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Clarksburg Daily Telegram.
Census Has been Taken with a View
to Incorporating the Town. The
Population is 879.
Election on the Question will be Held January 17
and Application to Circuit Court /Vlade
Shortly Afterward.
Tbe town of Adamston wants to be
incorporated or at least a lot of Its
citizens favor sucb a movement, judg
ing from the large mass meeting held
In the school house there a night or so
ago. It is stated that the people who
attended tfaat.meetlng could not all
get In the two rooms and that all pres
ent heartily favored the movement.
By request of a number of the citi
zens Prof. L. Wayman Ogden, who Is
the principal of the graded school
there, has carefully taken a census of
that town. This census shows that
there arc 481 male residents and 398
females, making a total population of
879 people. Of these 295 are voteis.
Tbe boundary lines of the propciscd
Incorporation are as follows:
Beginning at the West Fork bridge
of the Northwestern turnpike they
extend up the Tiver to theCanby land,
thence west along the line between
that land and the old Adams farm to
the bridge across Limestone just west
of tbe overhead bridge, thence east on
the south side of the railroad to the
overhead bridge, thence north to a
tiee In the old Mines bottom, thence
to tbe mouth of Limestone and thence
along the river bank to the beginning.
An election will be held on the prop
osition January 17 and, If It carries,
an application for incorporation will
be made to the circuit court January
An election was held a year or so
ago but the question was voted down.
There appears to be quite a change of
-sentiment since then and those at the
head of the movement are confident
that the people of that town will wel
come the opportunity to avail them
selves of the advantages of municipal
May Frazler Become as Result of
An Accldcnt.
Lime Flew Into His Only Good Eye
At Glass Factory.
James Frazier, of Adamston, met
with a serious accident yesterday af
ternoon at the glass factory In course
of construction on the Clarksburg In
dustrial Company's property east of
the city. Mr. Frazier was engaged in
mixing mortar and some lime flew in
to his eye. ITe lost the sight of the
other eye some years ago and the acci
dent was all the more serious on that
account. He went to his home after
the accldcnt almost hllnd. Some of
ills neighbors brought him In last
night to see Dr. Hardman, specialist.
The Dr. found his eye in very bad con
dition and it Is somewhat doubtful, If
the sight can be saved but Dr. Hard
man hopes to pull him through all
right. The loss of this eye would
make him entirely blind.
Salemite Gets Patent
The following West Virginians liave
been granted patents: S. F. Beck
witb, of Charleston, patent on a latch:
J. B. Braden, of Salem, on a rope or
cable clamp; J. W. Ilammett, of
Eureka, on a fastener for wires or the
like: and II. Poling, of Curtin, on a
tooth brush.
Mr. W. F. Foster, a well-known fam
ily solicitor, of London, England, Is a '
distinguished visitor Id tiie city. Mr.
Foster enjoys a large legal practice In
Ijondon. The object of his visit to
West Virginia Is to Inspect a tract of
land of 6,000 acres In Hraxton county
and owned by an English nobleman
which is a part of an original gr:int
The title covers a period of more than
one hundred years.
- The tract is covered with beautiful
white oak and other valuable timber.
Mr. Foster inspects the land in the
hope of finding oil and .gas under it
and probably will instruct proper
assay to be made for the purwscs uf
. his Investigation. ,
It Is rumored that be intends to re
turn to the tract after a visit to the
West Indies tor further Investigation
ot the matter In hand. He came rrom
New York through Steuben county
where his client has also a consider
able Interest In land.
Mr. Faster has been upon the tract
twice, returning last night from his
second visit. He believes coal and oil
exist under it and will have the assay
This distinguished lawyer is in con
ference here today with Prof. J. It ?
Trotter, of Kingwood, and C. E. Bon;
well, of Sutton, who represent a gas
line extending from Braxton county
to another part of the state. As a re
sult of the conference, arrangements
may be made for extensive oil devel
opments in that section.
Mr. Foster Is accompanied by his
valet and Is a very clever gentleman.
When the Ambulance Comes to Shop
After Him. r ..
Edward Kurcher, barber at the first
chair In the Chapman barber shdpv on
Pike street, had a very.bad spell this
morning at 10 o'clock and it was be
lieved ho.would die. Ifo was. hurried
ly taken to Kessler hospital in an am
| bulauuo and given treatment. He.
i suffers from gastritis. Ills condition
iffoumewbat Improved and be will sur
vive. The boys at the shop sajr^ be
was all in when the ambulancfe dime.
Mrs. TJ. G. Dayton, of New Martins
ville, arrived here "this afternoon
I visit her sister, Mrs. E. R. HuRtead.
Hold Their Annual Meeting In
Olflcers and Members Largely !n
Salem, W. Va., Dec. 18.?Following
Hie usual custom tbe guagers employ
ed by the Eureka Pipe Line Co., Id this
district"met bere with the general
superintendent of the company and
the superintendent and district fore
man of this section, The object of the
meetings once a year is for the purpose
of bringing the men together In friend
ly conference for the betterment of
the service.
Matters pertaining to the work
which they perform were discussed at
length and suggestions were made by
some of the rnon. the foreman, district
superintendent and general superln
tendent for a number of Improve
ments Jn the ways of performing the
duties imposed on the men.
The meetings were held at the office
of the company on Water street and
the officers present were H. L. Scraf
ford, general superintendent, Pitts
burg, Pa: W.'J. Alexander, district
superintendent, Mannington, W. Va.;
J. C. McCarroll, district foreman,
Weston; W. N. Way, foreman, Salem.
Tlie guagers who attended the first
day's meeting were S. I). McDaniels,
W. J. Fleming, O. D. Wykoff, J. S.
Tully, Salem: G. C. Culbertson, Marsh
ville; S. T. Humes, Lynchburg: Frank
Wolf, Wolf Summit; B. O. Harring
ton, Dewcytown; Harry Beam, Ellen
boro; S. Burton, Wolf Summit.
Those who attended the second day's
meeting Thursday were C. Bell, Bris
tol; T. M. Maroaey, Bristol; U. O.
Way, Salem; W. A. Wright, C. R.
Neill, Copeley; George King, White
Oak; H. P. Cummins, Stout: J. Bol
ulan, Kink.
Performed to nei a Briar out of
Carter's Eye-ball.
Tilsham Carter, a farmer residing
on Davlssun's run, this county, while
feeding slock night before last ran a
large briar, In tlie t<all of his left eye.
It was aft er night fall and he did not
know just how he hurt his eye or what
was the uiattcr wi'li it. It grew pain
ful and swollen and this morning he
coucludei to go to Kesjler Hospital
and submit to treatment. Dr Kessler
surprised birn with the announcement
that there was a briar in his eye-ball.
A. successful operation was performed.
Dr. Kessler extracting the briar. It
Is not believed that the sfgbt will be
Musical Concert
Herbert jfc\ Gibson, the inbslclan,
will give a musical concert at the A.
M. E. church Friday evening, Decem
ber 19. He has an expensive collec
tion ot musical Instruments and novel
ties. He^.siil be assisted by Prof.
Guss, Prof. Barnhart, Miss Lee Mr.
George Lewis and a, chorus of twenty
trained voices. .Ths proceeds arc for
the benefit of the church.
Miss Maui Morrison came down
this morning from the seminary at
Buclthaonon to spend the Christmas
vacation with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. N. R. Morrison, on Crocked run.
C.'D. Stewart returned on the morn
ing txalu frotn a business visit up the
W. Yo. & Pitts, division.
Bobert Monroe, of Marshville, is a
city business visitor today.
Hon. Alex J&nlln, of Sntton, wad
here thiatnornlng enroute home from
Charleston, wheft be had been oo
business several day*.
Rt. Rev. Daniel O'Connor returned
this fortnoon frotn -a vtslt In Parkers
Mrs. Bay Ka-.iolph, of Salem, Is
here todaj shopping.
The Charge by Wm. Bell Against
Pastor of Mt. Zlon Baptist Church.
Colored, Is the one Charged.
Result of Charge Brought Against
Bell For Stealing Church Money.
A case of unusual Interest Is on the
docket at Justice Gordon's court. The
Rev. J. A. Watson, pastor of tlie Mt.
Zion colored Baptist Church, Is
charged with perjury.
Last Tuesday, William Bell, colored,
was arrested at the instance of Rev.
J. A. Watson, pastor of the Mt. Zion
Baptist Church, upon the charge of
using about $20 of the funds of the.
church which he had solicited and col
lected. The warrant wa3 issued from
Squire David's court, and at the hear
ing there the warrant was dismissed
against Bell. It seems that he had
only collected $8 35 and wanted to
turn the amount over to the church
but the church would not receive It as
It was claimed that he had collected
more than that amount. Bell ex
plained that the balance of the
money was promised but had not been
paid, and that that amount was all
that he bad collected.
Thursday morning. Bell swore out a
warrant In Squire Gordon's court
against the Rev. J. A. Watson, charg
ing him witn perjury. He claims that
the minister had sworn falsely that he
had collected certain moneys when be
had not.
Constable McClung served the war
rant upon the preacher this morning.
Me appeared In court, but owing to
absence of witnesses, the case was
postponed and will come up for hear
ing probably tomorrow.
Succeeds In Locating a Number of
Stolen Coins.
Constable Marccllus McClung is act
inn the sleuth these days quite suc
cessfully. He is assisting Squire Sam
uel Gordon in finding the old coins
Cleveland Parsons, colored, purloined
from Dr. D. T. Birtwcll some days
ago. Mr. McClung lias located several
of them. The colored boy gave a num
ber of tliern to Itacy Lynch, young son
of Mrs. Nancy Lowe, who isa neighbor
of the Blrtwclls. Another valuable
com is missing although the officer
ascertained that the colored lad bad
exchanged it atone of the express
offices. Mr. McClung will continue
thesearcb until he exhausts all the
means at his command to find all the
coins. '
Will be Connected with Star, Rig,
Reel & Supply Co.
Mr. J. J. Mead, the lumber dealer,
has purchased an Interest in the Star,
aig, Heel & Supply Company, and
from the ^rat of the coming year will
,be Identified with that ooncem. We
understand be will superintend the
business. His offices In the Moore
Bulldlrig will be moved to the supply
company's plant In the East End,
January 1.
"My daughter had a discbarge from
hfr car for six years. Six physicians
treated her without success. Dr.
Uardman cured her In a very short
time".?Minor V Lake, Simpson, W.
Y*. ... It
Held as Pauper on Elk's Island
Son to the Rescue.
ITIIsonburg^lner Secures Certifi
cates ot His Ability to Keep Him.
Gervelo Cbipano, an Italian coal
miner at Wilsonburg, received word
from New York City that his father
was being held on Ellis Island as a
pauper and that on that account the
Commissioner of Immigration would
not permit him to land. It appears
that the son here had sent tlio father
money to Italy to come to thiscountry
but the amount was sufficient only to
pay his passage. Upon the receipt of
the message from New York Chlpano
ascertained what proceedings were
necessary In the case and went to
work to get his father released before
he was sent back to his old
home. He got certlticatcs from John"
B. Strother and M. J. Francis stat
ing that he was amply able to provide
for his father, and he came to the city
this morning with other Italians and
went to the County Clerk's office,
where he secured the impress of the
county seal and then forwarded the
papers to the Immigration Commit
sioner. They may not reach their
destination in time, however, to pre
vent his relative from being sent back
to Italy.
Of Clarksburg Ice and Storaoe Co
Mr. (J. L. Redick is now in charge
of the new offices of the Clarksburg
Ice and Storage Company, which have
been opened up in the Moore building.
A suite of rooms have been furnished
and the office fixtures, etc.. of both the
old ice companies have been installed
therein. Mr. Redick was connected
with the Berry Ilardware Company,
when he accepted the position he has
now taken.
Funeral of Cecil Reed.
The funeral services of the late
Cecil G. Reed were held at 10:30 o'clock
this morning from the Catholic chu?h._
The Interment follower! at the I. O.
0. P. cemetery. The local order of B.
1. L. attended the funeral lu a body.
The active pall-bearers were Edward
Clancy, Fred Gaus, T. tlanun. Michael
Glancy, Archie Crawford, and William
Flnler and the honorary pall-bearers
were E. P. Wllloughby, ft. A. Murray,
Charles Dallas, Charles Jasper, J. IT.
Kearns, J. 15. MacNauiara and Thos.
From Gypsy Taken Before Squire
David on Lunacy Charge.
Mike Mulesko, a Slav, was brought
here from Gypsy Thursday morning
by A. W. Rapp and J. T. Boggessand
taken before Justice of the Peace
David, where lunacy proceedings were
instituted against him. He was ap
parently demented. He worked In
the mines at Gypsy and for the past
several days he haslbeen acting strange
ly. He has .strange hallucinations on
religion. The Justice sent him to the
county Jail to await a medical exami
nation by a physician as to^hLs sanity.
Marriage Licenses
Marriage licenses have been Issued
at the county clerk's ofllce as follows:
William E. Ambers and Melvlna M.
I Sennet t.
Oley Grant, colored,'and Lucy Soott,
colored. '
P. C. Stewart, of Parkersbu-g, is a
city visitor.
May be Operated in Conjunction, a?
Representative of Former Has
Taken a Block of Stock
in the Latter.
Goodly Portion of Necessary Capital Raised foi
Street Car Line From Clarksburg to Salem.
Sent Here by Government to Locate
Gathering up Many of Spurious
Nickels In Circulation.
Four Secret Service ofllcers are here
from Washington, D. O. The object
of their visit Is to trace the origin of
the many counterfeit nickels which
have been In circulation here the past
week or so. So far as can be learned
they have not yet made much success
or headway, although they have a
slight' trace. Their manner in get
ting hold of these spurious nickels in
dicates that they come well fortified
with the needful. At many places,
where thpy imagine these coins may
nave been passed without knowledge
of the fact that they arc counterfeit,
the officers buy some article and ten
der a dollar or a larger denomination
in payment so as to get change and
thereby catch any spurious nickels
that may be there. They have gotten
a number of them in this way. It Is
their purpose to turn them into the
Treasury department, where they will
be destroyed by the proper parties.
Mr. B. L Spencer, a Baltimore capi
talist, Is ticre in conferenoe with
Iiomer McKinley, cashier of the Mer
chants a id Producers Bank at Salem
and one of the principal owners of the
proposed C arksburg and Salem elec
tric street railroad. Tor which the
county"&jurt granted a charter last
week. The conference Is about the
street ra Iroad and some oil interests.
Mr. Spenrer ha3 taken a block of stock
In the proposed electric line and
thinks well of the undertaking as a
paying bu.-iness venture. One hun
dred th-mnnd dollars will be required
to construct and equip the road. A
goodly put Uon of this amount has al
ready been raised by Mr. -McKlnley
and he says he will have no trouble In
raising th<- remainder. Ho has al
ready Interested a number of New
York and Pennsylvania capitalists.
Upon the completion of the line
from Adareston to Salem next summer
it SS the Indention to extend the road
to New M irtlnsvllle.
Mr! Sp'-ncer Is said to be'promlnent
ly conned I'd with the Wabash Hall
road Com piny, which Is busy securing
a route th-tiugh this part of tlie state,
but what significance that has with
the Interest he has taken In Mr. Mc
Kinley's s'reet car line has not been
divulged. There Is a possibility that
the latter will be operated in conjunc
tion with ihe Wabash system.
Claims Pendleton Drummond, Form
er.Resident ot this city.
Pendleton Drummond died at bis
liorfie In Bulltown, Braxton county,
liibt nlgbl from old age. lie was in his
15th year. Mr. Drummond was the
step-fatberof Mrs. E. B. Qustead and
Clay Bartiett, of this city, and had
numerous relatlvesliving In this coun
ty. The funeral will occur to-morrow
morning at his late home. The de
ceased was a former resident of thin
city and Is well remembered. He left
here about 20 years ago.
Will be Under Root by January 1st,
If Good Weather Continues.
All of the iron and steel work for
the construction of the Waldo hotel
building bas arrived. The contrac
tors expect to have the building under
roof by the lirst of the year if the
weather Is not too bad. After the
roof is linlshed the work on the Inter
ior of the building will bo punhed to
completion as rapidly as possible. It
is thought the hotel will be completed
by early spring.
J. K. Menoher, of Pittsburg, is in
the city transacting some important
coal deals.
Mannle Nusbaum is in Pittsburg.
The Retail Liquor Dealers Associa
tion of West. Virginia is in special ses
sion here this afternoon. The meet
ing is being held In the Wblto Front.
F. F. McDonnell, president of the
association, is presiding. Members
are In attendance from Grafton, Park
ersburg, Fairmont, Piedmont, and
Clarksburg and Oakland, Md. There
are about twenty all told present.
The object of the meeting has not
been definitely learned but Is said to
be mostly of a social nature and to at
tend to some business matters con
nected with the association. The ses
sion will be of only the one day's dura
Approaching Wedding
The following Invitations were
mailed u?lay:-T
Dr. and Mrs. David Portor Morgan
request the honour of your pres
ence ai the marriage of thesr
Gertrude Elizabeth,
Mr. Virgil Lee Highland
on Wednesday, the thlrty-flrst of
at half-past five o'clock
at the First Baptist Church
, Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Adolphns Bailey, a yrrang Baptist
minister nf Mineral, this county, was
Issued He r..so this afternoon by the
county clcik to solemntee the rites of
matrimony. lie gave bond of 81,500
i with A. A. Bailey as surctv.

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