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The management of the Sunday Tele
gram takes pleasure in announcing to its
patrons and the public that, beginning
with Sunday morning's issue,' the paper
will carry the complete night service of
the Associated Press, furnished by tele
graph over its own leased wire operating
in the Telegram editorial rooms.
Heretofore the paper has employed
an efficient telephone report connecting
with the Pittsburg distributing office of
the Associated. Press. The NEW service
comprehends a nightly offering of not
less than 15,000 words, covering an in
interest throughout the world?and fur
nished by the world's largest and most de
pendable news agency.
This service surpasses in magnitude
anything yet attempted in the history of
Clarksburg, and is, in fact, the most effi
cient service employed by any paper
the state up to this time. The Telei_
will now give Its readers the news of
entire world from twelve to twenty-fo
hours ahead of papers coming in fi
other states, and without additional <
at this time to subscribers or adverv*
Of Battleship is Postponed By
Secretary of the Navy Until
October 14.
dux ,ine nussians Are uname
to Follow up the Advantage
British Feel That Cessation of
Austro-German Offensive
in East is at Hand.
LONDON, Sept. 10.?The Russian i
victory at Taropol, eastern Gallcta,
has been followed by another etfec-|
tlve.blow at the Austrians at Trem-:
bowla, twenty miles fourther south.:
In the combined actions more than;
35,000 prisoners have been taken, ac
cording to Petrograd reports. As was
the case at Tarnopol the Russians!
were unable to follow up the advan-1
tage gained at Trembowla owing to j
their inferiority in artillery and the]
Austrians were not pushed beyond the j
line of the river Sereth
Basing its judgment on reports that
the Germans are fortifying themselves'
strongly'in the'viciriity of Vilna, to
gether with the trend of events on
the southern wing of the eastern front
and the.slow, progress of the Teutonic
center, the British feeling la that ces
sation of the Austro-German offen
sive in the Bast may be at hand. Such
a development would spell victory tor
that faction of the German general
staff, which has argued that lengthen
ing of communication was involving
too much risk to warrant further ad
French and eGrman calims are so
contradictory that it is impossible at
this time to obtain a clear view of
the situation In the Argonne. where
'the German crown prince is reported
to hare made considerable progress.
The French are attempting to recover
tbe lost ground, which the Germans
assert include the fortified position at
Marie Thereso. It is likely ihat this
region will witness some of the bitter
est fighting in tbe west during the
next ten days.
<BV AtaoeiATtb PRESS)
PARIS, Sept m?Artillery fight
ing continued yesterday and last night
along the lines in France, according
to announcement made today by tbe
French war office.
In the Vosges, the Germans made
use of asphyxiating shells and flaming
liquids as a result of which a French
trench of the flrst line had to be,
/in T>ncra Vina 1
And in Every Part of England
Men are Now Flocking to
the Colors.
LONDON, Sep. 10.?"The answer
of the people of London and in the
London district to these exercises in
f rightfulness may be given in a epi
sode mentioned in the Manchester
Guardian," says the Spectator in com
mencing upon the Zeppelin raids of
'Tuesday ana "Wednesday nigbt. "A
recruiting sergeant has been address
ing crowds Irom a platform maila of
| debris of ruined houses and the :e
Isuits have been excellent."
! The Daily Mirror says the reply of
j London was a great army of recruits.
'A large number of volunteers ap
peared at Trafalgar Square, this news_
paper says, and in every part or tne
country men Cocked to the color*
The evening Stan/ard express the
hope that the BrA\|h government
will announce its determination to
hold the head of the Gentian aircraft
service personally responsible for the
deaths occasioned by the Zeppelin
' The Globe and other newspapers
take the view that every air raid on
London or other English cities should
be followed Immediately by attacks
i on such German cities as Cologne,
Strassburg, Karlsruhe and Dussel
dorf, which are within easy reach of
Belfort, France.
| lip"
Is Believed to Be in Seclusion
in His-Suite at Hotel in
New York.
NEW YORK, Sept. 10.?Dr. Con
stantine Dumba, the Austro-Hungar
ian ambassador whose recall has been
asked for by the United States gov
ernment, left for his summer home at
Lenox, Mass , early today, according
to information given out at the St.
Regis, where the ambassador spent
the night after a protracted talk with
the Gentian ambassador. Count \on
There ware insistent reports, how
ever, that Dr. Dumba had secluded
himself in his suite at the botol to
avoid being pressed for ;tn opinion
on the diplomatic situation by news
paper men.
Appear to Have Formed the
Conspiracy to Rob Mrs.
NEW YORK, Sept. 10.?The con
fession of a confederate employed by
Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols has given the
police detailed description of three
men who caused Mrs. Nichols's .death
Wednesday night in an effort to steal
nearly half a million dollars worth
of jewelry from his paratlal residence
in East Seventy-ninth street. These
descriptions were part of * an alarm
sent today throughout the cUy
After questioning Owneyi<*al!s, the
hall boy who- admitted lie let three
robbers enter the house, the police
devoted their greatst fforts toward
finding Arthur Waltersen, a young
man who preceded Tails in his pre
sent position and recommended Tails
to Mrs. Nichols when he left her
employment. They believe that Wal-|
tersen was the head of the conspir
acy to rob the wealthy widow. ?
Owney Tallas, after spending a
restless night in his cell at police
headquarters, was placed in the
"line up" today and'clor.ely scruti
nized by 350 detectives. The con
fessed accomplice of the three men
who caused tho death of Mrs. Eliza
beth Nichols while robbing her of
several thousand dollars worth of:
jewelry, had previously been photo
graphed, finger printed and meas
Inspector Faurot said a general
alarm had been sent out for a for
mer butler in the Nichols home.
Detectives now have under surveil
ance five men known to be associ
ates of the former butler.
District Attorney Perkins will to
day place the evidence aga'ust Tal
las, who is held on an charge of1
homlcid'!, before the grand jury. !
BOWLING GREEN, Mo , Sept. 10.
?Love Rudd, a negro, who was tak-'
en from a constable by a mob near
Ciarksvllle Wednesday night, has not'
been heard from since, and it is re-,
ported he has been hanged. The nc-.
gro was charged with robbing houses j
and making threats against white j
Fifteen Gold Prizes Will Be]
Awarded Babies in Sub- j
scription Contest.
Many Nominations Are Receiv-i
ed and All Indication Point j
to Big List.
If you have a baby in your home
?nd want to give It the right kind of
: a start In life?a start with a bank
account?read full details of The
j ? Clarksburg Telegram's great clrcula
? tlon campaign, known as "The Shower
of Gold for Babies." Gold cash prizes
to the amount of |1,600 will be dis
' trlbuted among the babies of Clarks
- trarg and Its vicinity on November 1.
These prizes will not be given on
the turn of the wheel or the drawing
of a ticket. These prizes will go as
rewards for work well done. If you
'' enter The Clarksburg Telegram's
> "Shower of Gold" campaign depend
? Ing; upon your "luck," you will be
left If yon enter It with a determina
tion to win and outline a carefully
planned campaign that wll start right
now and last until the last day, noth
V ing can prevent your baby from being
Among the leaders at the close.
The work Is pleasant. You can do
it- in your spare time. The Clarksburg
Telegram is the greatest home paper
of all this territory. Just think how
many times a day you hear people
saying, "I saw It in the Clarksburg
Telegram." Then think how easy it
would be to securo a renewal 'rem
some of them. There is something
missing in every family that has got
become a regular reader of The
Clarksburg Telegram, and if you will
go after these people and tell them
what they are missing, and that you
are working in tlii8 great campaign
and are in to win and want tlieir
subscription, you will be surprised at
how easy It is.
The campaign will be conducted
absolutely and only along lines that
will be fair to ail who enter. Every
rule is made with the view of protec
tion to all concerned. In announcing
a campaign of such magnitude, it is
the Intention of The Clarksburg Tele
gram to have a more far-reaching and
In every way a more Interesting cam
paign than any competition of its
kind ever conducted in this part of
the country.
It you are interested in this prize
campaign and want to get started
right, come in and get acquainted with
the "Shower of Gold" manager, or
call up by telephone and state what
you desire to know or ask for iur
gestions. Any inquiry addressed to
the "Shower of Gold" manager will
receive prompt attention. The next
tiisu >Q)i are down street drop into
this; department in The Clarksburg
Telegram office end lot the manager
of the campaign explain it to you in
detail and show you how easy it is to
Quite a number of people called at
the "Shower of Gold" department and
nominated their baby or one of their
favorites. The campaign has not
really started, but in a few short days
it will be under headway and it is
lime now to send in your baby's name
and address and get It started early
in the race.
In a few days announcement of
babies nominated for a share of the
$1,600 in gold will he published, and
from the way the names have been
coming in ^here will be a big num
ber of babies working to receive the
gold*offered as prizes and the honor
derived from winning.
Those who have favorite babies
in the list will be anxious to see
that the baby of their choice gets a
good start in the great battle of bal
lots, and to this end have been clip
ping coupons seeking subscriptions in
'interest of the tiny tots:
It is time to send in the nomination
now before the announcement la
made. Do it at once.
washijnuton, sept. 10.?Laying
of tbe keel of the battleship Cali
fornia, which will be the world's first
electrically driven dreadnaught, wll
not begin today at the New York
navy yard as had been planned.
Secretary Daniels has postponed the
keel laying date to Thursday, Octo
ber 14.
Question of. Difference is to Be
Submitted to a Board of
ALBANY, N. Y? Sept. 10.?The
strike on the United Traction'Com
pany's lines, which has tied up all
city traffic in Albany, Troy, Cohoes,
Watervellst and Green Island since
Monday, was settled early today.
Cars resumed operations on all lines
soon after daylight.
The disputed point?whether the
agreement between the company and
its erap]oyes permits the discipline
of motormen and conductors by either
the general superintendent or divi
sion superintendent?will be decided
by a board of arbitration on October
LONDON, Sept. 10.?Official an
nouncement has been made that a
spy was executed here today. The
name of the person executed was not
made public.
Following a Long and Useful
Career in Which he Endear
ed Himself to Many.
Dr. J. A. Baylor, of Wytheville, Va.,
addressed the conference at 8:1'5
o'clock this morning. He' preached
another clear and powerful sermon.
At the morning session, the Rev. M.
V. Bowles, of Guyandotte, was granted
the superannuate relation.
The Rev. Mr. Bowles has had a
long and useful career in the Western
Virginia conference. . He has served
many of the best charges In this state.
No man. ha- been more honored than
has Br. Bowles. Many of the south
ern Methodist people of this state
will regret that Mr. Bowie*, will no
longer, serve in the active ministry.
After a long, useful and honored life
in the ministry?a career marked by
many brilliant achievements and
never tarnished by an~ unseemly act,
he retires into the private life of a
superannuated preacher. He will
likely make his home at St. 'Albans.
The Rev. Mr. Bowles has a son who
is a prominent minister in the church
in Texas.
T. P. Barber, of Barboursville, was
(Continued on Page 9.)
Fortnight Ended August 30
and Indicate the Severity
of Fighting at Straits.
LONDON, Sept. 10.?Officers cas
ualty lists (or the fortnight ended
August 30 indicate the severity of the
recent fighting on the Galipoll penin
sula, whence the bulk of thcrcasual
ties come. They show 407 officers
killed, 955 wounded and 136 missing,
a total of 1,502, for the fortnight.
This number has been exceeded only
once in any fortnight since the be
ginning of the war, 1,627 casualties
having been announced May 5 and
May 18.
Losses of officers since the outbreak
of hostilities have now reached a to
tal of 15,840, of whom 4,790 have
been killed, 9,698 wounded and 1,
352 reported missing.
During the last^ortnlght Brigadief
General A. H. Baldwin has been,
killed, three other brigadier generals
have been wounded, nine lieutenant
colonels killed and two reported miss
On the Alert as Result of the
Threats by Mexicans But
No Outbreak Occurs.
BROWNSVILLE, Sept 10.?There
were one or two troop movements in'
the Brownsville, section last night on
account of threats by Mexicans, but
no outbreak occurred. Army officials
pointed out that the fact that the Car
ranza troops are entrenched opposite
Frogreso crossing, ? short distance
above here, is not in itself an indica
tion of troufle. The American troops
also have dug small trenches where
they must ao observation duty on the
BERLIN. Sept. 10?The French
trenches near Schratzmannella and
Hartmanns-Weilerkopf In the Vosges
have been captursd i>y storm by;
Cnugbt, ti Raid o.i Alleged Gambling
officially .announced today.
Extends the Time for Receiving
Bids for Street and Bridge
The city council extended tha
time Thursday night tor the taking
ot bids for street and bridge paving
until 7:30 o'clock p. m. September
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Porter
were extended a vote of thanks lor
the donation of a small strip of land
at one end of the Fourth street
Charles A. Short was awarded the
contract to raise Dr. Arnett's house
on Lee street at a cost of $457.50.
Resulting from a resolution
passed in council, the city and the
Luken Bridge Company came to an
amicable settlement of the question
of tamping at tbe new Fourth street
Is Son of Former Colored Residents
at His Home at Huntington.
The many local friends of John E.
and Nannie Howard, colored, former
residents ot Clarksburg, will be sor
ry to learn ot the death of their son.
'Elbert .a young trap drummer and
orchestra man, which occurred a few
days ago at Huntington. His funeral
took place at the Sixteenth Street
Baptist church in that city with bur
ial there. The deceased young man
Is survived by his wife, Beulah Mc
Klnley Howard, and two babies, one
being only a: month old, besides his
Of Four Men Who Were Arrested in
Automobile at Point Comfort.
Hearings of Cnarles Morgan, F.'
M. Thompson and WiUSam Freeland
under charges of recently violating
the prohlbtion law and ot Lloyd
Duff under a charge of resisting of
ficers recntly at Point Comfort,
when they arrested htm and the
others for bringing whiskey Into
the state, were started Friday af
ternoon in Magistrate WillSam. E.
Starcher's court They were In
progress when the home edition of
the telegram went to press.
i'-V ?.?'. * ./i =y*? 'vVif? V- ) \-t- ,? ?3'*. ,'^J
Funeral is Announced to Be
Held at the Home of the
Family Tomorrow.
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 10.?Funeral
services will be held tomorrow for
Albert Goodwill Spaulding, one of
the pioneers of baseball, at, the
family home at Point JLoma, where
he died suddenly last night. The
ceremony is to be private and will
be followed by cremation. For the
last ten. day;. Mr. Spaulding appar
ently had been' rallying from what
was supposed to have been a slight
paralytic ' stroke and yesterday, he
I seemed in good spirit. r At.ih30.p. m?
however, he complained of a severe
pain in his head. His valet sum
moned Mrs. Spaulding but before
her arrival he had lapsed into un
consciousness from which he did not
In the primary election in Cali
fornia for United States senator in
3 910,.Mr. Spaulding entered the race
against John P. Works, of Los An
geles. Although he had only thirty
days for his campaign he carried
seventy-five legislative districts of the
state as against forty-five for all
other candidates. Despite this the
state legislature declared that Works
should be chosen.
Seeking to Establish a Big For
eign Credit Loan Arrives
in New York.
NEW YORK, Sept. 10.?The Joint
Anglo-French financial commission
of six members, deputed by Greatl
Britain and France to adjust the
foreign exchange situation here,
reached New York today aboard the
steamship Lapland from Liverpool.
They were met at quarantine by J. P.
Morgan and H. P. Davison, of the
Morgan firm, , who escorted them to
their headquarters here. This after
noon the commission will meet a
number of New York bankers at Mr.
Morgan's home and enter upon the
first of a series of negotiations look
ing toward the establishment of a
big foreign credit loan.
The Lapland was convoyed by two<
British torpedo boat destropers
throughout the war zone.
Situation Caused by Dr. Di
ba's Actions May Be E
tended to other Men.
German Ambassador is Ur
the Search Light ofith
State Department.. . ,
(?r 4UOCIATSO mni)
Wilson's request to Austria to rj
her ambassador, Dr. Dumb!
brought. about a situation whlc
tains possibilities of extendi
other diplomats of the German"
Dr. Dumba used Jaine* J. Arc
an American, bearing an Amei
passport, as a messenger: to can
communication to tbe Vienna for
office. Although it has not been'ci
officially to the attention of thls|
erament, the state department'uh
standg unofficially tha tArchlbald
carried a communication for.G
von Papen, military attaolie c
Gerpian. embassy. ;;
? Secretary Lanhlng said to da,
the American government consid
the sending of any communlcatid
the manner which Dr. Dumba use
abuse of an American passport]'
While all officials refused to discu
the situation further,' It Is known'4'
the actlTltles of Consul General;
Nuber of Austria, as well as thol
Count von Bernstorff. the German
baseador ,are again being reviews
the state department
Of Men Who Admits to Beii
a German Spy is Ordered
Deported. -'
NEW YORK. Sept. 10.?Ij
T. Lincoln, a former memberofthe;
British parliament, who recently ad
mitted he had been . a German sp;r"
was today ordered'by Federal Judi
Veeder to be extradited to England,^!
Btand trial on a charge of parlor,.
Lincoln's attorneys contested the pre
ceedlngs, charging their client wo "
be tried as a spy if he were rot'
to England.
Servant girls looking for empT
ment or any one knowing of . ?
servant girl being out of employii
will confer a, great favor upon Mr
L. J. McGee. if'they wlllcalllier'O
the bell phone, >766-J and let hi
know who they are as she has ?n
ployment for seven girls. Mrs. i
Gee is chairmann or the emp
ment committee . of< the Yo
Women's Christian AzanlaAttip.'
In Suit against the United
States Steel Corporation
is Filed.
TRENTON, N. J., Sept. 10.?The
final decree in the suit of the feder
al gover/.ment against the' United
States Steel Corporation was filed in
the district court of New Jersey to
day. Judge Bufflngton filed the de
cree personally.
The document "was very brief. It|
merely stated that the suit had been
filed, tried and decided and that 'the
rait should be dismUsed It w&? signed
by tfte four judges who tried the case
-Bufflngton, McPherscti, Wooley and
|Hunt ,
The decision in the case was hand- ]
sd down on J?/he 3. The government
has already announced that IX would
take an appeal to the' United States
?upreme court;
United States Will Not
to Arbitrate the Principle
WASHINGTON. Sapt. 10?Pr ~
dent Wilson devoted several ho.
today to the study of German
'note on the sinking o fthe Ara
1 No official comment was made bi
was indicated plainly that, the i
man explanation Is dlsappo2
Count von Bernstorff had i
Secretary Lansing full satl
would be given if it were del
a German submarine sank .
, blc. . Germany's statement uuu i
could not acknowledge: any .obll]
to grant indemnity; Is not ?
lered full satisfaction by c
this government
It 4s understood that
|'-States government would
ilt to The ,Hague 1
'much ln<
.at it Is lmpi
at to arbitrate'the
An amwer. t_
1' -- . '

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