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Snow tonlRlil and WcdiH-Mluy.
The (ireaim and Uphi n.
Exhaustive Presentation in An
? Able Manner of Gneat-Na
tional and World Problems.
Bold and Aggressive Stand is
Taken for Many Big Gov
ernmental Reforms.
?Bjr Associated Pr?s?.l.
The joint committee of the Senate
and House or Representatives ap
' pointed yesterday to notify President
Roosevelt that Congress was regular*
ly in session and prepared rn l>cgin
business, reached the White House
to perform that duty shortly after
10 o'clock this morning. The Presi
dent told the committee he would
communicate in writing to the Con
. gress.
The annual message of the Presi
dent was received by the Senate at
12: IS and within a minute Secre
tary Bennett began reading it un
, der direction from the Vice Presi
dent. The secretary was followed
?closely by many senators who had
printed copies of the message. The
-4 tallery was crowded with visiters
^??ho gave^close attention In the
The reading of the President -
message in the House wxis followed
with close attention by members
and the public In the galleries.
The message in full is as follow.-.:
To the Senate and House of Repre
No nation fcas greater resources
than ours, and 1 think it can be
truthfully said that the citizens of
no nation possess greater energy
and industrial abilir in n-o iriiion
a-* the fundamental 1' "-Ine^. >>ndl
tlims sounder than In ours at tills
very moment, and Is foolish, when
such Is the case, for " -ople to hoard
money instead of keeping it in
sound hanks; for it Is such hoarding
that 1s the immediate occasion i
money stringency. Moreover, as
rule, the business of our people Is
conducted with honesty and probi!*
and this applies alike to farms an !
factories, to railro:nls and l>a : ?
all our legitimnt ? commercial < ?' -
In any large body of men. liow
pypi*, * iter** are certain to be some
wl\o ;ire dishonest, and if the condi
tions are such that these men pros
'per or commit their misdeeds with
impunity., their example is a very
evil thing for the community.
Where these men are business men
) of great sagacity and of tempera
ment l>oth unscrupulous and wreck
less. and where the conditions are
such that they act without supervis
ion or control and at first without ef
fective check from public opinion
they delude many .innocent people
into making investements or into
embarking in kinds of business that
are really unsound. When the mis
deeds of these successfully dishonest
men are discovered, suffering comes
not only upon them.- but upon the
innoncent men whom they have mis
led. It is a painful awakening,
whenever it occurs, and naturally,
when it does oocur those who suf
fer are apt to forget that the longer
it wits deferred the more painful It
would b?. in the effort to punish
the guilty it is both wise and proper
to endeavor so far as possible to
minimize the distress of those who
have been misled by the guilty. Yet
it is possible to refrain because of
such distress from strlvi <? >mi aa
end to the misdeed; 'e the
ultimate causes of tlie !.ti'"rlng anS
as means to this end, - Iblo
to punish those r ' >.o f?r
them. There may b<- lonest differ
ences of opinion as t i many govern
mental poUcies: bet rely there c?"
be no euch dlfferea.- as to th.0 need
of unflinching pe ranee In the
war against succc i'al dishonesty.
In my message ' congres on tv>
^q^rcnber 5, 1905, I *? d:
' w the folly of man mars the ; :i
eral well being, then those who are
Innocent of the folly will have to
pay pm: of the penalty incurred by
those ?h/> are guilty of the folly.
A panic brought on by .the specula
tive folly of part of the business
community would 'hurt the w.hole
business community: but such step
page of welfare, though it might be
severe, would not be lasting. In
^ the long run the one vital factor in
^ the permanent prosperity of th?
rountry is the high Individual char
acter of the average Amorlcan work
-r. the average American citizen, no
matter whether his work be mental
nr manual, whether he be farmer or
? .v->rker, business man or pro
Of Goods and Alleged Seizure
Cause Proceeding Against
Constable Ford.
Judge Charles W. I.y rich will hear
tomorrow at the court house :in ap
plication of Frank Mezzo. through his
attorney. Thomas Kiimage. an lnjune- j
tion against Charles l>. Konl. con- |
stable for Harrison county, for the
delivery of household goods detained
l?v l'ord In a proceeding by Arm
strong. Crlsllp. Day Company
against Mezzo, in which the wholesale
tlrm received a Judgment against
Mezzo through the company's agent.
J. K. Do man, in Justice M. S. Ulley's
court. After the judgment had been
entered Ford proceeded to levy on
Mezzo's goods and Mezzo scheduled.
Mezzo claims that Ford took posses
sion of some of the scheduled goods.
?Judge Lynch will take evidence to de
termine whether the schedule was
correct and whether Ford seized some
of the scheduled goods.
fessionai man.
"la our industrial and social sys
tem the interests <rf all men are so
closely intertwined that In the im
mense majority of cases a straight
dealing man. who by 'his efficiency,
by his ingenuity and industry bene
fits himself-, must also benefit oth
e.rs. Normally, the man of great
productive capacity who becomes
rich by guiding the labor of many
other men does so by enabling tihem
to produce more than they could
producc without his guidance; and
both he and chev share in the bene
fit. which comes also to nhe public
at Jarge. The sui>erficial fact that
the sharing may be unequal must
never blind us to the underlying
fact that there is this sharing, and
that tilie benefit comes in some de
gree to each man concerned. Nor
mally. the wage worker, the man of
small means, and the average con
sumer. as well as the average pro
ducer. are all alike helped by ma
king conditions such that the man
of exceptional business ability ro
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Is Instituted by Miss Rebecca
Carskadon for Injuries Re
ceived in Wreck.
As an echo from the traction car
wreck on the Grasselll line last
summer In which three persons were
killed and a number injured, the
Fairmont and Clarksburg Traction
Company now has a tycnty-gve
thousand dollar damage suit on Its
Tlie suit was Instituted at Rules
Mondai evening in the circuit court
by Miss Rebecca Carskadon. Thus
far her declaration has not been filed
and just what it will contain has not
been made public.
From what can be learned of thc
case she sustained bruises on a lower
limb in the wreck, which, at th? time
she did not consider serious.. She
remained at home a number of days
and thought herself well, but she
became lame and nervous. ;I>ater
she began teaching school at' Wll
sonburg. but had to give up the
work on account of her nervoug con
dition. She sustained a fall and
continued to grow worse. Her at
tending physician after examination
gave It in his opinion that a nerve
nad been so badly injured in' the
wreck that she would never recover.
The suit is the result of the con
dition she alleges. It will be some
months before the suit will be tried.
In Idaho Lake, It is Believed,
With Fifteen Passengers
and the Crew.
[By Associated Press.]
Dec*. .'I?The steamer Defender, it is
thought, has Rone down in Luke
Coeur I>a lone with fifteen passengers
and its crew.
It is believed the defender struck
a dangerous reef near Mica Hay anil
was so badly crushed that it sank
i ler whistle was heard blowing: a dis
tress signal. The lake was covered
I with a thick fog. It is thought the
I passengers wore mostly lumber Jacks.
i !
i Martin Kelley. of Seattle, Says
He Was Robbed of Wad
At a Hotel.
It. E. Doyle, clerk, and James j
I Riley, bar tender, at the Fuel City
| hotel in Glen Elk, were taken be-!
| fore Magistrate G. H. Gordon Tues-'
day morning as prisoners charged
J with the theft of $160 from Martin!
. Keeley. of near Seattle. "Wash., who
! was returning to his home in the
; West after a visit to his brother. (
| John Keeley, of Sand Fork.
I Keeley thought the two young
(men hnd taken -his wad of money
from him at the hotel Monday night
J while,hp. underfJl^iS-influencp
'drink, bin as'he could furnish -jio*
, satisfactory evidence upon whldf'llto
base his charge, the magistrate dis
, missed the warrant against the
i young men and released them from
| custody.
j John Keeley said he left his
i brother at the hotel Monday eve
| ning to go to the passenger depot
, and get a ticket exchanged so it
could he used over another branch or
the railroad than that for which it
was issued. On his return he found j
his brother in the basement of thr
hotel with Doyle and Riley and that
Martin was drunk. The three" took
Martin up stairs to his room and put I
him to bed. This morning when ho
awoke, he said that he felt in his j
pockets for the money he had and I
found It to be missing. He was !
sure he had it the night before and
he suspected the two young men.
Martiu sought Chief of Police
Richard Scott in the morning after!
Iip discovered his loss and told htm j
iiliout it. The chief took him to j
Magistrate Gordon's court and there |
Martin swore out warrants against j
Doyle and Riley who were sho. My |
afterward arrested at the hotel by
Const able Art Waldo and taken be
fore the magistrate. Martin said
I he wasn't sure that the defendants
took the money and only suspected
them bftuause they were with him
the night before. Doyle and Riley
denied having taken a penny from
Keeley. The Iattor said the money
was in thirteen ten dollar bills, two
twenties and some bills and coins.
The Story That He is to Marry
Miss Maud Ashford. of
WASHINGTON. D. C\. Dec. ??
Senator Henry C?. Davis denounces
as malicious and mean a New York
newspaper story that he is to marry
Miss Ashford. an artist ami newspaper
woman of Washington.
The girl denies It but for some
time back there has been gossip that
the aged senator, now eighty-four, in
tended marrying.
Miss Ashford Is highly connected, Is
about thirty-five and has "been on
elos** social terms with Mrs. Elkins!
ami Mrs I-ee, daughters of the aged I
NEW YORK. l>ec. ::?Henry O.
Havemeyer. the sugar king. Is Ser
iously II lat his country home at Co
mark. I*. ! Members of the family
have been *ummone i to his bedside.
He is stiff- r;ntf from ixrute indigestion.
A member ' f the fan. lly said that his
condition was v? ry >ci ive, and that a
crisis v - ?cj?*-eted t<;^ be reached to
Car No -01 built especially for
freight am! baggage made its initial
appearance on the local street car
lines Tuesday morning and will re
main in toady commisaton here, with
a regular schedule matw up> later.
* jjc * :? =5= =.'= # * * * * *
* The big new Watts-Lain- >!<
* berd stores are the scene of +
* the greatest cut flower show *
sic that was ever exhibited in *
* Clarksburg', indeed, a veritable %
* fairyland. There are thous- *
sf= ands upon thousands of the f
* largest and prettiest chrysan- *
themums artistically arranged *
* for the grand opening of the *
* new store tomorrow and next $
* day, and every lady in- the city *
* and surrounding country should *
not^&Jil.to visit th<y^ these
* days and see the greatest." ind $
#' most magnificent display of *
* flowers they ever laid eyes on. 4
* The stores are as pretty as it
* stores can be made and the *
sit opening will be a big success. #
>}: s[s :)< sj: * * * * * *
Work of Transferring Passen
gers From Pacific Liner
TBy Associated Press. 1
HALIFAX. N. S.. Dec. 3?The in
dications are the Canadian Pacific
Line steamer Mount Temple, which
struck the I-a Havre Iron Hound
ledges during a thick snow storm early
yesterday, while bound from Antwerp
to St. John. N. H.. will he a total loss.
She is lying broadside on the lodges.
The work of transferring to the
nialn land the four hundred and
olghty passengers and the members
o" the crew wVio remained on Iron
BoVnd island all night was resumed
toda>. and it is expected by night all
.vlll havc reached this city.
Are Recovered by Rescuers to!
Number of Twenty-S\even
at the Noami Mine1^
PITTS BIT KG, Pa.. Dec. .1?Tw<Snty"
the of the miners caught by the e. *.'
plosion of fire damp Sunday night in
the .Naomi mine near Payette City
o'clock this morning. All were dead.
Their bodies had been burned and
charred almost beyond recognition.
? Rescurers are now nearing the end
of the workings and they have found
no sign of life anywhere.
In the opinion of the owners of the
mine few if any more victims will be
found, but among the miners of the
tillage there is a belief that the
total number of victims Is between
forty and fifty.
l^ate this afternoon two more bodies
kvere found.
Three more bodies were found late
this afternoon, making a total of
In the Altamaha River When Fishing \
Boat Capsizes. t
[By Associated Press.]
MOUNT PLEASANT, flu . I>?c ::?I
rseorse Mooney and A. J. Elliott, ofi
Ytlanta, and John H^rn and W. P. j
-Xunt. of Savannah, all railroad men. 1
vere drowned in the Altamaha river
it-re today, by the capsizing of a boat
v ti I If they were lishing-.
Thomas Flynn is very ill at the
ionic of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth
?"lynn, and his recovery is scarcely
spected. a host of friends repret j
o hear. He has lung trouble. ;
As He Proceeds Through the
Streets of the City of
St. Petersburg.
[Sy Associated Press.]
HJT. PETERSBURG. Russia. Dec. 3
?Secretary Taft and party arrived
here today from Mascow. The visit
I ors were met at the railroad station
: Uy officers representing: the Russian
[government and escorted to quarter?
I in the Hotel del Europe.
I Secretary Taft later started on a
[round of official calls. He was greet
ed everywhere by crowds in the
: streets with cheers.
' The Empress of Russia Is indispos
ed. and she will probably not be able
to receive Mrs. Taft tomorrow, conse
quently the Secretary will go to
Tnarakeo-Selo alone.
! , i'By Associated Press.J
DAYTON*. O.. Dec. :!?Twelve per
sons were injured, but none fatally,
1 ?y the overturning of a Dayton-Xenia
traction car at a curve near Dayton
Is Taken Because of Threats
Made to Destroy Deed
for Land.
?fudge Charles \V. Lynch has tem
porarily enjoined Maroellus and Em
ma Fori nev from destroying a cer
tain deed the.v Itavo In their posses
sion. Tlie Injunction was granted
Tnc-rlay morning on application or
vv. v. nock.
The contention is that the de
fendants sold their interest in the
Fortnoy estate in Preston county to
Ell H. Fortney, giving him a title
i ...id and promising to make him a
good and sufficient deed. L^ter
they joined with others in a
deed to Hook for tlie farm and the
deed was executed hut not delivered,
the notary being notified by defend
ants not to deliver the deed to Bock,
their claim being that EH Fortney
agreed to give them a stipulated
sum to sign the deed. Since then
\hoy have been trying to dispose of
tjJJ, >nd it stcffis, and have made
threatsV.10 destroy the deed, which
came lntt> their hands, from tearing
their signafy|res from 11 or >?>' ,mrn
ing it. , _
For Unlawfully CarlPJi?rHf.a Re
volver and Waving**1* at
T. Benton William^
Uobort Currv. colored. whJ^ ^as
been working in the Glen Elk bVf15
yards, was fined $-"> and costs
-Magistrate Gordon Monday evening
for unlawfully carrying a revolver
in his hip pocket. Curry was ar
rested l>y Constable Art Waldo on a
warrant that had been sworn out by
T. Henton Williams, who accused
Curry of waiving a revolver at his
at the brick yards and threatening
o shoot him. Curry was Incensed
jv?r a fight lietween his boy and
>ne of Williams's boys. After he
irranged for the payment of the
ine Curry was released from cus
A marriage license was issued
Tuesday to Sidney a. Talkingtoti
md Maud Rose Shingleton.
Lone Juror is Won Over and a
Verdict of "Not Guilty"
is Rendered.
Ovation Tendered Woman De
fendant After She is Re
leased From Custody. ^
[kjr A*i6oiat?d Vxms.]
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Dec. ::?The
jury In the case of Mrs. Bradley, on
trial for the murder of former Sen
ator Brown, of ITtah. at 10:08 o'clock
this morning brought in a verdict of
not guilty.
A demonstration of applause .fol
lowed the announcement of the ver
dict. Mrs. Bradley was immediately
discharged from custody and left the
court house in an automobile follow
ing an ovation. She will leave In n
few days to Join a sister in Gold
field, Nev.
The court room was filled with
spectators, mostly women. When
ley watched them with suppressed ex
citement. Tears welled in her eye*
[when the verdict was read. There
was a murmur of "Thank God," from
the women in the court room which
was a signal for a demonstration.
Immediately after the Jury delivered
the verdict the court thanked the
jury and discharged Mrs. Bradley
from custody.
Throughout Its deliberations the
jury, intcj wKose hahds the case was
given at 4:17 o'clock yesterday after
noon. practically stood eleven to one
for acquittal, until the final ballot,
when the lone Juror gave In, and the
verdict of acquittal was ugreod on.
To Explain Personally Precise
Situation As to the
Japanese Problem.
[By Auool?t?a Prois.]
WASHINGTON, D. C.t Dec? :i?Am
bassador Aoki was summoned today
to Japan by his government to ex
plain personally tlie precise situation
in this country in regard to tho Jap
anese Immigration problem.
The Ambassador has notified the
President and secretary that he will
leave in about a fort-night. There
is no intimation that he* will not re
turn to Washington.
At Elkins By Accidental Dis
charge of Shot Gun He Threw
to the Shore of Stream.
ELKIXS. Dec. ::?Carelessness in
handling a shot Run cost Kay Can
field his life, though the gun was not
In his hands when the fatal shot was
Young Can field and two companions
were ferrying across a small stream
near here and before reaching the
bank on the far side of the stream Can
field pitched his gun toward shore,
with the barrel pointing towards him.
The impact jarred the hammer and
Canfleld caught the load of large shot
in the left . temple. He died before
medical aid reached him.
[By Associated Pm?.l
NEW ORLEANS, La.. I>ec. Pas
sgcrs of the steamer Anselm.
*lch arrived from Central American
|bft>. yesterday report that a bomb
pis thrown at a carriage occupied by
resident Cabrera. ?>f (Jautemala, two
fcekH ag??. The hoinb exploded un
the President's carriage, killing
coachman and badly wrecking the
lifcle, but not seriously injuring
5 W LINO GREEN. O., Dec. 3?
pies Dauer and daughter, Edna,
killed and two other daughters
seriously injured at a railway
ling near Haskins today.

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