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H. C. Frick Credited First Employer
to Insist on Strict
Observance Decreases Fatal
and Other Accidents in
Workings Underground.
iiy Austin king
Frick C<?j<o Company.
Years ago the president of the II. C. j
Frick C<>k? Company dictated a set of
rules to govern the operation of mines
and t-oko works. 'J'ho following isItule
N?- 1: "Strict compliance with
the mining law* of the state shall l|e;
the duty of every employee at all times'
and under all circumstances and
safety shall he the first consideration,
of superintendents, mine foremen and |
all others exere|Sjng authority or directing
operations in every department."
Here w-G find the origin ofj
the motto and our subject, namely.
"Safety First." j
Thlc ITlnt fn irt nfiW upnn nn nt/nrv i
'?7 '" i. it/ J * ^ ? v? ^ ;
hand in the ofTlCeS on the stationery j
and In and about the mine buildings of!
the company, whether above or below
ground. It was adopted later by tlioj
' " ~
r??- .. i
f *?
I ' "
- '
I 1 j IP'h
United States Bureau of Mines. It]
adorned the toi> of every page of the1
program of the events carried out at
j the bureau testing station ana in i
Forbes field when President Taft hon-j
ored the demonstration with his pros-j
jencc. On this occasion men were pres-j
j ent Trom all the coal mining centers
j of the United States and Canada aua j
I thus it became known to a greater
or less extent from Nova Scotia to;
Mexico and from British Columbia to:
"Safety KlrsL" Purpose.
What was the purpose of the adop-i
| Lion of the words, "Safety First" as a!
'watchword or motto? We answer the I
purpose was to put them in such form j
and in such places as to arrest the
attention or busy men and bring to
their minds, as often as possible, while,
engaged at work, the necessity of-'
avoiding danger by the prompt per-!
forrnance of the various duties ie
qutrcu ana tin; adoption or every saiciguard
in its progress. When dealing!
with this question, President Lynch j
gave the warning that. "Eternal Vlgi-;
lance' is the price of safety." This
vigilance is quickened when we are'
frequently reminded by the attractive
and somewhat startling words. "Safety
First." and in this way officials arid
workmen alike have their significance:
and importance impressed on theirminds.
Are these words, some may ask, any-;
thing more than "bosh," "buncombe,"
or so much "hot air," to use a common
expression? We answer that it
depends very much on .how persons regard
them. If they do not heed the
warning, then they are "buncombe," or
"hot air," but the president, of the 11.
C. Frick Coke Company deemed them
of sufficient importance to place them
.' ' ... ' 1 'v.-' "' v ' <V'1v': i-;
ties and Ovens in
ir ~ "
before quality and cost of product, and
you all know how vital these are to
every corporation.
What is the meaning of "Safety
First?" "Safety First," though having J
a sort of general or common signifl-;
cancc to all yet, for each class of of-,
flcials and workmen It has a special;
meaning which varies according to j
. ' I'l V ' " ;ji i n./ , , : V/M X/ XH i . f
the nature of, and conditions surrounding
the work to be done.
Means Kternul Vigilance.
To the president it means that as
far as he is able every provision shall
be made to Insure the safety of the
workmen, no matter what the cost;
to him it means much trouble of rnind
tirVfcr.it fo o 1 op ooni rina * ?- ^ "
? ui;u )umi yj oui iwun rllxluUIILH IIU^[>cn?no
matter how, because he feels,
find sometimes rightly, too, that every^
Typical Miner's Home in I
r '! !: '' ' 1 ' ;' '-.'V ;-v
i; s J-; Mji i. , ,ii? > % ' {, im i j- . -I ,!1 i '] o *
3N ST A:
Foundations a
g Steam
>n Farmii
1 i, JTA.
. VA.
1 --.';'!'Si;'
thing that foresight could suggest has;
not been done to prevent them.
To the general superintendent it;
means anxious inquiry from superintendents
and other officials?the scan-;
nlng of reports daily regarding it, and
the giving of many various orders re-'
garding its strict observance, notwithstanding
the large increase it often
makes in the cost.
To the engineer it means well considered
layouts for mines with respect
to ventilation, drainage, haulage.!
width of barrier pillars and the design j
and installation of suitable machin*:
cry and safety appliances.
To the mine inspector as Its special
guardian it means much care and:
waicntuincss arm ou-uines me performance
r>f disagreeable duties. To;
comply with its requirement lie must
he Fairmont Coal District.
L & C
:ers of
nd Bla^t Furr
and Dom
lgton Cja:
"S ( ' | | ' j ' ,1 I I ,
, 28, 1916.
do his duty without fear or favor, andj
by advice, commendation or caution j
to officials and workmen point out the i
best way to attain the cherished re-:
suit?the reduction of accidents to a.
Careless Miners Must Co.
To the superintendent it means that!
he must not only provide supplies to;
insure safety in all departments, buii
thai lie must make himself a familiar
as practicable with the conditions that
make for the safety so as to be able, if j,
called upon by his subordinates, to
advise with them, how best to avoid !
accidents. lie must have it distinctly
understood by all that he is for safety ;
first, whether they have a forty-eighti
or a ninety-six-hour charge and that,]
practices disregarding safety, by an>
one, will not be tolerated. He must
be firm in his support of anything that
adds to the safety, but like l.tavy.
Crockett, he must be sure he is right
before going ahead.
To the mine foreman it means com-j
petent and reliable subordinates, giving
clear cut. and unmistakable or-tiers
and directions where safety is
concerned?no straddling the ?iues-i
tion can be permitted?for never was!
it more true than in the case of safety:
that?"He that is not ror it is
ggainst it." It means that he will not.)
permit coal dust to accumulate nor
will he permit blasting under unsafe!
conditions even though output be reduced
in consequence; that tie will not;
allow persons to work or pass be-;!
ncath unsafe places in roads, whether
a car goes out that way that day or;
not; that if he finds a man persistently;
negligent of his personal safety, he!
will discharge him at once, even if;
he is short-handed; that he will note1
iestic Cos
^ -I
s t^oai
Sales C
1 cr*/i_"in ni;?
JL \/T JL V \yJLA*
how work is done by the various employes
and at once check any tendency
to recklessness on their part. In a
word he Is for safety first, last and all
the time.
The flreboss, rib-boss and shot firer
will be made to feel that while the
faithful performance of their duty is
duly appreciated, the higher duty or
conserving life and limb is more appreciated
by their superiors. The former
will express his understanding of
safety first by fencing off all places
found dangerous, though pit room is
scarce, the second will not save labor
to provide a safe retreat in making a
fall nor will he risk, nor permit a miner
to risk injury to recover a few posts *1 v
r.? rvvnut TVin locifr thb chnt flrpr will Fl. I
* ^ L. Ml A. ft ft IftO by V- ft-ft V * ?w u a ^r * f * & * m m^a^:
exemplify its meaning to him by re- *
fusing to fire any shot where injury
is likely to result or which is contrary
to law and safe practice.
Accidents Are Investigated.
To the miner it means that he will
set that post or crossbar, as may be
required, before loading the car,
though it may not be ready for the
driver when he calls for it; and if in
doubt at any time as to what to do
to keep himself safe in his working
place he will give the side of safety the
benefit of the doubt
The driver will show that he understands
its true meaning by not taking
any forbidden risk in doing his
work?he will not ride between cars
or in front of trips when possible to
avoid it. but instead make use of the
wide side of the heading which is provided
for the purpose of enabling him
to keep control of his trip.
To the chief mechanic and electrician
it means that they will keep
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Co. "
1 f ! ! r i
er Building
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