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A. E. Kenney
Prosecuting Attorney.
Grantsville • . West Virginia
Elliott Chenoweth Robert F. Kidd
Grantsville. W. Va. Glenville, W. Va.
Practice in all tha Courts of the State.
Citizens’ Phone. L. K. Phone.
Bruce Ferrell
Bank of Grantsvllle Building
Collections a Specialty.
J. A. Morford
Office in Bank of Grantsville Building
All calls promptly answered.
Office In Bank of Grantsville Building
Citizens’ Phone in Office
and Residence.
Or. L. A. Hicks
Veterinary Physician and Surgeon
Citizens’ Phone.
Calls Answered Promptly.
Judge Circuit Court, W. II. O'Brien.
Ripley, W. Va.
Clerk Circuit Court, L. D. Ferrell,
Grantaville, W. Va.
Prosecuting Attorney, Eorentz C.
Hamilton, Grantsville, W. Va.
President County Court, C. P. Q. '
Haught, Sycamore. W. Va.
Commissioners County Court, C. A.
Witt, Grantsville, W. Va., and R. A.
Board, Crerno, W. Va.
Clerk County Court, S. T. Waldo,
Grantsville, W. Va.
Sheriff. George A. Richards, Grants
ville, W Va.
Assessor, Creed Yoak, Millstone. W. !
■Surveyor, Owight Shock, Pennsboro,
W. Va.
Superintendent Freo Schools, T. G.
Cain, Bigbend. W. Va.
Circuit Court, third Tuesday in
April, August and November.
County Court, first Monday in Jan
uary, April, July and November.
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A Pennsylvania Case
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* Elkland, Pa.,
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heavy feeling was
\ forever In the
small of my back
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R to sit down. My
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7 headaches were
(bothersome. The
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I i ,,,c ur ueueve iney
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Clearbrook, Vn.
“T>n you think the country needs a
new party?”
“No,' replied Senator Sorghum. “If
the old parties keep on modifying their
platforms for a 'ew more years, they'll
offer all the political novelties any- j
body could reasonably desire."
A Wonderful Scalp Cleaner
On every scalp fatty accumulations
and scurf form. There Is nothing t*
equal eggol to remove these. It sim
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greasy film from the scalp and hair
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In All Humility.
"Mow do you think the financial re
hitiunships of the world ought to he
"Taint for me to say," replied
Farmer t'ornlossel. "I ran’* even get
th‘‘ mortgage paid off of a 50-acre
Cuticura for Sore Hands.
Souk hands on retiring In the hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry and rul> in Cu
tlnira Ointment. IlPtnovfl surplus
Ointment wrfli tissue paper. This is
1 only one of the things Cuticura will do
If Soap, ointment and Tnleurn nr** used
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Her Choice.
j Itnstus (to his girl)- -All's gwine
down to dm new sto' to get some
, candy. De.v's got candled cherries,
strawberries an’ I don’t know what all.
His tiirl Man, bring me a chocolate
coated wafahtiielon an’ All's yo's for
life. I tost on evening Transcript.
e,rnnula*<»1 ftyollils, Stlfa, Inflnm«v1 Ky#a
M lovo'l ovornlicM by Unman Kyr 1ln|„nrn
On* trial pr..v*a Ita rrmrlt. A<1 v-t t i«*m»nt.
If given three guesses could you
giiess why a married man seldom has
any use for a phonograph?
Refreshes IVcary Eyes
When Your Eyes feel Dull
tftd Hm»t, UM Murine. It In
stantly Re! ievratnat Tlrtd feeling
—Malic* them Cltar. Iw-nlit an J
Sparkling. Harm Ira*. Sold and
lUcorntnandcd by All [Jrunlua.
Builder Gets Perfect Concrete Aggro*
gate* Along Route of Job by
Ingenious Method.
Elimination of the long haul with
the assurance at the same time that
sand and gravel used In concrete road
construction would he thoroughly clean
and free from organic Impurities was
achieved in an ingenious and economic
manner on a section of the Denver
Morrison highway. Comparatively shal
low deposits of both required eomi>o*
nents of the aggregate to be used In
mixing this concrete were discovered
in the bed of a small stream which
flowed within a quarter of a mile of
the Job.
* runtractor determined to utilize
this natural deposit rather than incur
the expense and loss of time incident
to purchuse or preparation of the ag
gregates In town and consequent long 1
haul to the mixer. As it was necessary
to wash and screen his aggregates as
well as to elevate for loading Into
trucks, the contractor decided to at
tempt these operations all in one
move If possible.
Accordingly lie obtained a six-iLch
centrifugal pump and about SOO feet
of six-inch iron pipe. A small sump or
pit was excavated in the bed of the
stream and the intake of the centrifu
gal pump was laid In this pit. The
bottom of tiiis pit was below the level
of the ground water in the gravel liar
or bed of the creek. The pump took
in water, sand and pebbles us large as
three inehes in diameter from tills
sump and delivered them through the
discharge line w hlrh was approxi
mately TOO feet in length to a flat
screen on top of the bins.
Tiie supply of sand and stone In rhe
sump was continuously renewed by
means of horse-drawn slip scrapers.
A screen composed of lint bars was
placed across tin* top • »f the sump to
eliminate intake of oversize stones 1
which could not lie handled by the
pump. At tin* end of tlie delivery line,
the water, sand and stone were dis
charged upon a lint screen having
square three-eighths of an inch mesh
opening. ’ITie water and sand, of
; :---x
A Novel Method of Washing and Ele
vating Gravel for Road Construc
course, fell through tills screen while
the larger pebbles rolled on over It
anil thence into a bln for pebbles.
Below the first screen was a sand
settling box. The water und sand fell
into this box and the sand being
heaviest, Immediately settled to the
bottom while the water carrying the
dirt and silt escaped through a waste
way in the top of the box. As. the
sand accumulated in the bottom, It
was discharged through gates at pe
riodic intervals into the sand compart
ment of the bins beneath.
The force of the water, sand and
stone passing through the pipe line
was suillcient to scour every particle
absolutely l'r«s* from dirt and impurity ;
of every kind. The pump was driven I
by u UO-horsejtower traction pnglne.
Implement Carries Concrete Mixer and
Combination Bin for Cement,
Sand and Gravel.
A highway-maintenance truck, de- i
■cribed In the Popular Mechanics Mag
azine, has been put Into operation in
California, which would seem to be
the last word in complete equipment.
It carries a concrete mixer and com
bination material bin for cement, sand
and gravel. Also an air compressor
and air tank which ran he used for 1
driving a rock drill for road work, or
can lie used in connection with a wa
ter-supply tank as a spraying outfit
or fire extinguisher.
There is nlso a centrifugal pump
which can be used for filling the water
tank or for pumping out cisterns or ,
caissons. The truck engine furnishes
nil necessary power for driving the
auxiliary equipment at various speeds
through a special transmission. Flanged
wheels may he substituted if so de
Kill Insects by Plowing.
Plowing or spading tip gardens nnd
truck patches this fall before the
ground freezes will reduce the Job of
fighting Insects next senson. because
stirring the soil at this time of the
year kills ninny grubs and pupae In
the ground.
Illuminate Good Roads.
A huge illuminated map shows the
progress of all state hard ronds under
construction in Illinois hy the state
highway division for exhibit at coun
ty fairs throughout the state
Maintain Soli Fertility.
Crop rotation is one of the best
methods of maintaining the fertility
of the soil nnd Increasing the crop
yields, and especially a rotation in
which a legume Is grown.
Onions require a cool, dry place and
, keep best when stored In crates where
a good circulation of air Is present.
| Cabbage may be hung up head down
| In a cool cellar for winter atrrage.
Storage for Onions.
Storing Cabbage.
it Never Fails to Bring
the Babies Back to Health
A Mother’s Praise of Father
John’s Medicine for Body
“Whenever my children have colds
or are run down I {jive them Father
John’s Medicine and it never fails to
brink' them right back to health.
My little girl was nil run down, but
after taking Father John's Medicine
."or a little while, she became a strong,
ragged, healthy girl.” (Signed) Mrs.
Arthur T. Hall, Hazel Street, Ux
bridge, Mass.
For over f!7 years Father John’s
Medicine lias been the standard medi
cine for all the family. No alcohol
or dangerous drugs. Try it today.
Cuticura Talcum
Fa*cin»tinulr Fragrant - "
Always Healthful
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c.
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sician.**. it has no e*jual Would you like
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cost to vru Write
M\M K\( Tl Kr.K*> SM.FS CO.
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Kew Hair
to rrpljwe old,
should bv grow
ItiR ail the time
It will if jrnxx
tt*« Q-Ban Bair
Tonic — Don t jret bald, jret Q Ban today — It'*
tuiH'h more pleaiant. At all (ro-*d drnRirwtM 73c
or direct from HESSIC - ELUS. CEtnuU. T.aa’
They Often Do.
“There's a fallow who hus nothing
to <1<».” “Well.” “And he yets very
tired of the job.”
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Women’s complaints often prove to lie
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am- j
bition, nervousness, are often tunes symp- ’
toms of kidney trouble.
Don’t delay starting treatment. Dr. j
Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, .. physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
such conditions.
(jet a medium or large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Ringhuinton, N. V., for a
sample bottle. When writing he sure and
mention this paper.—Advertisement.
Not for Discussion.
“I understand your campaign fund
Is quite large.”
“Let’s change the subject,” Inter
rupted Senator Sorghum. “It Isn’t
large enough to he worth mention
Mrs. John Heiderman
Dunkirk, N. Y.—"As a woman’s
tonic and nervo builder Dr. -Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription cannot be ex
celled. I was in a terribly rundown
state of health, weak and nervous
and suffered with backaches. I was
nothing short of miserable when I
was advised to take ‘Favorite Pre
scription’ and it completely restored
me to health and strength and made
me feel like a different being.”—Mrs.
John Heiderman, 152 W. 2nd St.
Health is wealth. Do not neglect
the moBt valuable asset you have. If
you are troubled, write Dr. Pierce,
President Invalids' Hotel, in Huffalo,
N. Y., and receive good medical ad
vice in return, free of all expense, or
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* big knee Ilk* this, but your
bora* may have* bunch or brulae
on hi* ankle, hock, atlfl*, kn*« or
will clean It off without lay
ing up th* horse. No blister,
HO hair gone. Concentrated
only • few drop* required at an
application. $2 SO per bottle de
livered. Deacrlh* yotir caee for
•pecial Instructions, and P ok «A fra*
At bedtime insert in nostrils
25*450c JARS AT MU* STORES $jm*.
tsstbA^Rsrs. V. fst Ns>s*s
Tbs Qaiatsliae Ca •< Asseors. lac. Mete. N.T.
Capt. Arthur Jackman a Hero to
Lives in Their Memory—“Honest as
de Sun He Was. ana as
True as Steel.*’
Aidook the scalers of Newfound
land certain tigureo loom k'Tan tie.
Such a one is Capt Arthur Jackman,
dead but never forgotten. Long be
fore I reached Newfoundland on the
steamer from New York. 1 began hear
ing about Jackman's Incredible ex
ploits. Many people in St. John's told
me about him. And at the ice the
sealers were constantly recalling bits
of the Juckmuu legend. Jackman
seems almost u national hero.
It was Jackman, most famous of seal
killers, who once when he had an in
fected thumb called for a hatchet and
calmly chopped that thumb off. "stand
in’ dere on de ship's brudge, sir. bare
handed an’ in a green split-tail coat.”
It was Jackman who once knocked a
man down into the hold, jum|*ed after
LIm, Hailed him around; whereupon
the inan ,:ank all Ills teeth in Jack
man’s leg and went raving crazy.
The sealers tell you how Jackman
was never drunk at sea or sober on
land; bow he used to trick all the
other sealing captains and clean tip
the patcli before they could reach it;
how one time though short of coal
himself, dumped l!0 tons on the ice
for a rival captain to pick up; how
another time, when the funnel was
ripped off by a blizzard, he built a
wooden funnel and carried on to suc
“Roughest man in the world, sir,
hut inside of him a real man! Seven
foot high he was, wid a hand like a
bucket. Rig-boned, sir, an' hard as
de devil’s ’id. Only one man ever
licked ’Itn—dat was a Scotch engi
neer he locked into de cabin to give
a heatin' to. De engineer hammered
him stiff, and Jackman loved him ler it.
“Honest as de sun lie was. an* true
as steel! He had prayers every night,
sir, an’ yit he had a calendar print
ed without no Sundays on un, at ahl,
so dere wouldn’t he no Sundayin’
abird. He’d putt de Sunday men on
de Ice, an’ keep ’em dere a'hl day.
“Very polite he could lie. too. One
time he says to a tnan he was tightln’
wid, ‘Please don’t come a-nigh me or
I’ll have to split ye wid dis hatchet!’
Oh, Jackman was ’id of ’em ahl ! He
made up to seven t’ousand dollars a
year"—fabulous wealth for New
foundland—“an’ died clean broke.
Give away every cent, he did. His
funeral procession was de laangest
ever seen In St. Johns. Oh. dere
never was narr un like Oap’n Jack
man !’’
The Jackman epic is interminable.
Jackman is by way of becoming a
Newfoundland solar myth.
The reference to Sunday men re
quires explanation. Hefore the Sab
bath law went into effect certain
men refused to kill seals on Sunday;
and these were Sunday men. Today,
seal killing is taboo on Sunday.
—George Allan England, in Saturday
Evening Post.
Couldn't Please Her Husband.
Husbands are curious animals. They
l ave odd tastes and likings. Really
their fancies are fickle. Their appetites
and passions are not easily restrained.
The clerk of any divorce court knows
that. Here was the case the other day
of the husband who complained be
cause his wife was taking on too much
figure. He said that she had the waist
of a walrus and could wear a meal
sack for a kimono. He said that no
body could love a fat wife.
So the spouse took up the matter of
reducing. She read all the literature
pertaining to the anti-fats. Finally she
got hold of some powerful dope that
hit into her franm like a buzz saw. She
shed weight as if It were being swept
off with a broom. From being fat she
went into reverse English. She be
came really thin.
All for the love of a husband!
Now the man Is stfing the wife for
n divorce. lie says that the wife
took drugs and cosmetics that made
her wan and ethereal and that she
lost and forfeited his love in the do
ing. He doesn’t care for any pale
and sickly companion about Ids home,
-—l/os Angeles Times.
Necessities of Life.
Schnapps and cognac were ofTl
dally ruled to be necessities of life
by a Herman court when two buxom
barmaids, Marla Rhodes and Lyda
Bock, with their employer, were fined
recently for profiteering In brandy.
According to the Herman law,
necessities of life must be marked In
plain figures and sold for no more.
Luxuries need not be marked and the
marked prices may be raised at will.
When It wns proved that a price high
er than that marked had been collect
ed for brandy tho barmaids were
fined 3,000 and 1,f>00 marks respec
tively, and the proprietor, Herman
I .newer, 7,000 marks.
Britain's Shipbuilding.
Shipbuilding at cost Is said to he
the basis on which the British yards
are willing to work. In order to get
orders. Ilritlsh owners of vessels,
however, apparently do not find the
offer so attractive as It sounds, for
they declare that before they can
filstce many orders for new steamers
the cost of building must come down
by 30 per cent. Seventy-five per cent
of England's shipbuilding capacity Is
idle. Prospects seem to he brighten
ing, however, for it is reported that
inquiries which precede contracts for
new honts nre Increasing.—The Na
tion’s Business.
Tribute to "King Woman."
Jane heard her brother any Colum
bus discovered America and that he
had been assisted by Queen Isat>e|ln.
Later In the evening, she meant to
tell her father all about what brother
had said but, not being nble to remem
ber all the words, she told him that
the King Woman had been good to
Few of us chew our
food enough. Hasty
meals are harmful, but
Wrigley’s stimulates the
flow of saliva that helps
the stomach take care
of Its load.
Eat less, chew it more
and use Wrigley’s after
every meal.
it keeps teeth white*
breath sweet and com
bats acid mouth.
Till* U Wrlffley'a bpw
fwppmnlnt rbrwlnc awMt,
• rln* Inn the Wrlgley do
llflit .ml hrnrlltK to yon
In « new form.
The Flavor Lasts
c 1
Makes Old
Putnam Fadeless
Backed Up and Sat Down.
•"•n 1 was a freshman in high
school I had a crush on on** of my
teachers and was anxious to always
appear at my best before her.
One evening after school I returned
to tin1 room to talk to her. Sin* was
busy ami told me to sit down on a low
stool by her desk to wait. I hacked
up and sat down.
The janitor had to pull me out of
t lie wastebasket, which I had mis
taken for the stool.—Exchange.
Conceit is a weed that grows nest
in barren soil.
*5 *6 *7 * *8 SHOES MS
W. Ij. Douglas shoe* are actually de
ra&ndrd year after year by more fteople
than any other shoe in the world
ten a I and workmanship are
unequaled (or the price It is
worth while 'or you to know
that when yon buy W. L.
Douglas sho»« you are get
ting the hen efit of hiethyears
eiperience in making the heat
• hoea possible for the price.
W.L. DOUGLAS:11,;^;;
wortli the pr ice paid for them.
Wear tliein and save money.
Protection against unreason
able profits ie guaranteed by
the price stamped on every
*4.(10 Ac (t '.O
110 of our own rtora* Id tba
larifaclUoa and by rboa deal
er* arerywhara Ark your
■boa daafar to chow you W.I
lioiijjlar »boa«. Only by ex
am In 1 ng them ran you ap
praot ita tliair ralue. Kafura
• uhatltutoii I npist upon har
ing W.I., In.uglan (boas with
tha ratallprlr* and thanatna „
a tarn pad on theaole Tha " •* •« w!» K T»r *W*»T.
ratal! prlrar ara the aama wrilr Im cAAtt,
deader in your toten handles
W\ A. IhoxtQlas name
and portrait u the
beet i no* n t ho §
Trade Mark in the
itorld. It stands for
the highest standard
of Quality at the Une
rst possible cost. The
name and pri
mo »»»
tr.Uftouplas shoes. Write to- President /f
day for er elusive rights to
hand!* this Quirk setting,
quirk turn oner line.
W.ttsrtugfne Khan Co.
lO Spark Street
Hroektarx, Mmet
I Waists Like New
Dyes —dyes or tints as you wish
Suspicions which may be mi Just
! need not lie stilled.
It ala? kills rats and mice. It forces
these pests to run from building for water
and fresh ulr. A J5o box contains enough
to kill GO to 100 rats or mice. Get It from
your drug or general store dealer today.
l»on't MIm This—doing out of busineHS. Will
send any two following formulas with In -
I »tructions for J1.00. IG 00 for all Ingredi
ents In any drug store for little money. Sil
ver Polish. Talcum Powder. Pimple Itemor
•r, Kreokle Remover, Cuticle Kemover, Bed
Bug. Cockroach Killer. Theatrical Cold
Cream, Honey Almond Cream, Oriental
Night Cream. Worcestershire Sauce. Glass
China Cement, Cattle Fattening Powder.
Worm Rem . Condi Powder. Irjsnp. Ink. Pul
ton Lab.. 20 Homans,Av.. Elmhurst, tel.. *f.T.
Give t/our photograph bj
is4tlructr*ilu framed and
reoMmablu priced.
Pittsburgh 701 HomrTmst Bid*
Philadelphia 1626 Chestnutot
Fur Tanning
on Beef. Horne, Colt
and Calf Skin*. Make
up of Coat*. Robes,
Ruga. Veats, Ladle*'
Fur*. Scarf*. Muffs and
Cape*. Tell us the kind
of fura. Prompt answer
Wf.W.Wearer Readme.
Thirty years In fur business.
W. N. U., PITTSBURGH, NO. 46-1922.
ffjC Wheat Growing Cattle Raising 1
and a Happy Home of Your Own
Prosperous Farms and Happy Home* await those who are
desirous of enlarging their present resources and securing for
themselves homea in a country that, while yet in its infancy, has
made itself famous by the quality of the grain it produces and by the
excellence of its live stock.
There are Millions of Acres
of the highest claw of noil available for the man whose object in life is to become his
own landlord, and who wishes to share in the opportunity which has Riven wraith to
the thousands of Americans who. having started on Western Canada farms with but
small means, are now writing home to their friends, telling of what they have done. i
Lands are cheap and homesteads farther from lines of railway are few* to settlor*.
Upon these lands can be grown the best of wheat, oats, barley, flax, grass, hay, fodder
, v com and sunflowers.
i.jh if winter in m™ places wninrai
ahelter; dairying is highly successful.
Taxes only upon land (not on im
provements). Perfect climate, attrac
tive social conditions, good neighbors,
churches, schools, telephones, excel
lent markets and shipping facilities.
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308 N. Second Si., Harrisburg, Ra.
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Dominion of Canada
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