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| "AS YE
W&S-., |v' A Wilfiam'A. Brady i
R|f: : < -capacity houses all over th
pV--: , Tomorrow, Robert Le<
? Is fifth Episode of John Flemi
ij?^ . aerial story?
Coming Friday, 2
l.V ' . (loday-lt. J. 1
I #btBf
v (A 2-reel, 2-part "V
If--: "Carmen's
R; | (A rip-roari
K" "A Baniki
A 2-reel Reliance Indian d
[' ig| "Universal II
^ (A Universal cc
|||' 1 ' 10c ADULTS?6 BEE
|, Sgl P I
# "Potash and Perlniutter" to Be
mfrp Presented at the Robinson
it' 1. Grand February 5.
^ Direct from its second year at
th"e Cohan theater, New York City.
W"Potash and Perlmutter" comes to
a; the Robinson Grand theater FebruC
" x try. ,6. No announcement could be
of .greater Interest to the tbeater??' ,
goers of this city, who have heard
- so much about this most remarkable
%' - of comedies. "Potash and Perlnjutter"
Is an "up-to-date garment' in
Stop Falling Hair and Itching
Scalp?At Once
ft'. 1 There is/One sure way, that has never
failed to remove dandruff at once, and
that is to dissolve it, then you destroy it
a' . : entirely. To do this, ju?t get about four
I ounces of plain, common liquid arvon
.< from iny jlrug store (this is all you will
Mg need),- apply .it at night when retiring;
use enough to moisten the scalp and rub
Kp, it in gently with the finger tips.
K;: By morningr most if not all, of your
K. dandruff will be gone, and three or four
>: more applications will' completely dissolve,'
and entirely destroy every single
ip.:. Bigfi uiq uacc ox it, no inauicr now muca
dandruff you may have,
i You will find all itching and digging
i of the scalp will stop instantly and your
hair will'be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky
and soft, and Ibolc and feel a hundred
life? times better.
?. 'If you vahie-your hair, you should pet
l; rid of dandruff at once, for nothing
destroys the hair so quickly. It not only
; starves the hair and makes it fall out,
but it makes it stringy, straggly, dull,
? dry. brittle and lifeless, and everybody
at notices it,
M MMM*<iii M HE
Bute - *
der's big sueeess
v A IV :r""
3 .CaUtO.
feature that is showing to
onard and Ella Hall in the
ing Wilson's fascinating
dax Figman in?
' v.
iVarren Kerrigan)
iuction ever produced, enE
fetor Serial No. 5)
ng Sterling)
ie Maiden-'
Irama of the early frontier.
te's Fortune"
unedy Wfesterip
[three pieces," made from the ma
icnai in luuiuague uiass s iamous
stories in .the Saturday Evanlng
Post." and trimmed with a thousand
laughs and guaranteed to fit
all sizes and ages." No play wlthJn
the memory ot tho oldest theatergoer
made a quicker or greater hit
in New York than this delightful
dramatization of the Joys and sorrows.
trials and triumphs of the two
quaint, lovable partners, who are
business men to the tips of their
fingers, but sofehearted to a. fault,
and Manager A. H. Woods sends the
production here direct from its
Broadway home with a brilliant
company of artiste, all of whom have
made fame for themselves by their
delightful Interpretation of Mr.
Glass's unique characters.
"As Ye Sow," the William A.
Brady feature photo-drama, that is
showing-today at the Orpheum theater,
is one "of the best American
features on tne market today. Miss
Alice Brady, the well-known theatrical
star, has been cast to play the
leading role. The play was written
about ten years ago by the Rev.
John Snider and has scored innumerable
successes ever since. It is
shown in five actsi and affords a
pleasing hour and a half entertainment.
The closing attraction is a
laughable Keystone comedy of "Hofean's.
Wild Oats." Robert Leonard
and Ella Hall will be seen tomorrow
In the fifth episode ot John Fleming
Wilson's fascinating serial story,
"The Master Key." , i
The motion pictures today at the
Odeon. include a two-part Kalem
drama, featuring Alice Holllster, entitled
"The Hate that Withers."
Spurned by Iola Neville, Judson
vows to ruin the happiness of the
woman and his successful rival. His
machinations almost bring about
Iola's suicide. Also, an Edison picture
entitled, "The Birth of Our Savfnii'r"
fpntiirlntr Onrtriirio MisThv"
Good Singing?Clever 1
Fact and legei|d' of th
Gertrude MdCoy.
\ ?" jr.s'j
. . Into
this film is reverently incorporated
the Bible narrative bt Christ's
birth and the "Plight of the Hoy
family." This picture is one that
depicts to the eye what Bply .Writ
describes by word. * 3
- ' -o? -;.V I
" Reese Brothers' Africander Company
played'to three capacity housesat
the Odeon theater yesterday afternoon
and evening.. This is a
thoroughly up-to-date little-minstrel
show, made up of clever musicians,
real singers and good dancers' and1
plenty of n?w jokes and songs.
??? In
spite of the rain a large audience
witnessed the production of
"The Idler," by the Palace players
last night, at the Palace theater,
and those who ventured out in the
rain were well repaid, as without
doubt, both ' scenicly and dramatically,
this is the best attempt this
popular company has made so far.
Everyone was well cast. Miss
Glanton and Frank Mayo were vefy
good In the leading roles. Mr. Sunselth
gave a splendid performance
of a more than difficult part
Mrs. Stanly and Earl Mayo, as her
son, were excellent, as were Mr.
alanton- and Miss Neil, as his daughter.
Mr. Fanshawe and Mr. Beaulon
were both "^good-looking" brothers.
Mr.-Fanshawe Is tp be congratulated
on his first act set. It surely is
a beauty fromthe "front"
There was much enjoyment over
the country store." It is growing
more popular each week.
A two-part Vitagraph- photoplay,
"In the Latin ^Quarter," is the headliner
today at the BljOu. Edith Storey
and Antonls Moreno are the principals.
. Kathly Williams and . Tom
Clarke are featured in.a one-part
reel. "The Lady or the Tiger," a
thrilling animal picture. George
Ade's fable "Two Little Dinky Drainers
of a Non Serious Kind," make a
lot or fun. Pathe Daily News, No.
91, pictures recent news happenings.
IWednpRilav TTiaw and Erlanwr -will
present a two-part dr^ma, "The
Crimson Moth," teaturlng George
Morgan and Louise Vale. "When a
crimson moth comes to a Huntington
he Is doomed." . The tradition
had never tailed through hundreds
of years. Then the last of the Huntingtons
marries, and the sign appears.
That it comes in an hour <JT
suspense only makes the apparition
more dreadful to the woman who
loves htm. Sellg's new . pictorial
will be shown and the program will
close with a burlesque scream, "The
J:' v\
Reports from Mexico declare tha
son when-he seeks to enter that com
vent the big smoke's entry if he poi
America and plans to travel northwt
he is restrained the humiliation, will 1
velonments are eaeerlv awaited.
V? cutd Ploturus
ifccStg ^ Hl>mstei
t SAVIOR"?(Edison)
e Holy family, featuring
jgjjR 'f 'g
Winning Whiskers.", with Marlon 9
Sals In the lead.
Since Oliver Morosco announced i
the establishment ot a play-reading i
bureau on the first of the year, he i
has beqn forced to materially fen-1
large it Bhumetal efllclency. The 1
bureau was put in \ operation at
Morosco's Burbank theater, Los Ah-;
geles, January 1, - and during the
first ten days more than two hundred
and fifty manuscripts were 're-,
celved, coming froui all parts of tfie
United States. ,
"Among the Wtld Tribes of the
Philippine Islands," is 'another of
the exclusive features to-be shown'
in Lyman-H. Howe's new travel festival,
soon to be at- the Robinson .
Grand. It includes all of tbe more
Important wild tribes and'fh'etr manner
of life,' interasSnjrTJeSnlfarltles, 1
etc., among which are the. ceremon- '
les attendant upon haad-huntlng| It took
a great deal of courage for 1
the camera mam to go alone, among 1
the wildly excited savages to pho- '
tograph some c? -these scenes, also
consummate tact on his part to keep :
his head on., his shoulders.
' ? o ? "
Beauty, fun and sofig will be the '
master of the situation at the Robin- 1
son Grand Tuesday night and Wed- '
nesday afternoon and night, when '
the big burlesque sensation "Queens j
of the Folies Bergere," present a
program full of redeetblng features,
opening with the new and timely :
satire, "The- New Janitor," which
serves to introduce the entire' company
In -a rapid fire and round of !
mugic. and song folowed by an olio
ot gplendld high class vaudeville tea- ;
tures. .The closing number and par- ?
tjcular feature will be' "From '
Broadway to Atlantfc City," ong .or
the biggest things ever attempted
in burlesque and described as a
crystal maze of scenic surprises and
| electrical effects. -In point of- cob
turning it is equally as elaborate ana'l!
to say that' the chorus of staging),
and dancing beauties is a treat to
the eye is but putting it mildly.
There are fifteen big song hits and
the fun is fast.;and furious. La
Belle Fatlma, the queen of oriental
dancers, is the big added feature.
? o ?
At William A. Bradys playhouse,
the new Owen Davis drama, "Sinners,"
has sprung at once into, favor,
showing'that there is an audience
in New York for a play contrasting
certain- phases of rather
highly flavored city life with the
simple and guileless occupations of
t efforts may be made to' detain Johnitiy.
Carranza is determined to prejsibly
can. JohnSon is now . in South
ird and cross the Mexican border. If
iu uuuut cut nini ueepiy. runner aea^-n
v,;;y-rm*-t .frfrVTri ' , .' ' , . ' '
$11 uu
rural- personages. Mr. Brady's asilBtants
In the box, office report that
aevpr since the remarkable engage-;
bent of VBought and Paid . For," in
this theater, has there been, -a'similar
demand for advance reservations.
- i
Defeat Generals in a Fast and
Rough Game' Played at
Lexington. ,LBXIWHONv
Va., Jam 49;?'Weet
Virginia Wesheyan ibasketlfcll team
mm Croon Washington and Lee heire
today to one- of the roughest games
aver witnessed on a local'floor., The
local: team aeenied to he the worst offenders
along 'tola line and had no
less than fifteen personal fouls called
on various members of the team. For
Wesletyan, Neale was the bright particular
star Tinging In tour goaffla from
the fleldl and Bfyooting twelve out of
i possible flteen goals from toot. 'Captain
Singleton, Shuraaker and Heavier
also (played well. For Washington
and Lee, Secley and Gflhsgow, who
were substitutes near the end- 'of the
game, put up a brilliant article of
basketball. The score seesawed
throughout the' game," with first--"one
team and then the other Jn the lead,
bat during the test -. three minutes
Wesleyan held the lead end came out
winner. The. lineup:
Wcslteyan?34. W. & U?31.
Sttunmker -.... .-."F.-Sm.....'. Seeley
Heavncr :... :C. '. Miles
Neale ..G........... .Young
Sitagleton -...G.Pierrotti
Substitutes?Glasgow tor Pierrott.
Goals from field?Zeiss 2, Seeley 5,
Miles 1, Young 3, Glasgow 3t,Shumalc
wwv . ,. .-.v?vvy
f Ends Dry, Hoarse or
* Painful Coughs
| Quickly
? A Simple, Remedy, '
? Inexpensive bat Vneunaled
The prompt and positive results given
by1 this ' pleasant tasting, home-modi
cough syrup has caused it to be used in
moro homes than any other remedy. It
gives almost instant relief and will usually
overcome the average cough In H
Get 2% ounces Pinex (50 cents worth)
from any drug store, pour it into a pint
bottlo and llllthc bottlc-with plain granulated
sugar syrup. This makes a -full
pint?a family supply?of the most.effective
cough remedy at a cost of only 54
cents or less. You couldn't buy as much
ready-made cough medicine for $2.50.
Easily prepared , and never spoils. Full
directions with Pinex.
The promptness, certainty and Case
with which this Pinex Syrup overcomes
a had cough, chest ?r'throat Cold Is truly
remarkable. It quickly loosens a dry,
hoarse or tight cough and heals and
soothes a painful cough ,in a hurry. With
a persistent loose cough It stops the formation
of phlegm in the throat and bronchial
tubes, thud ending the annoying'
hacking. .
S Pinex is a hjghlv concentrated comJ8B8&
Tien lfl ffiMittcbi and is iauioua tne world
over for its splendid effect In bronchitis,
whooping cough, bronchial asthma and
winter conghsT , % ~ W. V"
To avoid disappointment in making
this, ask yUur druggist for "2Mi ounces
of i'iner, and don't accept anything
else. A guarantee of absolute satisfaetion,
or money promptlyjrercuded, proefr
with this preparation. The Pinex Co.,
.PC. Wame. Ipd.,
_ ?? ? : -
iegraphic Descriptio
' ' f. V
^ I?
J? .; yUffc *\ d^^i^vNSN
drama? ' ^ ^
' ' "?.' '' ' " *' ' '
er ^Heavper 3, Neale 4/Singleton 3.
awto^Ote^^?Neaie 12, Mttee 3.
Score at end o<-first half?Washing
too and Lee 17, Weeleyan IS.
' P
Is the Man Hekh'n a Kentucky
Town for the Murder of
Mrs. Wamsley. ;
ELKINS,: JaTT^Word waareceived
here last Friday that ijm
answering me description or "ilea'
Wamsley, who murdered ,his wife
on January 2 and for whom, there
is a $50 reward for his delivery, to
the local authorities, was arrested
in Jackson, Ky. Deputy Sheriff
I 2r.
I Tuesday and Wedni
A guaranteed, wheel
I "Queens S, f
A bewildering rtviei
$25,000 BEA1
B Gassiest Burlesque Sfa
I La Belle Fatin
I^^B,:dUtv', iV'.i 'v.- ..''.J
~ - / / ?
EmjI mfeggiffl . JjH
^ X\\x^ . & ' " -- -
pWiKPI1' ' >jBBW/^JL..'V; m
' *1: 11'"""' y';* ; - ? ' . A'
I '
Qy "j^Qp''
-v 'i v
' J ' ' : * '
eS^^K ':>rS!?i;: .'' ',' r-A.i* C^.t &^%i$
Kt^-. * t^-s.v-I'^'il^**"* .MB
f jj^SSSSHWiflBl
tv\ - rw| j,

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