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?Fair and
hjUuntay fair.
, .- h- ?' 'A* , i '
We are tike only paper in the city
taking tbe Aaaodated Pm>
Sjmker of House Caustically Ad
monishes Certain Lobbyist Not
to Insult the House.
Hie Battle Over the Revenue Hill,
Especially As to Tax on Export
Coal, Oil and Gas.
[By Associated Press.]
CHARLESTON, Feb. 15?After
scoring lobbyists, generally from the
chair Speaker Seaman said, appar
ently addressing some Individual not
oamed: "And you, sir, who offered
to furnish means to secure votes for
your bill, I say I know you and now
see yo? on the floor, and will say you
must not again insult the Intelli
gence and manhood of the members
of the house."
Seaman's remarks caused much
CHARLESTON, Feb. 15, (Special)
A big fight Is on In the state senate
today over the amendment to the
revenue bill providing for a tax on
gas exported from the State, the fight
for the amendment being made by
Bailey, of Grafton.
Kldd. of Gilmer, moved that In ad
dition to gas, that coal and oil be
taxed at a rate of five cents per ton,
-and the same amount per barrel.
Senator Thorn was against the
amendment, explaining that the
proper time for such action had not
The light Is still on this after
Fully Seventy-Five or Riglity. Per
haps More, Victims of Sea Ills
aster Still Missing.
tBy Associated Press.]
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Feb. 15?
No more bodies of the victims of the
foundering steamer Larchmont were
recovered last night. The number
of the Identified dead is 56. Eighty
seven people who were known to
have been on the steamer are still
missing or unidentified. It Is now
practically certain the Larchmont
?carried 159 souIb.
Over Report on Immoderation Bill and
Result is is Doubt.
[By Associated Press ]
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Feb. 15?
The Senate resumed consideration of
thp conference report on the immi
gration bill today. It is apparent
the conflicting Interests in the Sen
ate are in a deadlock over the report.
, No one. will undertake to say what
the outcome will be.
At Ijoalnillo for Murdering Fellow
Ooavict In Penitentiary.
[By Associated Press]
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 15?Ben
Huffaker, a negro, was hanged here
today. Huffaker. while a life con
vict In the penitentiary, murdered B.
Shirley, a fellow convict.
CAMERON. Feb. 16?J. H. Dickey ;
of Rock Lick, committed suicide at
his home by taking a dose of strych
nine. He had been despondent for
several days past, but the cause for
his act is not known. He took the
poison at about 10 o'clock and ex
pired in a few moments, after tail
In * those present that he had taken
strychnine. Deceased was al-out 35
years of age, married, and was en
gaged in running a general store at
Rook Lick.
CHICAGO, Feb. 15?May wheat
78 1-4. com 41 7-8, oats 40 1-1.
Sin* Complains Tllat he Assaulted
And Beat Her And Wants
Him Punished.
Constable Art Waldo arrested Ot
to Moffett at the glass factory at
Adamston Friday morning and took
him before Magistrate Oordon on a
warrant that had been issued on
complaint made before Squire M. E.
Shaver, of Brown, by Mrs. Mattle
Moffett, his wife, charging him with
assaulting and beating the complain
ant. He was required to appear be
fore the magistrate Saturday after
noon at 1 o'clock for a hearing.
Mr*. Bradley, Who Killed Former
Senator, May Be Arraigned.
[By Associated Press.]
WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 15?
Mrs. Anna M. Bradley, Indicted for
murder In the first degree for shoot
ing former Senator Arthur M. Brown
of Utah, at the Raleigh hotel here
the eighth of last December, will
probably be arraigned next week.
Ending Mutiny on Turkish Transport
mid Ten of Them Arc
[By Associated Press.)
Sl'EZ, Feb. 15?A mutiny on a
Turkish transport, while the ship
was passing through the canal, end
ed by three hundred soldiers jump
ing overboard. Ten of them were
drowned or shot dead by loyal
mariners. The others reached the
shore and escaped.
Condition Dangerous and Billionaire
Hustmml Hushes to Her Bedside.
[By Associated Press.]
AUGUSTA. Ga.. Feb. 15?John D.
Hocketeller, who has been here for
a month, left for New York last
night on receipt of a telegram i ?
nouncing the dangerous illness of
his wife.
(By Associated Press.]
NEW YORK. Feb. 15?The direc
tors of the Standard Oil company to
day declared a quarterly dividend of
$15.00 a share.
LYNCHBURG, Va.. Feb. 15?Re
ports from Thaxtons today deny the
reports that a race war was raging
there In a railway construction camp.
In the FolBom district, in this
county, the South Penn Oil company
has drilled its No. 4 on the J. M. Orr
farm through the fourth sand and
developed a light show of oil.
Tries to Conuult Suicide by Opening
lilood Vchm'1 and Ik
Very Weak.
I By Associated Presit.]
Guy Lyon and Polk Fletcher, both
white, were hanged here today for
assault upon Mary Glader. a young
German girl. Lyon attempted to
commit suicide last night by opening
a blood vessel in his arm. He was
so weak from the loss of blood this
morning that he had to be carried to
the scaffold.
all mn. All the achievements In
I lay Smith, With Fellow Workman,
Severely Injured in Accident
at Klkinx.
| Ray Smith, son of Captain James
H. Smith, of this city, and brother
of John B. Smith of the Telegram,
| is a patient at the hospital in El
klns suffering from severe Injuries
sustained by falling with a scaf
fold he was working on late Thurs
day afternoon.
With another employe of the El
klns Electric Light Company with
which Mr. Smith has been engaged
as an electrician, he was working on
a building placing some electric wir
ing. In some unaccountable man
ner the scaffold they were on fell
throwing the two to the ground, a
distance of thirty-two feet. Ray was
very badly bruised and Internally
Injured and his companion had both
legs broken. Both were taken to
the hospital at once. The extent of
Ray's Injuries .are not known at
present. His numerous friends In
this city are pained to hear of his
misfortune and all sincerely hope he
will have a speedy recovery.
An 1 t?|M>t-<?<1 But IN'utli Will Ik- n
Mailer of bill h Sliurt Time.
William Fox, of Industrial, near
Salem, who shot himself in the head
intentionally Tuesday night, is not
dead yet. He did not die Wednes
day night as stated, the Information
received by the Telegram being from
what was regarded an authentic
source, was Incorrect. The report
that he was dead was taken by the
parly giving It to the Telegram as
true. He cannot recover, however,
and 'hiB death is expected at any
time. He has not regained con
WIIjL is lodged
Iii the County Clerk's Office For Pro
bate By Its Custodian.
The will of the late Mrs. Mariah
iv. Smith, of Parkersburg, but for
merly of Marshvllle, this county, was
lodged In the county clerk's ofllce
here Friday afternoon by John W.
Harbert, its custodian, for probate.
Mrs. Smith was burled at Parkers
burg Monday. She had a n imber
I of relatives in this county.
He Would Disregard Federal
Sum mans and l? Brought
to Court.
[By Associated Prsss.]
LIMA, O., Feb. 15?After chasing
through a dozen cities and eluding a
United States marshal with habeas
corpus papers. Deputy Sherlq Ernest
of Allen oounty, reached here today
with a prisoner, Julias Belser, bank
ruptcy trustee for the Brackett Iron
ft Bridge company.
Belser was taken into court and
arraigned. Bond was given and
Belser was released. Belser waa
notified to appear before the Allen
Allen county grand Jury and glre
testimony regarding the company.
He was ordered to do this by the fed
era] court, bat said he woald disre
gard the summons. Deputy Earnest
waa sent out on bring In the witness
and finding Belser in Cincinnati last
night compelled htm to accompany
him to this city.
I'laiis Art* ompleted for the West .Vir
ginia Connecting Lino by
the Promoters.
To Itailroud t'onipuny or I'art it's
That Will Build the Line at the
Earliest Possible Moment.
Plans for the West Virginia Con
necting railroad have been complet
ed. All surveys and rights of way j
will lie sold by J. V. Thompson and
D.- F. Maroney and their associates ',
within a short time. The company j
was organized several months ago to j
build a line from Bellngton, W. Va .
to Kogersvllle, near Waynesburg, Pa.
to develop coal property In that soc
tlon. At that time It was announced
the road would be built by capital
ists who formed the company as
quickly as possible. Since then ex
isting railroads have made a proposi
tion to purchase all surveys and
build the line at once to prevent It,
from falling Into the handB of other I
lines seeking a foothold In this dls-|
It could not be learned today
which company will get possession of
the new line. If the plans are sold
It will be with the distinct under
standing that construction work Is to
be started as soon as possible.
Several meetings have been held
in Pittsburg during the past month
at which. It Is said, the sale of the
connecting line was discussed. Rep
resentatives of foreign roads were In
the city at the time. It was Inti
mated today that none of the exist
ing roads, except possibly the Wa
lmsh. has made an offer for the line
with the understanding that It must
bp built without delay. One report
had it that the Pennsylvania and the
Vanderbllt Interests would build the
new road, but this was denied.
The old report that the Deepwater
& Tidewater was figuring on purchas
ing this road and connecting It with
the new road being built across West
Virginia has been revived. It Is
known that the Deepwater & Tide
water Is headed for the lake region
and It is intimated that the West
Virginia Connecting will form a por
tion of this line.
Orlnnd Booton and George IjaugliHii
Have Two Rattling Ghm in Sen
ate and in the Street.
I CHARLESTON, Feb. 15?Orland
Flooton, of the Charleston Mall and
Charleston News, and George A.
Laughlin, president of the Wheeling
Intelligencer, furnished the sensa
tion of the legislature Thursday by
engaging In two rattling scraps, one
on the floor of the senate and the
[other on the main street of the city.
These two acts followed a quiet,
hut sensational prologue pulled off
on the same street the afternoon be
fore, over political articles about
L,aughlln printed In the Mall and
News. Laughlin tweaked Booton's
ifose and the latter said he would
settle with him for It.
When the senate took a recess at
noon both men were at the reporters'
table, right up in front of the room,
an dBooton at once went for Laugh
lin. Two or three blows were pass
ed between them, Laughlin reoelvlng
a Blight mark about the face and
-ooton getting through unscratched.
After the adjournment of the sen
ate in the afternoon Laughlin fol
lowed Booton down to about the (pot
where the nose pulling took place,
and proposed that they light the mat
ter oat. At It they went and Laugh
lin was soon on the pavement, with
Booton on top of him, landing In his
face with his fist. Booton was pull
ed oft and the two men were taken to
court where they were fined.
Laughlin got two badly blacked
eyes and waa braised up consider
Falls to Gronnd, But Walks Back to
Scaffold. When Kope Breaks
a Second Time.
[By Asioclated Pre*n.]
RICHMOND. Va? Feb. 15?Moses
Hill and William Ruffln, negroes,
were hanged today at Farmville, (or
the murder of Postmaster John
Grubbs. Hill weighed 275 pounds,
the rope broke, and he walked calm-J
ly back to the scalford, when the
rope broke a second time, and he
died In agony on the ground.
CHARLESTON. Feb. IB; (Special)
?House bill No. 302 has been favor
ably reported by the judiciary com
mittee of the house. It makes it a
misdemeanor to treat in saloons.
The Acme Collecting Agency has
moved its offices from the building
occupied by Magistrate Gordon's of
fices. to the Irwin building, room
No. 12, second floor above the Union
National Bank.
The "Isle of Bong Bong" company
which plays at the Grand opera house
tonight, arrived at noon over the
Short Line from Wheeling, where
they played at the Court last night.
ehe ?
bkse Mil sthle
Men Charged With Breaking Into
And Stealing From B. & O.
Freight Car R^eattd.
Charles Hammond and Frank
Moore, the two negroes who were
put In jail two or three days ago to
await a hearing on the charge of
breaking intb and stealing merchan
dise from a freight car in the Bal
timore & Ohio railroad yards, were
turned loose Friday morning by Mag
istrate Gordon. ? T. L. Powell, Bal
timore & Ohio railroad policeman,
who made the arrest and preferred
the charges, was unable to procure
evidence connecting the two men
with the theft of the articles from
the car and he withdrew the war
runts against them.
Dr. Elkanab Hulley, of Btoaddus.
Superintendent F. L. Burdette, of
the city schools, and other local edu
cators are at Mannlngton attending
the sessions of the Monongahela Val
ley Round Table. The Round Table
will be in session also tomorrow
morning. \>r. Hulley is one of the
Hpeakers on the program.
The public schools of New York. especially on the eaiit side, do not consider
their care of the children afcan end when the dally sessions are over, hut try
to look after their welfare at home ih well. Trained nurse* ore sent to the
homes of eick pupils, and doctors are, provided when needed. Recently a small
riot was caused on the east Hide by the action of the school authorities lu having
a surgeon operate In the school buildings on children afflicted with adenoids. a
growth In the nasal passages. It was rumored In the streets that the rhlldren
were having their throats cut. and parents, mostly Ilttsslau Jews, made raid*
on three or four schools, necessitating the calling out of police reserves.
Manuel Plolmer, night watchman
on the railroad at Meadowbrook who
was taken from the city lock-op to
the Kessler hospital suffering from
some kind of poisoning Thursday
morning, la getting along nicely un
der the treatment given him at the
latter Institution and his recovery Is
? The city council la scheduled to
meet In regular session tonight. The
business will likely be mostly rou
tine, there being nothing on the
boards as yet to make It extraordin
Thaw's Night Keeper in the Tomb*
I (end?Warm Friendship Br
t?m the Two.
(Br Associated Pram.]
NEW YORK, Feb. 15?Michael D.
Downey, who for months was Thaw's
night keeper in the Tombs, died last
night. There was a warm friendship
between the two. Thaw ordered a
wreath bearing bis card placed on
the casket.
Jesse Fltagerald, a negro, was hang
ed here today tor the Murder of
Mrs. Robert Broach toe.
Meeting Well Attended Is Held at
Connelisville for That and
Other Purposes.
Welch, of Clarksburg, I* Among the
iUrectors Chonen by the
New l/eagur.
At the UarletU hotel In Connells
vllle yesterday afternoon the owner*
of the clubs In the proposed Western .
Pennsylvania Baseball Leabne held
a busy meeting In which the circuit
was definitely decided upon and many
other matters of Imparlance were
looked after.
The league will begin lu first sea
son composed of eight teams repre
senting the following cities in Penn
sylvania and West Virginia: Fair- ?
mont, Clarksburg, Greensburg. La
trobe, Butler. Beaver Falls, Scott
dale and Connelisville.
Salaries Are Fixed.
One of the first makers brought up
for consideration was the salary quea
tion. and after some discussion It wu
decided that the |800 salary limit
would be exclusive of managers.
The club owners showed their ap
preciation of their president, Al. J.
Lawson, by granting him'a salary of
$SOO. This was done when Mr. Law
son was out of the meeting and It
was in no way solicited by him.
The division of gate receipt! waa
agreed upon. This waa made per
game as follows: A guarantee of $40
or 40 per cent, of the gate receipts,
with a rain guarantee of $20.
Spauldlng Balis.
The league adopted the Spauldlng
baliH as the official ball of the league.
A representative of the A. J. Spauld
lng company was present at the meet
ing and the company will furnish
two balls free of charge for each
game played during the season.
A constitution was drawn up and
adopted and a board of directors was
elected as follows:
Thomas Haymond, Fairmont; W.
A. Morrow, Latrobe; Frank Welch,
Clarksburg: Ewlug Coughenour,
Connelisville: W. G. Earle, Scott
dale: A. J. Lawson, Butler.
No Passes Allowed.
The question of free passes was
discussed and It was decided that all
passes given out by the league mast
be signed and issued by the presi
dent. and that these tickets will be
confined to newspapers only.
The receipts of all holiday games
will be pooled and divided among all
the teams of the league.
Some work was done towards pre
paring the schedule and the double
season proposition was taken up and
discussed. T(iese matters will again
lie taken up at the adjourned meet
ing which will be held Friday morn
ing at the Hill hotel In Scottdale.
Last night at the Hill hotel here
Billy Earle. who owns the Scottdale
franchise, was host at a big banquet
to the visitors. The guests were
seated at 10:30 o'clock and a most
enjoyable time was had.
Thov Present.
Those present at the meeting
Clarksburg?L. Hoge and Jesse
Greensburg?James Anderson, Ed
ward Powell and C. F. Clark.
Connelisville?Ewlng Coughenonr.
irwln?W. F. Malarkey and John
ston Smith.
Butler?A. J. Lawson.
Beaver Falls?Charles E. JewelL
Latrobe?W. A. Morrow.
Fairmont?W. D. Woods, Tom
Scottdale?William Earle, Smith
Buttermore. ,
Homestead?S. Whaley.
Dom Debartona tod Clement De
botta, Italians, both single men,
miner* at Monongah, were badly
burned about the lace, neck and
arms Thursday. C. L. Cook, of the
engineering department, who was
some distance away when the acci
dent oocTrod was bnrned oti, h?t
not- so badly. Be was painfully
bnrned about the faoa and hand*.

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