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pBUYMtins ,
Yj No other suburb la building so tut
H*t 5tawe11Mtown ?' 8teale5r
The Stealer Realty Company la
placing about seventy-live building
: lota on the market, with pared T]
' streets, cement atdewalka and water
?p& and aewerage taps. Every lot fronta .
(: -on good atreet and haa an alley in the ..
1: rw- ?.
Kr? I have the prlcea and terma on 63
"y these Iota and will be glad to show w
-7.'. you over the property. If you are th
looking for the BEST these will suit C.
you. 1 bi
Vacant lot 62x106 feet. This J6t U ec
tear the center of the city and a good A:
urchase. ec
- PRICE $1050 2
One-half cash, one and two years.
tight on new road to fr?r grounds re
,nd street car line. If you want a
urge lot for little price here you are.
.ot 110x140 feet. . al
$550 CASH be
~ w
!. llAAlLHiW
Close the Mllford Road. I have two *
corner lots 40x120 teet each. ^
(toward Post
Rooms SOS-SOS, Gaff Bide. ^
jK'V .
firootoct nf Nil
m wwiHi VI fill
Human Blessings g
The most wonderful thins In the world P
1* lore expressed In the helpless Infant.
And anions those aids and comforts for ?
expectant mothers Is the* well known II
"Mother's Friend." "V
This Is an external application to ,
enable the abdominal muscles to become h
rpore pliant, to expand naturally without
undue pain from the strain upon cords
and ligaments.
In almost every settled community are Vt
ft women who hare enjoyed the blesslns of ?
this famous remcdloUand helpful embro- b
cation. Their daughters. have crown up "Vy
3 j to learn of Its splendid assistance. .
, Applied as directed upon those muscles f<
Involved It soothes the fine network of
nerves with which all the muscles are
supplied. Thus a great share of the pains V.
so much dreaded may be avoided and the 11
period of expectancy passed through In c.
eose%and comfort.
Anythlns that adds so much comfort
ihust be counted as a blessing Indeed.
? In a little book sent hv mill mi<.h...... ?
I ful information Is Elves to Inexperienced "
mothers. It telle how to use "Mother's
! _ Friend" end how to avoid caking breasts.
Get a bottle today and writs for book to
I Bradfleld Regulator Co., 409 tamar Bid*.,
Atlanta. Go. Be sure you get "Mothers
Delay Has Been Dangerous In It
Clarksburg. S
Do the right thing at the right ^
jyV time. q
Act quickly In time of danger. V
. . in time of kidney danger Doan's
, Kidney Pills are most effective. I1
. Plenty of evidence of their worth, ?
Henry Baker, Alt* Vista, Clarks- ?|
I b(rg, W. Va., says: "I don't know "
what caused my kidneys to get so bad
I but they certainly put me to a lot of <>!
I trouble. The kidney secretions were h
I ' filled with sediment and passed too tl
Kb frequently. I had to get up at night, si
I (raftered from rheumatic pains In my f<
back and limbs. After I sat down, it a
was hard for me to get up again. This tl
i trouble kept up for a long time until c<
I began to use Doan's Kidney Pills, a
They sbon made me feel much better G
In jSTery way. I was relieved of the t]
rheumatic pains and the kidney ac- L
tlon was regulated. 1 give Doan's g
Kidney Pills all the credit tor the tl
good health I have had since." Cl
. Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't g
simply ask for a kidney remedy?get
Doan's IXdney Pills?the same that
Mr; Baker, had. Foster-Mllburn Co., ?
i Props., Buffalo, N. Y.?Advertise- tl
f menC v
y -. r1, R.
Commmiel^g ^Monday. August 24, a
wooiv ro"c
R A YS 0
otal Solar hclipse is Billed for41
Tomorrow ana Great Inter- 1
est is Taken in. It !
WASHINGTON, D. C., Aug. 20.? (
le eclipse ot the sun tomorrow? i
Lai in psrt of Europe and Asia and
irtial in northeastern America?has
tracted the widespread attention of |
tronomers and scientists. Various i
ipeditlons having been arranged to i
Itness this phenomena. In view ot i
e public interest in the event, Prof, i
G. Abbott, head of ths astronomical i
anch of the Smithsonian Institntion, j
id a recognized authority on solar i
lenomena, gives the following pop- i
ar account of the eclipse, and the j
ientlflc results sought from such i
ents: 1
On August 21, 1914 the moon will 1
tss exactly between the earth and the ]
m, and there will be a total solar
lipse. It will not be observed in
merlca, except as a small partial t
lipse at sunrise in the . northern i
ates and Canada, but in Persia, Rua- ;
a and Scandinavia the full effect i
ill be seen. ;
Shadow Is a Cone. i
Although the moon'looks about the ;
me size as the sun, it Is very much ;
nailer and nearer. ?he sun is 865,- '
>0 miles in diameter and 93,000,000
lies away, while the moon is 2,163
lies in diameter and 239,000 miles
vay. On account of. the moon's small
ze compared with the sun the shadv
cast by the moon is a cone, and
a- point of this cone just barely
aches the earth.
In this eclipse the diameter ot the
ine at the earth's surface Is only
>out eighty-five miles, so that the
illpse is visible as total only in a
lit about eighty-five miles wide
retchings over the countries named
love. The Important cities of Bitlls,
reblzond, Kief, Minsk and Riga lie
iar the center: of this belt. It passes
lout a hundred miles north of Stockilm
and Trondhelm. The eclipse
111 be seen as partial over a very
ide. area, Including northeastern
merlca, Greenland, Europe, half of
sia and half of America. Within
Is region only a portion of the sun's
sk will be hidden by the moon.
Sky Becomes Dark.
Wherever the solar eclipse is seen
i total, the sky will become nearly as
irk as full-moonlight, and a' few of
e brighter stars and planets may be ,
en. The duration of the totality is
ngest near Kief in Russia, where it
two mlnntna atiiS ' thl-tnoT.
? ? ?w? acbuuup.
unetlmes the moon and the enn ocipy
such positions that although the
oon passes directly between the ,
irth and the sun the shadow cone
>es not quite reach the earth, Such
ilar eclipses are called "annular" i
id are nowhere total' eclipses. In
(Oontmuea irom page one.)
"Flying low the. German
eiatons surveyed the posions
and then returned to
"Soon afterward the Gerlan
infantry, supported by
lachine guns and artillery,
pened a furious attack.
"The Belgians were outumbered
but put up a deserate
"The troops on both sides
night like demons and the
attle soon'became a veritale
"Two Belgian regiments,
'hich already had distinuished
themselves at Liege,
eld the invaders in check
>r two hours.
"Both sides were losing i
eavily when the retreat was ;
lunded." i
(By Associated Press.)
he British embassy here today
jceived from its foreign office
summary of the naval and miliary
situation to date. C. Barely,
the . charge sent a copy to
ecretary Bryan.
In regard to the military posiOns
the document says "the
German forces at present exmd
from the north of the
eighborhood of Basle through
.iege to a point in Belgium to
le east of Antwerp and near
ie Dutch fronting:
Outstanding features of the
perations up to the present
ave been delayed, caused by
le contemplated German offenive
across the Meuse by the desnse
of Liege, where the forts
re still intact. It has permitid
the orderly mobilization and
sncentration of French army
nd British expeditionary force,
rerman troops have now crossed
le Meuse both above and below
iege and are gaining some
round slowly westward but
ieir advance cavalry has been
antinually checked by the Belians.
"In the south where the Gerlan
armies are apparently on
tie defensive the French are adancing
on a long line into Alice
and Lorraine, a great ex?nt
of which they now occupy
fter driving back in several enagement3
the troops opposed to
the matt favorable cause a total
tollpse may last over seven minutes
at a station, .but such occasions are
fery rare.
There sflll be total eclipses visible
in the United States on June 8, 1918,
September 10, 1933 and January 24,
As the glare of the sun In the sky
Is removed, and yet the moon hardly
nore than covers the sun, It Is possible
at times of total solar eclipse to
see all the celestial objects near the
sun. These can not be seen at other
Limes because they are lost In the
bright sky light. It is this whichmakes
astronomers so eager to observe
total eclipses. The most striking
thing seen is the solar corona, a
beautiful pearly light stretching away
from the sun In ajl directions, something
like the Aurora Borealls seen
in northern countries.
Corona Changes.
The corona extends from one to
three solar diameters away from the
sun. Its form changes from year to
rear In connection with the number
of sun-spots which, prevail. As the
present year will be one of comparatively
few sun-spots the corona is expected
to have short but well marked
polar rays and long equatorial streamers.
In 1918 a total eclipse will be
visible in the United States, and as
the sun-spots will then be numerous
the corona will probably extend nearly
equally in all directions.
Formerly It was believed probable
that one or more planets of .the solar
system exist nearer the sun than Mercury,
and It was hoped to discover
these during total solar eclipses. But
the sky has bpen so carefully searched
that no such objects large enough lo
be worth counting exist.
Taloe Has Diminished.
Formerly also It was regarded as
necessary to wait for eclipses and to
Bee and study the beautiful rbBy
Dames of hydrogen and other gases,
called prominences, which surround
the sun: But these may now be observed
at any time by means of a
special apparatus. While value of
total eclipses has therefore somewhat
diminished, there still remain many
Btudles which are conOned to them.
Astronomers make very careful
preparations, and rehearse all details
of their programs lest some of the
precious time should be wasted. They
observe with the eye gnd the photographic
plate to determine the exact
times of totality and the form and
extension of the corona. They photograph
the spectrum of the corona,
and also that of the bright colored
rinz of lleht which Hod ft* Vooo
Just on the edge of the sun. They
measure the brightness of the sky and
of the corona, and make many other
observations useful In learning about
the nature of the sun.
Is Sent to the Vatican by Bryan
upon President Wilson's
( r aaaociatkd \
WASHINGTON, Aug. 20.?At the
request of President Wilson, Secretary
Bryan Thursday sent the following
telegram to the Vatican:
"The president desires me to express
his sense of the great loss
which the Christian world has sustained
in the death of His Holiness,
Plus X. By his pure and gentle character
and his broad and thoughtful
sympathy with his fellowmen he
adorned his exalted station and at
iraciea to himself the affectionate
regard of all who felt his worldwide
The president had received no official
word of the death of the pope
but acted on news despatches received
late last night and early today.
CHARLESTON. Aug. 20?Robert
W. Butler Is dead, after a short illness
of typhoid fever, aged 30 years.
Surviving are a widow and two children.
The deceased man was a son
of William Sutler, of the claim department
of the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad, who resides at Shepherdstown.
His body will be Interred
here Friday.
ALDERSON, Aug. 20.?W. P.
Myers of the Coffman neighborhood,
has a farm wagon which he says is
at least seventy-flve years old. The
original tires never in all these years
have been cut or otherwise tightened.
Mr. Myers is still using this wagon
for rough work, and says that vtlth
a little repairing It will yet last many
thratkr rv.nspo
The Third Street theater has closed
Its doors pending arrangements as to
Its future. A meeting of those interested
in the concern will be held
Friday to take action in the matter.
A report was current Thursday that
the concern had entered bankruptcy
but this was officially denied.
WASHINGTON. D. C., Aug. 20?
A proclamation was issued today setting
forth the neutrality of the
United States In the war between
Belgium and Germany.
csv uaMuTn mn)
TOKJO, Japan, Ang. 20.?Confirmation
has been received here of the
arrival in Berlin of the Japanese ultimatum.
No hostility Is shown to Germans
here. 1
tar associated mm
ROME, via Paris, Aug. 20.?The report
Is current that Francis Xavler
Wernz, general of the society of Jesus.
died last midnight It has been
Impossible official, y to oonfina the report
Ring, Sto'ijn Eighteen Months
Ago, is Recovered by Miss
Ethel Jackson.
To find a valuable ring, which had
been stolen eighteen months before,
was the lock of Miss Ethel Jackson,
ticket seller at the Star theater, Tuesday
night, y
According to the story a woman's
hand waa poshed through the ticket =
window to buy a ticket, and on pne ot
the fingers was the ring, which Miss ]
Jackson quickly recognized' as her I
own. The woman purchasing the I
ticket was Miss Leoda Shorts, of Mor- I,
gantown, who was present at the
wedding of Miss Bessie Jackson and
Mr. John Shorts on Hewes street
eighteen months ago, the night the ^
ring was stolen. ^
Miss Jackson kept cool and did nqt 1*
betray her excitement but went to
police station. Lieutenant Whyte ?
went back to the theater with her *
and forced Miss Shorts to give up the cl
ring. Miss Shorts, it is said,, admitted
that the ring was the property of
Miss Jackson, but denied that she ft
stole It, saying that it was her mother te
who was the thief. Miss Jackson did B
not desire to have Miss Shorts pros- It
ecuted and she was allowed to go.
Brother of Mrs. Frank J. Donohue
Will Be Buried ai Texas,
Md.. Saturdav. b
: . r<
Funeral services over the body of It
the Rev. Father Richard Campbell, n
a brother of Mrs. Fraftk J. Donahue, pi
of this city, who died at the Donahue
cottage at Oakland, Md., Tuesday .
morning, will be held at Texas, Md., 8'
Saturday morning.
Father Cabipbell had been in failing
health for more than twojrear*.
About three months ago he came to
this city and after spending a few
weeks here be accompanied Mrs. Donahue
and family to Oakland, Md.,
where they had a cottage for the
summer months. . The climate at
Oakland agreed with him and for a
time It seemed that he would recover,
hut recently he began to sink
ani passed away a,t the time stated
above. .
Father Campbell was a' prominent
priest of the Catholic diocese and was
for a number of years pastor of the
church at Texas, Md.. a few miles
from Baltimore.
He was a man. of scholarly, and
priestly attainments and was greatly
loved by his people.
He is survived by three sisters.
They are Mrs. Rose B. Williams,
in is. r xitu& vuiiHuue* 01 mis City,
and Miss Clara Campbell, of Froatburg,
(continued from page one.}
awaited. As chamberlain he will direct
the holy see temporarily and will
conduct the traditional ceremony In ->
which the pontiff Is officially pronounced
In this ceremony the chamberlain
lifts the covering from the face of
the dead and with a sliver hammer
touches the forward three times saying
each time "Gluseppl Sarto."
When there is no reply he announces,
"The pope Is really dead." This Is
done In the presence of the cardinals,
a few Intimates of the dead and
the penitentiaries of St. Peter, who
will prepare the body for the tomb.
It Is expected that the conclave for
the election of a pope, will be held
on September 3, after a delay to give
time for the cardinals from Beveral
countries to arrive.
Robbers Frightened Away From
Store by Arrival of Police.
Burglars were frightened away
from the store of James Boyle, on
South Baltimore street, where they
were trying to force an entrance, last
night by the arrival of city, police.
Mrs. Boyle and other persons living
near the store heard the noise of the
men trying to force the door and Mrs.
Boyle telephoned police station.
Lieutenant Whyte and Officer Davisson
responded. However, when they
arrived the would-be burglars had
fled. They failed to get Inside the
Is Done in Construction of
Harrlsvllle ft Southern Railroad.
HARRISVILLE, Aug. 20.?Work
Is progressing rapidly on the Harrlsvllle
and Southern railroad. One
hundred and elxty-flve hands are at
work and dirt Is moving swiftly.
The cut at North Bend will proba- .
bly be finished' In - two weeks. A
gang of men is working on the last
mile of the grade at Harrlsvllle. The
laying of the rails will be started as
soon as connection can be made with
the Baltimore and Ohio at Cornwallls.
PIEDMONT, Aug. 20.?Piedmont
Is to vote September 14 on an $85,000
bond Issue, to be used In taking
over the water system, paying oil old
Indebtedness, building an Incinerator
the Installation of ample sewerage
and for the paving, widening and
general improvement of streets.
A century ago only 300 species of
orchllds were known, and those very
imperfectly. Now the latest authority
gives the number of known
lyyuma m m,uuu.?
Cured ot IndlfestioiL
Hn. Sadie P. C3awion, Indiana, Pe., wm?
bothered with indigestion. "My atrnnarh
pained me night and day," die write*. "I
to-i'J feel bloated and hare headache and
eelching after eating. I alio raftered from
constipation. My daughter had tned Chamberlain's
Tablet* and they did harm modi
food that aha faro me a few doom of them
tnd Insisted on my trying them. The>
FOR SALE?8-room house and
lot of 1acres; all outbuildings; i
bouse in fine condition. In oil
and gas territory. Located at
Payment of $600 or $600. balance
to suit purchaser. , Address
Afternoon Weddings.
The marriage of William Henderson
helps, of Smlthfield, and Miss Iilla
eMasters, of this city, was solemned
at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon
1 the home of Mr. and Mrs. A B.
Impson In the Jones flats by the Rev.
'. M. Long of the Central Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Donohue and
imlly have gone to Texas, Md., to atind
the funeral of the Rev. Father .
lchard Campbell, who died at Oakind,
Mdf Tuesday morning.
Miss Pauline Knight and Miss
ene Fultner, of West Cnlon, are
pending the week in the city vtaltlg
Miss Ortrude Gallon and Miss
Ma Stutler.
' ' " '
canton meeting.
The members of Canton Clarks
urg, No. 9, P. M., are respectfully
squested to be present at the reguir
cantonment Friday night Bust- =
ess of .importance demands your |
Farms in the United States cover |
78,798,325 acres.
| ~\7To
EAT sw
For Sale Exclusively By J
Sept 1,;
Splendid Si
' > J, ^ ^ IV;'^. v r f&?SiM
^ ^
lHMMMaMHl>^Wimmmmmmmm"""^""""B""B*I*"1 I
? D '
:r | j.MSv?
> . -\, I v j
? Goverment Depository \
; - VbIbs
a The Government maintains a substan* BlBHH
I tial account with this bank to meet pensio&j rl
checks, etc. Have you an account here to-,J|
% meet your financial needs?
DOLLAR^^^l 0/ J |
t<;>. "*"vPRJ Yi-ViBj
np rri ?-i . 4 iH
ing To The Fair'
111 Dealers Cold Storage On The Grounds l^^l
E CREAM CO. MjgKffg&i 11 I
Stake Races
$1,000 each will
ture the annual
Vest Virginia Fair
t Clarksburg
II if
V * * r- r?r.!
ock Exhibits
ids of Attractions
ireycle and Auto Races: MMI
excursions on ail Trainsm
jINIA fair association
II 1
of Clarksburg
Pres. JAMES N. HESS, Sec. I
13 I
Vv-- " ' r?: " ' ' " H "''W

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