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Pianos are tbe best.
New York
Full set of Teeth $5.00 up.
Urown and Bridge Work rcpiacln(?l06i
cceth without wearing a plate ou;
specialties Made with or witbou
gold showing.
Gold Cap.Crown or Bridge
Tooth ('J'1
Fine Gold Fillings $1.00 up.
Amolg&mi Fillings 50c up.
by Air, Gas or obtundo.
DR., HILL. Manager.
L&dy Attendant.
Home Phone. Clarksburg
We are Reciving
Holiday Goods
and have & most select lino of
Toilet Sets, Military Brushes,
Mirrors, Hhateiain Haps, Pick
et Hooks, Stationary, Perfum
ery, Fine Candies, and many
other articles too numerous to
mention, which are most
Appropriate for CKrist
rrvas Presents.
Home in and take a look at our Line
before making a telectlon.
Wire Supports.
No Advance
in Price.
15 Cents Each.
[West Virginia.
Moore Building, Fourth St
Both Phones.
Wholest le and Retail Wines
and Liquors.
Traders Building. Third Street.
All Work Done Satisfactorily
and Guaranteed
No.207 Main St.. Clarksburg W. Va.
Tin &nd Slate
Guttering. Spouting.
QX general repair work.
Call or drop card?
123 SteaJy St.
Ladies of Clarksburg!
We beg to Inform tbe Ladles of
Clarksburg that the Clarksburg In
stallment Company has opened up
attain and Is ready to sell Ladles'
Waists, Skirts, Suits, etc., on easy
aymcnts. We do not charge lnstail
uent prices, as other Installment
louses do. Wishing to have all our
.Id customers back again, and also new
,nes, we can assure them good treat
nent, we are, Yours Truly,
Clarksburg Installment Co.,
Ike StrMt. Opposite walker Home
Before the
Rush Begins.
New fall suitings and Over
coat materials are all in.
Many very handsome and
exclusive patterns among them
at quite modest prices. J
And now before the rush
begins and while the new fab
rics are all here is the best
cime to leave your mgasure.
Rotter facilities t)>J?n ovorfor
cleaning and preuulnir. j
Harry R. Smith.
Traders Building, 227 Main Street,
C. W. CR1SL1P,
Stone Brick and Work.
Office. Stuart Building. PI*? Street.X
Practice In both State and Federal Court*.
Collection of Claims a Specidty.
P. o. Box No. 155, Consultation Free.
for what you pay for inferior machines
See ]. E. Doman,
739 Locust street.
If you need any harness for you
teams, no matter of what kind, you
will llnd it always on "hand at Rey
nolds. Main street. He keeps an up
to-date harness establishment. 8-30tt
You will And a lar^e collection of
useful gifts at The Clarksburg Tailor
In C. Dec. 13 25
Mid-Win ter Excursions to Wash
ington?Very Low Rates
Baltimore & Ohio R- R.
In accordance with its usual custom
the Baltimore & Ohio R. B. will, on
January 22 and February 10,1903 run
two popular Mid-winter Excursions to
Washington at very low rates for the
round trip, allowing ten days return
limit on tickets, Including date of
Excellent train service, standard
coaches, Pullman parlor and sleeping
These delightful excursions afford
splendid opport unities to visit the Na
tional Capital during the session of
Congress. For tickets, time of tralDS
and full information call on or address
agents B. A O. R- R. for full infor
A most complete and fully illustrat
od Guide to Washington may be pur
chased from agents B. Jfc O. R. E >t
ten (10) cents per copy.
Thompson fl/lusic
Company Moves
The Thompson Music Company has
moved to the north end of Olen Elk
bridge, where they are opening up a
line display of musical Instruments
for tbe holidays. Tbey will also have
an unusually large line of fine small
Instruments, and everything carried
In an up-to-date music store. Call
and sec them before buying your
Ohrlstmu prments.
Lenders Wanted High Rates and Were
Left With Funds on Hands?In
vestment Demand for Bonds.
New York. Dec. 27.?The activity
and the buoyant tone developed In tha
stock market yesterday came as some
tliins like a surprise. The market
started off In as dull and listless a
manner as possible. The tightness of
the money market was looked to as a
factor to repress speculation, and this
was the caso early in the day, at
which time the call loan rate rose to
12 per cent, with leans reported at 15
per cent. Later In the day it devol'
oped that landers were oversupplled
an J were left with considerable funds
on their bands as a result of holding
out for Ulsh rates.
Low priced stocks came Into special
favor and many of them were taken
up successively and sharply advanced.
There was undoubtedly a general con
fidence that the danger of serious
trouble In the money market between
now and Jan. 1 is practically $&st, ow
ing to the assurance against emer
gency provided by the bankers' $50,
000,000 money pool and the stage tn
which preparations have reached for
the Jan. 1 settlements. Confident es
timates show that probably $132,000,?
000 will be disbursed during January
In the New York market. The mar
ket closed firm and active.
There was some investment de
mand manifest for bonds, especially
among some of the well-secured Is
sues. Total sales, par value, $2,200,
United States 2s and 4s advanced
Yt and the 3s, coupon, % per cent on
tfio last call.
Five Are Reported Dead and Fifteen
London, Ont., Dec. 27.?It is report
ed that the Chicago express on tho
Grand Trunk railroad, which left here
at 9:30 o'clock last night for Sarnia,
collided with a freight coming east at
Ptrathroy. The express does not stop
&t Strathroy, usually running through
the village at the rat? of 50 miles an
hour. The latest reports from tho
sccne of the wreck state that five per
sons were killed and 16 injured.
May Have Got Wrong Man.
Pittsburg, Kan. Dec. 27.?It is re
ported that Joe Godley, a brother of
Montgomery Godley, who was lynched
by a mob here Thursday, is wounded
and in hiding at Weir City, Kan., anil
later Investigation of the trouble be
tween Officer Hinkle and the Godley
brothers tends to show that Joe, and
not the rann who was lynched, fired
the shot that killed the policeman.
Two other brothers, Gus and Jess, are
in Jail at Glrard, charged with being
implicated in the murder, but Joe es
caped. The mother of the Godley
boys Is said n have asked a physician
here to ticat Joe tor a gunshot wound
In the neck. She would not tell the
whereabouts of her son, and the doc
tor refused to go with her.
Unanimousty Chosen.
Philadelphia, Dec. 27.?Insurance
Commissioner Israel W. Durham, the
leader of the Republican organization
In this city, announced last night that
the party leaders have unanimously
decided upon John Weaver, the pres
ent district attorney, for the Repub
lican nomination for mayor of Phila
delphia, to Bucceed Samuel Ashbrldge.
The mayoralty election takes place In
February. Commissioner Durtfam,
who had been In conference with locul
leaders yesterday, left for Hot Springs.
Va.. after announcing the selection of
Mr. Weaver. John Weaver was elect
ed district attorney a year ago over
P. P. Rothermel, Jr., the Union party
candidate, after an exciting campaign.
Misunderstood Orders.
Edison. O., Dec. 27.?The eastbound
Cincinnati and Eastern express on
the Big Four was derailed at the
crossing of the Toledo and Ohio Cen
tral railroad here while running at a
high rate of speed early yesterday.
The accident resulted from a misun
derstanding of signals, the passenger
train going off the track at a derail
ing switch. One of the two engines
attached to the train was totally
wrecked. Engineer Stump and Brake
men Reed and Lampkln all received
slight Injuries. No passengers were
Fired on Robbers In Cellar.
West Chester, Pa., Dec. 27.?Lewis
Brown, a resident of New Garden, a
small village near here, yesterday dis
covered four colored men In his col*
lar. He procured a shotgun and fired
on the quartette, killing one of them.
It la supposed that one or more of the
others were Injured, as traces of blood
were found near the house. The men
had bagged about 38 bushels of pota
toes and were about to depart when
discovered. The coroner exonerated
One Killed, Two Maimed.
Harrlsburg, Dec 27.?Returning to
their homes, a car containing work
ingmen employed on the PhlREdelphla
and Reading railroad was backed
Thursday night on a siding near Hum
xnelstown and collided with an unpro
tected draught of cars, killing Charles
J. Landrus. of Hummelatown, and
maiming Harry M. Zug and Solomon
G. Ramsey for life. Zug and Ramsey
were brought to the Harrlsburg hos
Ohio?Fair; continued cold today,
except snow flurries In northeast por
tion. Tomorrow, fair apd warmer;
freah north to northeast winds.
Western Pennsylvania?Snow to
day; fair tomorrow; continued cold;
Crash north winds.
West Virginia?Fair; continued coll
today Tomorrow, fair and warmer,
i ;
Industrial Enterprises Inter
rupted by Taking of Inven
tories and Fuel Shortage.
Healthy Tone in Iron and Steel and
Bright Outlook for the Coming
Year?Very Large Amount of Busi
ness Will Be Carried Over.
New York, Dcc. 27.?R. G. Dur &
Co.*s Weekly Review of Trade, issued
today, says in part:
?Trade and speculation experienced
the customary holiday quiet, except
in .Christmas goods, which sd.d freely,
many packing and shipping depart
ments being still engaged on this class
of work, which could not be completed
at the specified time. Industrial un
dertakings are interrupted In manv
cases by the taking of Inventories,
while other plants are closed because
fuel cannot be obtained. Orders still
come forward freely, and the new year
will operf with more business on the
books than ever before. Prices of
commodities are firmly held by the
steady domestic demand, and there is
a good export movement of the lead
ing staples. In this, as in many other
Instances, however, thete is still the
drawback of inadequate transporting
facilities which restrict shipments to
the seaboard. Financial condition**
are satisfactory. Railway earnings
thus far reported for the month of
December surpass last year's by 5.0
per cent and those of 1900 by 11.6 per
Healthy Tone in Iron and Steel.
Quiet conditions in the iron and
steel industry unaccompanied by any
sign of weakness testify to the healthy
tope and suggest a bright outlook for
the coming year. Furnaces and mills
will extend the season of Idleness be
yond the usual time, not because or
ders are lacking, but In order to ac
cumulate a moderate supply of coke.
The situation in regard to shipments
from Connellsville has not improved.
A very large amount of business will
be carried over into next year, prob
ably more than in any previous sea
son. New contracts have come for
ward more slowly of late, mainly be
cause of the uncertainty as to date of
delivery, although there are prospec
tive purchasers who still anticipate
better terms in 1903. Foreign pig
Iron is ofTered slightly below domes
tic quotations, but neither imported
nor home made iron is available for
immediate use in large quantities.
Independent steel mills claim that
they are unable to pay present prices
for billets, which cost $31, or more for
early shipment. Reports from the
south show a large Increase In pro
duction, as compared with any pre
ceding year. The strongest depart
ment of this Industry appears to be
steel bars.
In woolen goods there is a good de
mand, overcoatings providing the
chief feature, but cloak manufactur
ers have also bought freely, especially
of light colored lines. Woolen and
worsted dress goods are quiet, but
steady, and light supplies sustain
flannels. Wool Is strong, with a
further advance anticipated next year.
Failures for the week numbered 209
In the United States, against 250 last
year, and 21 in Canada, compared with
23 a year ago.
Arrested on Suspicion.
Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 27.?The body
of Jacob H. Rostick, the Pennsylvania
railroad track walker, whose body
was found on the tracks two week*
ago near this city, with the skull frac
tured and a bloody pick handle near
by. was exhumed yesterday and a bul
let found at the base of the brain. The
murderers had planed to hide their
crime by placing the body so that the
cars would run over it. Two young
men from Columbia named McCoy and
Gutterman are under arrest, and the
authorities claim they have strong
evidenco against them.
Army Officer Missing.
Denver. Dec. 27.?Second Lieuten
ant William M. Kistler, Company M.
Eighteenth United States infantry,
has been missing from For* Ix>gan for
nearly two weeks. The Denver police
department has been asked to assist
in a search for him. Lieutenant Kist
ler is 23 years old. He enlisted as a
private in the Sixth cavalry six years
ago at Philadelphia. Shortly there
after he went to the Philippines and
saw service in and about Manila.
Coadjutor to Archbishop Elder.
Cincinnati, Dec. 27.?An official let
ter from Rome, creating the office of
coadjutor to Archbishop Elder, has
been received here. A vote will be
taken by the irremovable rectors and
councillors of the diocese, then by the
bishops of the province, and after
ward by the archbishops of the coun
try. The three lists will be sent to
the propaganda, which will recom
mend to the pope. The pope then will
announce his decision.
Marconi Congratulated.
Glace Bay. N. S., Dec. 27.?The fol
lowing message was received yester
day by Marconi in reply to his wire
less telegram to the Italian minister
of marine: "Considering the co-op
erstlon of the navy as s duty which
was owed to you, I am happy and
proud to have been responsible for ar
ranging that it should be given. I con
gratulate you cordially upon the put J
Crew Living on Bread and Water and
With Only Enough Coal to
Last 12 Hours.
Toledo. Dec. 27.?The steamer A. L.
Hopklna, which left Detroit last Tues
day morning, en route to Toledo, and
which was sighted abreast of Toledo
light in Maumee bay Thursday, is now
completely In the grasp of the Ice
and Is In grave danger of being crush
ed and sunk. Yesterday a tug at
tempted to reach her, but was able to
go only within a couple of miles of the
boat. Yesterday evening the mate
! and two sailors of the vessel came *o
the city after a perilous trip over the
Ice. They were nearly frozen and tell
an awful story of the condition of af
fairs on the boaL The three men who
came in were John Baker, mate, of
Buffalo; 'Albert Walters. Lorain, and
William Yates, of Detroit They were
sent in by the captain to learn If any
thing was being done for the relief
of the boat According to the story
told by the mate the vessel I ad little
trouble In getting through the Ice un
til It reached the bay. Then It at
tempted to turn back to Detroit but
was unable to get through the chan
nel It had made six hours before.
Then the vessel was taken back to a
point off Toledo, where it was caught
In the Ice, and from which grasp !t
has not as yet been freed. The crew
Is living on bread and water. The
only food the members of the crew
had on Christmas day was a piece of
bread, a slice of bacon and a baked
potato. Since tnat they have had
nothing save bread. The greater por
tion of the trip p.cross the Ice was
made on hands and knees. The boat
has a crew of 12 men. The coal sup
ply. the mate said, could not last 1?
American Historical Society and
Amerioan Economic Association
Are in Annual Session,
Philadelphia, Dec. 27.?The Ameri
can Historical society and the Ameri
can Economic association, each of
which will be In cession In this city
until Tuesday, formally opened their
annual session lant night by holding
a Joint meeting in the Drexel Insti
tute. Beginning today the organiza
tions will hold separate sessions.
There Is a large attendance of profcs
sors from many of the educational In
Btltutlons of the country. ?
Dr. Joseph Wharton, of the school
of finance. University of Pennsylva
nia, welcomed both organizations,
after which the president of each so
ciety delivered his annual address.
Captain A. T. Mahan, U. S. N., re
tired, president of the Historical so
ciety, spoke on "Subordination in His
torical Treatment." and E. R. A. Sellg
man. professor of economics In Co
lumbia university, president of the
Economical association, had for his
subject, "Economics and Social Prog
Escaped in Night Clothes.
Schenectady, in. Y., Dec. 27.?The
Maxon block, opposite the Union sta
tion here, was totally destroyed by
fire yesterday. The fire, which prob
ably was caused by an overheated
chimney, was a spectacular one. The
total loss was $100,000; Insurance
about $75,000. The principal portion
of the building was used as a hotel.
In an adjoining building also was o
hotel. The occupants of both were
aroused and removed in safety by
friends and others. Some of the hotel
guests were compelled to flee in their
night clothes.
Two Killed by Powder Explosion.
Steuben vllle, O., Doc. 27.?An
Austrian woman was burned to death
and a man killed by a powder explo
sion in a house boat on the Ohio river,
near here, yesterday. The woman had
tried to start a fire with gasoline. An
explosion followed and she was burn
ed to death. Her husband and board
ers escaped from the boat, but were
unable to secure her body. One of
the boarders, an Austrian, went back
after money he had hidden and wa^
killed by an explosion of powder that
he had stored In the boat
Cardinal Gibbons at Pittsburg.
Baltimore. Dec. 27.?Cardinal Gib
bons left here last night, for Pittsburg,
where he will take part in the cele
bration of the golden Jubilee of the
Passlonist order. President Loree. of
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, ten
dered to his eminence the use of his
private car, which was attached to th?
7:30 p. m. Pittsburg express train.
The cardinal expects to return to Bal
timore early next week.
Tomb Guard.
Cincinnati. Dec. 27.?Lieutenants
Reece and Inglehart, with two ser
geants and four corporals and 30,. pri
vates of Company M, Third United
States Infantry, left Fort Thomas,
Ky., yesterday for Canton. O., where
they will serve as the special guard
around President McKlnley's tomb.
They will relieve a detachment of the
Fourteenth infantry.
Mr. Vanderbilt Steadily Improving.
New York. Dec. 27.?"Mr. Vander
bilt has passed the be t day since hla
serious Illness. He has made a dis
tinct gain since Thursday." Dr. Aus
tin Flint Jr., made this statement a*
he left the vTanderbilt residence yes
terday evening. Dr. Flint evidenced
great confidence in the recovery of
the patient
Frozen to Death.
Lancaster. Dec. 27.?Thomas Mont,
gan. an inmate of the county aim*
house, wni found a half milo from
i institution j
Thf Name of Htt-bblna. "
The Stcbblns family is fairly numer
ous. It Is not dow a classic nmae. Its
owners wear it iguorantly. More tbe
shame for thorn. It is by right a classic
name, borne as it was by the tlrst of
Christian martyrs ? St. Stereo. Some
times spelled Stephen. Steven l4 the
Dutch way of spelling It. Spell ;it In
Spanish?Esteban. Drop tire Init!** si
lent "e," and then you hnve Stcban.
Among the ignorant tbe step to $tet>
bius is very short. And the honorable
name of *St. Steven takes on degrada
tion even ns the fine old Norma n-Frinch
name D'Aubaine becomes the homely
In Hl? Father'* Footatepi.
Blnks?I>ld Smith's father leave him
anything? :? *g|.
Jinks? Only bis debts.
Binks?Uow Is Smith getting alotig?
Jinks?Well, he hns greatly increased
his inheritance.?Baltimore American.
Tomson?Johnson has uo ability of
any kind.
Jackson -Nonsense. Why, he can
ask you for a Iain In such a way that
you thanl. your lucky stars for the op
portunity to accommodate him. |
I'lrnxed at ft.
"The fools are not all dead yet." said
the angry husband.
"I'm glad of it. dear/'^-calmly replied
the other half of the combination. "I
never did look well in black."?Chicago
Ifo lAvairieo t.i Cl?lt?w~
"It's the funniest thing to me,!'
an olu sea captain who for inauy *
was In the China trade, "that nine
of every ten Chinamen who cotne to
I this country open laundries atul engage
! in a business which does not exist in
I their native land.
"As every one knows, the Chinese at
homo wear soft cotton and woolen gar
ments, according to the season, and
there Is not a pound of starch in all
China. Stiffly stnrcbed clothes are un
known. and the Chluese men do not
do the washing as they do iu Jtote eoiin
try. Neither is there aiiy regu'ar laun
dry In the Flowery Klixr lom. There
fore It is more than paasi.i? xtrauge
that Chinamen should nil e.?:tie to
America and engage in u trade sv? for
eign to their home industries." - ilalti
moro Sun.
>7 .1
DUipilwd Hand* AlwnjTi Ibd.
"Here is a truth." sh.vh u handwrit
ing expert In the Philadelphia Itecord,
"that is as widespread as the t the.-: A
disguised hand a I way n tries to Ik* poor
er than the real band. That ax'om is
a great help to us experts. For In
stance. when a letter done In a . dis
guised hand Is brought to ns v? e al
ways know that the writer of r>.e let
ter Is in a higher station than tin- hand
would lead us to infer; lietirb In our
detective work we are able to save
much valuable time by eliminating nil
persons socially below the appearand*#J
of the letter and concentrating :.t
tentlon on those only who are above
?5?s**?ei3ett< ?*^Tsx*3??3?$?aee?ae?aa?*?4??*?i?) jostwarsa:^
T. J. Lynch & Co.
M settings.
Oil Cloths.
Wall Pampers.
Window Shades,
Lace Curtains.
On Leidtes Coats and
F vi rs. ^ y y
BUILDING. Dry Goods Store.
Main Streei.
on here at this store
than ever.
Holiday Goods irv Endless
Vauriety ^ ^ ^
Dolls, Handkerchiefs, Silverware, Picture
Frames, Medallions, Mirrors, Comb Sets,
In fact, everything.
Xm&s Rugs. XnfaLS Carpet, Brussels
Xm&s Ca.rpet Sweepers
Thousands of Useful Xmas
Some Ileal F-3tate jropos' Ions wUich we
are able to make you afford opportunities
MENTS which sbtuld be picked op at

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