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ain turning to snow tonight and colder; Friday snow and colder.
? Delivered tl All P?rt? ?
* ct City by Carri*!*. ?
* A WXEX. ?
After Very Lively Discussion Last
ing Nearly All Day, but Senate
Bill May Meet With Better Fate in
tye House When Final Action is
Charleston, W. Va... Feb. 9?The.
House bill providing lor a city, cluir
r for Salem was indefinitely posl
?eil in the House just before ad
journment last evening after an ex
citing day of discussion. The mo
tion to postpone carried by a vote
of forty to thirty-seven.
As soon us the bill was read it
was attacked by those who opposed
placing the issuing of saloon licences
exclusively in the hands of the coun
cil. The chief reason for the at
tach is tliat the State Industrial
Home for Oirls is located just out
side of the town, and one reason Im
pel! trig the Meet ion of that point
was that Saltern had no saloons. A
motion to indefinitely postpone was
made and debated vigorously for
several hours, and finally adopted,
'but the announcement o[ the vote
was fought off for some time by a
motion to reconsider, which brought
in its train a number of other mo
tions to adjourn ami postpone that
-neld the body in session for an hour
longer. Finally the motion to re
consider was indefinitely postponed.
Tlie bill was taken up on motion
of JJjixwcll. of Harrison, ;iml put
on its first reading. "Mr. Injrram
then made the motion to indefinite
ly postpone consideration of the bill.
litiys Woodford and Dunnington's
Lease and Tnl-es Possession
of the Hotel.
Walter F. Ran has purchased
Messrs. Woodford and Dunnington's
lease of the Jackson hotel in Park
ertsburg. The deal was consummat
ed Wednesday night. Mr. Rati is
still in Parkersburg, looking after
the hotel and will not he home for
several days. Immediate possession
was given him, and he will manage j
it himself fur a while at least. Al- j
though lie will spend much of hi? '
time at Parkersburg. Mr. liau will |
continue to reside in this city, his
interests being large here and lining
identified not only with the Metro
politan hotel hut other enterprises
of a profitable nature. lie is a fir?t
class hotel man and is widely known i
over the state as such. His acquire
ment of the Jackson means a val
uable addition to the hotel men's I
circle of ParkoTsliurg and under his
management that successful hostel
ry will continue on an even greater
To He Tried For Trying To De
fraud the Vnited States
Br Associatkd Press.
Washington. D. C., Feb. fl?'The
trial of Machpn. Tjorcnz and Craw
ford. who are under indictment of
]!K)3 for conspiracy to defraud the
tLignVsooi ateo Phesp.
SVet. III.. Feb. 9?A^lea.l blast
on a drainage canal exph?de?l today,
killing .Tohn Lynch and Michael
Maekev, and seriously injuring an
By Associatep Press.
Washington. D. ('.. Feb. !l?T!"
11'nipe today began the last day of
discussion of the freight rate regu
lation bills. A vote was taken to
Speaking to the motion to in
deflii itolv postjwne Mr. Maxwell
made a strong argument against the
motion and in favor of the bill. He
exhibited a lonj; 1 i??t of names, all
but one those of citizens of Salem,
to a petition asking the passage of
tli" bill. It was not a whiskev
measure, lie said, for a number of
|those now here in favor of the bill
11 ro absolutely opposed to the sale
<>f whiskey. He himself would
wipe the liquor business entirely out
<>f the state if lie had the power.
-Mr. Ingram replied in a speech of
considerable spirit. He said the
entire state was interested Because
of the (Jiris' Industrial School.
The merits of the bill were dis
ced bv Messrs. Fleming. Kvans,
Kittle and Herndon. In favor, and
Messrs. Preston. Craig, Hardin.
Holmes and Wetzel, of Jefferson, in
wpek the senate by vote of
?' ?' passed its bill giving Salem
the charter, and the House will have
t<> consider it. While the action
yesterday is a severe blow to the
movement, yet it is claimed that
the advocates of the measure will go
to work harder than ever to pass
the Senate bill, and there is vet
more than a probability that Salem
will j;et the charter.
Are If railing Movement For a
Clarksburg Hate Jinll Team?
Central Stale League May
Be Formed.
Clarksburg is going to have a pro
fessional hall team this year. Frank
^ el eh and C. B. Outright are agnilt
at the head of a movement which a
few years apn gave to this city the
fastest base ball team ever gotten To
gether in the state. A glance at
some of the players will bear out the
statement. In the lineup they had
"Bull" Smith, Curtis, Snyder,
"Buck" Washer, now with Philadel
phia, Shriver, Ed. Kenna. now with
St. 1/Miis, Lefty Core, Bob Oonowav
and several others equally as good.
These men are all in fast company
now. The men at the Tiead of the
movement think that they can pick
out just n? good a bnneh again. It
is their intention to get a park built
outside of the citv. and then tlicr
can have Sunday ball. If they are
successful in this movement it
should be a great success.
Fairmont is already preparing for
the fans. Manager Slack, who" se
cured such a fast hunch of player*
.last year, will again manage th<
Fairmont team. It Is the intention
of the management to get a ball park
closer to the town than the one
which they had last year. It i.;
very probable that a league will be
organized in this section, embracing
the towns of Clarksburg. Grafting
Fairmont and Morgan town.
Flm/d Ft fillings, of Logan?
"nJ Urroiamended Life
1 niprisonmenl
Bv Associated Phess.
I/'San. W. Vn? Feb. 0?Flovd
Stollinfrs was todav convicted i>f the
murder of Rose White last I
Iier. the jury recommending life im
Bt Associated Presr.
Berlin. Germany. Feh. 9_Adoli
Von Mcnsel, artist, died today.
Btathers Will bo Summoned to Tes
tify Before Investigating Com
mittee ITow It Came Into His
Charleston, W. Va., Feb. fl?At
the third session of the Elliott let
|ter investigation committee Inst
evening little that was new was
brought out except hp to who first
found the letter. The question
with the committee seems to be
whether there was anything in the
charges of corruption stated by El
liott in his letter.
General George W. Curtin was
the first witness called.
He said Friday evening, January
27, afier returning to my room. Dr.
W. E. Stathers said I have some
thing to read to yon and read a let
ter addressed to Worthington and
signed by Elliott. I said you had
better be careful and not let it get
out of your hands.
I went home Saturday and knew
nothing more till 1 returned. Wit
ness said Stathers didn't state how |
he got it. or what he wis going to
do with it. Stnthers later told him
it was in the' hands of newspaper
Randolph Stalnaker testified that
ho had heard the letter rcjid in
Smith's room Saturday evening and
that he then said ho didn't care ?f
it was published in every language
in the world. Don't know how
Smith got it. or Elliott lost it.
Asked as to reference to him in
the letter as beipg "in close touch
all the time." the witness replied.
that he didn't knofr what Elliott
had meant by it. Snid he had no
interest in the gas bill. Denied that
he knew anything of a pre-election
deal between Dawson and the Stand
ard Oil Company.
Attorney General Elect-May de
clared that he was not involved in
any lesislation and did not know
what Elliott meant by his insinua
tion. He stated that he was not in
terested in the gas bill anil didn't
know anything about the letter.
Said that be didn't, know anything
impro])er on the general talk. Said
he knew of no one going into a eon-1
spiraev with Elliott to defeat the j
gas bill. May said he had lieejj on
posed to the gas bills and that El
liott was an active lobbyist. Asked
if Dawson was not an active lobby
ist. he replied that he never knew
of Dawson working as a paid lob
Speaker Gros?cup was next called.
Said be was interested in the tr>v; I
bill but never knew of the existence I
of the bill till the judiciary commit-1
tee of the house had reported Jt1
favorably. Said he was interested '
in its recommittal. l>ecause it affect-1
ed his business. ITo said he had
asked members o ftho bill to give
the opposition a hearing on the bill
and that he had asked MeCamie to
make the motion to re-commit it and
had told Worthington and others to
appear before the committee. Said
he had: talked to Eliott; that Elliott
had asked his judgment about the
bill and he had answered that ho
thought it should not pass and was
?oing to try and have it re-commit
ted. Said be was connected with
the Kanawha Light, Gas and Fuel
j Manufacturing Company.
I Delegate MeCamie was at the "rnst
j meeting. He told about the bill ic.
.committee and his talk with Gross
cup, but told nothing new or vitally
important. Said Elliott had talked
with him about re-committing the
At the conclusion of the hearing,
a list of additional witnesses to
summon was prepared. A disagTi'e
inent arose lietween the committee
over whom to summon. The li?t
eontains the names of Auditor
Schorr. Attomev General Freer. W.
E. Stathers. T. G. Brady. John T.
McGraw. W. . Ohlcv. Elliott North
cott. C. E. Wells. Governor, A. B.
White. Governor-Elect Dawson, C.
D. Elliott, who is to he recalled and
Senators Elkins and Scott.
Dr. Stathers will he required to
tell how ho came to have the letter
iu his possession.
Esteemed Woman of Mount Clare
Passes Away After an Illness
' . With Pneumonia.
Mrs. Grace Riggs died at her
home in Mount Clare Wednesday
night at ten o'clock from pneumonia
The deceased was 57 years of age
and is survived by several children.
Ilcr death causes deep sorrow among
a wide circle of friends.
The funeral will take "place from
the late home Friday morning at
ten o'clock. The. burial will occur
in the Hansford cemetery at Mount
William L. Gcfipert, Samuel it.
Bentlev and Jay Reefer went to
Wheeling Thursday nfternoon to
meet a number of Wheeling Elks
and confer with them as a delega
tion from the Clarksburg lodge of,
Elks regarding the big circus the
Clarksburg lodge will give in the
near future. The circus is to be
like the one the Wheeling Elks gave
with so much success a short time
ago. Besides looking after the lodge
business all three gentlemen will at
tend to- private business matters be
fore returning to Clarksburg.
From An Indictment Charging
Ilim With Manslaughter For
Terrible Disaster.
By Associated Press.
Chicago. Til., Feb. 9?The indict
ment charging Manager Davis, of
manslaughter, on account of the 1 to-.,
quoin theatre fire, was squashed to
day, the document failipg to show
any omission of duty by Davis.
By Associated Press.
Omaha. Neb., Feb. 9?Another
blizzard started today. It is feared
traffic will be greatly impeded.
Rr Associated Press.
Norfolk, Neb., Feb. 9?A severe
blizzard is threatened in Nebraska,
and South Dakota. Stock is en
dangered. Triflic is crippled.
By Associated Piif.?s.
Louisville, Ky., Fob. 9?Weather
conditions are better in the south
west, but between the Mississippi
river and the Atlantic ocean tele
phone wires have been practically
out of business since Saturday and
telegraph lines are badly crippled.
By Associated Press.
Columbus, O., Feb. 9?Dr. O. II.
L. Machcr, superintendent of the
Gallipolis hospital, who has been re
ported missing, telegraphed today
from Ne<" xork that he was there
on a pleasure trip and none need
worry about him.
Former Federal Judge Ttlodgett
Passes .4 way At His Home
In Illinois.
Ry Associated Press. ?'
Chicago, 111., Feb. 9?Henry W.
Blodgett, who resigned in 1892 from
the federal bench, to become eoun
el in the Bering Sea -arbitration,
died today in Waakegan, his home.
Judge Blodgett was liorn at Am
herst. Mass.. July 21, 1821, and was
educated at common schools and Am
herst academy. In April, 1850, he
married Alathea Crocker, of Ham
ilton. N. Y. He studied land sur
veying and engineering, but began
the study of law at Chicago in 181?
and was admitted to the bar in De
cember 1814. He located at Wak
kegan. 111., in February. 1845. Tie
was a member of the Illinois legis
lature in 1852-4 and state senator!
from 1859 to 18H3. In 18fi9 lie]
was appointed T'nited States dis
trict judge for the northern district
of Illinois and served as such until
1892. when he resigned to l>eoon>c
one of the counsel of the 1 nited
States before the arbitration tribun
al of the TTnited States and Gre.it
Britain in regard to fnr seals iti
Bering Sea, . ? .. if iJ
I Purpose Is To Take Immediate I
Action On Situation Arising |
From Destruction of Main Build
ing By Fire.
The board of trustees of the Wes
leyan University of West Virginia,
will meet next Wednesday to take
action relative to the disaster bv
fire that rpcentlv visited that insti'
An emergency call has been
officially issued as follows:
"This urgent call is made for a
meetmg ?f the Board of Trustees
of the \Vesleyan University of West
Airgima, to be held in Captain
oundstone s office, in Rucklmnnon,
on Wednesday, February 15tli
(mat.) at 8:30 o'clock a. m
? '"Pres. Board Trustees."
"Pres. W. U. W. Vo.
Fallowing the call are the follow
ing notes by President Wier. ex
plaining the situation and the pur
poses of the meeting:
i "Pur ",ain building was destroyed
uy fire Saturday morning last Post
of building, $3S,000. (not includ
ing improvements.) Insurance
$10,000. The work of. the S
proceeds in temporary quarters.
I. " o must hive a building for
class work complete and readv for
occupancy by the end of August next;
, ^Proper plilop lo (onc!) ftu.
dents will not eonie to.tip.
? " ' m"sf ,,nvP a full meet
ing of th.> board. Failure to secure
n quorum now would thwart plans
for money setting within and with
out the state.
t ,Wc must begin effort im-1>
mediately. Action of the board is
imperative before anv ft/Tort can 'k>
"I. Make sacrifice if necessary I
t.?""05" *?*?**
;? " TI'? C?8 nf ??r ^liool lif.>
I- upon us. We must act now."
? Ire To Tale Plnrr of Shanties
Along the /?. & 0. Itailroad
This rear.
President Murray, of the B. ? |
?- railroad, has an aggressive [tolicy
and believes that to give the public
the best facilities results in the most
successful operation of a railroad
system. Having spent over $100,
W>fl,ono during the past seven years
in reducing grades, taking out curves
laying new tracks and improving
terminals, it has been decided to
provide up-to-date stations at many
of the small places along lines of
the road.
The erection of sixty new stations
mil tile building of extensions to
ten others has been authorized at in
?iggregate expenditure of about $R0.
flOO The cost of each improvement
will range from $850 to $1,500. The
new stations will be located at dif
ferent point* along lines of the road
where worn out old buildings have
?>ecn in use. A number of them will
>o comhined freight and passenger
stations, and others will be used ex
clusively for handling freight. Some
are in course of construction and
eontracts for others will soon be
Among those in this sectjon arc
j combination .stations at Berrvbuiv
and Cranberry, freight station at
l ennAboro. Combination Station at
" ?Ifonburg, extension at Warehouses
it Coprs, Ellenborr.. Arnold and
loll {.ate and combination stations
at I.nmberport and Rinehart on the
nhort Tane.
I. Newton Williams, the brick I
j manufacturer. is hobbling on erutc b
|"S as tbe result of a fall on an icvi
Par?mon? Hr grained hi* riebtl
tnkle. The injury is painful. j
. I
Ordinance Granting 6as Franchise
in That Town Passes Its First
Reading at Town Council?New
Company Will Organize and Put
in Competitive Gas System.
. J 10 Adamston town council met
in the town hill there Wednesday
night at 7 o'chfek, wn'tli Mayor
Southern, Becorder Cntright, Coiiu
Ml'iien Morn,, Wolfe and Criss and
Chief of Police A. .1. Shafer present.
. Ihe minutes of the previous meet
ing were read by the recorder and
approved by the council.
The mayor, us superintendent of
streets, reported that the street?
were never in better condition, ev
plaining that they were frozen solid !
J he report was received without no
i he ordinance committee reported
Tor adoption an.ordinance in vogue
n Clarksburg prior to the adoption
;>f the city charter, entitled, "An
? 'rdmance on Offenses Against Good
. j a?d the Peacc of the Town of
\dainston,' containing C3 sections.
I He ordinance was adopted and or
Jerrnl spread on the ordinance bo.*
>f the town.
The following franchise was in
rodueed, and upon motion of Mo?
?is. seconded by Wolfe, was passed
" its second and last readir.c
Mayor Southern not voting an-l
I riss voting against:
A" "finance granting to George
. Southern or assies the.right to
use the streets, alleys; roads and
squares of the town of Adamston
or the purpose of laving gas mains.
>ipes, etc., therein and making col
lections therefrom with public and
invate property and of conducting
rus for light and fuel through f-e
"line, to and for the use of the oc
?npants of sueli property and the in
liinitfliits of the town.
Be it ordained by the council of
he I own of Adamston that George
? ? out horn iiml his assigns, int^i
iSl!l a"'1 scvpraJ1y. be. and he
ind m>. assigns are licrehv granted
ie franehise and right to use. for
he period of fifty years from Ho
late of the adoption of this ordi
iane... the streets, allfvs. roads and
^uares of the Town 'ot Adamston
or the pur|K)se of lavingWmains
Jijhw. and connecting with same,
nrongh. across and under the =:ifrt
itreets. ro^ds, alleys and squares and
riake connections therefrom to pub
?o or private property, conduct
through said mains, pipes and con
H ill Meet in Wheeling Monday am',
Tiienday in Fourth Annual
The fourth annual convention of
the West Virginia and Man-land
Nate Laundomen's Association will
he held in Wheeling at the Carroll
? lull on Mondav and /uesdav Feb
13 and 14. ' 3
The association i.? compose- of all
the laundrymen in all the cities of!
this state, with the exception of
Charleston, and those of Western'
Maryland. The officers are: Joseph'
If. Miller, of Morgantown, presi
dent; Ernest McCoy, of Fairbont.
first vice president : Mr. Smith, of
Mannington. second vice president:
Lawrence Wehrle. of Wheeling third
vice president; W. J. Lata, of Wheel
ing, treasurer, and T. W. Ileirone
nions, secretary.
The association _wil] convene at 2
o'clock Monday afternoon, when
routine business will he taken up and
matters pertaining to the trade. es
pecially to express rates, will be dis
cussed. In the evening a banquet
will be served by Ziegenfelder. and
one of the features of the evening
will be the illustration of a machine
delivery system. On Tuesdav the
business will a?sin be taken tip. of
fieer< elected and the place of hold
ing the nest convention selected.
The organization has been in et
jatpnre for four years and has heon
highly successful in its objects. The
this year is expected to b?!
tfcc nw?t successful on,, yetan-)
nections to such property, an<l In
supply gas to (lie inhabitants of
said town and occupants of, t\%id
property, and make all necessary
Excavations for the purposes afore
said and do all things necessary to
the Mine end, hut said .Southern or
assignR shall repair such streets, "al
leys, roads and squares immediately
after such excavations or ns soon
thereafter ns possible or practical
and refill and leave the same in as
good md permanent condition as
they wore immediately before such
excavations were made. ' If Baid
street?, roads,?jilley8 or squares, or **"
any of them are now paved or shall
be paved before such mains, pipes
and connections shall he bp. laid
therein such paving sliall not he"* *
disturbed by said Southern or a"- *
signs except with the permission M
the committee on streets, alleys,
roads, etc., or the superintendent of
such streets, etc., and if .disturbed
with such pej^nission, such paving
shall bo replaced by said company
under the direction of said commit
tee or superintendent.
As a part of the consideration for
the rights herein granted the sn'i
ncorge C. Southern, his success. >r*
and nssisns, agree to furnish to the
Town of Adamston on and after the
date when they shall have a system
of pipelines laid and completed f.r
supplying gas in said town and so
long as thev shall operate said .sys
tem hereunder, gas free for heating
and lighting the mayor's" office of
said town, and gas for ten street - -
lamps for street lighting free of
charge to said town, said lamps to
he placed under the supervision and
direction of the said counicl, or its
authorized representative.
The mayor appointed Outright.,
Smith and Criss as the finance com
T'pon motion of Criss the coancil
adjourned t.o meet in two weeks.
Mr. Southern announced a selied
ule of prices it was proposed to
charge that is much lower than is
now beine paid. Ho alSo stated
that it was the intention to organ
lie a company and put in a complete
system:- It is understood that am
ple territory can be obtained for the
use of the proposed company.
the members are very enthusiastic
over the prospccts.
Visitors, other than members of
the association, from Ohio and
Pennsylvania are expected to be
n resent, twenty attending from
Pittsburg alone.
The constant rain Wednesday and
Wednesday night resulted in raising
the West Fork river and Elk cri'ol
considembly and the ice went out
from 8 to 11 o'clock Thursday morn
ing. hut without damage to property
as the waters were low More the
blizzard catne.
flii Pnn'i-nger Trnin Going Through
Bridge and Some Perhap*
Br Associated Tress.
Melbourne, la.. Feb. 9?A west
bound St. Paul passenger train went
through a bridge early today. Many
! were injured and some perhaps fatai
Two are dead and twenty-fonr in
jured. The engine and eight ear-i
arc ina ditch. The 200-foot bridgo
is wrecked.
The accident was the resnlt of a
broken rail.
Conductor Marsh !s dead, an l
Brakeman Moore is missing.
Of the injured. Minnie Taylor,
jnf Chardon. O.. is cut about the
he?d, and her right side is injured.

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