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' 4'Jersey"
A solver feet trouble
probleros-r-ra i ieomWnatioi
Inst with full trea.fl. low
instep and snug fitting
heel. An Oxford fo]
"hard-to-fit" feet.
309 W. Pike Street.
Next to Odfeon.
SUtP pi'P<
Plaster and Cement.
Glen Fit No. 3 Ttnth Th >
Constructing Engineer.
Deeljpis In Reinforced Concrete.
Call Bell 901. Local 7
f Room No. 008, Guff Ilulldli
jsiamlnatloi. and Development
Co&l Property, Surveyo made, Not
/ Computed, Maps and Tracings Mad
Blue Printing,
nell "Phono 40K-.I. Clpiis. "Pliant- is*
I jH
! Reducti
We invoice July
clear upia lot ofo
Reduce Ou
I and' will continue until
opportunity to buy Dii
$21.98 100-piece Austria
? $17.98 100-piece Austria
8 $14.98 100-piece Austria
u $10.49 100-piece Bavaria
8 $6.98 100-picice Boniest ii
i $18.49 l()0-]?iece 1'hig. Pi
| $17.98 100-piece h'ng. Pi
n $69.00 100-piece, white
i $69.00 100-piece Slianm
jj $52.00 100-piece, ('envoi
ra $28.50 100-piece Pink R
I B .$28.50 100-piece, green
I I Clarksfcirj
I jj Crockery
Men aijd women?Co you want a
splendid head, of luxuriant, hair free
frnmj'seaTp Jtch and dan&rffC?
.Do^vtju Want hair 90;bewltchlngly
.taitfehf^hat it copypels-the atlmlra"
ttoh bi 'all who s&i it?'1'
ele&h nntf'fSrlght'ta* it. newly
itemed .coin? 1 (f;f*
DkyoifWant to use-Hilf dressing
Ihnt ylll surely prevent baldness, that
always refreshes and Invigorates and
make* your entire head,(eel flnej
Then spend -50 cents this very day
: andget a bottle of-PARISIAN Sa^e at
1- any drugstore or toilet goods cbun-,
1 ter. Use It as directed and you.wffl
never care to use ordinary tonics
J again.
p No poisonous sugar of lead, no sulphyr,
no injurious ingredients In
Sage. ... jt
Wella & Haymaker Co. guarantees
r M ILJtaJ VI Ta
I $10 to $100
,; ' purrosls :;., ....j$
| huu made on Chattel Security
| I'-u-nlture or Piano, Fixture, Machlo
e iX Vehicle?, Etc.
Terms Easy; Convenient
. A. Dollar'or Two Each Pay
Day Will Suffice.
We solicit a personal in
! terview if you are in need oi
i money. Will give the exact
I ;ost of any sum you require,
I show the easy and conveni
* ent plan for repayment, and
many other features which
tend to make more pleasant
. the business relations with
.11? <rtnf?Ano
I A# 'III Uflbiuuo. T.
le US Umpire Bltig. Sixth Flow
ncU 'Phono 488.
y.r. Per
ion Sale
1st and want to
r Large Stock
lune 14th
July 1st. The June Bride's
iner Sets at big reductions. i
n China Dinner Sets. .$17.58
u China Dinner Sets. .$15.38
n China Dinner Sets. $11.98
n China Dinner Sets. .$ 8.39
Porcelain Dinner Sets $5.58
ireelain, white & gold $14.79 ,
ireelain, green & gold $14.59
and gold $55.20
>ck $55.20
ition design $41.60
i??.. .1.. .1^,. <Snn OA
wau UtVMgll . . .^.OU
And gold design $22.80
I Wholesale
' Company
TJjis Time Xged Afijiki
'Raises H'is Voice agaipsi
Woman Suffrage; j
Mother Jones, the aged woman'iv
has been In every twining section
the county championing the cause
the laborer; and whose vo?cb 1
been heard by every miner i{hj> 1
had any considerable experience
digging black diamonds from I
bowels of the earth,, Is not
of extendlng the rl^ht to vote
women, was made clear in an 'int
r tt!ew_ihe had with, a represintat
'?J>r%? yesterday, With
i taking Ule question it might be si
' posed (hat this white-haired worn
pow past the,four score mark,- e
who has devoted her life's work.
She believes, In trying, to better,
' conditions of the laborers, would'
one of the first jvomea in .the coun
tosly," "jjiye t(> the women; of
land the right to vote," as a eojut
' to better conditions, socially and
dustrially. , ,
. . . On the contrary th^^verae Is tt
Mfnapn this question to her knd i
r will be on her "feet in an iinpts
!, .telling you- that the place tor
, woman is In the home, making
snn; shine there for the husband f
the ciilidreh, giving this and that 3
soft touch, teaching and demotttti
lug that peace on earth is possl
t .through teaching .tee puitur?,md'
flnement of the home.
. "The. criminal1 class .ot the. Ao
today is the young disss," "said
aged woman, "and it's due to
cold, calculating woman In the hpi
Women seem to have lost that* v
coding spirit that makes the iho
' so rich in all that la good. Whet
stranger - knocks at the door 4b
days, and It Is opened by somei
from Inside, you seldom find t
smile you used to see, whether It
the woman of the house or a ck
that greets you. You see before 3
the cold, calculating persons, I h
just referred1 to.
Women vote! They remind toe
a lot of cats. Have they better c
ditlons where they do vote? I h
> seen them in conventions, when tl
ought to have been home' spread
rays of sunehlne."
In Great Abundance at Ch
leston Dr. White Tells
the Institu^..
speech it the_ banquet' given in I
fclty last Friday night^tq^the V
Virginia Coal Mining ipstft'Bte, ]
I.C. White, state geologist, ope
the eyes of his hearers by some
the statements made. W1
spoke especially along thisline\of
land gas, and continued tits'plea
I gun many years ago. for a co'nsei
tion of the natural gas.1 He s
there was no question that he
other geologists had made a mist
when at first they though the K
nawha river valley between Char
ton ahd Poin pleasant was underl
with a great coal bed; that_ w
this was discovered not to be tru
great area, counted :n .the t
I Davenports
This new Store'
offers yoii a splendid
assortment of
davenports in all of
the prevailing
First class upliolstcn*
work,, ami
I guaranteed .qfcftli- j
I ties throughout.
May "\ve_ .show
I youl
t N
For soreness of the muscles, whether
dooed by violent exercise, or. injury, the
nothing better then Chamberlain's Linitr
This liniment also relieves rheumatic pi
For talc b7?U dealers.
* I.
>0r area ol the aMtfa. ;>ad to be ctrickea
r It bed. to
contended. fqrmerlyianaton'g toe
e*trein# portlr?nt,fauI j>t^he ctty qt
ttat Charleatftp.jB^^ tb|??gh
rhb ^ ft?** vtot-,J%
0{ now the Ohio fiver. At that time,
of Pr. WWW ?onton<led,;Jhere was no
Ia8 Ohio river, but thet^wnat Known
ias W into the
In ,th* PWOj-fAy.eriSfttbg .due $o
the blocking of great quantities oI
rot lee, whl^ d?g out,,* channel that
to tix.Qtlfl ifcltttoair.
er- U?.At tHO.lfto oluyH^}, and,, the
iv? connectttg 'tfee KftpaKha with the
?ut Ohio .
Jp. Dr. 'White expressed the belief
an,. th*t Charleston .was Jnthe center
.nd Pf the.greatest oil ana gas field in
as the jvorid. He pointed o?fr that
the thh tprrltor was surrounded hy
be coal fields, that 611 had been dig.
try ?PV?red on every side of the clty.i
the ftnd that therefore gas most existed
ion beypnd the boundary of th/ oil. He:
in- pleaded with the ooal men, .the cltiaeas.o.f
Coring ton.apa those inter-.
uei ested In the state .and, lis, citizens
she deriving..some of Tbhe benefits, that
m* they jio. something to conserve j the
the natural resourges. wljhui tha stat#.
the''tbntj ttym W;^S?t##ou:d
indi |mipedtatfil^ght^tt)^BBsj6if ,ot tae
ier;^eatjgas; field; stmouhdinfc the city
at- m'^nitdtoifaotorles:
bie thpt, would come to this sectiofl,.,
re, uWiilj these inaustfie#,, fitJ; contended,
would .come the/demand for coal,
rid also, which^woul? mean' addittpnatj
ffie ijuspftts, MHui ffiu- ?i .ift;
tbe bnlidlng great cities whete tS(i Mel
ne. j is found.
r'ei- J Dr. White .also brought out the
me fact that the' deepest well was in
,i a .Kanawha county, now a mile deep,"
ese|and edil bd drilled it Is
3nt)|being drilled by Col, Wlltiafa Beybat
, mour, Kd^ards .arid, nstunj' of every
l8'stratum will,,be ma.de by geologists,
did'it was also brought out that the
rau first wells were arllle'd near the
m Qlty of Charleston; ahd the first casing
w^s iflvefct^' l^'ttts city?at
0t that time but a yftjiiel,. ... \ t j
0Ijj Thgt.the.gas meneje. lb?,enemies'
ttvo of the coal men,, was, challenged by
bey Colonel' Fred Paul Grosacup, a gas
man... He ..contended that while gas
poai iwficri.
, ever ?ga?Tjpould ^hai jthe .coaL men
should Mfel good<i6ver the fact that
the Industries bWaMfht t6 a commuwhere,
coal hand, would
. demand oftsir whop. apteral, gas was
gone, and thereby give the coal producers
p nearat hang^ market, that
would not' be posBibje .had the gas
ar- not brought the industries to the
community.. He pleaded .with the
coal men to assist, in conserving the
coal and gas, and thus bring. Indushia
tries to West Virginia, as id being
;h!s done In the <Biri?laghh.? district of
'est Alabama; that lnsteaa or paying a
qr large- sum to the railroads, for
ned hauling thd fuel out of the state,
0r they would be paying the railroad
,jte companies for switching charges. <
oil State Geologist White's statement
be- that he believed - cfSarleston Whs in
. itho pfintor nf the ere ares t eas field
laid! in the worlds and iiis reasons for
and I that belief,, were .received..'with great
ake' enthusiasm by the- banquetiers that
an. filled the big banquet room of the
les-iHPtel Kanawha. .
aid "
j -Tr ~, *
I mmm v
" I - 3
^ Passes Away at Her Home
in Wallace; Section cf'<
tjie Cbunty.
Wi.VL-LiAlCIE, June 13?Julia A.
Lyon, wiffr of E 1 tLyon, who -lived
on Jones's run, died Tuesday night
after a long illness. She was 80 years
or age and is survived by two sisters,
Mrs. Jefferson Robinson, of "Wallace,
and Mrs*. Deli la Watklns, of
Fairmont} two brothers, C. L. r^id
WUllam Hall, of Fairmont;- two
daughters, Mrs. T. E. Backus, of
i>urown, ana Mrs. a. e. Barnes, 01
Jones run; and five sons. Porter
,i.yon, of the head of L'.ttle Tenmile;
Floyd of Big Elk; Sylvester.
Uriah and Tillman Lyon, all ot
Jones's run. Interment was made
in the, home cemetery Thursday
mornlhg at 10 o'cock.
Witnesses in Goodly Xumber Prompt
Husband to Plead Guilty.
_ ? '
IiVhen Atonzo Robinson, a Ptonlcklnirick
coat miner, saw about a
| dozen women neighbors gathered In
{Justice Gordon's court lest evening
to testify at his hearing on a charge
1 cf abusing hod neglecting his wife,
he pleaded guilty without further
? ado. The Justice sentenced hpn to
in- serve sixty days In Jail In avN.UK of
re is furnishing a bond of $200 \a support
[Pj' Mrs. Robinson and behave himself
- ' for at least six months. **.
' c'.J
. I
v -r \i.
.?*> ? jV-T
I .... & .?? . '-t
^ ? **> * ? i i , '
. ;.. on
M ' .{* it
f j- * Ouf Suinnf|fr Fabrics smile
originalitj^bf that little "<
1 PEBSON&to a PER*?
If ever garments eleserveel
/ do?and tlie prices are-rig
J i, , ... . : .
;; . .Tiro
i ' WEARING of fine clothes"
i > * .v^
ifl *
- 'ft nti ? ; ?. ..?? ' r.w. W.rrr ? *?
'IHBfcUL See the anxious mother bending over the sleepless
-. flflTflrfBtj solicitude! Her heart aches, far him. .\Vhm mothen
WgiSs^Jyj^ WMch babies like beciirfe If cdret them. Prevettt
KiEVlF yji cores Colic in len 'minetee. cKeep.o bottle at banc
^a^a />/ . guu..
' ' "" i ' . " i ' i i ' ' ;. ' "- ' -r :
"'NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. 80 much, pet thou
Sealed rt)ids -will lie received until treasure to refloor a
noorf- Friday, Jufte -.21, 191?;i!bjt the itig all neceraary la
cjtty of Olafkdb'urg for'thebrettobrlng/lopr.and rejj.lace wl
oif Glen Elk Bridge, with g-lnth white essary stringers,, at
dr.rock of k fleering. > Bide'- to'be fijlj
-Is ' 5U^^l
| 1 Celebrate 11
j July 4th With It
II I 5x3 feet, 4$ stars, heav:
||//will outwear bunting, hi
ship, stripes separate pit
?? double Stitch through-o
metal eyelets for rope, ric
Iors. Will last a lifetime.
Wewjll^serid the Post formake
you a present of this haat
not buy elsewhere for less, t
Fill out the cpui>on bel$\jrjfcfj
3>jl.uu ana man. ,it to us today.
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.? -. ?>? * *;? ? 3.,' t * . 1 $| j
^Ir At :?'.-vr fi'atjfe , Li* ?:iv- La-Ji^t^aB|
fcljjB} ?* ?!<' I-.-. -v' '#-? St'
111 I
^standing challenge. j;ot^ | | ^ j
1 ! m i
nwt Hoor.^ec- rugbt. to, Dboobv? fcs^uar^ub.bveit
fv, ,.u? ,W l^.-ij-ante^d^t^ p^hwl -IB .,?
.q?rV- ,.4,w? ;
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* " - - ' '^^^Sxa^'M^kSik

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