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The daily telegram. [volume] (Clarksburg, W. Va.) 1901-1926, June 29, 1916, Image 9

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f'l 30 WORDS
! OR LESS " i "
25 Cents
ban* advertUeuueui liv? iao>
MMivt da/*, AO uuU; Muae
idTWHjmpwat oevon kUCCciiiY*
dv*i 7& oonU; tu? claotflml ad*
I?iwx-iut,uu WM.'iI iur it VN mqif
2a ceau. ttlirtl dvorLUamont
DibPLtAV ciiarged Uy
DwUiie m4 i'UMral haiteaa,
Hi" "I CiaXa. teed* mt lUaU
U UaaarUaw CJturcli .N?Um4 *
Mr lUa.
tlx traiur; hwiU in aha m Um,
L ?TW7 Initial Mi Hltott an n il f
V aauutad ana ward.
V- AitarOMTi Mr ha?i I hair rapUaa
add'oaaetl u a latter and aiuuhan
"Cwt Tlir Talexram.*'
Til* lcUfcrjhiu mil not b* teipao*
lbl? imt uimvm lk*? ?u?
l&ipttlun mi M| ?.! ceriUmucnl
xdcrr.t f?i ot?r? Uu*n cue Ilium
Ghuislfled ada. miy be lektS
boned and will be charged and
111 sent the following duy tf
your n&inc apjicani In the telephone
directory; otherwise,
strictly emu with order.
This page Is closed promptly
at 11 o'clock *. n>. Yocar copy
most he In before that hour to
Insure Insertions.
i H i . il
HJHntwT?fumiaiieo noonu
FOit ICtNT?T?vo rurul?lt?d rooms,
light kuu?ektc;aui;, ui |iarUei> wuhou
iiiiiurc-n, inn ft usuna i. ti . iinjuiiv
1)3 MurhJ.ulJ street. at Coif V1*?A. ? cal
8Mb J i;?U phone
FOB IlKNT Two furnished room* fo;
light housekeeping. private eutrum'c :in<
porch, um> of bath ftit*i telepkum goo<
cellar. Apply at 311 Clay street lie)
phone lUMlt.
F()H IlKNT -One furnished front room
use of bnlh and pkoue. Cull Bell phom
VACANT room with board, lor or tw<
youut; men in private family. f-Vi" ;
week. Address "Koom," cure 'IVIcgruu
FOIl HUNT .*? unfurnished rooms for iigi:
lioutfjiing. mI?o furnished ro .... toi
gentIcigCn. Inquire at I'lrsi ? I.
Foil IlKNT?One large well furulsliet
room. v\ it It hoard. unable for \. hirgi
wardrobe*, private lavatory, all moderi
convenient ? > . gentlemen preferred. Applj
at Oft! Mulberry street.
FOIl III:NT Two room* for light house
keeping, or sleeping room*. till Wen
I'lke street.
Full 111.NT Large attractive front room
iSfc for one or two gentlemen, use of hnil
and phone. Call at IKS WmI Plkl 8t?
Foil IIU.N'l Two f11riii.-lied room' foi
gentlemen only; use of irnth and phone
iilfl Machanle utreet. Hell phone .MM
FOU IlKNT Two furnished room* foi
light housekeeping. 410 West Main utreet
Bell phone 17.10-J.
FOB IlKNT Nicely furnished front rooti
In fhiullv of two. with use of bath am:
phone, close In, suitable for two gentle
men. Hell phone lQh'J-J. 5UI South Thlrti
^ at reel.
Foil ltKNT Two furnished rnnuiN foi
light housekeeping. llrsC floor, use ol
hath and telephone. rent reasonable tc
hurll.-. ultl.i.nt .1.11.1 no. A tn.lv III IT!
5 Flrnt itrrrt.
FOK itKNT Two nlcols furnished from
room*. for light hoiiM-keeplng to pnrth without
childmi; all conveniences; twr
minuter walk from postotttce. fall Hel
phone MS-J. or apply at 117 School St.
FOR KENT I.arge frout room, nicely fur
ni*ho<l for sleeping. ??r light housekeeping.
water in ruoin. mkp of hath and tele
phono; also separate room to partle*
without children. Apply nt 123 Wwi
Main ulreet, or call Hell phono C7-J.
FOR RENT One nicely furnlahed front
room Iti private family, gn.? and elertrlIty.
modern in every particular. Flv?
minuter; walk from court house. One oi
two gentlemen or man and wife. Apply
at Telegram ol!lc?.
FOR RENT?To gentleman only, one nice
ly fM,-nlrhed. up to-dnte front room, well
ventilated. In family of two. five inluuti
walk from court house. u*e of hath an*1
P ?!) at 514 Preston street. Hell
phsne 788-R.
IJTOK ItKNT rurnlnlifd rooms for lljr! ;
nonsekreplnc. kitchen. Urine room nti.l
one or two bed rooms, with hntli. fmt
and back porrhm, ui??l gas ranee In th?
1.1 Apply Ht 4.VI West l'lkf St.
FOIt KENT?Three modern, newly paper**!
nttractire house*, with line cellars, e|e?trie
lights, east of Oak stre*?i. one on
Terra L'otta street. Inducements muUc tn
good leusute. I'rUe fll'-V) to (30.00. *'al|
Harvey F. Hmlth.
FOR It KNT Ob Main street, new house
six rooms, with bath, pantry, cellar and
two porches, hardwood door*, beautiful
finish throughout. gas and electric light*,
water. Apply to J. K. White. <H,*i West
Main street.
FOR RENT?One ft?e room cottaire. with
bath, on paved street, near car stop
A i.i.l v- ..t t*?l V.irll. A vkihix k?
nvrjh., _
A BRIGHT cheerful apartment for rent
In the (taker apartiiM-nt? Apply to
linker's department J/ore, .".Ct : ?'? West
Main street.
FOR 11KNT One fire room front apart
ment. second floor with electricity. 2fl
foot sun parlor, pftjrate ball, porch, iti
slant u nous hot water ami -te.Mn heat;
very desirable. Apply to Chan. J? Johnston.
Itronddus Apartments. Hell phone
FOR UK NT?One Are room lious** with new
hath room: Just plastered. pnpered hi,I
repaired. House on Ocello street. Itroml
Oaks. Apply to <i. L. Slera. 212 Me
Chatile street.
FOR RENT Hon** No. 721 Weal Raltlriore
street, serrn rooms am) hath. ?2."
with water rent pnhl. Look It over ninl
kee I*. M. Lone A Son. 212 Court St.
FOR RENT?To family without children,
at 12P Weat Hike street, el c lit rooms and
bath, cement basement; all modern convenlences,
vacant July 1st Apply at 127
Weat JMke atreet, or call Itell phone
1013- R.
FOR RUNT?On Point street, Ilroad Oaka,
one seven room house with hath. Apply
to \V. L. Fowler. .112 Point atreet. Ilroad
FOR RENT- Modern S room house and
bath, finished basement and attic. 711
West I'lke street. $3T*.00 per month, water
rent pnld. Inquire Jay Reefer. Itell
phones fW?-J or MR- It.
mo DcaiT etnoc DnriMO
run ntm i?OIUIIU nuumo
FOR RENT?Large room. suitable for more
or garage. Third *trwt, ready for occupancy
about July 1. <Jon.| location and
reasonable rental. Inquire of C. W.
l.eggett. Central Storage building.
FOR SALE?Two story, seven room uonso.
In tbo boat residence section of Uroad
Oaks, near Golf Flats. two blocka off
pared street. Ilouso Is on nice level lot.
Laric chicken house nod small stable on
rear of lot. Address "lit** cars Talsf ram
legram C
KOU KAL.K oil KXi'HA.NdE Xlrf horns,
ssvrn rooms excellent condition. l?e*t res
Miction, lirond Oaks. near street
i .ir Una mix! pirad street. Sail on rer>
mu tarn a. small cash payment. or will
ev hnnge for vacant lot. suitable arrange
menu made for difference. Addrc** 'X.
?nrr Telegram oOcf.
FOIt SALE ??i: IlKNT Two story* eight
room i on as, pntii r>. witter and eewrras.
oak finish, '-nl>ln*-i mantels. china closet.
- In t ? roof. Williams street. Itlltinore
II sight a, North View. Homo phone 140y
llell phone 701 I..
FOR s.M.K On Kuolld stenue, In Stmli)
Height*. three room rottuge. bath. tune
inent. oak finish. slate roof. $l..~>Ou, onethird
flown. tinl:ini-i> in 1 nmt yenra.
FOR RENT Five room rolUn will th
iblntt mantels, within three mlnntoe
U'ltlk of pOMlofllt II. .1 Willi-* ?V ?
Mri'iirty Rldi;.. Ilell phone 10S. Res.
l:>L' I. Hoiim- *-"-i.
FOR SAI.J' Fine terel lot* In bent realdent
*** 'Ion .?f Norwood. Ile.iutitui n?u
-mi; '. home-, 'in\r* been built on lota nd
Joining till-, one nuil It Is not too -lose
t>> the factories. Address "01S," ear*
Telegram office.
Foil SAI.F Vw-'.-iiit lot on Flay street for
$100 Sl^?. '4<100 feet, lienr i-orner :?n-?
lose to -treei car line If you want
thl* burcalti, M- ii o i oner II 1-*. Moil
11m. l.'nlon Kituk Ride.. 1 I.irk-1 org.
" l.*! Ill SAI.l*. Tw.? !..i wi... .... ..II I-..-L Ml
by LfK> fach .1. Flvlirr. III? Williams
' l I ' h ,
c FOR SftLE?Farms
i i'UH SAt ISU'A norm of land. UnM-i
J one lull'' t f <'ontwalll* \Y N'.i 1
I ?'XtMidtiiK in#- .. 11?- aloilB with tin* It A
O. railroad . .Hi < ??unt> road tli11.
r i fnr:i . two dwelling house-, and other
1: outbuilding* fn is an foi onn hou
1' two orchard*. near!) one-IihIf good rlcli
1. bottom 1.1lid; about .*i00 rods of now
barbed four* and 'J00 rods now woven
I fen? o. It sold Immediately and jiurfbio
I ?r -y desire* will ml) growing < ro|?- two
| lior^'-s. ?, tow* im.T other ? altlo bog?.
oh kit tins and fnrin Implements Rmson
for selling. ft*IIIr*ir health mid unable to
look fter farn. < II < - write It. A. Rob
iij? on. < 'irnw nllk . W Vn.
Fuh SALc?miscellaneous
1 i t'OU sw.n- Oliver typewriter lu food
r condition. very reenonnble price. r A.
Uldr, 1H Chupcl street, city. lie 11 phone
j 11211- J.
F<>|t SAI.K (?n?- combination Middle nn<l
I driving mnre and ??u-, l-te eel ??i lingo
huritcn?; will il cheap. Sw II. Kurnt,
Tod WV*t like direct. It?*ll phone IdMt-J.
FOlt SAI.K A Se?>iroin player pl.-ttio. with
roll.* of inUhiv UurtfalU If sold nt Olicc.
I Apply ;ii 880 i ' St.
Foil SAl.K One f.llrlnjj machine an?l onelectrh
men I grinder; In good condition.
.\|?'i 2 liucLboard wuKOlifi at a liarjfAlli.
I In lid y Provision t'o.. Ilell photic 101.
i-1 phone o.
Foil SAl.K (load -I/*, four year old poll)
with hnrue** and but:?;>; also title second
r I hand buckbonrd with top. fall n. it.
, HhaiiHbartrer'ft at ore. Industrial. Ifuine
phone PC-1..
II PI BLIC SA l.F Saturday July I. at 10
1 o'i lock n. m.. nt Frank Hush's pmro In
(lien Klk, the following described prop i
erty 3 pool tabler. I Cuont lee box, I
llnsc for I lace .s.nr. I hit of suit dglnkr.
" 1 lot of (itfnr> and tobacco Hubert Mi
(inne. fv ii r.
? PIHLIC KALK Saturday. July 1. at 2
o'clock rn. nt Buck Smith'* realdence
lit (Ti?- Pair Oround mldltton. tin- fol
lowing deacrlbod property : table*. 'J
i Mickh of feed. 1 *tove, 1 rocking clmlr,
' 1 wnah bowl nnd pitcher. 1 lot of plnn?
tcring board. 1 step ladder. buckota. *2
1 he.itllig stove*. I bed complete. 1 pair ol
pillow*, 1 leather davenport. I lot ol
voting htrkeiif. 1 lot of old chicken*. 2
hog*. 1 Jersey cow. 2 wnah tuba, l lot
of dlrlie*. Robert Mct'lung. H. O.
1 FOR SALE Moving Picture Tent Show
Shooting tiHllcry: Itox Ball Alley*! Penny
Machines; All very lw n. Apply to
\V. S. f'orpenlng. Hooni 1. .Second lloor,
Irwin Bldjc., Clnrkaburg, \V. Vii.
FOR sai.i: Saddle and driving mare, ten
venra old. very atyllNh and nnfe for
Indira to me. J. P. tilfford, care Sing; r
Sewing Machine Co.
Autos For Sale
BTUDHBAKKH. .Vpnanenger. fSSi.
PAUii: llOADBTl.'lt, inir. model. electric
lights and htarter. Ilig Bargain.
EMPIRE. ll?1c model. Klectrlc Light*
mm runner, win hucrince.
LBXINCTON. I-cylinder. 1015. electric
liiftith iiinl nUrtf.*.
JAi'KSoN. I-cylinder, ft-pimnenger. co??l
million. inuK'iM'to. etc. Would
i...ili?- u ?;uod truck, 1125.
I BTUPr.r.AKKH. fl-cyllnder. electric
llcl't* mill starter; iiiunt be aoUl.
ftTriHIllAKnn, 4 cylinder, electric
llBhta nuii ntnrter, cheap.
Cor. Sixth St. and Trader* Alley
lloth Phono *10.
. 11 '
WANItu?Female Help
| WANTED?Au orderly at Kcssler Hos,
plial. Apply at once.
I \VANTKl> I'lnluj; routu girl. Also yirl to
: work iti kitchen. Apply ut 13'.' Wist I'lke
s'.reel. 1 it'll i-Iioiif lo>VK.
I WANTKP A jotnl girl to ?lo itniernl
housework, muull family. wagm
per week. steudy position. Apply to
l.vfkouil/. GolT avenue and Seventh St.,
North View.
WANTKD?Glrl for generul housework. In
small family. out- alio i? n good rook
desired. Apply to Mm. William L. Qep- {
p?rt, ol'C South Seventh street.
WANTED?An experienced cbnmbernmld.
Apply ut 425 North
Fourth street, Glen Elk.
WANTED?A k'lr 1 for general hou.ework
Apply to Mr,. A. G. Lumout. 300 Illck*
miu street.
WANTED?Nueoc girl. Call Mrs. Guy
H. Earle, Bell phone 1402-M.
WANTED- Ctrl for (forriil houeework.
?ulnred girl preferred. Apply to Mr*.
I*. K. Hill. ShititiMtoti. W. Va.
WANTED A pood jrlrl for general housework.
Apply to Mr?. llaynioud Maxwell,
All East Main street.
WANTED?A CO o<l cook; good wage*;
must giro reference#. Mrs. W. A. Daylord.
228 E. Main St.
W A NT K D?(11 r 1 for general housework";
one H'bo can go home at night preferred.
Enquire at 50ft Ilornor avenge.
WANTED?Male Help
WANTED?50 young men immediately
for machine manufacture.
of window glass.
Apply in person at Tuna
. Glass Co.
Fine Lot With Mnnll C
A 3-room rottneo. ulittr roof, with tt
rhantc ?tr?**t. on lot ftO \<y n*> frH l.i
linufto fat'hii: on t tie* *trrfl. I'rltr ll.St)
t'i in> oAct' nliU 1 will |Jla<ll\ hliow you
i work Mt n< ?v liiitlilluu. (it State 11It n 1.
\\>?ton. Apply to Iihwooii 'oiintrui'tlon ?
t'o.. ftt State llin?|>llnl. \Ne?t'?n. W . V:i t
WANTED-?Situations ]
?? ,\ 1 J. I rUMllnll i> < UTK i' III' tflrl
tlioruu^lil\ iMiiprt.Hi .'ml rt'llalilc Ail
ilrr%? i:. .art- 'IVN-gr.nn oHhv
w aim ! tO?Miscellaneous
mi: TAli.OK MU- or Mr. l>i?*??tu:.ki-r.
HOW 1> t!ir ua.'' t'? -i t 11.1' llfU f..- -.till,
oi I'uttinu and 1111.guru--mi i for i u
>?oiiifi. Itatdguitig Acuileiuj. 1 rwln
i For your <iu\?-nl !?* < wr luin lu-talli-O a
JO ton o r.^ni, . ,ilf>. hUl' '..XlS'fc Iwl.
Pout fall to help
tlk.jliO.UUMOP .! t Mi co.
Ul?n 1-Ik No. ?.
PhoneyCon wo I. H4H-1. Hell *.. i \V
(sucrr??nr? in Mndaiur t Imitu)
OO'SDAItll COK; Li s
IIII \sh|K|C|>
MO tioff MI.Jk Hell 1>1. tMKMC. I
i Willi l*nln?'u Furniture t'ompnuy. Hell
jphono ?)."? J. All kind* of Furniture Ho
I pntrlni;.
|CH\TIN?i. PACKIN*; A N I) Kill t'l'lXti.
\VA NTKI? '!? III A W .11 l<M t.-l < V;*.r
Store and New* St tun! tn iitoi *?f <ll?
.state lowont *ush prt?e ini'i ! it lit. Atl
drone M." iT'- 'I oleRrftiii ofli
's\? i:sMKN WANTKI> immediately. for
, i Urkiburg .i"i tIi Inltj n ibli man
who . an io . . <>?. will i>; .n < Ijth
llshoil lutein- in*l If.?rn all ii? dotnlh.
I'.ivs nhout fi'iiti a ii '.iith vvw, port ti?h.
hniiiiK-o on lln-o with IIrit j Write
; MnnjiKor, 1.120 Market M.. Win cUiir. \Y
l.n.s'i Small Ih>> ?. < from liu^uy after
! ;RO i . in .Saturday, between i 1 .;lihtn<t
I'nrk ?*iirn?;** and Cor* Ilotel. I.lml
' unells" on ln?lde poi-kft. Liberal reward
li returned to . IIU'liUiul r?rk.
! WHY ItK WITIlorr MONL.Y? I a*commodate
every body. by loaning money
!on wat. lice. diamond*. jewelry, mueicnl
in*.; rum."'- 1 !?'>. Jiiv. Jeweler
| MRS. VKI.MA S. lteimty I'lirlore.
Try Vltu Violet Hay I rent 1 u -111 for alp
j fnee mid body: iilu oiiiblnc'i lioii?-ht ami
-wjtoi.es made 1 1 in.lor. i:<i..i? ll. Irwin
nidi:.. I tell lilione V, *. il.
158 Jackson Street.
! IJoot an?l ulna* maker. lepartTng a spec;
inlty: all work guaranteed 10 ?! .< *uiU- :
i faction. .1. h. ?" 1 n>. 'J 10 Smith Second
street. ' Inrl.sl.i.rK. W Vn I
actomoiiit v. .sr<?itA<;i:
. $t no per inonlli. North Fifth street, i!
Clan Elk. Stout Alexander Ileal 12a- ?
'ate t'o 701 <;oiT liulMtii;: <
FOINP -IIrotvii mure. weight iihout 000 to
1.1HJ0 lbs.. rigid hind foot white; star in "
forehead; about S? year* of aac. Owner I
may get Mime t?v proving more. paying n
ndv and keeping expense*. ii F. All il
ii'itr., nil'- f-niu l.'i t I'rii-k \V. V.i
Ivory lllll Coal A Coke ''mapany. n cor- j
porntton, (diver J. Saudi-. Ilurry S. ,
SiiuiU, Lawrence II. Snnd*. Howard \V. >
Showalter. Henry F. Siuith. Firm National
Ilitiik of Fairmont, a I'orporatlon. .1
and Lawrence M. Sunda nud William II.
Kandx. executor* of the Inst will ami
testament of Joseph M. .Sands, deceased. 'I
; plaintiff*.
Harrison-Harbour Con! Company, n cor
porntlon, The Colonial Trust Company, n n
1 corporation^ trustee. CltUens Hollar Snv- t
lngs Hunk, a corporation, llurvey Shaln. I
receiver of the Clt I xena Hollar Sating*
Hank, The First Nntlonal Hank of Shinu- t
Mton. a corporation. Farmer* Hank of t
Shlnnmon. n corporation, (irufton Hnnk- o
ing & Truat Company, a corporation, ji
Crnfton Itnuk. a corporation. First Nn- a
tlonul Bank of Salem, a -orporntlou. ?
American Notional Hank of Richmond, n t
corporation. National Exchange Hnnk of v
Wheeling, a corporation. Security Trust p
Company of Wheeling, a corporation, o
The Nntiot il Hani, of Fairmont, n cor- c
poratlon. Ashoknn National Hank, a eor- h
yoratiou, First Nntlonal Hnnk of Man-1
nlngfoti. a corporation. The First N*a- ' J
The PI rut National 'tank of Mononcah.
a corporation. Exchange Hunk of Man- "
ultiffton. n corporation. Hank of Little- ,
ton. n corporation. l?nrla Trust Com
piny, n corporation. Rrnmiel K. Millar.
John A. Clark. Harry I!, Clark. Jkidm It
I.lnn. Less (*. Race. J. X. I'liilion John
II. Parka, Lora A. Stout. Howard Had
cliff. John V. Adams. Lucy S. Corder.
William K. Corder. Flavins II. Datliiou.
John A. lllffli. Martha P. High, l.alr II.
I McKinney. William !>. Mi-Kinney. Hewitt
C. Ilndklns. Edward Thompson. John S.
I Darat. Auditor of the State of Weat Virginia.
Itoss P. Stout. Sheriff of Harrison
Couuty. Weat Virginia. Arthur F. Hen
nett. Sheriff of Itnrhour County, Weat
Virginia, and all hondholdera and ? redltora
of the Harrison-Harbour Coal Company,
whose i:amea and places of residence
are. to the plaintiffs, uuknown, de- 1
In pursuance of an order of reference entered
Hi the above styled cause In the Clr
< uh v.uun vi Jitrnnoii nm ur- , ?
Blnln. on the 3th day of June. the ~"
same wu referred to tbo undersigned com- f
mlssloner who fa dlwtwl to take, state
anU report mi account, showing:
1. All of the personal property and as*
wt* owned by the llarrison-ltarbour t'oal
Company, and the character and ralno
2. All of the rem estate owned by said
Harri?on-ltarbour t'oal Company, where
situate. Ita dearrtption and value.
3. All of the debt* and liabilities of the
said IJarrUoti-Harbour Coal Company, to
whom payable, their nature, amounts and
the order in which they are entitled to
4. All af the liens upon the real eatato
of said Harrison-Harbour Coal Company,
by wbom held, their respective amounts
and priorities.
ft. Whether said real estate will rent for
a an (Helen t mm la flte years to pay off and
dlaeharse the Hens thereon and the costa
of this salt.
1 Said Master Commiaatoaor shall aho
take evidence upon aud report upon tho
i Ads. a;
oitage At a Bargain
%U iimnti'l*. nitUMtnl at fC\'? Wont Mr
?t olruiv Urge enough for auother
i), if aolil til one*. Willi twin*. Conn*
thr property.
ollowiut; nmuern ami tiling*
a U liul real i-tati* and prraOllill prop
rt v HHi ooiU'il ami U?|U l?> plnliuiU Ivor)
iitl Cuul ami I'oke 1'oitipaii). a lOrporu
ion. liuuieiiiiiti'l) piv* ram* Uie dui? of u.u
ruunlfi iron. It to tin- ilelflitlitill llnrtinotl
lurbuur i oal i output*) of u.? property in
in- t*lll o: voiupiiiiiit nieutlouea a? Ihmu,.
*0 traOkfrrrvO.
t?. Till' total lniit?t>t?Hllll'*N Of ?*vit) kill'! |
ilia iliM i tpnoit ul til* sU|,| ivory Hill t'oall
?n: < oki' v on pniiy at tin- Htm* -.ml Ivor)
1 it I < onl ami t'oK" Cou.puny nmUr, r\
fotni iiint (telivcrvii to iturn-on-itnrlieur
'oal t onipativ th?< tired for tin* pmport)
Ill-litioiii'U ill tiir liili of oinplalltl !i.i?
ti ~ l?eeii no transferred ami Hit* ilMllien o! '
In* perauu.1 or i orporal ton- in u i.uu n.ii.l
i*?r> 1IHI ? on 1 aini i oki nMpaii) ?>..? mi
m.i'titiMl, tin* nature ot - ii inUi'iitoiiuoM*
UMI *!? >? Ill* Mill)*- *\ ,| - I \ III* II- ? ?! I. U?X til
*..al lii a it lie r tiif ha* ill iiiti**lit*'il ui'hK ii.rrUiMl
llui Uilt'll.
Wluii pr?*|i?*rt> or iiMtolH ol i?vrr> ;
?11 ' ll ail). wn* lu'Iil, owiu-tl or retained
) si?i I l**>rj Mill i on| nuil i'uK* i oii-i-nii)
II IIIOd|j|tl*l)> fOllOUllIM til*' tlllio il III.kI*'.
Aai'utfil ..ml delivered t?> tin* lUrfihon
ImI.mt i mi I ioiii)iitiiy l!.deed referred
O ill III*' 1*111 Of <-<111)111111111 II h till v In k I ?? ? )!
? i:i.;tl* . mill, if mt> |*r*?|?r*ri> remained to
t. tin* uiiioillit aiiil ii.ilur*' thereof ulitl
<r.i|i;it.|< ;nlu** thereof .mil where dtunic
r held aiiil w liat tlU|uv>*illuii. it iiiiy. Urn*
' ' n 111i.<i** of tin- miiiii-. or of tin' i-ioreed*
il Wlint part. If ;tu.\, of tin- Indebtedit's-,
uf Hit- ivory 111*1 * o;iI Mini ok*- i'oin
an). ?*X 1 ntIIIIC ill the 11 till* of tin- lliiiiitf-r
f .ti<I i-roprrli l?y it to ltin llariuonluiliuiir
I iao(ii|>mi,\. li it n ' il i-iilil.
iiul. If v?ii 1*1. in v. :it manner .Hid I'.v whom
itnl to \. I ??m *11- li payment-. were timtlf, I
ili*i how oi. ii payment* ?r<- *? i*l*-n< ? ?!.
o. Whitl part. It mis. *?l tin* Indebtedif*!,
of I * or)- 11 ill < "on I mill i "oi.o font any,
a-\i?ttii(. nt tlio time of tin- irmiofor
" " " 11 j n.iiit?"ii i>i.
MMir ? o..| ( utitpnny. I?>- lit* <l**<| u> tin*
111 ..f ? ni*iiQou?-?l. rrinuliiN mi
.if! i in I 11.? aiuoutit tot-root iu ri*niNluliiK
iiti<? I?1 i*tttl in Mlmm pun Mr mill litm tlit*
ii n l< *vi<lrii?-*d.
f. 1 11.- ti'rii." ui th* i-iiitlriii'l of ptir?-liii?n
?> tin 11-i i rlsiu r.iirliiiur t'oiil ?|t;?n>*
r>in I * i? r > Hill 'mil i uii. tuiiiy of tli- pmprt)
ill III* Mil uf i*?i 1.11* In III t tll.'til lolled.
i ' nililfr.itloii. If m?y. pMk>iil from
IiirrlMm Knrbour foul ?'oinpnny to Ivorjr
1111 ui ii ml i ok.? ''ouiiuiiiy ilierefor, iiihI
? vvlioiti unld i (?nn|il*rittloii. If HQ) pjonci
ittil lio iin* kiiinr aiul ?-".*ry port thereof
i hh <*vl?I.-fiii-<)> nil.I whether or not nl.l
l.-.i .-Inuii I (ii r boor .'onl rmnpiiuy hn*. fully
fMpli.-il w It It tli.- olilipitloii Incurred or
iiMiiiml l>\ It li> ill.I . oiitrm t of purii.i
..ii.I. ii (tertorined oil.I In olmt iii u liter
il?* kiuui- were performed ami wIh-ii
11(1 llOW
*.*- 'I lie nntum ??r the present tooklulilrr*
of ilnrrik.iii Itiirl.oiir Con I ' "in
toy nil.I ih* number of klinrr* of ?to.'k
hi mi.I otvu*?l by each a ml uhnt .-on
M. ration It in-.. panned to nnId llnrrioou
.arbour ''onl . oinpnujr for i ll of lt? tlnrk
. I. in uf..! l.t It i.11 I,, ulmm null)
ml v. I t .. uihI In 'a lint manner,
li What consideration. If nny, panned to|
InrrlMMi ihtrbour < uui Company l?r tli?*
i .t > tiiiullt.c bonds of Mid company, men
Ioni-il hi tin* hill of complaint iiihI Hit*
livrciu, how Mild consideration, lf|
I. w i*? paid. by whom paid, to whom
111*1 tin- n in mi 111 palil to Mild llurrl
?m I. .li.our (out company or upon Ito I
' mint for raiii of s.tid lirat iiiortKttifo
I. What disposition ha* hern made of
lie proceeds, 11 any. recehed hy Harrison (
hirhour ?'onl company fifbm the sule or
hmiii in .mil delivery of nny and all of the
>ut standing tir.-t mortgage bonds of ..aid
j. U ..at Indohti'diii'of. if an}, of Ivory
Mil foul and foltk Company existed nil
lie time of the transfer by it to Harrison j
1'irboiir foal t.'oinpuuy of (he property 1 u ;
he hill of eotuplaliit mentioned uu hnv- .
ng -ii so transferred, now remaining!
nipnlo. Is entitled to be preferred and paid I
l--t out of the procrud* of the sale of the j
import;. In the (.ill of complaint mention*
1 before mid In preference to the Mild
ItKt mortgage bond* of iliirrtfton*lhirliour |
-...-I rni.....i. ... it... i.l.. i.Iu.pv inrmHrtf.eil i
7 ?Su? li other mnttcra u* any party In |
nt< r- *t limy require, the mine helitjr per
liu-nt, or sucli mat tern as ndcIi romnilaloiiiT
may denn pertinent whether ho reiuln'?|
or not.
Ami It It further adjudged, ordered nn<]
reetl that n:i]<! lvor> 111II ? on I mid I'okt |
" n . j i! t v .mil ihl ll..rr|Hoii-ltnrhour ('oal|
omi'iitiy iiihI tin- ollh rrs mid agent* of
h thereof, lintinc any thereof In Ita or!
heir custody, control or posaemdbii. shall
irori'.u'p before Mild commissioner all iiiinlie
hooka, record* out nu t*, doiuments.
beck*, voucher*. nccoant* and writing* ||
if every clinrncter and deacrlption pertain
tile I si any manner to the mutter* or thing*
- to which an id cotntiilsaloner la herein
Ilri t??l to report.
The above tiallied parties and all others
iiter.-.t'd will trike notice (Imt the underlulled
conintUaloiier will on the
1 ITU HAY (IF JI'IjY. inifl.
iroreed to execute said order of reference
hi* nfllce. -14 t our: street. lurk.il.uru,
.Vent Virginia.
(jlvrn under my hand thia 14th day of
tune, 101(1.
Commissioner. j
"nnev Itarrlmn. Counsel f?.? rimntirf-.
To nil pcraoni holding llena by Judgment
r otherwise. on the real estate. or any part ,
hereof. of IfnrrlHon-lJnrbotir Coil Com* I
miiy. n corporation:
In purauance of n dwrM of the Circuit!
'uurt of Harrison County, made In a must
herein ]>?*ri?lInc to subject the real estate ,
f the said Harrison Barbour Coal Comiany
to the satisfaction of the Ileus there,
n. you are hereby required to preaeut all
lalru* held by you and each of yon against
he said Harrison-Harbour Coal Company,,
rhlcb nre !i?-ns on ita real eatata, or any \
art of It. for adjudication to me, ?t my j
flic*. 214 Court Street. Clarksburg. In the
onnty of Tfarrlaon. West Virginia, on or
le'ore the 14th day of July. 19H1.
'51 veil under my hand tbla 11th day of
Fuue. 1910.
Now 7-room rouse on Harrison
street; hardwood all over
house and oak floors down
stairs; cement cellar underneath
whole house. Lot 40*
140: shade trees, cement side
walks. Will sell at a bargain
within ton day*. Price and .
terma to ault purcbaaer. See
Bell Phone 2HO-II
Room 3111 Empire tlldg.
9 room modern honse In beat
residential aeot Ion of city. S minutes
walk to bualneaa section of
tne city.
3 Are room collagen 3 vacant
lots. Stealey Heights.
3 6-roora cottages. Adsmston.
3 5-room cottages. N?w Fair,
1 7-room house. Broad Oakn
1 6-room bungalow on Buck>
bannon Pike, tarvla road, liberal
For particulars, Inquire
W. I. WINFIK1.D ? CO..
914 Vnton Rank Mdg. I
irtr rsi >a v $55 33* X%JX
\ ??
[ways Bi
Declares W. D. Zinn. the Agricultural
Agent of Harrison
County, in Article.
illy TV. I). Zlnu, Count) Farm limit.)
Tin* raln> MAKiut ha* no ?l??nlit dof<
rri>il fnrnii?t'M fr.iiM iihml uir :im
much corn an they had intruded in
p\\nt and Home may begin to ronelmto
that they will have to forego the
planting of na many soy i?. an a they
exported to plant, hut It is too early
In the game to atmndon the plauttnK
of bniOB yet Our station advise*
farmers to plant them as late as July
10 for hay. 1 have planted them July
11' ami they grow waist high. If It is
Impossible to get the soy beans In by
July 10, millet or sudatt grass may
l>e sown tip to July l.'? and still make a
lot of feed. One thing; Is greatly de:
ired and that Ia ibut llurrlson eounty
r lull I ?row more rotiRhncc In 1916
1 linn she over did and to accomplish
ttiIn overt farmer in mat do his part.
Kodder corn may bo planted yet.
Drill It in thirty inched apart hot worn
I lid row a mill cultivate n few timed
You will ho surprised at tlio amount
of food you enn crow on nu aero of
ground in this way.
In a fow wookn farmers will ho
"laying by" their corn In the meantime,
every farmer should decide what
he wnntn to do with tlaIh around next
year. If It 1r to he sown down 1 >
pursue After the corn In rut how
timothy with one bushel of tiprlng onts
per acre. The ontu will h? winter
killed, but they will protect the tender
grass plants through the winter and
he out of the way when spring comer.
He may row the ground to rve and
cut the% rye for hay as hundreds did
this season or he mnv need the ground
to wheat. If the land Is to produce
corn, then by all means he should
seed the ground down to twelve
pounds each of crimson clover and
hnlry vetch, being enreful to inoculate
the seed. Severn! farmers trh?d thin
!?Ia 11 last houkoii and mr more than
gleaned with II. The following are
some of the names of farmers who
tried the scheme Henjamln Ande?*snn.
Rhfnuston; Haude ITnblnson. INmr1
'id: R. ft. Smith. Clarksburg: \rihur
Harbert. TV?ln; Martin Williams. Prlstol.
There wore perhaps others
whose names I do not now recall
Former ({evident of the CHv Is nt I InFront
In France.
Paul Sage, a former rcsldf-M of
Clarksburg. Is In the llrltlsh army In
France, where he lias been nt the
front some time. Mr. Sage is a
nephew of Willluui A. .Harrington hero.
Wlille lils home Ir at lirndford. Pn..
he cwnc to Clarksburg about two
years ago and renin I nod several
months. during which time he nade
many friends bete. A part of the
time he was hero he worked In Senator
Golfs oil and gas fields. How lie
hnppened to Join the Rritlsh army la
not known here.
We manufacture 100,000
Ont* Mm/I I?t^r.U .1.11..
We guarantee ateady work
all the year.
We pay from $2.50 to $3.50
per day.
Wo pay Milker* $3.60 per
We pay dumpers $2.90 per
We pay setters $3.50 per 30,000.
We pay wheclora $3.25 per
We are not having any strike.
Wo will refund railroad faro
If men atay 60 days.
Wo want experienced machine
and alied tnen.
The American Building
Brick Company
lia-lll The Arcade.Bid*.
?'IjKvki<a.vi>, oino.
I A Fpw
Each Number a
With every -ear load of fnrnlt
eluded some extra numbers we otte
We offer Hoosler and McDugi
the 132.00 kind, Just llko now. 3F
Quartered oak. genuine leath
new. cost originally 175.00. SPEl
. Other bargains In Davenports
535.00 China Closefi
We only mention these as a f
always And In our store. Our con
dlse absolutely as good as new at 1
adds a new customer to our llpt of
U*e ot our low prices. Make jroi
Clarksburg Turnil
122.34 WEST I
/ 5
*ing Resv
Baker Avenue
."> room house with I with on,
lot -K>x 120 feet. I louse now-'
ly papered and ill good condition.
Price $3,OCX)
Easy payments.
Simpson Street i
New f)-rooni cottage on lot
47x 1?M> feet. House finished
, throughout ill oak, good!
sized pantry and l>atli room,
hot and cold water.
Pnee $2,250
11 vou have a little money |
you can own tiiis property
and pay balance Hie same as
rent. I
Farm i
150 acres, within one mile t
of Elizabeth, Wirt county. ,
i Farm is fenced with woven ,
w in fencing, watered' with '
rimirrtin streams and three"
drilled wells, good liarn and
..II * l :>
Ill Iin'i-??r?iin "111 Hill Mill III S?
(iiioil three room eottnge,
plenty of fruit.
The price is $5,000 i
and will take a property in ,
Stealer 1 leiiihts as part pay (
Intent. It' yon want a good
i farm with all the oil atnl ijas'
I tinder "at acres, this will suit |
uon-ABi) row. *** m. uw
RmI Ratal* nraltar*.
U...rnl I.......... At.au.
<tt>n nalUlac j
"fUtkiii.fri, Knar cnty."
AI TOS roll SAliK
I at hnntnln prlr??s Auto Exchange.;
corner Trndera alloy and Sixth at root. 1 _
I Until phonofl 819.
: i
Dlstrllmtoni |
({Sh p?"oMo?or,?r00- ;
I durkitburit, W. Va.
In satisfactory manner at rlfht
I prices. Everything guaranteed.
\vi: oo it lutaiT |
Have your crating, storing and
shipping of household goods and i
furniture done by rospouslbls parties,
sate money, loss and damagu. ,
i r
414.60 Rival (Unic * 8.00
Draaaer, 4 drnwerH, Urge
nlrror -.8 n.oo
Ilosk Llbrnry Table... .812.00
Oak Rockor. aolld nent. .8 ll.no
4116.00 Kdlnon with 24
Record* 840.00 i
Chocolate Set 8 -70 j
6 Cup* and 6 Saucer*. . 8 .140
Tub* 8 .40
llookji at all I*ricea.
Call op tbe Latetetter Building when
In need of itort room, office, or apartmenta.
Nearly alwajra metblng arallnh
I*. Con trail j located and atrlctfjr
Ore proof. Coo. 'phone 457-7.
Extras j
Special Bargain
?? wo rewire there Is always Innt
U! enamel lined Kitchen Cabinets,
er Davenports, can't be told from
31AL *33.00
at *18.00 and *20.00
ew of the many bargains you will
stent elm Is to tire yon mercbuness
than half the cost. Every day |
WISE BUYERS wbo take ad ran- i
ir dollar* bare more cent*?BUY III
ure and Sales Co. I
, 30 WORDS
_ El? on less
25 Cents j
Offers You the Best Oppor- J
f 1 HI i 11 f f A Aflfm n XX am a
vuuiujr uy w v*a a uuiuo, m
Stealey Heights.
~ J
New six room house with :
uitli, pantry ami collar. ;
W i red for eleotricity, ou 5
mved street, cement side- 3
ivalks. Good lot. Here iB 2
.our chance to own some- 2
liing lietter than the aver- i
ige. We will give liberal 2
'Pen room bungalow, cabi-"~
let mantels, oak finish. Will
sell at a bargain price. On
asy terms. 39
We represent the best old
inn insurance companies.
?ee ua i'lrst."
Real Estate and Insurance
C. D. FLOYD, Manager.
Reams 205-307 Qofl Bldfl.
Be a ||
Don't buy a lot or home I
until you have first visit-1
nd the Stealey Realty I
Company's First Addi- I
tion to see the choioo [ I
lots and ideal locations I
for a home.
Do You
Have enough money to
moke a substantial pay- j
mentonalott If so perhaps
wc can help you secure
the home you doDO
"Call us, we will call
for you." I
Stealey Realty Co.
818-819 Goff Bldg.
Consol. 504. Bell 1167-Jj
Lilly of the Valley, ^ J|
regular 15c, now.. 10c H
Sugar Loaf ||||
Peas 15c, now 10c
F. faparrotL'H
Corner Water and hlechiu
Btmb. Both I'hoaea.

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