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The daily telegram. [volume] (Clarksburg, W. Va.) 1901-1926, November 28, 1916, Image 15

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Two paragraphs wii
Greenbrier county was <
explorers to tne tnen ne^
.Revolutionary war tnert
JStocKraising and agrieui
meagre as m otner newl:
When Virginia vote
West V irginia cast 44,00'
of secession. Subsequer
elected and admitted to '
ally received into the un
W hat is of greater i
of reminiscences and to
predecessors in the dev<
trict, with a resume and
connection with the mar
is measured, been touclu
ginia by men who had f
dreams materialize is bi
its mines, its subterrane;
is not less famous than t
Central West Virgir
The district so called ex
west, embracing the cou
bour, Tucker, Grant, R
Within the boundai
is: si orpiifpr arpfl than is
nearly one-third of the <
It is to the credit of
ity of a community for a
the counties which mak<
anywhere. The state sc
practical and complete,
the district, not only fro
the lack of it.
At Morgantown, in
which has proved itself
Virginia Wesley an Colle
Broaddus College, a Baj
is Salem College, directe
ginia are a score of pref
academy and day school
The religious life of
city of 5,000 population, i
needful for the home lift
hood. For play hours th
Belated, its appreciation
holds rarer charm in var
And all these things
the hills and planted in
industrial prosperity wh:
sands and shales and ha
ginia. Particularly has
furnishing cheap fuel to
The extent of bitun
computations of scientis
burg seam to last for cei
tions which some day wi
price, is always eagerly
sequently the less desirs
that they are here is like
Cheap fuel, railroac
Central West Virginia a
which requires an addin
prosperity of the commv
manufacturing activity
The different phase
issue of the Telegram,
and what is written is to
< , '' : '[ * II' : / V , * t . i : '< ' ' >
1 suffice to summarize th
organized in 1740 and tnt
fleeted western western sc
; was an innux of settlers
Lture were tne industries
V opened sections ot the cc
d to secede from the unic
0 votes, of which 40,000 w c
itly a constitutional convc
congress in W asnington s
lion. So much tor politic
mportance to the genera t
tne men and women wnc
. _ . i i
2iopment 01 trie state anc
a iorecast. Inaccessible 1
ket places of the nation tr
ed. The millions which ha
aith in their judgment ar
it a fraction of what will <
an chambers of gas and oi
;he carbons of its hills and
ria, as the designation imi
tends from the Pennsylva
nties of Monongalia, Pres
andolph, Upshur, Lewis,
ries are 7,683 square mile
; contained in the combine
mtire state of West Virgi
the American people that
home is the educational oj
5 up Central West Virgini
hool standards are recogr
institutions of higher les
m a transportation standi
Monongalia county, is the
and needs no eulogy othe
>crt* nf thp Mpthnrlist Rniac
0 ~ ? ?? ?*
3tist institution, is locatec
d by the Seventh Day Bai
>aratory and partial collet
in Clarksburg,
the counties is served by c
ind many with less, has its
} and the development of t
ere is fish in the rivers, gs
1 may have been but there
ying aspects_than does thi
3 have been made possible
the forests. Coal mining
ich makes the section cong
,ve been liberated to add t
the gas development ha<3
> manufacturers,
linous coal deposits, espee
ts. They have determine c
tituries. Above that preci
ill be in demand by consul
sought to the limit of proc
ible series are not produce
i money in the bank payat
Is which lead to all direct
variety of manufacturing
g machine to determine tl
mity. Glassware, clay pre
of the several counties.
s of industrial life in Cen1
The facts have been carei
be believed.
' i'v ' i ' ' i V V u 1
5 early history of what it
tre was a dribbling of hard;
;ction 01 tlie colony of Vi
along the lVlonongahela ri
ol tne period, and the r<
J. " -| O /' I -A- 1
>n 01 states m 1001 me cui
ire in favor of rejecting tn
;ntion was called, Linitec
uia in 18(13 the state of Wt
a nistory.
ion wnicn is at this time r
> are assuming tne burdej
1 its resources is a survey o]
or many years because of
le riches of W est V irginia f
Lve been honestly and clean
id mat determination wli
eventually be yielded by n;
I, its son and even its atmo
I the blue grass of its valley
dies, lies in the heart of t
inia border on the north t
ton, Marion, Harrison, Do
Gilmer, Braxton, Webster
;s and an estimated popuh
;u SlillCS UI V/UllKCCllUUl
; the first consideration in es
jportunities provided, in gi
a are not outranked by a
lized by educators everywi
irning are within easy rea
>oint but from a viewpoint
j University of West Vij
ir than the character of its
;opal church is at Buckha
I in Philippi. At Salem, all
)tists. Scattered throughc
riate institutions, includir
:hurches of every denomii
i public library. In brief,
>oys and girls into useful ;
ime in the hills and flowers
s is no section of the northla
s favored section of a favoi
^ because of the wealth wh
f and lumber are the princi
picuous. Oil and gas are i
0 the income of the citizen!
1 important part in the upbt
dally in Marion and Harris'
1 that there is sufficient oi
ous asset are other forms oJ
ners. Just now the Pittsbi
luction and can be mined al
id to any great extent at pr
>le on demand in time of n
dons and raw material at
I enterprises that distribut*
le total, and every dollar <
)ducts and pottery lines a
;ral West Virginia are tre*
:?T1 *r nconvn/1 A li<
. UJJLJ gauicivu* jlu
1a m
; i ni a i
s now West Virginia.
y pioneers and restless
irgmia. Following the
ver and other streams,
eturns were quite as
mties now comprising
e Kicnnioncl oruinance
i States senators were
jst V irginia was formetiring
to the autumn
ns lata down by their
fc- -A* l? >-* ?. a?? I 4-1* 4- ^ ^4
L lilt W till III UI Lilt U.I?"
lack of transportation
lave but lately, as time
,1 y gained in vv est V irlich
magically makes
ature from its forests,
sphere, for its climate
;his empire of wealth.
;o the south, east and
ddridge, Ritchie, Bar,
Nicholas, Taylor and
ition of 399,164. This
and Delaware, and is
i timating the desir abilraded
and high schools
ny system prevailing
lere as being liberal,
ch of every section of
of expense, or rather
rginia, an institution
graduates. The West
nnon, Upshur county,
so in Harrison county,
>ut Central West Vir
ig a Roman Catholic
lation. Nearly every
it holds everything
manhood and womanin
the dells and nooks,
nd or southland which
red state.
ich the Creator hid in
pal well springs of the
n the depths below the
s of Central West Virlilding
of the region by
on counties, baffles the
: the celebrated Pittsl
carboniferous formaurg
coal brings a high
t a minimum cost. Conesent.
But knowledge
hand have brought to
nn navroll
? ?o O - X ' /
)f which adds to the
re pre-eminent in the
ited separately in this
is been the watchword
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