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Clarksburg Daily Telegram.
Upon Her Return From the New
River District?On Her Way to
Tunnelton to Make an Ad
dress to Miners.
Talked Freely of Strike Conditions in Other Sec
tions of the State?Compliments Jackson but
Has no Flattery for Goff.
"Mother" Junes, the noted strike
and labor agitator, arrived in the city
Friday evening on No. 12 from the
New Elver district. She report* con
ditions In that field unsettled and the
strike unended. Many miners are re
siding in camps and there is consider
able suffering. She paid her compli
ments to both JudgeJohn J. Jackson
and Judge Nathan Guff. She thinks
Judge Jackson has<a tender spot In
his heart but entertains a different
opinion of Judge Goff. Iler remarks
about tug latter were not at all flat
tering. She left Saturday morning
for Tunnclton to address a miss meet
ing of miners there Saturday night.
She believes the Roosevelt commis
sion's Work will be of much benefit to
the miners cause, especially in the way
of moulding public opinion. She also
thinks that some beneficial legislation
will rfesult from the Investigation of
the commission. She expressed her
self as gratified with what she termed
a more liberal spirit on the part of the
press toward the miners.
She reviewed briefly prevalent con
ditions in some sections of the south
ern part of this- state. She says the
miners ate allowed the regulation
weight and the short ton and they
have the privilege of buying at the
pluck-mc store as she terms It or else
where. There is nothing compulsory
about It. She thought under those
circumstances that the strike had
been beneficial to the miners.
Inquiry was made by ber as to what
was doing around here. She made no
comment when informed that all was
I. ,
quiet and we were running along in
the even tenor of our ways.
"Mother" Jones was in her usual
splendid health and was quite talka
tive and courteous.
While In the city she was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. McGeorge in
Glen Elk.
To Circuit Court for Fighting on
Passenger Train.
The preliminary bearing of John
Fahee, the Italian who was arrested
at Bridgeport by Special U. & O.
Policeman Caton Wednesday, for act
ing disorderly and fighting on a pas
senger train, was held at 1 o'clock Sat
urday afternoon in Squire Riley's
court. It seems that John was out
for a good time as the evidence dis
closed the fact that It required the
assistance of four men to put him off
the train at Bridgeport. Squire
Riley bound him over to circuit
qourt In the sum of ?200. He failed to
*~ bond and was Jailed.
f -W
Confesses Judgment.
J. F. Shirey confessed judgment
Saturday before olrouit clerk E C
Tetrlck In favor of W. O. Straley for
?510.85. the case being an action In
By Miss Florence Tborae Near the
Cabman Says He Saw a Woman
Pick It Up.
Miss Florence Thorne accompanied
friends to the train last evening.
They rode to the depot on a street
car. Shortly after they lert the car
she dropped her pocket book, contain
ing $3.10 and her visiting card. She
did not discover her loss until she re
turned to the street car to ride back
into town. In the meantime a cab
man saw a lady pick up something
:uid a little later he picked' up the
card and a dime at that particular
point. ITe read the name on the card
and returned the dime and card to
Miss Thorne and told her about
having seen a woman pick up some
thing there. She' then went to the
depot and inquired If any one had
found the three dollars. Ho one
answered In the affirmative and she
did not recover the money.
Of Oil Company Filed Here For
;*: 'a- . '
The Bristol Oil and Gas Company
filed in the county clerk's office Satur
day, its charter. It Is a Wolf Summit
concern aod its chief works are located
in Tenmiie district. It is chartered
to lease, buy, rent and sell lands; oper
ate, bore and mine for oil and gas,
lease and let territory for laying pipe
lines, and for several other purposes
in the drilling, manufacture of, and
refining oil. The capital stock Is
$20,000, with $2,500 subscribed and
42T>0 piid. The Incorporators are, J.
P. Thompson, James G. Meredith,
James Mallady, Jesse T. De Voge and
John Adams.
Will Embark On Matrimonial Sea at
Deputy Clerk James N. Hess Issued
a marriage license this morning to
John It. Rlnehart, aged 04 years, and
Mrs. Anna E. Asiicraft, 53 years old.
The bride-elect Is the widow of Daniel
Ashcraft who went insane and killed
himself at -tlie Weston asylum by
Jumping from his room to the ground.
The wedding will occur tonight at
the bride's home at Wyatt at 8
o'clock. Rev, Mr. Snider will speak
the words which will make this aged
couple as happy as young people just
embarking on the matrimonial sea.
6lvcs tbe World at Large Knowl
edge of Our City.
Writes Helpfully of City's Resour
ces and Advantages.
Most Promising City In West Vir
ginia, be says.
Tbe following Interesting and valu
able article from the pen of Mayor L.
O. Crile of this city appears in the
December number of the Manufac
turer's Record :
"West Virginia is one of the most
promising States In tbe Union today,
for tbe reason that it is a new and
undeveloped State right at the gate
way of the Eastern market, and I be
lieve that I am safe in saying that
.Clarksburg, from its surroundings and
natural advantages, is the most prom
ising city In tbe State of West Vir
"We have a population today of
about 12,000. The city Is located on
the main branch of the Baltimore &
Ohio Ball road, running from New
York to St. Louis. The West Vir
ginia Short Line Railroad give us an
outlet to the Ohio river at New Mar
tinsville, W. Va. The West Virginia
& Pittsburg Railroad has its terminal
here, and penetrates one of the great
est timber and coal-producing dls
tricts, almost wholly undeveloped, In
'the State. The Monongahela River
'Railroad also terminates here., Tbe
reader can see at a glance that we
have one of (he best railroad centers
in. the State.
"There are two natural nan com
panies folly equipped to supply gas for
domestic use and manufacturing pur
| poses. The companies are furnlsblng
the gas at the rate of four cents per
thousand cublo feet, provided 10,000,
000 feet are used per month, and on an
average gaa can be had for fuel at the
rate of live cents per thousand cubic
feet for all manufacturing purpose*.
We have more gas than we konw
what to do with today; the supply
seems inexhaustible;, in fact, we bare
tbe greatest gas Held in tbe United
States. There are hu ndreds of wells
at high pressure In this district that
are plugged awaiting a market. 1
"I need to say little aboat our coa
fields,''for, as everyone knows, the
whole of-this section Is underlaid with
Pittsburg seam or coal, comprising
hundreds of thousands of acres which
are just beginning to bfe developed and
marketed. Yet West Virginia stands
second in tbe production of coal.
"We have live banks, i thoroughly
equipped electric street railway, seven
wholesale bouses, a large flour mill,
two machine shops, a large tlnplate
mill, four glass factories and many
other smaller industries of various
kinds. Tbe retail stores will compare
favorably to those of any city of the
same size. We have good hotels and
boarding bouses, one hotel almost
completed that.'will cost, Including the
site, a quarter of a million of dollars.
.Ohurches and schools are abreast wltb
the Industrial progress or tbe city.
"Nowhere south of the Mason and
Dixon line can capital find a better
place of investment than Clarksburg,
and nowhere can a man locate that
will offer better advantages for him
self from an industrial point of view
or as a place to reside and educate his
Marriage Licenses^
Marriage licenses' have been Issued
by tbe county clerk as follows:
John H. Rlnehart and Ann*, K.
Ashcraft. - C' ?
Charles A. Romp and Martha- Hay
James Brown, oolored, and Lottie
Tunney, colored.
At Graduation ot Trained Nurses
Were Pleasing.
Ministers Participate and Impart
Address by Dr. Peters Helpful to
the Class.
Graduation exercises of trained
nurses In Clarksburg Is something new
as suggested by the speaker of the
evening but It Is a matter of gratifica
tion that this city slncc the event of
Friday night can boast, of having that
commendable and progressive feature
added to its history. Another modern
step has been taken and our progress
8 more advanced. All of tbe many
representative citizens who attended
'the graduation exercises of the pioneer
class of tbe school for trained nurses
of the Keesler Hospital readily agree
with the sentiment and opinion voiced
The opera house was weil tilled with
an appreciative audience and tbe ex
ercises of the evening were both elab
orate and pleasing. Tbe program was
appropriate and most cleverly ex
Dr. U. W. Showalter of the Instltu.
tion Introduced th3 speakers in a
mod est and becoming way.
The exercises opened with an invo
cation prayer by Rev. R. B. McDanel,
pastor of the Baptist church, in which
he paid glowing tribute to the calling
the class had chosen, and he earnestly
and eloquently prayed the richest
biasings from on High to rest upon
the good works of both, the hospital
and Its first graduation class. Touch
ing reference was made to the similar
ity of the profession of nurse to the
mission of the Great Physician.
Mayor Crile followed in a brief
speech of welcome and in a few well
chosen remarks praised the good this
and its sister institution are doing in
this community in ministering to the
sick. He was especially gratified to
know that It was our good fortune to
have such helpful institutions in our
I midst and found it a source of great
| pleasure that the people ot this com
munity are to have the advantages of
well regulated, modern training
schools for nurses. He spoke of the
helpfulness nurses are to physicians
and the absolute necessity for them In
the proper care of the sick. He was
proud to know that the present class
would go forth Into the world and by
their efficient work attract attention
to Clarksburg and our modern clvlli7.a
tion and advancement.
Rev. L. E. Peters, the speaker of
the evening, and the one whose dut>
It was to deliver the address to the
class, was then Introduced. The
speaker talked for three quarters of
an hour in a most interesting and en
tertaining manner. He began by call
ing attention to t'le fact that It was
an unique occasion, the first of its kind
ever held in the old, historic and
classic city of Clarksburg, where there
liad been social, political, religious
and other notable gatherings. He
then 8poke of trained nurses as a
necessity of the'advanced age in
which we live. In this connection he
Interestingly reviewed the progress of
medicine and the treatment of the
sick. He paid high tribute to the
hospitals and termed, them valuable
adluncts to the church In theadminis-j
tration of mercy and kindness to tbe
sick and afflicted.
Tbe address was both humorous and
pathetic, and highly instructive not
only to tbe class but also to the audi
Dr. A. K. Kessler in a few well
chosen remarks presented the mem
bers of the class diplomas, after which
Eev. S K. Arbuthnot, pastor of Goff
M. K. church, offered an appropriate
prayer and pronouuccd the benedic
The class was composed of Misses
Anna Smith, Clara Moseley, May
Coffleld, Bessie Swisher, Inez Dent,
Margaret Peterson, Mamie Bonnell,
Mary Lamb and Mr. W. B. Darling. ?
Is Feted at a Dance 6lven at the
One of the Marked Social Affairs
of the Season.
A Sumptuous Supper Is Served?
Vincent's Orchestra Played.
One of the brilliant social events of
the season was the grand Christmas
ball given in the Traders hotel parlors
on Friday evening by several of the
young gentlemen of the social set.
About forty couples attended and en
Joyed themselves to the fullest extent
Vincent's orchestra, from Grafton,
turnisbed the music. The hotel din
ing room was converted Into a ball
"room. It was beautifully decorated in
holly, mistletoe and evergreens, and
draped In the national colors.
A programme of twenty dances wa&
carried out, and was only interrupted J
at twelve o'clock by the serving of a
sumptuous supper In the adjoining
room. The menu consisted of many
of the delicacies of the season, i^
goodly quantity.
It was not until the "wee ,ama"
hours that the merry party broke up,
and It was with reluctance that they
returned to their homes.
The patronesses were: Mrs. John
Koblegard, Mrs. J. W. Williams, Mis.
J.J. Duncan, Mrs. Richard Lowndes,
Sr., Mrs. Nat han Goff, Mrs. Gardner,
Mrs. John Brown, Mrs. T. M. Jackson
and Mrs. John Buhl.
The committee that had charge of
the affair was Dr. S. M. Mason, a. B.
Koblegard, and D. L. Grove.
Those present were:
Misses: Lillian Brown, Miss Davis,
of Weston; Nina Wallls; Mrs. E. Hur
sey Vance; Nellie Lang; Florence
Thorne; Martha Bassell; Bozelle
Estill; Miss Frost; of Huntington;
Gay Estill; Miss Turner, of Morgan
town; Lucy Haymond, of Fairmont;
Lillian Koblegard; Miss Lanlnger, of
Pennsylvania; Mary Brown; Mrs. N.
List; Clara Koblegard; Jessie Koble
gard; Margaret Copelln; Susie Max
well; Jeanette Koblegard; Jeanette
Walker; Lillian Carr: Misses Freeman;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hart, Mr. and
Mrs. E. S. Wallls, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Wallls, Mr. and Mrs. Wirt Lewis, Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Lewls,"kr. and Mrs.
John Estill, Mr. and Mrs. Anson D.
Parr, Mrs. Gardner.
Messrs: J. M. Bowcock, K. Funk
houser, F A. Klrby, John Hart, A. C.
Dennis, P. P. Steptoe, E. A. Stathers,
W. H. Poling, Robert Bamsey, Clar
ence Parr, Cottrell, Hopklngs, S. M.
Mason, R. R. Koblegard, II. R. Smith,
L. H. Hornor, Haymond Maxwell, B.
W. Brown, D. L. Grove, R. Lee Biggs,
G. J. Fullerten, O. E. Swartz, Mr.
Dent, C. E. Gore, F. B. Wllllson, Ros
coe Llnlnger, A. M. Tyree, R. G. AI
tlier, Robert Wilson., Mr. Lively, G.
B. Chorpenlng, T. T. Salisbury, M. C
List, Mr. McNuIty, A. Kunst, E. 8.
Boggcss, W. H. Freeman, C. M. Hart.
Nugget Closed
The Nugget saloon, owned by the
estate of Harry Cahlll, deceased, was
closed last evening by order or the ad
ministrator, John A: Tlerney. The
object in cloning the salrion Is to get It
In shape to sell. This will be done In
a few days. It is understood there
are several good offers for the place.
FOR SALE?Fine sleigh. 'F. A.
Prltc" ard, Clarksburg, W. Va.
j.4 ?
The Venezuelan Affair will Now go
to the Hague for Solution.-Presi
dent's Suggestion Accepted
by Powers.
United States Relieved of Embarrassment-Block
ade will be Called Off Speedily, but no Arranae
merits Made as yet for that.
Discovered Under the Caywood
Plot Evidently Exists to Blow-up
the Property.
Cecil Beed, aged 18 years and resid
ing on Mnntlcello avenue, made a sus
picious And Friday evening. He-was
on bis way borne from up street aqd
happened to. spy something nnder tbe
John Caywood house recently pur
chashd by Hon. John Bassel. When
be brought it to light and examined
it he was surprised to And that he had
a stick of dynamite in his bands but
when he found out he carried it with
care. There to but one' logics) suppo
sition in the matter and that Is that
someone bad planned to blow the
house op. Such a deed might have
proved much more disastrous than Xhe
perpetrator even Intended. Rome
queer things are transpiring in vari
ous sections of tbe city. Over in Oar
lisle court tbe residents are disturbed
almost nightly by a prowler and the
watch dogs are kept unusually busy.
It Is Reported Has Quit Office of
, Constable.
It is reported that C. W. Lawman
has quit bis position as constable.
Mr. Lawman is in Parkersburg con
nected with police business of tbe B.
& O. railroad and tbe report can not
be verefied. Some weeks before tbe
election Mr. Lawman was appointed
constable by the county oourt and was
elected to the place at tbe recent elec
tion, but be failed to qualify as pro
vided by law.
Caused Delay of B. A O. Passen
ger Train.
A bad engine which could nnt keep
up steam was a source of worry and
annoyance on No. 4 passenger train
last night from Parkersburg- Tbe
train left Parkersburg only 20 minutes
late but was three and a half hours
late arriving here. It did not arrive
until 1 o'clock this morning. Stalls
oocurred at several of tbe grades and
delay was made until steam could be
gotten up again.
Cordon Well
In tbe Salen district, this county,
the South Penn has drilled in its test
well on the Hcsslon heirs farm and
has a 26-barrel producer In the Gordon
President Roosevelt >111 not be the
arbitrator of the Venezulean oontro
The wllo,e "eiatlous subject
will be referred for adjudication to
toe Hague tribunal.
Epltou.l.ed this w? the situation as
or ? ^ "**" ?'the conc,u*lon
of the Cabinet meetlngyesterday. Tbe
? was not so long as the sessions
Of the Cabinet usually are. Secretary
ay presented the net results of hia
cable correspondence with the govern
ments at London, Berlin, Rome and
Caracas. Tn accordance with the sue
?"de several days ago by Pres
ident Ririsevelt. through Secretary
Hay, PreM.ient Castro, of Venexula
rr,rf 10 ^Nfreed to submit
the differences between his govern
a?rrileEUr?Mn powers to the
arbitration of the the tribunal at The
Hagu^fbe European powers not
TrZJ?10 aUbmU tb? *??">
versy to arbitration, but while the,
Pre'erenCe for *? arbltra
"on to be conducted by President
Boosevelr, they had assented to his
No fe?? ^pressed that the Mon
roe doctrine will be brought Into the
controversy in any manner that might
m? tt ? ar embarriSKlngsituation for
b^atBrir 1118 kDown'th?
Great Britain was willing to submit
the subject to the arbitration of Presl
^nn' f?"SCVeIt Practically without
conditions, but the suggestion is made
that one and perhaps two of the other
powers Involved proposed some condl- .
tlons which might have proved em
barrassmg u,the President had he un
dertaken the responsibility of determ
inlng the qnestlon.
His understood that -some money
must pass, but It also I. known that
the amount of cash to be required of
Venezuela before arbitration is not
nearly so large as has been stated. It
Ispot possible to learn either whether
the allies insist upon apologies from
Castro, aud, while It Is assumed that
the blockade will be speedily ralsed.no
arrangements to that' end have yet
been made. The energies of the nego
tiators are now being devoted to the
Naming ?f what will be known a. a
condition proctocol and it is honed
that while this Class of document does
not undertake to closely deHne issues
to be presented it will still contain a
provision for the removal of the block
Operated On
Cecil B. Highland today came from
Hessler hospital, where he had been
sereral days undergoing treatment for
periostitis. A very successful opera
tion was performed and Mr. Highland
baa about recovered. The affliction
wa* qtolte torturing.
Attorney L. H. KeUey, of Sutton, Is
a visitor In the city.
Mrs. P. n. Koblogard Is visiting rel
atives in Weston.
John L Reid, a prominent coal man
or Zanesvllle, Ohio. Is tbe guest of W.
V. Mayo.

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