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' All Kvenng Echo.
lrfTtxe true paat departs not. No
truth or goodness realized by man
ever dies, or can die; but all is still
here, and. recognized or not, lives
-^^alhrougb endless changes.
fHe who thinks ex-Senator Nathan
?., ,Soptt shou'd not act now as a
national committeeman doubtless
Tj.tijWeS. that President Taft should
TMlgn - because RooseveK seeks to'be
president igalnt There is as much
logic "In the thought as there la in
tfce belief: v
memory of the martyred emancipator
Is getting Its knocks these days,
but they, are trifling and will In ;f>
wise dim the. lustor or Lincoln's Imtb
note.:t5^~ti>*e'bo8s refrains .frojh
j ^e^ibinftfOlark's1 bad. humor. ,.'lt
ipj^wglng prospect "is
Hgfr*". tti^;Jn<,^e<"^publloan party as it
Jv "? - year in West Virginia
y j, 'wjiich exjsted during the
?-* f ' jwjwflfa/'Ql 'tour yea? ago. The
".-preeented hy the
'i!H!erald jojipatch:
'ciose of the -nopiiI
-JaWS. B8slAd,?4he.l?jLr:y. wtas .split
fei' frf : *tirovtiost'ile' camps.
B^'P^ubUckp-felt: ttfat, under the
' ^??k^-, iondl)<pnB,-, it were worth
WttMe'^to "contend against the com'
"''fplDr enstaVSt-thV party, - who
P&': . ^^ed^to.-the teeth.- militant, defljjf'.r
.tfad Bapped'rttfc
I' .v-> Wi^ylenAgVs tn>an)Internecine con|
f^t'^^w^nirlp^ubiicans? discouiv
) aigemint <ifas written ' upon every
!' ' > j despair founfl
l$"flk?>n'sfit'lhl syerriheaTt'that thro A
tM;wlthj?arty love. It was a doleTot:
8|tuation, spyed only by super&.
mmt^^efort. i-at tl^e last .paln^te,
| *I?d\tliOT' W a'painfully narrow mar"
ji . frhajBttuatlbn'thtstyear, however,
'? tpl distinctively different. We have
1--fir 'n?i?iMitea'a..splendid ticket . wlth.We
will be able
? "v' t5>" ^ the people of the-- State
'W ? .?? .M'One/man),pleadlng' for the merits
'v.. '/ Qf.^e'pju>licp3>lsm and .the worth of
?' qt^'inen.yeihave set up as examples
K': oft^Repnh^can -doctrine. For gor:
ir , efrnbr we'have a man.who towers
afcdng men, a.' Republican whose
*]?' record j Is In complete accord with
j J^pub/ican \d.octrlne. Excellent
'& pomtnatlons have., been made . tor
c^fifereaslonal and legislative places.
County tlckete,' as far as discern
' * I quality whlcli trHl>~sTft
li^J^nRtlienhig the whole organist
. . ? * V%ttfc iavtirarble ^concHtloiwt 1^
tli^TpoJty tS sSan trr ~tbe~ national
<$| : ? giniiat$n.; V^t'Vtrglnfe""w&l' be
Ue^ttbUpah^. b^'5-26",00b. .. With un;.'
; f^orabl'e' c'oiistf tlona In the nation.
ibWWttte RepubUoans" cpuW
88? V ^In.apff vaNia win. But peace.
I Ail aMiome arid. abroad.
V- . ?' ItiU'lfrcomoU vq Age.
It we will pauie and thlnkTwha^
/ lt'-i* ;riit;n?oiU- "aistlnguiBhes the
wbrtfl causation ot this year 19aS
| t Cent
if "I K-M1- . . A.. | r-1-^
fixtures., Very tpw pit them traveled
twenty miles away from the smoke
' of their natal place chimneys. Even
, Ulyaeea, the mighty wanderer of the
.. -Homeric period, probably did noi
' move over a range as big aa the
; state of Pennsylfgnla.
?tiring this year 191^-there will
; be more than one mllHon-of AmeriI,
(jpns who will cover more ground
space, within aslxty-day'period than
'Ulysses tramped over ljt all tS?
- years he was away from i$he Qrectar
farm, continues .the American. Twc
hundred' and ' fifty thousand AmeMclhs
will cross the Atlantic and ex.
ptofe every neofc and 'corner of Eu.*
"'*?T 'x. V-.V. 'it. . . . 1 . - . ' '
ropei v,A naif -million win Invade
: Canada. A half tolllje? from the
"Went will come to' the eastern sea*
aide' and mountain resorts. A
hundred thousand .from the East
Me YOseihite, and several
; thousands Will travel . up Into
1 Alaska.-. ' > 5
A hundred years, ago the travel
habit was confined.to the very few.
i Now, jEnrope and ;North America are
[eplder-wehbed. wfth- railroads, pala,
tlal 8teaiUt)oats- rjtyih ? across eyery
ocefin and plow tip and down all-the
rivfeTs of the ea'rth, *ahd traveling
around.the'worldfs not an affair or
less dlfflculty th&n.a'tHpito Boston
a hundred years ago. Even a hundred
years ago p6ople were accus'
roth?d1>'tff*Sl[y'*tira't' tratei l)road4ned
a' ffiSfid^iverdSBs his : ideas. If
j'.tttat wiit$'Booi? century ajgo It Is, of
course, true today; o&ti-now we
should say that travel foWadens men
^ld, women?It diversifies their
ens. - ?
I* 'yi.Jteededln the .Business.
. WhSn nr. nnri It. inaal VtrolTiIn on.
| tertalned, the -suspicion - that the
JJOemooKBtic campaign tpls summer
[aaOaH would, suffer, seriously from
a lack of financial backing, tbie
Huntington Herald-Dispatch observe*
tmf the.party did hot neglect
t0*"*pft)vid8 the' usual safeguards
agapst aych a contngenpy when . it
held '.lU-I&W stale convention'.'
The party' has learned ifrom. experience
that ii is not Unprofitable
to flatter and cajole some of the big
bond .holders-that are-numbered
within its.,membership. It may
also be observed that the big "bosaea
of the party do not purpose IS'let
the pecuniary respOhBlblliUes of Ahe
situation restisolely' upon theJr:.own
.shoulders or pocketbooksi- .Saya^he
Herald-Dispatch: i Z;
In the state' convention at' ParkersbUfg^the
Dembci'acy'-.hf West
. Virginia di(l not overlook the flnani
ctal. possibilities of t the : - situation.
So .the. burden, of. supporting, the
.csmlfig.State,campaign will pot ali
14H upofrnhe sbbiiTders"or Senator
"Watson. ^4
. In' selecting the delegates ./at
- - - ' / " .
large-tbe venerable, rich and,honorable
.Henry Oaeeaway (Davis was given
the.jjlace at the head,or'the H6t.
"Second' '-"came the/' honorable atid
jJov^hle 1... L .^jJieMfy,-who has'.a
aice.VfaW b?n~k "account -and ' a - big
Jieaift* wn?n\ his party la-in need,
'^itjjpndntb^ at tjxit delegation are
.able. to reciprocate in . .substantial
fashion the honor bestowed,
'"firotfier. "George Bennett hae nevej
ktjown.tbe pinch of poverty,-and*1l^r
" be -It from V member of^bls. tatnlly
of loyal Democrats to play the abort
end, of the,,string, when .it-cbmea^to
making pp a partjr jackpot. These
because-thejr'are wiJKlngV and Watson,
because he most. Will 'give "tye
; fafth'ful a veritable "mint of money
'(orthe fall campaign-. JJncle'Ga?a<
away will no doubt be- gener^'it* Jp
the party he has loved w well add
s6 long,,and, which has.pever.failed
to 'glve hlm any honor- he- mj&ht
ask. . . . ' - , - .
Indeed, the' harvest Is' ripe',' and
.opty awaits. the: word .of; the" lord of
the harvest fdr the Teaplng to begin.
There will" be' gay tlraetTJa. .Israel
these'next tour, months., ,
;;ai -hr-?"** -, .. - '
tjHaeier- National Park.;
f "TbW(fistipal points of Interest In
thevneweat of the great'reservatio'ns
1 tbatbpre maintained "by. the 'goverfFtjpeftt,
for the benefit of the -people
I .-n AADn*lita^ 1 ? ?* -IVni.U.- WnHtlftH
"General Information 'Regarding
iGlaofer .JJatl'onal 'Park,""j)ust* issued
jby the Department of - the Interior,
j This park iist situated lit northern
! Montana, -260, miles northwest. of
| Yellowstone 'P(ark in ah air., line and
44? miles by railroad, ft is'under
: the: control and supervision of the
secretary of the interior, -who Is rep
StflKI ft Sft
. " . * "? ?rtd aboU
.... ... - . . .
: i ' -mt:
: R T drawNPra,
. V ; Vt ' . .Vr* '
. ' Jjl. -''r ' * '*,* * ? '
, . : ' <> *?'
br the vainad ian 1iln e, on -the^e^j
by the BlaCkfeet Indian ReseirVfilon,!
and on the west and Mtrtb'bV <th?
Flathead'river. " It. &s ?n .':e*a 'of
about 015,000 acres and derives Its
name from many glaciers, which (are
' wmwnni inrougn iu area. m?re
are about eighty glaciers between
Are square miles and a few#aor& in
area. The park is a rugged moun1
talnous region and -contains oyer.
' 250 lakes' which are surrounded-by
i stfep and beautifully woodedmoun-<
tains. Z
> (Abroad has been built from .Belton
- to'the.-fOot ibf 'giake a
dietanee of two mlles.Beyond Jiflue
MdDonald, trails extend intp - the
i greater portion of the park. A'
> number of trips may be madi from,
.take MdDonald In one day. One bt
these iB to Avalanche Lake, a cfchrihIng
body of water which 4s surrounded
by great cliffs and - into
Tjhich the melting snow poors cascades
looking in the distance like
threads of silver. Another inter-'
eating trfP aBoFJfflTg dine views of
lake, mountain and forest is td'.the
west Of lake McDonald : to- Trout
Lake, situated In one of the most,
impressive of glacial cirques. Still
another trip is ovaf the;ateep slopes .
of Mount Brown to Speryy placid ,
where a camp has been established'
for the accommodation of the traveler.
One may continue from Spbrry
Glacier over Gunslght jP.as?amidst
the finest of moutftan scenery
;to Upper St. Mary's ' Lake and
tnence to <Midvaie on tne rafiroad.
This circular, 'which nvay _ie mi
tallied on application to >the 'Department
of the Interior, contains Information
regarding the - hotels ahd
camps, a tourist map of,the park;
a Ifst of magazine articles,: and' thd
.rules . and regulations promulgated
for the government of the - riwrtttfctlon.
Will Be RendereAin the Methodist
Protestarit'* Chiirch"
SUnda^Nigfct. ;.i.
.The fSUowlng' program will';be
rendered "in;;'the:- M^hodist,,'prpt5>?^-;
aot^juirclUnabe New ;Palr Grounds
addttfWrfluntlBy night:Hymn?'All
Hall the Power of
Jesus' Name. i ' '
Prayer. .. jj '
Song?"Come..'With. Gladness.
;Reciiation-^VlfeiMme, 'by; Katherin^^ut^rii'.
' ; ; " >;
.jtecitatibn^Mjyaard 'dptysmitK"
^rcl's^'!#hat%lli You pfve?"
by/flve'children.^.1 '' i I: :
' * Sbngr-HOhildren's pay Hynin.'
V-^efeltiatlon?-Two Cejitfe a , Week,
Deicie' James. " ' ! i. '
'i'Recltatlon:rJDrown" :Hlp - Lord of
All,' Calytn Qulllen*j i . i ?;'
; iRedtatipn?Two, and ;One; &&.
Kester. ' . ( .! >; ;
Exercise?Ten boys 1
> 'HymnfMLet Us Awajr . jj ^
Imitation?Penles i iare Promises,
lAnoa-jiBarger. - " . ! ;
^-"'"l^oitatj|.onr-Smlle ii Down, Rich ardifiipslfer-'
^-^fditation?The iAnd of Base,
'lAnna^May Bowman. ' ,
Exercise"?itoil Drill, eight,' giris.
Song?Now .Let the Happy Tidings
"Ring,', 4 - ! , :
Recitation?The iLfast Hug, Nora
; Riley., '
} -Kecltatfon^-Theology in the
Quarters, -^tirr 3wl?her /
. i^ecitatldhr-^e Careful What You
.S4y," Uadra Quillen. ; : .
I ' Exercise-^-''What are the Children
"Saying?" seven children.-^Song.?^IdBps5
lieadS^IHls Artay.
. Recitation?The Children's.Pledge,
Eva Nicholson.' SS* Reeltatlon?'A
- Message, * Darius
Quillen. "
. "What You Can Do, Icy Golden.
Exercise?'flAttie Missionaries,"
j three hoys. J
Quartet"." t
'Recitation?Poor.' Little;; . Jim,
<-Maud Page.. :. ' ' "-j
'Recitation?Johnnie's Coinplaint,
fcssyie DavUsqn. , 1 ' j;
|. - - -OAA'Wla
tvovivavivu wtaaiaaco ouu vtv" " |
Scott James. .
Recitation?The . Blind Girl's
; 'Bream, Darius. Qplllen. . '
fitymn?The FJght is On.
Recltaion?Loving Little Me,
'Daisy Beaver. "' - ' ^
oii?. peatbogs of cmdmetthc this bank.
' Bank a bank (or. tba massesAOOOUHTS
"Thr Lowndes
?-i-? *^ ? -* .
'tsr .
ReoitatWfl?iThe Duty of tb
?*on?, Tfil?aBlHII|rt - r *
*1 .' ' Mirt
waiwUr. 'u - '. - ' > ;?
Son^?'Robport ^te Neoded.
*>paI'Kftid*!"'' * .S*~.
Bblp that Brings
<'fi*rger. .
5t Song?nHifflt "to-' - the : Soldiers'
(Marching. ** ' ' ~ ;
Recitation?Collection, speech by
Btita Webster.
(Recitation?(Willie's Firyt Boot?,,
Reward Huff. ''"
- 'Reoltatioii?Mam'a'B Ducks, Oer^.^uftWsr;
?r]t ;
^citation?Soldier Boy, Lottie
^uttjpei r**'' "'""" i
" iReclfatlon?Wn' Aeslstaat Nurse,
fia^d-Bearorr fsir-f_
' SSbug^rbe BUjle-BoDg. iij
i T? - ii.if'j ' =
Ww Y^MeBatle'' ^4
* 1? ' > -"' ? t
vY ><v" y.vr.FT^r^':'
Women. dfttvpr yWartiM . J^tto^Putfs,.
Pompadours, Coronet Braids '
' ; i. T - " ;
1riie^es^t'tasW^''SVt!a^nK the
ftalt-SCifltly .parted, .Without putts and
braids, demands a naturally fine head
at hair,-and .w^men (with tliln, faded
now to mane it
lobklHrelli The first
,uw^d . ,hls.
- M7.'HTJHV: ?end.' Hf.-keep'
' \S~ - 7 r hair and, scalp In
ijz&r-j/': \ A-healthy condition
' /fjgj ' ' \ by ' the 'Systematic
AS"*- ;.,- use. of- a sttmulat;
; %>'; t^tonic;:' "
thejltligredYsrita headed to- destroy dandruff
.fcferms and encourage rapid '
girsjwth- -.otf strong, n<y*? hair. Those, .
http'elesely dry, faded. looking locks
'tydtr spft,':ius?roits and youthful and '
lhd/w.nbld ajpp'earance 'Is injproved.
^ou.^p-sfetaHvat Wells & Haymaker
Co. Jd?, 50ja/r8*Y, Sjt.Od.;, ?>er bottle, or
troth the' IVpllo Hay Spec.; Cot, Newark."
IN. J. - '
-visHt a- ? ' > . . j'
:vr niiiUil'iBl ^!iof ' I
Maternity Nurse
. vVu^.w.:. "' * "? ?
.r.it ;t-.,ny.;... '.rejs.
118-Tt <309 Daisy
' ' ''' fAjfo. 'l1 ' 'i' ' ' '
\ v.. - n: } ' r
rtiddt 3?ta?; -.^v l lwiwe -jsb.j i
jf. & Co. ]
tUNorUi T)UrdSt.' : ,
; XplY/C&' PaiiSSEKS
: announce to tlieir patrons and the
pufelkithal they aro novfr using'
OilorlesS*Ga5Anc to Clean clothes. I
Try -it and bo Convinced.
"r ' ' *1 ' " n >11 rii"' \( "
f -V - ??.> *? : -?s-Take
Note of This
o. ;
The Wot Id's Greatest
Water Fete and Carnival
wlli, lie held i^i (Detroit July.
22nd to 27th. Arrange your
vacation, tor that week, and
I, accent the welcome of Detroit.
This Festival commemorates
the founding of\Detro!tv .
- the home city of the biggest
-adding'machine factory in
'tlie'world. While you are.in .
Detroit, emrae and.go. through
' our model factory and see
now tite Bunrougns, Adding
Machine Is made.
Burroughs Adding, MarJilne
- . . i
Detroit, M'ch. 1
- - - -j'jJ ^
- '-'X1.. ? r?r?
f swarms I
an wlxui?ri:.tbeweixierat-m* witoi i
?WO mioone tke oun'iotoaiiu aa' (U ffl
Savings Bank <
: " t . . =
lfi? , | ?:v^n*^i^ec*llfe!lJ
Our Grcai^t^unc Sale
? V
jir, fricJaij
T|2%c Women's
c> 101
T" A timely bargain in good quality si
very elastic. Neck and armholes trimm
invests are perfect in every respect and a
Extra Specials in This
$15 to $18 Trimmed Ha^s
$8.00 to $ 10 Trimmed Hah
$6.00 *o $7.50 Trimmed Hah
Carpets, Rugs and Lace Curtai
; fWv ; i ; , v.fjftices ^at oi*alie
$E00To $^(pO?*e Waijt 81
$ 1 Imported Grecian Vo'des
?9 f?L C?L:--!
y? ? vuiij-ucicu ^nvn umurui
69c Men's Underwear
20c^PriVil:e4.C6Mr6n Crepes
25c Swiss Embroidery j T
35c Imported Madras Cloth
M $15, $18;75, $20.00 and
35c Imported Zephyrs
$15.00 Room Size Brussels R
$1.35 and $1.50 Mxminister
75c Middi) Blouses
39c Mercerized Voiles
$1.00 Guaranteed Taffeta
35c Wraps Printed Voiles
$1.00 to $1.50 Fine Foulard
$7.50 to $12.50 Embroidered
$7.50 New Tailored Skirts
50c Silk Bool: Hose
M $25, $30, $37.50, $45 a
$1.50 Silk Gloria Umbrellas
25c Mercerized Lin aire
$1.50 Tailored Lingerie Waist:
$1.25 Corset Cover' Combinatic
20c French Nainsook, Bolt of 1
$1.50 Ro\)a! Worcester Corsets
25c to 35c Figured White Ma
85c Salem Sheets
25c Turkish Bath Towels
T5c Huck Trowels !
12y2c Superior Long Cloth
9E D f* 1. Alt Li. n
I fconsr uem ufl rne rnc<
ire wen pleaaed and (key Win ten jo? ao. TUa la exc
y aa we do the larger ooeei
md Trust
' f
ding Stamps with Cadi Purchases
: of Undermuslins Begins II
i'arf hundred^ 6f daiht^ gd^fehts^U new |
iiorjng nrst time this week.1
is of Crepe, Lohgcloth, Nainsook and I
inty trimmings of Val and, Torchon Laces 11
(embroidery. v > I
in Petticoats -with all lace flounces and I
fsamc material trimmed in lade phhel effect j
itirely new lot of corset covers in this June.
ndermuslins. Made of good (pifility Nain 1
nch fimslied 'seams, trimmed across bust (I
laces and ribbon-run embroidery. 11
; . ' } t J \) j I
rune Sale of Suihmier Updemrnslind begins
See \vindOw ^ _
I - - i" 'M -v ( ?iSl ' Mi
i;H tcli t% ' !,i :
I, June loth,9 a. wk (*t n ,
''Surhmer bests' *
summer vests,
r 25c i M
ii mmer vests. Full bieaclied, fine ribbedj, |
ed with tape-run crochet edging. These
.j "
very> special value at sale .pj-ice, 3 for 25c, -
o? Rebuilding Me
- ' - $6.98
' - $4.98
ns in tke Rebuilding Sale witb
nde all comparison. ; . t
idrts r>"n ! v ^
- 49c Yard
dery Flouncing - 98c Yd
- ? ! 89c
^ 12J&C Yard
r 9c Yard
- ' - 17c Yard
i some $25 Silk Dresses $9.95
* - - 19c
u^8 - " $8.98
Carpets at - 98c Yard
27c Yard
- v . _iv OS.U 7Q_
- n; oo.?5c Yard
Silks at - 39c uard
Robes at - )>^t $3.09
- , $3.95
nd $50 Silk Dresses, $14.98
15c yard
s at - - 98c
ms - 59$
10 yards for - $1.19
I - * $1.00
drasatonly - 15c yard
6 lor 79c
- 6 left- 49c
i of New Summer Parasols.
Igf.J Per I
^=4 Centjl

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