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Last Call For
The Automatic, the Co
other well known makes?
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9|- ujc cuureouo
3fte $S?me 3
1 piMHE
j Social anc
Si Items (or this departmoni
S# sent or telephoned to the Tel
Xg Telephones: Bell 890. Hoi
Tn m.m'I Tuesday.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Willing Workers will be held in
the home of Mrs. C. L. Lawson, 275
Mechanic street, Just east of Second,
at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The
meeting wll be an Important one and
all members are urged to attend.
Dollar SocialThe
Ladles' Aid Society of Stealey
Heights Methodist Kplscopal church,
met in the church basement a recent
afternoon for the regular meeting.'
Mrs. Wise led the devotional service,
atter which the regular business was
taken up.
The ladles have planned a "Dollar
Social" for Thursday evening, to
wnicn an meir.Derc anil mcaun ?i i"<=
church, arc cordially invited to
take their dollars and share the procram
and light refreshment which
will be a part of the pleasure of the
evening. Don't forget, Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Barnelt Family Reunion.
Mfc Fifty members of the Burnett family ;
attended its annual reunion Sunday at
the home of Mrs. Mary Barnett at
Porto Rico, Doddridge county. The t
occasion was very enjoyable. A feat-1
tire was a big dinner at which toasts;
were delivered by Charles Hickman, of
Berea; Charles L. Hickman, of
- -,
f . V
Auto Livery Co.
Taxicabs & Touring Cars
^ . - -. -JJ\
I You know where.
220 W. Pike Street
Pk., 15 Lbs 30c I
^ I
jS'ew Bungalow, just completed,
of 4 rooms with half
acre of ground at Stonewall
? - " ^ * - m I
Park, all fenced m. xenns,
$200 down and $20 a month.
" "
GlennB. Waters
x Real Estate Broker
^?06 Prun$y Bjdg. ^
L "
r T.
I We have just passed
through the largest
refrigerator season in
our history, but still
have quite a few very
desirable boxes in i
stock which we offer ,
at greatly reduced
prices. See them toW
lunibia, the Gunicy and j
all reduced.
ttt.im Aooe It
mMikrfu'Ug Co.
-7. . CJ
(meXu)val4n?iU c&Nidu>jM)?.
ssmsm&mm I
I PersonaZ1
t are welcomed. Tliejr may be ?5
egram'e editorial department. 5fS
me 157-T. Eg
Clarksburg, and L. H. llarnctt, ofj
present were as follows, the
relationship indicated in parentheses
being that to Mrs. Mary Barnett, the
hostess: !
Charles M. Hickman, (brother); |
John H. Schmidt and wife, Iowa, I
(son and daughter).; Miss" Maggie I
Schmidt, Marshall Harnett, Miletus,
(son); Miss Frankie Barnett, L. H.
Burnett and wife, Maud, Glenvllle,
(son and daughter); Charles L. Hickman,
Clarksburg; H. B. Schmidt and
wife, Ivah, Hurst; F. H. Hansford,
Clarksburg. Charles E. Barnett, and
wife, Grace, Glenvllle, (son and;
daughter); Mrs. Victoria Hansford,
Clarksburg, (daughter); Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce Barnett, Blandville, It. Fv
I).; L. P. Hansford, Clarksburg; Mrs.
Belle Johns, Miss Odua Johns, Miss
Muriel Barnett, Glenville; Miss Mary I
Hansford, Clarksburg; Gladys Johns. I
ei r> TC g llm-nett and wife. '
vr. iv. ?v c<v ? w , xj. ......
Fannie, Salem, (son and daughter);)
Mrs. H. J. Conrad, Lancaster, 0.; 1
Miss Geneva Conrad, Lancaster, O.; i
Frederick Conrad, Lancaster, 0.; E.
F. Findley and wife, Leila, Clarksburg;
Pauline Findley, Clarksburg:
Paul Findley, Clarksburg; Frederick
H? Susan Dorothy, C. Truman,
Charles E-. Jr., and John Reginald
Barnett; Earl Barnett, Guy Barnett. ;
Fay Barnett, Vada Barnett and Carl 1
Barnett; S. B. Hickman, Clifton Loudln,
Media Loudin, Winnie Hickman,
Eilo Hickman and Page Hickman.
Guild to Meet.
The Worldwide Guild will meet
with Mrs. Lewis Milam, 637 West
Main street, at 8 o'clock Tuesday
evening. The subject will be "Japan,"
with Mrs. Milam as leader. It
Is requested that all the girls, who 1
are going to the summer assembly
at Phlllppl. be present, as final ar-j
rangements for entertainment may
oe uiaue.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Watson, Jr., of
Fairmont, who were guests of Colonel
and Mrs. Henry Haymond, returned
home Sunday evening.
R. B. Wililson, accompanied by
his daughter, Mrs. A. F. Dennlson, [
and children has gone on a trip on i
the lakes, Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
Mrs. C?eorge P. Leatherbury is visiting
relatives In Baltimore.
J. A. King, of Perkersburg, is a
business visitor here.
R. J. Roberts, of Wheeling. Is here
looking after business affairs.
E. E. Spitzer, of Parkersburg, is
here on a business mission.
Earl Vandace, of Chester, is a business
visitor In the city.
----- ' ' I:-- I (
J1'. K. l^owe 18 uere nuui * an ,
A. D. Williams, of Morgantown, I
state road engineer, was a visitor!
here Sunday and Monday.
R. L. Chambers, of Smithfleld, is
transacting business here.
Charles M. Knight, of Orlando, was
a visitor here Monday.
Miss Myrtle Barnctt, of Glenville,
is visiting Miss Victoria Hansford.
MIbs Martha and Master Charles
Furbee returned home Monday from
Mannlngton, wheijj they visited relatives
two weeks, accompanied by
their uncle, Walter Furbee, of that
J. F. Dobson, of Wheeling, Is here
on a business mission.
Messrs. Lynn S. Hornor and J.
Carl Vance have returned from White
Sulphur Springs where they attended
the state golf tournament.
Judge and Mrs. JameB W. .Kooinson
returned Sunday morning from
Craiginoor, where they had a week's
outing on his father's farm.
A. J. Holland and August Malfregot
returned Sunday morning from
Baltimore where they attended the
convention of the Grand Lodge of
Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Bartlett returned
Sunday morning from the
Elks' national reunion in Baltimore.
(Continued on page 5.)
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
- ?
/ .
And Stops Trial of Client Who
Was Arrested at Grafton on
Prohibition Charge.
When Donilnlck Trlmarchi, of
Grafton, was arraigned in Magistrate
Jackson V. Carter's court Monday afternoon
for a trial on a warrant
sworn out bv J. Walter Bee. charging
Tarmurchl with bringing intoxicants
improperly labelled into the state, the
magistrate, Mr. Bee and the prosecuting
attorney were surprised when
the counsel for the defense objected
to his client, who was arrested at
Grafton, being tried on a warrant
that was 6worn out iu Harrison county.
After a few minutes' argument,
Magistrate Carter decided that tin
counsel for the defense was right and
dismissed the warrant against Trimarch!
and gave bim an order for Ids
two packages of Intoxicants. When
he received Ids Intoxicants Tarmurchl
labelled theui properly and left for
his home at Grafton later in the afternoon.
Mr. Bee arrested Tnrmarchi at
Grafton about a week ago when he
alighted from a train with a suit case
and a basket of Intoxicants. Tnrmarchi
had a label on the bottom of
the suit case and a label In the basket
telling the amount In each container,
he claims. Bee brought Tarmurchl to
this city and placed him in the conn
iv tail and swore out a warrant
against him in Magistrate Carter's
court and was all ready to try him
Monday when Tarmarchi's counsel
objected to the warrant.
At the Home of Its Grandfather,
James Webster, in the City
of Cumberland.
CUMBERLAND, Mil., July 17.?
One case of Infantile paralysis, tin.'
disease which Is sweeping eastern
states In epidemic form, has been reported
to the local health department
here. Margaret Hummel, two yea ft
old. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Hummel, Clarksburg, \V. Vn., Is suffering
from the disease at the home
of her grandfather, James Webster,
100 Green street, where Mrs. Hummel
and her three children, a boy
five years old, and an infant bal.y,
six weeks old. show no indication*
as yet of having been Infected. The
Webster home has been placed under
rl nnoranflnn hvr thn linnlth f| p.
pnrtment and the authorities do not
expect the dlease to spread as precautions
were prompt.
The child was ill before leaving
Clarksburg. A physician there, it is
reported, advised a change of climate
and Mrs. Hummel, accompanied
by her children, came here to visit
her parents. A physician, who was
on the train on which the Hummel
particularly when that a
that directly affect one's
Thousands, annoyed
ness, biliousness, aleeples
coffee drinking?have hec
to quit the coffee and use
This pure food-drink
with a bit of wholesome
fl mn/vVi lilrn
liavvsx *?.?
coffee, yet it contains no
coffee?nor other harmfu
Freedom from caffei
way to rebuild and revita
icai forces.
There are two forms
Postum Cereal must bo t
soluble form, is made in t
water?ready instantly,
the other; they are equal
* t- ^ " n *
per nip is aoom me s?uu
"With most coffce-dri
turn marks the start to t
"There's a
Joins National Guards in Washington
and Will Leave for
Border Tonight.
J. Dale Rrtnnnn. a nephew ol
Miss Dora henchman. of Must l'lki
street, lias Inhaled In Company A, ol
the National Guard of the District ol
Pniiimhln and wll leave Washington
Monday night for the Mexican bor
der according to a message received
by Miss henchman Monday morn
Air. Ilrennan made his home here
with .Miss henchman for a number 01
years and has many friends here
He was In school In Maryland when
the Mexican trouble reached Its high,
"st point and immediately went tc
Washington and enlisted but did not
let his relatives know about It until
he was ready to leave for the border.
Causes Death of Frederick (iolY, Son ol
It alter (JolT, of hocus! StreetFrederick
doff, aged four years, sot
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter doff, of S2?
Ixieust street, died al 3 o'clock Sundnj
Im,r fiillrtu-infr nn illnpHM nf tv
liui iiaiif) JUMW.. r, .... ...... ... ...
phold fever. The deceased child ii
survived by his parents and twe
brothers. The funeral services wen
held Monday afternoon at the LynchOsborn
Undertaking Company's chape
and the burial was in the (Jrecnlawi
rw di a/^i itr
in* FT r unwi*
family came here, seeing that the
child evhlblted symptoms of thp pla
pile notified Health Olllcpr Coltor
who has had the case under observeHon
since they arrived here. It was
not until Saturday morning, howeter,
that the cast* was olllclally pronounced
as being Infantile paralysla.
.Mr. and Mrs. Webster and four sons
are quarantined In the house with
Mrs. Hummel and children. None Is
permitted to leave, an ofllcer guarding
the house. One side of the child
is paralyzed.
attack in:riT,si;i).
HOME, July 17. The repulse of
a heavy attack by the AitBtrlans in
the upper Tosina valey In the Trentlno
district an a result of an Italian
counter attack was announced Mon
(lay by the war olllcc.
BEU-EFONTK, l'a.. .Inly 17.?Jacob
Miller, of 1'hlladelphla, was electrocuted
at 7:05 o'clock Monday
morning for killing two detectives ir
Philadelphia two yenrB ago.
rorth Heeding
dvicc refers tn habits
health and comfort.
by headaches, nervousloiiPQA
otn.?often duo to
sded a frinedly suggestion
is made of wheat, roasted
molasses. It has a rich,
that of high-grade Java
caffeine?the drug in
1 element.
ne rives Nature right of
lize the mental and physof
Postmn: Tlie original
oiled; Instant Postum, a
he cup by adding boiling
Some prefer one, some
ly delicious and the cost
nkers the change to Posictter
health and greater
3i Reason"
everywhere sell Postran.
, JULY 37, 1916.- "
Make Skin Smooth
There in one duff, dependable treatment
that relieved itching torture inatnntly
and that cleanse# and aoothra tha
akin. i
Aak any drugglat for a 2.V bottle of
aemo and apply it aa directed. Soon
you trill find that pimplea. black heada,
rctema. ringworm and aimilar akin troubles
will diaappear. 4
A little aeuio. the penetrating, satl-*fylng
liquid, la all that ia needed, for it
baniahea all akin rruptinna and rnaku
the akin aoft, atnooth and healthy,
Zcmo. Cleveland.
Widow of Bert Patton Dies at
Home of Daughter. Mrs.
Harry Ford.
'l Mrs. N. Catherine Fatten. aged 56
i | years, widow of Uort I'atton. dlod at t
12:15 o'clock Sunday afternoon at|
the home of her daughter. Mrs.
Harry Ford, on Jackson street fol-:
I lowing a fthort Illness of acute lndl-|
' geation and heart dlaeaao.
The deceaseil woman Is survived:
f by her daughter Mrs. Harry Ford, a
son, nine sisters and n brother.
A fthort funeral service will bo
i' held at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning
. I at the Ford homo on Jackson street.!
j The Rev. W. C. Taylor, pastor of (he
(First llaptlst church,will have charge!
. I of the services. Following the ser
, | vice* the funeral party will k<> to J
,; l'arkerHburg on Italtlmore and Ohio
. , passenger train NO. 3. and the burial
I will bo In the Odd Kellowa cemetery
, there upon the arrival of the train.
By Deputy Sheriff Laco Wolfe
,! for an Alleged Violation of
Prohibition Law.
I Frederick Belsoto, charged with vloi!
luting (he prohibition law by carrying
Intoxicants for another, will bp given
i a hearing at 7:30 o'clock Friday cvenj
Ing In Magistrate Jackson V. Carter's;
j court.
Helsctn wns arrested Sunday morning
by Deputy Sheriff Ijiro M, Wolfe
In the west end of the city for carry-!
Ing seven enses of Intoxicants from the
j Monongahclln Valley Traction Cotnpany"s
line at Iloyles's stop to a
building on Sycamore street. The Intoxicants
were all properly labelled.
Hclseto appenred In .Magistrate Carter's
court Monday morning and fur-1
i nlshed bond for liiM appcarnacc and
wa-s released.
(Continued from Pago One.)
camp from Brest and Inter to the
j front. This Is the sixth contingent
of Iliisslnn troops, the nrrlval of
I which In Prance bus been reported.
[ | Between April 20 and May 5 there
; arrived at Marseilles five bodies of
' | Busrlnn soldiers, after a land and
sea Journey of about 17,500 miles
from Mobcow, where they are assembled
to Port Dalncy, Manchuria
and thence by water via the Suez
canal. The number of men In the
first contingents has not been ofllcially
given, but Is believed to bo
about 25,000.
riinmen tsm I I s is | XI
tivirtnun vvillihivi ii*
'av AaioclfcTKa PNIS*)
LONDON, July 17.?An official
tclogram from Herlln says that Emperor
William, of Germnny, la now
In the Somme battle sector, according
to Reuter'a correspondent In Amsterdam.
The emperor has received reports
from tho chief commander,
visited hospitals, distributed Iron
crosses and made speechea, tho telegram
(?Y AlaOCI'TtD
PETROGRAD, July 17.?The Rua
[ slans are continuing tneir buccohhiui
advance In the region of the lower
Lipa, the war office announced Monday.
The number of prlsonera taken by
the Russians In Volhynla Sunday was
near 13,000.
BBRLIN'Vjuly017.?A withdrawal
of tiermaD troops under Oeneral von
Llnslngen southwest of Lutsk to a
point behind the river Llpa Ij officially
announced by tho war office Monday,
BERLIN, July 17A-An ortlllory
bombardment of Intense violence is
In progress at many points from the
Somme district north to the sea on
the western front, the war office announced
Monday, the German lines
being heavily pounded by the British
1 mv. n? r T Rhnffor TT
1UO ivo*. uiouuy ui a. #
D? presiding bishop of the Third
Episcopal district of the African I
Methodist Episcopal church, consisting
of the Ohio, North Ohio, Pittsburg
and West Virginia conferences,
will preach at the Pride Chapel African
Methodist Episcopal church tonight.
The public In general Is cordially
Invited to hear him.
Saloma Matussaxok, aged six
months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
1 owownlr nf ZAlftiniT difid
WiUIBCt iU?VV???v?v~| wk ? u>
at 11 o'clock Sunday night following
an Illness of stomach disease. The
funeral services will be held at the
Polish church here Tuesday morning
and the burial will be In the Holy
Cross cemetery,
NUSBAUMS Eiubiisho
Well Vp in
Keeping ?
' Or at lonst many mr
Irani aloin; that line
man a gooso on a sail
' 1' - - 1 X 1.
do a compliment u> 11
being called an old <
jeets to that, aiivwa
Now is (bo time \vi
cool clothes as duck?
least for our pari 1
Budi a demand for
iialm beach, and otb
Nor have we ever 1
meet that demand.
ffimta nf nil t.ho ennl
pj'utnj v a m>u w??v vvw*
price from $5.00 to $
A'Suit and Fit for
Third J
J. A. Minor, of Wert Main stront, j
| who. while mentally unhiilnncoil, left
hlr home on Wednesday of lart week
and who wan lator located In Taylor
I county and returned hero, was re11?
Jied from the county Jail Monday
How About the!
fin Yot
You know how y
Remember, your Start
battery isn't in good i
ia the highest grade o:
T.. -J ?eal" battery?each
WUU compound ? flood-pre
jars?big plates?ma]
Battery for every ca
Cjsttiqsi mi n iw
EMiksiKstiiLts. FREE BA
Now is the time to get your bath
I >..11 c c.-.!? ...I i_. ...
GAIUC JCl *il.C .UitlUll niu !<.<. u. ...
an "EXIOe." We will fill the cellaffc
a full report?free of charge.
Our service is always prompt, reliabl
We repair and recharge
126 S. Second St.,
!0n the 1
a Pre<
The man who li not
fund Is continually Stan
r y 1 HO UOTW a "
illness or other mlsfortu
(J22S1 r"'' end And him unpre
BE An account In the &
BE this Bank affords the mi
I of building up a men
?s| u veil aa large deposit
cent compound Interest
lngs banks furnished.
I v*y L????? _j
(i in 1879. J NUSBATJMS
Ducks Are
f the Art ot
Cool, but
ii have still much to
therefore to call a
Lit day in iff lit really
is reason, and as for
hide, lie seldom oby.
ion some men seek
; seek the water. At
ive have never had
linen, silk, mohair,
or cool fabric suits,
lad such a stock to
materials range in
Every Man Here.
morning. It wan nalcfihafTie and
hla family will return to Richmond,
Vh , thotr former home.
Oet an Electric Starting and
Lighting System. Welch-Smith
Elcctrict Company, 232 Court St.
starting Battery
ir Car?
ou depend upon your Electric Starter,
ter depends upon your battery?if your
ihapc your Starter won't give you good
ing Battery
n the market. It's the original "unitcell
a separate unit?no bulky sealing
?f filling plugs?semi-flexible rubber
[imum power. There's an "Ext&e"
try in shape. Drive your car to our
voiir Katfrrv?u/nrthrr or nnf !*'
iltc a hydrometer reading and give you
le and courteoui.
i all makes of batteries.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
building up a surplus ryTV}
ding on the brink at a Vjj| |f
ay when loss ot work, i Qfjj
ne may demand ready !
avlngs Department of fl
set convenient method
e fund because small '
s are welcomed, 4 per
paid and home say- BJB <
^| S

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