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Netf Victo
t for Sep
On Sale H
Sf -tw? adwytfiA*
.W?feu*i C?m5fek#6?Tl
? Social and
ra Items (or this department
nl aeat or lolophoned to the Tab
jn Telephone*: Boll 860. Hot
Arnett Reunion. :
I About 2,500 people gathered SunI
flay for the Arnett reunlbn at|
Georgetown, Monongalia county.
They enjoyed a basket dinner in the
grove at tioon and in the afterftoon
were seated in a large open auditorium
to hear former Governor
William K. Glasscock and others
speak. The eleventh annual reunion
was a stioeess.
The guests arrived in the morning
from various parts of the state and
western Pennsylvania. The ollicern
were re-elected as follows: C. M. Arnett,
of Fairmont, president; Edgar
Arnett, of Arnettsville, secretary.
This business dispensed the grand
concourse soon spread their table- j
The Chicago Dairy has the exclusive
right to supply Clarksburg with !
Stone's cakes, made by a well known
cake specialist and famous through-j
out several states tor their flavorv;
goodness and wholesome purity.
They are made with pure liutter
and selected eggs, In a spotlessly
clean hakeshop, and will conic to the
Chicago Dairy fresh from the oven
every day. There are several varie- j
ties to choose from and they retail
at ten cents -less money, It Is claimed,
than the housewife would spend
if she were to Italic a cake as large
and as good as these famous cakes,
; ; ;
Opposite Postoffice,
On Pike.
Pickling Cucumbers,
Pickling Onions,
Heinz Wfhite Pickling
Pure Cider Vinegar,
Everything for pickles.
114 X. Tlilril St., City
Cleaning nnil Pressing j,
Neatly unit Promptly dene,
Also alterations and repairs
of all kind ol both Ladles'
iiikI Cents' clothes.
(f= \
II Auto Livery C?.
| ? Ijaxicafcs & Tooring Carsjj
$10 Lots-$10|
Ten dollars down and $6.
a liioiitli buys you a fine level
lot 50x150 feet.
Buys a lot 57xl-f2 feet on
Montieello avenue, five minutes
to postoffiee.
1/ennB. IWaters I
Real Estate Broker
306 Prunty Bldg. I
1 1 ???
Ki ^ j\ \
r Records
ere Today
tt, uw Aouc It
"kni6mng Cs.
^e'luMvUiW a<L\W?tutk
= 1
. are woicoraou. xud/ uwi ->?
agram'* editorial department- kg
cloths in (he prove. The different
families entertained their groups at
one of the most sumptuous feasts
ever carried to Georgetown.
In the afternoon addresses on subjects
of interest to the clan were
given hy former Governor William
K. Glasscock, of Morgantown; the
Rev. Thomas Meredith, of the Fiellview
Methodist Episcopal church.
Fairmont, and the Rev. Mr. Chap- 1
man. of the Arnettsville Methodist :
Episcopal church.
The audience was seated in an 1
open amphitheater with a great
number of planks in rows for seats.
A large platform was also impro- j 1
vlsedly built. i
Interspersing the oratory selec-1 1
lions were vocal numbers by various j 1
singers, also sextet renditions under
the direction of Oscar Nease, of Bellview-Fairmont.
Among the guests the largest
numbers were from Fairmont and I
Xuzuni Reunion.
Copies of the following Invitations
or? hninc iipnl nut tn the various con
nectlous and members of the Nuzum
Family and Historical Society.
"Fourth annual reunion of the ,
Nuzum Family and Historical So- I
ciety will be held at Hoop I'ark, Fairmont.
West Virginia. Wednesday.
September 6, 1916, assembling at 9 '
a. ill. Those living close should!
tiring well-filled baskets. Kindly advise
If you will attend. You are. ex- 1
pected. I. N. Nuzum. president, Elvood,
Ind.; Charles E. Nuzum, secretary,
Fairmont, W. Va."
The coming reunion promises to
be one of the largest and best ever
held by the association. Formed four
years- ago, the organization is
branching out with new members
added to the list from year to year,
and the interest In the reunions Is
getting very strong. Mr. Sam R.
Nuzum ,of Fairmont, is vice president
of the association, and he is
one of the mo3t active members of
the body.
A number of visitors are expected
there from distant points for the reunion
this year.
Sunday at Club.
Quite a few of the members and
out-of-town guests spent Sunday at
the Country Club.
Hiss Thompson in Charge.
Miss Jennie Thompson, general secretary
of the Young Woman's Chris- !
Jlan Association, will have charge of
Kamp Kill Kare for the next few 1
weeks as Miss Eleanor Ncglcy, who
had been in charge of the camp, has i
gone away.
Dinner Party.
Mrs. Philip Barrett, of Jackson
avenue, entertained with an elaborate
dinner party last evening, given !
in honor of her nieces, MiBses Louise 1
and Lester Latstetter, and thier |
guests, Miss Garnet Gaines, of
Bradford, Pa.; Miss Catherine Barrett.
of Jacksonburg. 0.; Miss
Ligaunl Davis, of Slstersville; Miss
Kate Pickett, of Mount Clare; Louis
J. Enmiert, of Wheeling; Octave
Morton, of Fairmont; R. H. Weber,
of Pittsburg, and Charles William
.Schmidt, of Mayfleld. Xy.
Dr. nnd Mrs. John P. McOuIre
have returned from an extended automobile
trip in the East, and on
their return visited Mrs. McGuire's
sister. Mrs. E. G. Pheronx, in Euimettsburg,
Agnes and Sumner Stuart, Jr., of
Morgantown, are visiting their
grandmother, Mrs. Agnes Stuart.
Judge and Mrs. Charles \V. Lynch
and Lawrence Lynch will leave today
for Columbus.
J. R. Carder, of Salem, is attending
\ Yourself and friend are re-'
(quested to attend a dance to be,
j given at Ziesing Hall (Meadow-\
(brook, W. Va.) every Thursday
(and Sunday, dance from 7 to 10 <
| p. in. 30c round trip. Given by(
| Jo. Molino. Muslo will be furn(ished
by Prof. H. Bone's big or!cheatra.
He will play the latest,
(and popular dance music.
? Why They Su
(Theodore Roosevelt.)
When Mr. Hughes uses strong
words his record shows that they are
ilways backed up by strong deeds nnd
therefore in the enormous majority of
cases the use of strong words renders
it unnecessary ever to have recourse
to strong deeds.
"Again. .Mr. Huphes speaks in characteristically
straightforward fashion
of the outrages committed on munitions
plants, and ail men. whether
citizens of foreign nations or nominal
citizens of our own land, who had in
anv Shane or way abetted or condoned
those actions can understand that
.Mr. Hughes, if president, will protect
these domestic American interests and
punish offenders against them with
the fearlessness and thoroughness
thai he showed In dealing with the
Uert Declari
I ho teachers institute* which Is being
held in the Washington Irving high
school building
Henry Wickenhofer t*as here front
Wllsonburg Monday.
Luther A. Righler, of McAlpin, wa *
here Monday.
William O. Kennedy, of West .Milford,
was here Monday.
Frank Fclnberg hns returned front
an eastern trip of more than two
weeks. He visited Atlnntlc City. Philadelphia,
Washington, Baltimore and
I Continued on page 5.)
(Continued from page 1.)
from Berlin that the German government
will hand his passports to the
Roumanian minister Monday.
Berlin!' "Aug!" Although
Italy's declaration of war against
Germany was absolutely unhearaldedi
mid came as a complete surprise, il
fulled to cause the slightest ripple of
incitement In Berlin. The announcement
was made public Sunday afternoon
In the customary extra editions
of the Sunday newspapers which
give the official war reports. Idle
:rowds read the declaration tintlemonstratlvely
and then continued the)
usual Sunday stroll.
The official Norddeutsche AllgomeIne
Zeltung Bounds the keynote of
press comment, taking the position
that Italy's formal declaration of war
will have but little effect in view of
existing conditions.
All (he editorials were written
prior lo the receipt of Information
regarding liou mania's declaration of
war on Austria-Hungary.
( Y AtfOCIATIO 'Mill
WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.?Many
general staff officers believe Bulgaria
will be called upon to bear flic brunt
if attack of Routnania upon AustriaHungary.
According to war department
Information Uoumania has war
supplies to last four months. The en
tire equipment 01 tne uomuaniun
army is of Oermnn manufacture
which may make the supply problem
difficult for the Allies. The only
known route of furnishing munitions
is by way of Russia.
AMSTERDAM,'""au"." 28.?The
note declaring that iRoumania from
9 o'clock Sunday evening considered
Itself in a state of war with AustriaHungary
was presented to tho Aus-1
Iro-Hungarian foreign minister Sunday
night by the Itounianlau mlnisler
at Vienna, who personally visited !
the ministry of foreign affairs, ac-1
cording to a dispatch received hero ]
Monday morning from, the Austrian
capital. ,
""""""""" |
The Joy of
Feeling Right
is largely a matter of right eating?of
choosing food that la
both appetizing and nutritious.
with Cream
not only nourishes and bustains
body and brain, but
tastes mighty good.
The sweetness of long-baked
whole wheat, blended with the
delicate taste of malted barley
Is a wonderfully delicious flavoit
? * - .11
lirape-auuf cuuuuus an m
the nutriment o( the grain,
partly predlgested, including
the vital mineral salts, so necessary
to thorough nourishment.
. #
ipport Hughes
powers of evil ;i( Albany.
"1 happened to pick tip John Flsko's
'Critical Period of American His;
tory,' and was struck by the following
two sentences:
"A government touches the lowest
point of Ignominy when it confesses
| its Inability to protect the lives and j
the properly of its citizens. A government
which hits come to this hns !
failed in discharging the primary
function of government and forthwith,
ceases to have any reason for exist-:
Mr. Hughes Ims pointed otit In his |
speech with self-restraint, hut with,
emphasis, that It is precisely this
primary function which Mr. Wilson's)
administration has failed to discharge
and (hat il is precisely this point of'
ignominy to which ho has reduced the
tuition over which lie is president.
2S West is
y Republican
* ?
Western Manager is Informed
That Majorities Will Be
Larger Than Ever.
CHICAGO, Augufet 28.?Alvlu T. ,
iiert, manager uf the western Rcpubll-1
can national campaign headquarters
in a statement just Issued says:
"Preliminary imports received from
various sec tions of the middle and far
, West are more encouraging. Ghafrmou,
of the Hopul-llcan state central com-1
! mittens advise iib in normally Rnptib-1
'licanstat.es that the Republican ma-1
Jbrltv this year for Hughes and Fair-J
; banks will be largei I ban over. In the
doubtful states the information we re-j
reive indicates an enthusiastic* spirit,
among Republicans which Is an earn-j
: est of success. Throughout the West |
the harmony with which the Rcpnbli-i
cans and former Progressives are j
working is even more complete than j
j wo had anticipated. Reports from the
section covered by -Mr. Hughes In his
recent western trip are exceptionally
I encouraging."
Perpetrated in Daylight and
Thirteen-Year-Old Youth is
Charged with Crime.
Charged with breaking into and
robbing (.'. A. W. Sheeby's grocery
store on Sixth street, Glen Elk, of $3
in pennies, Dominiek Frotta. a thirteen
year-old foreign youth, is a prisoner
in the city Jail awaiting action
by the owner of the store.
It Is linacrsioon mm a witnaiiLi
wil be sworn out in a local magistrate's
The burglary was one of Ilie moHt
daring in the history of the police
I department. The store was entered
from the rear shortly before noon
Sunday morning. The rear of t.ho
store is in ful view of a number of]
windows in buildings facing on
Fifth street.
It is said that stock was not molested,
the intruder contenting himsfdf
with the pennies.
Of the Methodist Episcopal
Church of the State Will Meet
in City of Wheeling.
The West Virginia Conference ot
the Methodist Episcopal church will
hold its annual meeting in Wheeling
'beginning September 27. Bishop
Franklin Hamilton, of Pittsburg
will preside. y
The record of the Rev. Dr. W. D.
King as pastor of the First church j
here is so eminently successful and I
satifactory that the official board of J
tho church lias voted to ask the con- j
fcrr-nce for his return to this charge 1
for another year.
Is Again Engaged In by County.
Officers in Response to
Telephone Call.
County officers dre searching for
soino smart alock who has lieen i
routing them out of bed at early
hours with false telephone reports
of near murders, riots, highway robberies
and the like.
The latest report of the kind come
to the sheriff's oEfico at 4 o'clock In
the morning to tho effect that a [
party of motorists had been held up!
at tho point of guns and robbed of
money aDd valuables on tho Buckhannon
pike beyond Norwood.;
Sheriff Stout was asked to send men I
there at once, which was dono, but;
when the officers arrived 4}>ere * few j
minutes aflerwarrf In an automobile |
i not a soul was In sight.
This is the third or fourth time
the county oflicers have been routed
1 out of bod in the same manner.
| Alleged House of Bad Repute on
Water Street and Arrest
Five Persons.
i Three women and two men were j
arrested by cltr police Sunday night |
In a raid on an alleged house of ill '
fame on Water street. One man and
one woman gave bonds of ill.60
each for their appearance before Mayor
G. H. Gordon in police court a? 7
o'clock Monday evening. The other
three aro in the city Jail.
Those In jail are Herbert Wine, Levlnia
Barger and a Mrs. Campbell.
Th? twn nnt ns hnnrt are Tlessio Mills
and Ward Kell.
Officers taking part In the raid
were Patrolmen Braaaeur, Donahue
and Joyce.
,lHil STL'S, Wlb.
Unclaimed at the Local Postoffice
Are Advertised by
the Postmaster.
A list of unclaimed loiters advertised
hero is as follows:
A. Abbott, I; Mrs. Jno. Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Ha rites, Mrs.
Unvltl Uliickwoll, l-atis Mltoni, Miss
DrIs) Bennett, Miss Clnrn llnrnhouse,
Mrs. Halllo Brown, George llryant,
Miss Ida V. Uruwn, Andrew H. Bryan.
licit Cool, Miss Anna Cttln. Mrs. C.
Colter, Blanche Caldwell. Miss Fannie
l.'urr. Kinder Correll, Gay Cain.
Mrs. K. M. Ilnefeller, Mrs. Margaret
Colli It. Viceazi) Cosarettl, Myron
Crlss, Mrs. Campbell.
Hai ry Dixie. Miss Demand llebrolcl.
Miss Emmn Dnrlwyler. J. 1'.
Donald. Henry Davis, Augustine Delmotto.
Joe Evan's.
Miss l.oreno Floyd, Mrs. Ottto
Floyd. Mrs. M. K Flfer, 'riiadtloiis
Fiankllii, Loy Flllliartj, Frank Ferrlse.
William Gross, Mrs. Ida Good,
Brooks Groves, Miss Doyle Golf.
F. M. Haymond, Mrs Jessie Uolliday,
Howard Hollobnugii, I'll#lies 11.
Hyrc, Mrs. Mary llolilea, M ,1 liar
Iter, Mrs. Sadie Hlxen,
Inlerstatc Corp. Serviee Syslein, " :
Mis. Kmery lee. Mrs. Kiln Joio'S.
Eniiiier Jouruea, J. G. Judson, .Mi
Ma its In Junes.
.Mrs. Krank Knolls, Edward Ktllin,
Mrs. May Plprs, Itobert Luna, R. It.
l.aiuz. Miss Stella Humbert, Snmuol
F. I.invlon, Mill-got Ludanyl.
Siring I Martonllll. James 0. Morgan,
F. W. MeCllntoek, Putll \V. McClotid,
Allen Minnlch, Clarence Montgomery,
G. Mooro, Wilbur Mills, MIbs
Mariibelll Morgan.
II. F. Nicholas.
Lulu Omar.
Miss Hannah Patterson, Pressed
Prism Plate Glass Co., Mrs. Grnoo
Putnam. J. K. Parker. J. II. Post.
Miss Oplo Preston, Miss Ollne Pratt.
fM'til iMnnu Mi mm l.twniti IMildlt*
Mrs. Pearl Ituley, Virginia lingers,
William Holland. It. F. 1). No. 2;
Mrs, Charles Reolos.
Leonard Sauntor, Mrs. Sarah Snillli
E. Steptoe. E. Smith. J. W. Stewart
.Sarah Smith. 2; Mrs. C. C. Swlek,
Miss Anna Swlgger. Eilllo Short, H.
A. Smith.
The Ticking Co., The Clarksburg
Junk Company, Johnnie Tltornn, MIh.s
Pronnii Wilson, Mrs. U. C. Wilson,
Miss Mary Cowls White. Bill Williams,
Miss Mary 11. Watkins.
Mack Zonule anil Miss May Zlnn.
New Zealand has an annual death
rate of less than 1 per cent.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggistsi
|\^ "THE BIG
Special Rep
Mr. J. A. (
at 1
Tuesday and
August 29t
Women's and!
Ptiiifa on/1
Boys' and Girls'
{[I Lie* in that fact that, I
perfect aecurltr for y
rJjfa llboral Intorest on you
(1 IHf) depositors' intorcBts l
Jsjpl at all times, and keb!
/y7Xc\ conalBtent with safe '
p5 You will find out
.v ?. ; I
I Tell Others How They Were '
1 Carried Safely Through
Change of Life.
Durum!, Wis.?" I um tho mother of j
fourteen children and I owe my life to ,
I j; i1 pound. WhtMil \v?? i
l'i rbxv me such relief
IBBnyffiS.'.''fe11 tout I took
-\l "''t eial bottiea. I
Uni n0W we" i
herd thy and locom- ;
mend your Compound toother Indies."
I ?Mrs. Mauy Riugway, Durand, Wis. !
A Mnssncli tisoMsWoman Writes! !
Hlnchstone, Man.? "My ttoables !
were from my ?fi;e, and 1 felt awfully 1
nick for three yenra. 1 had hot llnshes (
often and frequently sutfored fiom i
naim, 1 took IyJIa E. l'tnkham's
" ..... ' 1 - - J--. -....It M .
YegouiDIov nmpounuaiiumm uuiwni. i
-- Mrt. I'lF.ltllK CoURNOYrR. ft* SW, j
lilnckslono, Mn??.
Sum warning symptoms ns hmo of 1
suffocation,hot llashea, headaches, j*ckaches,dread
of Smpen'Hnn evil, timidity,
aotindu in the part, palpitation of lha
heart, sparks bafora the oyc?, irregularities,
constipation. variable appetite,
wenkne? s am' diizlnosa, should haluoded
by middle-aged woman. I.ydin 8.1'lnlc- i
hum's Vegetable Compound has ctrrled 1
inane vemen nifi-ly through tliia rrialg.
lino CLIMB
Nominee is Planning Mountain
Hikes While He Takes
KSTI.S PARK, Coin.. A up. 2S.?
Charles K. 11 optica arrived liero
Sunday, where lie plana In remain
niilil TliurBdny. roHtlng before remitiiliip
bis K|ieiiklnp lour. Mr.
lluglioa wiih iiiliiillledly tired, anil
advised bis secrelary not to lirlnR
, blm any pupcm unless they peri
leilmwl I/-, mull itfti rliitti ft M<11 n iv I 111 mrt
" " I
I diate nltentlon.
The nominee ntid Mrs. Hughes
j motored bote from Lyons. Colo.,
j Sunday afternoon.. Mr. and Mrs.
i Hughes wont for a brief wnllt and
j later look a short automobile ride.
| The nominee's favorite recreallna la
| mountain climbing, and lie plans to i
take several hikes in the mountains
nhoul here during hln brief nicatlon.
Florida's highest point Is .100 foot
above sea level.
D' 1971
Wednesday ji
h and 30th 1
Misses' Coats,
Dresses. i|
? ii
School Clothes.
intake of
With Us I j|
In addition to affording I'
our fundi and paying \W\ !
r paving, we maice our (^aai
the first consideration Mjjjp
et thorn In every my j
tmnklng, I
servlco of real valuo. 35=
Foreign Exchango.
RemoOal and Rebuilding
Salt not#
under wav
Growing in W/f '!
Each Passing )
8* | I There in not noythinj
1 I wo know of thru quite
eqnuls the so shirt* at
thin price. AH slxsa.
4 ft | Men's tins quality
glim licit huso. Keiuu'.ens
n a ? | e hools and toes. Of till
|j gjj J doslrablo colors.
~ ,B Tho world's beat
3 I I _ hesn, this quuiitr sell*
"t' 11 ns a rule fur much
I 11 1 U mom. Pure silk hooe
I" >iHfl lltufl.
Sj ? - Men'11 now toll hat*
U m in ivory v.-antod oolor,
swU shapn, size and stylo.
Values to $3.00. Extra
2#* TI10 famous "Onyx"
I bono for mon, In all
W colors and sizes,
3' Men's Egyptian cot1
fj ton bnlbrlggan underI
a wear. Every slzo 1b
tbla big lot. 'M
n Msn'n celobrated D.
I V. D, union suits. All
( U sizes. ^
fin For men's $1.00 night, i
fill 8ll'r'11 ln every aMjfflII"
bio pattern ?- ' .jg|
(! ( (" All the soaaon's new
j y patterns In men's
Famous make shirts,
In evory wanted size.
IIA nr For one big 1st ft.
ll J uU nicn B flne quaIltT
m forde, In every else and
jI ^ |P Choice of our FnmI)
I (J ?US mal!0 hRtB" 'nrm"
L orly priced to >4, and
all nov.\
jk ?^ x ? For choice of any of
|. I| Ilk our high grade >3.00
III / |J trousers In line wombm
" * Mia nnS ^ohMlrrArna a
m Qt and size for eur I
IJI r) One big "bunch" at 'I
i\ I pare tlU tlee, now go- I
Uw tog at 80e. ' ;
If J 7 l! C5w1c* o? 0TWjr un)l 111
/' slylo and leather in ;'|l
?. ahoe Tilnoa up talk* j
11 _l IIi) s"or that aed w I
| to |5,ilaa(l8laBl|la. ;W
U one makes, all elm.
P" ft Your choice of bofiT-' _||
ft I [ft wash suits that sen for V I
I I It 111 reor# tluin double, aui
U U siies Mi matorua, -a
,m I

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