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Sends Latter a Telegrau) Congratulating
Him on
BLUHP1ELD, W. Va., June 13.?r
?= That the lone Mantling Hatfletd|
U McCoy lend la ended toraver was Indicated
today wheii Dry H. D. HatfleI8>
cousin at ''Devil Anse" Hatfield;
leader of the Hatfield clan, received
a telegram (rom A. J. McCoy, leader
of the McCoy faction, congratulating
him on lis' 'nomination for governor
at the Republican primaries and Indorsing
his candidacy.
In Tarft^ai, Eta., is Awarded to
Laffgrty J>f
* -ThtiS City.
R. O.- Lafferty, of, the firm of Holmhoe
and Lafferty, . returned today
from Tampa and Plant City, Fla.
Mr. Lafferty was accompanied' by his
mother who wUl visit In this vicinity
for several weeks.
While In Tasnpa, Mr. Lafferty was
awarded the Contract for the plane
and specifications for a proposed
V' Elks' home at that place.-, A number
of competitors from New York, Atlanta,
Jacksonville and Tampa architects
euhlmttted design? for the work.
The building will cost $100,000 and
will be one of the most modern Elks'
clubs to' the country. The lodge room
wilt he patterned alter the one In
Clarksburg, which is generally esteemed
one of .the most attractive in
the country.,
By Justice Jackson V. Carter After
Hearing 'Evidence.
The hearing of Peter Korkeras, the
Greek who was charged with criminally
assaulting the six year old
daughter ol Leonard Kogen, a fellow
countryman1 at the Tin Plate addition
recently, was held In Justice J.
V. Carter'? court Wednesday night
and as1 there1 was no direct evidence
the case was dismissed.
i stree:
Are Agreed upon and Will Be
Ma$e by Railroad
Following an inspection of desired
street changes an agreement was
reached (Wednesday evening between
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company and the city counciT concerning
changes to be made in certain
Glen Elk streets in the vicinity
of the railroad freight station
Revised plans and franchises will be
submitted to the council next week
and acted upon at the next meeting
of that body. The contemplated
street improvemehts to be made
^ there by the railroad company will
cost In the neighborhood of $100,000.
From the Leggett switch track
east to Third street Baltimore street
is to be leveled and at Third a retaining
wall is to be built, making
a dead street there.
An alley between the Central
storage building and the Reymann
Brewing Company store rrom Fourth
I street to Third is to be paved twenty
feet wide half way and the remainder
is to be paved thirty reet wide,
the railroad company contributing a
width of ten feet to that part of the
lAn allot' onnnlnir n/twfb fPCTTl
1- - Uilb,' 1 UllUlUg UV?
Clark street is to be paved twenty
feet wide to the south east corner
of the Central storage building,
where the railroad company will
open a new street extending therefrom
to Baltimore street and being
thirty feet wide. That street Is also
to be paved.
All the paving and grading is to
be done by the railroad company at
its own expense and the new street
and new street sections are to b(
dedicated by the railroad company
-1 - - I 1' "" "
. - .
.Or "Buffalo Bill, wtoo Will hake his
ioreweft* vlalt to ClMkaburg tomorrom
when his circus exhibits afternoon
anC night on the G<off property
at Broad Oaks.'
Of Charities atvd Corrections
Begins Meetings to Last
All Week.
CliEVEDAJMD, June 18.?Delegates
to (be thlrty-mnth national conference
of Charities and Corrections
bent on putting In a full week's work
gathered early today for a general
session, at which reports were submitted.
The conference later broke
Into -sections. enenronsMeiSrhlg 'housing
and recreation and the othelr
; \_
(Marriage licenses have been issued
to Clark Morgan and Bessie
Holt, (Walter Smith and Lona Hltt,
,W. M. Snell and Lillie J. Prince,
Cecil F. Corley and Wil'.ie A. Palmer,
Arthur T. Post and Lenora E.
Slers and Wtlllam O. Sommervlllo
and Grace M. Keener.
TAT10N |
Is a Striker in a Clash Today 1
with Deputies at Strike
PERTH AMBOY, X. J., June 13 ? !
Deputies and strikers of the American
Smelting antl Refining Company
clashed here today and while the deputies
say that they fired In the air,
one striker was wounded.
. |
FAIRMONT, June 13 ?Stuart F.
Reed will delive'r the annual commencement
address to the graduating
class; numbering ninety-nine. <#f the
I Fairmont state'normal school Friday
' morning, ot this' week.
Sidney Haymond, of Quiet Dell. Is
very ill at his home as a result of
typhoid- fever of a duration' of two
months. TTls condition has been
grave the last two days. He is 84
'years old.
! CHICAGO, June 13?July wheat
Jcloced 1.08 1-S, corn 74 1-2, oats
50 1-4.
' to the city'.
1 j -Intersted property owners were
| present when the Inspection was
' made and they assented to the
; changes. ^
All of this work Is to be done pre.
' paratory to an enlargement of the
' freight statibn.
When Mississippi Contest
tk?nal Committee.
If He Heeds the Roosevelt
? .
Instructions, Being on
Both Tickets.
CHICAGO, June 13.?The Republi,
can national committee assembled
early today to continue hearing con
I tests from Mississippi where It left
off .last sight efters voting to seat
Tiff delegate* In the First district.
I With Mississippi disposed of Missouri
will be taken up, Governor Hadlery,
leader of the contested, delegation,
being on the committee by
proxy, 'the principal flght In Mis-,
sourl centers on the' delegates at
Contests in the Second, Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh
Mississippi district were decided by
seating Taft delegates. While ostensibly
this action added twelve Taft I
delegates to the list, the >name of .one
delegate,' P. W. Howard, of the
Eighth district, appeared on both the
Taft ah? RbOsevelt tickets and his
attorney said that he would heed the'
Roosevelt Instructions.
The case of Che Missouri delegates
at large was then called.
I, blew charges' of attempted bribery
in the baitle'for delegates we're made
today by Senator Dixon, the Roosevelt
campaign manager. He dharged
that a inaihlber of the national com- '
mTttee had been! offered a United'
Slates marshalshlp If he would vote
for Taft on contests now under consideration
and he said that he was
prepared1 ,to name the man If necessary.
He dared the Taft managers *
to gTve1 the name of a "Roosevelt' lead- i
er.. chacged with, offering a bribe to"
an Alabama Relegate.
fight mm
Over Seat on State Committee
from thte Third Senatorial
PARKERS BURG, June 13.?A fight .
for a seat in the Third senatorial I
district is brewing. On> the official I (
returns the eiectioni of Judge T. A.
Brown and Frank Markey was certi-;,
fled as being the successful candidntes.
Now W. R. Meservie, of I
Ritchie county, claims he is entitled
to one of the two seats and' that two.
members of the committee from one!
.county is illegal. Mr. Meservie Willi
contend that Markey and Brown1
were running against each other bo
I that one must have been defeated'
while lie was running; against Mr.>
I Lanfcz, over whom he had' a majority!
and was therefore elected. The case
will likely be laid before the state
; committee for adjustlcation.
Single-Handed Train Robber
Near Keyser Will Haveto
MARTINS BURG, June 13.?Frederick
J. Becker, who last winter held
up and robbed1 a Baltimore and Ohio
train' near Oakland single-handed,
was found guilty there and sentenced
to nlnte years in the' Maryland penitentiary.
The crime occured on. the
border, Becker having bearded the
train near Keyser where he was employed
In a section gang.
Burned to Dpath When fire
Destroys a Flat }
j MLVXEAiFOIUB. June 1.1.?August
^ Swenson, used 70 years, and hia wire,
Christine, aged 63, lost their lives today
when fire destroyed a flat building
1 I
WASHINGTON-. June 13.?The
president has pardoned Frank H.
Simmons, of Piedmont, who had been
sentenced for desertion from the
| United States navy.
When Th?Transport Oil and
WAflHllicOTN. ji?o llpTJie Interstate
CoroArce Commission today
held t$?t pipit ling! companies traneporpof;
olK Wpreea Statee are oomImon.
carrier# with . obligations of
such and ordered .thirteen of tfae
11A w'vv^-,rWTT7
largem.on pipe una companies to JltO
a schedule of rates by September 1
and compjy withth^ provisions of
tie ^
Is Appointed fpr Lorre Tree
ana'a Rural Carrier for
WlAflHHSCTON, Juno 13?L'.byd R.
FerreH bis been appointed postmaster
at Loni Tire's, Tyler county,
In -pteoe of W. J. "WeKBtley, resigned.
Wniiaim M. CanairCltas befen. ap^
pointed rural mblleaWler' at; Reedy
In place 'Of William. T. "Ebdsdme.
Questions 'Occupy Time and Atten.
tlon of County Oourt.
Tho county court's attention
Thursday was given largely to - permanent
road questions. The Salem
Board of Trade. Was before the court
with a request for permanent roads
up Paterson's fork atid 'Jacobs run
leading out of /^f&lem. "Definite
action-was not"tW?en.
local COM
I. ,ollEl
Lodge' of That Fraternal
-Local committees for the> annual
meeting of the West Virginia Reunion
of the Benevolent anil Protective
Order of inks of the United
States to be hehl here September 17,
18 ancP-L9 have-been appointed as
follows by the local lodge:
Executive commlttee-jH. A. Helnze
chairman, W. C. Morrison secretary,
Paul W. Ilange treasurer, D. S. Lawman,
jtV. G. Meeks, Lucius Hoge, Jr.,
and Jay Reefer.-;"
Music?R. E. Gill chairman, A. P.
Hall, A. J. Smith, John A. Shlnn,
William -L, Geppert, C. H. Atzrodt
and Robert L. Cook.
Refershments?Lucius Hoge chairman,
J. J. Connell, John P. Gandy,
John A. Tlerney, W. P Griffith, Frederick
Howard, P. J. Lyden, - J. F.
Schaffner and D. S. Lawman.
iPtlbllclty?W. C. Morrison chairman.
Will H. Cole, Camden Summers,
James J. Devine and W811 E. Morris.
Dance?R. E. Groves chairman,
David! B. Carper, George L. Duncan,
L. S. Hornor, Charles M. Hart, Dr.
M. J. Bartlett, David Davidson, P. E.
Hill, Charles S. Stailey, Dr. J. S.
Stone, Frank A. Gill and Calvin Wllscn.
Hotels and accommodations?Dr.
W. P. Gott chairman, Morgan PaTsons,
Charles D. Johnston, I. Wade
Coftman and Ernest S. Swlger.
Badges and1 programs?Jay Reefer
chairman. W. Roy Byrd, John M.
Knox, John W. Parker and L. Harper
Transportation?S. C. JJfcnham
chairman, D. D. Britt, Ernest Hutton,
P. J. Condry, Robert Shuttleworth
and- R. B. WUllson.
Amusements?Percy Byrd chairman,
D. B. Williams, Fleming Holden,
L. 0. Stolth, L. A. Carr, J. Frahk
Cork, Vincent E. Gocke, Wirt Lewis
and George A. Murray.
'Registration?P. H. Shields chairman,
Leo P. Caulfield, Clyde M. Cftst,
W. A. Harrington, A. J. Schulte, H.
O. Biddel, Carl C. Caywood, H. Frank
Horr, Charles F. Kester, James T.
Keenan- and Walter B. Wilson-.
Decorations?W. G. Mecks chairman.
Will Nusbaum, Arthur Parsons,
J. T. Swager, John H. Clifford, James
G. Cowman, Charles L. Hickman.
John L. Jacox and W. S. Slmeral.
Reception. B. & 0.?E. L. Spraker,
chairman, Charles B. Alexander.
Frank L. Grove, E. J. Francois, R. E.
L. Johnson, Joseph M. Crouch, (fe. 6.
Deison, Guy M. Earle, Frank Moore,
George P. Leatherbury, J. W. Williams
and William T. Wallls.
(Continued on page eight)
'' ;
JsOait irtGdimMwiwith the
Payment ofSgpal License
' ,
Dealer* of liquor* of all ktoda .tod '
la oleomargarine IhottW he careltt
to* note the new rulings of the treaa- I
? itiwr itfliMCrtmint ?f> .-rtii k TfailtnW CUo)r
' requiring the payment of the special
! .tax tor license to 'tell tllfeee'artrifl# ,
l*tore July *. to; the rfisht fM j
been/ the custom of -flje deputy <!63fr
lee to fa to allow the iloquOr'dflaiwi ;
aH';ttte month' of Joly'lh wKhobM? ;
file their 'hppHdatldhli ftir ,H6enA '
known as Form 11, an*l jto pay; tfijfe |
' tax, but the law is to be tntefpreled.'
strictly this year, and all dealers /who-f
do not get in bfeforetbOflrtt-otJuly
will ffln'l- themselves tip agelnista;
stiff fine.
The local internal revenue, office
has received an order from Cotntals- <
eiotrer iROyal B.' Cabell, of WftBhtog- |
torn -P. C,- chai^hg"!* -tor bd'mow
strict to'attenttem to'the filling and
filing of:Form 11.' In-"the past the
wholesale dealers, have been/fn) the .
. habit of providing forma already i
filled and already swOrb, ready tor '
the signature of the re tatter, -.fie f
wholesaler would, pay the. retalleria ,
tax for handling hlr godde. i
:; Tie' government does not care who ;
pays the tax, but will ! twist that to i
the future the retailer make out hU .
own application in the presence of a
notary or a deputy . collector, and i
signi It and swear it before him. I
I All dealflrii Who An' Si* flir iv, I'
:i - ? ?"J7,"] ~~ "V*~ ~.T""T-i
11 and pay their government taxes ,
before-July 1 will betfrokdjiuted.
?*?:?kg? ?; . n.i ' '
Is the Verdict Returned in the 1
Case of Joseph Young, \
Colored ~ - j
- ' i
' Joseph'Young, colored, was acquit- il
ted In 'the criminal' co'tirt Thul*da|r
Of the murden of Slum I?wis, colored, 1
tot Broatf Oeks a few weefea ago: .
. The Juror0 were discharged for the )
teriii but Judge "Haymdnd1 MaxWell'
will be on the bench tomorrow morning
as usual,
A InrV'falled tn ?mo in ? ??>< ?
[against' Charles Rankin, tried for
j felonious theft, anS He confessed
to petit larcehy and was sentenced
to'serve thirty days in Jail and'pay
a fine of $20 and costs.
WtTUamJ. Bdgell was found
guilty of an attempt to COih'mlt flrat
degree murder. He asked for a new
^ tt z - *
Funeral; Will Be Held at the Home In
Wen Elk Friday Morning.
The funeral of Qaptain- Joseph W.
Twyman, who died In. si local hospltil
Wednesday morning at 11, o'clock,
will be held at the home in Glen Elk,
at 10 o'clock Friday morning, with the1
Rav. Charles B. MJt obeli, rector of
Christ Episcopal church, conducting
the services. The burial will follow
In the" TSlkvlew cemetery.
From Cincinnati Where lie Attended
Kokxwls Convention.
's Daniel -Howard, general manager
of the Oentral Fairmont Coal Com
y 'yr j
pany and Imperial Baron of the
Elevn Sentrids Order of Kokoal, re- .
turned from Cincinnati, O,, Thurs- (
day afternoon where he- attended
the regular annual convention of
the Kokoal*. J." Ray Qulnn, formerly
of this city, but new purchasing
agent for the CalroM Coal and
Coke Company, of Chicago,' alao attended
he- convention.
' f n
Thre men who are suspected of being
circus crowd pickpockets, were (
arrested late Thursday afternoon and' <
placed In Jail, by policemen for hear*1 <
ings in the police Court. It is be*' ]
' BtVed they came here for the Buffalo 'I
I Bill circus. II
Who"Will Sail on the Finland
?< in;th6 L'a^ Stylfe and
.Greatest Eas^
s'\ '
All the, Tinje White Gone
IljWL-LA If. ? -
wneri' i\or-cnjEp|2|ea in
, . " , i
,,^JOSVK, June l,5.-^e,AniW-;
Icon athletes who sail.-for . Stoohhohn.
WuWAroa- will travel' anB" Hvefn faf
Roster comfort and Jriwe hotter op-,
porfdfiltles ^or /prioUee -than any of
ttj?' other'four teams which the
IfhTted'States' Has sRft'atrdM' the goal
Qlymplcganus. By charterIns
a large ocean liner for the exclusive
use qf the athletes' &nd their fol-'i
IS wars,' the AimeriW' cttoJSSnii* hail
dif-eifccrate ttnany Of NtlfW " 'ha'rdstSfea
which haVe.h^et tho other. Journeys
and undouibtealjjj- handf?affieSl tlje
t oVtdfc n eoeisfta te n ogi is. " I
, Once the. athletes have, set foot on
the. steamer Finland at New. York toraotrdrtv,
"Vhei^win ihtrtce the big ship
ttjelK only' Wm'e uhtli their return
e&fly lrf- AftgruSt Th?y win he away
nenrly seven weeks, pertmpa 'longer.
Bhi1'durlns-ia41 that tlie It will probably
not be- necessary 'for then? to
undergo a single fhange iu dHpt. At
Stockholm they will evade the general
scraspHeie for. hotel accommodations
hy. keeplngthelr quitters aboard
ihlp. : - ? '
llt: ls doubWul. ft the Athletic ocean
. ... ,v.; ; .-J '.i.
nan even timnessea won an atnienc
cartiiviaT as Vrtll tkke place en fSbte
with three scone and B^ore .aprlrttMS
and runneri, hurdlers and Jumpers
and weight men at praqtlca. ; Trainer
Munphy will limit the work to, a, minimum
for training purposes, Sal even
without extra effort ttlsfce'rtaln tfrat'
with so many crartc,
lafitlereteords wtli nil be set'anew.>v
The mhlard f*?a m&h tdr&ef (trsfiff
uUm'thdse" ileedoih :pf#,tbu?olymi>!<c
trips. Her main deck' Wlarke enough
lor e track o< right laps to^ the mile,
and tfeere~ls plenty' of" room for
hmrtplng pits-and tplacee for the shotjutters
and weight men to work. The
boat has a tine gymnasium , and a
ange awimnvlng tank,. "
It Is said that the athletes will not
>e permitted fo wear spifced1'ihdB$
a^ien running c|> derit, butkheetSfinihip
offl'cere have ljplped "by Ia#fh(g 'i
W'e-foo't riiiiper mat around thoiffirong
Circuit'of the boat, "which wftt
:e'nd to avert the 'danker of the rurilefa
falling. Big wooden boxes fitted
frith dint hatve-been placed on board!
thlp as pits for the jumpers aid pole
mutters a rid" Wight nieri.
memo PR
rn Arnfj
j o m\j y\
DillEjlf OflSjE *
to- Federal Court at Parkerisi
; t? "
burg Won by the
Parkersburg Dispatch-News
:oday contains the fonfrwlng* federal
:ourt paragraphs of interest here:
-The case on trial was.that of the
fovernsnent against J. Walter Dun:an,
former postmaster at Adamston,
K. Va., for the reteovery of $424.1$.
:Jalmddi to be due. His bOnSdsmen,
(Vafter Boyles, H. W. Harmer and E.
ftr. Sullivan, were parties, to the suit,
rhe case was started1 before noon
ind was completed about 3 o'clock,
rhe jury was out but a short time"
ind returned a verdict for the full
imount 'claimed by the government.
Fleming Kidd, who had formerly
*en indicted for violation of the
reveteue laws, appeared in court and
pftaded guilty. . .He -was fined. $100
in.l costs and sen'tensedl to serve 30i
lays in the Harrison county- Jail.
hush mmm
\re Arrested in Dublin after!
Smashing Windows of ,
Several Buildings.
DUBLIN. Jane M.-^EJght IrWh
suffragettes were arrestee here tolay
after smashing windows' In many
publje buHdtngs, tbcludthg the ctts:om
house, postoSoe' and military
pa rracks. -
ITT of a colplication of diseases at h|a
homo at Bfoad'OSke. dfe has boon I
bedfast thb His ?
many friends hopo he will have an |
?trly recovery. I
On advanfle repfogeptitlvo 6f the I
^Mci' ^h^^^^^morroV* told I
that ttousanc^ ^ I
The torenogg wtU.be dwotefl to
light flekt sports atni a big basket I
dinner Jn.^ connection 'With, other |
<fv"" "
will mark theteidfcjtion of an ox- |
citing; speed.' conffest program, consisting
at mo^tcyplo racing, pony I
racing and dxirigi&d rfinnlng.races.
As the?fe ara^M^r^line draft horses 1
$25 with t?e first jjjcemlum to be $ IB I
and the second' $10,. B
The pony raeepntse will be $25
with the first premium. $15 and tha |
stconfl $10, The, purses for the drlv
ing and running, have not been I
completed as yet, but th^r Will be |
The motorcyIce program has been
made np as follows: H
"J. iti " IM
r our-nnrae^jrw fctock machines, g
lire ihlles with''pbrsi-6rt60, ^rid^d |
among the first, second and third. I
Seven-horse-power stock machlnta, 9
ted miles*'-purse $50, divided among 1
the first,'second and third whiner*. 181
Private . owner, amateurs, fife I
miles, 9tS, first, second''and- third. I
J Professional open, to any class of |
racing machines or .riders, W ' I
The association, solicits the cooperation
;of ~e*vejT resident of this
section1 of. theLgtite in. making the ijj . I
celebration-memorable. " |

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