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r==n THE DAILY TELEGRAM '.asssfc-l
' Generally fair tonight and Tuesday. I f "" ^" other Clarksburg paper.
* AN
Serman Raid on Trench Occupied
by Russian Troops
Successfully Met.
Contingent of Russian Troops
Disembarks at Brest after
Long Sea Journey.
LONDON', July 1".?German second
line positions northwest of llnizentlne.
le.Petit wood have l>een captured hj
the British In n stormy attack, the nai
' " TU,.
ofllee announeeu .uouuu*. ... ,
Hons captured In wluil the statement
characterized as a ' further Important
success" extended oyer a front of
via London, July 17.?The Brltsh
Monday captured a German trench
In the neighborhood of Pozieres.
The capture of the trench
strengthens the new British line ir
this vicinity.
The Brltsh also cleared out nests
of German machine gun operators
who bad been holding out In cellar!
and behind barricades in the ruins
of Qvillers and LaBoiselle.
Otherwise the situation along the
British front Is unchanged.
A total of about 100 officers and
men surrendered to the British, whc
have steadily closed In upon them,
using bombs and trench mortars, tbi
Germans being short of food.
in an enormous ceiiar ?.?. ucmuiu
le Petit the British found several
hundred Germans who had taker
refuge there. It was tragic business
for the British litter bearers bring
ing them back through the Germar
shell Are which was meant for the
British reserves and gun positions
There were cases where a litter bear
er was wounded and put on a stretch
er emptied when a wounded Germar
on it had been killed by the samt
shell. The British eerslsted until al
who had not received a fatal wound
in transit were safe in the rear.
A captured remnant of a Germar
battalion showed that 600 of it:
number were killed or wounded bj
the British shell Are in the bombard'
meni hefore the attack began.
PARIS. July 17.?The Germans
made two attacks in Lorraine last
night. The war office report of today
says both assaults were repulsed.
The attack In Lorraine were delivered
at a point southeast of Nomeny.
West of Fleury the French made
some progress taking three machine
guns. A raid on a trench in Champagne
occupied by Russian troops
was met successfully by a counter attack,
causing heavy loss to the Germans.
On the Verdun front the night was
~ 1 *' noln, nvnont 1rt flip vl
;Uiil JJrtI tturcij y.u.ilit v*KU|<v .... ..
:inlty of H1U 304, where ritlle firing
ivas brisk.
PARIS, July 1".?A contingent of
Russian troops disembarked Monday
ut Brest, France.
The Russian troops will be sent to
camp from Brest and later to the
front. This is the sixth contingent
Df Russian troops, the arrival of
which in France has been reported.
Between Anrll 20 and May 5 there
arrived at Marseilles five bodies of
And Are Not Drowned as Was
the Report at Ashville,
N. C., Sunday.
ASHEVILLE, N. C., July 17.?
Miss Nellie Pipe and Mrs. Leo Mulholland.
reported drowned Sundaj
when the home of their father, J. C
Lipe, at Biltmore, was washed away
were found .Monday tied in the top ol
a tree, according to reports received
here. No reports of further loss ol
life have been received. The Swan,
nanoa and French Broad rivers art
'falling rapidly Monday.
Scores of large industrial plantf
around Asheville law Idle Monday Ic
the grip of the flood that followed
last week's rain storm and hurricane
which swept in front the Caroline
coast and flooded portions of North
and South Carolina and adjacent territory
of Kentucky, Tennessee, Wesl
Virginia. Five persons are known tc
v-awo hflon Hrnwned. flftv are missing
and hundreds are homeless.
Estimates of property damage already
have been placed at from 16,000.000
to $10,000,000 while the total
loss to crops, lumber mills, cottor
mills, highways and railroad brldgoi
and miles of railroad tracks throughout
the area that has felt the flood
was expected to grow as belated reports
came In.
The area that felt the effects ol
the od extends from eastern Tennessee
through southwestern Wesl
Virginia, southeastern Virginia
across North Carolina, roughly t(
Wilmington and embraces virtually
j of South .Carolina, . ..
Russian soldlera, after a land anf
tea journey of about 17.500 mile,
from Moscow, where they are assembled
to Port Dalney. Manchuri;
and thence by water via the Sue;
_f ,||(
' canal, tne uumm-i u< wru ....
first conliugenta has not boon olll
cially given, but Is believed to b<
I about 25.U00.
LONDON,' "j'uly An offlcln
a-ier*nm Hnrliti qfiVK that Hill
leiegiaui wv..... ?j.
pernr William, of Germany. Ik no*
In the Somnie battle sector, accordini
11 to Reuter's correspondent in Amster
t dam. The emperor has received re
I ports from the chief commander
visited hospitals, distributed Iroi
orosses and made speeches, the tele
gram stated.
"successful advance
PETROGRAD, July 17.?The Rue
'. aians are continuing their suceessfu
' | advance in the region of the lowe
!! Lipa, the war office announced Mon
nnmhpr of nrfsoners taken b:
! the Russians in Volhynia Sunday wa
, near 13,000.
i r UM iatio nun
' I BERLIN". July 17.?A withdraws
' of German troops under General vo:
' Llnsincen southwest of Lutsk to
point behind the river Lipa is oinnai
' ly announced by the war ofllce Mon
!. day.
>; The Rev. Bishop C. T. Shaffer. B
I D., presiding bishop of the Thin
II Episcopal district of the Africa]
1 Methodist Episcopal church, consist
! Ing of the Ohio, North Ohio, Pitts
j burg and West Virginia conferences
will preach at the Pride Chapel Afri
. can Methodist Episcopal church tc
night. The public in general is cor
dially invited to hear him.
In Presence of Group of Senators
and Representatives
Who Applaud Warmly.
WASHINGTON, July 17.?President
Wilson Monday signed the rural
credits bill passed recently by Congress.
A group of senators, representatives
and officers of farmers' organizations
applauded warmly as Mr
Wilson affixed bis signature.
Just before signing the measure
which creates a system of twelve land
loan banks under direction of a federal
board, the president made n
short address pointing out the benefits
he believed both farmers and the
investing community would enjoy under
Its operation.
Secretary McAdoo conferred with
the president later on the selection ol
members of the new farm loan board
who will be appointed in the near fu
1 j Among those understood to be unJGEES
Art Printing Company's Plant
on Second Street and Will
Operate Same.
! Joseph N. Craddock, mayor ol
Broad Oaks, Is now owner and bust
? nneo monnirpp nf trie Art Printlnt
Company, whose plant In located ai
; 216 South Second street Mr. Crad'
dock closed a deal with the formei
'j owners of the company Saturday and
' j took full charge of the business Moni
day morning.
i Mr. Craddock Is an old time news
| paper man and knows all about the
printing business. He should make
a success of the business.
! mm
: i Ai. ALnJaa^an llftll D* AIa+ mi ah/
Ml l/lleHltJSlUll will do ixui iiiuic
Than Thirty Feet instead of
Thirty-Eight Feet.
i WHEELING, July 17.?Flood eon'
dltlons throughout West VIrglnli
1 wore somewhat Improved Monday
Reports to the United States engineer's
office here showed that the Ka!
nawha river had rleen to only 21.7
feet at Kanawha Falls, wbloh, It wai
t stated, would make the orest of th<
, flood thirty feet at Charleston, when
i thirty-eight feet was expected Sundaj
' night. Twenty feet was expectefl ai
Point Plewat.
M m
AT i
lNS sust;
\ "* ' . . ^~-? <
: <&??&
3^jy^Tr ^*WBM||^^Mft|pi
British big guns on western fri
i- Directed by the master mint
credit is due to tLe giant British g
1 north o/ Somma.
der consideration for membership on
the board is J. L. Coulter, of West
'! A marriage license was issued at the
county clerk's office Monday morning
to James & Griffith and Eva Dale
; Birth of Daughter and Will Not
Be Able to Work for Several
Clayton M. Powell, genial and
obliging collector of the People's Furniture
Company, Is not working today
I and many of the patrons of the com.
pany who were accustomed to seeing
'"Clate's" smiling face at their door
early every Monday morning were
(anxious about him today and called
the store to llnd out if he was sick.
|The wnole iroume wun .nr. rram in
l | tbe stork left him and Mrs. Powell
' a tine seven-pound daughter Sunday
evening at 6:15 o'clock and he Is still
When a friend offered to buy tho
t baby carriage Monday. Mr. Powell
t told him it was not necessary as he
"1 was going to have handle bars put on
; his I'ord runabout and use it for a
| baby carriage.
' j Mrs. Powell and the baby are get':
ting along nicely at St. Mary's hospi'
tal where tho child was born, and
' Mr. Powell's friends think he will be
able to resume his duties nt the fur
; | niture store in a few days.
And Fewer New Cases of Infantile
Paralysis for the Day
! Are Announced.
JJBW YORK, July 17,?A further do.
crease In the number of deaths and
t new case* In tho epidemic of Infantile
paralysis was reported by tho health
dopartmont Monday, During the
. twenty-four hours ondlng nt 10
' o'clock Monday morning fourteen
! children died of tho disease and there
, were plnety-flvo new cases In the Ave
j boroughs of New York City,
t J. F. Dobson, of Wheeling, Is here
on ? business mission.
ie progr:
. Vv *M'
*.V , ft
ant, and English generals directing oflTeni
Major General Keary
Is of the British army, the citizen soldie:
uns, which level everything in their path
+ + + + + + + + + + * + + + + +
+ +
+ *
J* By Associated Press.) -r
+ WHEELING, July 17.?Death +
+ early Monday removed the in- +
+ dictment of Dr. 11. H. Still- +
* yard, a negro physician and +
+ member of the city council, who
+ was charged with having con- +
+ Iributed to the death of a young ,
+ woman patient. Dr. Stlllyard +
+ collapsed after bia arrest and +
4" never completely rallied. +
+ +
From Flooded Kanawha River
But No Damage Appears
tar AitociATKo pnraai
CHARLESTON, July 17.?With
l back water from the flooded Kanawha
river within a few feet of hearquarters,
It wan thought Monday that no
damage would be done at Camp Ka-|
' nawha where the Second West Vlr]
ginia Infantry Is being prepared for
border duty. Recruiting in the
southern part of the state was suspended
by the high water and reports |
said that miles of telegraph and tele- j
nhnnp Utiph wp.rft down. Another ro-!
port was to the effect that washouts j
had compelled the suspension of traffic
for twenty-five miles on the Virginian
railway east of Princeton.
Although danger of serious damage
In and around Charleston appears
from reports received by the United I
States engineer's office to hare passed j
much damage has been done at upper;
river points. Many coal bargee have
broken loose from their moorings at
river mines and are being carried j
j downstream, Numbers of them have
struck the bridge piers here causing
; some loss.
Is Done by New River along the
Norfolk and Western
I MY AMOfllATIB rHIfl' !
R0ANOKE, Va? July 17.?Swot
I len by heavy rains In southwest West
j Virginia, and western North Caro- ,
' Una, New river, which early Sunday ,
morning reached the highest Stage .
that It has known Blnee 187*. h**
damaged houses, bridges and railway 1
tracks along the Galea branch of
the Norfolk and Western railway and
along the main line of both Norfolk
and Western and Virginian railway*, '
Many buildings ware swept away,
several large houses at Radford being
completely destroyed, Four <
bribes pa the Norfolk and Western ;
:s Ri
^ J.
. , m
sire. Left to right: General A. B. J
and General Carson.
rs of England are pushing back the (
i. The British are Bearing the hrunt <
Genuine Gem of the Diamond
Cutter's Art to Be Given
for Most Business.
Hero la a pleasant nurprlse for the
mcmbere of the Telegram 10,000 Club.
To the member turning In the moat
buainesB for tho week, we will give a
beautiful $125 diamond ring. ThlB ring
Is not a make-believe diamond, but a
genuine gem of the diamond cutter's
art. You will ho proud to own a ring
of thin kind and It la yours for a little
Hjjunui euui u
Tho business that you turn In to
get this ring will go a long way towards
winning one of tho big Overlands
and at the siuno time win the
ring for your work. This will ho the
only ofTor of this kind that will he put
In effect during the life of the 10,000
Club and Bhould appeal to all of you
as a means of owning a beautiful diamond
without one cent of cost to you.
If you arc a new member of the
club and have not had a chance to get
out and get business, now 1b the time
to show your friends that their confidence
was not misplaced when they
> ? I .fn? ,.* n mniviK/ii< rtf thn
JlUinillttlUU JUU an a. Iiicmuci ui uic
10,000 Club. Even though you only
win the ring, you will have had a very
By Captain and Members of the
Crew of the British Steamer
Meriometh July 6.
t?y associated pnr?r>
NEW YOIIK, July 17?The captain
of the British steamer Meriometh, In
Monday from Gibraltar, reports that
on July 6 and on succeeding days he
and members of the crew sighted
Bharks ranging In length from eight
t - 1a. In l...a llukaats "
lU icu iroi iu inif>? bvuwuid,
The American steamer Charlos
Beatty, which reached here from Tilt
Cove, Newfoundland, reports the
ocean alive with sharks. Captain
Beely says he never beforg aaw so
many sharks. From fifty miles cast
if Fire Island to port he saw schools
of sharks, probably sevsral hundred
In number, from si* to twelve feet
Uiiyiuia ino/er ui iuo ymi u
ar Beukelsydk, from Rotterdam, also
reports sighting sharks In largo
Oslax branch were wrecked and one
on the Potts Crsok branoh waa damaged
but Is yet standing, A small
bridge on the Little Creek extension
waa washed sway,
One man was drowned while ferrying
oyer the river near Radford, The
dam of the Washington mlUs at Fries
irss 4eitr?p<l.,r
'' , ' * J
' ^ikrfi/Migii s.v > v i*.
v* t-s
Bhkk^. >
b, %
Jcolt, General It. E. Wf. Turner,
Herman war machine. Much of (n?
>f the str"<tple west of Pertmno und
J profitable week.
i This ring la in addition to the
I twontv other urlzea thut the Teleuratn
. will award to the boat workers oil
July 21)- There Is no one that lias tlio
big Overlands clnehcd ud they are Just
as much yours us any other member
of tho club. If you feel that you arc
falling a llttlo behind, now Is the time
to make every minute count as you
have only two more weeks to work
and after that all the subscriptions In
| the world that you ran get will not pay
I you as well us they will now. Think of
ihe list of valuable prizes that we are
i giving and you will realize tlint all
[ of them are worth an honest effort
ThlR Is the weeK or an weens ana
' now Is the time to go after the sec;
yon-laler friends. Tell them about the
Diamond Iting.week and show thotn
j how many votes you will get for a
' year's subscription. The vote offer
| for the coming week Is or follows:
For evc-y $15 club that you turn In
' up to Saturday night at !> o'clock, July
| 22, you will receive a bonus vote bal;
lot for 20,000 extra votes. Rnch momi
her may have as mnny of these clubs
| as he or she can collect. There will
bo no extra bonus votes for the best
j workers In each district. Both districts
| will compete for the diamond ring. Do
I your best this week.
.rks seen
pmrs. patton dead
| Widow of Bert Patton Dies at
Home of Daughter, Mrs.
nan y rui u.
Mrs. N. Catherine Patton, aged 66
years, widow of Bert Patton, died at
12:16 o'clock Sunday afternoon at
the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Harry Ford, on Jackson street following
a short illness of acute indlAInooen
j hUHUUU BUU UCMV Utuvmu, ,
The deceased woman 1b survived [
by her daughter Mrs. Harry Ford, a
son, nine sisters and a brother.
A short funeral service will bo
held at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning
at the Ford home on Jackson street
The Rev. W. C, Taylor, pastor of the
First Baptist church,will have charge
of the servces, Following the services
the funeral party wjll go to
Parkersburg on Baltimore and Ohio
pasaengor train No, 8, and the burial
will be In the Odd Fellows cemetery
there upon the arrival of the train.
Messrs, Lynn 8, Hornor and J.
Carl Vance have returned from 'White
Sulphur Springs where they attended
.the state soli tournament.
Is the Watson Combination and
Senator Chilton is Even to
Be Sacrificed.
Democracy of West Virginia ts
Now Cocky over Cash with
Watson in the Saddle.
(Ily Charles llrook? Smith)
: Washington, july 17.?who
the nmlnrlliiKH of Democratic State
? * ...Ml l?.t In hln ftP.
Chairman cowm wm i.u ...
gnnlzntlon to oloct John J. Cornwell
prlncl pally and other candidates of
Ills party secondarily, will bo settled
on at a meeting of the committee to
be held In l'arkornbnrg tomorrow.
There uro reasons why the politicians
here are more Interested In who will
tie selected than they have boon 111
any organization that the IJemocraI
tic party In West Virginia hna effected
at tho outset, of a campaign
In many, many years.
Thi> principal roanon Ir thnt the
party l? cocky over ciirIi. It haB the
aasurnnco of ampin flinch with which
lo ant up the bent organisation headquarters
It can command, and aufflnlnnt
currency ammunition with
which to wngo Riich a battle an It
plana to make tlila year. This la a
condition of afTnlra I hat It hasn't
enjoyed alnco the Bccond Cleveland
campaign In 1888, and that was so
lone ago that moRt of the party
leaders now in control can remember
only Indlatlnctly, If at all.
*" "one !?/? nnrltr
Ill I Hill llli'liii'i iiijut jvnt uiu , v.,
httd, ~.n !! h?- how, ii natlonnl admin- '
; latin' Ion In rail on, an wall as un entrenched
nlllclal organization In the
stule. Tim latter resource It now
has only partly-so much as Is omlirncnd
In the federal patronage. Incldentally,
It may ho well to Insert
right here, tliut the outcome of the
188X campaign was dlstistrous to the
rtemocratlc party.
hies InrtVittson's l,np.
Another cause for the present
cockiness Is the fuet that the West
Virginia branch of the party lies In
the lup of Clarenco Wuyland Watson
blouse and breeches. It has turned
Itself over to him on the Implied '
promise that It Is to bn "kept." It
j lias transferred Its affections from
sitrli old-time suitors anil steady proi
vlders as Col. John McGraw and
| thrown Its wanton arms about tho
heaving treasure chest of tho Baron
' ie??? Cnnnfni- Wit.
; ill miiHiiiiiwiin. n?sn
11 In in Hquanlmous Chilton who, by
j virtue of the loftiness nnd nolltarlj
ness of his otllelal position should be <
n lender second to none, Is tossing
, In tho wsvcb of C. Wnyland'B wako
there mny he nono to succor
him with n life line should he need
one-nono If It would Interfere wiU?
; their own selllsh business, It is s*|?
Still nitnther reason for the Intta1
slt.y of Interest here in tho outconM
of the meeting to appoint the crew
for headquarters Is Charles Cameron '
I.ewls. Jr., "himself." Charles Cameron
Is n novolty, and the capital
contingent having Just had the opportunity
to give hint the once over,
Is undecided just how to appralM
I him and (1* Ills worth as a directing
head of a campaign which everybody
cxpoctB is going to be a hum- dinger.
He ts a raw recruit In the
game of politics, an raw In his Inexperience
In that respect as politics
Is elnlmed bv a lot of OOODle to be
i raw In all other rcspectB. He Is a
hiiBlncBR man, and accused of being
an efficiency expert. On the strength
of that reputation which has been
given him It Is expected that he will
undertake to apply efficiency methods
to his party's campaign. That will
be a new thing ^or that party, and
a dread thing doubtless to the lelsI
uroly personnel which has characterised
the Democratic hendquarters ;
; In West Virginia for many years up $
i to and Including the outstanding '
I campaign administration of the Hon.
Stewart W. Walker In 1912. Effl- '
clency Is, however, nothing new to - ;
the Republican party. It was given
It yonrs ago by the late W. M. 0.
Dawson, and carried to a high degree
of excellence by James S. Lakln
four years ago.
important I'omnon.
Among tho positions to be filled '$
there Is none. In view of the way
campaigns are run now, more lrapor- j
tant than the publicity department.
Advertising Is a large part of any j
kind of a campaign In these times, . 'j
and the man directing that depart*
(Continued on page six)
By Deputy Sheriff Laco Wolfe :
for an Alleged Violation of
Prohibition Law.
, I
Frederick Belseto, charged with vkx ;
lnllnw tfia rimMVitMnn lav hv starrvfnfl
tckituQ uiu yiuuiumuu urn uj uuijui| . .Will
Intoxicants for another, will be givej
a bearing at 7:30 o'clock Friday even*
Ins In Magistrate Jackson V. Carter"!
Belseto was arrested Sunday morn- .
tag by Deputy Sheriff Laco M. WolK >
In the west end of the city for carry* j
tag serren case* of Intoxicants from th<
Monongahella Valley Traction Cotm 3
pany"s line at Beyles's stop to < ]
building on Sycamore street The. tat S5
toxicants were all properly labelled. - W
Belseto appeared In Magistrate Cary g
tar's court Monday morning* and-tun j
ntahod bond for his appearnace anr

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