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Of Bristol
Community Happenings of Interest
Are Reported by Telegram
BRISTOL, Aug. 11*.?Tho ladle?
ol the Cherry Camp run Methodist
Protestant church have recently announced
that they will conduct an
Ice cream fpstlvnl at the Cherry
Camp run school house Saturday evening
next. August 12. and cordially
extend an Invitation for everybody
who wants to attend. The proceeds
Jg. of the festival are to be used to the:
benefit of the church.
Heady for Light-Inch Soon.
The drilling crew of the Marsh1
Bros. Drilling Company nru drilling
qult6 nicely U a depth of 1200 feet;
it the well number three on the William
Jarvis farm on Hall's run. They j
report that they will probably be
ready for the eight-Inch casing by
the first of the week, providing nothing
serious happens,
Boy 111?Might lie Typhoid.
Master Leonard Davis, the tenfear-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Dnniel
fl, Davis, of Salem Pork creek, Is
? a .1 tel..,
'illlte ill at tiie present nine, n in
thought possible that he may be]
talcing typhoid fever, however the
cue has not sufficiently developed to
determine definitely whether it really
1b typhoid or not. He is under the
care of Dr. I. S. Kennedy, of Salem, j
Drilling Water-Wells.
John it. Dennlson, a successful;
lumberman and teamster or upper j
Indian run, is having a water-well;
drilled at his horse barn at this time, j
bora McDonnough, of Salem, Is engi-|
neorlng the drilling machine. Julius,
C. Matthey also contemplates having;
ii water-well bored nt "Hill Oarden;
firm" in the near future, it is said.;
Fourth Quarterly Meeting.
The fourth quarterly meeting of:
the local circuit of the Methodist 1
Episcopal church was held at the
Grass run church Saturday and Sun-1
day last, August 6 and 6. An enormous
crowd of ijpople congregated at
the church on Sunday, where dinner
was served "on tho grounds", and
remained the entire day. An exceedingly
excellent sermon was delivered
by the district superintendent, and
I the day was spent most Joyously.
Hiss Maude Marsh and brother,
James H., of Salem Fork creek,
were guests at the home of their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram
J). Lynch, of Valley-View farm, Sunday.
Julius C. Matthey was a business
visitor to Salem the middle of the
Miss Florence Tate, of Cherry
Camp run, Is spending n few days
nt the home of her grandparents, Mr. |
and Mrs. Hiram D. Lynch, of rural |
Ilree delivery rouie ino. jl.
Howard Jones and daughter, Miss
Beatrice, were visitors to Lost run
the middle of the week, guests of
l Nr. and Mrs. Clark Jones,
f ^ Julius C. Matthey and family will
go to Big Isaac Sunday, where they
I hare been invited to attend the birthday
party to be given Benjamin Cunningham.
Miss Gae Dennison was a guest
f at the home of Misses Vadis and
Norma Bailey, R. F. D. route number
I one, Sunday.
- Mrs. Florida Bailey and daughters, j
Misses Norma and Pauline, of upper |
Indian run, were shopping in Salem
William Wolverton and daughters,
Misses Orpha and Ardella, of upper
Indian run, went to Burnt-House,
W. Va., a few days ago, wheat* they
will visit friends and relatives for a
fow days.
" commissioner's notice.
Otto W. Smith, and Nathan Itexroad,
, partners trading as 0. \V. Smith and Com- ,
piny, who sue on behalf of themselves and t
ill other lien creditors of Georgo W. Cariccand
Lora J. Carder.
George W. Carder, Lorn J. Carder, Lawson
L. Loar, Virginia Lee Loar, James M.
White, Mary L. tlnusford and Nancy May
The parties named above and each of
them will take notice that on
MONDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1016,
at my office, 214 Court Street, in the City
of Clarksburg. Harrison County, West
VirgixiLm, I will proceed to execute the or- !
Her of reference entered 1n the above-styled
tnuiie by the Circuit Court of snld>ounty
on the 20th day of Juno, .1014, wherein I i
im directed to tnkc, state and report an ac- 1
rount, showing.
1. All the rca lestnte owned by the
Judgment debtors, fJeorge W. Carder and
Urn J. Carder, where ^filiate. its descrip*
lion nnd the quantity thereof.
L The liens upon said real estate, by
Whom held, their respective amounts nnd
3. Whether said real estate will in five
years rent for a sufficient sum to pay off
nnd discbarge said Hens nnd the costs of j
this suit.
i. And such other matters as any party
I In interest may require, mr .-n.u0
pertinent, or such other matters as said
commissioner himself may deem pertinent, j
whether so required or not.
At which time und place von may each |
ittend and procure sncli evidence ns will j
inabio me to perform the duties required [
By said order of reference.
Gben under my band this 21st day of |
July, 1016.
Commissioner in Chancery,
Counsel for Flflintlffa.
Kotlce to Lien IToIders.
So ill persona holding Hens by judgment
or otherwise on the rial estate or any
nirt thereof of George W. Carder and
Urn J. Carder.
in pursuance of a decree of the Circuit
Court of Harrison County, Wept Virginia, '
made in a cause therein pending, to subject
the real estate of sain George W. Carder
and Lora J. Carder to the satisfaction
of the liens thereon, yon are hereby required
to present all claims held by you
and each of you against the snid George
Jk W, Carder and Lora J. Carder, which are i
9 lUm on their real estato, or any part of It. I
for adjudication to me at my office, 214 i
Cwrt atreet, in the City of Clarksburg,
Hirrison County, West Virginia, on or bofere
tho 21st day of August, 1016.
Qben under my hand thin 21st day of
July, 1*16.
W. 51. COXA WAV,
Commissioner In Chancery.
"Try this. on your piano" \ras i
*rfttoi on a card accomDanyinK the i
auouyiD'OTS gift of a hatchet sent a;
gM graduate in instrumental music
la Kansas City, Ho.
the telephone system of Japan
represents an Investment of $26,
I 'f %- Unbeatable]
^ , Of Rats.Mil
H Used fhe "World Over
7h*Qtd Reliable That Ner*t
' the ccB?
Every victim of Hay Fever, Rosp
Cold, Nasal Catarrii. etc., should investigate
This simple, harmless antiseptic.;
cleansing, soothing 13 aim quickly
reaches the sore Inflamed linings q|'
the.air passage, purilies them and'
atreugthens the membranes so they
are able to resist an attack of Hav'
NOSTRIOLA costs but a trifle ami
you will be agreeably surprised ami
pleased when you learn how quickly
it brings relief for those dreadful
spells of sueeziug. wheezing ami
l)on't fail to get a small tube of,
NOSTRIOLA of your druggist to try.
You'll wish you had tried it sooner.
?Advertisement. }
Stnto of West Virginia,
Comity of Harrison,
District of Clark, to-wit:
At n regular session of the board of
education of Chirk district of lla/rlson
county held at the regular meeting pined,
thereof, on fTie second Tuesday in August,
1D1U, Vresent: A. P. Stewart. President of
said hoard of education, and A. I.. Carterj
and .John W. Cork, Commissioners.
In accordance with Chapter ."m. Acts
11115, amending section 111. chapter L'7, Acts
make up an eatimate of tlio amount neces-(
wary to 1>? levied for the current fiscal year,
to cover all district delitK and liabilitiesj
payable during the year, including the,
probable expenditures for district purposes,
and proper allowances for delinquent
taxes, expenses of collection ami
contingencies, but deducting the money in
the treasury applicable to the service of
the year and district claims doth determine
and estimate the several nniouuts to be!
levied as follows:
building ri ni) estimate.
Estimated Receipt*.
The amount due. and the amount that
will become due and collectible from every
source, except from the levy of taxes to bo
made for the current fiscal year.
Redemptions (estimated) $ fiO.Oflj
Amount due from sale of school
lots 2,050.00
Total receipts $ 2,110.00
Estimated Disbursement*.
The debts and demands owed by the
district as a whole, and payable out of
the building fund.
Current accounts due and payable
on June101A $1,056.70
Salaries of district officers 120.00
Delinquent taxes 700.00
Sheriff's commissions 225.00
Exonerations 25 00'
Election expenses KO.OOi
Institute attendance 187.50
New buildings 1,000.00,
School furntiure 2OO.00
Blackboards 100.00
Repairs OOO.OOf
Supplies 500.001
Text-books 25.00;
Insurance 150.00
Painting 2(K).00
Rent 500.00
Gas .'100.00
Apparatus 50.00 j
Janitors' service .f. 550.00j
Printing and stationery .V).(H);
Tuition?high school 1,575.00
Transportation of pupils 1,422.001
Total disbursements $0,720.20'
Amount to be raised by levy ?$7,026.20
teachers' fi nd estimate.
Estimated Receipt*.
The amount due. and flic amount that
will become due and collectible from every j
source, except from the levy of taxes to
ne xnnnc ior me current us<hi year.
Balance due fund from sheriff....$ 703.7-1
Redemptions (estimated) SIjOOJ
Due from genernl school fnnd
(enumeration) 12|fi IJWtMf
Total receipts $2,190.88
Estimated Expenditures.
The debts and demnnds owed by t.ho
district us a whole, and payable ont. of the
teachers' fund.
Current accounts due and unpaid
on June JO. 1910 ....v S '-'20.0ft
Delinquent taxes 175.00'
Exonerations (estimated) lO.OOj
Sheriff's commissions (estimated).. 900.00
For 1 district superintendent, and
truant ofliccr and 9 principals.. 2,.110.00]
For !."? teachers holding No. one
certificates at $00.00 per month for J
7 months 0.900.00j
For 7 teachers holding N*o. two
certificates at $55.00 per month
for 7 months 2,095.00
Miscellaneous 280.29
Total expenditures ,$12,900.20
Amount to be raised by levy..$10,108.98
It appearing to the board of education
that the total valuation of all taxable property
in this district, according to the last
assessment thereof, is $5,084>102.00; being
real estate to the value of $2,491,800.00;
personnl property to the value of $094,910.00]
and railroad and other property assessed
by the board of public works to the value
of as certified to this board
by the ofliccr whose duty it is to make such
report, and it appearing from the foregoing
estimates thnt it is necessary to raise by
levy, after deducting all credits. $7.02fi.20j
for building purposes and 810.108.98 for
teachers' purposes; therefore it is determined
that a levy on each One Hundred]
Dollars valuation of fifteen cents (15c) for
I III HI 1IIK IIU'I HVflll.V ? ?-in > ?_>??? km i rin iiers*
purposes will be necessary to produce
the estimated amount as aforesaid fer the
ensulnsr fiscal year.
St a t o of "Wast Virginia, I
County of Harrison,
District of Clark. to-wlt:
T.. T.. Wnyman Opdan. secretary of tha
hoard of adoration (in and for Clark district
of said county and stata. do hereby
certify that tha foracoiti" is a trna copy
front tha records of an order made and
entered bv said board on ilia fith (fay of
A u trust.
Given under my hand this Sth day of
An trust. 1flirt.
Secretary Board of Edurntion of Clark
District. Harrison Conntv. W. Vn.
State of West Virgin in,
County of Harrison,
District of Coal, to-wit:
At a regular session of the hoard of
education of Coal district of Harrison
county held at the repilnr meeting place
thereof, on the second Tuesday in August,
Iflltf, Present : Emory H. Bates, President
of said hoard of education, nnd Charles D.
Elliott and Meade A. Taylor, Commissioners.
in neeorunnce wim * impier ??,
lOlfi, amending section 21. chapter 27. Acts
1008. the board of education proceeded to
make up an estimate of the amount necessary
to he levied for the current fiscal year,
to cover all district debts and liabilities
payable during the year, including the
probable expenditures for district purposes.
and proper allowances for delinquent
taxes, expenses of collection and
contingencies, but deducting the money in
the treasury applicable to the service of
the year and district claims doth determine
and estimate the several amounts to be
levied as follows:
w intimated Receipts.
The ni^F.t due. and the amount that
will become due and collectible from every
source, except from the levy of taxes to
be made for the current flscnl year.
Amount due from sheriff ,.rr.....Z 121.70
Redemptions (estimated) 380.00
Amount due from Clark board of
education for the maintenance of
Union colored school ........-.w, 200.00
Total receipts Wl.70
Exterminator * LJ
se and Buai ^
- Used by U.b.Oovornment
Farts - /i-c.25c^At Dnrogtat*
200 pairs of odd lots, bi
sizes of pumps and oxfor
ues, 25c.
Hundreds of pairs of L
Oxfords. Come in all lcf
$2.50 to $4.00 values, $1.0(
Ladies' Oxfords and Pi
mt and Dull leathers, low
:izcs, $2.50 to $3.50 values
Hundreds of pairs of La
and Patent leathers, value
Come in Patent and Dull
high heel, with or withoi
I value, $1.89.
Ladies' Sport S
Come in Dolly Dimples,
n and. lace stj'les, with rubb
a $2.00 value, 98c.
. Ladles' Tan Engli
TTr !_ rr?? ir-nfrllo'
Ivv omen ?> jlcill .uu^aau
white Ivory sole and liee
a $3.00 value, $1.48.
j Sale St;
Estimated IH?lmrM'nirnl*.
The debts nnd demnnds owed by the die- j
trlct 11 h a whole, inul ^Wiyiibli^out of fhej
liuildlnii fund.
<,Tirr?uC accounts due and payable
on June ,10, JU10 $ ."00.00
Salarlea of dint riot officers 130.00
Dallnmient taxes ,,f ? , HTjOAQ
flherlJT'H commission!) flftO.OO
Exonerations ,, ,Ym ?,. ? ? * 00.00
Election expanse* m, . 200.00
Institute nttendnnce ITL'.fiO
NOW bOlIdlJltfg t n't writ 2.700.00
tinhodl furniture 600.00
lllttokbonrds 200.00
Repairs J5T>7.86
.Supplies 700.00
Text-books 100.00
ltent ? 100.00
I'alntinn p+*+*r$xtmrtrrtrtttttttt 300.00
mi-l. ' ATTOTTS
g at i
ON e
IT1!IP ^is will
IT V V values
llli V Ll the imm<
okcn lines. Many ?
ds, $2. to $3. val- xx^
vns. M
51-00 39c
adics' Pumps and
ithcrs, all styles. Child
fords, 7.
'A ^
imps come in Pat- Misse
and high heel, all fords, c
3> $1-39. leathers
$2.00 nr
tymps ?
.dies'Pumps, Dull
is up to $3.50, 50c. I^K.
Leathers, low or ,
at straps, a $4.00 k/
W QRp : J'ti
JfllUUO ?/Ul/
Mary Jane Pump
er soles and beds, |
ish Oxfords
h Oxfords, with _
,1, Goodyear welt, Oome
all style
arts Sato
JC: Don't fail t<
Water lOO.Oof
Gas Ill'*;:i,wo!oo
Apparatus 100.00
Janitors' service I
Tuition-high school ............. 4,800.00,
ItemodelinB. providing additional
room*, equipping and completing
Name 1,125.03 j
Printing nnd stationery . 100.00
Transportation for colored pupil*
to Union school nt Clarksburg.. H5.00 ,
Total disbursements 121,131.37
Amount to be raised by levy. .0,629.51
Estimated Receipts.
The amount due and the amount that
will beoome dne and collectible from every
source, except from the levy of taxes to
be made for the current llscnl year,
gpteaco due fund from sheriff .-f.| 518.80
5Tf ,1916.
be the GREATER
/er held by this or s
ensity of our stock <
\ Children's Pi
vg 98c
in PaPteut, Dull and Wliil
arv Juno and two-strap styh
10 value. Expansion Price, S
Tennis Oxtords
rcn's Black and White Teni
5c value, 39c.
rcn's Pumps^
fl.39 S
s' and ChildrenPumps ai
ome in Tan, Gun Metal and
;, Mary Jane and two strap
id $2.50 values, $1.39.
Sk- Rnw'o Avf/
^ $1.3!
in Patent and Dull loathe
1 styles, a $2.50 value, $1.39.
jys' Tennis Shoe
I Tennis Shoes and Oxfords
50 values, 69c.
gs. Boy's Oxf
4M ftQ
ip JL iUl>
in.Patent, Tan and Dull le
js, alj sizes, a $3.50 value,$1..
irday, A
> attend this Gri
ttedemptlons (estimated) ; 180.00
DuA from penernl school fund
(enumerated) 3.043 3,341.40
Totnl receipts ....$ 4,040.21$
Estimated Expenditures.
The debts nnd demands owed by the dlstrlct
as a whole, and payable oat of the
teachers' fund.
Delinquent taxes 8 &0OOQ
Sheriff's commissions (ektlmafed). 1,050/00
Fo* J District Superintendent
and Trbant Officer, ft Principals
ana 4 Teachers for High School
shduld one be established in
1010-1917 8,000.00
For 44 teachers holding NO. ofife'
certificates at 805 per month for
8 months : 22,880.00
For 5 teachers holding No. tvfo
certificates at 800 per mentis
ling 0
iion tJj
iny other store in th
of the highest grad<
)?s ladies' Spar
A 4 r\ i
Women's White
Oxfords. Black (
Rubber Sole and I
39c $2.41
" Hundreds of pa
lis Ox- cornc j'1 Tan and
styles, all sizes. 1
0 $1.89 Eft
^ ^ Men's Elkslci:
'P ?! * ? 1/^o+lin/t'a
tti-lU. ICUI iUUUii^i-u.
ad Ox- sizes, a $3.00 value
*** Mm'sOxfc
~ $1.8
Men's Oxfords,
_ Gun Metal leather
Ifijo sizes, $3.00 and $3,
) 98c Men'
rs, all, Men's Black an
and shoes, with o:
$2.00 values, 98c.
1S . Men's Rub
Men's Brown 0
Aran rubber soles and 1
Ul U3 work shoe, a $3.50
49c Men'.1
athers, Blaok and white
B9. ues, 49<?.
eat Rebuilding E
for 8 months . 2,800.00
Miscellaneous I,'.....,,,,,/,,,,..* 107.20
Total. expenditures .... .130,387.20 ,
Amoraot f? be ndsod h> Wr>/;.;43l5?i5s
It appearing to th? board Of education
that the total taluatlon of all taxable property
In this district, according to the last
fera ?
personal property to thi ralne of |l,2?6r080.00.
and railroad and olhir property assessed
by the board of public works to
the Tains of 13,638.800.00 as certified td 1
this board by the ofllcer whose duty it la
to make such report, tnd It appaatloa
/raid the foregoing estimates that H is
necessary to raise by Itty, after dedSating
all credits. 120.e29.S7 for building ptupones
and ?31,33490 for Uichera.' purposes;
therefore it Is determined that a levy on
? * I
?? i ???
or money-saving i
e city considering ! .
e footwear' made i
; Of"' |
Canvas Sport Shoes and
)r White Saddle straps.
Ieel. A $4.00 value $L95.
.irs of Men's Low Shoes, ; -j
Gun Metal leathers, all i +>
Sold everywhere at $4.00, ,
; Shoes $1.89 |
u shoes, eofno in Black \
Elk or leather soles, all
3, $1.89. j ;'j
come in Tan, Patent and I! 1 ||
, button or laco styles, all m '
.50 values, $1.89. I I
s Tennis 98c I
4 White Tennis, oxfords, J I
v -without heels, $1.50 to ? I
her Sole Shoes I
1.95 | I
anvas Shoes, with heavy i I
leels, makes an evcellent I: I
value. $1.95. |j
i Tennis 49c 'iji
Tennis-Oxfords, 75o vol- j I
!> 1916
Expansion Sale| | j I
CO. 1
each One Hundred Dollars .rUwttau <4
twenty-fire cents (28c) for building ?nd mi4M
tlllrty-elght cents (38c) for teachers; ti?-t ,.?4|
notes will be necessary Mi produce tb?<ot
iltnated amount as aforesaid for Ike WS I
Ing fiscal year,
Sillies 9
trlcf of tc<d county and i i*** - S
by ctrfMJC tt?at Vt* tonffatjLSSSi#' 1
sk Mv||
$\.ad lb*
August. 1S18-. (VsnHJfe
" I

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