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?hc (Old ijlng.
H. A. Q. ZIEGIiRR, Editor & I'rop'r.
Philippi, Wkbt Va., Aptil 7, 1S69.
ma- " "triE old flag," has
an MfeiwiM circulation In ail the
interior antntles of the State, more
?ptoJn/t(/, Harbour, I'o'ctthoitftL*,
Jluntlolph, Webster Upshur, and
Taylor, and /? therefore the best
medium for Advertiser* f?? the cent
ral portion of the State.
fh*t?T?T- Congress mayeee fit to J
-tno vital fact must not ba ig
nored that her presont difficulties arc
wholly the work of the upholders of
"a WJiile Mitn't Government." Tk*
8 Lata teas reconstructed ? she Vad ? i
Governor and Legislature of L-er own
choice, with Representative* in Con- j
greaa- ? the disabilities ol her ex Reb- ^
els had been practically removed ? j
when the "White Man's parly" re- .
opened the war, by ejecting all the |
Colored members trom either branch J
of the Legislature. This was done]
under the impulse given by the Dem
ocratic National Convention Which
met in this City last summer aud
nominated Seymour aud Blair ? it was (
in fact, the first insignificant response j
lo that imposing demonstration ? a
virtual echo of Frank Blair a famous
letter. The Colored members had
uuited in according seats to all the
Democrats elected, though more than ,
half of them were ineligible as fight ing
Rebels uuder the ll-yonatruetion acts
of Congress; now, these very ineligi
ble Rebels combined to expel lho:-e
very Colored meniberr-, who might
have objected successfully to lh-:'u
1 uking ooatfi at all. It is quite safe to
nay that thia would not have been had
the Rebels foie6een the election of
Grant and .Colfax*
The wrong is persisted in. T!io
Colored members are still excluded
from aeaU to which they wer*: over
whelmingly chosen^ Their
uion(they"b?lDg ill RepublieanO^ivei*
tho Democrats ft majority in ei.her
House. Enough of tho?e Democrats
were willing lo vole with the It- pub
licans to enable t!iem to ratify th"
XV th Amendment. But lltat would
have kept in power llioso who exclu
ded and still exclu lo tbe Colored
members, and who cariied the State
for Soymour and Blair at the point ol
the Bowie-knife: nnl iL'usorneof the
Republicans refueed to connivn at.
They voted a^aine! rat ifying t heX V lb
Amendment? not that they were by
any means opposed to it, but that
they did not see fit to surrender llieir
State to tbe de*potic control of
Toombs, Miller, and tbe old clique of
Pro-Slavery politicians who Imve once
already rushed ber to ruin. They
think that enough.
These facts are not generally undtr
Blood, because too many have a pal
pable interest in perverting them
livery false hearted trimmer, who
calls himself Republican? or, at lead,
? Grant man ? is busy in misrepresent
ing them to prejudice Ihe case of I be
steadfast Republicans ol Georgia. ?
Bat "Time at lapt sots all things even"
and the truth will at length be made
manifest and understood,? JVew Yvrf;
ratal AocraontT
A most distressing accident oo
oarred near Orantsville, in Calhonn
county, on Fridnr, tbe 12th inat..
which result od in tne deal h of a highly
rcapootftble lady, at the bands of her
husband. Tbe name of the unforl u
nate woman wao Mrs. Connoly. Iler
husband, Murtin Connoly, stated on
his examination before tbe Coroner,
that on tbe morning of tho accident he
ww going souirrcl bunting, and had
taken down bis rifle to clean it. ??)"'
gun waslonded and capped, and while
lying Hcrosflhis knees, bo sccidentally
Htruck the lock, mid it went off ? the!
bsll passing through tho heart of bin
wife, killing her instantly. At tbe
time of the occurrence, Connoly urid ,
his wi'o and a small child weio the ^
only persons prerent.
Tbo Coroner's jury found a verdict
of "occidental killing end as e. con- (
sequence, no further legal at ops have
yet been taken. ? lltaton Democrat. ?
A boy and girl at Goffetown, N. If.,
itged xcfpoctively sixteen and eleven
and ons-balf yeai*. a.e rfftid to bavo ,
got married. A Clergymnrt whom
thoy called on sent them to the town '
clei k for "a utifkit." On tlieir way
n man msrried them for 1 liirt y-seveti
cents. The wile C) now attends school
and gravely taliif ? > her playmates
about ber "vM '* ?t?."
Death or Ilux -Kdwaku Bates. ?
The newspapers inform ua ol the ,
death of Hon. Edward Bates. He .
' Wi\8 born in Goochland county, Vir- ;
r.inia, 1793. He emigrated to 8t. j
: Louis nt the age of twenty-one yetre,
I and commenced the practice ot law,
| and npeedily rose to eminence in his
profession. At ? very parly *ge he
i Whs elected Attorney Central. He
| was a member of the Contention that
framed the Constitution of that Htate.
President 1'illmnra tendered him a
placo in hia Cabinet which he de
clined. He was Attorney General of
the United States the greater portion
of Mr. Lincoln's arimimatration. Ho
was a Whig iD politics.
The following arc tho appoint
meats of the U. B. Conference, re
cently held at Parkeraborg :
IhrlerMhurgi District. ? S. J". Gra
ham, P. K. Parkeraburg Miwion
station, Z Warner; Parkeraburg Oir
?? Ry??r, II L. Poling:
Middle Island, Prof. W. R. Diddle,
3 T. Weatf.U ; Fialippi, A. ?
Moote ; Lewiit, J. W. Gilbert. J. J.
Jonee : Cairo Minion, A. Orr ; Penna
boro, E. Harper; Delinston. J. Rex
___j TT Bogcess.
W. W. Knipj'le/E. Bernard.
A married woman in London per
suaded her husband to allow her in
sport to tie hi. legs and arras, and
when 6hj) had bim lied .be proceeded
lo pay off her grudges against him by |
gouping his eyes out with a table
On tho Chicago and Northwestern
railway, a train recently ran ninety
one mi Ion in ninety raiuute?."
iumges :
Married, on the 1st inst., at the
residence of Mr. Spencer Gla?cock by
R?v. R. R Northcraf?., Mr. Wh.mam
ConoEP. to Mi?s Elizabeth Naze,
all of this county.
Married, on tha morning of the
pth inst., at the rt?sidenco of the
iiridrt'd parent*, in this place, by R?y.
W ill jam fc,. Williamson, Mr. Thomas
A. Wilson 10 Mi.-i Mary Woods
eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel
Woodg,? all of this tpwn.
, XKty A I> I'KIl TISliMKXTX. j
, At Rulea held iu the C^eik'a Of
fice of tie Circuit Court of Barbour <
County on the first Monday in April
; 16G9 : ? 'i
j W 1 L LI A M COLT., Ojuplnir.ant,
i loAIATI WELCH, and others, de
fendants. . . . ^
Th? object oft\y<5 nuit is to obtaijvl
th$ legal titla to ttic?rtnirr"p?rcel ot
lanil in B.irhonf County, situntpil on
( Simpson's Creek, containing about
I eii?ht y-four acres, formerly ownni and
.sold by 0110 Joseph Mount to Isaiah
Welch, and by Isaiah Welch to the
Coinplainerlt, but tiever conveyed by
-ni<i Mount to Welch ; and ulso to sat
isfy a deed of Trust executed by aai.J
Joseph Mount to Jarvip.Truslte.
'?n tbo 1281 li day o! February, 1831;to
?eciira to L/.ekiel Mount the diiro ot
? $GiX>, payable iu three instalments o:
1 f-'iiX) fR'/h, fulling due on Nov. l?t,
7 1 330, 1-31 n:id 1^32, respectively.
\ And it appearing by the affidavit of
j a witness tiled in the B.iid office, thai
; the defeud.inta Kber^zer Mount, Ri
j chel Mount, Anne Mount, Prudence
| Mount, Pciily Mouit, Wurniger Jar
j vi.?, Louisa Jarvis, William J*r via, mid
iJesae Jarvis are not inhabitants of
j l hia State, it is ordered that they do
: appear here within one month after
due publication hereof and do what
is necesa.iry to protect their interest
I in this nuit j and that n copy hereof
bo published and posted according to
' law. A Copy Teste,
, Samuel Wood*, Com'pl'i'e counsel,
i Apr. 7,1809. ? 4t. [Pr'a lee, $9.00
To Ezekiel Mount, Ebenezer Mount,
Rachel Mount, Anno Mount, Pru
| dence Mount, Werniger JarviB,
j Louisa JarviB.Willjam Jnrvjs, Jesse
Jflrvia, Polly Mount, William VV.
R. Callihan, August us B. Modiaett,
nd ministrator of Joseph Mount,
dee'd ; Floyd Neely, administrator
of Isaiuh Welch, d ee'd ; Ephraim
?Welch, Bonl-ftcla Welrh, Edith
McDonald, Uoorgo W. McDonald
Ephraim Boo, Polly Bee, Prudence
Or0M, Martin Groea, Racljel Bee,
WicklifTo Bee, Elizabeth Snrtlb,
Christiau Smith, Melissa Bee'
Attiism Bee, Florida Kinnoy.
I-Jiiah Welch, Elarn Welch, Richard
Welch, Leonora Welch, Ephraiui
. Welch, Jr., Rachel Welch, and I
j Loiaou Welch : ' I
( You will plea?e tako notice that on !
; the m/i da y or apml, ibgo,
I at the Recorder's Office of Wood
County, in Parkersburg, I will take
I ho deposition of Ezekiel Mount ; and i
Till-: 7 Til DA Y OF MA Y, 1869,!
?t tbo Offico of Samuel Woods, in ?
Philippi, in Barbour Couuly, J will I
tnko the depositions of Augustus B ,
Modiaett, Daniel Bartlett, William1
P. Ii<?rtlett, raytclf, and others, to be
read ns evidence on my behalf, on Iho
hearing of a certain chancery cauao
pending in the Circuit Court of Bar- '
hour County,' wherein I am com-1
plainant and you aro defendants ? and !
if from any cause tho tnkiog of said'
deposition shall not bo comtnoncod on !
that day, or being coniraonccd shall
not bu completed, the further taking
thereof will b,. continued from time'
to timo until completed.
Apr. . It . riv* lee,
WOULD respectfully inform tha
citiaeoa of Fhilippi and sur
rounding country that lie has moved
hi* place of business to the corner of
Main and Walnut Street*, where ha
is constantly receiving additions to
his already large stock of
A largo lot of READY-MADE
CLOTHING always on band, whioh
will be sold as cheap uth* cheapest.
Oire ma a call before purchasing
elsewhere. I. H. 3TRRJKLER.
April 7, 1869. ? In. .
Notica is hereby Riven to the tax
payers of B.u hour Comity, that the
Special Taxes (formerly License Tux)
lor tlie year ending May 1st, 1870,
and the annual taxes assessed for the
yeara 1 868, and 16C9, are now due
and payable at the following named'
time and place, to-wit :
TUE3DA Y.the 13th of APRIL, 18G9,
If payment ia not then and there
mnde, the prnall.es of tho law will
be strictly enf-irced.
Collector 2nd District West Virginia.
IlyJxo. W. MASoN.Dtputy Col.
Apiil 7. 180y.? It.
Ready-Made Clothing,)
* No 30 Water Stieet,
Wiiuiu.vu, \V. V.\.
t C.wtuii'g Made to Order on
I Shod Notice.
April 7, ISt'O.
I The^e b.iuit iful instruments e:n
? body all the CRM-ntiiil excellence* to
be lonnd in t lie be*t and iuu?t cele
j brute-J 1'iario Fortes in u*e : ? elegant
' roBewood case ? full iron frame ? o'ver
? rung bii."3 ? .French grum! action ?
barp pedal ? beveled top ? full eoven
| octaves, etc..
Tlit-y are made of tlie best seasoned
I materials and in the luoat substantial
: manner, eo that they aro remarkable,
1 aa well for diirabilil y as for depth and
puri'y of tone, arid yet aiu lurnibhed
' at from SjPOO to $150 leBa tban most
jollier fir?t-clfi8B instruments in the
i market.
Msoiu/a BCAI UE.
Nc. 1. Front round corners, plain
case and legft, ... $150
No. 2. Same asNo. 1, with carved
lops, 475
No. 3. Front round corners, ser
pentine moulding, plain leg
-?/. .:..nynsr.. 12P
\ a BAH? 8CAK.K.
DiBtinguishbd for elegjnco of stylo
aud ^reat power, as well as
sweetness of tone.
No. 5. All round cornera,serpou
line moulding, plain i?gs, $576
No. 0. S*mo as No. 6, with carved
legs, GOO
j No. 7. All round cornets, serpen
tino Kiid lop inouldingB, gotluo
legs 025
No. 8. S^nio as No. 7, with riohly
carved leg?, 650
Every Instrument Fully Warranted,
4'7 Rroumo Street, New York,
April 7, lS'Oy.
Tho ' Vorniout Spring' Water, j
JiiBtly celebrated as a remedy for |
?S 'crofitla, Cancer, Hriyhl'a Dt?cu3c,M\<l j
other Kvlnty A Jl'crlions, tho wor*t 1
forms of Cul'iiuvHS UtHca.uB, Ji/ait- :
nudum, Female Complaints, and all
imptmtien ol tho bloo<l. .
Tho bottle* are marked: "Vf.kmont j
SrniNo, Haxk A Cj., Shki.oon, Vt." .
For sale by the principal Drug
I'amphlelH, with ret t.li'fatc# from
eminent pliysicitinB and ot Iters, Hunt
free. Hiixe ?Jfc. Co.,
?I I J llrvutnc Street,
Apiil 7, N 1 w VwiiK.
articulation ? roiuil pipe-like tone ?
?weetni?iw ?nd pwl^r. They have re
ceivtd near! j ONEJBUNPnKD Sr\ rsl Pre
miums over all cfppctitor*.
They aru endtneil by (be highest
muiiCMl ntiilioritie*.
Said Jor Jltuifruled Circulu\A- '
lie mi bwoi tmeat
Fortes ? elegant]
iron Iturntf ? ovti
granil nclion, e(
urul fully warranj
l'or circulars
offer to the |>ub
:f. beautiful Piano
[oeewood cb<im> ? hill
ling bHM ? Freoi h
it moJeruiu piicea
April 7. 18C9J
Til EjU 8 r
Bv thrift* hf?u? ajieepers ?n<l Luin
"? Kv1' m provided with
iv i> >\ so lli'il
ii w.i v im toon us
Tlin b'lio cor
will i, ot injure
Twenty cent b*_
two ounce vi?!i
Hides giving h sol]
irig tlio Junker.
br"k?-ii or iincor
Inquire lor i
PuUnted De
palo by
IOC it t
April 7,
c to bo put i^ielv
lies n?*trid, ami
fi:i?*i Ubric*. One
will out - 1 >iji t eight
i/rjud Blue, be
color And avoi l
Annoyauco o(
any RenpectabSu
,. 1667, and /or
Coloi Co .
ynoliJB & Ot,
Street, N. Y.
The Salts ol tlio]
liiniml until Aprtll
<>? Urn next term ol*
I >.11 tionr ( 'irniit y
yri:.NCER by
%ktyited in enid
State or Mu
tt Qf D4tt?l?iug
, * in aaid deed,
bd is good, being
TOloro by 0. L.
pngton, the title
ftiVeyed ; but by
alt Conrt of Tay
&1 7th, 1802, naid
ffl to convey fluid
YUdeo, with Ocn
Vbich degree ref
) anil euid Jama
!g to make aucli
i me in auob deed
?aid Dale, at may
; 8i?id land la said
V, in a good aec
bd alfoidrf a tino
one Mt^xhing to
ITO-N, 7ru-te#.
[Pr'a foe, $10.00
liovu land 16 con
8ili, the firnt d*y
>Le civuit court of
TON, Truataa.
i ([email protected]?X1? TME
A Complite Histoht or tiie New)
vat Great Biter to tiie
' ?' ' Great Ooean :
Lif? and adventnrea on' Prairiea,
Mountains anr) the Pacific Coa?t.
With over 200 descriptive and
Photographic Viewa of tna Scenery
Gitiea.Landa, Minaa and CurioaitiM
?; of the Great Weal,
i To pro*p*ctiT? emigrants and "*t
tlara in tha""Far Weat," tbia Hiatory
of that vaat and fertile region will
invaluable aaaiatanoe, ?ud
want long fait of a
%t)'d rtTIible guide to
. meant of
_ WAITED. ? Sand for
ahd aff* our tarma and a
Iptfon' hf 1be work. Ad
oojon'ati, Ohio; Chicago, II).,
Making * Business,
?tltif'OM Stand of F. 0. Chalfapt,
op . t Walnut St. II* i? prepared to
?fo'-all kinds of voi k io t he Boot and
*Q>"Oi*o him a call. Terms mod
erate. [Mar. 24, 18^9.
Th? Only tadr'i Book la America.
I? or 1869.
Choapest of Ladies' Maaxinea,
Because it ia the Deal t
The friend of woman, the arbiter
of fashion, the encourager ami pub
lisher of tbe beat literature of the
<lay, the pattern from which nil others
In the literary world will contribute
to tha png?a of the Lady'b Cook dur
ing' the" year 19C9.
Authors of "Alone,"" Hid den Path,"
" Mots Side," " NeuifBip,"
and "Miriam,"
Will contribnte a siory ev?M y month. !
Our former efficient corps o f wiltein!
has also been letuined.
The O. FOGY papers will be con- '
Beautiful Steel I'lutr *.
. Of these the Lady's Book contains'
i in tins country, either iu Look oi
periodical. j
The original double fail, ion-pUles j
will bo continued.
ALxLl a ? Tilt) oi-lv maga
zine in this country (hat ^ivVs liie'se
designs i? the Lady a Uoolr.
Dsaieinj Lesions. ? In th:a we nrej
n'rn nlone.
U'ti'innl ft/mii'. ? flodey'a ij (hp,
nniy iu?gMZ:r.e .in which ibumc pre
pared expressly for it ii pj p.m a. i
We liave hIfo a Children !t, a Ilorti- j
cultural, Aud a Jl,a/./t department.
upon evorv fubject. fur the I5..iidoir, :
Nursery, Kitchen, House, and Laun
- Tinted Hoe/ravings. ? This iaa feriea
of engraving* that noons Imh at leiupt
ed but ourselves. They g:re gient ?.it
isfaclion. * j
lAidiet Fancy Work Depnrtmrnt. |
Some ofthedeaigna in I hixdnpartmcnt i
are primed in colors, i:. n atyle un
Terms ron 18G9.
One copy, one yenr $ 3.0") I
Two copiee, one year. 5.00'
Three copies, one year 7 50 1
Fonr copiee, one yenr 10.00 '
Five copies, one year, and an
extra copy lo the person get
ting up Iho olub, making; ?ix
copies? _? 14 00 i
Eight coi ies, one year, and an
extra copy to the person get
ting up theclub.inaking nioo
oopica 21.00 |
jE|y?P Oopie?tone yenr, nnd an
l K & & bir-B+r&oa
- Tmjr np tL? olab, making
twelve oopieff-- 27.60
Godey'u Lady's Book and Arthur's f
Home Marline will be sent one year,
oo receipt ?f $4 00.
Qodey'o Lady a Book and Onoe a .
Month will U?aentone year on receipt I
_of 84 00. - 1 |
" Q.u1i,?y,'> ?L*Jy'?i Eook *nJ f'f '
Isbildren a Iloi\r will bu aunt one year i
on receipt of $3 60
Oodey a Lndy'iBook. Art bur's Homo !
Magazine, Ooc^a Month, nnd this !
Children's Hour will bo sent one yenr
on receipt of $0 fty.
fi?"HiP money rauat nil befontot
ono timo for any of the club?, nnd
additioiiB ny\y bo rnado at club rates
BUdr Canada subscribers munt send
24 cents additional for every ?ub
acription to (he Lady's Ilook, and 12
cents for either of t he other magazine?,
lo pay the Amorican postage.
How to Rxmit. ? In remitting by '
Mail, a Post otfice order or a draft, on
Philadelphia or New York, payable1
lo the order of L. A. God?y, )H pref- j
erableto bank notes, aa, should Iho Or-'
der or Drafi bo lost or stolen, it can bo '
renewed without Ui to the sender.
If n Draft or'a Pc*t-offir? Onler can
uol bo procured, arjid L'uited StateB
or National Bank notes. Address
L. A. ClODKY ;
N'l!i'.1c<;r?eI s,I,h n"'1 ciiwtnut
f>ls.( L'luladclphta.
New Yom, Aug. 15th, 1867.
Allow tne lo call your attention to
component rarts are BUCHU Losa
Modk or Pkepabxtioh.? Booba in
vacuo, Juniper Berriea, by distillation
to form a fine gin. On be be extracted
by displacement by liquor obtained
from Juoiper Berriaa, containing itry
little sugar, a email portion of epirit,
and more palatable than any now in
u*e. The active properties are by
thia mode extracted.
Buobu, as ^prepared by Druggists
generally, is of e dark color. It ie a
plant that 6ait? ite fragrance ; the
action of a fitft.dfknn uii (i^ liy
ti v# priuaJple,) feaVjssrfcJlftJrk ?nd'A
glutinous dfca^VjtUM M toe color
of ingredient*. Thar Btfcba in at
preparation pradoprfnatWrJ th? a^Jal
lesi quantity of tbejofkerldgriedietrte
are added to preVort'. fet a?f)t*1ro4 ;
upon inspection, it?ill b# found not
to be a Tinuture, aJ innda in Pharma
copeia, nor ia it ? ay/ up ? and therefore
can be oaed in calia where fever or
inflammation aaifi. In thia you have
t -?b<j i car-edtcaf and
Hoping yon WilWavor it with a
trial, and that npOn inspection it will
meet with your approbation.
With a leeliog ofjcoiifidenre,
I am, verr respectfully,
H.T.;n?LMBO*I.D. '
Chemiat and Drnagist of 10 Yejra
Experience in Philadelphia,' and
now located at hi* Drag an^ Chem
ical Warehouse, 691 Bread* ny,
New York.
[From the largeat Manofottirring
Chemiat in ifae World.}
"I am arquninted with Mr. 1?. 7.
?teluibold;he occnpied the Drug Shore
opposite my residence, and wa? soc
ceaaful in conducting the bueineea
where others had not been equally eo
before bim. I have been favorably
impressed with Lis character aod en
Firm o( Powers & Weight man. Manu
facturing Chemists. Ninth & Brown
Streets, ' Philadelphia.
IIelmbold's Fluid Extract Bcmu
for weakness arising iromindiecrei ton.
Theexbausted powers ofNature which
are accompanied by eo many alarming
cymptomx, among which will l>e Ivuod
Indisposition lo Exertion, Low ol
Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Dis
ease. or Forebodings of Evil, in tact.
Univeratit Latitude, Proat ration,and
inability to enter iuto the enjoyments
of society.
The Const itution once n flee ted with
Organic Weakm**, requii en t he aid
i>; M?-d",:tie to atrei Rlli-u Mini invii;
nr.''!1 li-e >?-. ?lcm, which if ELM
ridbly ?!oep. Il no treatment, is sub
mitted. lo Consumption or Insanjtj
?iwm, '- * ?
II ei.m noi.u'n "F'Ltflb" Ex raAor Bocuu.
in affections peculiar to female?, ie tin
eq'i^led by any otber prepariil ion. a*
in I'hloio.iis.oiyRetpjitioii.Paiiiftihieiw,
or SupjireHaion of Customary K vama
t soiip, I IccriiUd or Schirrus ol tli?
Utei ils,.nnl iill eocrpl.iic.t r inrident lo
tl:? rex, whether arising from habit r
ol dissipation, imprihlen^b ia, or the
i decline or change of lile.
Il?:i.S2ui.r)':i Fi.cii* Errmrr Bicnr
an;- l::i ac>rr;i> Rose Wash will rad
ically extei initiate from l he system
diseases uri-siug from hnhiia ol dissi
pation, at liltie expenpe, little or no
change of diet, no it. convenience or
exposure : completely superseding
1 thobe unpltHMuil and dangerous rem
edies, Copaiva, and Mercury in all
tliepe disease*.
Use II elm noi.t> 3 Extract Bccurj
in all diseases of tbevi organs, whether
existing in ma. a or female, frotu what
ever cauae originating.and no matter
j of how long standing. It :e pleasant
I in taste and color, and immediate in
action, and more strengthening than
! any ol the preparations of Baikor
[ Iron.
Those suffering from broken-down!
or delicate constitutions, procure the
remedy at once.
The reader muat be aware that how
ever alight may bo the attack of the
above diseases, it is certain to nffcct
. t he bodily health and mental powers.
All the ahovo diseases require the
?id of a diuretic. IIELMBOLD'S
EXTRACT DUCHU is the great di
Sold by Druggists everywhere.?
Price $1 25 per bottle, or 0 battles for
$6 50. Delivered to any address.
^tepsran p t o ftp in nil comtannr*
caviura. * ?
Address* n. T. IIELMBOLD, Drug
and Oheminal Warehouse, 591 Broad
way, New York.
None are genuine tmle*a dono nn in
a Bleol engraved wrapper, with fac
simile of toy Chemical Warchoueo,
an.iaigned II. T. HELM BOLD.
n Temperance, Literary and Religious
Nownpaper for tho Family.
'?Tiik IIomr Viarroft" is the feitle [
of a new weekly paper devoted to the
support of Temperance Principle?,
Diiucalional, Literary nnd Social Cul
ture, nud Moral and Religious Truth,
published in Wheeling, w. Va., under
the editorial chargo of the Hev. Win.
II. Noiton, a literary nmn of the
higbeat ordnr of tulent , aad who will,
wo iirognosticate, make it ? welcome
weekly visitor.
Tkkms :
Oup copy, one year, in i\ Ivatu'f , $2.00
Cltibol id (extra copy togetter
uti of club 1.76
Club of 20 and ono copy to get
t tr-up of club 1.50
Address all aubacriptiona to
Wheeling, W. V*.. 1
' ^ tr Tat '? kT' ' 111
CmU Gifts to Ibf Amcoot of $250,000.
' Evert Tic**t D**ws a F*i*x.
i ? -Cash Gift", ?---Eeci jflgOOO
? 10 ' ? " " ? 6,000
20 " " 1,000
40 " " 600
200 - " 100
300 " " fiO
50 Elegant Rom wood Piscina
Each $300tn$7K>
75 Elecant Roeewood IJeJo
daons, ..Each $75 tp$lQ0
850 Sewing. Machines. CO Jo
600 Gold .Welches-, ?76 t* tOO/
?to.. ?Jl>?Ioed.il
Pns4 for S^tiU. Ticketed ??*
Prizes are wislcd is. esVcJ*
well mixed: On rmipt^f L cwtir;.
sealed ticket is drawn withotrtfeljdewt
and sent bj mail taanj add ret*, 1W *
Prise netaed upon/* " * "
to the tiok?i-no!d
Yoq kjil know
before jon pay for it. Ad y Ynto ex
changed Tor ?not ber oO Le tarns valnc
No bluuJrt. Our patrons can depend
on fair ilnliRjfi !*"? -/ ?
RefxrehcKS-t- We select the follow^
inp fiora many who bare lately drawn
: Tuln?l>le Prizes and kindly permitted
us to pnbti?h them; 8. T. Wilkin*,
i Buffalo, $5,000; Mie? Annie Monro*,
'Chicago, Fjano.$650 ; John D. Moore,
Louisville, $1,000; Mia Eratna Wal
worth, Milwaukee, Piano. $600; Rev*
E. A. Day, New Orleans, $500. W#
print no n?ae? wilbnnt permission
I Opinions or the Tarss: ? "The
i firm is reliable, and dereive their
>siic?*eee." ? Wet iff Tiibttne, Oct., 8.
?We know them to b? ? fair dealitit; .
:(irm." ? A*. 3'. llerafit. Obt.. 28. "A
: frientl olourt J re Wbf56& prise, which
vr.w promptly PeccireA.'" ? Duily
iVetck, Dec. 3.
Send for circular. JLiI>ers< rntfaco
toageola. Satisfaction guar
<nl eeil. Every package of aealed
envelope* contains one c*?h gift. Six
Ti.-ket- lor $1 ; 13 for $2; 35 for $5 ;
115tor$i5. Ail letters should be
173 Broadway N. Y.
Feb. 24. 18C9. ? Sm. '
a f Flie
GrrrrtFnirofThe.l rrtei-4ctiu Su*Ut+tto
In T>?uf V.?lr fY-t
Best Manufacturing
at taris rxrosmoy jcl-s. 1SG7.
yc:vy c-2 c too? ess'tz
' rr ittss over sf.ams all bight.
Ii will tuke
Fiuer than any Other Mm-hine.
It will new
Thnn any OlLor Machine.
It use/! any and every kind of thread'.
as well an unstarched
It Sew* the Moat Delicate, Tbio, Soft
Fabric, without drawing. It Sews
a Bias Seam na well aa any other.
A gait a Wanted. Liberal (lit count
r/iren. Empire Sewing MAcaisre
Company. 204 Bowery. New York.
Eveb* Machine Warrabtkd.
Feb 24. 18IJ9. ? Smoa.
elNGiK SNAPS. ? A Collection of
Ticcr Thmtrnd j&crntilfatioru of
Wit. Tbe material gathered and tbo
whole 13 a t c h Baked by JO COSEf.
This new book contains tbe mer
cicat thoughts of tha Merriest Men ?
abort, crispy, pungent ? all (elected
with care, so that they nsay bo read
by Man and Woman, Boy a and Girl*:,
at any time and plaro. It is a. boos
for Farmers at their Fireaides in Win
ter; for folkB at home; Travellers in
Oare and Steamboat# lUmblota aS tho
Seaside and in Iho Wood?, ?[ Take it
up at any time am) yoa- jajU, flad
something yoo baia n?v*r.<se?t* be
fore Ibat will a aha. j*"4- '
ii) ceni a; m ?iira. ?loth, ernbwsssd
and lettered, ret I edge $1 (a choioft
gift book). Which will you have?
end your money and you shajl b*y?
your "SNAPS." Sunt, post-paid, on
receipt of pries. Addreax tha Wall*
Litl Valley Timri, Montgomery, N. Y,
N. B. ? Editors publishing tha
above, inuludiog tbia paragraph, ono
wcet^. will rocoivo a oopy of "Ginnor
Snaps" free.
FglUE undersigned offers at Privato
??*S.?le fron
80to 300 Aores of I?am\
within 11 miles of Philippi.aod nbont
I utile from tbo proposed lino of tho
Greenbrier and Tygarta' Vallay Rail
road, Slid land will bo divided to
auit purchasers. Thero iron the lacd'
a f??oil hewtddog
* good Orohatxl of Apple and
abnndrtnoe of? atfier Fruit. ?
F?i\ further particulars and Uno?>
inquire of D. F. BYRER,
Philippi, Barbour Qo.? W, Va.
Maroh 24', 1QW,

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