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fl ToToronto,Ottawa, Mo:
Seguenay River, Gcor
r Quebec, Rreueh Rtvei
, The Canadian Roclde
I China, Hawaiian Isl
. %:Bf?40Jpa^t aiid Pr
P ' Pr^c.e^ity^unriva^lfd as a
H aseptic forn
B . A.t i
I :y)i ?O^MJELES
-4 b' ; _ ;
At ill .ceremonious functioi
wearing La France Shoes,
of completeness to beautifu)
bsn Donohue
n '/ --=
Sensible Wot
fc'-'.v- * ?
As health talks to women become
apre general, both in the newspapers
atop on the platforifi, the moss of women
are bediming to realise what the more
[ cultivated hate ' always known, that
, Jtood Health cannot be found In a powder
BOX. The externals of health may be
.obtained In that way, but the basis of
bfialth lies deeper, and yet Is Just as
Oslly obtained.
: *'The most Important thing that a
woman can do for herself, and about
Wdllch she Is often most neglectful. Is
to watch the condition of her stomach
! and bowels. The weary eyes, the had
Itweath, the frequent headaches, the
1 pimples, the general eJr of lassitude Is
nine tlmou out of ten the result of oon" Wpatton
or Indigestion, or- both. MAny
simple remedies caji, be obtained, but
jthe best In the estimation of most
I 'JMipen Is Dr. CaTdwell's Syrup Pepsin.
if-:-Is mild, pleasant to tho taste and
^BCtly suited tor needs. It Is far
| hpIhealt
? Don't drug your&ell
I symptoms of poor
I mil ifnu/n ci/cfnmc
Rebuild '
A Genuine Reeonsl
"After one and a half
T. B. Stalnaker, Cha
Milam more than 3 or
ment in appetite and
lotteC.H., Va. "Mil
only a fen bottles but
taflOO. KM* ?w an* !'1I? to'tandup under
totr<ma?Vv! s-ille. Va. I took fivi
BBSis t,.?- Wi"r;- D,\nvi
f IIBagiP"* _ Milam, and after 26 yt
; Jiams, Huntington, W
Buy B Bottles for
wnm^^ssm "?< row mone\
;ii f ill 1 "ft"' V#-'-"
.'I u 1 ? '! * - -1 -l,7. j ' ' Vo" N
ian Pacific Lines
ftiffitES and routes
Laud, Rivers,
;es and Oceans I
p District Muskoka Lakes,
s and Pacilic Coast Points. |l
1f|K 'in ijminn i
ands, Alaska *na Europe. ?
V:i fT. . '
rt.wfa'&gi4?poraMt?. f
, , C. L. WtU.Uk*>, a A. P. D. 1
-J?*! * \
pfy+Ar - I 8
JH ? .< vJA/. c
opliyla^teic^ . A household I *
mouth^-ash', gargle and I *
i from.Jlie. most up-to-date E5
tula. Physicians and den- J t
., - ; * 1
ill druggists. i
'' i '
1 1 i .."
. V, 7* J .8 .
While Nu-Buduand
X^\. White Comas
is you will meet fastidious women (
They impart just the proper touch
I attire.
(Sb Johnson ng*;
28. W? M?tin St.
. ' ' >'' , t '
Hen Know
lion of Health:
| ii
superior to salts* cathartio pills; waters, \\
etc.. which are entirely too violent.
Women should see to it that they Ci
have ai least one movement of the
bowels fcach day. and when showing any ri
tendency to cqnstipation should take g
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin in the
small dpse prescribed. A brief use of V
it will so train the stomach and bowel
auscled that all forms of medicine can w
i'dispensed, with. These opinions are ei
voiced by thousands of women, after
personal* experience, among them Mrs. M. IB
E. Hughes, 1404 King St, Wilmington,
Dela., aiid Miss* Rose Walker, 123& N.
27th St4 Rlchmbnd, Va.
Anyone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying it. in tha regular pi
way of a druggist at fifty cents or one .
dollar a large bfottle (family size) can u
have a-sample bottle sent to the homo ?
free of charge byjjimply addressing Dr.
W. B. Caldwelk 405 Washingtqn St, It
Monticello. 111. >Tour name ana address
on a postal card will da - t(
* K
'U Doa'tTriftelp
rij With It!
I for ills that are but t
blood, depleted and
Dop't patch up? h
ir xr hi _ ._5al
tuui UCdlUl WHO tl
tractive Tonlo ft Blood Renovator (e,
bordcaof Milam I have gained 8i lbs."? .
rleitortf?YV.Va. "I had not taken the
4 days when .1 saw a decided improvedi
jdstion. "-^ev. R. L. McNair, Charam
is a grand medicine. I have taken
1 feel strongerand better, more active and
my work. ?Rev. H. D.Gy errant, Danr
bctties of Mvkmimd gained ltt lbs."? 0
lie, Va. "Am finishing my 6th bottle of ars
of Eczema, am cured."?C. H. Wit
Va. e '
SSMO of your druaglmt and got 01
yeajjs in the Matter <?f White
Natives, of^hite Native
WASULN'OTON, June 1,4.?Cotnile/te
figures on color, nativity and
areqtage of the. BopulaUoR of, the
fnlted States, given out by the Centre
Bureau today, show: that IVeat,
Virginia fttlf hag. the largest pro>0rHon
of ' native. > white pCrapng of
iflHra mflMniflffa rtf ,tw aUIa In thai
-" n wvi'i.H.' ?*vr
mlon. iadinalsd that!
Feat Virginiadisd dropped to. leopndt
ilaoe but'ithle ta Shown iby the, flgir?,
gJy?& en* today,, to bnjntsoireot.
Of a tot%L population of WWJUUfc
Vest Virginia'has 1,042,107 native,
eat adiilo persons of,native populaim.
Thiols about sU$Nlv> per
opt of the total, population which
?, for-iukssetf ?4-th^ percentage in
[fcy other stater1 Kentucky staphs,
econd -with about eighty-one per
ent, Indiana next with, eeventy-nine
ler cent" and Oklahoma fourth with
eventy-^Jght per cent.
The negro em tb West Virginia outiumber
the foreign born white pop-,
itatlop. Ttao total number, of ne- 1
jroea Is '64,1134 while the number of
orelgn bora whites In. the state 1b
7,072. The number of native whites
if foreign parentage Is. 57,638, white ;
he Indians and Asiatics In the state
ncludlng Chinese and Japanese num er
139. .'
Huntington has more dative horn
vhlte persona of native .parentage
han Wheeling baa and also bos
more negroes, and Asiatics. Figures
ire gfvep for only two cities In the
itate?{Huntington and Wheeling,
hese being the only cities exceeding
15,000 in. population. Huntington
rns 27,311 native white persons of
latiye parentage, while Wheeling
ias but 22,385. Huntington has
!, 184 native whites of foreign parents
ige, while. 'Wheeling has 12,630.
Huntington has only 514 foreign born
white persons, while ^Wheeling has
>;4I8. The negroes ' In Huntington
lumber 2,140 while tihoae In Wheeling
are 1,201. Huntington has twelve
Asiatics .while. Wheeling has butwvea.
lit is Interesting to hnow In connection
with these, figures tor West
Virginia end West Virginia cities that
some cities in the country have very
large percentages ot foreign born
whites and negroeB. In Passaic,
few Jersey, the foreign born whites
represent flfty-trwo .per cent of the
lopulatlon, while in Lawrence, Masaichbsetts.
they represent 48.1. In
Charleston, South Carolina, th.e ne;roes
comprise 53.8 per cent of the
ctaJ population, while in Savannah,
laoksonville and Montgomery, they
roraprise more than fifty "per cent of
he population.'
/ . .
\.re Granted by the Secretary
of State to More State
CHARLESTON, June M,?For the
urposa of dealing in- roal estate, a
barter has been i6.sued to the Wash:gton
Heights Realty Company, of
Wheeling, W. Va. The authorized
apltal Is $12,000, -while the incorpoators
are Morris Horkliehner. Ben
, Baer and Joseph H. Baer, of
,'heeflng; Estella Horkheimer, adiini8trator
of Bernard Horkheimer
state, of Baltimore. Md.; and Jacob
aer, of Hancock, Md,
Othqr charters are as follows:
The PuHen Coal and Coke Com- j
any. of Logan, W. Va., to operate in
aurei Hill district of LLgcoln county,
'est IVi-ginia. The authorized capal
is $200,000, and the incorporates.
Henry Mitchell and Robert C.
iosser, of Henlawson, W. Va.; A. G.
eyser and John E. Pullen, of Bradylllc,
IV. Va.; Bvorett Pullen. of
ogan, W. Va.
Laughorae and Lang home Comany,
of Huntington, W. Va? to con- fU
Lruct an dequlp railroads, mills, coal is
pples, etc. Authorized capital,
100,000. Incorporators: T. J. Bryan, to
!. R. Thompeon, A. E. Bush, Donald fe
larke and E. M AVatts, alt of Hunt- ?'
igton. pl
Everett House Company, of Marnsburg,"
IV. Va., to build and operate ar
hotel. Authorized capitaJ, $48,000. or
icorporators: "Margaret A. Logan, '05
. D. Gardner, Sue Gardner Hanp.ls, m
eah W.Splllman. Margaret W. Nad- Cc
ubusch and Emma Wilson, of Mar- =
usuui?i auu juoiuk vv. ?^aBi?raay.
t Pitteburg, Pa.
All member* of the Rose of Sharon
ourt. Daughters of Shpinx, are re-- or
uested to meet In Its hall at 7 ^
clook Saturday evening- Business |n|
1 importance will be transacted and flo
rompt attendance fil this early hour es
i deelred bar the officers.
, v ?
iiiro.yj^ jfl&ECIU^tVY t ff
tf 1 $3S$4 ftf
W? '? j|
on?; W* tflMtf <rf W?q>- ?
erf* Pumps and Oa- g|
funis: ?an. patent, awl _
dull leathers: ^uiton
and lace mpdela: all w
Htjrles lo choose from, I1
$3.00 and $1.00 values,
; mieP^PP |
[ I,... i. .. -x*
We have the most coipjpjel
White Shoes, Pumps and
ity of our merchandise.
i.l'.J UIIU
$4.00 anj| $5 Valuer ${2.95
Ladies'" Genuine White
Nu-Buck. Shoes, high raised
toes.ancF short vamps,
$4 and $5 kinds at
$3 and $4 Values, $1.95
.Ladies' Genuine White
1 NuBuek' and' Sea Island
Duck Pumps, stage lasts,
$3 and"$4'y?lues
$3 and $3.50 Values, $1.95
Ladies' Shoes, Pumps and
Oxfords in Velvet, Suede,
Tan. Patent and Duli
[ Leathers, $3 and $4 values
while tliev last
204*206 MAIN STREE
lO Is llio Quickest Acting Remedy
for Aching,, Burning I'ect>
EZO puts the feet In fine shape over
ght. No matter how sore or painI,
rub on EZO and misery will vanIt.
EZO is a rcllned ointment and easy
use; Just rub it on your poor ailing
et, that's all. No fussing around
ittlng ready. Sold on money back
EZO never falls to extract the sore?s
from corns, bunions and callouses
id for rough skin; chapped hands
face there, is nothing like it. Jar
cents et Wells & Haymaker Co.
ail orders ty.led. by EZO Chcmics
>? Rocketser. N. Y.
Sealed bids will be received until
ion Friday, June 21, 1912, by the
ty of Clarksburg for the relioorlng
Olen BSk Bridge, with 3-tnch white
rock ogk flooring. Bids to be at
much per' thousand feet board
tasure to rofloor said bridge, IncludI
all necessary labor to renjove old
or and repWd' *-1111 Tiow floor, nectary
stringers, etc.
W. H. Cole. City Clerk.
OSS 206 in
hi i ji i m
K. t. J__ i.
:veryroay c
t * X ; -c .
v -. p-. .
;e lin eta be. found in town?
QxfoiSte at the lowest J^iceg
itill The
\ ? To
take advantage
>rd. Prices h^YO d:
in order to make a
will make a few mo
>V: ;
rnrg's Bigg
Double Value;
> $3.60 and $4 Values, $2.48
Men's Tail Shpts. and;Oxfords,
button and blueher
' styles with high, raised
toes, $3.50 and $4.00 ones,
Just Wright Shoes, $3.25
One lot of. Men's Just
Wright Shoes, 500 pairs in
Dull Leathers; latest models
in button and blueher
styles. Frenchv toes, a
specialty. $5.00 and $6.00
Shoe Si
4% Interest
Capital $250,000
lain Street Ki
> Looking ft
W:*:1 *' '
come here and get whftt is
u; seldom equaled* ec
5S^; ' - . j-'r" .? , !
J? ?'
:V <L .
? Com
' * ; **' ? , .
of the greatest ?al
copped to the bol
through "clean
re sacrifices.
. ?.
? *
est Shoe I
,? *
s for Everbodj
Men's Waldo Shoes, $4.0
and- $5.00:Valuee, $2.95.
Men's Waldo Shoes ii
Gun Metal leathers. Eas;
and dressy. $4.00 am
$5.00 values
$2.50 and $3 Values, $1.61
Boys' Shoes, and Oxford
in Tan, Patent and Dul
leathers, iu button an<
blucher styles, $2.50 am
' $3.00 values
:ores O
Because it encourage
helps to build up a rescr
advisable, for everyone. i
the Empire National Ban
Paid on Savi
Surplus ar
-?^t at the
-up" I
^^1^ I
II.. 1 .UIIJIl.U?l,?!?* .
? : UJ .I1.J.J.I .m>, U.I "w '.'..un.
Bargains" !
i ' |m
11. LiS" ?J.?* ?
0 $150,^04 $a \&llMe, 98*
Misses.'"V^liitc Puck.Shoes;
aud 2-stvap Slippers, $1.50 > ...,
ii and $2.00 values ... '
? WW Wl
.1-1 J...I -I V
$3.00 Values $1.69 ?
Women's White Duck
Shoes and Pumps, short.
vanjps? spcqial for this sale
: $1.69
1 I.
I $3.50 and $4 Values, $1.95;
} Women's Black Buckskini
Sltoes, short vamps and?
" high raised^ toes, $3.50 and*
$4.00 values
' i
- * '
is thrift, fosters saving and *
ve fund, a bank account is
start an acqounttoday.Avith
k. r
ngs Accounts t
id Profits $145,000
v - .".-t . :

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