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Martinsburg i«cnv"!S Journal
I’hc People’s Paper
Entered nt the 1'otd Office at M artinsburg as second 'Icbs mall.
MAX von SCr.LEGELL, Editor ana Publisher.
The Journal Is a member ct:
American Newspaper Publishers Association.
Audit Bureau o' Circulations. Jup iu of Advertising.
I ubllshed every eveniu except buuil.iy by the Evening Jourua. Publishing
Co.. Jrttrna. BldC- 205 Wert King fc>\, Martlnsburg, W. Va.
li - intimated from late li < that W than 11 per cent of the
mts of the United .St ■ on farms Tin movement to the
es Instead of to the farms v. ird'd by both farmers and economists
a ■.]• >■ of pressing dangi to the prosperity of the nation. Scores o
Visrvi - ar ■ adduced to ac. aunt for the movement, Houston Thompson,
hairmiia of the Federal Trade Commission, nttriin.' s it in large part to
■ sum lost by Members of farm communities in unsafe and
ti i.idnlent investment.
"Saving anil investment." says Mr. Thompson, "are commended to
.di who iau earn a living and save a small proportion against a rainy
nay. Vet investigation has ■•Cuidished that a larger cint i.-f the sav
ings of rural communities throughout the United States are Invested In
fraudulent enc rp . es and wild car -rhemes which lure the uniformed
investor by promises of large and o ; I; returns.
"An alarming consequence of a • shunt . n g ows out of its tendency
to retard the back-to-the-farm movement and to obstruct the transition
from farm tenantcy to farm ownership.
‘‘Savings which would In due course of time make an independent
farmer out of a farmhand or tenant are thus wiped out as by a blight.
With one blow the results of thrift .. I the goal of hope and ambition are
Mr. Thompson point out the difficulty in apprehending fraudulent
promoters and declares that the old common 1 a ruling "let the buyer
beware” cannot he applied effectively to check these frauds.
An Immediate defense against investment Io . \ists for every Ameri
can citizen whether he be a city dweller or a farmer, through the pur
chase of government Savings Securities. Those issues will not only pro
tect the saver against loss but will hold his money ready for use at need
and pay a regular and satisfactory profit. When Uncle Sam is the seller,
the buyer need not beware of fraud or failure to pay.
The question of a credit arrangement for fanners whereby they will
be able to market their products over a period longer than that to which
they aro customarily restricted by reason or their need of money is being
generally discussed now. It will be recaled that the Honorable A. r
Hever. president of the Farm ixian Board, discussed the subject at tlio ■
farmer's picnic here on dune 2d, proposing a system of "commodity
bonds" based on warehouse receipts. This particular plan js coming in
for Its share of discussion, of which the following editorial from the
Morgantown Post is a sample:
Secretaries Hoover and Wallace, of the federal departments of com
merce and agriculture, have tentativly devised a plan for the assistance
of the farmers of the I'nitcd States that promises far more beneficial re
sults than any <-f the restrictive measures advocated in congr-' o by what
has come to be hn > vn as "the new agrarianism."
Briefly, the plan is designed to enable the farmer to store his grain
and receive a warehouse certificate that would pass an order to deliver
it and as the ba-s of a loan. ri h - trouble with the average farmer is
that he is forced to s- !1 h:s r:am at times of cv ossive supply, high
money rates and c-::f ided credits lie cannot choose ids market condi
t lens. He lacks storage facilities
A or the l1, 'v.tr plan many farmers would refrain from selling their
• t At tba period of maximum -apply and wait weeks or months, if
f u■ y. t'of better ;,ri cs. In regard to hank credit the farm, r with a
would he i 1. • ■ d in the ante pos. . ui as the grain
k '. ■ cr ■ lit area would be t xtended to indiule him,
11 re a vi. ': illy unlimited tiekl for co-operation among the agrl
fi'-.'t'c.! e: air: lions. 1 - re is no opposition to the development of co
• "lv-- ar-n es among farmers t.r to their competition with the boards
ot trade. The opposition is to interfer nee with legitimate private en
terprise. to schemes of regulation anil special treatment that remind the
nation unpleasantly of flat nu nc. and other heresies of the old agrarian
ism Whatever can be done for the farmer either at homo or abroad in
the way of removing ham, a; : and increasing lis proper opportunities
should be done by state and federal governments. But the Initiative and
tks stimulus toward greater co-operation and more businesslike methods
Bust come from the farmers themselves.
In The Past
(Taken from the K Ilea of Ti e
Mr?. Sallie Thompson, aged 67,
flies of paralysis.
First contingent of Y. M. C A.
workers leave for camp at Wever
ton, Mil.
Two extra coaches required to
« a; ry excursionists to Washington
: nd Baltimore.
Good Road- Association formed
ith Wade r. Kilmer as president
Republicans nominate .Justice
Charles K. Hughes for president at
Chicago convention.
Alumni banquet winds up com
moncement week exercises at the
High School.
Mrs. Sallie Frye, Steelton, Pa.,
formerly of this city, dies follow
ing an operation for goitre in a
local hospital.
State officials here to Install uni
form system of bookkeeping for the
Pair of Sixes," by High School
■ iors, delights large crowd.
»a»n——— i ■ —■
We predict that the concerts at
Rosemont Park, to be given by Com
rev's Hand regularly, will prove pop
ular. The purpose is io make them
sacred, and the nearer the nuinage
1 ment approximates that purpose tlie
more generally satisfactory will
he;, become, and the less general
objection on principle will be made
The spirit of the hand Is generous;
wo can understand that it is not al
ways entirely convenient for the
men to give the major part of the
afternoon to this work but the pub
lic enjoys it and it can be made a
genuine asset to the community.
We w uld venture the prediction
that the public will give a cordial
up port as long as the concerts con
tinue; and that being so, the more
wholeheartedly the band member
hip participates in the concerts the
more successful will the program
he. We understand that I lie band is
paid a nominal sum by the park
management, and that the money
will go to a fund for buying uni
forms and equipment for the band
as a whole; the services of the men
are. therefore, contributed in so far
as pay is concerned, which makes
the performance all the finer.
The Council last night made pro
vi.-ion for two large additional
storm sewers in the northwestern
section of the city to solve the prob
( lem of surface water floods, the
certainty of witicii was demonstrat
ed in the recent heavy rains. The
Council conceded that the sewers
( would relieve the pressure in that
section and that temporarily the
j difficulty over a much wider area
would he lessened; but at the same
time it recognized the necessity of a
t much larger sower servico within a
short time. The temporary relief
taxpayers will hope, that the City
is well taken; and we hope, as ail
will proceed without delay to lay
plans for a comprehensive service
to he laid before any further paving
I contracts are let—and will make
I the lines big enough to take care of
all emergencies. We hope they will
not allow themselves to be fooled by
thinking that a smaller pipe, with
somewhat smaller expense, laid now
will prove wise when they come to
dig up a street later and lay a larg-'
er pipe. That is poor economy.
Pity planning in an adequate man
j ner is the great need now; the
plans must he laid for the future
and not for the present, and they
; must be comprehensive.
Postmaster Thompson has had
placed outside the King street en
trance one of the larger mail boxes
for use at night, designed to solve
the problem of Inadequate room for
late mailing. Of course it is an im
provement; but we hope, as will a!'
whose business is closely tied up
with the movement of mail matter,
the time is not far distant when I ho
office will he. thrown open for use
of boxes rather tiian the curfew
hour of 9 o’clock A midnight limit
would help mate: i 1 ly.
E. D. Turner.
She was a modest college lass,
With study sore perplexed.
"Exams” galore she then did pas.;,
“A. B.” degree annexed.
Now for “M. A.” she !1 strive with
Distractions wisely ban,—
But think and toil much harder
To get her M-A-N.
(From the Clarksburg Exponent.)
Ju<lge Edwin V. Webb, .Jr., open
ed the June term of the United
States district court for the south
ern district of West Virginia at
Charleston on Tuesday. The judge
comes from North Carolina, and
holds decided views on the liquor
question, as the grand jury learn
ed when he addressed it. He made
' pointed remarks on several sub
jects, but none more pointed than
when lie referred to the liquor traf
fic. on which he spoke at consider
able length. The Charleston Daily
Mail quotes him as saying that "for
seventy-five years liquor has flow
ed freely in the United States and
fully ninety per cent of the crim
inal business of the courts was can -
ed by liquor. He said it was ntv
woncler that the prohibition laws
bad been enacted, the only wonder
’ being that, the business had been
tolerated as long as it was. He
said West Virginia was one of the
pioneers in the prohibition light and
had taken an active part in shut
ting liquor out of the country.
! "As you drive liquor out of the
! state ft begins to fmprov said
Judge Webb, and he said that lmy
j ing a home is the first thing a nan
begins to think about when !■*
' stops drinking liquor. There are
homes for the world in the United
i States, he continued, saying it could
provide a lot fifty by one hundred
j and fifty for every human being in
the world.
i "Prohibition has come to stay, as
serted Judge Webb, who made the
further assertion that liquor is not
good for anything in the world, and
that the American Medical Society
disapproves its use and discredits
its usefulness as medicine."
It isn’t often that- we hear a
i judge talking that way to a grand
I jury, but there isn't any reason why
; every judge should not say in the
: main just what Judge Webb said,
1 for subtracting slightly from one
or two possibly overwrought state -
| ments, he spoke nothing but the
truth and what every sensible and
' thinking man knows to be truth.
Liquor in the main is nothing but
a curse and the world has very
little actual use for it. It has been
the world’s greatest crime insti
gator, it has filled the jails and
almshouse, has multiplied poverty
and increased the burden of hu
man sorrow and suffering immense
ly. and the marvel is, just as Judgff
Webb eays, that "it has been tol
erated so long."
But liquor, like war. had been ac
cepted so long as a thing that could
not be suppressed, that it was hard
to make headway against it, but fi
nally a start was gained, and r.ow
it is going, but it is not all gone
yet. There i3 still a lot of it left
in the United States and it is still
packing courts with criminal busi
ness, because under the law the
makers and vendors are now crim
inals and the courts have to punish
them, but. it is going just the same,
for, as Judge Webb said, prohibi
tion has cmne to stay, and, as sure
as it stays rum has got to go. It
may take time to oust it, but it will
lie ousted just the same.
And bow much better it will be
for the nation when it is gone. Then
nobody will miss it and everybody
will wonder why it stayed so long
and how millions of people could
have been so foolish as to "put an
enemy In their mouths to steal away
their brains.”
(From the Wheeling Intelligence".)
Greater strictness in licensing slot
machines is indicated hy the in
structions given hy the state lax
commissioner's oflice. The law per
mits the licensing only of those ma
chines which give a definite quantity
of a certain article for the money
deposited. They are classed as
, "vending machines," and there is a
radical difference between them and
the contrivances properly designat
ed as “slot machines." The latter
aie nothing more nor less than
gambling devices in which the play
i < rs are certain to lose.
Apparently through laxness on the
part of local officials. Wheeling had
up until a few day3 ago a large
number of these devices into which
the unwary fed their nickels and
occasionally received in return
chocks good for a certain amount
of merchandise. One player, i*
I lnckv, might temporarily get hack
more than he paid in, but if the to
tal paid in for any one day were
compared with tho total number of
1 checks given hack by the machine,
it would always he found that the
|machine was far ahead of the pub
1 lie. Such is the arrangement of
these machines, too. that any play r
is certain to lose i* he continues to
One particularly lmd feature of
slot machines is that they teach
children to gamble. Pome of them
may he played with a cent, and
i prove just as fascinating, if r.ot
more so to children than lo adults.
In this respect they are far worse
lhan baseball pools or punch
boards, fn the standard gambling
! games, such as roulette, dice cn.l
| faro llie player has much better
odds than In feeding nickels to a
:"ot machine . So far as fairness
| is concerned, it would he several
times better to permih roulette
1 wheels to he operated in local stores
than these devices that take enor
mously more than they ever give
! back.
Before a license is issued for a
i machine it should he examined by
I the proper official to see whether1
j it is actually a vending machine or
a gambling device. Apparently this
precaution has been omitted in the 1
past. Wheeling Just now has no
slot machines they having been
placed under the ban a few days
ago by the county and city authori
ties. They should not be permitted
to come hack.
Charleston, W, Va.. June 7.—'"Bus
iness is steadily growing better;
the worst is over" said one indus
trial concern in Its report on em
ployment to the office of the state
labor commissioner, and this very
largely summarized the opinion of
manufacturers in their reports just
made to that department. Many
seem to be of the opinion that bus
iness will not begin to improve be
fore the summer is over and that
improvement may be slow- then;
while some express their inability
to estimate for the future, although
most of them are optimistic and
Kighty industrial concerns have
made reports as to the conditions
in their business and the number of
person* they are employing, the net
result showing an increase in the -
employees of these companies of
1.114 persons between April 1." and
May 1.1. Some plants are employing
more persons, hut many are shut
down or employing a few persons
part time.
Before she is supposed to have
' ft Hagerstown with her brother-in
law, Mrs .Minnie Guessford asked
her husband for a few dollars to do
some shopping. Being in a hurry j
Wilbur Guessford, the husband,
signed a blank check, felling her to
fill in the sum repuired. The woman
is understood to have filled it in for
•T. Milton Patterson was elected
president of the board of directors
of the Central Voting Men's Chris
tian Association last night. Thu
other officers chosen are: First vice
president. Saul Praeger; second:
vice president, Arthur J. Weber: i
j secretary, John J. Tipton, and trea
; surer. Henry S'hriver. Mr. Patter j
j son, the new president, is also pres
ident of the Cumberland Rotary:
< !ub and visited the Martinsburg
Rotary Club.
Name “Bayer” on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each |
; package of genuine Bayer Tablets
jot Aspirin. Then you will lie fol- ■
: lowing the directions and dosage
worked out by physicians during HI
years, and proved safe by millions.
Take no chances with substitutes.
1 If yo(1 sec the Payer Cross on tab
: lets, you can take them without
fear for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache.
Lumbago and for Pain. Handy tin
boxes of twelve tablets cost few i
: cents. Druggists also sell larger
j packages. Aspirin is the trade
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mon
oaceticacidester of Salicylicacid. It'
PERCY AND FERDIE—A Safe Bet, Magnolia
P.y H. A MacGILL
' ' ' *- ««f the II I! Hoys,
M. X « V
Clarksburg Man Has Senator
ial Bee In Bonnet.
Washington. June 11.—Here to at^
tend the meeting of the Republican
national committee, of which he H
West Virginia's member, Virgil 1.1
Highland permitted it to be known
that he is considering running ft>i
the Republican senatorial nomina
tion against Senator Howard Suth
erland. Mr. Highland-! friends here
are said to be threatening Senator
Sutherland with iho bugaboo oi
supporting Mr. Highland unless he
indorses their particular candidate
for the associate judgship for thi
Southern district.
Mr. Highland is for Eliott North
colt, of Huntington, for the Judge
ship and thinks he will be appoints
ed.' He conferred with Senator'!
Sutherland and Davis Elkins bul
did not take up other state or feoj
eral patronage, he said.
The annua! conference of the'
Church of Brethren began a six-day
session at Hershey. Pa., today. Sev
eral members passed through here
from various points in West Vir
gnia, Maryland and Virginia. It is
expected that about 5o from this
vicinity will attend.
veepYbur Eye?
. .<vtra Cleor —•» Health
^ -*o Ey* Car* Oook Mur.iw Co. Chi—go. L.
Best Timothy
Per Ton
West John St.
For Garden or Street Use.
You get the best when you
buy it here.
"It's Screen Time.’’
226 North Queen St.
Rooms $1.00 up per night
Special rates by the week and
Everything New.
514 West King St.
Both Phones.
Two young ladies to clerk in
storp. (looil salary and pleasant
surroundings. Apply
Royal Confectionery
When 3770 persons make use
of a building in one week's
But then, can you blame
them when there are so many
attractions at the “T?”
Better join if you aren’t al
ready a member.
i -
(Copyright, 1919, by H. C. Fisher, Trade Mark Reg. D. S. Pat OIL?
I %!>'.>
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HfcvAJ'S H11? AM
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IMOLG . [ f c
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(SoT Mew ToIBk BeAr
FoTeW t>lFf£(*£NT
WAVS ! P(_OPl_e (^£ALLY
uve out TBe(ae
NO sham or nothin^
. TeATHGfe A
Do TV*e pecPue\
in Hoi<ey
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Vou IS You CAA'T
TALk SewSe:
Discuss h«K£V
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such a uioMtERFoL !
Place wHy fcoM'r \
flMe TRcuQte IS t
Dom’t caR£ A HANG
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Awa,v FROM i't
Hi»' — *

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