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For Those Who Pr
is the one wo recommend.
it fits either "Jo
wood or metal beds ti
and we have tliem in *
stiff, medium a n d ^
light weight wire, A&IU3
both steel and copper.
You spend one-third <
not on a Rex Spring?
me aduetUd
Me dtJwie a
Man rftvxt C?mf>fete
Items for tills deportment
sent or telephoned to the Tek
fcjj Telephones: Bell 890. Hon
Club is Kntortsinwl. i
The Narcissus Club was delightful-1
ly entertained Wednesday afternoon'
by Mrs. Eugene Holland at h?*r home
at Northview. After a business session,
fancy work was engaged in,
then fruit punch and ices \vc re served
by the hostess. Beautiful Virtrola
music was played during the social
Among those present were Mrs.
Frank Swisher. Mrs. Jesse Snyder,
Mrs. Paul Schmidt, Jr . Mrs. Paul
Morel. Mrs. A. Maifregcot, Mrs. J.
Crim and the hostess. Mrs. Winnie
Albine, of Oklahoma, a sister of Mrs.!
Crim, was an honor guest. The next
meeting of the club will be held with '
Mrs. Jesse Snyder at her home ut
Broad Oaks.
Miss G. M. Urookins, of Cincinnati.
Will Be a Feature at the Fourth
of July Celebration at
Norwood Park.
Plana for Clarksburg's annual Independence
day celebration at Norwood
park are being rapidly completed
by Manager lk-nhain .and the celebration
committee. The celebration will
begin with a band concert at the court
house in the morning, after which the
band will proceed to the grounds. The
program includes a 2:25 trot and 2:25
nnrn in ivhich umnr> nf thn host Inrn I
homes are entered, a ten mile motorcycle
race, baseball game. contests of
skill and strength and other free at-1
There will also be many kinds of
amusements such as roller skating and
merry-go-round fcr the children, and
dancing and carousal, and ail other
park concessions will be in full swing.
Only clean and high class entertainment
will be permitted and the best
of order will be maintained. Hun1:lrcds
of families arc expected to Join
in the basket pirnic and for those who i
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
br local applications. aa they cannot reach lb#
diseased portion of the ?ar Tb-rc la only ?!?*
way to cure deafness, and that la hjr constitution
1 remedies. Hcifucta la ri.used |iy an Inflamed .
condition of the Biuotia lining of the fustachlaa |
Tube. When thla tube Is Inflamed yon have !
rumbllnc *und or Imperfect bearing. and ttheuj
It la entirely i loaed Hesfnwi la t. * result, ami |
unices the Inflammation con h* tak?-:i ?.?t and;
thla tnbe restored to It* nortnal condition. bear- i
log will he destroy d forerer; rlr.e cases out o| J
ten ar? caused l-r Catarrh. which la nothing hut I
an Inflamed condition cf -he aneona surfaces. i
We will gl*e i >re Hon/red Dollar* for any caaa
of Peafnea* i.mused l?y rslarrb) that cannot bf
cured by Haifa latarrt fure. Fend for ctrctt*
lara. free.
r. J. rnrvrr & co.. Toledo, o.
Hold by Druffftsta, ?5c
Tike l??Il'i i-amlly.r;n- for const Ipaf^v. j
Cordage rope. Paying $80
per ton delivered, Clarksburg,
W. Ya.
East End.
$1500 Cottage
On Broadway. Industrial,
one ot the best 5-rootn cottages
with 2 tire places, solid
foundation and level lot, less
than a square from ear line)
and new pnved street. A
chance for a good home on
easy terms.
Glenn B. Waters
v Real Estate Broker
S f 806 Pninty Bldfi.
efer a Coit Spring
OTt STKf I III '* l! jlP'l ' \I
>f your tunc in bed. why
e U. we Aooc it
Ck/ru^JWg C$.
ime'Hovali^eiU Oa-JWu^tud?. i
^ ... |
rcrsvnui &
?ire welcomed. Thejr may bo g*5
yram'i editorial dejMirtmeot. Kg
O., has arrived here to spend the;
summer with Mrs. B. W. Jackson at1
the Jacknon farm.
Porter Maxwell was here Thursday 1
from Peel Tree.
John N. DeVoe. of Klngwood. is'
n business visitor here.
Mrs. Charles L. (lillls and son.
Charles. Jr.. are visit inn friends and
relatives at Parkersburg.
I.. C. B&rtlett. ooatmaster at Buck
hannon. was In the city a few hours
today, enroute to Parkersburg.
.Mrs. W. E. Make ever and Mrs. F.
P. Colwoll, who have been visiting
at the home of their .aunt, Mrs. C. (\
Hidenour. of Stealey Heights, left
Wednesday for their home at Columbus.
Hiram D. I.vnch was heer Tuesday
from Bristol.
(Continued on page five.)
do not take baskets plenty of good
things to eat and drink will be found
on the grounds.
The park management has contracted
for the greatest fireworks display
ever seen in the city, at night. The
display will be under the personal
charge of a man from the factory.
BALTIMORE, Juno 29?Tho regular
semi-annual dividend of two per
cent on preferred stock and two and
one-half per cent on common stock
was declared at the monthly meeting i
of the board of directors Just held in :
Now New York of the Baltimore and :
Ohio railroad. The dividends are;
payable on September 1 to stockholders
of record July 24, 1916.
LONDON. June 29.?Lloyd's shipping
agency announces the sinking of
the Italian steamers Mongibello, Kama
and Pino.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Don't Bake Cake
These Scorching Days
You don't have to, because
we can supply the
delicious, Better Kind?
Stone's Wrapped Cakes
Fresh, Light, Whole
MHUU, iUil lUUillCilt O UUUVU
Made with Pure Butter
in a Spotless Bakeshot.
Rich, Flavory Cakes
Like Mother Makes
Six Varieties, 10c Each
Chicago Dairy
220 W. Pike
Canning (Necessities
Mason Jars, E. Z. Seal
Jars, Jar Caps, Jar
Rings, Ceiling Wax,
Parowax, Jelly Glasses,
To Raise Urgent Revenues but
So Far Wilson Shies Away
from the Same.
WASHINGTON. June 29 At last
Congress between appropriation bill*,
is stopping to get It* breath and to
wonder where all the money thut
is needed to cover Its unparalleled
expenditure* 1* to come from. It
ha* not laid an eye on a revenue producing
measure yet, but expect* to
get a glimpse of something of the
Kind within a week.
Summing up what hn* been done
In the way of military appropriations
alone, and nrono*ed aonrntirlation*
which have passed at least one
branch, "preparedness" has coat the
tidy sum of $656,980,556.68. When,
suggestions were made In Congress
lhat preparedness might coat as high
Ih $600,000,000 the persons who advanced
then! were laughed at.
Without thla extra huge bill, there
wan n necessity existing for more
revenue* to meet the customary appropriation*.
and the revenue bill
framed by the ways and mean* committee
to meet the ordinary outlay, it
was estimated by Leader Kitchin
would raise $210,000,000. This is
the bill that I* expected to Issue forth
trom the committee within the next
few days.
The obvious necessity of raising
more money?millions more i* now
confronting the administration with
Imperative urgency. The grave fiscal
situation has. a* wus to be expected.
immediately developed the
suggestion of a bond issue, bused on
me necessity of the preparedness appropriations.
At this suggestion,
cording to tndst reliable report, lead
era of the administration, including |
no leas a personage than President j
Wilson himself, have shied. With an
eye ever on the political possibilities
of the situation, the prospect ot hav- 1
lng to sponsor a bond issue is a of-,
frightening a spectacle as any Democratic
politician van Imagine himself
faring. Yet the money is just hound
to be raised, anf it must be provided
for by Congress within the next few
The advocates of a bond ?ia?m
to the fact that there are $140,000,000
worth oi uuthorlaeu mu um*. .n-.i \
Panuma Canal bonds in tiie treasury,
which would And a ready market.
Hut that suggestion is unacceptable
to other leaders who themselves believe
that a bond sale would be the
easier way out. It Is their Idea to
have a straight-out new Issue, which
would be offered to the public with a j
prospectus breathing fervent patriotism.
It would be explained that the
demand or the people that Congress
prepare" had brought about a financial
situation that could only be met
by a Hpeciai issue of bonds?-designated
"War Honda"?and their issuance j
should at once appeal to the patriotism
as well as the sound husi-'
ness sense of the American peo-|
pie. Floated on this basis, there
are some administration lenders who!
believe that any political hazard would
bo extracted from the operation. But,,
at the same tlino, it is recalled by
others among them that while the spo-:
cial revenue bill of 1 HI4 was duly'
christened by Congress "an emergen-!
cy tax," it was promptly christened by !
the public a "war tax" and figured In
subsequent elections to the detriment
of the party In power.
There are Just two horns to the ad-1
ministration's dllema; one is to raise!
the money bv numerous additional
tax lovicH, and the other Is to sell1
bonds. Just now President Wilson favoro
taking the former, but the bond
advocates are taking into account the
habit and the right of the presidential
mind to reverse Itself.
( v AaaociATio r*na)
PALMA. Majorca. June 29?Twenty-flve
men of the crew of the steamer
Pino, of Genoa, which was shelled
and Hunk by a submarine on Tuesday,
have arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca,
in the ship's boats.
THIAIaS continued.
T.UIn T.mn. UnllUnn -nit Hno.
sey Smith on charges of fighting,
which were scheduled to be held In
police court Thursday morning, were
continued until Friday morning owIng
to the absence of a witness.
Go Where
you'll find no other food w
and such an abundance oi
This ideal health rai
ami nnnrishiripnt of whol<
tang of malted barley.
It is easily digested by
nourishing value unequr
food. It's a vigor-proihi
tire and mind alert.
'There's a Reasoi
Sold by Groce
e will 1
:ded soon |
Can Not Be Discussed by United
States Lansing Tells
the Bolivian.
tw* ?<: ? ?? * ' ,
WASHINGTON. Juns 2f Imiaclo |
Caldrron, minister of Bolivia. and |
llnfael /.alildar. minister of Salra,?,,*
nt thi* Ktiito dfoartineut
Thursday to renew their effort* to j
learn whether the United .State* j
would entertain an offer of mediation
in the Mexican difficulty.
Mr. Calderon talked with Secretary
Landing about Ave minute* Afterward
he aatd he had been told the
United State* could not dlscuns mod- ]
iutlon in the absence of Information ; (
that the American prisoner* actually j ,
had been released and as to Carran- 1 ,
xn's reply to the demands for a state- ,
ment of intention* toward the expo- t
dition in Mexico. .
The minister reminded Mr. Lansing
of the Interests of all the Amerl- ,
can republic* In the preservation of
peace and said he would call again (
when Curraiua's reply Imd hcen re- .
colved. ,
mmTroops j
Will Pass through City Some !
Time Friday Night for
the Border. !
The First Maryland regiment will ,
pa** through the city west some time
Friday night on the way to the borfdc*
It will be transported on three
train* of seventeen car* each. Hach
train m-111 h? mnrto ?iti r* follow*:
Throe box earn for supplies, one i
stock car for the horses, three gondo-;'
las for tentage and other Impedimenta.
three tourist carH for sleepers, a
baggage car. three more tourist cars,
another baggage cur. two tourist cars,
and a standard Pullman sleeper for
the officers. j
Will Be Delivered by a New ]
Jersey Man Here Friday
Evening. j!
__ }
Ah previously announced i ho an- )
nual meeting of the city board of trade 1
will be held at 8 o'clock Friday evening
In the Masonic temple. Five dl- :
rectors will be elected and an informal '
luncheon will be served.
An address will bo delivered on ^
"Business Mastery" by Frank Jewel
Raymond, of ICast Orange. X. J- Ho is
said to have the "Jess Willard punch
and the Hilly Sunday delivery."
Dies Suddenly at Her Home in
Washington and Body is
Taken to Old Home.
WASHINGTON, June 29.?Mrs.
Virginia 11. Willny died at her home
in thin city suddenly. after a residence
here of twenty.Ave years. Her
body was taken to her old home at
Morgantown for interment. Mrs. Willey
was 68 years of age. and her husband.
Thomns Hay Wllley, has been
on the board of review of the pension
office for many years. He is a
relative of the late Senator Wllley. j
wno reproseniett Weil i irgima in me
tipper house of Congress many years
ago. Col. J- L. McCiee, one of the oldest
employes of the war department
ittul a native of West Virginia, is a
brother of Mrs. Wtlley. Two slstera. '
Misses Hattle and Callle Hagnns. of
Morgantown, also survive her.
ROME. June 29.?The Italian advance
continues on the Trentlno front. |
The official report of Thursday says j
that in the Arso valley the Italians :
stormed Fort Mattasaone and carried <
the ridge of Monte Trappola.
? = I
||nmniin n?ihiihhiiuiiim|i
. You Will
*itli such a delicious flavor
' nutriment as i
IT .
tion combines the sweets
: wheat with the delicious
weak stomachs and has a <
iled by any other cereal
ccr for keeping body ac- i
1" for Grape-Nuts
rs everywhere. !
SDAY, .IUXE 29. 1916.
M pivHRH MBflj BnvmnSS
A llMiMtl C?ltf|? foe W?wwi jbij 1
rtwtnllMl* with ItlrhKntwl Oollom. '/H I
fMMMin ruvltf or IT won ?i4 |A'
onnt rtflooi enilefer #elnu?4W. N?w- JS
promrotery it?i>?rtra?oL bow Aro proof !
ruildlnfoln boouunu uburfcon i*rk of * jUTn
ISA MWt, fUtot*. comfort ?n.t hoolth ' vHjW
Mf?(?ir4*4. AUMIN. f*ld n?rt?. dMfifl
Hoptomtor Wlh. For book of tUti -.l/ni
udU4n? ^ JrfQflM
\nd Colonel Roosevelt Meet
and They Announce They
Are in Accord.
NWW YORK. Juno 2'? Chariot K
Hughca. Republican presidential uuinnee.
announced Wednesday night at
lllO end of nn Interview with Thoolore
Roosevelt whlelt lasted for more '
han two hour* and a half, that ho i
tnd the former president were In
'complete accord.
Mr. Hughe* iKHtied the following
"I wo* very much pleased with Col>nol
RooMvelO letter of Indorsement,1
ind he hiut expressed himself In u
wry kindly way with reaped to my
telegram to the Prog roast vo commit- '
tee. I wanted to tnlk with Colonel
llooipvfllt fully with respect to the Ih
Mies of the campaign and naked hint
to dine with me ao that we might have !
that opportunity. He dined with mo
Wednesday night. and we had a very
Jellghtful Interview We talked very J
hilly over all matters and are In com
pleto accord. The evening hna been *
a very pleasant one."
Is Death of Bert Stout, an Employee
of the South Pctm
Company at Salem. ,
SALRM, J tine 29? Pert Stout.
Aged 4J? years, an employee of the
3outh Penn Oil Company in Its local
Poller shops. dr#M"'d dead at II
I'clnrk Tlitirfului n iirfiltiv
Mr. Stent wan apparently In hi*
jod health when ho reported for 1
ivork Thurnday morning and had , i
I tint fltilahel loading (tome material 1
ii n box car when ho nuddenly reeled j f
tnd fell to the floor. A phyHlelnn wan :
lulled hut before he arrived Stout \
vuh dead. The phyalclan auid It wan (
leart divert ne or appoplexy that L
auwed his death. j ,
The deeenKed man resided at Long .
ftun, near Salem, and Ih nurvlved by i |
iIh wife and Ave children. No fuller j j
il arrangements have been made a* J ,
ret. I '
" ELKS ]
A/ill Initiate Candidates and Enjoy
Light Refreshments
Monday Night. -
Tho local lodge of Elks will hold
ts next mooting next Monday night
nstead of Tutatdav night an Tuesday
h a national holiday.
It Ik tho intention to initiate a!
:lass of aeveral candidates Monday
light. and It is announced that light j
"efrnHhments will b? informally
lerved in the auditorium of the home l
immediately after tho initiatory cor-jl
All members of the local lodge sroi"
expected to attend and all transient
BlkH will be accorded a hearty wel:ome.
special car
Witt Convey Elks from Here to
the Grand Lodge Meeting
in Baltimore, Md.
Clarksburg Elks will travel In a
special car to the Grand lodge meeting
and reunion whtcb will bo held In
Itnltlmore July 9-15. The car will be
attached to No. 4 Sunday night, July
9. Rolls W. Jones, secretary of the
lodge, Is engaged In making up the
car and moat of the reservations hare
been made. There are atlll a few to
be offered. Elka who havo not enraked
theirs are requested to see hint
it once.
In the Criminal Court for. the
Term and the Jurors Are
The criminal court docket ended
Diursday forenoon ao far aa the present
term Is concerned and all jurors
>tront thnee which had Mim mm nf
David M. Morris, triad on a liquor
hame. were discharged. The term
irill end Saturday.
The Jury In the case of Stanley
Bulak. tried for an assault, failed to
A Jury In the case of D. M. Morris
s out
In the case of Utile Malone sgainst
rtobart Saunders, the defendant conleased
and he was ordered to pay
he plaintiff (SO a year for seven
in* reiony cue against Homer
Hoy wu continued until the next
Automatic safety gates are said to
>e more efficient than human flagnen.
They are operated by electrtcty.
and In 6.000 teats they (ailed
mly (our times.
The labor of handling hollow tile
iu been lessened by the Invention
>( an S-shaped tool, by which they
ire picked up and carried. Instead of
a the hands.
The bamboo sometimes grows two
eet In twenty-four hours. There are
hlrty varieties of thta tree, the smallret
la only six inches in height, and
the largest 150 (eel.
The office force of the Clark* +
burg Light nnri Moat Company +
a day or two ago when a (?raa- +
sol 11 newcomer applied at the +
window for gas precipitately +
ooncluded that It had oppnr- +
tunity fot a coup In the effort +
to capture Central Villa, the +
? notorious Mexican bandit. +
whose murderous raids Into +
American territory are respon- +
kIMo for the present punitive +
? expedition Into Mexico. As +
soon as the person In question +
p vriiK aeon i?v a member or the *
ofllce force, the quiet but t?\- +
cited word, "therr'H Villa." clr- +
ciliated through the other like +
wild tire All- oyoH were almul- +
tnneoUflly fixed on the window +
? where the man Mend. +
Inquiry as to who he war +
and what he wanted brought +
reply that he wan (\ Villa and +
and that he wanted ana. Fur- *
ther eonvrrxnllon brought In- +
formation that he was a Span +
inrd from Me* ten. a seeoitd +
eoiiHln of (lenernl Villa lie d +
nouueed Imth Villa and Car- +
? run.a and Mated that Villa had +
eon lineal ed all bin property. +
+ + + + + + + + + + ++ + +
Mlaa Ruth Nigga linn gone to Indc-'
pendenre. Mo., where alio will enter
i Mittilfnrimn to Irani to bo a nurac.
Sho will h?? ponn for about throo'
M'Juh t i? ? many frlondM roprot to
?? hor loavo but all Join In wlnblnK
hot* huoivms. mlaa hlpps will Join
M1"s Kva Shlnn. a Inrinor t'Inrlndum;
Kit!. who graduated an a nifie thin
month. .
llercN (bind Now* lor ClnrkshurK
Have you a pain in the ainnll of the
back ?
Headaches. dlz/.inoRa, nervous apolla?
Are you languid. Irritable and weak?!
Annoyod by urinary dlHordera?
l"?on*t despair--profit by Clarksburg!
Clarksburg people know I Hum's Kidney
Pills have used thorn?recontnonil
Here s n rinrksbtirg resident'* statenent
.1 niricn W. Hood, It. O. engineer.
iVillisnti street, Dronddits addition.
"Mnrksbunt. savs "The kidney seerelons
oontalnod Hedlinent and were Ir egulur
in passage. I laid severe pains
irross my back. too. I doctored, hut
t didn't do me any good. A box nnd a
mlf of Moan's Kidney Pills cured me.
I haven't had any kidney trouble or
acknche since."
Price fiOc, at all dealers. Don't j
limply ask for a kidney remedy?get I
Donn's Kidney Pills the same that I
cured Mr. Heed. Foster-Mllburn Co..
Prons.. lluffalo. N. Y.?Adv?r?l*?m????
How few dentists can umko a
good sot of tooth you would
tnko no chances and como to
int. Mill Brothers* namo denotes
mastery in this lino.
8KT or TKK1II rn II
<3uar?iite?l V II
crown on (- pin
nniooKWoRK 5?O.Uv II
Fillings BOc up II
All work guaranteed. Wo II
guarantee painless extracting ||
and otner worn wun ieaai aiacomfort.
Pyorrhoea or Dlaeaaed Ouma
BuccftaafuUy treated.
R. of P. Olds., Opp. SberKTa
Kealdroce. Third Stmt.
jj What T
j| Can Do '
When you become a
our entire ledlltiet an
MjOA dlipoeel.
vtMjy Checking accounti, 11
rjRrt 4 per cent compoun
Sarin p Account!.
Certlfleatee ot Depoe
m lntereet are leaued.
Foreign exchange ft
[ K Unmrpceed eerrlce
9E tie* prorlded.
The Boy
Inside of One ot
Our Nen? Wash
will ho cool and uont as can
In- in appearance. The
now lots are coining in and
going out. and all the timet
the stock is replete with
all that's new.
This is surrly .1 fine* showing of
miiis ror A tc? is year old boy* IH
Junior, Norfolk and Middy Htyle**'
In Htrlpod iiiul plain cottons, chninbrayH,
11 non?. and white and col-or???l
rcpn. with various combination*
of stylos and colorH In thq!
rollnt , and cuffs At price* going
from 91 to 9u.r.o.
In (Mini Khaki and whltn l.inen^
nnd CranlioH, In Inn*. whiten, etc. :
BOr. fl.lHI, 91..VI
Second I'litnp, Tlilril SI met.
"l.ndy Clerk* In Attendance"
Manhattan Silk Shirts
Kniser < Yavats
Knox Ilats
Schoble Hats > ; ^
Munsing Underwear Onyx
Interwoven Hosiery
Sport Coats
Golf < 'oats
Tennis and Anto
Thousands of
Netf Wash
I lore is a splendid opportunity
for a man to get ^
for vifry liftlc moneynseaf- ;
son's supply of good wndh
'ies. These in tlie newest
designs and pleasing eol- 1
ors; 75c buys a half dozen j
of tlunn or 12'/2<! each.
PIphI I'lotii*, Third Street.
Of the Great Sea Battle of Jutland
Are Seen Drifting
Ashore Now.
tlKRUiN. June 21).?II In reported^!
frniu Copenhagen that In the lut few
iluye cape and other ohjccla from war-?
nhlpa, whlrh participated In tho Skagi
rrak battle, have drifted aahore on
tho Jutland roaat. According to thin
Information there havo been Identlflcd
arttclea from the Drlllah battleablpa
Waranlle and Marlborough, the Brit- |
ish deatroyor Nestor, the German bat
tleahlp Pommern and the German
cruiser Wlelshaden.
Danes, all sons of farmers, are coin*
from Denmark In hatches of 200
to help make up tho shortage of laboi
on Kngltah farms.
Auto Livery Co. |
819 I
TmwimIia P* TAimHff Tw II I
^iflAiuiua uc muiiug vmjjj
his Bank a For
You [1
cuatomnr of ttali bank
e Immediately at your OaO
mall and large, are In- vMy
d interest la paid on
It drawing 1 per cent I
In all treat capacl________________

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