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Martinsburg Journal
Weather Predictions
Generally fair tonight and warm- j;
er Saturday; unsettled probably/
local thunder ahowera.
, ----
,VOL. lo—NO. 35»
Says He Will Continue Saying
What He Thinks.
(By International liev.6
London, June 10.—Real Admiral
S. 81ms. U. S. Navy, tod a' v
i nally defied the American Nav> fn
partment to “muzzle” him. The
admiral, who had been called upon
hy Secretary of the Navy Denhy at
Washington explain his > nsatio-rial
“jackass” speech on Tuesday, made
another public address at a lun li
eon this afternoon at which lie an
nounced that, he intends to keep
on saying what he thinks Admiral
Sims was the guest of the Atner,
can Club. Wilson Cross win. n
troduceo the outspoken American
inaval officer, referred to him in
these words:
“Every honest thinking. 1: ie. t !!
blooded American will stand by
what Admiral Sims said on Tues
The cheers which gr- : d i’ e
Admiral last! i foi a minute and a
Should Be Discharged.
■Washington, Jam lo William
. Jennings Bryan declared to lav in
’ a message that Rear Admiral Sims
ahould have been discharged from
tho United States Navy for his in
temperate utterances. Telegraph
inf from his home in Miami, Fla..
Bryan said:
“I think Admiral sims should
lttv* been discharged from the
navy under the last (Wilson) ad
ministration when ho revealed con
fidential communications. The Re
■' publicans sustained h;m then and
they will now bate the responsi
bility of bd* latest utterances. Age
does not improve him. His
eretions Incvear'* ’ a Intolerance,”
Received Cablegram.
T.ond'.rn, Imi !■ n.ea:-Admiral
William S S - S Nat ■ |
admitted Ilir*r lip ]v*s re<,iv;d a ca
blegram from .. rotary of the
Navy !> W listen, dr
niaodlni i ex. ;:i "on of his sen
sational "j; neoeh in this
•if.y 'fi'io.l'v, \c’niiriil Sims told
the In!-' >o;il News Service he
had nothing to dd to his previous I
s a: mont in witieh be refused to
repudiate his ptih’ie utterances.
We o ,
’ as - m in ->n t
' Ur. ' in LoT’oti
Navy i' e!i s
plain hi’ no’
f ec b. it vf«
e id. No reply
e ! from Admiral
-v 1 tart of Pie
o t!i '' he ex
' • 'S j3i‘". 3‘tS''
v ■ 8/nr f ■ n'nrr.
m • rr> ~ a ^ ' y
L V .
, T T — * T r - J l *» -
\ j
\b.-ut f nr* ' i • cr. . era of fir
Mar n i' . 1 . 1 1 ard t
f re h v ■ - : / '."•■■■ •;.>• at thsi
■wee!;: !" ' in at 1 r >r'.;e!ev
Mr. Ward V r • n. c nten 1
*>nt of the i . v' a, with head
barters a; - •>. t' e e•
and he • ' ■ y nt s•• inpIy
l)a con • n lrtrtit
tl).e. f '' " -h :rst Ne' >
Ost.' the it
Mustrial f ti r ri 1 r. Nad
*nho jsch
hided and tli trf r ■ -
Joyed. Next. 'I", -1a.:, noon I'
P. District A"
(Mil tail; on ’ r; n." i •> ' Pre i
■ent TV. H. T pr th .• hetian
■oah Valley 1 1 r j
Will fop; r-n ‘ f 'iar rsburg
Weed - Most. financial
! Those men an ■: ■ -g men’s t-uits
( Ere simply wi • values I- what
j Ihe folks of '.la irg a"p -.a yd eg ’
os. they are priced at *15 ar l up
t lp 1 i THE HUB, Pells : C
Cool, clean and convenient.
Pofoitmc Light and Power 1
• 5 Ip tf
Bids will be recs :d for : . ■ erec
tion of a two story brick building
for use of Kyneal Iloee Co. No. I
»n W. Burke St., until June 16th.
1921. Plans and sp< Orations cal
be had by calling on 1 K i\->nt, Ar
rhitect. hl-'s ♦ ■ 1 , ‘ - ! •• ith the
Recorder .
tbove date.
noon of the
i lOt 1 n
Kirp Chief
Cool, clean and convenient.
Potomac Light and re'■ ■ Co.
S f> 1p tf
The following are the prevailing
trices being paid by Martlnsburg
He”.bants and elevators today.
Note:—The prices quoted below
br the local markets are the prices
i (ealers are offering at noon today.
i wheat
l Corn
^ Butte?
Eggs .
. $1.40
Hens .
Fpring Chickens
15c, 18c
22c, 25c
20c. 35c
Journal Route Book No. 4 King
rd Queen streets Route. Reward
returned to John Wagner, Car
Jter, 307 West Martin St., or the
lournal Office. 5 31 Ip tf
Monday. Thttfadov and Saturda>
Sight*, iblae'l true* l«*v*s Kate's
1 w'nier •* T.id 9. m. I 31 Ip if
new Fealty To Chief Of West Virginia's Improved Order Of
Red Men—Speeches And Musical Program And Refresh
ments Mark Big Event At Thornwood Hall.
fix hundred or more Red Mon
. ives, friends and members of thf
;) 'ureo of Pocahontas, took part in
th»> '‘booster" meeting bold Thurs
■t..y night at Thornwood Hall under
the auspices of Tuscarora Tribe, No.
imp. O. R. M. Preliminary plans
for the campaign to increase the
membership of the 1 ;il tribe from
its present number of 535 to 6"0 or
mare in eight wee'/ were launched
lid a reception tend red Mr. W. W
\ ’der. li e recently elected Great
client of the West Virginia Red
Ii n.
\n enthusiastic spirit pervaded
■ he meeting and • :e affair, which
as one of the largest attended ot
< 1 -nd ever h11 1 ere, was a sue
i • in every res ’ Stirring talks
ce made by Mr .1. R Poland.
■ 10 M.oke of the beautiful charac
• -r'otiis of Rcdmanshlp; the social
features as well as friendship, bro
il erly love and beneficial features.!
!tev. l)r. Fred R. Wagner, pastor ot
St. John's Lutheran church, made
ar abla and interesting talk on the
original American Indian, eraphasiz
ing his nobler traits amt the influ
ence of the modern prototype in
tiis vicinity. Mr. (l. T. Wilson, the
toastmaster, also spoke of matters1
connected with the ''booster'' meet
ing and the honor conferred upon
Martinsburg by the elevation of a
[own man to the high office of
Great Sachem.
ile introduced the Great Sachem
and Mr. Kiblor addressed the large
throng at some length, giving them
a heart to heart talk. The Great So
hem expressed himself as proud ol
'he be king given him by his fellow
■ . nibers of Tuscarora Tribe, and
felt assured they would eontinui
’ nal and a<t:ve in Ills administra
lion and aid him in his great desin
to in lease t :e membership of the'
order in the State and extend it
influence. lie promised the Red
Men of West Virginia his most
earnest efforts arid stated the
;.en the time came for him to lay
down the tomahawk of authority h
wished to do so with the feeltnc
that he had accomplished sonv
real good for the West Virginia
tribes and the Great Council. The
speaker paid an eloquent tribute to.
the work and assistin' e given th(
ribes and the Great Coum-d by the
aggressive women foil-:
res of Pocahontas .
• union to the district
Led Men to be held h
t which time delegates will be in
..ed from Washington and Freder
ii a counties. Md„ and Frederick
county, Va, and possibly a w ider
organization be effected bringing
the Red Men in this icction of the
I’l'pe States closer together.
During the evening musical num
hers we:o rendered. Mr. and Mrs
1M Reynolds sang a duet, and Mr,
Reynolds a solo, and several violin1
:itv' piano selections were played by'
Mr. Burrell Martin and his instrue
tor Mi.s Grace Swartz. The invoca
tion was pronounced by I >r. Wag
tier. When chief Haymaker El
liott announced th.it the Haymak
ers would hold a “farmers' festi
val" nu lire High School lawn June
IT and IS and Toastmaster Wilson
announced tnar the annual tnemor
ial sermon would lie delivered Sun
day morning at' 11 o'clock in First
Methodist ehurc'n by Rev. Frank
steelman. 111 the afternoon graves
of departed brethren in Given Hill
emetery will be decorated and thi i
ftegree of Pocahontas w-11 exempli
fy some of their work.
At the conclusion of tin program
Captain E. X Rep.tch and his as
sistant.- quickly and deftly served
the audience with refreshments,
i Caj ;ain Rentch has his assistants
well trained and they proceeded
with military pre. ..-.ion while Mas
. ter Brown played the idano.
Great Sachem Kibier's campaign
committf -. which will have charge
of the "booster" campaign is com
posed of C M. Kastle. ,T. IT. Griffith,
O. S. Licklider. Emory Brandenburg.
D. w. Klliot:. J. r Simpeion and n.
I T. Wilson.
I Hc*=e Co. No. .Vs drum corps in
full uniform marched at the head
, of the great column of Red Men
i Pocahontas and guests 35 jt wend*
, ed its way from Rpd Men's w igwam
| to the banquet hall shortly after 8
1 o'clock.
•0 De
I at
on of
une 23
Sup; K. M. Place, who was in
town today, announced that the
Sunday school of Pairview church
would present an attractive pro
£tsm for c hildren's Oav exercises
at that, place Fundav af'^monn at
2.30 o'clock.
SQUARE dance at
Saturday night, June llth. Mil
burr's truck leaves square at «.30
and 7.30. Tome and have a good
time. Ip it pd
Cool, clean and convenient,
j Potomac Light and Power i
8 IS lp tf
Wilt ship stock from Bunker llill
Sat. June llth. P,edington June ISt'i.
Latter place call John Kendie. Both
<1-8 lp 3t L. C Hoffman.
t'ool, cl^an and convenient.
Pntomic Light and Pnwr Co.
tt lf H
Assaulted In Presence Of Her
Aberdeen. Md.. June 10. - Mrs |
Gillian Singleton). 22 years old.
who lives on the farm of Howard
Mitchell. near here, was brutally
beaten and criminally assaulted by j
a negro in her own home shortlyi
after 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. !
while her three small children (the j
oldest 4 years old) watched.
Early last night a negro man who
gave his name as George Neal, of
Macon. Ga., was arrested on the
railroad tracks near here. He was
; carrying a club, on which w ere red
stains, and he was wearing a
sweater, on which also were red
stains. He explained that they j
were strawberry stains. An analy- •
sis is being made of the stains to
determine whether they were made
by strawberries or blood.
Neal was taken before Mrs. Sin
gleton, who Identified the club as
the one with which she was beaten
before being criminally assaulted.
She said that the negro resembled,
in a general way, the man who as
saulted her, hut she failed to Iden
tify him positively, because he did
not wear the green coat worn by
her assailant. The children were
too small to identify him.
Word was received today from
Washington that a former well
known and popular townsman, Mr.
("Red") Ashcom, will paBS through
Martinshurg this evening In com
pany with a narty of Myslic Sbrin
ers. They will ho on a special train
carrying Almas Sample, of Wash
ington. to Mir lirp.'rirl Council of
the Mystic Shrine, which is to meet
at Dos Moines, Iowa. Mr. Ashcom
is a prominent Rlirinor and it is
very likely that a number of his
friends will be at the Raltimore and
Ohio station to greet him. The train
is expected through here about 6
(Bv International News Service.)
n. June 1" The past week's
casualties among British soldiers!
and police, In Ireland, were the
heaviest since 1916. according to of-,
filial figures given out at Imltlin
castle. Twenty-four members of the
crown forces were killed and 1"
v in led.
County Agent Degen and Secre ;
tary of the Chamber of Commerce.
W. It. Pfau. last night attended thc
monthly meeting of the Falling Wa
tors Farmer's Club, both of them1
making brief addresses.
Barouette Satin Sport Skirts, spe '
eial at $9.75: Organdie, Dotted
Swi-s and Gingham dns-ses most
reasonably priced. Full fashioned
pure thread silk onyx lioce, in black
only. $1.98 the pair.
It lp 147 N, Queen Street.
$10.00 Boys pults .
$5.50 Bathing suits .
$1.(0 Mens Khaki shirts
$1.50 Men's Khaki pants
$1.u0 Boys Blouses .
Real harp tins on shoes.
Ip It THK HUB "Sells it
.... $6.70
.59c |
.98c j
. 60c
Cheaper' j
| Granulate'! Sugar, per lb. ,’c
Large can sliced Pineapple.. 29c
I Large ran California Bartlett
Pears . 29c
Pure Country Lard, per lb... Me
Lux. pi r box .i Oc
Lima Beans, good cookers, lb. . luc
3 cakes Octagon, P. & G. or Fells
Naptha Soap for.. . .20c
Post Toasti'-s or Kellogg's Corn
; Flakes, per pkc.10c
| Large r.ew Potatoes, per lb. r>c
Few Cabbage per lb.5c
flood one Brooms for .39c
Plenty String Beans, peas, Toma
toes. Pineapples and Can'a loupes at
' prices you can afford to pay.
Try Minor’s famous blend of “of
“An Evening of Laughter" will
be presented bv the Hicli School
Alumni in the High School Audi
torium on Wednesday evening, .lime
pith. Admission 35c. It *■ a perfect
cream. 6 lb 4ts lp
All ‘hicmb'-rs of Golden P.ple Chap
ter No. *59 are requested to be pres
ent Friday nigh* .Tune in at 8 p.
m Business of importance
fi 9 2t Ip SECRETARY.
i nol, clean anA convenient
Potomac Eight and Power Cfi
1 A s ip If
Great Britain Is Also Drawn
Into Conflict.
(By International New* Service.)
I .ondoti, Juno 10.—Greece lias
[ bogflw naval operation* against the
1 Turkish nationalists, act rding to
.in Exchange Telegraph dispatch
from Athens today. \ Greek -war
fleet in the Black Sc* bombarded
Horaklos. News of the s. a attack
! caused great excitement ;n Gon
i stantlnople. Athens dispatches indi
cate that a new land offensive ava
inst the Turkish national;sts will be
I opened next week.
According to the Daily Express
war between Great Brita • and IM< 1
Turkish nationalists will pc openek
| next week.
According to the Dailv Kxpress
I war between Great Britain and the
! Turkish nationalists is imminent.
: Tills newspaper states that Premier
Lloyd George has been r inferring
with his ministers at Chequers dur
ing the week on the Near Kastern
situation and that the otla ial view
is now held that nationalist Tur
key may have to ho blockaded a;
' Germany was blockaded during the
war. The Dally Express also print;
a report that British firms will sup
[ lily the Greek* with arms and ammu
nition to carry on their war against
j the Turkish nationalists. The Dailv
Nows declares that the public Is op
posed to Britain going to war In the
Near East.
24o Lost In Explosion
IxMidon, June 10.—Two hundred
and forty lives are reported to
have been lost In the destruction of
the passenger liner Bouboulina by
a mins, said a dispatch f , Ath
ens today. The Bouboi was
bound from Smyrna, on l ' nutol
ian (Turkish) coast, xvii-m sh<
struck the mine. According to one
report received at Athena the ship
foundered so quickly that only two
persons were saved.
(The dlepatches did not state the
exact, location of the disaster but it
is believed to have occurred in * hr
archipelago, between the Turkish
and Greek coasts.)
Turk* To Meet Creek
Constantinople, June 10.—A Turk
Ish nationalist, army of 100.000 men
has been organized to meet the
Greek offensive on the Anatallon
front, according to a dispatch from
\ntora today quoting Mngtnph Fevzl
the Turklnsth nationalist gra .d
I vizor.
British subjects are being arrest
od by the Turkish nationalists at
Antors today quoting Muetapha Fevzl
A British floet has arrived In
Turkish waters from Malta.
Turkish nationalist newspapers
at Antora are conducting an anti
British campaign, printing reports
that Groat Britain Is tottering on
the verge of a revolution.
Rev. Jacobs And Mr. J. R. Po
land Deliver Addresses.
Gorrardstown, June 10. The Com
munlty League of this town held a
j very Important mooting Tuesday'
i right In the town hall, which was
, largely attended and showed that i
■ he people are in’erested In mak
ing the commonitv better.
Following the us:ial opening ex
1 erclse*-, Mr. Parsons ColHs sang
where the "River Shannon Flows",
' which was followed by a talk hv j
Mr. B. Gold Miller on "the church ,
the school and the roads," and hy
! request or the chairman introduced
• the speakers of the evening.
The first speaker was the Rev. J
R. Jacobs, of Mart - sburg, who used
las a subject "Goa deration." As an
j illustration he im.k the life of Paul
■ and his love for humanity, and th»
: battle of New M-rkef. which was
won by a com' t v of boys from
the V. M. T hecatif of their organ
ization, discipline end co-operation.
These were on!;, "to of the splen
did illustrations ie used.
Mr. J. R, Pol of Martlns
, burg, was Intro! Kr-d and he spoke
i along the sever.' ft of < ommun
, ify work, using tor ' -■.ibfect j
'"Good Citizens" •• d ' iris ’
; toeracy" of se-vlcc to our r "low
j men.
I Albert Hixott, 62 years old, of Ha-,
gerstown, is a- death as the re
' suit of serious ;riex suffered in j
a fall from a la :er at his home
His injuries con1- of a fracture at j
the base of his fracture of th< :
left jaw, a slit •••r.gue. burst ear
drum and man:- ruises and abra
sions over bis t ly.
The first Stab- wide hunting li
| cense to a non i - dent was issued
I by County < lork tl H. Martin to
I K. Beverety, t- of Winchester.
Palm Beach H Zephvi w -In
< aps, Duck Treuser- Bathing Suits,
Bathing Shoe- ’ Shirts. Wash
Ties. It 1 p
I Hood 60c broom- Saturday. . ::0c
it lp
Rond ««c brooms 3V at Miner's
Saturday Roth King and Qu»pn
, Street «tor^|. It lp
Offer Revealed By W. D. Vanderlip, Who Visited Russia, And
The Agreement Is In The Hands Of Senator Lodge—
Japan, As Usual, Becomes Very Much Excited.
Trinity M. E. And Pitzer’s
Children's Day services at Triu
ity M. E. Church. South, Juno 12th,J
at 10.30:
Opening song by the elioir and j
Prayer by the Pastor.
Song hy the choir.
Recitation. "A Snappy Salute," ]
Lloyd Poland.
Recitation, “I'll Tell You Some- j
thing,” Mary Pago Chambers.
Recitation. “The Dewdrop's Mrs-!
sage,” Nancy Keefe.
Little folk’s song, "Wo Are Little
Musical recitation, "Come I'nto
Me.” Esther Shaffor.
Recitation. “Tit for Tat,” Edna j
Lut troll
Song by school.
In Sod We Trust, Bible exorcise
from Psalms by Junior boys and
Recitation. “On Children’s Hay,"
Buxton Martin.
Exercise, “Four Loaf Clovers,
Anna Poland, Anna Jane Peery,
Elizabeth Hill, Florence Thompson.
Song. "What the Flowers Say,"
Junior girls
Exercise, “Tiny Little Rosebuds"
Ella Fay Chambers, Viola Fine,
Sarah Miller, Anna Leo Hammond
Recitation, "A Puzzler,” C.ranvillo j
I.ut troll.
Recitation, “The Sunflower and
iho Daisy,” Helen Duke.
Recitation, "Hive With Cheerful
Heart.” Allen Istvi.
Closing sons by school.
The program will be in charge of |
the Young People's Department,
Mina l^ee Pownnll, superintendent.
At Pitrer's Chapel.
The Sunday School nt. Pltzer’s
Chapel will hold their annual Chil
dren’s Day service Sunday morning,
June 12th, beginning at 10.,'iO
o’clock. The following program will
ho rendered’
Song, "Golden Summer Days"
Responsive reading.
Song, “Praise the King."
Recitation, "Welcome," Mildred
Kxercise, "Little Speeches by Lit-;
tie Folks.” j
Song, "Coming With (Had Songa.” |
Exercise, "Welcome.”
Recitation, Ruth (l*eenfield
Song, "Kill the World With Sing
Recitation, "Four Leaf Clover,”
Woodrow Miller.
Kxercise, "The Sweetest Word Is j
Recitation, Ollie Greenfield.
Song, “Sweet Flowers Are Bloom j
Recitation, Vernte Light.
; Kxercise, "A Mighty Army”
Song, “With Willing Hearts and i
I True.”
Kxercise, “This Ts Children’s j
Song by Primary Class, "You
| He a Gleam of Sunshine.”
Recitation, Mabel Lewis
Kxercise and song, "My Favorite !
| Flower.”
Recitation, ' Grandma's Children's I
I Day,” Helen Kvans.
Song, “f-od Is Good ”
Rainbow drill.
Song. “Barth Ts Filled With
I Beauty.”
Recitation, Minnie Barbour
Pantomime ."Roek of Age^
Address by Pastor,
r i -t. Ivy and Fannie Lev. is
i losing song. "TTnder the Banner
Bright and Glorious"
./ international News Service.)
London, June 10.—The Swedish
1 police have discovered a commun
' !„ [Jot aimed at simultaneous rev-;
olut.ior.s In Sweden, Norway and
(•’inland, according to a Centra!
Wws dispatch from Stockholm to
i dav K - e former members of th(
i Fbinia red guard have been arrest
| oil, the d:ei»aich added Document!
i were reported to have been seized
in Stockholm showing that lnf| fr,r
I ohm bolsheviks ‘have arrived In
! Sweden. The foreign red ag :'tor?
\ ,-ire being arrested and expel!■ 1 as
fast as the Swedish policcnic' can
I run them down, according a
Cei.' ' 1 News telegram
Ai; member* of Tuacarvi
No. v". are requested to m •' at ■
the wigwam Sunday morning line
121li al in o'clock to attend
| worship n : memorial ser. at
the First M. >■ Church to be a'dr
ed by tiie lte\. Steelman .tig
white glo.'-s
Toll are - 'quested lo ineei a'
he wig worn a' - o'clock tie t-uun
. fternoon to march in body to the
' cemetary and decorate the graver
; of our deceased brothers. We wil
i be accompanied by the Daughters
ef Pocahontas who will drape the
| charter in the cemetery Wear .
• n-http gloves,
( 6 id 7t ip Meraoml ComnjlH*e
(By International Newi Service.)
Tho announcement that soviet
Russia hue offoreil the United
Stines two naval bases cn the
Pacific—one on tho Kamchatka
coast and the other near Vlad
ivostok -comes nl a time when
the Japanese troops in Siberia
are reported to bo extending
their area of occupation. The
Japanese are supporting the
coalition (anti-bolshevik)
government at Vladivostok, and
tho Japanese commander waa
quoted as saying that, in view
of conditions. It would be nec
essary for tho Japanese to oc
cupy towns of strategic Impor
tance. Avatcha Pay <s a little
nioro than 1,000 tnllos north of
Yeso, the northernmost Island
of tho Japanese empire. It lies
at the extreme part of tho North
Pacific, near Iho Juncture of (ho
Pacific ocean and tho Rohritig
sea. Vladivostok is about 480
miles west of Japan. It. lies
between Amur and Golden hays
of tho Japan soa, a branch of
the Pacific. It is tho most Im
portant city on; tho Siberian
mast from n. commercial stand
Mean* Pacific Control.
London, Juno 10.~Two naval
bason on the Siberian coast, which,
ft Is declared, would Rive tho Unit
ed t States control of the Pacific,
have been offered in perpetuity to
Amerlcn by the Moscow soviet, on
condition that tho United States
opens full commercial relations with
soviet Russia. This important, of
fer was revealed today by Wash
ington n. Vanderlip, of T,os Att
jreles, Cal., head of tho American
syndicate which has secured rich
commercial concessions in Russia.
Air Vnnderllp has just returned
from Russia where tho tliinl negotia
tions were concluded. Tho agree
ment between Mr. Vanderllp and the
Moscow Roverameut In which the
soviet offers the two naval bases
to America, Is already In tho bands
of Senator Lodge at Washington.
One of tlie harbors is at Avatcha
bay, on tho soutlioasten coast of
Kamchatka. The other is near Vlad
ivostok. Mr. Vandorlip pointed out
Ih,at a powerful airplane base could
ho constructed at a southern port
(near Vladivostok) which is only
about three hours from tho Japan
ese coast by air.
Report Confirmed.
Washington, June 10.—Confirms-1
tlon that soviet Russia has offered
tho United States perpetuity in two
I Siberian naval bases in exchange
j for a resumption of commercial re
j lat.lons was obtained hero today.
| 'i'ho proposition, II was learned, was
not transmitted to tho American
government In a formal or official
wav by the Moscow govornmet|t, but
! was plnced before American otfl
< inis by an ‘‘unofficial spokesman.”
for Premier Lenino.
■ State Retail Merchants Assn.
Elects Ofticers.
Wheeling, Juno U. Following the |
| ‘ lection of officers for the coming
I yea rand the banquet, held at. the
1 country club, tho annual meeting of
i the West Virginia Itolail Dry flood*
Merchants' Association closed here
tonight. The newly enacted gross
sulot tax law for West Virginia was
discussed and the matter referred
i to the hoard of directors.
Tho newly elected officers are.
N. Anderson, of Hun Ijngton,
president; (Jenrge I. Coyle, Charles
ton, secretary t reasnrer; vice pres
idents, Alh-n It. Mmmert, Martins
Di) r jr : I. I* Senders, Clarksburg;
George F Bradshaw, Huntington;
II t Hudedri, Princeton; R D.
Walker, t’harleston.
The board of directors is com
posed of .1. It. Rowland, Fairmont ,
\V. F Itownd Wheeling; Georg. M
Snook, Wheeling; Allen If Fmmert,
Martlnsburg; .1 A. Hnzelton, Flic
ins; I- P Souders, Clarksburg; C.
V Anderson, Huntington; It H.
I lit Parkersburg; Georg' D. Brad
shaw. Huntington: 1! C Hadden,
Princeton; It I, Walker. Charles |
ton; G. I, Coyle Charleston; K.
•t Payne, Ber.klev
People from the county this mor
nine: reported Inclinations of short
raspberry ml blackberry erops this
year. The raspberry bloom appear
cel proper'v although ill limited
form but :l was said that ttie IiIokmi
was not growing into fruit and tlm
crop, consequently. would
•horl. Illackberry bloom is
ng in a limited degree but t!
in Is expected to tie silOl't. filth"
ted so short as the I'liipln-iri ve|it.|
\ charter has b•'■ ■’ • • •■■! at,
11 untlngton for the titution of a I
local temple of t , Dramatic O'der
of Knights of Kl • issan, tile hish ;
est degree of Pythianism, and a larg]
number of Pythlans - ' the ritv and
r«»rhy trrriior' air tak ing' mem
herehip The charter closed tVed
itesday ni?ht. i
Says He Was Stabbed By
Spanish Spiritualist.
(By International Newa Service.)
Now York. Juno 10.—Breaking
under a grilling examination of at
I moat 12 hour*. Mrs. Kvft Catherine
J Knber, now on her way with her
I lit.yoar-old daughter, Marlon Me
j Ardle, to Cleveland, told the New
York pollen horn today that (loneral
Haber, her wealthy husband, was
stabbed to death by Spanish aplr
Dualist working In her employ. "I
naked a Spanish spiritualist ahd his
wife to go to my husband and
through tho aid of the spirits sst
him to etop treating mo ao Inhum
ancly. My husband dhl not believe
Iti spirits and a quarrel followed,
during which ho was stabbed,” ah*
Is quoted as having said.
Leave For Cleveland
Now York, Juno 10.—iMrs Kve
Catherine Knber and her 19-year
old (laughter, Marlon llcArdle. who
are charged with complicity in (he
murder of Mrs. Knher's second
husband, llnniHl K. Kaber, n wealthy
publisher, at I.akowoid, n suburb If
Cleveland, O., loft for Cleveland this
morning In tho custody of Police
Chief Christensen, of l,ukewood,
and Mrs. Ohrlstonon. Tho party de
parted oil the New York Central st
9.45 and to due to arrive at. Cleve
land at 10 o’clock tonight
Fifth Suepect Arrested
Cleveland, O., June 10.—-A fifth
woman suspect, named In the state
ment made by Mrs. Catherine K*
her In New York, was arrested in
her borne In Cleveland this morn
ing. This Is the woman who Is sold
to have been named as one whr.
aided Mrs. Kaber In tho doath plot
Prosecutor Stanton announced
that she would ho held In solitary
confinement pending the arrival •<
Mrs. Kaber and her daughter, „
-—. si--"
Wedding Of Wide Social In*
terest In Berkeley Springs,
A wedding of wide eoclal Interest
was solemnised nt Berkeley Springs,
W. Vn., on Wednesday nt high noon
when Mrs. Richard F. Johnson, dail
ghfor of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew II. M.
Saltonstall, became (tho bride of
Arthur Johnson Grymes, of Fast
Orange, N. J., at one of (he pret
tiest June ceremonies of the year.
The bride was formerly Miss
j Murlal Saltonstnll, la well known In
this city where she has many
The Ut. Rev. W. 1,. Gravatt, Biahi
op of West Virginia, performed the
ceremony In St. Mark’s Eplsoo-pal
Church, which was effectively deco
rated with white rododendrons In
full bloom, pink rosos, ferns and
| blue delpfhltiuui. Tile bride wore s
| -own of white canton crepe and
carried while roses and lllllos of
io valley. Oliver Gryrnee, brother
of tho groom, was best man, and O
II. W. Hunter and Clarence T»ane, of
Hagerstown; Olaronco Hunter, of
Washington. Pa., and Perrin F.
.thaw, or Charlottesville, Va , were
- ushers.
Following the ceremony 'Mr. and ■
Mrs. Saltonstall entertained st. a
wedding breakfast at. their home,
which was decorated with blue lark
spur, the bridal table being arits
icaiiy arranged with yellow roses
\ and lavender larkspur.
Mr. and Mrs. Grymes left, after
i the ceremony on a motor trip thru
| the New England States.
The out-of-town guests Included:
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Hunter, Miss
Anne Harbor Bruin, <’ol. and Mrs.
William P. I<ann, Miss Virginia
Lone, Clarence Rune, Miss Marie
| Slnuson, of Washington; Mason
Grymes, Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Hrs
j loff, Mr. and Mre. George Bond,
William Ashley, Randolph Johnsoh
| of Bast Orange, N. J.; Mr. and
I Mrs. John P. Casper and Beverly
| Randolph, Hancock; Miss Emma Ca
j soy. Mrs Mary Page Hatty, Capt
I Edward IT. Cobill, Washington; Miss
Bessie Crawford. Baltimore; JYr
I and Mrs Douglas Macon, Mis* So
' rdiie Macon, Perin Shaw, Jr., Char
l"fte- ; Miss Colston and Miss
’ ; ■w:n<-h-st,.|, Miss Wutt*
■■■'•<hanhsburg; Mis. C. S. Hunter.
Miss Catherine Hunter, Harrison
Hunter and Clarence Hunter, Wash
! ngton. Pa.; Miss Marv Culbertson,
; I.'-wlston; Mrs. John il. Poll, Mrs
S B Camble, this city; Mr. and
. Mrs. Edmund Hunter Riddle, David
H, Riddle, Miss Elisabeth Biddle,
Mr. and Mrs Robert Riddle, Chain
, bershurg, and Miss Bell Crons, Blue
j Ridge Summit.
'By International News 8ervlce.)
i .Miiiijlon, June in. \npolut
"■ Major Roy < Haynes, ol
■ iioro. o , as prohibition com
;n ■< - inner to succeed John Kramer,
i" . '"■ill. commissioner, was an
i on tic ■ -ij at the white house today
Mr. Haynes Is a newspaper editor,
id had the strong endorsement of
ue Anti-Saloon Hearue and Senator
Frank WilliB, of Ohio. For some
'ime Haynes served as head of the
Miami Military Institution at Oer
mantowD, O . where he seined the
ti'ie of major
M*«e Beulah Sampeem, nf (*»Jtl
more retime* i«day aft*'
'or sister. Mr* *«*
ne« njeca.

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