the
Forest Madeline Musgrave Big Stick
I Native Son Old Mexico Good Intent
and Culincan also ran
I Fourth raco ono mile Salvator han
dicap Arneee 11 to 5 won Jim Ba
Ir soy 16 to 5 second Raleigh C to 5
r third Time 110 30 Roy Jr Black
t Mate also ran
I Fifth race ono mile and seventy
yards Altnmor 15 to i won Bonnio
i Bard 4 to 1 second Elgin 25 to 1
T third Time 143 35 Greenbrldge
Sepulveda Sir Angus and Direct also
V ranSlxtli
Sixth race six and a half furlongs
V No Quarter 12 to 1 won Ossabar 5
to 1 second Phil Mohr 5 to 1 third
Time 119 25 Setback Belfast
J V Shooting Spray Keep Moving Ocean
V View Bit of Fortune and Mnssa also
First raco live and a half furlongs
Parkview c to 1 won Bendouble G
to 1 second Sylveslerls 3 to0
third Time 108
V Second race five and a half fur
longs Aldlvla G to 2 won Miuta 13
V to 2 second Eastern Star 30 to 1
third Time 110 15
Third race six furlongs T M
r Green 2 to 7 won Whlto Wool 7 to
V 1 second Jolly GO to 1 third Time
r 11515
i Fourth race Christmas handicap
ono mile and an eighth Master Rob
crt > 11 to 5 won Tom Hayward 7 to
i 2 second
Donald McDonfad 7 to 2
third Time 155 45
Fifth race six furlongt Lanrence
9 r p Daley C to 1 won Eye White 7 to
1 second Ight lIst co
> to 1 third
Time 152 25 V
V Sixth raco one mile and a sixteenth
Flashing 3 to
1 won Spindle
12 to
1 second Elizabethan S to I third
TIme 150
PENSACOLA Fltu Dec 24 Favor
ites suffered defeat in all the races
this afternoon The heavy track was
rseponslblo for the upsets
and fre
V quent form reversals Results
First race four and
a half furlongs
Johnny wise 3 to 1 won Polly Leo
16 ilP 1 second Rod Robin 5 to 1
third Time 100035 p
Second race four and a half fur
longs Now Star
V 3 to 1 won Lord
i ilfi8 t26 second Rustlcaua 15 to
1 third Tlmo 10035
Third race six and a half furlongs
Haymarkot 6 16 1 won Walter Me
V Lean G to 1 sOC nJ Don Hamilton V I
to i third Time 129 35
Fourth race mHo and an eighth
f V Cojonol Zeeb 7 to 1 won
V Octopua C
V to 1 second Malvlna 8 to 5 third
rime 117 3j
Fifth race six furlongs Hartlnp
V to 1 wow Automatic 5 to
1 second
C 3
t I
L k L
Royal Lady S to 5 third Time
128015 T
SIxth raci milo aud > n I slVteonlh
Mazonfn 4 105 won Profile PI to 1
ec6nd Vhlpp1f6 to Off third < Tim i
11515 V
Bilious Feel heavy after dinner
Tongue coated Bitter taste Com
plexion sallow Lher needs waking
up Doans Regulels cure bilious at
tacks 25 cents at any drug store
There Arc Five Rich Wrestlers to
One Rich Fighter Says Geiger
By Edward J Geiger
Chicago Dec 21When a fighter
manages by some economy and a
strict observance of the rules of good
finance to accumulate a bank toll he
lb spoken of by friends and sometimes
by enemies as a smart young fellow
und as a man setting a worthy ex
Tho fighter today with mouey Is
rather a rare poison beaiuse of them V
no matter how far they have gone
in the game of flstlcuffso quit with
anything more than a fair lot of coin
Those that accumulate enough to call
themselves Independent even to them V
selves are exceptionally few
How ate we to account then for
the fact that the chief factors over In
the sister sport of wrestling arc men
of money Has It ever occurred to
you that almost every wellknown
wrestler In this country and abroad
Is u man of considerable wealth
Perhaps you didnt know It but a
moments perusal of the figures will
convince you that there is something
about the wrestling gome that compels
financial craft and large bank ac
It Is a fact that there are five rich
wrestlers to one rich fighter
How are wo to account for this
strange difference Is It because there
are a different set of men engaged In
the two games or what Is U One must
consider too that the fimncial plums
are richer in the boxing gamo than in
the wrestling contests of today Even
without mention of the purse of 101
tOO at Reno for the JohnsonJeffries
battle all of the purses for tho fight >
ers big and little run generally high I
er than those offered the wrestlers
But the nat artists get theirs oflenor
and that may account for the differ
There is scarcely a really RICH
glove fighter Philadelphia Jack
OPren generally Is spoken os ns one
of the most affluent Champion Jack
Johnson is said to have a sum close to
200000 in cash made in his recent
matches for he had little or nothing
before the Reno affair Jim Jeffries
also had nothing before that thats
principally why he fought the black
man Now ho has upward of 150
000 It Is said John L Sullivan is
credited with having attained a com
fortable fortune In the last four years
under the shrewd management of
Frank Hall Tonunp Burns is another
said to have made himself sure of the
future Hat Nelson also is In the run
fling as a wealthy fighter and Jim I
Corbett sometimes spoken of as hav
ing plenty although this lsa matter of I
Now take the wrestlers George
HacUenschmldt is easily the richest
of all of them lie admits to heni
a millionaire and admitting that
much probably has in excess of that
amount He has one trust fund in
London alone of 100000 besides three
estates scattered through Europe an
a bushel of tho best paying and safest
of tho European Japanese and Ameri
can securities locked away In safety
vaults Hack has been accumulat
ing for years and for the last eight
has been an extremely high salaried
Frank Gotch champion of the world
5s credited with a quarter of a mil
lion salted down In fine securities and
farm lands In Iowa Dr V D Rol
ler the Seattle physician made u for
tune by buying land in the Northwest
and never Is Idle a day in his life
when there is a cbance to work
Charley Olson of Indianapolis owns
theaters and good paying property of
other kinds and Is credited with be
ing worth 100000 Freddie Beell has
almost as much invested In Wisconsin
and Bill Dcmotral the Greek is an
other rich man and has invested In
Gus Schocnlein known as Amen
cus Is the son of a rich Baltimore
contractor and u member of the Inn
which bid recently on the building of
the new city hall In Chicago Farm
er Burns Is more tiuin comfortable
So are Jess Westcrgaard Henry Orde
man Tom Jenkins and John J Roon
ey Zbysco the Pole Is reputed to be
extremely rich and so are several
others among the foreign stars
And EO It runs all the way through
Another strange thing about this fi
nancial end of wrestling and boxing is
that we do not hear of any of the pro
moters accumulating much How Is
one to account for this
Ray Consolidated Not Trying to In
creaSe Tonnage In New Territory
That tho Ray Consolidated proper
ly with its SO millions or more tons
of copper ore is now In a position
to ease up a bit from an ore decl
opmcnt standpoint Is vouched for by
D C Jackllng general manager of
the company who returned to his Salt
Lake headquarters Tuesday morning
from his regular monthly vIsit of in
spection to the mine
No now churn drilling therefore is
boing done the management confin
ing Its drilling operations to tho
ground containing what is termed
practically developed ore to bring It
Into the actually developed or block
ed class
The Ray management says Mr
Jnokllng Is doing over 7000 feet of
underground development work per
month which results In the steady
extraction of approximately 1000 tons
of ore a day which IB added to the
I stock pile where about 120000 tons
of ore await the completion of the
concentrator Tills ore Is extracted
without the permanent mine equip
ment and the temporary mlno equip
ment may he called upon to provide
the food for the first section or two
of the mill although tho officials hope
that the permanent mlno equipment
will ho Installed by the time the mill
Is ready for operation
In a development way splendid prog
ress is being done and much of tho
equipment Is arriving The main mill
building Is completed onehalf of the
concrete flooring Is in and the ma
chinery for the Initial two sections
fs now being qct into position The
power plant building has bean com
pleted idat least two engines will
be ready for worlc by Jan 1C or Fob
1 Everything points to the begin
ning of mill operations on or about I
the latter date
i <
T The Itay officials are to resume con
struction work moro jictlvcly at tho
company aniUler the equipment for
which is now iuj process of construe
JIoju Thereiano dlunnaltlon how
over to hurry the smelter work to
completion Tho company figures tHat
the mill will hardly l > c producing a
sufficient quantity of copper concen
trates at Hrst to Justify thQ blowing
In of the smelter but this pmollor
should be rend withab least two rc
Acrbcratory furnaces by the mlddlo
of 1911 by which Umo the output
from the mill will bc large enough lo
justify smelting operations In the
meantime tie mill product will bo
shipped to the E Paso smelters of the
American Smelting Refining com
pany under the contract recently ne
Mr melding stated that the Chino
property could provide enough ore at
this time for ono or two sections of
the mill for tIme live steam shovels
now eating away the capping or over
burden have exposed considerable ore
already The mine development
therefore Is well advanced well ahead
of the mill construction In fact One
half of the steel work of tho mill
building Is now up The remaining
steel is either on the sceno or is on
route The mill building will be com
pleted by Fob 1 and tho company
should be ready to start the mill
treating ore by the middle of the com
ing year Here too mini develop
ment and general construction work
are progressing without a hitch
60000 A YEAR
A nI
CHICAGO Dec Fourtecriyear
old Catherine Barker must manage for
awhile to live on only 00000 a year
Dispatches frOm Michigan City Ind
say that the late father of tho heiress
John II Barker stipulated In tho trust
deed convoying virtually his entire
50000000 estate to the First Trust
and Savings Bank of this city that
his daughter have 50000 a year to
maintain the two residences and the
farm and 10000 a year for her per
sonal expenses and education Presi
dent James B Forgan of the bank will
be guardian of the girl For adminis
trator of the estate Walter Vail presi
dent of two Michigan City banks is
named In rumor The Barker estate
not included In the trust deed Includes
the 275000 residence a farm near the
city and a summer residence at Har
bor Point
Demands Underground Survey
Thinks Apex is Extracting Its
Suit was filed in the Third district
court yesterday by the Blngham Mary
Copper company against the Utah
Apox Mining company and R S Oli
ver as manager the object being to
require an underground survey
The Utah Apex IK one of the big
producing properties In tho very heart
of the Blngham district the Mary Is
a little fortyacre property to tim east
of the Apex and weJged In between
it and the Phoenix on tho north and
the Yampa on the south
According to Sidney Hambergcr
manager when seen ycblordjy for
some lime the Mary officials have
suspected that the Apex which had j
workings close to tho Mary lines had
made a subterranean sneak into tho I
known extensive ore bodies on the
Mary ground and was probably extracting
acting ores which did not rightfully
belong to it Whether or not this wus
being done with malice aforethought
Mr Bamberger would not venture an
opinion lie said
This action has boon brought after
repeated requests and importunities
made to Manager Oliver to permit us
to send engineers Into these ques
tioned workings to ascertain whether
or not our suspicious were will found
ed Our requests have boon mot with
flat refusals Since the first of Sep
tember we havo niiide such overtures
Failing in that wo have ought suit
lo secure a court order for an under
ground survey We think they arc
In our ground in several places from
the Pervenuc tunnel also that they
havo goat Into our Phoenix property
near by Their workings are GOO to
700 feet bolow the collar of our shaft
When reached by telephonic com
munication yesterday afternoon Mr
Oliver said I dont know anything
about tho suit I do not have any
thing to say not a thing
ANRORA Ill Dec 23 Henry W
Morris for whom search has been
mado on suspicion that ho was the I
slayer of Mrs Stella Dumas who was i
shot last week In Montgomery III
was arrested today In tho Attic of his
home In Ulano 111
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 1
+ V I
+ JAIPUR India Dec 24Thc f
4 Gorman crown prince had his +
+ first experience at pigsticking +
+ and tiger shooting today Ho +
+ Speared a Hue boar and shot a +
+ fullgrown male tiger near tho +
4 place where the late King Ed +
+ ward tho Russian emperor and +
+ King George also shot their +
+ first tiger +
4 4 + + 4 + + + + + + t + 4 V 4 t +
Dr Eakln Says Has Improved 300 Per
i t < Cent In Year and a Half
Inspecting mines hunting wolves
and coyottca and getting thorn too
dodging snow storms assisting In tho
capture of stOre burglars staging 20
nille1 through a foot and a half of
snow made up only a part qf the ex
periences of Dr Allen C Kakln MrH
Eakln and Mrs E M Brownzell of
Rockford IlL and John W Gclg r
secretary of tho Antolcpo Spring Min
ing company the party having return
ed to Salt Lake Monday evening
The Rockford party started cast
last night Tho Antelope and Supe
rior properties In Humboldt count
Nevada are largely owned K Rock
COd people and this la the doctors
third trip out to the mines Both in
dies are heavy stockholders In the
Antelope This wan their first trip
Into the wild and woolly west and
their Nevada oKricnce8 were such
ns to Impress them for years to como
and sllll they declare they would not
have missed It for tho Avorld
Dr Eakin said yesterday
Tills Is my first trip to the Anlc
lope In a year and a half Tho prop
erty has Improved fully 300 per cent
A good many of our Rockford people
have taken a whirl at mines with
poor results but I am more than ever
convinced that in the Antelope wo
have a property which will make
good From all appearances with a
little more development work on that
big body of ore blocked out the prop
erty will justify a mill and thou the
dividend period will commence I
believe our property will provo tho
flrat one In whiclu Rockford capital
has had dividend returns
High Grade Ore
Secretary Golger reports that the
miners aro taking out ore from the
700 foot tunnel Fifteen tons of ore
worth 75 a ton aro sacked on tho
dump ready for shipment to time Salt
Lako smelters This came from an
upraise from the No 3 tunnel where
there is an immense shoot of ore open
ed up 240 feet in length proven up
to tho surface 250 feet
A now tunnel bolow No 3 will bo
started soon after V the first of the
now year This will give 185 foot ad
ditional depth a total of 135 feet on
tho pitch of the vein and of Itself
should almost be sufficient to justify
tho erection of the required mill Tho
mine Is 18 miles from tho railroad
station of Sulphur the long expen
sive wagon haul making the mill a
necessity oven with the high class
ores produced by this mine
While going over the Queen claim
and about 50 feet from an oH 38 fnot
shaft tho doctor and Secretary Gel
ger discovered nh outcrop of beauti
ful galoiia The bro shows values of
about 75 per cent lead 70 ounces sil
ver and 50 cents gold It Is an out
cropping vein braVRins through the
lime country rock Tho old shaft
which was somewhat mineralized will
at once be sunkto 50 or GO foot depth
and a drift sent out both ways on thn
vein This should bring line results
j The Queen claim Is Ihreequarters of
a mllo from the principal workings
but on the saino vein as No 2 tun
Out of the bottom of an old incline
shaft 15 feet
long some 20 ore
was taken ouL This Is on tho Beat
rice claim It Is proposed to send
In a tunnel here 150 feet giving 100
feet depth on tub vein
N cvri aSuperior
The Novada Superlor nearby to also
looking good Sinking Is being done
on the shoot of ore developed in tho
No 2 tunnel The pay streak is a
foot wide About 15 tons of ore aro
sacked on the dump which will run
G5 per cent lead and 75 ounces eli
ver This will be shipped soon after
the first
The Comet Placer
Dirt running as high as 10 and
15 a yard has recently been panned
near the principal workings A hot
lie containing 61 In gold gave tho re
suIts Tho shaft making for the hard
pan Is now down 65 feet It is est
mated that 150 feet will reach bed
rock The dirt pans nil the way
down and shows the gold bearing
black sands The dirt producing 15
to the yard was found In the same
ravine and was taken from tho sur
face while prospecting the extensive
Warburton Pike who saw them at
Mackay Lake October 20 1889 says
I cannot believe that tho herds of
buffalo on tho prairie ever surpassed
in size la Foule the throng of tho
caribou La Foule had really come
and during Its passage of six days
I was able to realize what
an extra V
ordinary number of these animals
still roam tho Barren Ground I
From figures and facts given me
by H T Munu of Brandon Manitoba
1 reckon that in the three weeks fol
lowing July 2G 1SD2 ho saw at Ar
tillery Lako latitude G2 12 degrees
longitude 112 degrees not less than
2000000 caribou travelling southward
he calls this merely the advance
guard ofi the groat herd Colonel
Jonea Buffalo Jones who saw the
herd in October at ClintonGolden has
given me personally a description that
furnishes the basis for an interesting
calculation of their numbers
He stood on a bill In the middle Qf
tho passing thrpug with a clear view
ten miles each way and It was one ar
my of caribou How much farther
they would spread he did not know
Sometimes they wore bunched so that
n hundred were on a space one hun
dred foot square but often there
would be open spaces equally
without any They averaged at least
one hundred caribou to the acre and
they passed him at tho rato of about
three miles an hour Ho did not
know how long they were in passing
this point but at another placo they
were four days and travelled day
and night Tho wholo world scorned
a moving mass of caribou He got the
impression at last that they were
standing still and he was on a rock
hill that was rapidly running through
their hosts V
Evon halving those llguros to keep
on the safe side we find that tho
number of caribou In this arm
army was
over 25000000 yet It is possible that
there are aevofal such armies In
which case they must Indeqd far
outnumber the buffalo in Uielr palm
iest epoch So much for the num
hers of today From The Land of
the Caribou by Ernest Thompson
Seton In time January Scrlbner
WICHITA IcanDee 23Time at
torncy general of Kansas today ob
tained a temporary injunction against
the B C Christopher Grain company
of this city charged with operating n
bucket shop
I J1j 1
nil Here9s to a
Merry XmasI
I The Happiest Time of I I
the Year Drink This I
Toast On Christmas
Day With a Glass of
V Beekers Beer
f I V
Phone your local dealer u j L y
cker reUIIUj V
5hi1tirn1ft I iV I P
V Ogden Utah
9 >
V k
No man who lives In England and
America can escape the vital neces
sity of Germany and Japan to expand
or to go to the wall
The trouble has been and is that
we arc looking at the question as
one of malice of diplomacy of choice
It Is nothing of the kind There is
no blame no right or wrong in the
matter It la life or death For Great
Britain and tho United States two
nations already enormously rich It Is
simply a question of more wealth
For German for nil Europe Indeed
and for Japan it is a matter of life
and death
The phrase yellow peril Ger
man peril Japanese peril Is un
fortunate for the word peril Im
plies something terrible and Imminent
The situation exists but as I hope
to show later on in these pages nei
ther the yellow peril nor the Jap
anese peril is Imminent nor of war
threatening danger to us in Amer
I use tho phrase because It is a fa
miliar one but I disassociate myself
from any advocacy of nervous and
self conscious talk or action
To talk of friendly Japan or of
friendly Germany hoWcvcr is child
Ish No commercial rival armed to
the teeth is friendly
Who know in 1SGO that Germany
was soon to he tho dominant power
In Europe Who know that she would
defeat Austria In 1SC6 Who dream
ed In 1868 that In two years she
would crown her emperor at Ver
sailles Who dreamed in 1888 that
she was to be Great Britains rival
on the sea Certainly no EngllBh
nan cried Wolf at the appropriate
lime What Englishman today ex
plains why Germany smashed Den
mark humiliated Austria ruined
France defies England on the sea
squeezes Holland commercially and
backs Austria In tearing up a treaty
In order to malto u grab In tho Bal
kans What childish nonsense to call
this crying Wolf It Is an Insult
to that great power not to admit that
it is a very fine full grown wolf
and Just now very much on the
prowl That is tho fundamental fac
tor to bo remembered In any discus
sion of tlilo much discussed ques
tion It IB not to bo wondered at that
tho nations whose lives are at slake
consider the matter more seriously
than nations which have only pounds
or dollars at slake From On tho
Way to India by Price Collins au I
thor of England and tho English I
from an American Point of View in
the January Scrlbner
What an embroidered sea It Is
Fringed by Spain France Italy Per
sia Greece Palestine Egypt Arabia
We see tho land of the Pharaohs of
Moses Jesus Huhammad Alexander
Caesar Hannibal Napoleon We sail
through the religions the law the lit
erature the art tho traditions that
ruled and rule the world Hero arc
the Pentateuch the Psalms Job tho
Gospels the Greek drama and com
edy the Koran the Epic of Antar tho
literature and law of the Latins and
the Italians and the greatest of com
e < lley Don Qulxoto If the Avon emp
tied Into the sea It could claim all
the greatest names In literature And
what a literary gamut It Is from Don
Quixote to tho thirteenth chapter of
I Corinthians
Wo sail past Rome Athens Car
thage Alexandria Jerusalem Mecca
and through that narrow blue ribbon
of the Suez canal which binda togeth
er the greatest empire of them all
the British empire it Is tho sea of
all tho moat poignant associations of
tho world No
ones memories
complete without it Not to know
the Mediterranean and Its associa
tions Is not to be educated Is
not lo
bo a man of the real world for tho
tides of this se are the pulso beam
oftbe heart of history Wo Amor
leans are Just
mushrooms In a grove
of palms and cedars
though wo arc
might good eating these davs
At Port Said we aro In tit t ante
room of the east I do Mot intend to I
write a gUdo
gu book Mcuijie Murray
and Baedeker
have loo many liter
ary parasites already but I must let
tho Ink bubble occnslo
occasionally with my
personal dollght and perhaps to old
tiavelera my naif
cnjomunt of
Ht <
> iJ 1
ery day of those many months spent
I in the cast 1 gazed at those Arabs
at Port Said I studied their sen
sual and In many cases diabolical
faces with awe and Interest In Eu
rope other white men are different
to bo sure but It is possible to ac
count for tho tifferences to analyze
the differences in a superficially sat
Isfactory way But these human be
ings arc not merely different they
arc something else From On the
Way to India by Price Collins au
thor of England and tho English
from an American Point of View In
the January Scribner
New Chief Justice Likes to Pound tho
KeysKnows the Code Napoleon
The new head of the United States
supreme court probably IB the only
man over placed in that exalted posi
tion who is an accomplished pianist
Chief Justice Whites main diver
sion is the piano It is a source of
self entertainment through which he
gets relief from the cares of pon
derous Judicial thought and research
But ho rarely playa for tho enter
tainment of friends Persons on his
visiting list frequently havo entered
his residence and surreptitiously lis
I tened to his manipulation of tho keys
with rapt enjoyment When discov
ered he has shown embarrassment
sometimes annoyance
On one occasion while strolling
with his chum Associate Justice
Holmes Justice White entered a mu
sic storo and seated hlmsolf at a pi
ano Running his fingers over the
keys with dexterity he astounded the
Massachusetts Jurist with the strains
of an aria from an opera they had
attended the evening before and tho
fine points of which they had been
discussing on their walk
In a Jiffy a pleased crowd assem
bledBut so absorbed was Justice
Whlto that he did not notice his au
dience until from memory ho had
rendered the aria which he had not
played for years When he saw tho
crowd ho blushed and hurried through
a rear door Now York American
How the American
Farmer Footed I
Uncle Sams Canal Bill
When tho United States government
was completing the purchase of the
Panama canal it was necessary to
make payment In France of forty
million dollars In gold To draw this
amount from the treasury would not
only havo involved the depletion of
our gold supply but would havo en
tailed a very considerable cost in
the way of freight Insurance and
packing charges Tho government
thereupon entered into negotiations
with American banker asking thorn
to direct tho transaction so that It
would be possible to place tho gold In
France without transporting the metal
from the United States I
Recourse was had to tho American
farmers and the whole transacllon
was handled with such skill that the i
payment was made although not a dol
lar of gold left tho United States
nor was there anything in the course i
of tho money market to Indicate that
a transaction of such unprecedented i
magnitude was In progress
And the American farmers mado
that colossal payment possible
through the conversion of Iholr crops
Into bills of exchange which passed
for gold In tho London market
American Harvest Overchadowo Phar
aohs Bumper Crops
Such was tho magnlture of the crop
of corn raised by Joseph In Egypt In
he limo of Pluraoh that It was
thought worthy of record In the Bible
Wo cannot toll accurately as by meas
urement educed to American bush
els what this harvest of Egyptian
grain was All that we know Is that
grain was All that we know is that It
rulers of Egypt and make the country
the commercial master of time ancient
Yot It was undoubtedly much small
er than UIQ harvest of Indian corn or
r also which tIme American farmers
secured in theo rl < autumn of 1910
That Is estimated In round numbers
at 3121000000 bushels Curiously
I enough tho number of bushels of In
dliui Com harvcotod by tho farmers
i4 V V
t c
of America Is approximately equl
alent to the number of dollars in ac
tual circulation throughout hc Unit
ed States That Is to say If It were
necessary to buy outright the corn
I crop of last tmmmor and to pay for
it In cash at tho rate of one dollar I
I a bushel then In order to do this
there would be needed every dollar of
I money in circulation Munscys Mag
Omaha Neb Doc HThero will
be no inaugural ball at Lincoln when
Chester II Aldrich governorelect Is
inducted Into office Jan 5 That baa
been settled Mr Aldrich himself
who said yesterday
There will bo a reception but
there will bo no dancing
Mr Aldrich is a member of the
Methodist church and says he cannot
countenance dancing V The reception J
Incident to the Inauguration will be
held at tho state house
uGD Hh St i lad Phono Gl
Bell Phone 1003
Ogden Turf Exchange V
i Direct Wires to All Tracks
jj Phono Ind 75 r
1 326 Twentyflfth St 1c j
No matter what they look like
you will get them back new
In 15 minutes
333 24th Street
Xmas Eating 1
and Drrinkhl I
The insidcs of tho wholo family from
Dad to Buby got lots of hard work to
do this week CASCARETS will holp
them See that every member of tho
family jets B CASCARET every night
This will do the work easily and natu
rally and save a lot of sickness and
Buffering later on
Boy a lOc box CASCARRTSweeks
treatment anil bare It liaudy Co use
every night Xiaaa week
orasJ GolIci ual
AIVLfC md almpleemtdior
DrorieMzla CaJaiii IIai Fcrii
allorn of ALL mawat memWoM
or llalnev ot the not threat
c1 tomMh or nrlnmry oresJ
crHCH rime muimiOxL ncAuL PILLS A It
Ljt 1 AlII our U Ii
a 1 hlcbt6leroJ
LV eikU with Ck Ult
3c LMD i jr I rqt
t FItly
ib > tho
1 fiomes
born Ifi
I i The
this m
Vmnrn ir
i 1sI7eml JI
iX laloos
Tijej ovmds
or bull
r5n of
Bill or
flrm t
iay th
Iien 1
tha fI
tc a dod
patr i
af n
rt S
lJc gtv
Qcal co
lIe tO
iut w
V Christ
a err
hme C
lc Vim
ui ttlo
f Cn

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