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I A New Shipment of
If Gordon Dye Hosiery
Tlicro is no hotter hosiery that this that sells
for the same prices. We know because we have investigated
then) all. (lordoii hosiery is woven of the
best yarns, it is properly shaped, and is dyed with
tiic best dyes.
A new shipment of these fine hosiery goes on
sale here tomorrow. All the newest shades and fancy
stlipes are shown. Priced at .$1.01).
Bathing shoes, plains and
\ Bathing Caps, designed to
JBft \ ^ie 'H'a<^l"'?tf','t hhe
Jiair. Very.natty in appearBathing
Bags, a rubbcrized
material ?lesigne(Mo <*ar5l)e
and $1.00.
Swimming Wings, 25c.
Many Styles in Middy
Blouses NOTE
'* ?. 1 A L'hiniiiont r\t
Here you wijj unci an exeep- "
; tionally large selection of Middv """ l'i?!!s's f?r
e,. iy u11 wear
Blouses. We carry exclusively luue just bceu
the Allen Middv?a middv that's received, mcepabsolutely
right bof| in' workmanslup
and designs. Priced at
$1.00 they certainly arc wonders.
The Store That Pays No Rent
*? ??1
I In case of disputes over payment of a bill,
the burden of proof lies with you to prove that
you have paid it, and a receipt must be shown.
If you pay all your bills by check, you always
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4% fcmrrammmrmmm
* ?ori 9 liTi /I ?JuIi ?ri JI'M on I
11 n rJ . i J i! T'nE |
Pronounced )Clc?-ko
J America GINGER ALE D"w'o"ld"
\ Maybe you don't know good ginger
ale at all. There is such a thing as
ginger ale that is made of ginger, and
^ the best ginger at that. Clicquot Club,
j\ instead of being a small local ginger ale,
JC \ is the National Ginger Ale of America
M ?sold in every state?because it is a
tf ^ rea' finger ale. It has the character,
W 5 < j the flavor, the sparkle and life, the
purity and all-round excellence that it
I \ ^ i? i,ave beforei it could gain the
\ recognition and approval of the thouI
ft San<^S ?.^a.m^es ^ buy it and drink
I ^ \ Sold by good grocers and druggists
1 TtlE CLICOUOT cltB co- Mllll*. M?s?.
s, Winner of MM of Honor, Panama-Pacific Expotition
King Peter's
One of >
According to a Description Giv'
en of It by National Geographic
WASHINGTON, Auk. H Kuboea,
the Greek inland In the Aegean sea,
where the exiled King Peter of Serbia
Ib reported to have found a temporary
asylum, is the subject of today's
war geography bulletin by the
National Geographic Society, which j
"The northern promontories of
Kuboea, on one of which the aged
'thronelofis Hovereign of the nation
which plunged Europe into the
greatest war in the world's history
reported to have taken refuge, are
most interesting sections of this
island which became a part of the,
kingdom of Greece in IS HO.
"Kuboea corresponds in size almost;
exactly to Long Island, N. V., having
iin area only four square miles larger
lhan the latter. It extends along I Ire
northeastern shore of flreeoo, being
aUttle. less than 100 miles lour, and
varying In width from four to thirty
miles. It Is separated from Hoetia
by the narrow Eultolc sea, which becomes
constricted to the Strait of
, Murlpus at the seaport of Chalcls, a
town of about 8,000 Inhabitants. At
Ithis point the Island is separated
from the mainland by only a few
yards. A rock rising front the waters
or the strait forms an anchorage for
I a stone bridge between it and the
! mainland, and for a swinging bridge i
toward Chalets, the latter being necessary
to allow vessels to pass
Ithrough the channel, where at Irregular
Intervals during the day lite
waters rush with the velocity of a
'swift river sometimes from north
'to south and at other times In the
opposite direction, according lo tire
tide. When the Kuboeans revolted
jfront Athens durig the f'eloponneislan
wars the Ilosoiians constructed
i the first bridge across the strait.
| making ICuboea an Island lo every
one except themselves."
Fatuous Waters.
I "If King I'cter has chosene th
northeastern promontory of Kitboca
I as his home while awaiting that day
| when ho hopes the Entente Allies
j will succeed In driving the enemy
Teutons from Serbian soil, lie can
overlook the waters where the battle
of Artemlsluni was fought in 180 13.
('., a prelude to the greater glory of
Salamls and the heroic defense oi
the Pass of Thermopylae. It was tit
Artemlslum that the (Ireek fleet,
commanded by Themistocles, the
i father of the Athenian 'wooden wans j
las its navy came to be known, met
the superior naval forces of Xerxes j
In a three days' battle. While not;
achieving a decisive victory, the patriotic
fleet received Its 'baptism of
blood' which prepared it fe snbselauent
triumphs over tit ', . sian
1 hordes.
"If. on the other hnml. i i \il"
has chosen the mon nous
northwestern promontory, under the
| shadow of Mount Gaetsudes with its
heights clothed in medicnal shrubs,
he will be able to enjoy the famous
Uaths of Heracles. These sulphur
waters, which are still much frequented
by the Greeks who suffer
from gout, rheumatism and digestive
ailments, afforded a favorite retreat
for the ltonian dictator, Cornelius
Sulla, self styled 'Venus's favorite,'
but known to his enemies ns 'lmlfi
1 lion, half fox.' One of the few acts
I of clemency recorded of Sulla was his i
I removal of the name of Julius Caesar
ifront the prescribed llHt of adherents :
of the Marius party. In sparing the
life of this youth of 19 Sulla is reputed
to have exclaimed prophetically.
'There is in that boy many a
Narrow Strait.
"At one point on the northwestern
coast Euboea is separated from Thessaly
by a strait which Is only u mile:
and a half broad. In was in this vi-|
cinity that the final episodes In the
eventful life of the Greek tlomi-srod
| Hercules were supposed to have oc|
curved. It was after he had accomplished
his twelve labors that Hercules
erected an altar In Euboea to his
father, Zeus. He sent a messenger,
Lichas, to Thracis for a white robe to
be used iu the dedication ceremonies.
Lichas brought a clonk i
given to hint by the Jealous Dclnira,;
who believed that the garment, dipped
in the blood of the dying centaur,
Nessus. was a love charm. It proved
to be a fiery ant! fatal poison, Herruleh,
as soon as he felt tile sting of
j the coat, hurled the innocent Lichas
over a cliiT. near the village which
now bears the latter's name and
which may be King Peter's retreat.
"The most beautiful scenery in all
Greece is to be found in the fertile
valleys and towering mountains of
Euboea. which gets its name, 'rich
In cattle.' from the fin? pasture land
of its plains. The inhabitants, more (
than 100;000 in number, are chiefly
engaged in cattle raising and in agriculture,
the principal exports being
wool, hides, whe,\t. oil and eliccse,
lexi.. the coned ... . V, ,.
|<,inin.in, tin" unci .t.ij.wii {JI (in;
Island, is only fifty miles by rail
northeast of Athens."
Latest Reports of Operations in
West Virginia, Pennsylvania
and Ohio. !
The decline In the market has not
had a perceptible effect on dcvelopi
inent work in the fields. In all districts
where work had been projected
operators are going ahead In Clay
district, Ritchie county. W. Va? the
Imperial Oil and Gas Products Company
drilled Its No. 3 on the John
Keith farm through the Rig Injun
sand and it is showing for a twelvebarrel
pumper. In Union district In
the Harrlsvllle pool, Brodle and
Hawk drilled their test on the D. S. i
Patton farm through the Squaw sand,'
iueh Interest
, ;inf] It shows for a ten-barrel pumper.
Duster in Pleasants County.
The shallow sarid territory Is completing
a pood many dusters. A pood
producer is no Indication that, another
can be bad a few hundred feet
away. On Sugar creek, Union district.
Pleasants county, the liig Three
Oil Company drilled its No. 1 on the
It. A. Gorrcll farm through the Cow
Hun sand and gave It a .'hot, but It
failed to respond and ha. been abandoned.
Some of the wells showed
ve.rv little nil when drilled through
the sand, but marie fair producers
after a case of the high explosive
fiuirl had been administered.
On lilue creek, Mlk district, Kanawha
county, the Ohio Fuel Oil
Company has shot its test on the
Cline farm, 3,000 feet north of the
same company's test on the "W. C.
and U. .larrett farm. About five barrels
a day .will be its caliber. On
Mill creek, in the same district, the
.South I'enn Oil Company has the
rig up for No. 5 on the ('. ih Graham
farm. On JMnch creek, same district.,
the Ohio Fu*l Oil Company is
drilling another test on the Isabolle
Myers farm.
I-'ocmI Damages Oil Property.
The Hood in the Paint and Cabin
creek districts in Kanawha county
caused damage to all property but
how much is not known. It was
reported that the Ohio Fuel Oil Company's
well on the Kittinger farm
on the east bank of Cabin creek, had
lost its rig and damage had been
done the Columbus Producing Company's
wells on the same stream.
In Freeman's Creek district, Lewis
county, the South Penn Oil Company's
No. 3 on the Timothy Joyce
farm is a gasser in the Gordon sand.
In the same district the Philadelphia
Company has rigs completed for
tests on the II Patten and T. O. Law
farms. The Carter Oil Company is
down 1,100 feet at No. 3 on the
Connelly heirs' farm and fishing.
Southeastern <iliio.
The deep sand territory in southeastern
Ohio is completing wells reg
man}, tome heing creditable producers.
In Pike township, Coshocton
county, the Columbus Oil and
Fuel Company lias completed No. X
on the W. II. Ashcraft larini It fa
a fifty-barrel producer in flic Clinton
In the Reroa grit territory. Clay
township, Washington county, ftoseville
district. It. C. Hyatt and Company's
No. -I on the II. F. Thompson
farm is a five barrel pumper in the
Ilerea grit. In the Cow itun district,
To Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Washington Park, III.? "I am the
mother of four children and have suf
jSpf.w/ 1 ^ evrry thing to pieces
f f ' Rf and I would ache all
over and feel so sick
jf* . - that J would not
?- want anyone to talk
to me at times. Lydia K. I'inkham's
Vegetable Compound and Liver rills restored
me to health and 1 want to thank
you for the good they have done me. I
have had quite a bit of trouble and
worry but it does not nfTect my youthful
looks. My friends say 'Why do you
look so young and well ?' I owe it all
to the Lydia E. Pinkham remedies."
? Mrs. RonT. Stopiel,, Moore Avenue,
Washington Park, Illinois.
We wish every woman who suffers
from female troubles, nervousness,
backache or the blues could see the letters
written by women made well by I.ydia
E. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound.
If youmnve any symptom about which
you would like to know write to the
I.vdia E. I'inkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given free of
We can furnish
from tlic cheapest to the
best, and can set your tile to
stay set. Lot us figure with
you 011 all your hardware.
We will he glad to show you
samples and give prices at
any time.
Lee & Parr Hardware Co.
i m W. Pike St
LY, AUGUST 13,1916.
You Get
End - Of - The - Season
Finest Sumi
whafc 98? ^
Cool Wash SKIRTS, Wc
Men's Straw HATS, Wo
Girls' Wash Dresses, Wo
Boys' Wash SUITS, Wo
I Generous <i
Credit ' *
To 1
11 m I
Lawrence township, Washington ; S
county, S. E. Edwards and Company II
have started to drill on the Agnes j |]
Fay farm. I F
Near Knoxvllle, Knox township, I'
j Jefferson county, D. C. Burns and J E
Company have a dry hole on the Stan- C
ley Henderson farm. In Island Creek
J township the Sapp Oil Company's No.' F
13 on the A. N. Wiles farm is a 11
light pumper. In the northwest
quarter of section 2U, Green town-1
ship, Harrison county, the Fox Oil'
[Company's test on the J. H. Laugn{
rige farm is a three-barrel pumper in |
I lie Berea grit.
j Good l'roducer in Greene County. 1
In Aleppo township. Greene coun-'
ly, ]'a., in the Campbell district,
I Cochran and Funk has drilledjits test
in the John Riggs heirs' farm
.eighteen feet into the Gordon sand. |
It is swabbing and flowing seventylive
barrels a day. When drilled I
J deeper an increase in production is j
expected. In llio same district, the!
I Wyoming Fuel Oil Company's tcstj
'on the H. G. Grim farm is producing'
thirty barrels a day.
The Oil Market.
The prices paid for oil of various,
grades by the purchasing agencies
Pennsylvania 32.3j
Mercer black 1.85!
New Castle ^?!
Corning 1.85 |
Cabell 1.87!
North Lima 1.28
South Lima 1.38 j
Wooster 1.70
Indiana ? 1.33
Princeton 1.52
Until the 10th day of September,
1916, the State hoard of Health authorities
require dogs to be kept tied
j up or muzzled.
Five days from this date the dog
J catcher will be notified to kill any dog
found running at large (August 10,
l!ilfi). On and after August 16. 1916,
if a dog is found running at large and
j the owner misses the dog the chances
are that it has (ell a victim of the dog
Male dogs in the city of Clarksburg
should be assessed One Dollar and
females Five Dollars. After September
i, .191U this ordinance will be enforced
and any dogs found running at'
large will be taken up and shot if no
license tag can tie found or no record
I in the City Clerk's oilice showing that
a license has been issued to the owner
. of such dog.
Any person owning a dog and wants
the same disposed of can notify the
j police department or the health de- j
partnicnt and the dog will be sent for
and killed free of charge.
Cities and towns ail over the country
are fighting the dog nuisance and
Clarksburg docs not want to be a bacf?
number on any thing. Get license on
your dog or have him disposed of.
Sanitary Officer.
| Desiring to build a new one-room school
building on tiie waters 01 nruMiy rur* hi
.Simpson District, iinrrlo.su County, to
take tin* place of the obi one now situated
on (Jlude Hun, .Simpson District, known
ns tlie Mud lick si bool. the Hoard of lOducation
of Simpson District desire contrite- |
tors to take notice. AH bids must bo in
the hands of the secretary on or before
August JOlti. For plans and spocitications
see .T. It. Supler. j
t?K(). TKTER, Secretary. '
A Revi<
of E
I Giving coi
and 1
The s!
the Most For Your Money
- Reductions NOW in full progress,
ner Clothing For the Family
RICES ever marked ? SUMMER
IS that will ASTONISH you
fill Buy What ^ j gg Will Buy
irth. $2.98 Dainty Cool WAISTS, Worth $350 <r
rth $2.00 Cool DRESSES, Worth $3.98
rth $2.75 Light TROUSERS, Worth $3.75
rth $1.98 Ladies' HATS, Worth $7.98
Idelbcrg & Herman, Inc. Prop's. rjaJl
(I 00 Stores.)
408 W. Pike St. I___
onierset 1.70'Thrall ' 1.15
agland 75 Strawn 1.15
Hinois 1.52iJIoran i... 1.15
Kansas and Oklahoma 1.15 De Soto 1.05
lymouth 1.38 Crichton : 65
Icaldton 50 j 32-34.9 deg, gr. Cad 1,10
orsicana light 1.15 ; 35-37.9 deg, gr. Cad 1.15
Do heavy '. 50 38 deg. above gr. Cad 1.15
iPCtra 1.15 Caddo crude 65
tenrietta 1.15 i Canada 1.8S
Don't Suffer Longer
and allow yourself to become grouchy, upset, nervous
and depressed. These conditions usually indicate a disordered
digestive system, which, if neglected, may be
hard to remedy. Remove the disturbing element and put
vnur Hi'ctpcHvp nrcnns in pnnH working order hv takiner
| J ?JJVWV. . - ? - O' --- O * O ? O |
They gently stimulate the liver, act on the bowels, tone
the stomach?purify the blood and regulate the system.
These benefits are particularly marked by women at
such times when nature makes special demands upon
their vitality. They act promptly and safely.
The next time you feel low-spirited and out of sorts, take
Beecham's Pills. Their sure, mild, thorough action will ,
Give Quick Relief ,
Special Directions of Value to Women are with Every Box
Sold by druggists throughout the world. In boxes, 10c, 25c.
Tliis is a brand new Player or trie latest design
and lias all ot' the late attachments.
$10.00 worth of Player Music Frees with this inst
rument delivered to your home on payment of small
amount down and balance on easy monthly payments
without interest.
l)on't fail to see and hear this beautiful instrument.
If you cannot come in the day time phone us for
an evening engagement.
Davis, Burkham &
Tyler Co.
* ? ' ni?1 1 TTT T7
Masonic xempie.
jw of Two Years
iuropean War ~ I
mplete details of fighting
esults on all fronts
, Special Feature of J
unday Telegram /
August 13

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