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I Fruits and Vegetables1
I nwKt Prirt^
ILd'n VJI- i iivvu
Sweet California Cantaloupes, 3 and 4 for 25c
California 13artlett Pears, per box 20c
Juicy Lemons, per dozen i 25c
Fancy Liberia Peaches, per box 25c
California Plums, per box 15c
Home Crown Tomatoes, 2 lbs 15c
pfaiiey Cherries, per (piart 20c
Small Sweet Oranges, per dozen 10c
Large Sweel Oranges, per doz 30, 40 and 45c'
Red Wipe-Watermelons, large size 45c up
Fresh Huckleberries, 2 quarts 25c
Fresh Currants, per quart 10c
Fancy Ohio Celery, per bunch 10c !
Fresh Lima llcans, per box 25c 1
Egg Plants, each 10 and 15c
Fresh Rod .fleets, per lnineh 5c !
Large Creen Peppers, per dozen 25c 1
1 -J. l> i II i
IH/TJSCV nwutit rOlUKU'S, [UT |l) MM
Few Dry Onions, per II) Cc
.Fresh Counlry Lettuce, - lbs 256
Fancy Bead Lettuce, per .head 10c
Extra Fancy Pineapples, each 10 ancl 15c
' _ _ __ 1
J |
| S Moore Bldg., 4th St. ^
I 739 Clarksburg, W. Va. 145 (
TniCTTTV/TAfTT amounts necessary to bo levied f?r thej
ililo 1 livlJi 1 ill current lineal year, to cover nil municipal
State of West Virginia, debts and liabilities payable during the .
County of Harrison. said year, including probable expenditures! j
Town of AdaiuMton. to wit: f?r municipal purpose.-, and proper nl-i,
At a regular session of the council of, low-mice* for delinquent taxes, expense of
the town of Adatnston, Harrison county, collectlona and contingencies; bnt de
held in the council chambers thereof in ducting therefrom the money In the city
the town building on the Mlt day of treasury applicable to the service nt the
Augur mid. there were present H. M.' >p?r and municipal claims and doth d?
Schuttc .Mayor .T < (Jnrrett. recorder, terniine and est itn a to the' several amounts i
# and S.Swigcr. I.. I>. Johnson and .1. ??? be levied as follows:
"W. I'lnnigau, members of the council of hetlnmtea. j
said town. Maximum levy 83 cents on the bund rod.
In accordance with section t. chapter dollars valuation,
of the arte of the extraordinary session KMimatrd Receipts,
of the legislature of 1U0S. the council pro-i The amount duo the sttld municipality,
( 'eded to make up an estimate of the laud the amount tluit will become du"
Coming Your
: ' ; Way
leather is constantly
rancijlg and will continue
4-s-\ o/lr?nir<a It- wn*t a I **"" \rjL.
HZ CVU. ? ctuai .iv I'^J t c?. i ?t -*k
question what these
shoes are worth or what &
they f-ost. It is an nppor- ,j
tunity that will put dollars
in your pocket.
There is. nothing reserved, every summer shoe
s . is sold at a reduction.
$1.00 off all Men's and Ladies' black or tan low
20 per cent, off every high or low white shoe in
the house, regardless of kind.
I Model Shoe Store
H 309 W. Pike St. Correct Shoe Fitters.
il | |, J)
; i
L >
(liy Charles J J rooks Smith.)
William Oihba McAdoo who. by virtue
of being a son-in-law, la a member
of the president's private family
la aoon to hand in hia resignation as,
a member of the preaident'a official
family, according to creditable authority.
There ia no family trouble,
not u hit of that sort ot unpleasant
thing; merely another evidence of
the family's thrifty traits. Mr. McAdoo
la to cease being the secretary
of the treasury and become the successor
of Mr. Charles S. Hamlin, the
head of the federal reserve board.
Mr. Hamlin, who was appointed for
the shortest term membership of that
body, draws (Hi.mill a year and
wields a powerful influence over the
monetary affairs ol the country. Sonin-law
McAdoo as his successor will
take till of tbat and more too. because
Mr. McAdoo will bo appointed
for a term of ten years. It's a sure
thing as against playing a hazard,
for the signs and portents nf the
tlnioH merge themselves to Indicate
that as secretary of the treasury Mr.
JIcAdoo has only till high noon of
the next fourth day of March to
serve. ,
Those of retentive minds will remember
that, when the federal re-,
serve hoard was appointed and Mr.
Hamlin, the shortest-termed appointee
was designated to head the
hoard, that it was stated In this cor-.'
respondence that that was done to
provide a more permanent official!
berth for the president's then newlyhocome
son-in-law.' The fur-thought-*
out plan of the family lireslde is nowsoon
to he put Into effect.
Pondering a set of figures put out !
by llie claim agents of lie- Demo-,
cratic national committee, Congressman
George SI. Bowers, who has for-,
gotten more politics than most
present-day politicians ever knew,
was wont to fall back on the epigram
of that famous unknown person who
gave us, "figures never lie, but liars
figure". Which reminded another i
of the party that old Gordon Graham|
had stated it In tills wise: "Figures,
never lie. The only reason why they
don't Is because they can't talk."
Pointing to the figures which lie
held in his hand, the Second district
representative proceeded: "On these
figures the Democratic campaign
? - nintmtnir that their
(Mil UUgCI a mv v,i?. ......-c
party will win the coming election,1
but for the life of me i can't figure|
low it will, If it be true that figures
ie\-er lie. In order to win the elecion
the Democrats will have to get.
.'(iti electoral votes, the total nutn>or
of electoral votes in tjie electoral
allege being 531. Grant that they
tarry all the southern states, with
1 total number of lilt votes, they
will then have to carry all the 'boiler'
states, Including Kentucky,
Maryland, -Missouri, Oklahoma and
Tennessee, and in addition to these,,
Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,
Idaho, Indiana, Montana, -Nebraska,
Nevada and New Jersecy,]
they would also have to carry Illinois,
with its twenty-nine votes or
Ohio with twenty-four votes. Of
course, if thel were to carry New
Vork, they could lose a few of thestates
that are counted for them as
possible. , |
Hid collectil)!<? from every source except
froii? the levy of luxes to l?e iiiiidfl-ior the
urn-iit liscal yenr.
balance in tin mis. of the city
treasury $ ."0.-11 j
Tobacco and cigarette licenses .... L'T.oO
(Mlier licenses 80.00
From street paving and sewer hills
due and uncollected 101'.7(1
Delinquent tax for year 1 !?! *? ami
prior 000.1."
Total estimated receipts $l.-00.(i.'{
I'Mimuteri <)i*i>iirxeinriitt>.
Debts and demands owed hv said municipality
which will become due and payable
duriUK tiie curreut tiscul year, in
eluding interest on bonded Indebtedness
of ev.-ry kind nnd character,
outstanding orders including int -Is?.-.".
Current accounts due nnd tin paid.. S 711.1 d
Election expenses 13.00
Salaries 00
Health I'epartinent 10.00
New street paving k. sewers Ooo.(M)
New sewers Ml.71
Delinquencies and exonerations.. .VHUM)
<'om missions L'00.00 j
Printing .100.00;
.Making 111> tax hooks ..: fio.oo ;
Street lights 300.0(1
Total estimated disbursements $i..'iol.loj
Amount to be provided for by levy 3.103.47 1
It appearing to the council tliat the total
valuation of all taxable property in tlus ;
municipality, according to the Inst ashcssmrat
thereof, is fSSd.7nil.00, being
real estate to the value of $l?H.0"?o.()O; per- j
sonitl property ro the value of ?130.310.00, J
and railroad and other properly assessed |
by the board of public works in the value
of $.*;{,340.00, as eertitied to the council
by the officer whose duty it is to make
such report, it appearing from the fore
going estimates thai It is iipccs -:i ry id
rnise l?y levy, after deducting all credits.
S.l.lO.Vlf f^r municipal purjn?s??s; there- j
fore it is determined that a levy on each {
One Hundred hollars valuation of thirty ;
live (,'t.Vl emits for municipal purposes
Mill lie necessary to produce the estimated 1
amount as aforesaid for the ensuing fin nl |
For additional levy to pay the interest '
on and provide a sinking hind for the dis- :
charge of the p rl iici pit I of future bond is- |
sues, us provided in the sohmd proviso;
of section f), ciiapter it. act.- of 11)08. Tit is
levy must be authorized by it vote of
the people of the municipality. To pro- j
vide sinking fund and to pay interest on j
Adnmnton Water Works and .Sewer llottda '
for year, 1010, It Is necessary to provide j
Mr by levy $1,006,07; therefore It is tie- j
termlned that a levy of twenty (UO) cents
on each One Hundred hollars' valuation
of property will be necessary to produce j
the estimated amount ncccsHnry as afore- :
Mild for the ensuing tiseal year
Also further to pnv interest on the'
Adntnston J'avJng Honds for the jvar l!?ld, ;
it is necessary to provide by levy .<880.70; j
therefore it is determined flint n levy of,
ten (101 cents on each One Hundred hoi i
Inrs valuation will be necessary t<? pur- |
chase the estimated amount for the ensuing
St.itn of West Virginia,
County of Harrison.
Town ot Adnniston. towit
I, .f. c. (Jarrett. recorder. In and for the
municipality of Adnmston. county of Harrison.
and state of West Vircinin do
hereby certify, that the foregoing is n
true copy from the records of an order
made bv the council of said municipality
on the Mil day of August. 1 -?in.
<liven under my hand this Fth day of j
August 101 n.
.T. r. CAR RETT.
Recorder of the municipality of Adamston.
W. Vn.
State of West Virginia, ?
County of Harrison.
District of Simpson, to nit
At a regular session of the hoard of
education of Simpson district of Harrison
county held at the regular meeting place
thereof, on the second Tuesday in August,
1010, Fresent; J. E. Sutler, President eX
v ?
: ... jrrrr .... A .
? b
"On the other hand, the Republicans
could lose New York and by
carrying Colorado, "Delaware, Idaho
and .Montana, all of which are most
likely to go Republican, and still
have enough votes to win. In the
law of chance, It seems to ine that
the Republicans have all the best of
it, for there are so many comblna-t
lions that can give them victory,
wherein there are only one or two
or three combinations thai can give
the Democrats the election".
Thanks to the first olliclal statement
utunl pulled by Stole Chairman
Charles Cameron Lewis, Junior, the
Republican colony felt the tickling
lawfter, too which caused the business
man debutant of West Virginia
politics, pain altd peeve, Forthwith
he showed It In a formal statement
In which he took the aforesaid lowbrow
llopublican editors to tawsk
0, rawlher severely, Old 'J'op?and
assured the blighters that the platform,
was roallv now, not intended
as a Joke, but was a leal serious
and solemn writing, and should be
so considered and commented upon,
ri's deadly earnest stuff, lie said, and
It was unfair and ungentlcmanly, not
to say discourteous, uncultured and
denatured, to treat us a masterpiece
of slapstick humor such as is witnessed
In low halls of vaudeville, a
work that was, in Ills opinion at
least and he feels very cocksure of
his estimate of lit a literary classic
not to lie surpassed since the period
of Huron Munchausen. The roughneck
Hepublican editors Hhould he
ashamed of themselves and feel humiliated
over their groan stupidity,
lie Intimates,-and in the future deport
themselves toward the document
with the melancholy gravity and profound
solemnity of mien and mind
which should be accorded this epic
document born of the twin intellectual
genius of Charley Osentou anil
of their risibilities?and In this kind
of Washington weltering weather to
cause the broad grin anil the course
guffaw is no easy matter, It must
he some funny crack when It draws
that. The Cops say ij's the best
wheeze of the midsummer political
Of course, they refer to Chairman
Lewis's slap-on-the-wrist for editors
of the Hepublican press in West Virginia
alio received the platform of
the Democratic state convention with
laughter? O, very course, vulgar
Clyde Johnson. Now will you be
good ?
What with the heal, this Lewis's
interview came near prostrating
some el the West Virginians licrg.
Tliey nearly laughed themselves into
the heaves. "With his nerve and
his money", said one of them, "it
wouldn't take me long lo own the
politic!) 01 HIP OIU liumr niatv.
Hon. Oscar Jenkins, of Parkersburg,
is a friend of our'n and we
are a friend of his'n. Warning is
hereby ghen that any curbstone
comedian contemplating springing a
Quip tu the effect that since Oscar
lias been made nianaffer of the congressional
candidacy of Jlr. Null, of
Huntington, that renders it Null and
void, will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the speed laws.
said hoard of ('duration, and lilmore Hector
and Howard McDonald, Commissioners.
hi aa-orduiu'o with Chapter f?7, Acts
JIM a, anii'iidiug section L'l. chapter -7. Ads
lt"i,s, tlie hoard of education proceeded to
make up an estimate of the amount necessary
to In- levied for the current fiscal year,
to cover nil district dehts and liabilities
payable during tin? year, including the
prohahlo expenditures for district purposes,
and proper allowances for delinquent
taxes, expenses of collection and
contingencies, hut deducting the money in
the treasury applicable to the service of
the year and district claims dot h 'determine
ami estimate the several amounts to he
levied an follows:
Estimated Receipts.
The amount due, and the amount that
win iwii'iimi? due and collectible from every
source, except from the levy of tuxes to
he made for the current fiscal year.
Amount ilue lrotn sheriff $2.1SS.'*l
Kstlnuttcd Disbursements.
The debts and demands own! by the district
us a whole, ami payable out of the
building fund.
Salaries of district officers stud employees
? 12.".00
I>r*lin<|tieut tuxes 10.1.2'f)
JSherlll's commissions 2.YS..11
Instiliit<> attendance if.7..">o
New buildings ;" ,(? 1.S..11
.School furniture 2.YOO
blackboards -0.00
Repairs aOO.%
Painting 100.00
this 70.04)
Hauling * 2.Y00
Conl l .'>2.0(1
Printing .to.oO
Amount to he raised by levy ...$.*>.KJ2.2S
TK.ACIIKits* IT N 1) i:STI.M \Ti;.
Kstlmated Itroiepls.
The amount due. and the amount that
will heroine due and collectible from every
source, except from the levy of taxes to
he made for the current tlscnl year.
Halame due fund from sheriff. ...? 17,1.70
Due from Reneral school fund
(enumeration) PI5..17
? i i<
Total receipts
Kent limited .Expenditure*.
Tlie <lcl?t.s and demands owed l?y the district
:i ? a whole, and payable out of the
teachers' fund.
Iielinftiient taxes .$ ns.sr?
Sheriff's com missions (est imated ).. ,'17-..13
For Id teachers holding No. one
certificates jit per month for
7 months 4.200.00
For II teachers holding No. two
certillnites at ?fiO per month for
7 months .1.$r?0.00
Total expenditures SS.IOl.fTi
Amount to he raised h.v levy... ..S7.412.70
It appearing to the hoard of education
that the total valuation of nil taxable property
in thi< district. according to the last,
assessment thereof, is $;i.r?14,1$7: being real
estate to the value of $2.f).*.'.,vivv personal
property to the value of fittn.OdO: and
railroad and other property assessed by
the hoard of publiu works to the value of
$S."?.1,.T27; as certified to this hoard hv the
officer whose duty it is to make such report.
anil It appearing from the foregoing
estimate* that It is necessary to raise by
low. aflcr'deducting nil credits. SA.102.28
for building purposes and $7,442.70 for
teachers' purposes; therefore it. is determined
Hint a levy on each One Hundred
Hollars valuation of tlftepn cents fl.V) for
building nnd twenty-one cents- (21c) for
teachers' purposes will he necessary to
produce the estimated amount as aforesaid
for the ensuing fiscal year.
State of West Virginia.
County of Harrison.
. District of Simpson, to-wit:
T. fJeorge Teter. secretary of the hoard
of education in and for Simpson district of
said county and state, do hereby certify
that the foregoing Is n trne ropy "from the
records of an order made nml entered hv
said hoard on the 8th day of August, jfilfi,
Given under nif hand this the Rth day
of August, 1010.
Secretary Hoard of Education. Simpson
District. Harrison f'onntv. W. V:i.
'London's inhabitants include 471,000
flat dwellers. J
AUGUST j 916.
The.Joy of aj
Vacation may be
turned to the sorrow that
comes from indigestion. The
battle with hotel menus is a
losing one for the man with
a weak stomach. Happy is- ]
! the man who listens'to the
call of the wild?who goes
i Hshing, hunting and canoeing?who
takes with him
11 Triscuit, the Shredded
Whole Wheat wafer. Tris!
cuit is made of the whole
wheat steam-cooked, shr4d
ded and Dakea. a xasiy
i Summer snack for the warm
days, supplying the greatest
amount of nutriment in
1 smallest bulk. Delicious
with butter, soft cheese
or marmalades. Made at
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
;otvx or iiKo.vi) oaks.
State of West Virginia, I
t'oiint.v of Harrison
Totvji of Jlrond Oaks, to-wit:
At it regular session ul tin- council of
tin- town o? Jlroml Oaks, Harrison county, j
iiclil in tin* i oum-il chambers thereof, in
I the Jo,vie Ifii i Id jug on the Sth day of j
August. I!?!(!. there were present Joe N.
J ('ruddock. Mayor, ('. J. t.'ottrill, recorder,
I and J. \V. J'.ush, J'. 11. Dugan, Nate Vance
[and A. J. Hog?/rs, mem lairs of the council
j of said town.
in accordance with section 4, chapter 9,
of the acts of tl?e extraordinary session
I of tJo- legislature iff J9hh, Uic council pro- j
ceoded to make up an estimate of the
anion tits necessary to In1 levied for the
current llscai year. t/> cover aJi municipal
I debts and liabilities payable during tire
I said year, including probable expendli
tures for municipal piftrpnso^ nnd proper
J allowances for deliui|U(Vil taxes, expense
| of collections and coiitiiik'eiicio. but deducting
therefrom Die money in the city
'treasury applicable to the service of the
| year and mtiuicijfril claims and doth de|
teriiiine and estimate the several amounts
ito la- levied as follows:
.Maximum levy .'to cents onkthe hundred
i dollars valuation.
l-lstimated iterripts.
The amount due the said municipality,
and the amount that will hecotne due arid
collectihie from every source, exianpt from
the levy of taxes lo be made for tiie current
llscai year.
Jlnlnnce In li a litis or tne city I
| treasury $ 17.70
Other licenses 27.001
Taxes, J9I2, 13. II. IT collected . 001.8.':
Taxes, 1012. 1.1, II. IT ouUyiiidiug. J..r?17.1?7
,Sower Tups, est limited 180.00
Sewer taps, collected 240.00
Water taps, estimated 180.00'
Water taps, collected .' .117.00 |
Hoard Walks uncollected 17.1.20 |
Fines 1.10.00 j
Water rent 2,000.00 :
Taxes. Hoard Public Works 4.16.47
Capitation Tax and dog tax* outstanding
.18 8..10
Total estimated receipts f6.612.67i
Kstlniuted Disbursement*.
I?ebfs and demands owed by said mnnicipality.
which will liecome due and
payable during I ho current fiscal year. Including
Interest en bonded indebtedness
or every kind and eh a racier.
Outstanding orders Including Int. ?
| Current accounts dde and unpaid' I.IO.oO
j Int. on bonded Indebtedness Water
' bonds 1.120.00
| Sinking funds Water Komls .180.00
I interest on Paving JlorrtJs 100.00
Sinking funds for jiaving street IntersecfJons
Hoarding prisoners 31.00'
Flection expenses ^ 17.00.
Salaried # a J ,920.00 I
Police Department a.... 870.001
Fire department -4... .100.00 j
New sewers and water lines ..x>> 4,000.00
City iin 11 expenses a. 180.00
- r. H?.,I ot<> . 200.00
; Kugine oil for T'unip Station 100.00 |
(ins for Pump Station 240.00
I Making copies of land books 12.00
: Making of I?elin?|uent bonk 140.00
1 Honks and stationary FOO.OO
! Publications and advertising lrV.OO
| Contingencies 4OOX.0O i
! Total estimated disbursements.$1.1,178J0
j Aint. to bo provided for by levy $ 0.505.43
It appearing to the council that the to!
tal valuation of all taxable property in
this municipality according to the last
assessment thereof, is $1,077.IM0; being
I real estate to the value of $820,910; personal
property to the value of $17.'t.l70:
{ and railroad and other property assessed
i by the board of public works to the value
, of $71,830, as certified to the council by
I the officer whose duty it Is to make such
! report and it appearing from the foregoing
estimates. that it is necessary to
I raise bv levy, after deducting all credits,
$0.0(10.43 for municipal purposes; there!
fote it is determined that a levy on each
I One Hundred Hollars valuation of sixtv|
one cents (01c) for municipal purposes
: will be necessary to produce the estimated
amount as aforesaid for the ensuing 11 seal
[ year.
State of West Virginia,
County of Harrison.
Town of Nroud Oaks', to-wit;
1, J. Cottrili. recorder, in and for the
municipality of broad Oaks, county of
Harrison and state of West Virginia, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a
true copy from the records of an order
made hv the council of snid municipality
mi the 8th day of August, HMO.
Given under my band this 8th day of
1 August, 1010.
Recorder of the Municipality of llroad
Oaks. W. Ya.
Additional Lavy.
i For additional levy to pay the interest
on and provide a singing fund for the
discharge of the principal of future bond
i issues, as provided in the second proviso
of section chapter !?, acts 100$. This
l levy must lie authorized by a vote of the
' neonle of the municipality,
I .State of west Virginia,
County of HnrFison,
Town of Ilroml Oaks, to-wlt:
At n regular session of tlio council of
I the town of Jtronri Oaks. in Harrison
county, hold in tlie council chamber*
j thereof, on the 8th day of August. H?KJ.
' I'resent: .foe N. Crnddock, Mayor, and (J.
J. <'ottrill, recorder and .1. \V. Hush, 1'. II.
iMigan, Nate Vance, and A. .1. Rogers, j
members of the council of said town.
A special waterworks and sewerage
bonds levy of eighflPm cents hn the one
hundred dollars' valuation to pay the
interest on and provide a sinking fund
for the discharge of the water works and
sewer bonds, amounting to $22,000.00.
A special paving bonds levy of eight
j cents on the one hundred dollars vnluaI
tlon to pay the interest on and provide a
j sinking fund for the discharge of the
i paving bonds. l!Uf> series, amounting to
j $,".000.00 to provide for the grading. #pnving
and curbing of the squares at the ju|
tersections of the streets to be paved and
i curbed under the ordinance adopted on
j the 11th day of June. Ifl1.r>,
| State of West Virginia,
I County of Harrison,
I Town of Rroad Oaks, to-wit:
! I. C. -T. Col trill, recorder, in and for
{ the municipality of Rroad Oaks, county of
j Harrison .and state of West Virginia, do
i hereby certify tli/t the foregoing Is a
true copy from the records of an order
j made by the council of said municipality
, on the 8th day of August. 1010.
I (liven under my hand this 8th day of
August, 1010.
r. j. cottrilTj.
I Recorder of the Municipality of Ttrond
Onkft, W. Va.
Nigeria has been added to the
lands in which valuable deposits of
coal have been discovered in recent
The groundhog, or voodchuck, belongs
to the same sfiecles as the
squirrel. The prairie dog is another
fnember of the same family.
? : 1 .
% I
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| to close at // /]T \\
3 Ladies' Silk Poplin Dresses, 1 \ VV\. I
I made in the latest stjdes, all ^ ' j \\
| eolors and all sizes, easily I ]\ J
worth. $7.50? our price. y
$3.95 and $4.95 jj
. $
Ladies' Wash Skills', linene and gabardine, come in
white and1 tan, latest styles 48c and 98c
6 Ladies' Palm Beach Suits, late styles, to close
!! at $2.98
Men's $2.50 Pants $1.48
Boys' Pants 25c and 48c
Men's 50c Work Shirts 35c
Table Oil Cloth, best grade in colors 10c yd.
Lace Curtains/ 30c pr.
IEnll size bleached Sheets aye g
Bed Spreads, full size 76c E
4^ inf'h Ribbon 10c
5-Brawer Drop Head Sewing Machine, 10-year
guarantee $12.50 1
Ladies' Wash Skirts, white and tan 48c and 98c
10-qt. Enameled Dish Pan 10c
Men's Silk Ties 1 10c
Men's $15.00 Suits $9.95
Children's solid leather Shoes, 5 to 8 98c
Ladies' Bungalow Aprons 48c
Striped and figured Lawns 5c
Misses' Middy Blouse Suits in latest stripe 98c j
Children's and misses' gingham dresses 25c, 48c, 75c |
' " m / B
Dress tfingham , ty2c g
Apron Gingham 5c I
Boys' all solid Shoes, 9 to!2 '... $1.25
Children's and women's gowns 25c and 48c
Princess Slips 25c I
Children's Drawers 10c
Ladies' Drawers 25c ~
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose 25c I
Ladies' Fine Lisle Hose - 15c
Boys'Wash Suits, large assortment 48c I
All kinds of Wash Silks 10c
> Shepherd Checks 10c
Many customers ask us if our sale is still on.
Others call us on the phone to leam the same thing
and many times ask if certain goods are now on sale.
For the benefit of all we desire to state that wc never
conduct any special sales for a day, week or any oth- I
er length of time. The goods wc advertise arc al- I
ways on sale 'at the same prices. If you cannot visit M
our store this week do so next week or next month.
.You will always find the same low prices prevailing.
Join our army of cash buyers.
*? ???? _ pu' 11 ii.'r I I

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