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Irnnp the cub
m^KJKjr reporter
Sixteen inni
i game play
'he Final Score is 7 to 7
and Darkness Stops the
CHICAGO, July 17. Tim f'tibmd
Dodgers battled sixteen Innings
.0 a draw here Sunday and darkless
ended the game with the count
iendlocked at seven till. Brooklyn!
ed by three runs up to the ninth
nrtieeo tllA Cn ho (tic score lit]
;he hitting of Zimmerman, Kelley,
3aler and Archer.
With Vaughn on the slab in the
tenth the Dodgers put ilnee runs
across on four singles and the game!
appeared all over but the shouting,
[n the home tenth however the Cubs
again tied It up. With Williams and
Zimmerman on the bases Kelley delivered
his fourth swat and the two
runs came in. Snler passed and a
Single by Archer tied things for the
last time. Thirty-three players took
part In the game. Brooklyn used i
six pitchers and the Cubs four. The]
Brooklyn? . . AB. It. H. PC. A. R
Johnson, m-rf . . S l ^ :i 0 0j
O'Mara. ss ti I ( f> I I
Daubert 1 b .... I 0 (ill I d
Wheat It 7 l 1 a ii ii
Cutshaw 2 b ... 7 2 I 7 6 0
Stengel rf 4 0 0 2 <> 0
H. Myers m .... 2 m n (i fi n
Zetz 3b ? 1 3 2 2 0
J. Myers c 7 1 2 11 3 u
Marquard p .... 3 n 1 I 0 0
Pfeffer p 1 0 0 0 0 0
Levy's Cigar Store j
Watch our window for k[x?c!;i:l
Hair*. j
J. Jacob's!
Moons Bldg. 118 Fourth St.
Sale on Hats
I Warm '
Talee off your hitrli she
and put on a pair of our e
fords. We have all sty]
here to tit you. Ask to s
our Bannister make. If y
wear a pair you will have
other make.
Price $5.50
I {
^,#1 Hiehlan
iru ou || - ?XC
b ^?
, \ ..r<r
\, ^ ^
Y \
7. L.?B*
Choney p 0 0 0 0 0 0 j
Smith p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Combs p 2 l> 1 1 1 u i
Totuls r,7 7 18 48 19 1
Chicago? All. It. H. I'O. A. I'..
Kutibc lib 7 a I r> i 'I
Man u rf 2 11 " " "
Flack rr 4 " > 1 0 1
Williams mf . .. 6 I n 2 J '
Zimmerman tJ-sr. 7 2 -I It ! "
Kelly II 7 I I II ? "
Snler lb 0 1 I 211 n
Mulligan ss . . . . 1 0 (I 2 2
Zolder ss 2 n 0 1 I ?
(Hellions c 2 II 0 2 .. 0
Archer c-3b .... 7 0 -I 4 2 0
Hen I on p 2 ii H I' - '4
I'rrndorgust p . . 0 0 'I 0 1 >
Hendrlx p " " 0 ? '
Vaughn p 2 II n b 2
Sell 111 I e I 0 n II 0 <1
Distiller I 0 0 0 0 II
. . i n n n 0
*** -L'ay.Kara ... u i v v
Total) 511 7 15 48 27 2
Batted for Prendergrast in tlio
* Batted for Zeidor in the ninth.
*' Ban for Fischer in the ninth.
Brooklyn . . . 0! 10002003000000?7
Chicago 000000103300000a?7
Summary? 1
Two-base hits?J. Myers (2), Zimmerman.
Stolenbnses - Daubert, O'Mara,
Cutsliaw, (letz.
.Sacrifice hits -O'Mara, Daubert. Getz.
Double plays Cutshaw, O'Mara
and Daubert; Myers, Cutshaw and
Daubert; Knabe and Saier.
Deft on bases -Brooklyn 8, Chicago
First base on errors- Brooklyn l.j
liases on balls?Off Marquard l;j
off Cheney 1; off Smith 1: off Coombs
2; off Seaton 1; off Vaughn 1.
Hits and earned runs?Off Mar-,
quard, 6 hits and I run In 6 Innings
(none out In seventh); off Pfeffer, 3
hits and 1 run In 2 1-3 innings; off
Cheney, no hits and 1 run (none out
in tenth); off Cootnbs, 5 hits and 2
runs In 7 Innings; off Seaton. fl hits
and 3 runs in 6 1-3 Innings; off
Prendergast, 1 hits and no runs in
1 1-3 innings; off Hendrlx, 1 hit and
no runs In 1 Inning (none out In
tenth); off Vaughn, fi hits and 3 runs
in S innings.
Struck out?By Marquard 4; by
Pfeffer 1; by Coombs 4; by Vaughn
Wild pitch?Cheney.
Time?3:55. I
Umpires?Byron and Qulgley.
Weather f
New Etoots
In lam and button place
d leather, Louis Cuban
els. All sizes to fit you
onorlv, widths A A to 1).
them on display in our I
Pries $4.50. S5.00
d Bros. & Gore
:lusive shoes
kksbtirg daily teleg
The Boss Puts
11... -.?
In the Wake
By Ring W
XJLKS, Mich., July 17.?Friend Mar-1
vcy: Probably you would like to
know what. 1 did and who I seen yesterday.
I got up at seven or nine and dressed
the children and had breakfast composed
of oatmeal and eggs and toast
and doughnuts and coffee. Then 1
read my stuff In the Tribune and when
I got through laughing Arthur Jacks
who Is visiting here called up and
asked me would 1 go to Barren Lake
swimming in the I\ M. So 1 said yes
and hung up the receiver and ate a big
lunch and went down to meet Mr.
Hut it looked a whole lot like rain
so wo made up our minus 10 noi go
to Barren Lake in an open flivver but
get on the inter-ruben and go to South
Henri. Well tlie ear we got on was
hound for South Bend but it wasn't
hound to get there. We left Main and
4th. St. at 1: .'JO and at 3:10 we were at
Cherry St. and 5th- St. about 7 blocks
from whence we had started from
where. The car wouldn't go ahead and
the car wouldn't go back and you never
seen such a rain In your life and if
we stayed on the car we were in danger
of getting hit by the next car that
come along and if we got off the car
we would bo drowndod so we stayed
on the car and make funny remarks
about the other passengers and the1
+ + +
Finally Clint Taylor !rlrovc up in his
toxas cab and docked at the back platform
of the St. car and we dumb on!
the board of the sea point; flivver and
I went back to Main St. Xiles and pretty)
soon a car come from South I lend and
bumped our car back to Main St. and'
cleared the track for a car that would
run and we dumb aboard and went to
South Bend arriving there at 4:15 or
pretty near .'I hours after we started
which is pretty pood considering the;
distance is 11 miles.
Right away we run into some ball
players with which South Bend is infested.
There was I-ee Tannehill that
now keeps a stable and fancy grocery
store and plays with the South Bend 1
Yesterday's Hosnlls.
At Cincinnati? R. H. E.
Boston .... 003 100 000?4 0 2
Cincinnati . 000 000 100?1 5 1
Batteries?Barnes and Gowdy;
Toney, Moseley, Bluejacket, Schneider
and WlnRo.
At St. Louis-? R. H. E.
New York . 001 001 000?2 4 2
SI. I.ouls . 030 000 000?3 S 2'
ttntterten?Anderson. Schauer and
Rarlden; Meadows and Gonzales.
Other eluba not scheduled.
(lames TodaT.
Boston at Cincinnati,
Brooklyn at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
Standing of the Clnbs.
w. l. ret. I
Brooklyn 44 2!) 603;
Boston 40 30 571 I
Philadelphia 4 1 33 554,
New York 37 3 7 500
Chicago 30 40 404
Pittsburg 35 4 0 467,
Ft. Louis 37 45 451
rinclnnatl 32 40 306 j
YMtwday'* liomilt*.
At Cleveland? K. H. E.
WnHhtngton 021 000 010?4 10 0
Dollar Week
ECery Day A
Dollar Day
Watch your chance
imil save money, as eacn
day we will plaeo on
wile some exceptional
value for
n?p Tinllnr
Genteel Shop
"It Must Be Right"
Fourth St.
' '
The Delicate Questi
ft ?-.-.-?4a '
of the News
- - !
r. Laraner.
club in his spare tiino and Ed Smith
that used to pitch for the Browns and
Goat Anderson that played with Xilesl
and Pittsburg and Mr. Sec that manages
the Dayton club. They told nie Pat
Flaherty was in town but I didn't see
him. Pat is scouting for the Athletics |
and it must be a tough job trying to j
find ball players that tills Connie
Mack's requirements. You got to have)
a funny natne and not be able to hit
or field or pitch or catch or nothingIf
I had seen Pat I would of recommended
some of the Riverside Married
i.VIen myself inclusive. Also wc was
introduced to Hungry Hogan from
Dixon, III., and he asked me where
B. \j. T. got all his stuff so 1 got sore
and we come back to Niles.
+ + +
WV? had veal cutlets and horses
doover for supper and after supper we
went clown town .and set. on me .\11es
club porch and listened to HI be Is band
concert and they played Ragging the
Scale and the Intcrnrban from Cavalleria
Rusticana and I never seen
such a crowd on .Main St. in Nilcs and
the St. was alive with inosquitos and
Amongst those we met and talked
to was* Ed W'tirz and Herman Wurz
unci Foxy Kline ami iiaipn rung ami
Mr. Warren and Dr. Van Xnppcn and
Sam Qnlmliy and Ed French and Tom
Tnrrney and Fred Cook and Tynan
and Walsh and K. \V Riehter and
Jimmy Rarman and Art Stone and
Hilly linker and Jim Basso and Frank,
Diinbury and llayy Park and Palmer
Williams and Red Egglcston and
Claire Henry and Dr. f'arr and Police-1
men Pears and Cutting.
I eon Id also give you a list of the
girls I seen only I got the habit of
never mentioning girls in the paper!
except bv request. Also I could give
you a list of the people I didn't see J
but I won't. I
Finally we separated for the night|
tnd this morning 1 am busy dressing |
,ho children and gelling ready to leave j
Mies so 1 ean't write any more
Next week, firht half?Devalans !
I-ake. Second half?St. Joe. Mich.
Cleveland . 100 010 000 2 10 o
Batteries?Boehllng and Henry;
Covaleskie and Daly.
Other clubs not scheduled.
Games Today.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at Boston.
Detroit at New York.
Cleveland at Washington.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. L. Pet.
New York 4 6 34 57 5 ,
Cleveland 4 5 36 556
Poston -IS 36 544
Detroit 43 37 538 j
Washington 42 37 532
Chicago 43 26 532 j
St. LotllS 37 43 463!
Philadelphia IS 56 24 3
1ST Kill
Events of Washington, 0. j
Are Reported by Telegram's
Correspondent There.
WASHINGTON, July 17.?In the1
Houne today the committee on public.
Krotindn and building reported a bill!
which contained tho following rocom-!
mondatlons for appropriations ror;
Weal Virginia towns:
First congressional dlatrlrt?For1
building at Now MnrtlnsvlUo, $50,D0;
for Hlto at Now Martinsville, $10,000.
Second district?For building nt
Keyser, $50,000; for building nlto lit
llarkeloy Springs, $10,000,
Third district- For building nnd
Bits r.t Lewlnburg, $82,000,
Fifth district?For a building nnd
silo lit Princeton, $55,000; for site
at Ilecliltiy, $10,000,
The Fourth district had no claims
neaautil to fh? i> l\Ml 111 1 t t Hf? If tiullltf
amply provided for in the way of
government building*,
The representative# of the districtsi
favored worked hurrt to get recognition
front Ihe committee, and succeeded
handsomely its the foregoing
list of recommendations shows, Congreeiman-at-l&rga
Hulherland helped
with all projoeu, but Ueaervee epeolttl
r, JULY i'?, iyio.
on Of A Change
/SQooP- ^
ljcthYOU- ARE. m
You GrE.TTiNrf? B
Your, o lp fl
Stufp^4> 3|
Like good
I O ^
B *
jt-n they j
J Ai
rShiM I *
SI?! 2?
10 for 5c
Also packed
20 for 10c
praise for whnt he did (o secure favorable
action on the claims of Keyser,
Berkeley Springs and Berkley.
Lieutenant Henry M. Nelly, I'nlted
Maies army, tvuubc fiuhbi ..
Rt Parkersburg, has been promoted
to a captaincy. Captain Nelly Is now
with troops In China. He Is a \\ est
Point graduate, and elected the best
all around athletic In that lnatlutlon
when ho was a student there.
Frlco Is the namo of the new postofflro
oatnhllshod In Raleigh county
upon request of Congressman Sutherland.
It Is the location of the Pouglaa
Coal Company's new operation,
which has caused a busy little settlement
to suddenly spring up there.
Iloprrsontatlvo Neely liao line! nn
Interview with the noting secretary
of state relative to the Ron of 1\ N.
Paul, a Syrian merchant or Mannington,
Thin man'* Hon Is now at HoltMerry,
Ml. Lebanon, Syria, and the
Turkish government refuses In allow
him to be brought to this country. In
order to Insure his safely, Major
Neely has aaked that ho bo taken In
charge by the American consul at
Belt-Merry, or placed with some
Amertean family who will look after
him, Thrnetlnf secretary has promised
to take up the ciiBO Immediately
with the Amortcnn consul for thu
purpose of ascertaining till the fuel'
la the esse, . .
i LosmfrV
^ ' ^
; wafting?tlis
ra can hardly "wait?same
to hempen, And then the
i?it does satisfy! That's
Chesterfields do for yow
ad, yet, Chesterfields are n
tn this combination of n
sfy" that is gmng smoker
a other cigarette can off
terfields do?because bo
t can copy the Chesteri
ry Chesterfields?today!
1 'hfifSAfZ
ion) SAD
Expresses Sympathy for Moss
Family and Praises the De- IP
ceased Congressman. j
WASHINGTON, July 17.?Harry
C. Woodyard, of Spencor, whoijt j
Jttdpe Hunter H. Moss succeeded In
the House of Itepresentatlves, who
wns visiting In Washington when I r
news of Judge Moss's death arrived, | P
expressed tho greatest sorrow, ftn'l f
' sympathy for tho members of tho v
' Moss family. Judge Moss and Mr.
Woodyard wcro personal friends, y
and no man admired the abilities of 1
Judge Mobh nioro ardontly than Mr. 7
Woodyard, "Ho was one of the j
greatest young men that West Virginia
ever produced," said Mr.
Woodyard. "He was blessed with ,e
extraordinary talents nnd an lndoml-l i
talilo will to make the host of thorn. c
Ilia career wna n brilliant one, and ,
i CHmo to htm because ho deserved it.
i i was fond of Judgo Moss tui a friend, 0
and admired him greatly an a man. to
Ills untimely death Is deplorable." 'J
: . S
Lime, plaster, cement, sand, sewer e
i; pipe, etc, Trices right, quality and
11 service our specialty, Loth phones, v
| G.'M, WEST. Feed SUMlX Btert, jt
4hing lug: 18
j good news
the identical ,j)
r smoking?
rildness and
s a new kind
er proa what
tela blendJ
? yd they're MILD
Jear the City of Charleston is
Being Operated by Travis
r\ I r*
isiass OOIII(Jaily. mjm
The Travis Glass Company, of tht? .Su VI
Ity, is increasing Its production bf IT
uttlng into operation an additional
actory located at Cedar Grolll II
,-hich will bring the Travis companylj II
reekly output up to forty carloads
'he additional output will put the
'ravis company in much better shape II
o caro for Its ever Increasing trade.
The additional factory is located
Ighteon miles from Charleston. It II
s described as being especially well II
' (),? ||
onsirucieu ou anuun.u ?.?aw
Ittlo vnlloy In which lies Cedar Groce
3 to admit plenty or the healthful
reezo which always sweeps along
etween tho hills. It Is said by I
lassworkers who have worked In it I
o bo one of the coolest factories they
vor worked In. I
Tho Tri?ris company anticipates I
forking and living conditions to be
he vory best. _ .. , ..

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