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Togwwtti'With Pawnee Bill';
i priced by
J&ij&t OfcusAcfS.
B(?jjj(i$Uifo WHS West and Paw
pi la In the- city u,n<
accdij&n^ln* the great exhibition ii
tworffl^tth ,'nio4t picturesque Char
acte?l|'iV'Anle>rlcan llfe-^Col. W; F
I Codfc^antf ifhlor Gordon W. Llille
Tli?Tlfe4gt.;>*htbltlon arrived earl;
this morning from. Palrintnt am
abofit-"l8ii>Vldbk there wis erects*
1 In thli city the ftreha that has madi
' tbla the much talked about and van
; wlde^Swfh amusement enterpi-ii*
| A -jjMe/.artwd' -bt CJarksbttrgen
- amb-.<U|tOfS 'frbin the ' eurrdhndint
tow4tv#ia, *ta|tag in the Wild Wee
and Fdffihst at this afternoon's per
, - BOwtk): feiu-i* here on his las
1 visitsib tay.. goodbyepirci aid for al
to hie frlendsi yotmg odd old. Foi
old 'fatal'hat conn
to Weit Virginia, always to And' i
cordiaj: .toefebme. As he' ttowS frofa
the ihb marbiy bdwa "floot
. nightly;J^en he laaves' yt>u' touigti
it means "goodbye," as fiuftalo* fill
wlllW^tiVefy never again appear li
Today'* program was presents!
Just as il'ttas seen at the successfu
eeaiott. I'jin its career at MadlBOi
ScjuarS dkrden, ifewYorti City, at tbi
opeifeg df'the faewetl tour. Colone
Cody ^HteS, from public lift at till
r cloae ;it'toe presbht tour of the ex
;; wbitifin.'-*- |
v Cody as
Kv??<s V > " f- ' - } "
t.. ' tK~ \
jlf.-r. i .*; . v.
is jsiade by stii
in hot water, 1
t *
if. IjPy* **f '
* vr-V *N<
Instant Postum
fleHfiiouSi mild Javas
from Java, and it cos
A100- cup tin of I
"(Smaller tin 30c)
* Regular Postum,
Coffee averages a
Buy a tin?serve it t
_.r. '
? Postum
xmr alJw^ftly perfect .line
tf ^nt'^BHiifaishings. When
Ave say "perfectv we mean
W ebs ter's 'definition:-*-*
" oipplete; without. defect
,o|r blemish-" Webster knew
hOAV to define \Vordsr-but he
could never have given a
better illustration ofi. '^perfection"
than the goods now
! displayed at our store.
I 114 S. Third Street,
I i/ieiT
*- ??i : r
> aembted bit forces end the performance
given Is an exact coijnterpart
of thlat "given: at MadlSOn Square
Garden for three weeks, where thousands
of people were turned away,
j The exhibition this year Is- a strlk,
lng assemblage of the horsemen from
_ j all ipaf^e of the world, and as far as
, | is .possible indicates the habits of the
'' redmeti and the c'owhoys of the wild
' west. In conjunction with Pawnee
j BUI, COlonel Cddy has included a
j troupe of HuSsfan dancers, Slngalese,
s Dahomeylans and representatives
t from every clime In the Par -East,
9 which makes the program tar more
I Interesting and entertaining than It
3' has ever been before In the history
5 of the organization,
t Promptly at 8 o'clock this evening,
. groupe -after groupe will gather to;
ward the front and the entire arena
t Will be filled with horsemen. They
1 Will gallop out into the sawdust
r space in the center of the canvaB
3 Coliseum and tor two and a half
i hours sensation after seneatign will
i be unfolded to bewildered onlookers.
1 There -are varied exhibitors of
t hdreexnanahlp where the dusky sklnl
ned Arabs vie with the American
i cowboys In displays of equestrianism.
" The camp life of the American In-"
1 diun Is shown In contrast to the
1 domiciles of the desert born and noi
madlc Bedouin. Russian, cossacks*
9 the representatives of the csar's cav1
airy, display their saddle expertness
3 In contrast to the horsemanship of
- Uncle 'Sam's soldiers. The- slow but
Bare camel- and the lumbering ele
phant are compared with the agile
the newe&
Ting a teaspoonful (<
then adding sugar am
> Boiling Necessi
saves money, time and troubl
that one used to buy when J*
ts less.
nstant Postuffi costs 50c at gr<
Lge. Pkg. (must be boiled 15
bout double that cost.
o the family?
here's a Reas<
cereal Co., Ltd.. Botue Greek
buffalo and the prancing steed.of ti*
exhibition are^a. The splendors o
tie OHftit1 it# pfsfcentfetfSti coniras
with the Aboriginal featureB &n<
finery of the American Indians
There are to be seen clererly traiiie,
horses, dancing girth of -varltiu* ha
tiona, the acrobats of Japan and othe
Countries. All in all, the show is th
mofct'complete combination of ont-oi
- ?- RA'NCfc
In "Buffalo &!li" alid' "PiVwaei
\? . ??a-^.
ldbor exhibitions ever presented/ ,1
opens with a grand review, the Will
Weat and1 the Par EaBt join In a bril
Hant display -of costume and coloi
typifying the' tribes and types of op
poslte sides of the globe. f
i The famous "Melton Zouaves worl
' with machine-like precision and scab
a wall with lightning rapidity, an
j also a part of the show. Then comei
the ifotoball game on,horseback, be
I tween the Indians and the cowboys
the ball being almost six feet In dl
' American frontiersmen will neve:
forget -the Indian forays with whlcl
they had to contend in early days
An exposition of these is the nex
part of the program and in it Colone
t food drink
direct from tin)
d cream to taste
e. It tastes like those
iva coffee really came
>cers?y2c per cup
, Mich.?
i. some at the movements which are J
i expected of them by Cable feam. One 1 "
- of tbfese riders even straddles four I
!r sniiinAB ... w .1
ej The great musical ride, under the
. :
I J(J|R'L !
Bill's" big circus.
t'all the Important nations and the
1 Red Cross Society, is a sight to he
-1 remembered. Seldom has anything
I ot Its kind ever been attempted and
- never accomplished. What the cowboys
will do with .the real wftd
c horses is left to your . imagination.
5 Suffice L't to say that the horse doOB
. not exist that these dare-devels can3
not mount and' stick to.
With the cowboy Wand playing
"Auld> Lang Syne." the entire cora.
pany will again .gather In the arena
for a final salute and Colonel Cody,
r as he bows from the arena, will say
j good-bye forever. It is the best show
the "Two 'Billa" have ever produced
t and it will ntver be seen here again
! j in its present completeness.
mere was no street parade.
Reserved seats for tonight's per-|
formance vv'lt be on. sale nntll B tp. 1
in. at tho Pike. Naws-Comipany's store. i
Vaudeville Attraction is Filling
Engagement at the
Odeon Theater.
An exceptionally strong attrac- '
lion Is at the OdCon ror'the 'last1
half of the week. Three large
crowds flil.ed this popular theater ^
yesterday to witness It". ? -
The Carreys in a novelty juggling
act and globe devolving act are a y
splehdld feature of the bill, "the
stage setting ts elaborate and the
electrical effects spectacular, especially
the opettftjr'ac!??rV Mrs.' C&r- .
rey Is as much at bbtn'e on the. globe
as oh the floor, and her juggling is
of the highest order. Mr. Carrey's
make-up is a hit and the way he
handles the hoops is great. ' '' ' ' ' "
Ollmore' and'Castle th a'Wngjfll'f
talking and dancing net keen the
audience tn an uproar all the time
thoy are Oh t)ie stage with a line of
good stories and new styles of dancing.
The Almeda four ate a clever >
quartet -of pertormers and have one
of the best acta presented here fbf a
long time. The two ladles and two
gentleiiten who compose this act are'
artists of the highest order. The act.
Is composed of singing, talking,'
buck dancing on roller skates and1
a tamborlne number that takes the;
bouse by stofm. ' ' J
The usual feature reels are shown I J
at every performance. The "Italian I
Cavalry" is being shown today. I I
Word reached here this morning;
announcing the death of S. ft. Shep-;
pard at htB home in- Trenton, N. J., i 1
. last nlgbt. Mr. Sbeppapf. Is well re-1
ni ntr. *?r veil IKana oo .fAmnao ?"A n*
I VW MOI W >W IVk tUCi lUOUOft*- * |
<"f the Charjwburg house of the Stielf
P:ano Company.
Mrs. A. V. Critea asks the Telegram
to 'statd' that her daughter, Mrs;
Stella. iGuinnl Crttes, did not take
bed bug poison with' suicidal intent j
a few- days ago brtt that the poison i
, was taken in mistake for calomel. I
M Satisfactftn
Our object' is to satisfy our customers
grade , of mert'liaiKlise that We believe wil
isf action both as to service- and price. In
our store -you'll find the best 'class of goo
can recommend and at prices as low as wi
We Sell
''-j. t ' 8 i? -i I t
r rry%T^\ n-n
LJiJinujzjxiDKjj\ uv
because. we know theso popular models r
every woman who gets'her corset at our :
teed a perfect fitting model in a corset tlu
Price $1.00 to $
T. J. LYNci
Lvnch BuildinJ
' ' * in rr- - r i- i- < i. . I,, . /1 ' .
The Two Big
Will be cow
4 ^ QKip mauric
1 BP 1 JOHN T1
^whose work '
. glpr ists and pho'
The. Ai
fe,, The I
I The
i,i# And a Rei
tit.- - who
IHBhBH i?. ^
WIL1IAM J. nRYAir ^jjr'
Can you imagine anything more
unique or of greater interest than a
description by Wlllldih J. Bryan, three *x- I
times a candidate for President, of
the conduct of a National Repub- ? *"!
llcan convention by the le&derg who vyraer no
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The Pittsburgh Post'
wu'QI ' iFTw^.illl
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I Judge?" Wars may coine and wars may g
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I oldFark
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raff pure mountain water,
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I Jtefll process gives the sair
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"YfiTBr 1
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330 W. Main Street ^
f Aflfl/SflffAMO I
ltd comprehensively and from all important * ;
angles in
corps of four staff correspondents i
will be supplemented by that of staff cartoontographers,
together with the complete ser>ig
press associations; . .......m, i/ jS
ssociated Press
Mew YoirkSnBL
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icago Record-Herald
uarkable Triumvirate of Special Writers*"?) *
. Ha ? - - ?
wui write exclusively for The Post -iK
illiam J. Bryan v
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from now on. {
s Convention News I
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