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Clarksburg Daily Telegram.1
DeroteO to the Inttresu of the BooutilKau.
Dertr and the people.
Clarksburg, W. VaM December 29, IS02
ginjsoBnrSoN bates. .
V^Dally. dellrervd by carrier. -10 cu. per weok
! Dal?y. delivered by carrier. - 40 cts. per month
: Dally, by mall. In county, - 25 cts, per month
Dally, by mall, opt of county, - six months. 82
| Daily.lby raall. out of county. - one year, il
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TELEGRAM regularly ijlll please make
?pec 111c com pi a bit to this office.
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?ale at
T Glen Elk Hotel news stand.
Dnuterman Druthers ot*s stand. Pike St.
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stand. (East Eud.
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Traders Hotel news siund.
Largest Bona Fide Paid Circulation!.
<*r ?
Advertisers de?*irltur chamro of display ad
vertisements must have their copy for same
in this office before U o'clock a. u?. to Insure
publication in tbut day's edition.
The spirit or coercion, it appears to
u?, has takenjpossession of many peo
ple to such an extent that tbelrofforts
to lmprova moral antisocial conditions
lose much of their strength in the
bitter antagonisms they Invoke. There
is continual harping about enforce
ment of the laws and denunciation
of those who violate them. The
idea of persuasion bus been en
tirely forgotten. Seldom"hear we of
movements to persuade men to do
right. On the other hand compulsion
is uppermost In the minds of those
who are continually agitation reforms.
The evil doings of others are heralded
to tbe world and the authorities are
b'amcd. The object of this course is
not apparent. It enrages those who
violate the laws and drives them to a
desperation and antagonism, which re
sult in more ilugrant vloalatlons. It
vexes tbe ollicars to be thus constant
ly criticized and Is without good effect
It certainly does not stimulate them
to better effort in the discbarge of
their duties, but to tbe contrary it
drives them to their work like a hen
pecked iLubband. Instead of an]
encouragement and a strength to them j
It bas a demoralizing effect. Again,
in this connection never bear we com
mendation of the officers for the good
deeds they do. They receive no praise,
whatever, but are always subjects for
fault-fin Jers. No spirit of generosity
or liberality Is shown toward them.
And again, we venture to say, aud te
lieve wo can substantiate the declara
tion! that there Is not a single citizen
in Clarksburg, who docs not violate
some law. It may be a trhle but it Is
a violation nevertheless. This being
true it would be the proper thing and
an exhibition of earnestness and slr.
.cerity for all who are so punctilious
about the keeping of the laws to care
fully refrain from even the slightest
and most insignificant violation them
selves. Tbey ought to set an example.
Having done this let them then not
overlook the fact that the important
feature of tbe end they desire attained
is the good behavior of the people.
Wltb that attained there will be no
necessity for the enforcement of th?
laws by the officers for tbe reason that
they are obeyed by the people, ilarsb
measures are found necessary at times
but persuasive ones are usually much
more effective. Men are much more
easily led than driven. A great deal
of strife and bitter feeling has been
engendered by the agitation indulged
In here the past several month?.
Many-harsh things have been uttered.
In many Instances unwarranted
charges have been made and the char
acters of innocent people have been
blackened and In some instances
maliciously and for selfish purposes.
The patriotism of the people has been
disturbed. The spirit of common In
terest bas been weakened. The get
aud-work-together spirit ha* bce-j
checked. There Is not so much ardor
la btidlng up th? ?!ty. Tbtre cjuij
not be progressiveness so long aa these
conditions keep up. -We can not oon
tinually war among-ourselves and sur
vive. There mast be a change, If we
wuulJ advance. .What oupbt to be
the nature and character of that
change?, Is a pertinent question (or
the carerul consideration of every
one. May we be permitted to suggest
that leas force and more persuasive
ness be tried? Discard the bablt of
criticizing the officers and co-operate
with them. I/et thuse who know of
the commission of crime lend a band
In Its suppression. Last but pot least
letatbere be a healthy, earnest cam
paign of example and persuasion.
An advance step was taken when
the city established a fire department,
but Its mere establishment does not
complete the work or-U? the necessity.
Constant improvements should be
made. Among these is an alarm sys
tem. Another Is a book and ladder
company properly and modernly
equipped. A general alarm appears to
be a necessity, since the department
Is not as large as is required to fTght a
big fire successfully. It Is found neces
sary to bavo volunteer tlremen and
these must come from the citizens. But
If '.bey are not apprised of the fact
that there Is a fire, tbey are not upon
the scene, and, as a consequence, there
can not be volunteers. There are many
things in connection with the depart
ment the city oouncil would do well
to give Its attention to. The depart
ment, as it Is now conducted, does ex
cellent work and gives good satisfac
tion, but the council Bhould provide it
with means to do still better scrvlce.
It can not be too efficient.
Tim gas companies of this city are
probably aware of the fact tliat the
fuel for glass and other factories In
the Indiana gas belt Is almost exhaust
ed. Being thus apprised, it is not out
of order for this paper to suggest that,
these companies put forth an extra
effort to get those factories to locate
here. That would mean a market for
the product of the gas companies and
would augment the Industrial activity
of this section. If we would have
more of these industries, it Is high
time we are up aDd doing. Get to
gether. gentlemen, and bring more
factories to Clarksburg. Increase the
weekly and monthly pay-rolls and bus
iness will increase too. The first of
the year is at hand. May there be de
termined and united effort to advance
every Interest and may our industrial
and commercial strides be longer and
stronger than in any twelve months of
our history.
Rekoum candidates ought not to use
the saloons and dice to further their
political interests. It Is an evidence
of hypocrisy. The people are too wise
these days to be deceived all the time.
A saloon Is not an appropriate
place for a reform candidate to open
Ills campaign.
The people have about come to the
conclusion that certain reform candi
dates should first reform themselves
before they agitate other reformation.
Death of Infant
A son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Vf. Law
man, residing near the Fair grounds,
died Saturday evening and was burled
at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon In the
r. O. O. F. cemetery. It was only a
few hours old.
Painter. Paper Hanger
to Life. : : : :
We are still under Hendrickson's
store but not a part of the foundation,
but Painting, Papering and Painting
Signs. AVith a full corp of sober men
we are prepared to do all work at
short notice and up-to-date style,
[rive us a call aud let us figure with
you. We will save you money.
133 Main Street. Clarkebur*. W. Va.,
Under Hendrlckeon's Store.
P. O. Bo* 407.
"Gypsy Jack," Jan. 23
Despite the apparent sway of farce
comedy and "show girl" performances,
the old-fashioned 'melodrama still
claims It* devoted adherents. That
this Is so, without a doubt, is practi
cally proven by the. unstinted success
which has greeted Willis Granger dur
ing his present tour with "Gypsy
Jack," Not only Ib Manager1* Edward
C. While highly pleased with the re
ception which has greeted his new
star, but the latter has, by his intrin
sic worth as a melo-dramatic actor,
proven his Utness for the role of the
gypsy boy, which is the leading char
acter in the production.
Miss Katherinc Willard is adding
new laurels to her reputation by her
rendition of "Aria" in the emotional
drama, "The Power Behind the
Throne." Miss Wlilard has proved
her ability and exceptional talents in
the production, so much so that her
tour Is one continuous ovation. Noth
ing ]s lacking in sccnlc effect, stage
mechanism or costuming to keep
"The Pfjwer Behind the Throne" up
to the topmost standard, while the
star's support "play up to her" with
admirable skill.
Effingham, 111., Nov. 7, 1902.
"The Tide of Life" played my house
on November 7, to a big house and
gave entire satisfaction. The com
pany is a well selected one and the
scenery and electrical effects extra
ordinary. The specialties far surpass
any presented here so far this season.
Return of a Great Pro
A piistu-al, natural drama, flavored
with the ?/;; local color of Tennes
see life, describes "A Romance of
Coon Hollow," which has been one of
thejtubstjntial triumphs of the last
eight seasons. Tills success is due U
the magnificent scenic effects, among
which are a realistic steamboat race
between R. E. Lee and Natchez, and a
cotton press in actual- operation. But
the play meets favor on worthier
grounds. It is splendidly constructed,
the characters are tlesh and blood be
ing the plot is dramatic and interest
ing, and the humor genuinely funny.
The electrical eflects, showing a nlgtit
In a southern country place, are novel
and prutty. A "red hot" troupe of
darkey male and female plantation
dancers, and an excellent vocal quar
tette, add volume to the entertain
ment. "Coon Hollow" will be seen at
Grand Opera Honse. one night, Tues
day, Decembor 30
The Tide of Life
Edwakd Austin,
Manager Opera House,
Edwardsvllle, III
Astonntllno; Memories.
Horace Veruet la the beat example
of visual meiuory. He could palut u
striking portrait of a man, life size, aft
er bavins once looked at bis model.
Mos&rt bad a great musical memory.
ELarlug beard twice tbe "Miserere" In
(lie Slstlne chapel, be wrote down tbe
fliH score of It. There are soloists who
during Hrenty-four hours can play the
cowposlltau of other masters without
ever slipping a note.
A Difference.
-Actors are not much like ships," re
marked -Hamlett Egg thoughtfully.
"Wtiy this observation 7*' Inquired
Brutus Do Trick.
"Well,** answered Egg. "ships are
sometimes stranded on the rocks. Ac
tors are strauded because of a lack of
rocks."?New York Tiroes.
Parental Dlaofpllne.
Nervous Parent?Stop that! Haven't
I told you the last fifty times 1 hud to
correct you for that I wouldn't speak
to you again about It??Los Angeles
By a series of elaborate experiments
a soleotist has come to the conclusion
that bees are not so Intelligent as house
A housekeeper who has been em
ploying a colored washerwoman for
several months was surprised to see
her appear last week In a bat trimmed
heavily with crape.
"Why, Julia," she asked, "Is any of
your famUy dead?"
"No, no," was the reply, "but one of
my best customers gave me this bat,
and I didn't want her to think I don't
'predate not bin'."
The Preacher Got the Hens and th?
Decree Wai Revoked.
Not long since a respectable colored*
preacher, who was uoteil for his abil
ity to "cuss out" people from the pul
pit, was burling thunderbolts of in
vective againnt his congregation be
cause of a great wave of lying and
stealing that was sweeping over the
city. Among other things, he said:
,4'No lofager'n las* night some one
come an' stole de las* two chlckins dat
me an' mah ole 'oman had. I b'Ueves
de thief is ill dls house right now, an' I
hereby countersigns him to cvahlastin*
puulshment. De nigger dat stole dem
chlckins Is a-gwinter burn fur it sho.
Yo' hyeah me? De 'cree has gone
forth V
Next morning a colored man with
two fine hens came up to the preach
er's door. He said:
"Parson, hyeah's yo' chlckins."
"No, sab," said the preacher, eying
the .chickens closely, "dese ain't mah
"I knows dey ain't perzactly yo'wn,"
explained the parishioner, "but dese is
to tek de place of yo'wnr Yo' chlckins
wuz et up 'fo' de 'cree went forth, an'
las' night atter I went to bed my con-,
shunce hurt me so tell 1 had to git up
an' go ovah to Marso Bob's house an'
git two mo* chlckins. Parson, do tek
dese ehicklns, an' fur de Lawd's sake
I tek dut 'cree back too."?Llpplncott's.
KnKlinlt Deer Hunting.
The running of the deer begins in
j November, and It is said they often
tnke as keen an interest in the hunt as
their pursuers. The hounds are never
allowed to kill them, and t?e same
I ones are Often run for several succes
| alve years. Twenty-five of the heifer*
and does are selected for the season'h
sport, and two are usually run in a
week. The one chosen for the day is
drawn in a queer looktug two wheeled
covered cat t to the appointed place.
The back of the cart Is lowered until
It Is level with the ground. When the
door is opened, the deer steps out, sniffs
the air, with his head up, and takes a
sweeping glance around before he Is
away like a shot. He is given flve
minutes' "law," while the well trained
hounds and hordes stand tremblingly
Impatient to bo off In pursuit.
The old English staghouuds hav'e be
come extinct, and foxhounds, bred for
the purpose of the chase, have suc
ceeded them. So lleot are tlfty that
the horses become Jaded In their ef
forts to keep up with them.?Century.
London Chnrcti Curloaltles.
In St. Dlonis, In Fenehurch street,
there are four monster syringes, which
were at one time the only form of fire
brigade appliances in London. The
I celebrated golden tombstone In St.
Katharine's, Regent's park. Is very
j well known. It Is a tombstone, or.
rather, a small slab of pure gold, sur
j rounded by an oak frame. Many pco
pie are unaware that the body of Nell
I Gywnn reposes in a vault in St. Martln
I ln-tbe-Fields, and a still larger number
j of persona are ignorant of the fact
I that beneath the same church there Is
still In exlsteuce the old parish whip
j ping post. Beneath St. Etheldreda's
church, In Ely place. Is the only sub
| terranean place of worship In London.
It Is a completely furnished chapel
I with sitting accommodations for 200
I people. St. Etheldreda's Is the oldest
Roman Catholic church In England.
Weeded a Rest.
"Rest is not quitting the busy ca
reer," saj*s the poet. The truth of the
saying was impressed on an Arkansas
family by Lulu, their colored cook. She
was fat, lazy and "notional," says Har
per's Magazine, but her cooking was
perfect, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Ig
nored her whims and reduced her work
to minimum.
Good cooks were so hard to get that
the- question of adding a feather's
weight to Lulu's duties was discussed
in a subdued whisper. One day Lulu
cesigned her position.
"Why, Lulu," asked Mrs. Lawton,
"what Is the matter? Is the work too
hard for you?"
"Well, ma'am," replied Lulu, "I'm all
tired out. I'm going home and take In
washing and rest up."
An Aaclent Greek Relic.
As a memorial of their victory in
their final and desperate struggle at
Palatea to hurl back the Invading east,
the ancient Greeks made a tripod from
the golden cups of the Persians' table
and the bronze of their soldiers' armor.
It bore on Its sides the names of every
city whose soldiers fought and fell In
the supreme moment of a nation's life.
That tripod still exists at .Constantino
ple, a national relic which has endured
longer thun the states whose deeds it
Quite ProMlc.
Mr. Farwest?I met my old school
mate, Lakeside, today for the first time
in an age, and I thought from the way
he acted when I mentioned you that
you and he must have had some ro
mance or other before we met.
Mrs. Farwest?No romance about it.
We were married for a few years; that's
all.?New York Weekly.
Short Method.
Caller?Mr. Sharpe, I have come to
ask your advice as to the quickest way
to be relieved from my debts?
Lawyer (thinking for a moment of
something else) ?Pay them. ? Chicago
She Hnd Him.
He?Carrie, 1 believe you think I'm a
She?And yet you say I'm always in
the wrong.?Boston Transcript.
Among the curios of Windsor castle;
is a chair made out of the trunk of the
famous elm by which Wellington stood
at the battle of Waterloo.
Rooms 26, 27 Lowndes Bid.
Office open until 8 p. m.
. Want, Found and Lost notices, etc.,
etc., nill be published in this column
at the rate of iwo cents per line pec
ADVANCE. Count six words to the
line. Nothing acoepted for less than
25 cents.
To Insure publication in the current
dav's issue send in your "ads," in the
I forenoon.
ROOMS TO RENT?With gas and
| bath at 511 W. Pike street.
nov 24-tf
FOR SALE?Team, wagon and har
ness. Inquire at this oRlce. 12-25-tf
? FOR RENT?One five-room cottage.
Water and gas, Apply L. J. Carska
don, Glen Elk Produce Co. dec-2-tf
perienced book-keeper. Twenty-three
years of age. Best of references fur
nished. Inquire J. II. Dowman, West
Virginia Heating and Plumbing Com
pany. 11-5-tf
Foil Salk?The building on corner
of 3d and Pike streets now occupied
by theClarksburg ProduceICompany.
Must be removed by January 1st so
work may be commenced on the new
building. A great bargain. Call on
or address W. Mason, Chapel street
Home 'Phone. declB-20.
LOST?On Main street, a lace collar
in envelope from Bough ner & Sons.
J Reward if returned to this office. 24-2t
WANTED?Talloress, or girl who
has worked at tho trade. P. O. box,
181. dec 2G-3t
WANTED?At once, borse-sultablc
for delivery wagon. P. O. box, 181.
dec 26-3t
FOR RENT?A desirable house on
Locust street, near Chestnut, newly
papered and in good condition?eight
rooms and bath room and cellar.
Apply to Homer D. Boughner. 402
Main street. dec 26-3t
Winter Tourist Tickets, Season I
1902-3?Baltimore & Ohio
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad has
placed on sale at all prtdcipal offlccs
east of the Ohio River, Tourist tickets
to points In Alabama, Florida, Louisa
ana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North
Carolina and Texas; also Havana,
Cuba, and Nassau, N. P? at reduced
rates. For additional Information
call on agent Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
Telephone Ser-1
vice l? the twen
tieth centur y* ?
me<vn? of com
mit nication.
Businen r a. t e I
lev* then 10 cent*
per day in the*
Cone o 1 i d a I e d
TelephoneCompany'a eyetem.
Holiday Bargains...
in Rich Cut Glass. Bisque and Teria
Cotta Novelties. Boundless profusion
of New and Nobby Christmas Gifts. All
the latest designs in Art Vases and Fancy
311 W. Pike. "BET IT AT STOUrS" Home^Phone 395.
Do Yovi Need a. New Fa.ll
Svxit or Overcoatt?
If You Do. CclII on
W. R. McKEE & CO.,
Tl\e Merchant Ta.ilors.
321 Pike Street. HvicH'sJHotel Bld'g.
Peoples Bank
Peoples Banking & Trust Co 1
Capital. $100,000.
Accvireccy. Promptness, Libera.lity.
Hvitfh Jarvls, Cashier. V ^ V
s ? t - ~J''.
should come Into a man's thoughts at
the same time. At that season he
should present himself with some new
apparel. Ills social duties demand
that he be well dressed. %
tills the requirements of men of taste
as none other can. It Is cut and tail
ored with the skill and care that Is
characteristic of the expert's work.
It flu perfectly, yet c<?ts very little
more than the olothler'sclothes.
C. L. Ford & Co.
Rooms 3 and 4,Trjders Annex.
Alexander & Alexander,
' -
General Irvsvirance,
Oldest and 'Largest
agency in this part of
tHe vState.
R.ooit\s 2 and 3, Mairi Street.
Hornor Building,
Drugs, Etc.
Tonic -
Try opr Beef, Iron and Wine.
It's a most fortunate combina
tion. Beef nourishes; iron
makes new blood; wine is the
stimulant. The three together
create an appetite. Improve di
gestion, bring color to the
cheeks, an the arteries with in.
- vlgoratlrig blood, and bolld up
? health In must desirable ways.
50c per Pint Bottle.
116 Third Street
Open Day and Night.
Contractor of Wells Cellars, etc.
Cement Cellars a Specialty.
All Work Guaranteed.
Box 274Clty.or 508 Montkello Ave
Room 5 and 6 Rookery BTg.
Accounts solicited for
N? York Stocks tad Bends
Chisago Grain Md Provisions,
either on Margin or Investment.
Private wire.

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